Do you like it?

Do you like it?

I do.

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Why do you have force your tastes? I like Stravaganza better btw.

I'm sorry.

Tell me more about Stravaganza

Read the first chapter. I didn't like it.

I do

I do too

Me neither to be honest, but it's getting more intriguing now.

New chapter soon

It's good

Humans live mostly behind safe walls, protected from the many non-human creatures outside. In this kingdom's walled capital city of Mitera lives an unusual young warrior woman known as Claria. The story begins as she takes a potentially deadly walk alone in the woods, encountering various dangerous creatures. Most notably a lizardman that treats her surprisingly kindly. But what no one knows about Claria is that she is secretly this kingdom's ruler, Queen Vivian.

Dumping random pages from the manga




Shit forgot to spoiler that page.

Dungeon meshi has a better narrative than this though.

I like it.

Why are you posting random shit?

That's what I felt when I was watching dungeon meshi.

>a woman
Dropped. Now I know why it isn't famous enough.

Not everyone needs a male character to self insert into like you.
Its releases are sporadic thats why its not so popular. Also I like that its not because threads for popular stuff invariably turn into shit.


I love everything about it.

>sexy, badass queen who perpetually wears a helmet
>sexy women without the story being harem-based
>sexy giant women
Oh, and the art and story are really good, too.

Bought the first volume earlier today. Already read it but every little bit helps for that eventual anime adaptation.

Marseille voiced and animated would be so precious.

it's pretty gud

Marseille is evil and a whore.

Why are doujin-fags so wrong about things?

Take that back you.

The first volume cover's really comfy. It feels kinda rough to touch but it looks really nice.




Is coming soon. Can't wait to hear from Farlyn

>Bitches constantly
>Supports killing dogs to make harvesting vegetables easier
>Uses evil blood magic
>Does traditional elf mating dance in the middle of a crowded area

Marcille is bad.

Every little green arrow of that post is wrong, though.

But she's so good to tease.

I disagree, but very well:

Bitches constantly
Supports killing dogs to make harvesting vegetables easier
Uses evil blood magic
Does traditional elf mating dance in the middle of a crowded area

Now that Farlyn is back, she's not needed anymore.

Imouto are the best for teasing and as we saw in several flashbacks, Farlyn has plenty of experience being teased and bullied.

>little green arrow
Its a greater than sign, newfag

once again, which one was real?

The one at the back (centre).

She's an evil blood mage, not you're waifu.

I don't see why there can't be overlap.

I love it.
I hate people that force it down other's throat and create a bad name for it.

She isn't a bloodmage, I don't know why you guys thinkt that. That would make anyone that uses resurrection magic a bloodmage.

Why does she wear the helmet?

She specifically says she studies and specializes in forbidden magics.

Just because she studies, specializes in, uses and enjoys evil, dark, forbidden wizardry doesn't make her an evil wizard.

That could mean almost anything.

What does elf meat taste like?

tough leather soaked in month old semen.

Salty milk and coins.

>one threat every other week, at most
>"force it down other's throat"
Go back to whatever containment thread you should be shitposting in, user.

That's one of the most retardedly stupid armor designs I've seen in a while.

Forbidden magic just means sexy magic to me.

You're going to have to be more specific.

Threatening someone on a weekly basis does sound like forcing it down other people's throat user.

Bruh, I see meshifags shitposting everywhere, not to the level of 12 kingodomfag but still.

Maybe you confuse shitposting with using this reaction image goldmine?

Marchille is cute. CUTE

Maybe the mistake is betwen "shitosting" and "posting things that aren't his favorite (likely entry-level) anime".

>ate a letter
>in Dungeon Meshi thread
I... it's just proper

You realize this is fiction and fanservice, right?

Lel. Toppest of kek.

Stravaganza only selling point is fanservice. The plot is retarded, the fights are uninteresting, the charac design is meh at best. There is giantesses and a warrior princess that more often than not finish naked. That's it. That's everything notable about this manga. Giantesses and naked warrior princess.

If you really like it you must have terrible taste. It is, quite frankly, one of the most boring and meh manga I have read in quite a while.

I know, just wanted to point it out anyway.

Butthurt isekaifag detected

Nah, it's a instinctive hatred for smug cunts.

Can you tell us what's so smug about meshi-fags? Maybe it was me, but because of my own stupidity I don't realize what I did.

The armor is stupid as fuck but hey, she wears helmet, so GS approved.


>removing a maiden's helm


15th of O C T O B E R
We will get

Plot is not retarded at all. Try no to speed read next time.

She fueled her magic with the dragon's blood. That's entirely different than typical resurrection magic. If you look at those panels again, Marcille was drawn subtly sinister than usual. This resurrection scene was a much bigger deal than you might think.

>She fueled her magic with the dragon's blood
No, she didn't, she used the dragons blood to restore Farlyns body. Though the elf used her own blood to draw the circle.

Stravaganze has racemixing with niggers now.

>Marcilla is into necromancy
>In 19th century gothic norvel "Carmilla", one of the vampire's aliases is Marcilla

>Le sex jokes xD
Shokugeki no Soma tier cancer

>Black people with tail
My sides, might as well call em chimps.

This kind of idea wouldn't get approved outside japan

The nigger is going to die. He was already poisoned.


Preemptively dropped.

But he was poisoned by savages/black guys

You're missing out.

Imouto may not be as stable as it seems. Let's wait before moving away from the elf who has no sense of right or wrong.

this is some serious case of shit taste

This is some serious case of salt.

once again whitey yields in front of a superior bull

You haven't seen the spoilers for next month then?

Fuck off Cred Forums. Nothing like that has taken place in this manga yet

yes, very much

also, speaking of which, someone dumped a manga similar to this one the other day

it was about hunting dragons and cooking them, the protagonist was called mika, and the magazine that published it is called good!!

can't seem to find it anywhere

thanks mate


Did anyone else think of the Jhen Moran fight from MH Tri?

It's /tg/s current favorite, Goblin Slayer is a little less popular.

>Goblin Slayer is a little less popular.
That's an understatement. It's not popular at all on /tg/ it's a meme tier manga at best.

Oh, must've confused Cred Forums threads about it with /tg/

>three Marcille banners in the contest
To be fair, two of them have the same topic. Marcille is a miracle.

It's explained in universe as an incredible stupid story where she spills tomoko levels of spaghetti and now she is too embarrassed to let everybody see her face and realize she is Clara.

So will the october release be spooky?

One thing's for sure, the release date is really dragon its feet.

They will cook the dragon, it will probably be delicious

She wears it because she enjoys walking through her kingdom in the guise of a commoner and the helmet allows her to hide her true identity so she won't be recognized when she's out in public. It also allows her handmaidens wear the mask and fill in for her when she's out of the castle.
You're being a massive asshole by explaining the purpose of the helmet so goddamn poorly.

>that feel when a great manga is coming to an end

>imoutos are the best for teasing

farlyn isn't

There are still so many things unanswered and we still haven't seen the Ronin in action yet. This is at best a halfway point for the series. There's a dark elf and mad wizard to eat

It's getting cancelled. October is the final two chapters.

It's getting cancelled? I thought it was just the artist ending the manga themselves in order to work on a new project.


The magazine its published in is doing a major revamp.

Really going to need sauce on that.

Wew picked up.

Secondaries are coming.
I wont be able to enjoy Dungeon Meshi thread anymore.

And notice how he said
>Dungeon Meshi thread


She'll save him with a kiss or some shit.

Why do you think that? Everyone hitherto poisoned has died or had to be killed.
I rather think he''l die valiantly restraining himself and that'll give Vivian even more resolve/clues.

I call bullshit, why would they cancel it?

Final chapter at well planned arc end != canceled

>Why do you think that? Everyone hitherto poisoned has died or had to be killed.
Because otherwise, the chapter wouldn't have been needed. You'd have a whole culture and side characters that would never appear again and would not have any importance.

That's not how you write a story, unless maybe in the very beginning when it still hasn't started to write itself (See: The lizardmen in chapter 1).

It's her maiden hood.

Guys imagine this. Just imagine.
Cyborg elves

>you will never have a cute tomboy 60ft childhood friend

It was never meant for battle. She wears the helmet to hide her face.



>Daredevil isn't driving
Isn't Lily a minor? She should have a permit at best but if that's the case Daredevil should be in the passengers front seat. He's a layer for pete's sake he knows the rules.

You reassure me on the state of /tg/.

Bishoujo Marseille is next level.