Left or Right?

Left or Right?

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Let us look at this objectively

The left one is

> taller
> has a bigger ass
> bigger tits
> longer hair
> a better body

It isn't even close.

Right one is actually a Pretty Cure. Who wouldn't say no to a Pretty Cure?


Right is literally the cutest.


Left, until she cut her hair.

I pick blonde tennis girl.

Unless you're a homosexual, that's not a good thing.



Unless you are a manlet that's not problematic.

right, she's lewder

Manlets/insecure faggots detected

>not liking tall girls
How does it feel to be homosexual?

Fuck off akairiot

Left for numerous reasons, more than outlined. Bitch broke out of jail, naked, using only a sharpened big toenail.

Left, best body.
Right, best lingerie.

Smug Redman knows.

>tfw no 6' tall gf

>bigger tits
These things aren't good.

>> bigger tits
Mako said Ryuko has bigger tits than Satsuki. Satsuki's probably look bigger because Junketsu pushes them up and squeezes them together.

>manlets are the only ones who like short girls
There is a reason why girls hate being tall.


>bigger tits
she says better


Didn't know sperg lords who never touched a girl knew what girls want.

Right is always Right. Except when it's wrong. It's not wrong here. Anyone who disagrees is a communist.

well now you know

uhhh he's right, faggot.

it's really hard for exceedingly tall girls to find clothes that fit them properly

>nice ass
>nice feet

>nice tits
>cute face
>wife material

Hard to pick one

Once again, a person with no experiences with girls seemingly knows specific details about them.

You are talking out of your ass and it is pathetic.

> Ryuko is wife material

What? So is Satsuki you dipshit.


tits or GTFO

I wouldn't know, I'm not the one attracted to masculine traits.


hime sama or spoiled yanki brat? wtf why you even asking this

I'm waiting. And expecting man-boobs NO GIRLS ON THE INTERNET

"She" types like a dude and is a dude.

Exactly, those aren't female hands typing those words. Those are man hands.

Since in my fetish rankings stockings are higher then shimapan I choose left

>types like a dude

are.. are you serious?

are you literally saying you can tell the difference between a man and a women on the internet by the way they type?


Neither of them because KLK is fucking garbage for retards with absolute shit taste.

Ryuuko is the cutest.


user, I'm a guy and my hand is looks more feminine than my coworker.

I don't know why either and yes my hands aren't big.

I don't know what you're talking about user, I'm a qt 6' girl I don't have to prove anything to you.

I want her to call me a pervert while she gives me paizuri.

This is a fact, not a bait.

But since you managed to think it's a bait, your shit taste is on the same level as ledouche's.



Right because I'm not a faggot


>laid bait
>lays on more bait
>getting desperate for even a nibble


I choose the wife

Kill la kill should have been about Ryuuko selling drugs and being corrupted whilst looking for the killer of her father

What are you, gay? Tall is objectively better.

I choose their mom

Anyone that doesn't say left is literally gay for dicks.

Left for eternal devotion and impregnation

Right for occasionally glazing in my cum.

Im only gay for Ryuuko's dick

Neither because shitty artist.

The right one is

>cute as a button

It isn't even close


>Left is a man
>Right is a woman

Well the choice is pretty obvious.

Then again, neither of them is the best girl.

Ryuko, all day every day.

Dat additude

Chaotic good is best good.

I choose pink

My condolences.
Make sure to wear plenty of earplugs.

Nani sore?! I think her voice and personality are quite cute.


Hahahahahahahaha, no. She doesn't need a dick. She'll steal yours and fuck you with it.

even better

Left unless you are counting the non-canon epilogue.

Theyre both pretty badly drawn.

>Satsuki in general


manlet pls go

It shouldn't be too hard for Ryuko to grow a dick made of life fibers.
Her mom certainly did it before, to use it on Satsuki and Nui.

>snorting pills
Why, crystals are turned into pills for a reason. Japanese know nothing about drugs...

How did you get that idea?

Forgot pic

Satsuki seems the the sort who's read the Kama Sutra and would enjoy discussing 18th century political philosophy, Prussian military tactics, and modern biotechnology before making love while classical music plays.

Your kids would probably speak 5 languages, master 3 instruments, become athletic on the Olympian level, and graduate university at age 16.



Left. Hitler-chan is my waifu


>And expecting moobs


Right is best. Bustier and wifeable


>Being so short a 5' 8" girl intimidates you

Hahahaha, oh god, my balls.

Well, I was going to say right, but I choose left every day

Shortness is a female characteristic. Tallness is a male characteristic. It's not that hard to understand.

Enjoy your latent homosexuality.

Taller girls are NOT "objectively better".

Being smaller = being cuter. Now there's an objective fact. Smaller things are cuter things.

Satsuki a best

>Mako said
Mako lied. Just look at any frame of them standing next to each other.

Forgot pic

Let us look at this objectively

The right one is

> smaller
> has a bigger ass
> bigger tits
> shorter hair
> a better body

It isn't even close.

Both are great, unless you are a faggot.
One has something what the other one doesnt.
Pic related, every girl is best girl.


Can manlets just die? They are genetic dead ends

>Satsuki is taller than you


I'll take the blonde one with some extra cute hiding in the sidelines, thanks.

Every fucking time


I'm sorry user, but you have to be at least 6' to use this board. Try coming back when you've hit puberty.

I want satsuki to sit on my face

the left one is used goods
the right one was made for sex, but mostly pure.

Im 23 though

nah, give her a gag.

and then turn those protests into moans.


The dream...

Figure if both of them will end up bossing me around anyway, might as well go with most alpha one. Satsuki has it in her naturally, also, she's less % "ayylife-fiberlmao" then Ryuko, though on the other hand, that could potentially make things go interestingly freaky, hmm.
Left will command. Don't obey? She'll be disappointed in you and look for someone that does.
Right will beat you up THEN look for someone else. Which isn't an issue if you're into that. Masochist-cuck

She will cut your dick off and sew it to your forehead.

>Be 5'3" turbomanlet
>It's either like women taller than me or like midgets

Fuck you, I'll find me an amazon goddess for m-my high test urges and cli-climb her flesh mountain! A-And our children will be be-beautiful and strong a-and tall! You'll see, you'll all see!

Ganbarre, user! Don't let your dreams be memes.

Satsuki is literally perfect.


right of course

taller chicks suck

5,8 user here

Don't give up!

There's only one cure for your condition.

I want to sexually humiliate the tough and tomboyish Ryuuko.

Which one gives the best blowjobs?


Let's be honest, Akairiot has really fallen off, his art isn't as good, he takes years to post anything new and when he does he doesn't even post porn anymore, splashbrush has always been the superior artist.

>Left or Right?
Doesn't matter, I just want either or both of them to sit on my face

Beggars can't be picky

He was alright like a year ago but he has gotten much worse

Too old.

Yeah last year he used to post more frequently and his art was better, now he's a whinny faggot who posts mediocre shit and 1 good drawing every 2-3 months

Someone post that *both* gif.

Satsuki only with her long hair.

Damn skippy. Satsuki best girl. Ryuuko's still pretty cute though.

As symbolic as the hair cutting was, fuck the OVA for putting me through that.


>Left or Right?
For what? Sex? Friendship? Working under?

>le tall is bad

A tall woman is objectively better in terms of reproducing for the best traits.

Only when breeding a manly heir. If you want a qt daughteru, go for short.

Right. Edgy style but genki personality is my fetish.

I think her short hairdo is cute.


They are both amazing girls. For KLK to have two top tier girls while most anime struggle to have even one is truly magnificent.

That's good shit.

It's definitely cute, but "cute" isn't what I've come to associate Satsuki with.

Also, I prefer long haired girls.

But both Ryuuko and Satsuki are better in differing capacities. Ryuuko would be a better friend, whereas I would love to serve under Satsuki. When it comes to sex, it would depend on your preferences.


>double titfuck never



I want Satsuki to lead me to war.



Neither. They should be with each other.



Fuck man you know Cred Forums is in another rapid decline when we're doing this bit again for a 3 year old show that hasn't shown any signs of life in being a franchise



Not everything has to be a franchise. People still talk about plenty of shows on Cred Forums that have long since ended.


Mostly just Aniplex stuff yeah



They both have boobs and probably don't have a penis. So neither.




Of course the righr answer is right

So pure.


>Ryuko should be with Senketsu





> bigger tits
> bad



Ryuko is made of clothes. I bet she has really soft hair.


Yeah but she also has the eyebrows. Eh, but really a banging bod and an average face will take you longer than the opposite.


Was she a man?

You guys enjoy the arguing, I'll be over here with best girl.

Which one gives the best assjob?

Go keep your piece of shit to yourself you idiot.

those eyes
that smile



Satsuki > Ryoko > Satsuki

Ryoko would be incredibly clumsy, and probably accidentally bite you more than once.

Satsuki would normally not deign to dirty herself in such a manor, but if you could convince her she would dedicate herself wholeheartedly to being the absolute best blowjob giver she could be.

My nigga

It's the purest of the purest form of love. Scissor sisters a best.

Right for tender loving.

Left is breeding strong children.

If I can't pick both then I'll pick pic related.

Ryoko for hotdogging, Satsuka for sitting on your cock and being dominant

Maiko deserved more screentime.

Need that image without the frame.


She got all the screentime I needed.


Option C

The one who isn't Satsuki, so why would you even bother learning her name.

That ass was made for hard anal, user.

Scopedog Tennis Shark is best.

one on the middle!.

>Tennis-playing sharkgirl
Patrician taste, my man

I wish Ryuko was my imouto.



But how can it be the purest form of love when Clothing love is the purest form of love?

I wish I was Ryuko's shirt.



I'll take Nonon over both of them.

But Satsuki and Ryuko are perfect too.

I even like Nui, I'm sorry


But how would you fuck her then?

>Mako or Satsuki are probably the only two living people allowed to brush or touch Ryuko's hair

Why even live?


Looks like someone has a dragon dildo in his ass.


>Which one gives the best blowjobs?
Not wanting to give them blowjobs instead.


Ryuko gives a mean blowjob, supposedly

how is this meme called?

Shirts dont have dicks

Ryuuko is used goods.


He's a life-fiber shirt, he can sprout as many dicks as Ryuko can fit.


No she is not, she is pure.

Someone post the merge.

What's the matter? She had a cute kid with this hot piece of ass. Shouldn't you be happy for her?


Whichever direction Nui is

left can sit on my face, right can do whatever she wants

>ara ara ryuuko

Manlet when will they ever learn?



I want to come home to this every day but why is she frowning?

>why is she frowning?

She's horny and sensei hasn't given her the D in awhile.







Left. Satsuki is on my level the other is just a peasant girl

Have fun being a manlet


The garbage can where you belong.

>Not wanting a girlfriend that's taller than you

>subjective opinions are facts

The issue is that they dont usually want a bf shorter than them

Which one has the bigger futa penis? That's all that matters.

S2 fucking when?

Someday, girls will surely appreciate the moe height difference

Left for mentality

Can you argue with best eyebrows?

Well, she's obviously aroused by the insuffiated pills which leads me to think that must be MDMA in pill form. The pills, however, often contain other contets that are supposed to help them keep their form and break into neat pieces when broken. Insuffiating those isn't dangerous but will leave an awful feeling in one's nose. While crystals are meant to be broken into powder and consumed in one way or another.

I like both, but Satsuki.

Satsuki doesn't have a futa penis.
Ryuko, like her mother before her, can grow a cock made of life fibers.
She can make it as big as she wants, usually 8 inches to fuck Mako, 10 inches for Satsuki and 12 for Nonon.

>12 for Nonon


anyone still have the tits vs ass strawpoll ????


But I'm a communist, and I agree!


reminder that Garfield has already fucked both

Those eyebrows bring life to my dick

For women, 5'8 is tall. Average is 5'5 for them.

Don't worry, nothing wrong with being gay.

The poll was within the margin of error.

It's over. It's finished. Let the girls live their lives in peace. The fact that we have none shouldn't stop them.

>No anime about tomboy, ex-deliquent qt milf
Now I'm sad about something I didn't know I wanted

are you a fucking retard . she looked much cuter in the short hair

I'd love an OVA about the characters' sheninigans in the normal world we see at the end of the series.

Since it actually took some work to find: Kimeru Kimi

Fucking Google ain't what it used to be.

>Ywn ravage the KlK girls with your barbed cat-dick.
Why even live?

>Bigger tits

Mako is an unreliable source.

Not that she can't be cute, but for most anons the appeal of Satsuki isn't her cute factor.

t. Satsukifag



Mako is the source of all earthly wisdom, the only thing unreliable are the animators.

This, usually what Mako says is accurate, it's the images conjured up by the puns she's making that's out there.

>what Mako says is accurate
This is true.

Mako canonically has bigger tits and a better ass then both of them.
And she's some kind of super genius short stack.

Would bury all nine inches into her and cuddle while listening to her brilliant zen like half rambling.

Her moms? Now that bitch is pure MILFy sex. Would DESTROY that pussy and ass.

Why must I choose one?


Yet there isn't a single frame of animation in the entire series that shows that Ryuuko has a bigger rack than Satsuki.

>Mako canonically has bigger tits and a better ass then both of them.

I'd fuck the left but become the right

That's not a bad doujin--good taste

She's shown with bigger tits while wearing a fairly large shirt.
Neither satsuki or ryuuko have ever show knockerage of that caliber while in their regular clothes.
And look at her.
You can tell the ass is phat. She's like an anime anna sophia robb.

don't you understand? no matter how tall you are, if she's taller, YOU are the manlet, stupid cucks

You're gonna need pictorial evidence to back up such an outlandish claim, user.

The first post compared the height of both girls, not their height with ourselves, if you think long slender legs and a good body is bad, you might be the one with some issues.

is this the end of the cute comic? was fun to read

Because that's the way Cred Forums works.


Ryuuko makes my heart and dick go doki doki

lt's the drumbeat to which our spirits dance. lt's only the size of a fist but it packs a lot more punch. Some folks say its every beat is the sound of God kicking an angel in the face. My heart's beating to heal the suffering. l want to spread that beating around to those less fortunate than...

How can you NOT pick this miracle of the unvierse?

from what I hear you can't impregnate her.

I want her to sit on my face.

Who told you such heinous lies?

That's right, you can't, because I'M gonna do it first!

some user, saying her being part life fibers would make any fetus be unable to develope inside her or something.

That doesn't make any sense. Why would the life fibers prevent fetus development? Ryuuko functions as a normal human girl until otherwise required.

Yes. There are dozens of them, but only a handful are actually translated.

he gave a really long explanation for it, i'd have to dig through the archive to find it.

I'd be interested in reading it if you can find it.


>Implying that Raygo didn't throw her fight on purpose because she's playing the long con.
Just you wait, Ryuko's life-fiber hybrid descendants will outbreed humans and take over the world.

Ragyo was a life fiber hybrid before she married Isshin and had Satsuki and Ryuko. There's no reason why a hybrid can't have human kids.

Also the kids of hybrids just have a natural affinity for life fibers, Satsuki was born human, Ryuko had to be spliced as an infant.


The children of a hybrid and a human maybe, it's a good thing Ryuko's babies will be coming from a real man.

Both of them and Ragyo

>tfw no qt medium or short haired tomboy

Why do we exist if only to suffer? ;_;

having kids with a girl that's under 5' 6" will make your sons into manlets
tall girls have better genes for strong sons

>wanting a strong son to usurp you one day and not qt short daughterfus to turn into tomboys

Also that isn't how genes work, my mother is like 5'4" and I'm not a manlet. Ryuko is like 5'2" or so, you wouldn't turn her cute ass down.

Can't argue with that

Looks like the tables have turned.

>she's 5'2
>womanlet running around trying to save the world

Suffering and pain build character

>Don't lose your step ladder!
>I'll punch you mom as soon as I get up there
on the side how tall is her mom.

I'm already a manlet so its ok

That short satsuki...
If she had bigger tits and a thicker ass and kept her same personality.

I'd spunk oceans.

Ryuuko looks like the generic hot milf from every shounen you can name.

Tall girls are obviously better than womanlets.

>never bug you with getting stuff off top shelf
>don't have to stoop over to make out
>taller body means deeper vagina
>tall genes will make any children you may have tall as well

Yes, it looks like they have.

So is she the best girl or the bestest girl?

My dick says left, but my heart says right.

I'll take both

I have so much character then I might as well be the main character.
Without heels probably around 5-8"-5'10".

No, I don't like lady Gaga

>taller body means deeper vagina

But woman's vaginas vary in size just like dicks do. Manlets can have big dicks and normal people can have small dicks.

Don't use logic on the internet user, you might break someone's mind.


Right. Might is right. I'd take care and provide for her, yet allow her to pursue her own career. And having a short partner is kinda fun, they're smol enough for you to do interesting stuff with them.

Where do I find Popura in a KLK outfit.

Or inami.

Or yamada.

don't stop

I want to aggressively fondle Ryuuko's breasts while she scowls at me as she's blushing, squirming but not really resisting or trying to stop it.

Just fondle?

Fondeling Ryuko's breasts is fun

What the fuck? Literally no one wheres a bra to bed.
Whoever made this picture is fucking retarded.

My mom does

Is that Raita?

He's right. One of Satsuki's main appeals over Ryuuko is the longer hair, then they had to go fuck it up.

>not wanting your tits nice and snug when you're sleeping

You're crazy user.

>Ensuring your tits won't grow to their nominal perfect size
>Ensuring your tits get saggy as fuck before you hit 25

Aw..that's a shame.


Late to the thread but

Triggers animators had shit for consistency, the claim for Ryuko being bigger is backed by the transformation scenes where they actually spent time and money cause they could reuse them. And here Satsuki and Ryuko are shown to be around the exact same size with Satsuki in a pushup and Ryuko just straps so it's not actually a stretch to see how she could be a larger size

One of the last events, the one where they showed off all the production sheets after ep 24 aired, they had a life size Ryuko standee. She's somewhere between 5'5 - 5'7. Satsuki is around 5'10-5'11 from being half a head taller and their mother is around 6'2 - 6'4 if she ever took off her heels. Kiryuins are not short stacks Isshin just broke his back in half to make everyone think he was actually an old manlet.

Sauce ?

>Satsuki is around 5'10-5'11


The art could have been better but this is Ryuko canonically right after the end.

It's canon that Mako and momma Mako both had the biggest juicest tits in the anime.

Ryuuko's given height is 157cm. Or about 5'2".
She's a little taller with Senketsu active, but only because she's suddenly in heels.
Satsuki's height is given as 170cm, or 5'7", but that's with her heels on, which she wears as part of her normal attire or when her kamui is active.

Excuse me but that Senketsu design is 10/10.

How can one girl be so beautiful???

Found this, looks pretty official. Both girls would be a couple inches taller.

Still holding out for the KLK sol spinoff

>oh god, my balls.

right is right

>black bar over mosaic
why in fuck

Who's the best waitress?

Yes, but whoever drew her legs fucked up a little. Minor nitpick.

That base image is from the official production book. It's the only place they drew everyone side by side to the same scale. Having scoured everything but untranslated drama cd's it's the closest we have to official sizes on paper. Numbers were never given.

Oh shit drugs. My fetish.

>Not wanting to redeem the Kiryuuin name with a new legacy
Kill la Kill yourself.

>short hair
It isn't even a choice.

>Snorting (what I assume is) MDMA

I know nips don't know much about drugs but that's not the best way to handle something like MDMA, at least in most situations.

holy shit

ITT: We spot the fag

Those anons can't appreciate Satsuki as a whole and are only blinded by her front. I like her short hair and I like her getting over her stressful life of non-stop preparation against apocalypse trying being a young lady for a change.

Her over the top confidence was cool but I like that she now keeps that more subtle and allows herself the benefits of being a girl.

Can't choose. Both great.
Disco Milf also good.


Here you go.

>Well? Hurry up and t-take it, people are staring.

wat do?



>"Sorry, I don't date sluts".
Then I push the letter over the slut-hole on her sweater, turn 360 and walk away.

Right best

That feeling with no sex with a slutty Ryuuko.


>Mako is the source of all earthly wisdom
isn't that the truth


Enjoy your vacations at the hospital.


Oh I will. As a gentleman, i'll make sure to visit her there every so often until her broken heart recovers.

Left x Right

Why is the entire cast so comfortable being naked in public? It really weirded me out.

>no Ryuuko gangbang with every guy getting to shoot it in three of her holes

Assuming Ryuko don't break your shoulder just by pushing you while running away you'll still have to face the wrath of her ridiculously strong and socially powerful friends.

Enjoy becoming a pariah.


Said no one ever.

I just want to fuck her tits.

good man, i bet her titpussy is heavenly

>Ywn get to help all of Cred Forums make Ryuko lose her way.
It hurts.

you will never cover her in pie

Would you have consensual sex in the missionary position while truly loving Ryuko for the sole purpose of procreation while you tenderly stroke her hair and softly kiss her lips while whispering beautiful things into her ear only to get her pregnant and for the future to have two children, a nice house, white picket fence, a dog, and a beautiful life?

I'd rather fill her if you know what I mean.


Thats my dream every day.



>consensual sex

the endless debate that Mako and Nonon have




Full pic?


Naturally, faggot. That's fanart.

I just want a girl to hug me and want to squeeze harder as she giggles and blushes, but still tries to push me away and calls me a big dummy.

reminded me of those mom Mako pics


>longer hair = objectively better

Three years and people still remember this show fondly to make threads and get over 300 replies. Trigger the absolute mad men.


>three years

Always and forever


Satsuki will never write all over you

I never got this shit. Who the fuck offers or asks someone else to clear out your ears? Is this a thing in Japanese culture, or purely an anime troupe?

Dude plenty of people do that even in the US because its easier for other people to see into their ears to see if they're actually clean or not and doing it yourself makes it easier to actually drive the wax behind your eardrum and damage your ear. Shit virtually every kid gets their ears cleaned by their parents as well.

Its a pretty common and normal thing to have other people clean your ears.

I want to spitroast Ryuuko-chan. Preferably with someone named George, Henry or William.

>he's never lappillowed with a girl before to relax and get his ears cleaned out by her!

I just want to be be able to hug her that's all I need in life to die happy please for the love of god.

Its normal dude

VR Android Waifu Age never ever

How more of the hot girl can be considered a bad thing?

Go away, Frank.

long hair

They are both perfect. There is no wrong choice.


>satsuki is 5'8
>has big boobs
>big ass
>/fit/ but also T H I C C

>y-y-your j-just a h-h-homo you l-l-l-like men!

go home manlet, if you aren't at LEAST 5'10 you dont deserve a waifu.

>satsuki is 5'8
In like 3 inches heels.

pretty sure she wears high heels in every outfit unless she's naked.

Yeah which means she's more like 5'5". They base their height on their outfits, she's 5'8" in the heels.

Naked Satsuki is still taller than most girls on the cast.

I stopped giving a fuck about my height when I noticed that Artemis Entreri from Forgotten Realms is a manlet too.

That's not hard considering half of them are like 4'10".

>you'll never have a satsuki

Always left.

I just hope for the chance to see her animated again.

>being tall
>masculine trait

>long hair fag



Only if they don't try and make the epilogue and ova canon.


Why the fuck did you choose a reaction image of a girl crying? Fucking idiot.

>not wanting to impregnate your waifu

What is up with all the genetic dead end cucks on this board dammit?

Muh negro

Why aren't their panties bulging?


Full series WHEN

>only 3 mentions of eyebrows

Fucking degenerates

Because you're not in Cred Forums where you belong.

>18th century political philosophy
>Prussian military tactics

Why would she be a huge westaboo.

Long hair Ryuko is a miracle of the universe

But Cred Forums was my first board

You will never gangrape Ryuuko.

Why even commit thuggery?

Thats the dumbest shit I've read. Thats just normies not females solely.

Grill la Hill

I want to force Ryuuko to deepthroat me while she looks up at me with hate in her eyes


I'll never forgive you trigger, maybe if you dumb fucks didn't finish the last episode 4 hours before broadcast you could have made a better plot altogether.
I would post the actual official art of Satsuki fashion week if I had the picture.

Oh yeah, that's it...

a little somethin' for daddy..

Right has the better personality (out of these two girls with horrible personalities).

Every anime babe is 11/10 perfect physically anyway, so you might as well choose them based on their souls.

I want to hold hands with Ryuko and make her smile!

>this tall
I call bs

>Her over the top confidence was cool but I like that she now keeps that more subtle and allows herself the benefits of being a girl.
I prefer resolve-fuelled Satsuki.

I enjoy the fact that the continued existence of KLK threads triggers (no pun intended) those who have been shitting on the show for almost 3 years straight now.

>mfw I remember how tumblr reacted to episode 1 of KLK

Would be wonderful were it not for the fucked up knee.

And what's stopping her from killing you on the spot with just a punch?

>I would post the actual official art of Satsuki fashion week if I had the picture.
Such a thing exists? I need it now!

But yeah, while the finale was so obviously rushed, I still enjoyed it and it was one of the few things I would dare to describe as "hype as fuck".

I prefer to think that Gamagoori doesn't have a defined height but rather is always the tallest person in any given room - no exceptions.

i'm 6'3 and i like short girls

All I can say ryuuko, I'm 5'6 and got a 9 inch dick. Come at me.

I want to give Ryuuko the as109 treatment.

It would be bloody magnificent.


Let us look at this objectively

The right one is

> shorter
> has a small and tighter ass
> smaller perkier tits
> shorter hair
> a better body

It isn't even close.


Omiko Hakodate is a treasure!

>Omiko Hakodate is a treasure!
I like her design. Too bad she had such a small role.
But.. I guess that goes for a lot little screentime characters

>almost a quarter of the filesize
>speaks truth

Her ass is not big as Satsuki's but is certainly not small.

Considering women have the intelligence of a child , yes I can tell the difference.

>tipping intensify

Your mom is not all women

They saw each other naked countless of times, why wouldn't they?

I mean fuck the entire series was throwing ass and tit shots with weird outfits from the get go, which probably made most viewers think of it as too-much-fanservice but after an episode or two we all got used to it. It's no longer a thing. Seeing Satsuki run around naked or Ryuuko ripping her clothes off is part of the plot.

Gotcha covered

I wanna protect that smile.

race mixing with Satsuki!


I prefer short girls but satsuki's ass is so tempting...




Have something cute.

Left. Girl on the right is too much of a womanlet.


Would you a Femagori?

happens somewhere in a very different alt universe


Everyone. It tells something that when Satsuki finally smiles fucking everyone became fiercely protective and appreciative of her.

manlets pls go

That makes me happy. I want them to have a shot at a nice life.

>no exceptions
Ragyo and Nui where taller than him on two different occasions.


But Ryuko is the older sibling, I demand pictures of her with imouto Satsuki.

>I prefer resolve-fuelled Satsuki.
It's still there. But she doesn't have need to be in your face about it 24/7 anymore.

Chill Satsuki a cute.

I don't have any ;__;

Life-fiber shenanigans are cheating.

The one with the hairiest cunt

Holeee shit

A wild virgin appears!


Wut. Satsuki and her elite are third year seniors she's second. That's why they are going to another school not graduating in ep25.

>But Ryuko is the older sibling
How? She was specifically made because Satsuki was a disappointment to Ragyo's expectations.



>That makes me happy. I want them to have a shot at a nice life.
that would have been nice

I want to feed Satsuki sour treats..

or put her in Mako's outfit

addicts snort pills all the time you sheltered loser


Or help her defend The Walls.

Last for Ryuko, always best.

Sour or brain freeze?

Both, funnily enough. Sour Blueberry and Crushed/Shaved Ice.

You're wrong but ok here have a full gallery

Ryuko is best girl.

You mean Satsuki.

Your quads lie. It's Ryuko.

Quads don't lie.

That's also a lie.

Satsuki is the best. You can try to lie to yourself, but you can't deny these quads.

Trigger saved anime.