This is horse shit

This is horse shit.

I hope CR is proud of themselves.

Tiān Xíng Jiàn (天刑劍 Tengyōken?, Heaven's Retribution Sword

Chinese to English translation is terrible m8.

Xing yourself faggot.

They should have used Heaven's Retribution Sword or Tengyouken, anything is better than what we got.

This is what Urobuchi-san is working on instead of my Saya no Uta OVA? Why?

Chinese names are abysmal especially when they're clearly speaking in Japanese. Tengyouken is fine. I do like the silly literal translations like Demon Spine Mountain and 7 Sins Tower. I was disappointed they never went through 7 trials, but that would have been retarded in retrospect.


>Will there ever be an anime adaption of Saya no Uta?
>Butcher: Because of the contents, there is no way a producer will risk their money on that.

He needs to fund his magnum opus himself or else he's a hack.

Maybe you should send crunchyroll an angry email about how they use Chinese pinyin instead of Japanese romaji. They might not take you seriously considering you aren't their subscriber

N+ said that it's hard to find producers who would fund the adaptation. They're also prioritizing adapting Muramasa, and they're having a lot of difficulties with it, because it's very long and arguably just as edgy as SnU.

Just use TAC.

I'd rather not have Nitroplus stiff be adapted, Demonbane did not have a good anime at all. I don't know about Phantom but I don't expect that one to be well liked either.

i looked them up just now and they're 3 eps behind.

i'll guess i'll rewatch the series eventually with good subs.

>only one more episode
>S2 unlikely due to low sales
Is the manga going to continue, at least?

I never read Demonbane, but that anime was shit you're right.

I'd hope a SnU adaptation would cut out Yoh entirely as a character.

I must confess I can't follow chinese names. After more than 15 years I still have problem to remember Dynasty Warriors names.

This show is a nightmare in this, when they talk you pretty much have to guess who are they talking about instead of knowing who are they talking about.

>S2 unlikely due to low sales
In stalker threads it look like was doing well enough.

Did you say 'manga'?
That is a strange way to say stick figure comic book.

>I'd hope a SnU adaptation would cut out Yoh entirely as a character.

>Cutting the best part

Nitroplus said they're seeking a live action adaptation anyways, because of the nature of the content, and we all know how well those kind of adaptations turn out.

I'm sorry, I meant Ancient Tibetian finger painting story

yer horseshit

>Not even using the Hokkien POJ, and using Chinese Pinyin.

Japanese names are harder.

What's so hard to remember about Cao Cao and Liu Bei?

Because it's great.

You mean this nitroplus phantom? Yeah it wasn't that great, but that was just because adaptation. Urobuchi can't direct everything.

What the fuck is this?
Fuckin robot chicken?

Just Taiwanese puppet animation

It's AOTS, you uncultered knave.



But I really like Robot Chicken

not chinese enough
get out of here



You forgot "guaranteed replies" in the filename.

Right. Fixing that now.

Where can I read the Thunderbolt Fantasy raw manga?