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What happened to Miuna?

Stop posting Megumin, no one likes her more than me...

Megumin more like Megubin

because she belongs in the trashbin

Only till S2 airs.


Praise Megumin and her gets

This is now my wallpaper. Thank you user.


Combat is all about looking cool in front of strangers.

And not raising loser flags during the trash talk.


Has she fugged Kazuma yet?

Not until she grows her hair out.

I want to explode together with Megumin.

Late to the party, but do you think Deen realizes how silly this face looks?

IN the ln kazuma called her a loli and soon afterwards claimed he wasnt a lolicon.
he clearly doesnt find her sexy

you have so much to learn, my new friend

why you had to bump this shitty thread?



Anti-character development?

Read the fanfic, you'll understand.

They probably loved it


more for me i guess

>tfw the va will replace eggplant due to the kapanese cold

I love this.

I want Megumin to bomb me

I want to mount her on my hardpoint.





Need more megumeme


I want to rub those thighs.



Is the anime good?

Don't expect much more than comedy and you should enjoy it.

Really though isn't their some handgrenade size explosion spell this autist could learn?

That's not big enough.

Yes. But it's for pussies and chumps.

Aqua > Megumeme > Darkness

I might be wrong but I just remeber her complaining about how other elemental spells aren't good enough for her, not on said size of the explosion spells.

I sense unintelligence behind this post.

Her side story explicitly mentions the other types of explosive magic and that they're not good enough for her. Megumin wants to burst as hard as possible every day.

thats pretty heretic desu senpai

Megumin (Succubus)

Aqua is perfect, it's not fair to compare her to the others

If I fucked a succubus in that universe would I die?

Depends on your vitality.


I want to explode inside Megumin!

everyday should be megumin day

It would be extremely erotic.


I would love explode things like her

If you're looking for light hearted, colorful comedy, it's great

I hope they stop being stupid and go further than just "kind of in a relationship" soon.

They just got there. They're not stalling.

I think Aqua the powerful goddess is the best girl! Won't you all agree?

I really like her ass.

S2 when again?

Winter 2017

You didn't hear?
It bombed in sales they cancelled S2 let me get back to you with a source.

What? No!

Please no!

In January or February, stop asking already


Best day of the week



I want to kiss Megumin~

She's 13.......

Are you attempting to make a point of some kind?

Just out of my bracket, but I'll make an exception.

>implying 13 yo aren't the best
Literally the best age.

Fuck off normalfags.

If she bleeds she breeds
but seriously most 13-15 year olds are developed enough


You can stop now.

>not liking girls

Homosexual detected.

I was reading this, but the site I was using ended right before the Destroyer showed up. What's a good site I can continue reading on?

Fun fact: human males are predisposed to seek out younger mates.
Males who find flatter girls more attractive are said to be more financially successful and tend to have more engaging careers, i.e. they know they won't have time for kids so they chose a mate that will likely produce less.

I wish Megumin would actually be the destroyer of worlds, but it feels like it's impossible for her, unless she clones herself lots of clones and EXPLOSIONS everything on sight

>there will never be an official, decent quality megumin onahole to explode into

Only way to solve that is to breed with her and train all the one who inherited her high INT stats.

He said his strike zone is 2 years younger or older. He's 16 and Megumin just had her 14th birthday.
She even complains that his sexual harrasment towards her inensified after she turned 14.

keep normalizing pedophilia, freak.

They're just messing with you. I think they announced Season 2 on the end card of the last episode of S1, so I'm not worried. Doubt it bombed if they got that confident to announce S2

>she sees your mana gauge

What is it that makes Megumin attractive to weebs

Short height and hair
Loves exploding shit

You also forgot to mention how much of a lovable peace of shit she is, Her scummyness puts Kazuma to shame sometimes

She's irredeemable scum in the OVA.

Do you think Megumin would be a good mother?



Long hair megumin when?

Haven't read them yet, but I have heard that she is the ultimate scumbag in her spin offs. Impossible to not love her.

3D Megumeme a best


No, The OVA is episode 11

Is there anything in Fantasy Australia that won't ruthlessly murder you?

Wizz+Megumin combo, all day every day.

Really creepy. Could look cute if she didn't photoshop herself up to uncanny valley hell and back.

I'm glad that she is going to grow her hair

Gee Megumin, how come Kazuma lets you have two explosions?


Darkness? she'd miss every time

I'm genuinely surprised at the lack of content for her getting kidnapped by monsters and such

I want Kazuma to protect her smile.

13 is literally biologically the optimal age for breeding.

Wiz love now?

Considering how her parents raised her, no.

Why would anyone love a character whos only character trait is being a sub. Can that even be called a "character"?

Stop being mean, Aqua.

Lead by counterexample.

S-suck what?

For how perverted the show is in the first place the doujins are pretty tame.

This is why you'll never be a main character.

She kind of has to abuse Yunyun for food, she'd starve otherwise (and her imouto too). Also, Yunyun had it coming for declaring Megumin to be her rival.

That's like the only thing you should never say in that situation. Anything else is fine, really you fucking sperg

Be like Kazuma you fag.

She doesn't look to be any more sane than her parents, so no.

I approve of this.


Same. Yunyun deserves it.

I can't wait for konosuba S2 in winter

its impossible for a woman willing to sell her body to starve

Yeah but Megumin is pure.

She's a grade A fucking cunt at times, but she's pure.

There are plenty of doujins that handle her perfectly: abandonment play.


I love Emilia's voice

Didn't people tell her in the spin off that she probably would end begging for food to any douchebag and eventually end falling in love with him? Kazuma obviously

>Didn't people tell her in the spin off that she probably would end begging for food to any douchebag and eventually end falling in love with him?
pretty much. Now Yunyun only needs to fall for a guy who's nice to her maybe Dust or Vanir for it to go full circle.

Rem is better than Emilia to be quite desu


They must really have great drugs in central Europe.

>average Cred Forums poster.webm

i fucking wish I am an average swiss banker earning thousands and doing nothing but shitposting on fucking Cred Forums

Melonpan is high on life

just to make sure that other anons don't get confused too, megumi is same age as kazuma, 16

>megumi is same age as kazuma, 16
minus 3 years.


This is hot

>What's Aqua's age say?


>2 months until season 2


There's an air date?

If it's ending with teen it's good for breedin


those legs don't look healthy to me

Would pomf=3

Not really a date just that its going to air in winter season 2017, and yeah 3 months not 2 i fucked up.

What did they mean by this?

>wanting someone else to protect her smile

Litteral cuck.


Honestly I've been doing this thing recently where I'm more attracted to the younger girls in an anime. Not in an I want to fuck them kind of way either, but in an "I want them to be happy and succeed and follow their dreams" kind if way. I've gone from finding waifus to finding daughterus instead.

>earning thousands
My mommy gave me twenty dollars last week to rent Power Rangers(Dino Thunder, the undeniable masterpiece) and to buy myself chicken tendies

>Honestly I've been doing this thing recently where I'm more attracted to the younger girls in an anime
Yeah? Welcome to the club. It's completely natural to covet a younger female, especially one that entered breeding age. It's just your instincts kicking in to chose a mate that would give you more time to breed and develop a father/older brother/older male fetish for you. It's was the most common union in the past. People forget that we are animals with instincts and when you deny biology, you get wacky results, like third wave feminism.
I'm studying evolutionary biology and the development of the brain. Shit's crazy.

年齢不詳 - age unknown.

I bet she is older than the japanese islands

Read the rest of my post.

You end up wanting to dick your daughteru half the time.

Why do you think the statistic that foster children end up getting abused by a foster parent is high?

Because foster children manners tend to be shitty.

I just want to give her the support and means to succeed. I'm barely even interested in getting my dick wet anymore.

Just guessing from context, probably unknown or indefinite. Considering that her ward, Japan, has existed for thousands of years, it's probably quite old, at least technically.

>and Wiz is the one thay gets called a cake

Yeah a good dicking totally sets a child straight.

You say that now. You go in to it with no ill intentions and all up until one day she forgets to shower and you get a strong whiff of her hormones, usually your instincts will take over. You won't jump on her right away, but the thought will enter your mind to mate. It's the reason why parents are hard wired to 'ignore' the hormones/scent of their offspring in this way.

>Yeah a good dicking totally sets a child straight.
I didnt know you're american, never mind then.

If I wanted to mate I'd pick Wiz. That being said she can't mate. My ideal situation would be to marry Wiz and help her run her shop better while adopting Megumin so she doesn't have to worry about food or money.

>can't mate.
Obviously she can?

Someone post the Magumeme slapping titties webm

She's a corpse user. A fucking hot T H I C C corpse but still a corpse.


[Turn Undead]

you are welcome


It's fine. Wiz has more appeal than just bully bait, so she's better than Yunyun at least.

I want Megumin to slap my face

Best I can do is getting her to slap your moobs.

>she's better than Yunyun at least
Don't bully the cutie.

Yunyun was born to be bullied.

Wiz is superior.

If Yunyun wasn't born to be bullied, she certainly set herself up for a life of it.

I want to be the one to bully her~
I'm a bit upset she got upgrades in the anime.

Tfw no gf like megumin

Why cant she be real?

You fucks aren't helping with this crippling loneliness.

Yeah, she's practically a granny

Why does this girl wear a choker?


Because it's fucking hot.

She's as old as the ocean surrounding them.

Because it looks cool

Why not just marry Megumin?
>slap Yunyun's yunyuns
dirty chuuni

It's a standard accessory in her village. The fucking village elder wears one.

chokers are the hottest shit

why does she wear the leg bandage?

It's a seal meant to contain her awesome, uncontrollable power.

if i pulled it off would she explode?

It would be extremely embarrassing.

For Her

I don't get that she's supposed to be a Chuunibyou but actually has real powers

Is that the joke

I want Aqua to breed me!

Aqua is worst girl and worst goddess but you would still need to be a genuine faggot to say no.

Agreed. I would fuck her until she got a yeast infection.

I'd shatter her fucking pelvis

I want her to cum rainbows

I'd bruise her cervix so bad, she'll limp for a week.

I feel like this picture is a joke without it meaning to be. In the show, she wears everything but panties. In this picture, she has nothing on but panties.


Well it's in Winter
Pretty sure it starts in January, but I'm not 100% on that

Megumin is cute. CUTE!



If DEEN gives us fucking 10 episodes again, someone in that studio will die.

I just finished watching this show just because of the constant Megumin posting here. Megumin was great, but damn, that show was terrible.

Are the BD's good or should I just stick with the TV rips?

I agree, I binged the whole thing and tried to like it but Megumin was the one saving grace of it all.

She wears panties in the LN.

I enjoyed the show and started reading the LN because of it. Megumin still a best.


fuck off

You must be German

you're a faggot

Is there a way to un-undeadify a lich back to normal meatbag status?

Because I want her as a daughter and not a bride.

best girl coming through

Frig off Lalatina.








What's with the edgy nickname, Lalatina?

I love how many doujins have scenes like this. It's like everyone including myself had the exact same fantasy.

Did we ever figure out if dust was her brother or not? Would explain why he gets thrown in jail constantly and released. Then youve got the blond noble thing going on.
dust dustiness

They don't seem to recognize each other.

>I am become death, destroyer of worlds

Is this translation legit?

Is this show actually good or is it just yet another boring rehash of the same "the author played Dragon Quest" series?

>Cute, powerless girl is laying in front of you
Having ideas other than sniffing her ass should be equal to crime and heresy.

Almost everyone in this thread will dickride it hard and tell you it's the greatest thing

It's pretty good though, actually got me to laugh quite a bit, that and you get two contenders for girl of the year in one show.

It certainly has a fair share of sterotypes and whatnot, but the characters and banter are top tier. It's one of the few anime I enjoyed so much that I started reading the LN.

Surely one of Aqua-sama's numerous followers. There's are thousands of There are thousands of us

I'm not Aqua-sama

36 hours. How the fuck this thread lasted 36 hours.

Is Cred Forums dead?

Its the start of the week man

>exposed shoulders + choker
Didn't even know it was my fetish until Megumeme. Plus I love petite girls.

Because it's Megumin the one we are talking about here

in between seasons
some of the summer shows are over
fall hasn't really started yet

When you compare that to a real goddess like Eris with millions of followers it's pretty obvious that Aqua is just a useless goddess of party tricks

>Didn't people tell her in the spin off that she probably would end begging for food to any douchebag and eventually end falling in love with him?

yunyun did. She was trying to put megumin down, and said she was honestly worried that she'd fall in love with a scummy man because he properly fed her

which is exactly what happened (Kazuma)

Hilariously Megumin countered that Yunyun would fall for the first scummy guy who treated her nicely and promised to be her friend.

Which is exactly what happened (Kazuma)

>Pretty sure it starts in January, but I'm not 100% on that
yep. 01/17

Meaning we're just 14 weeks away now.

Almost an entire day later, and not a single faggot corrected him. Megumeme is 14 now and old enough to be wed.

She's 13 in the anime.

Serious question, why don't cosplayers ever have normal facial expressions? They always look like dolls/robots. Is it because they always try to put on 'serious character face' in every photo? This is Megumin. Just smile like a goofy retard and it would look good.

Maybe someday I won't wake up in the morning and will dream that I have been isekai'd for the rest of my life ;_;

Caked in makeup probably.

Caked in Photoshop would be more accurate.

They probably are trying to make the cutest face they can, the one they know they look better or the easiest one to photoshop. Can't really blame them because it usually gives good results, but it doesn't work at all with characters like Megumin.

>when you see it

Yunyun and Megumin look great.
I see a stalker.


>Megumeme Monday
>it's Wednesday
Sasuga Megumemefags. A brilliant goddess like the clever and beautiful Aqua-sama would never make such an amateurish mistake!


g2b, you useless "goddess".

Lmao they dabbin

to old

Aqua-sama is not a useless goddess! Don't you dare speak such heresy of an esteemed divinity again! She is beautiful beyond belief, powerful, able to purify even vast expanses of water, and I'm smart, too!

>and I'm smart, too!
Somehow the worst and best part of this post all at the same time.

The spinoff series of Megumin should be animated.

>and I'm smart, too!

Cute girl doing cute things isekai fantasy SoL.

>and I'm smart, too!
You played yourself.

I just started watching this show.

Does Megumeme win? Or is it Aqua?

Megumin is in the lead. Aqua isn't even in the contest.

Kazuma and Megumin are kind of sort of a couple as of the latest LN volume.

Eris wins


Darkness is just boobs. Thats all she is.

Will Kazuma ever get to kiss her?

Will Emilia ever become like Megumin?

Konosuba is a web novel right? Can I just go to the website an read it or is there a better or more complete version I can find online somewhere?

Megumin is for molesting!

Iris is a good girl

Iris is best girl

Airhead who attracts fools through her looks and >nopantsu, her powers are her ONLY redeeming quality.
Masochistic deviant who attracts fools through her looks and >boobs, her toughness is her ONLY redeeming quality. Pretty useless overall though, if she wasn't a powerful noble scion she would be even more forgettable.
Irresponsible shopowner who sells outright dangerous magic items and also attracts fools through her looks and >Imma fuck the undeath right outta u!, her magic power and spell knowledge is her ONLY redeeming quality.
inexperienced imouto-trash who attracts fools through her loli looks and >theoretical wincest, her position as the princess of the realm is her ONLY redeeming quality.
>Eris / Chris
Doormat godess who attracts fools through her looks and >I don't mind if they're pads, her kindness (and her god powers) towards Kazuma who gets himself killed regularly and his resurrection is the only way for the story to continue is her ONLY redeeming quality.

and finally:
Basic chunni-bitch who attracts patricians through her loli cuteness and >EXPLOSION. Deeply cares about her companions, her drive and ambition are decent motivations for a character and she's also consistent enought to never stray from that goal. Her ONLY negative qualitiy is the chunni trashtalking (seriously, it got old like 5 volumes ago).

It turns out that when you're surrounded by trashy honeypot girls, you, a slightly 14/13 year old crazy chunni girl, don't look AS BAD in comparision.


I would whisper in her ear 'now I'm going to make you my wife' as I do that.

A cute.

She gets one spell a day. Use it wisely

Absolutely disgusting.

I'd kill OP's own mother just to wake up to this in the middle of the night.

Who's that girl in the bushes?


Honestly if I had to spend my day with a girl and those are the options I would totally go for the chuuni one, she is the one that would be more fun to be around.


Why does Cred Forums worship this girl?

Just to piss you off, we kind of hate you for being a fag.

cant she respec her stats or ability's?

but shes a corpse.

Well she can always count with Kazuma giving her mana to have multiple explosions If you know what I mean

Because she's incredible. She's also the only character that has made me like chunni bullshit.

>liking the flattest girl
y'all gay

here's the whole webm

the softest corpse. Would cuddle all day long in summer days.

And then you get caught in a glacial cave in winter. You freeze to death while she helplessly looks on, unable to warm your sorry ass.

What is fire magic?
What is teleport magic?
You should probably replace the gravel inside your skull with some fresh stuff.

>falling for pair of tits attached to terrible personalities

I prefer Aqua.

I actually just finished watching Kono Suba.
I'm glad that Cred Forums universally agrees upon the indisputable fact that Megumin is best girl. Usually harems like this devolve into waifu wars.

Is the OVA any good?

It's perfect and worth the watch. Prepare for Scumzuma.

Cred Forums agrees Aqua is best

It was okay.
My favorite part of the series was them going on adventures and the OVA is devoid of that.


Don't talk shit about Iris and Eris

some NEETfag

>summer days
Bad idea bro.

Seriously though, is Megumin just a reskin of Louise?

When someone was describing Megumin I instantly thought of Louise.

I agree with that but the OVA was hilarious nonetheless

Yes, one the best episodes of the show.

Megumin is way more likeable than Louise to me. She is a an asshole but not the typical physical abusive tsundere asshole that Louise is. She will be the bullied one most of the time instead of the bully.

It also helps that Megumin is very intelligent and has a vastly superior character design.

I think this is what draws me to her. She has some wit and sass, and she's able to get the best of Kazuma on occasion, but usually she ends up getting bested. Pure dom and pure sub are shit. A relationship where you battle for dominance and usually win but sometimes concede is best.


Louise was an insufferable bitch that took anything and everything the wrong way. Plus she was abusive as all fuck.
Megumin, like the others said, an angel in every regards compared to her. Actually, don't ever compare the two ever again around here.

>that everything
I have an unnatural desire to perform lewd acts upon this body.

There's nothing unnatural at all. Megumin's design was meant to appeal to heterosexual human males.

You misspelled Aqua-sama, but she is a forgiving goddess, so I'm sure you won't be punished harshly. As long as you donate to her shrine.

Why don't you wear panties?

I've always heard that the allure of panties is in the mystery. That little flash of fabric, or in wondering what could lie under them. So being as brilliant as I am, I decided that you could make them even more mysterious by removing them completely! Then everyone would wonder "hey, where are her panties? Are they back at her home? How mysterious!" Pretty smart, huh?

I'm not Aqua-sama.

Fair enough, My Queen :^)

What's so bad about low INT?

Being stuck with a stupid, useless goddess.

Low INT + a body like that leads to some implications.

Black pantsu is best after all.

Have a bigger unnaturally sexual Megumeme.

But Aqua has always worn shimapantsu


I don't read moon



Unbeatable logic from a brilliant goddess!

I wonder if Megumin has an explosion fetish
That would imply that each time she was alone with Kasuma at the castle she was WET

Explosion is just an euphenism for a female orgasm.

>Megumin gets off on orgasms
The lewdest purest

Does this answer your question?


I'm glad this artist was sensible enough to realize that small boobs are infinitely better than completely flat as a board bullshit.

Thats why the artist drew a big breasted girl instead of Megumin.

>you will never explode inside Megumin and make a huge chuuni family with her


You could make it real if you had the power of a god.

But if you had the power of a god then you wouldn't appreciate it because you never worked for it.

There's no way to win here. This is the only reality where one can truly appreciate Megumin, and it is one where she will never be real.

>I know that doujinshi

So wait are there like a bunch of doujins then? I had no idea I didn't know Konosuba was popular enough for that.

The struggle of the waifufag. Our waifus are longed after for their perfection, but they only remain perfect so long as they remain unreachable.


So can we all confirm that Megumin is best girl if even the author of the LN has decided she is the main waifu?

She's the exception that confirms the rule

I love how much rage this one post unleashed apon this thread, I love you guys,Not more than Megumin tho picture related I guess

I want to believe techonolgy will lead us to have our own Fantasy Australias with our own Megumins at some point.

Congratulations, you discovered you have new fap material.

>Fantasy Australias
>A world filled with fantasy anime girls
>But also they have GIANT SPIDERS
i dont know if i should rejoice or kill myself

As someone who studies Entomology and a combat vet, it sounds like a dream come true.

Megumeme could blow the shit out of a giant spider. Just pray you only encounter one a day.

>tfw going into the Army and also interested in entomology
My nigga.

Paleoentomology to be exact. I'm interested in the ecology and the biodiversity of the Carboniferous.

Shit man, I just like finding bugs and stuff and learning about them. I think they're cool. You got me beat by a mile.

Nah. I just look for specimens. I like handling living animals, caught a few camels spiders while I was over there. Pic related.

Oh those are the EXTRA huge spiders that tend to hide inside jet's turbines right?

>Oh those are the EXTRA huge spiders that tend to hide inside jet's turbines right?

Don't forget, Iris has Crimson Demon level magic powers and has enough combat experience to outdo even a Japanese teen with a cheat sword.

She's a Mary Sue.

Not spiders to be exact. Order Solifugae. Separate from spiders and scorpions. Non venomous and non lethal to humans, but the Iraqi verity can pierce skin, as I found out one night. Really timid if feed and in a cold room. I liked chasing the Ethiopian security guards we had on our COB with them. I've even woken up to one chilling on the wall right next to my head.

Looks cute. I'm probably the only human on Earth that's more afraid of smaller spiders than bigger ones. Guess the small bodies and thing legs irk me, but as soon as they get bigger and I can see the details, the hair on their legs, the eyes, and shit like that, they start looking like a cat or a dog to me.

For some reason centipedes freak me the fuck out. I' used to catch the world's most venomous scorpion when I was a kid, handle black widows, kept jumping spiders as pets, raised abandoned egg sacks and let it hatch in my room and let the baby spiders wander about but when it comes to centipedes, I squirm and get out of the room. I don't know why.

Yeah I can relate to that to some degree. I love scorpions, crabs, worms, every fucking insect and any big spider, but reading "baby spiders" was enought to give me a bad feeling shiver.

mods are asleep

post darkness

hahaha, fag

do you think darkness ever thinks about megumin exploding her

Megumin is a dime store Rurumo. Prove me wrong.

You're a faggot.

There, I've done it.

I tend to find cool shit here around middle TN. Was happy to get a hold of this badass Herc. Sent him packing after I snapped this, since I don't really care to actually raise the things, and especially dislike killing and mounting them.

Megumin's neighbor. He's the local NEET and the crimson clan's number one stalker

exhentai™ classifies this doujin as rape.

How do you anons feel about this tag?

So shiny!~

> The true main character who can cast beautiful spell

Usually I -rape in my searches, but this felt like some very tame rape. Fit in well with the bullying nature of the show, so it didn't bother me.



black belt in dick suck

artist sure has good anatomy skills of a womans lower regions...

Go spread your cancer somewhere else

That's cute as fuck. Growing up there was a species of caterpillar that lived around my area in IL. They got fuck huge but they went extinct. Most of the insects species, in fact, went extinct.

What's your favorite kind of explosive?

Small and controlled.

So will Kazuma know who the best girl is in the end?

He already chose Megumin.

Calling it now: The girl who broke Kazuma's heart will reincarnate/show up, causing him to abandon the other girls for her.

I thought he just missed out at the very last second of sealing the deal, then went for some succubus pussy and acting an asshole

The kind that brought us anime.

This drawing gives my heart a boner.

He fucked up getting to kiss her or anything but they still did confess to each other and did mutual headpats, and both had thoughts afterwards that they're in a relationship now.


Deflagration wold not impress Megumeme.

Seriously. Usually when we love something over here they hate it.

I mean, it got a S2 confirmation before S1 even ended, but I get your point.

True. The other thing I figured was that even popular series don't always get a lot of doujins so I wasn't sure this would have, still seems like an odd choice but I am happy.

Her breasts look too big there.

Somethings wrong with this image, but I simply can't figure it out.

Is it those cuts all over her?

That's sweat.

The fuck is this on her thigh?

Probably cum.

Pretty late, but what's with the previews on most of the episodes getting cut off? I even grabbed the Vol. 1 BD and the same thing happened.

perfect amount of chest

>Has million of follower and is still weaker than Aqua sama
Shity goddess.

Short buff time.

Season 2 when?


Why is this thread still alive?

Every day is Megumeme Monday.

cause everyone loves Megumeme

I want to draw funny stuff all over Megumin's face while she's immobile!

I want to kill her and use necromancy to raise her as a skeleton and have spooky adventures with her.

>raising her as a skelton and not a sexy corpse

>then went for some succubus pussy
Yeah, and he implied to Megumin that he was going to ask a dream with her.

Huh. I would have thought he would go for Aqua because she's the first girl or the blonde knight (whose name eludes me) because she gets his heart racing and responds well to his ridiculous demands.

What made him turn his eyes to Megumin?

Does she yell EXPLOSION every time she farts?

Isn't this a running gag how despite her being the first girl, them sleeping near each other in the same stable for months, constantly bantering and being surprisingly close overall, they've got absolutely no romantic attraction to each other? Mostly because Kazuma knows she's a moron, and Aqua knows Kazuma is scum?
Did you even watch the series?

>whose name eludes me

Watch the OVA
Aqua he sees nothing in aqua despite apparently trying.

And while he's attracted to darkness all he sees in her is tits. She is tits.

>and I'm smart,too!

I want to molest Yunyun and Megumin at the same time~

Yunyun a worthless shit. Only Megumin is worthy of molesting.

I want to bully Yunyun while secretly molesting Megumin.

I want to bully Yunyun by molesting Megumin in front of her.

I want to bully Megumin by killing Yunyun in front of her.

I want to bully Megumin by fucking Yunyun in front of her.

I want to bully you anons by blindfolding you and having a threesome with Yunyun and Megumin, somewhere not too far from you. Then have Megumin cast explosion on you as she climaxes.

You'd be likely to be caught in the explosion at that distance and with Megumeme's aim, you baka.

>not being willing to be caught in Megumin's explosions
It's like you don't want to live.

How can you say you love her if you aren't willing to die in her explosion?

>willing to be blown up in order to bear witness to Megumin's very core and essence
Today I learned of a love purer than I thought could exist. Your devotion will be rewarded in the next life.

Its fucking Deen, of course they do.

That's exactly the beauty of Megumin.

Kazuma may be scum, but he's good scum.

> and I'm smart, too!
Sasuga Damegami

Crimson Magic don't have to use the bathroom, so no farts either.

>What made him turn his eyes to Megumin?
she likes him back in a romantic way.

Reminder that Kazuma is not a lolicon

That would imply that he was the one who fell first. What caused that?

I dunno, I think Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors says otherwise.

Some (I think) accidental handholding by sleepy Megumin in Vol 5. That really made Scumzuma rethink his worldview.

Her mom giving him her blessing to plow her daughter and locking them in a room together.

He's just in it for the bullying.

t. Kazuma

How do you explain then?

Blessing might be a bit of an underestimation.

It was that easy then, a bit of bodily contact and suddenly he's smitten? What about all those times he carried her home after an explosion? Why didn't he realize her appeal then?

Because hes not a lolicon so she had to mature a little before his affection came to light.

Curious to see what happens when Megumin turns 15 soon.

saw a couple ok ones at a con a while back

The one on the right is semi fuckable.

I would explode in both of them desu

>Steals her underwear
>Asks the Sucubbus if any age is ok for his dream request
>Has her dressed in schoolgirl gym uniform
>Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors
>He intentionally pressed her chest against his back.
Totally not a lolicon


I kinda like the one on the left, but to me this one will always be THE 3D Megumeme

I would DESTROY her pelvis.

True, but can't blame them either, circle lenses are a pain in the ass to wear, specially at cons.

I would hold hands with her unironically
Have another pic.

Wait, is she the VA? I remember she cosplayed as Megumin and looked exactly like her. She was hot.

Great taste.

He's speaking the truth, since Megumeme is not loli.

Not her. That girl was promoting the BD release on various stores in cosplay, seem there was some sort of autograph and handshaking session? Not totally sure. But here is the pic of Megumin's VA in cosplay too.

I would hold her hand and ask her to EXPLOSION!

Despite 3DPD status


Remember, good cosplayers are 2.5D

I agree. Last one I have of promotional Megumeme. All the other ones I have found are ant sized sos didn't bother saving them.

Would daito.

>blacking out Kazuma's VA dressed as Megumin

For what reason

You really want to see that Aqua?


Man, being a Lich is a pretty damn big commitment, y'know? You gotta kill a bunch of people and cut your soul up into tiny pieces and lock it away. And every time you 'die' you end up rotting a little more. There's no coming back from that, mate.
I was way too disappointed we didn't see Wiz with bones poking out or missing chunks of flesh. Awful lich aesthetic

Winter season.

Megumin confession voice.

Takahashi Rie is GOD.

Wizfag that wants to daughteru megumeme. I still would.

>Kazuma and co. are going to have to kill Wiz eventually
This genuinely upsets me. I hope they give up on the demon king idea.


My heart

Today is Thursday and not Monday

As long as the thread is alive it will be Megumemeday

Wallpapers anyone?

I once had a wild thought that when I'm like 40 I can marry some other 40 y.o. single mother so I can fuck her daughter. So I guess there's that too.


Is she fine with a harem? I can't see Kazuma settling on any one girl.

Kek. This is my current wallpaper

Mine too, as of just now.

I'm pretty sure it was mentioned that Aqua is powerful enough to break the demon lord's barrier even if they didn't kill all the generals. They can afford to leave one or two alive. It's not like Vanir or Wolbach are gone for good despite "dying" either.

Can confirm. Watched it for the first time last night and shit had me in stitches.

Same. This is the one I had before.





this thread

Is the OP, I am pleased.


After three days and some change, Megumeme Monday finally comes to an end. See you all next Monday!

That in the LN's? I haven't gotten around to reading anything yet. Currently an animeonly fag for this show. Do want to eventually though.

I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure it was mentioned early on though. Around the time they decided to let Wiz live.

Well that makes me feel better. I honestly don't think the show could have them kill Wiz and keep its tone at the same time.

Well I only just watched Kono Suba a few days ago, and already I have a decent sized Megumin folder. Thanks anons.

Yes it is. Wiz estimates Aqua can break 2-3 layers so they don't have to kill her.

>watched Konosuba recently.
>hoarded more than 100 pics in less than a week
>already have seen all the pages of Megumin fanart on pixiv
>already have seen all the pages on Megumin on the boorus
>already have her as wallpaper
>already thinking about buying a figurine
I think I have a serious problem here.

I see no issue, user.

>IKTF user

Gentlemen, shitposting with you has been the greatest honor of my life.

Love the art on that Daki. She looks cute as fuck.