Is this the most artistic scene in anime history?

Is this the most artistic scene in anime history?


Yes the whole anime is

I honestly laughed when the credits started.A cut to black would have been better is every way.

Scene? No
The Whole flow of the episode built up to it. A better way to describe it would be a masterstroke.



The series peaked there to be honest


A faggot holding a cup isn't artistic

First gainax bounce. It's the genesis of anime, before even the neo genesis of eva.

A faggot holding a corpse isn't artistic.

Welp we know who the winner is

And yet that picture has more meaning than your entire life.

A x y a z isnt artistic

Yes it is.

Re:zero fags need to leave


Feel free to explain


Game over

Ive seen that snow boner somewhere before...

I never understood why SnK got its own banner.

The scene was only good because of the OST that was paired with it and the suffering in the cave prior to the scene.

Also; this.

it's one of the most important, indeed

Looks like a giant scraggly fluffy cat. I quit this series after r(a/e, fuck if I can remember)m and the mace.

This to be honest familia

Вот ето лол.