Hu... hehe.. h.. a-i-ngngn

>Hu... hehe.. h.. a-i-ngngn..

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delete yourself

I can imagine a girl like this in real life and I just cringe. Really badly.

I just wouldn't be able to take it if a girl like this exists and casually talks to you out of nowhere. Too unreal.

>I can imagine
honestly, i can't. I have seen quite a few awkward and shy people in my life, but nothing like that

Sorry, didn't hear you. Could you repeat what you have just said?

There is like a couple billion people in this planet, and like, four billion happen to be girls. There may be someone like this.

>Hu... hehe.. h.. a-i-ngngn..

What did she mean by this?


Thank god im not the only one that finds her fucking cringe

Did you say something?

Come on I can't hear you

I want that super long frog tongue
On my cock
Right now

>tfw I did this once
>the lady asked me to speak up
>realized I just agreed to put half of my savings account on time-deposit.
>can't say no because autistic
>signed the papers without saying a word
>lived like a hobo for a year

Don't act like Tomoko, ever. Please heed my advice.
-t. Cred Forumsutist

She has a long tongue? Sauce?

Don't you get good interest on those


Its exaggarated to have greater effect, no one acts like that irl.

> honestly, i can't. I have seen quite a few awkward and shy people in my life, but nothing like that

I'm like that.

thats pretty much the whole point of the show

To shy to talk Tomoko this bad now people she knows.

That first time you watch it come back after reading manga you enjoy anime more.

It's okay.

You did your best.

I love you, Tomoko.


Don't you like tomoko more now because crying and feeling bad for her season 2 would bing great.

I want more people care about tomoko.

i dated a girl like that, she was fine around me and fine around her family but i took her out to meet my friends and when they said hi im anons friend this is-..
she hides behind me like chopper, they laugh thinking its a joke, im wondering what the hell is going on, and then she mutters something and leaves
social anxiety maybe? im done with 3D, my friends never let me live that down. luckily i have Cred Forums

Get out crossboarder.

> she hides behind me like

BECAUSE she shy .

>16yr old
>high school
>big party
>introducing to friends shes wanted to meet
thats not shy. its Tomoko. i miss her, dandere

Why did you leave her you could help her you would had a great girlfriend.

>she walks out
>i make up some bullshit excuse, her grandma died and shes not feeling well
>go talk to her, she looks down embarrassed the whole time, says she wants to go home and hang out by ourselves like we usually do,
>fine, text my friends, leave with her,
>go to her house, she tells her parents the party was cancelled, i go along with it
>she becomes normal again,
agoraphobia? autism? she was a great gf, just a spaghetti spilling autist in public, homeschooled and everything, pretty much tomoko

Now by care about you mean want to impregnate right? I know I'd like to make Tomoko a mother. I'm hoping for lots of little girls.

So user, how did it end? What did she do?

Yes but I let's tomoko enjoy her life for 4 or 5 years before doing something like that.


That thing not tomoko.

I think her broke up with that girl.

It's funny when you compare these to Mokocchi nowadays, who mostly stopped giving a shit and now makes other people drop their spaghetti.

This chapter why tomoko stopped giving a shit.



If the anime covers her post-field trip, it'd be cute as fuck.

Pretty sure it's the chapter where she's walking with Delinquent-chan and that girl she eats lunch with. She gets caught looking for change in vending machines and the latter tells her she doesn't care because she already knew she's like that so there's no reason for her to try to pretend.



Who are you quoting?




> If the anime covers her post-field trip, it'd be cute as fuck.

I wish I was rich I fund season 2 myself with nico tanigawa help.

Anime doesn't need a another season of one punch man attack on titan or my hero academia it need watamote season 2.

i put up with it, until the very end
i really loved her, like i love my waifu, we had plans to run away. i was working to save up money and she was working doing some programming thing making a lot more than me
>be me
>go over one day,
>oh hi user, you gf is in her room working
>thanks gfs mom, ill go surprise her
>i go in, shes naked in stockings
>stripping on some webcam
>that was her job, i break up with her on the spot and block her number and her one friends number and block them on facebook whiten the hour, block her moms number, tell my mom she cheated on me and blocked her number on my moms phone encase she would use that, broke all contact, i dont put up with NTR
>pic related is what she looked like, with red hair, borderline yandere, dandere, austicdere

mob psycho 100 is boring I drop it with d gray man.

they deball the millenium earl and became all about boys love anime what the fuck.


You did right thing user.

Tomoko would never do something that fuck up.


I feel like there are worse things than her just selling images of herself. She doesn't give two shits about the people on the other end, she physically can't.

But if it doesn't feel right it doesn't feel right, and I'd totally be shocked and a little hurt initially.

My ex girlfriend made me watch her make out with her friend.

Dunno, user, if despite that "job" she was such a great gf as you claim, then you should at the very least let her expalin.

Maybe she was just desperate for money for that runaway plan of yours or something.

Was this the one time Tomoko went to far?

> Maybe she was just desperate for money for that runaway plan of yours or something.

He never gonna know.


O fuck im hard now

I used to sit next to a tomoko in my senior year hs baking class
She always wore anime shirts, played her nintendo ds during class, smelled like shit, never talked to anyone, and was generally unapproachable.
I wish rl tomokos were as cute as watamote tomokos

Some are .

I know saying "literally me" is a dumb joke by now but I'm being 100% honest with you in saying I have related to every single chapter and situation Tomoko has found herself in. No other thing has ever made me relate this much. Sometimes it's not the exact same events that happened but the concept is still the exact same, and other times it's downright creepy (like when she said she skipped P.E. 15 times, the same amount of classes I skipped on 2nd year).
So I guess I'm like that.

Why are tomoko thread the best thread on Cred Forums?

Errr... Hi? Do I know you? Do you need something?

This is awkward.

Did someone seriously drew esl-kun or is this just some actual manga?

drew esl-kun

>those perfectly drawn soles

I like how you made up this story and had full control over how it turned out and you made yourself look like an asshole

I thought it was a real story look like my thing about my ex is only thing real that happen.

good job user

Implying all chinese cartoon students aren't potential street fighters or secret demon king offspring.

En garde!

>this thing likes Tomoko
>it wants to imitate Tomoko
We must destroy this thing in order to protect our image.
Those rat posters will have a fucking field day with this.
We have to do more to improve the image of Tomoko on this board.

She aspired to be a mercenary at one point

Anyone has one with tomoko with the boxcutter?

>tfw i have a grill on my steam friends list that reminds me of tomoko

How nice is she?

fuck off it its a real story

shes kind of mean


I thought she wanted to be a weapon dealer, like nicholas cage in that one movie.

What does she do that mean?.

I really want keep this thread alive but I need a break.

if he had an /ag/ board with twice the pages, maybey it wouldn't be such a problem

Maybe that would help out the manga.


This girl is literally me with a female body.
And it hurts.

A girl in my class in high school was kinda like Tomoko. I just talked to her two or three times during my three years in high school. She was kinda ugly and anorexic too.

She could talk more normally when there wasn't guys present though, but I don't know how she was then. I can't even recall her name.

I know a girl like that
she hated me for some reason.

>not chaturbate
good choice, I wouldn't date anyone who used livejasmine. chaturbate is much better.

I don't buy your story though. It doesn't make sense that a social cripple like her could expose herself like that on teh interwebs. 2/10 made me reply.

I knew a Tomoko that never talked to anyone in school and nowdays I just see her when this one fat chick friend we both share kinda forces her to come do something because she wants her to make friends. She never really talks to anyone though, but when we do talk she's pretty nice.
Her taste movies/music/etc. is absolute utter shit, however.

please be in London

it looks like it's from a light novel. also afaik esl-kun is spic


I counted the manga threads going on right now, and there were about 18 of them. Over at Reddit, the people on /r/manga is just a fourth or fifth of /r/anime. I really don't think there is room for an own manga board.

I was twice as bad as Tomoko, in fact it's creepy how similar to Tomoko I am. I wanted to be "cool" in highschool which made me more socially isolated, while Tomoko wanted to be popular, I also have brain damage though. I'm male btw.

Her name doesn't start with the letter i does it?

How mean is she?

Shut up, you probably at least have someone that talks to you.

The only people that talk to me are either like Tomoko's teacher that tells her to go make friends or people that are asking me to leave them alone.

>The only people that talk to me are either like Tomoko's teacher that tells her to go make friends or people that are asking me to leave them alone.

I hope the mods don't ban me for posting this..

Why does he look the way he does?

>You will never sit next to a petite Tomoko madame

Such is life.

It's probably a part of suffering in all consuming loneliness. Or something. Before /r9k/ was made, Cred Forums was sorta filled with forever alone threads and greentext stories. They made /r9k/ in 2009 or something to get rid of them. That's why they might ban me for posting him.

But it fits the thread though.


That meme is so fucking ancient (and overused) newfags don't even remember it.

Never post that ugly fuck again please you are making me think of the past and that shit hurts, my man.

>me think of the past and that shit hurts, my man

so you were posting him yourself I gather? Your chuuni time?

Everyone knows it because it's used a lot outside still.
Go to 9gag right now and you may just find some rage comics on the front page actually.



>Y-you too

Yeah right.

Your ex doing it again.

How good is my tomoko?

Sad part about going on there and making that picture: The girl in the "jeremy_and_linda" couple was so cute I just had to fap one out. It's hard going into sites like that and not leave before fapping.

Kuroki Tina?

Look OK.

Ronery user threads were fun

I'd forgotten we even had those.
I know people will say it's just nostalgia, but those really were better times.

Why didn't you talk to her again ?

Not him, but perhaps because she is a literal whore?

>you'll never fuck Tomoko and hear her make those noises

I know that fuck up he did the right thing .


yo watch this

Plenty of enterprising slutty VAs out there on commission, you know.

Get off my thread.


But none that sound exactly like Tomoko

>there's a girl exactly the same as tomoko
>you will never see her because you never leave your room
Feels good

> you will never see her because you never leave your room

I do leave my room I'm just too shy I never ask a girl out before but I had girls ask me out.


>Arm hanging off to the side
>Terrible posture


How cute is this.




>You do leave your room
>Work out 3 hours a day 5 to 6 days the weekend
>Have a weekend job
>Doing great in college
>/fa/ as fugg
>But even if you do all this, that girl exactly the same as Tomoko doesn't leave her room
>Even if she did, you don't have a single friend nor experience to talk to people
M-maybe one day in a anime convention or something I will get that confidence everyone talks about...

Trully, the cutest of everything in all kind of realities.

You should really post high quality images, not just stuff for ants.

Here, have a webm for a change.

After the Yuri general died this became the worst general on Cred Forums.

Kill yourselves.