Is there one (1) anime all of Cred Forums loves?

Is there one (1) anime all of Cred Forums loves?

Boku no Pico.

I hate all anime so don't bother.



No , but there is (1) anime all of Cred Forums hates I'ts your favorite anime , fuck off , saged

Yes it's

I like the bug facts desu

Beat me to it

Strike Witches

Because if you don't love it, you love to hate it.

Cory in the House

Nobody who writes on Cred Forums likes any anime.

Nice job bumping a recommendation thread.

Nozaki-kun and Toradora.

Literally everyone likes it.

Nozaki-kun maybe.
Toradora is pretty meh.


Obviously Hokuto no Ken.

Fuck no


Bottom Biting Bug

Absolutely yes.

Haven't seen any complaints about Clannad., although there might be a majority of people who haven't seen it

Exception for Toradora.

wonder why

Code Geass?

Everyone loves Boku no pico.


No one here actually likes anime.


People love paprikas director more than the movie itself.

Oddly enough OP there was a thread similar to this on Cred Forums on what ONE Game that is great that they can all agree on? The thread turn into World War 3.

Ghost Slide.

This or Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

Steins gate is generally loved

>on Cred Forums

No one cares.

well said

New Game!!!

Then you should remain on Cred Forums :)

its good but doesn't appeal to everyone also Kou Yagami is my waifu

OPM, anybody who says otherwise is a shitposter trying to sound contrarian

Nah opm season2 mate

This is the only answer that's possibly correct.

damn if people don't like Nichijou

k-on is pretty damn great


Fuck off newfag. Nichijou was boring and unpleasant as fuck.

why you calling me a newfag ya cunt


no bully

why is being a newfag a bad thing


I've never seen anyone criticize Nadia


Yurishit trash.
A really unfunny show that has a fanbase that will bite your head off if you don't share the same exact opinion as them.

Door Punch

Nichijous funniest moment is a broccoli on a bike.
That should tell the caliber of humour it has.

>posting shitty hack art

I don't think I've ever seen anyone rag on Cardcaptor Sakura, but I'm sure there are contrarians out there somewhere.

Jin Roh?
Perfect Blue?
Kino no Tabi?
Maybe Utena and Mushishi although there are sometimes underage posters with ADHD who express their distaste for the latter


First post best post.

The Greatest Story never told.

I dropped it 5 minutes in because I can't stand their faces




Death Note.

Is the natural pleb anime


Non Non Biyori. Anyone who doesn't is actually from Cred Forums and thus doesn't count.

We can all agree on this.


But the show is legit boring, because nothing ever happens.


Dokuro Chan

Rozen Maiden



Maybe Gintama or Bebop?

I hate it because you like it


I genuinely dislike Utena.

Shugo Chara

Gintama is hit or miss, this board is fairly huge so probably not unless it's



>mentioning Gintama in the same sentence as Bebop

Speaking of boring shows where nothing happens, no one on Cred Forums seems to hate Aria.

I was going to say no, but this.

I don't hate Aria, I just hate SoL it's like a worse version of sitcoms

Except Cred Forums.


why has no one commented how cute op girl is?

don't sexualize her you pervert pedo

I don't know but she is adorable

user how is that red pill?

If you don't like it, that means you are reddit, so you don't count.

stop trying to justify your perversion

K On¡¡

No you don't. You're either just being contrarian or incorrect about your opinion.

Not trying to justify it, I fully realize I am a deviant but just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist



Ping Pong.

Yes, ping pong club is universally liked.

Not ping pong 'the animation' though.

The island/Africa/musical episodes are like 1/3 of the series and get share on pretty hard.

This, the objectively greatest anime of all-time.


Yeah but the anime in itself is rarely, if ever, openly disliked

You had on fucking job...

I agree with him. Utena sucked
"Have you heard? Have you heard?" Jesus, I wanted to punch the director AND the artists in the dickhole with a red hot metal gauntlet.

>well over half of Cred Forums considers Yuasa pretentious as shit


Oh fuck you.

lucky star



I don't like LotGH

Azumanga Daioh

Does any one actually dislike Kaiji?

He sai Cred Forums, not reddit

hell yeah

I wonder? I wonder? how could your taste possibly be such shit, I wonder?

It's all shit. Especially the SoLs


Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou



this image gives me a boner

Yes and its the dub version of it:
Ghost Stories



Stupid sexy autist

Just a reminder that Hitler and Kuroneko share birthdays.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.
The Boondocks.

Never heard anyone talking bad about these.

That is a very cute girl



is that grill from an animu

FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Lucky Star
Gurren Lagann
Soul Eater

She's original, apparently.
I thought she was Hajime from Gatchaman.

I'm not a fag, so no.

Lucky Star is a better anime than TTGL.

They're both very good, and definitely not comparable

They're actually both terrible, but Lucky Star less so because it has more cute girls.


Actually, yes. Lucky Star is one of the worst SoL's of all time because of its over-reliance on reference humor, and TTGL is an entirely unoriginal mishmash of immature, puerile battleshonen and mecha cliches. That being said, cute girls are the only thing anime does better than all other media, so Lucky Star is, by default, less shit.

no tho

Spice & Wolf

Cowboy Bebop
Ghost in the Shell 1995
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
Serial Experiments Lain
5 Center meters Per Second
Kino no Tabi
Spice and Wolf
Sora no Woto
Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo

>Center meters
fuckin americans I swear

The space was accidental when I realized "5cm" wasn't the proper title and I went autistic to change it, only to mistype it entirely. Fuck me.

>cute clannad

but that's Kanon

I dropped it after the MC spazed out over a basketball. Also those fucking faces

>Center meters
I laughed at this more than I should have


>Is there one (1) anime all of Cred Forums loves?


Kino no tabi, I've never seen anyone badmouthing it. Although, probably now some faggor will badmouth it but don't belive him.

everyone in Cred Forums is tsundere about Evangelion

>he didn't wait for it long enough

When it comes to Inuyasha, people are either indifferent because they haven't watched it, or love it because of nostalgia. Anyone too old or too young don't care, and probably wouldn't love it if they watched it now.

naisu baito desu

Came here to post this.


What if you punched someone so hard....?

Toradora is shit. Would have been better if MC just left her to her own shitty life and hooked up with blue or red.

Excel Saga


not fucking Whoredora or Retardora

I haven't seen it even though I have been here since 2009.

how does anyone not hate this anime LOL how can u think this is fucking good you autistic faggot

>already knows what Cred Forums will say
>the first post
I love you guys...

Come see us on May 5th.

I always celebrate with the most righteous of bong hits because of best girl.

What will happen then?

Cinco de Maho


Kuroneko, right?

Get a load of this juden

Everyone here loves K-On! I'm pretty sure.

Stuff that is well liked?

It exists.

me gusta

There are quite a few of them too.

However, if you think anyone is going to just give you a list of names...

You're sorely mistaken.


The only correct answer so far.

M.D. Geist, prove me wrong

fucking females

That's not an anime.
It does happen in like, a couple of them though.

I've been lurking for 4 years and i haven't seen anyone shitting on samurai champloo. In my opinion, it's pretty enjoyable.

This desu senpai


Nagi no Asukara

Rurouni Kenshin: Tsuiokuhen without a doubt.
Never read a single post of someone disliking it.

Episodic bullshit without Cowboy Bepop's fun to carry it.




Stop being this edgy user, you don't have to pretend to look cool on the internet.

yuru yuri


Sora no Woto would be so much better if all the characters weren't walking moe tropes. I wanted to like it so much but when you can guess the characters personalities by their hair color in a story around those character's interactions... it doesn't go over well.

Apparently they made this too


Texhnolyze and Ergo Proxy are both very popular on Cred Forums

there's two (2)

Maybe the first season.
The second season had too much SOL and not enough comedy.

I strongly suspect they packed the good skits in the first season on purpose.

>disseminating the russian jew's art on Cred Forums
Get the fuck out Cred Forums.

We all love each other and all anime we just pretend we don't.

Haven't seen any hate for barakamon or nozaki kun so maybe these.

the answer is haruhi user, yw

That's wrong, though.

you fucking nigger

I don't think I've ever heard anyone say anything bad about Haibane Renmei.

The thing about that picture is that it shows without a doubt not all of Cred Forums loves both seasons equally.

So you might think you're proving me wrong but you're also proving yourself retarded.

The context of a thread is so easy to run away form assburgers.

>not liking BnP
look at this faggot

i don't think he was asking for documentaries

>The context of a thread is so easy to run away form assburgers.

Haibane Renmei is just a shittier, less cute version of Sora no Woto.

Boring pretentious shitfest.

I honestly can't fathom disliking Barakamon. It's the definition of feel good and it's suitable for literally anyone.

can we get that in the form of actual criticism instead of contrarian buzzwords?

He's right, though. It's almost as pretentious as a Yuasa anime, although nothing is that pretentious.

It's the other way around. SnW was halfassed moeshit that masquerades as something deeper with hideous off model K-on designs, Haibane was mysterious but with proper world building, and had mature characterization with interesting development and good character design. I had high hopes that SnW would be similar when I saw the first episode, but I just ended up appalled by the moeblobs.

Just proving that faggot wrong. Haibane is garbage, not going to write an essay about why.

Quad confirm.

>I just ended up appalled by the moeblobs
Return to the Cred Forums from whence you came, heathen. This is Cred Forums and we like moeblobs on Cred Forums.

I've actually never heard of anyone shit on any of those, going until you hit lain, but that's mostly just ayy lmao posting.
Nice list.

i didn't like it, what's so good about it

Lucky star ?


Jokes on you I use my own theme.

The Big Lebowski


Ergo Proxy is garbage for the most part
Set-up and world building was great, but the direction ruined the vast majority of it
Busy Doing Nothing is the best episode of all time, but unless you love Pino you'll drop that shit

Texhnolyze is god-tier though

Can't fool me

It's too split. There are a few notable generational splits, genre splits and seasonal v archival splits. No way could their be consensus. I mean hell, there were a bunch of: "what's pani poni dash" last Cinco de Maho

Jackie Chan

I can agree with this

I hated it and dropped it.

Hidamari Sketch
Can't really think of any other series which is both loved but not also hated by a loud group of other anons.

>there was a thread
As if this thread hasn't happened thousands of times for over a decade? Lurk for 2 years before posting, retard.

>being this predictable
i hate those fags.

mad jelly that ilya can draw better than you


The manga Cred Forums loves is Yotsuba

kill me baby

Love Stage

>Hiroyuki Okiura


Sailir Moon


This one.



Utter shit.

I knew there was a reason I love her.

Y-you too

Sabagebu. Hidamari Sketch?

not anime

Cromartie High

He also "made" these.

Carlos you piece of shit

isn't using references a thing all artist do?

aw I really liked his drawings

Not when someone references 99% of a drawing, that's just copying.

FLCL is mindless garbage made to appeal to sexually frustrated emo preteens. Also the OST sucks.

If those were references.

Requesting the overlay comparison charts.

name a good shoujo show

But they don't look the same. It looks like he just redrew them in his own sytle.

>Also the OST sucks.
I'm glad there's at least one person who agrees with me. The songs themselves are alright but one band with one sound playing non stop throughout a series is an assault on my ears.

Hate this fucking shit with a passion. Watamote sucks donkey dick.

My favourite anime

Just so you know, today's Hitler's name day. 27th of sept.


Memes aside, Galaxy Angel.
Except for newfags who don't know what it is.

>Legend of the pretentious heroes.

I really liked Cory in the House

I hate everything you love.


I have never seen much hate for cross game, or any Adachi works really, although unfortunately he is not discussed very often anyway.
Not sure how people like this can fail to see it for what it was, that is, a fun coming of age story. FLCL is also able to appeal to far more than just emo preteens, in fact it really appeals most to those who have passed that phase in their life and are able to identify with the thoughts and changes that they went through themselves. The fact you don't understand that makes it seem as if you are underage or do not know any people well enough to see the changes they have gone through. Either of these are quite possible I guess.

I really enjoyed the OST personally, not sure what you mean the same sound playing non stop. Like, the same songs overused? I thought the music tied in nicely with the changing mood of scenes.

I don't like it.