ITT : Evil Boobs

ITT : Evil Boobs

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Pick one

Evilly good.

I liked these evil boobs.

evil boobs best boobs

who is this semen demon?

Husky Voice




From Fuuun Ishin DaiShogun

About as evil as they get

>The Sex Witch Houkouin Strikes!
>Literally the episode name

The best kind of tiddies

not enough fuck scenes in the anime.

What a let down.

I agree.


Now this is my kind of thread. I like my women the way I like my guard dogs. Big and mean.

>Big and mean
>Not big and loyal
Shit taste in dogs, shit taste in women.

Loyal too. Big and mean just sounded better. Despite my all-consuming femdom fetish, cuckshit is one kink I do not get down with.

as a side note, that MC is probably my single most hated MC of all time. Who the fuck wouldn't marry esdeath if given the chance

Fall to bigger evil.

Is it still okay if they're loyal but still experienced?

Of course. You don't want to be with someone who has no idea what they're doing, ESPECIALLY if we're talking evil kinky shit.

You don't want some sputtering, nervous damsel in distress. You want a woman who knows what she likes, knows how to get it, and most importantly, is capable and confident enough to do so. And she like you. Don't fall for the purityfag meme.

What happens after you marry the evil girl?

I'm expecting more of her but she got like 30 sec fuck time.

Fuck japs and their shit taste.


Lusty, panting sex

>the only female antagonist in SAO is also the hottest
Fuck you Reki

Not as evil as this.

>Beatrix is worse than Esdeath
This meme must stop

When are we going to see her in the anime?

S3 or 4, probably 3

Alicization is much longer than all the others.

Source? I love that classy, black haired dame look

Beatrix is basically a sickdark villain trapped in a real politik situation. She's gleefully sadistic and bloodthirsty even in situations where it hurts her (like torturing her own soldiers for no reason).

Esdeath is edgy, but she at least has some traits to humanize her. If you ignore the crazy bits of her personality, she's quite charming and you can even see why people would follow her.

Are you fucking serious

Motherly evil boobs

Nevermind, its the girl from FMA. Never watched the show myself but i feel like I should now.

Wow, how new are you?

This woman is pretty fucking evil.

>Kills good people
>Lies to her associates
>Knowingly sends people to their deaths
>Starts a meaningless war and keeps it going despite having the tools to end it

Her redemption at the end made me pretty fucking mad. All the people she killed, the lives she destroyed and all is forgiven cause "I was keeping god in check and needed souls to beat him".

Doesn't Kirito stick his sword inside her?

Her death was beautiful, normally I feel bad when I see beautiful evil chicks dying but hers was satisfying and somehow "clean"


They're supposed to be evil but they did nothing wrong.

Any particular death you feel bad about?


Very evil

That's best girl, you fool.

The best part is where she gets off scott free for everything.

This -

So happy Meiko is finally back. This bitch is about to get her teeth kicked in.

No she doesn't. She's blinded and becomes trapped within her insanity. Tomino even said about her fate that death would have been to easy for her.

Not "bad" per se but just an overall sense of "damn what a shame". There are quite a few that I can't quite remember at the moment

But pic related for instance, she was an unnamed slut who hung out with one of the earliest villains in Inuyasha, she was only there for a couple minutes tops before said villain blew her apart while venting his anger
She probably wasn't a good person but still, what a shame

This is from a lilith game right? The same guys that made Taimanin Asagi, which game is it?


I felt sad here too, she was my favorite character, but her face near the end made me laugh

I assume from the brutality and the way the hero was talking to her afterwards that she must have been a very evil bitch indeed.

She basically had this happen to her, so she can make any face she wants to make. It kind of works too. She's trying to taunt the MC while being nearly delirious in pain.


But this gril did do quite a lot wrong.

Redundant, all women are evil thus all boobs are as well.


Just got Cyber Sleuth and I can't wait to get Lilithmon on my team

is that chick with the horns from Overlord evil? I never watched the show, but she made my dick hard

Technically yes.

She's literally genocidal

Right-hand woman of the "greatest evil" of that world and the only reason she doesn't stab him in the back is due to her affection-stat has been set to max towards big bad

Almost every girl that appeared in the overlord anime is either evil or neutral but surrounded by evil people.

Damn, maybe I should watch it. Was it decent, besides the evil girls?

is it worth watching for her evil boobs?

it's a silly show
with flash "animation"
also OP's girl doesnt even get killed

she is voiced by Sawashiro tho

I think it's best when the female villain is far worst then the male villains like

>tfw this is my fetish
>tfw have to watch girls I like being brutally murdered over and over
life is suffering

>you will never save and redeem a villainess

Evil girls turned me into a ryonafag, but only for them. I get disgusted seeing it happen to good girls.

rukia looks different. what happened?


>tfw this was a fucking disgusting scene but my giantess-fetish compelled me to masturbate to it anway

Rabac was so fucking based,.

> tfw my fetish is watching hot girls i like get brutally murdered

She got involved with weapon smuggling

kill your mother fucking self


wow fuck you big man. we were all 15 once.

I had a boner but this image reminded me of that autism inducing cancer tier anime and killed it so hard it might as well not be there

thanks faggot

Yeah but when I was 15 I didn't have shit taste and watch bleach

okay snowflake!

I like seeing smug, powerful bitches get dominated. No surprise then why I go for evil girls since they have all the smug and power.

I don't remember them that big

Spoilerish for Rokka no Yuusha
Wants to sacrifice like 10% of the worlds population because some Shiba Inu tells her to.

Well of course, how can you say you love someone if you don't even fap to their death scene?

Why evil boobs are the best boobs?
Also, why MC's don't fall for the evil boobs?

It's a doujin you ding-dong.

>not sacrificing 10% of the global population for doge

>Also, why MC's don't fall for the evil boobs?
They got no balls.

Those hips compensate for that many times over.

Well yeah but doujins usually just make them a little bit bigger not that enormous

I always saw hero vs villainess fights as metaphorical sex, with the "death" as the climax. This is more obvious in some cases like

They should have been that big from the start.

The boobs are evil
The rest of her is the messiah mankind needs, but doesn't deserve

She's Chinese dragon empress tier on the fucked up person scale.

I would pay good money for an anime which is like the exact opposite of just about every anime that is being made these days. The main characters would be evil, the girl would be sexy instead of cute/moe, they'd actually have an adult, sexual relationship instead of just feeling awkward about holding hands, and it wouldn't be set in fucking high school.

I just want an anime Lady Macbeth to waifu

Still pretty satisfying when Adlet kicks her in the jaw.

That sounds terrible.

>literally the only good thing about that crap

Eiken, titty monster central

Luvia has the best pair of breasts

There's even another season in production?
I liked the music


She wasn't even that evil. Half the espada seemed held hostage.


If they weren't going to bother animating things, they should have made a VN.

That's Code Lyoko levels of fivehead.



Too fast, and not even with good ryona. ;_;

Never forget





Are those grapes her boobs? Because I clearly see no boobs


he had the biggest balls int he series


What are they doing

Evil is subjective.




Oh come on


She was still the most attractive girl in the series, so much so that director-kun recycled it for his later echi mecha penguin thing. They're also still making a shitload of cards for her.

>most attractive girl in the series

What do you guys think whenever you see the hero kill a badgirl by thrusting his long, hard sword or other phallic object into her?

She's nearly a clone so...shared spot?


She's like Akeno, except actually hot.

Issei's initial harem was pretty unattractive compared to some of the side characters. Thankfully, they rectified that with Irina, Ravel, and Rossweisse.

"What a waste of nice tits"

My phallic object tingles and starts getting big.

Ryona is the best.

sadly her stupidity is only matched by her good lucks

God went min-max on her

Turns my dick to diamonds, especially the heavy breathing and moaning that follows.


Don't care much about how or with what, as long a he kills the whore it is pretty satisfying.

where are the webms?

We need more evil brown semen demons. ACTUAL KIND.

you forgot the best part

Based Kyoani.

>Her redemption at the end made me pretty fucking mad
It happened after her death so it was "acceptable". I'm much more mad that all her batshit stuff was to blame on her muh boohoo childhood.


This author likes his bitches sadistic.

>not converted to good with the power of the D and added to the harem

Fuck Rias.

Best girl who died too early.


>left to right
is this manhua?

its even worse when he stabs her through the tits

S2 never

Wouldn't mind getting disembowled several times until I find a way to win her heart desu

But she's not evil

Most heroes are nice enough to stab them through the stomach so as not to ruin those mammaries.

yeah give em the slow and painful gut wound death

>tfw waiting for scans of missing volumes

At least they seem like they're coming.

Only girl who mattered in Naruto.


>Only girl who mattered in Naruto.
>Lasted half an episode

Best UC girl.

>evil girl tries to fuck MC
Are there any villainesses who either fucks a different character or something like that?

She turned good halfway but her boobs remained unmatched through the whole show.

I absolutely feel you man.



She's not evil.

She's just lustful

Bell just needs to give her the D and she'll be fine.

Hottest sociopath ever,

Would you?

Are there any female villains that manage to corrupt the MC?

The face of Satan.

Depends on who's penetrating who.


Google doesn't say shit, whos the author?


But that's an angel


There is no way angels can be this lewd.


Who does she fuck?

But she has the halo


>Stabbed burger

Evil girls who steal the male away and make him betray his friends was my first fetish (male:netorare). Mostly because of a childhood experience.

It's still up there in my Top 10 today.

Yes. That face of despair when her little boy is being taken away is priceless by the evil witch. Yes.

That's just a device for preventing diarrhea.

> big tits
> uses bow while barechested
that is so no a good idea, surprised she still has both of them

On the one hand the girl is cute.

On the other hand the girl dies and the art style looks manhwa/manhua-ish, which I don't read as a rule.

>you will never be a little girl
>you will never be caressed and molested by a sexy older girl and have your face shoved into her boobs at the same time

Fiction in general has a lot of terrible ideas for the sake of being cool, dramatic, sexy, etc.

In this case, I'd say that they succeeded at the latter.

if it can make you feel better she dies at vol12 and current scans are at the end of vol6.


Why does she wear the mask?

In that get-up? Clearly pro-wrestling.

Ehh they don't fuck, but she imprisons an evil god to try and control his power and there are sexual overtones, then he eats her

She deserved more fanart, damn you Japan.

I actually liked pic related more. She had such a gentle look about her.

That's a villain? No I don't watch FT

> her naked bathroom "fight"

I still reckon she'll make a return in the LNs one way or another

Are evil boobs for restraining and forcibly titfucking while she glares and insults you?

I don't need these feels right now.

Evil boobs are for her chaining you to the bed and doing whatever she wants to you.

what are they going to do ?

She's been disemboweled by that blade in her stomach, so they're going to put her out of her misery.


>had a chance for an ironic death by disembowelment
>decide to burn her instead


How can boobs be evil when they are justice? you lost me user.


One of my favorite h-manga of all time.

Reminds me of old


>2d color over 3d models
Wish more series did this, it goes a long way.

well she's already halfway through getting sudoku'ed, but they're not good enough with swords to be her traditional suicide assistant, so they make do with a bullet to the head (off panel)

Stop it Kenji

I think the 3D was actually handled by a company that specialized in it and not the anime team.


She was so much more interesting then the other girls. Of course the heroes had to kill her off.

Why did it take so long for Oboro to get posted?

Also Ingrid is technically evil. Even if it's honorable, naive evil.


>life is suffering

Indeed, fucking indeed

>No Pirotess


She's evil, right Cred Forums?

no, just sweaty

>e v i l
How a character that appeared for 2 episodes had more personality in one finger that the rest of the cast combined? More Enigma when?

How is that Ova?

the fuck happened to ingrid in the end?

>Evil girls who steal the male away and make him betray his friends was my first fetish.
Elder God tier fetish.

We need a series that is entirely based on this.

No, but i'd let her do evil things to me

Captivity doesn't seem so bad

>she is evil
What a damn shame

Half evil, half good, best tits, best girl.

Don't stick your dick into crazy?

I want to empty my fluids inside this mosquito.

>dom that turns sub in the end


Why didn the author stop with orcxelf?


to spread the blessings of his wonderfully shaped breasts further around the world

Even if she's a girl she's flat as fuck

Might as well post her. She more than fits the theme of this thread.

Still salty about what Gon did to her.

Boobs are beyond good and evil.

Her dark clothes obscure it, but she has some cute hips and breasts.

Selvaria isn't evil

Gon couldn't let go.


True, but she was an antagonist at first.

excellent thread friends

>only good thread on Cred Forums
Your doing God's work anons.



Her hobby is terrorism

Her hobby is being a shit, and also flat.



>dem scars
>dose muscles
>dem breasts
>dat masosadism
>tfw they cancelled the OVA right before her big fight/death

Lost Canvas wasn't that good, but some of the female villains ticked off all my fetish boxes.

those aren't hobbies but characteristics

You didn't post aggressive handholding with hero-kun.

"Evil" is subjective,

Might be somewhat of a bitch but I still want her to sit on my face desu.

>an evil big breasted woman will never take pity on your pathetic existence

>main love interest/heroine is this

Why do they keep doing this to us?


I want her fucking route.

Apostle please leave.

That'd be hard considering she's the main badperson.

My _dick_ trembles


>This pic can never happen
Why live.

Me too

Never will we have the chance to have really kinky H scenes with a somewhat obviously repressed sexual mess like Beatrix in the future. Tis sad.

The downsides of making the main villain far hotter then any of the heroines in a fucking Eroge.

Lise and Iris are hotter, though.

Yeah. Beatrix is pretty ugly, both physically and as a person. She has small beady eyes, messy hair, and fat ugly whore lips.

Better mom than the real mom


Yeajh , she was evil , she walked on everyone with style and SUBSTANCE.

Perfect heroine

Akeno has a better body , 2 different pairs of wings, Has a better attitude reguarding relationships

raynare was a pathetic alpha , akeno is 2.0+dlcs

I want to be bullied by giant boobs!

>you will never conquer an evil woman through the power of dick.

Fuck this shit.

source onegai

What are you talking? The hero beats her up then breaks her hymen with his phallus and she immediately dies. That's high octane dick power right there.

>Beatrix is basically a sickdark villain trapped in a real politik situation. She's gleefully sadistic and bloodthirsty even in situations where it hurts her (like torturing her own soldiers for no reason).
Animeonly pls. She's that way for a reason. Also the anime flattened her character like DIO wrote it or something.

He was stronger without her too. That is what gets me.

>tfw you watched Murata painstakingly draw-erase and redraw those boobs


>those luscious lips
jeesus christ

All three of those chapters were fucking orgasmic to read. I want her to break me down into nothing and sexually torture me.

be a friend and give a source user? those lips and those boobs are really doing something to me

What is this even



She is definitely not evil


Wait, isn't that BB?
They changed her design in the mango?

She's an evil ninja.

None of these girls look very evil to me

Oboro made her her toy

She dances for the honor of evil.

I kinda half expect her back, though.

Death is cheap in NnT, and those were unusual circumstance.

They are evil ninjas. Like this one right here.

There's maybe some justification for calling the new Hebijo evil, but the Crimson Squad pretty much lost their evil card when Crimson Girls gave them more fleshed out personalities.

She doesn't LOOK very evil to me
I want my evil ninja babes with sadistic smiles and piercing gazes, thank you very much

She's pretty evil

It's really kind of a regrettable oversight that Lilith never does any yuri rape scenes with her.
I mean Sakura was forced to eat her out in the first game and she clearly enjoys toying with Asagi and Ingrid whenever they're under her control, but she always defaults on "Here's a bunch of orcs for you to get raped by." and "I'm gonna give you your weapons back so you can fight in my arena! No way this will backfire on me."

Fate/Extra CCC Foxtail

why is she evil? didnt she go insane? didnt they help her?

>Fate/Extra CCC Foxtail
I don't think that's it

She's a communist. She's as evil as they come

I think it is.

To be fair, she's a pretty wishy-washy communist who's clearly one joke away from becoming a full blown consumerist.

And she's fluffy.

How come no one's posted any pics of Doronjo from Yatterman?

She's arguably the archtype of the vain evil woman in anime.

I hate her design


Agreed, maybe we'll get one in TA0

Also the cutest

You know, you could watch countless anime from the 1970s and 1980s that have beautiful women in spades (not so much evil).

Space Adventure Cobra and Midnight Eye Gokuu are full of beautiful women, as opposed to 10 year olds.

Wicked City (also 80s) is also another good example.

Oh I do, Sorcerer Hunters is a childhood favorite. I just wish there was some fresh blood in the scene.

I'd make a terrible hero. All the villain would have to do is throw a couple evil bitches my way and I'm done for.

Best girl trapped in an incredibly shit series.

The story would of been so much better if the MC manned the fuck up and made it his goal to kick her ass, making her his bitch. Going by her own logic that the strongest get to rule the weakest she wouldn't be able to object.


I doubt it, she's supposed to be a nobody foot soldier.

mfw she's about to die in the next few chapters

You want to man up?

Breasts can not ever be evil!

>literally old hag

evil is subjective

funny enough on 2017

>TFW this is literally impossible because Animu is for teens and teens can't into self-inserting as an MC over 15 years old

I swear if the artist does that retarded shit where he draws the evil characters with stupid, badly drawn faces right before their death to dehumanize them I'm going to be pissed.

The last redeemable thing they could is at least give her a dignified death.

>dignified death

Saying that, Mez didn't have a "stupid face" before her death.



why is she molesting herself

If I looked like that, I'd molest myself too.

hidden boobs are evil


Good lord


>Those wings
>That chess peace
Let me guess Highschool DxD?
PLease tell me I'm wrong

Why did Fate's mother dress like this? Did she want to make another baby?

Anime only tho.

>angry at

This triggers me to no end.

you have the webm of her in the house

What's wrong with it, should it be with?

not him, but yes
mad at, angry with

Huh, learn something new every day.

>Mostly because of a childhood experience.
>literally no one asks for the storytime
What kind of perverted fetish thread is this?

one that thus far has not devolved into blogshit and >blogshit
unlike all the other fetish threads

This one image hits like every kink I have

I know that Ray never actually went away, even when she pretty much had an ending even the Harem King did not approve.

Akeno is, but her reason to fug the dragon was out of jealously.The moment volume 10 had the date with Akeno, I was thinking about Ray the entire time and how the date should have ended.
>It healed me as much as the Harem King.


elongated and lopsided nipples? one of which is inverted?



>evil paizuri never


Enjoy your succubus Mon, user.

The next girl posted is going to rape me until the girl after her comes to save the day, until I discover she only wants to rape me harder.

Raynare's dead and forgotten. Even Issei has gotten over her a while back.

This show was fucking awful.

Book of Bantorra.

Here you go.

Were the light novels ever translate past volume 1?

Maruyama likes to mention her every other volume, and So-Bin has a bit of a thing for her. I'd be more surprised if she didn't come back.

best arc

say FETISH you fucking tumblrina

Does Bible Black count?

Whats the source on this? Majilove brings up nothing.



The fact that it brings up nothing meanings you aren't looking at the right places.

Great girls are always stuck into shit shows.

>there will never be a third series where Kitami gets the evil fucked out of her by her ex-student lover OC donut steel
Or I guess they go full edge and go off together to run some magic sex cult. Either or.

Im surprised it didn't get posted earlier


The word kink has been around a long, long time. Is it even a tumblrism? I don't go there so maybe you can tell me, as our leading expert.

>you will never fall to the dark side because of villainess

Man, I cranked out so many to her as a kid. That and this fapfic where she gets the other elf chick tied up and fingerbangs her in front of some orcs.


It's not a tumblrism, 'kink' and 'kinky' have been around for-fucking-ever. Earliest usage right off the top of my head is Blazing Saddles for fuck's sake.


>She was still the most attractive girl in the series
Milf Sakuya shits on everyone to be honest


Chaotic neutral?

Technically evil. She's only held back because her master realized it wasn't virtual reality anymore. She also gets horny from killing.

I recall that there's this evil bitch who tanked bullets with her bare boobs

>Best girl
my person of african descent
also one of the "not enough r34" characters

No mentions of Ragyo or Balalaika?


Pretty sure she'd kill just about anyone who isn't one of her soldiers just to get her way.

Is that evil? You tell me.

Meh,...I'll spoonfeed you guys just this once, OK? Themanga's name is Taboo Tattoo.

She has complete loyalty to her men, which is generally considered an admirable trait, and to anyone she's not actively trying to kill, she's very amiable. Of course, to anyone not involved in the underworld, she'd be considered blatantly evil, what with the crime, murder and whatnot.

Fair enough; guess she's just -my- definition of evil, so it's hardly a solid fact.

>Something you were commissioned to translate is posted

Sauce? Usual sources are giving me nothing.

Evil henchwomen boobs.

An evil blowjob face, at the very least ancient and awoken tier.


Her and the mc still do mother-son roleplay

What the fuck about Chiquita is evil?

We need to genderbend the Butcher's things more often.

Akeno is hot, though

Did that one ever get a second episode?

>my little Chiquita
Are you retarded?

>implying she was evil and not just confused, lonely and depressed

Leave my waifu alone pls thank you

>dat everything


Buta no Gotoki.

No. IDK if there's one being made or not.


>antagonistic from the protagonist's viewpoint



Not really. She was just one of the team protagonist's opponents.

Also, I liked her short-lived companion more. ;_;

She sure does have the boobs, though.

Deathtopia is sort of saturated with them, actually.

Reminder that bad girls don't care what society says about 'decency.'

Should I pick it up then?

each and every one of them dies at the end of their arc

They don't last multiple arcs, they die ~seven chapters after being introduced. They get their share of pagetime, I guess. The main girls are pretty nice, but they don't quite compare. The fights are mediocre but not actually bad, and don't detract at least.

I liked that they turned the plot of the Doom movie into a manga, though.


Issei is about to apply the surfboard submission.

She has no moral compass whatsoever.
Demiurge *probably* more evil than her.

you can watch it, for a bad guy rekts good guy anime, you're technically the bad guy ,I'd also seriously recommend the Light Novel if you found the anime intersting


You get off to bad art? Wow, that's different.

>Fuuun Ishin DaiShogun

Eternal Virgin MC

How did we go from this...

to this?


S2 when?

long time no see Pirotessfag

She was great. Actually, all the bad girls were great.

>tfw my favorite girls are hot, busty, mature and aggressive
>evil girls usually fill thiys stereotype quite easily
>90% of the times they get killed by some faggy beta while the annoying teen tsundere is almost always the main heroine
My favorite kind of girls are in a medium where they are always hated and underused. Truly suffering


Shit sucks. I just want strong willful women, what's wrong with that?

Already happened.

We don't talk about it. Just wait for the movie.

Most otaku in japan are intimidated by aggressive women. They aren't attractive to a japanese audience, so they're never given a fair chance. Give it some time and maybe things will change. I can't imagine we'll be stuck in the moe/MMO era forever.

Also, suprised no one has posted rapemilf yet.


Fuck off 3DPD.

Do reformed evil boobs count

Laser Cougar can sustain entire threads. She's great, but we should concentrate on underappreciated specimen

I don't get why Japs hate bold women that much, being honest and direct doesn't mean being a whore, instead they think that an autistic bitch who can't even talk about holding hands without sperging is pure and attractive. "All you need to say is simply 'Yes' or 'No'; anything beyond this comes from the evil one" even Jesus hated tsundereshit, do you wann make Jesus cry?

do you ever get up and think
"hmm I'm gonna fap to this character today"
and then you do it and you feel good that you did it for no reason in particular?

It's a cultural thing, they reallllyyyyy fell for the purityfag meme hard during the meiji ishin. Funnily enough, historically, Japan was one of the more sexually open and openminded nations in the world. Don't quote me on this, but I believe some of the earliest produced strap-ons/anal beads were of japanese/chinese origin.

Regardless, the stereotypes about asian girls being submissive exists for a reason. That just makes those that buck the trend all the more special.

I can't help cheering for her. unfortunately even she cannot fight against her plot armor fate


It's even worse when they're the only ones actively playing a part in the story and can keep up with the hero while the heroine is a passive, useless damsel in distress.

Nah, a true S2 for Leon.



google and iqdb gives me noting so source?

Why are evil grils so incredible?



Because there's so few of them. The effect of their appeal is amplified when they don't appear often.


They aren't that uncommon.


But they are still a minority in the sense that 90% of other females are subs or just not dominant / evil.

You should've posted their boss / main villain. She's a better example of superior evil tits.

I think it's funny that despite having the most overtly sexual design of all the girls in that, she's actually the least seductive and is actually a blood thirsty psycho warrior type.

>you will never be Dakki-chan's plaything

>blood thirsty psycho warrior type
So the best type then


Flat meme girl is a flat meme.
Who new?


Hnn, dakki

how about some classic evil boobs?

i couldn't find better pic

>upper teeth wiggle

no standards

Tsurime eyes vs Tareme eyes mostly. Villains usually have Tsurime eyes to show their more aggressive natures while heroines have Tareme to show their innocence. You could look at this picture and pretty easily discern who's the main villain and who's the heroine just from the eyes.

Have you ever seen that show? My god the animation was so bad. Just, so, so bad.

Shame she's not half the woman she used to be after her run in with MC-kun.

Why didn't she get away from the fucking exploding tank


I'm glad people remember Dakki-chan

is she dead

>evil boobs

they give me a raging boner everytime. must be because I fantasize about turning them good with my cock

crippled for life iirc

broke most of her bones, went to the hospital.

Normally I'm not into the dom thing at all, but Iris Heart is the exception.

>strong willful women

Do you even know how to Japan?

Just because that's the way the world is doesn't mean I have to like it.

You actually made me google ancient sex toys.

>Taboo Tattoo.
jeez i couldn't even tell, is it any better than the hack of a show?

Asobi ni Iku yo!

I said strap on/anal beads, not just a general phallus

I read it but I didn't watch it. I can tell you probably not. It was so mediocre that I was really surprised that it got an adaptation years after it ended.



Either way thanks for the input, i guess i'll just give it a shot and see.

manga is 6 volumes behind

Why isn't there more of her?

She can barely keep a straight face, her constant thoughts of wanting to kill make it look like she's running constant love nectar.

And that's another problem. A lot of these villains, even when they're cruel to certain people like our MC (which is rare), they often have so many other factors that just make you wanna hug them. Why?

This meme needs to stop.

Dammit, why can't I not help loving these kinds of girls?

But on topic, I guess it would be a stretch to say she's "evil" though she's definitely not a saint. But then, she's a demon, what else is she supposed to be?

Who is this? Someone from Gundam?

At least she didn't neuter Keiichi.

You're right.

The true villain.

But that can be a subversion in and of itself. These two, you would never have guessed how good and innocent and bubbly Beatrix was.

She's from one of the Muv Luv series.

Chek'd and kek'd. First post is always best post

Does she really count as a villainess? I don't think she did anything really bad. She just fell into the unfortunate position of being the antagonist.

I haven't watched it, I just recognize the art style.

>there will never be a young male protag vs older female antag anime
I should have been born a faggot. Then I would've had anime made pandering to my fetish.

Cima, I meant.

>what is Schwarzesmarken
>what is Akame ga Kill
>what is 80% anime featuring a female villain

Don't forget that after DIO died she would've been turned into a gross monster like Okuyasu's dad

Are there any examples of things going well for the villainess?

>Small fry are no match for me!

Did she have a parasite or was she just paid off? I think she was just a merc.

DIO put flesh buds into anybody he didn't find trustworthy. Pucci didn't have a spore, but Enya did, and if he didn't trust Enya then you can assume he put a spore in pretty much everybody that worked for him.

What's up with bad girls and DSL anyways?

Having defined lips/wearing lipstick is evil apparently

let's see, from this thread
gets converted
gets fucked up
gets redeemed, was dead to begin with
dies, gets resurrected, happy end with her shota
dies, badly
dies in the wn, multiple times, supposedly permanently dead now
loses apprentice loli, gets molested by old men
probably dead
gets mindfucked into a moeblob for millions of chapters
becomes good, loses
gets a dyke gf
gets worst boy as husband
1 is in a rape dungeon, the others are alive but irrelevant
dies, badly
loses chunks of flesh/skin and an eye
gets bodysnatched by the enemy
nothing happens to her
dies, badly
becomes sex slave
dies, badly
goes insane
will probably die in 1-2 months

I really appreciate this but goddamn

stick with those tastes for long enough and you will probabl start to look forward to your favourite girl becoming a bloody smear on the ground because of some retard kid's preteen ideals.

I think that wearing lipstick represents a lack of mental innocence. It's associated with a lack of youth, or if they are youthful, they're the kind of youth who've had about thirty different dicks in them.

Wasn't it harem end?

iirc in the ln blue dies and red wins.
don't know what exactly happens to purple but she's not winning

Truly life is shit