Kurisu seems like the type of namefag that sprouts Cred Forums-related memes on Cred Forums without even watching anime...

Kurisu seems like the type of namefag that sprouts Cred Forums-related memes on Cred Forums without even watching anime in the first place.

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>Cred Forums-related memes
That already makes her better than 80% of the shitposters.

is anime good for anything besides memes?

She even talks like Cred Forums in real life.
What a disgusting woman.
If you saw her post I'm pretty sure you would tell her to fuck off.

>having anything to do with Cred Forums

She probably regualrly browses /x/ or something, flaming other people telling them how wrong their superstitious beliefs are because muh science

Not probably, she canonically browses the 2chan equivalent. In the VN when you're reading Titor's threads you can see her posts going on about how Time Travel is impossible and Titor is talking out his ass.

I'm sure she shitposts on /sci/ too.

>real STEM
It's applied biology at best, she'd get bullied on /sci/.

But that's on the @channel equivalent of Cred Forums though.

>real STEM

Shut up and do my homework already.

>2chan equivalent

She isn't just like that sort of shitposter, she IS that sort of shitposter.

As expected from a crossboarder.

Takumi best boy.

Taku > Taku > Taku

the real takumi is dead,what is there to live for?

They became one. He is not dead, he just became one with his new self.
The ending scene is proof of that.
Try applying the color you desire to your dead spots, and the world will respond to your wishes.

Kurisu is a namefag but she probably only posts on /x/. She wouldn't care about Cred Forums at all.


Does The Zombie sage?

What is your favorite delusion?
I like this one a lot.

The one where he feels up Kozupii in the classroom. Do you have a webm of that?

No, I don't.
And it isn't half as good in the PC version because the CG is only in Noah.

>m-muh engineering
I'll be laughing when the bubble pops

y and u get super tilted by this kind of behaviour so you'd have to fuck her as a punishment. I see where you're gettting at you sly salt dog, you

Not even a footfag.

Even then, this one is better.

I played through 2/3s of the game without realizing there was a delusion system. I just thought the sound was for dramatic effect.

>I'm retarded
How about reading the manual, user?

I skipped first few ones before I realized how it works.

The little lights are pretty subtle to be fair.

Chaos;Head is probably one of the best VN's played on drugs.

How did this turn into a C;H thread?

The anime was shit and I shouldn't even bother right?

Those eyeballs on Seira really bugged me out when I played through the first time, especially the one on the bottom of her foot.

I greatly enjoy that they feature her shitposting before revealing that she shitposts.

That wasn't the image I meant to post but it works. It helps replicate the feeling of when you find out somebody you know is a shitposter.

VN is good though, give it a try.

That whole reveal was a great scene.

The anime does not exist. The VN is pretty fun in my opinion.

Part time warrior's birthday thread. Even though she won't be born 'til next year, go wish her luck.

Chaos;Head was in my opinion, terrible. I don't understand the appeal of it.

The cutest shitposter.


Do you think she got raped at SERN?

Every day, but that's not much of a change for her.

There's no way she doesn't.

>Watching anime

I want to fuck Christina.

Doesn't everyone?

I am currently drinking Dr. Pepper, the choice beverage of intellectuals everywhere.

I do not.
Give me the curves.

Constantly. Why do you think Okabe is so determined to get out of the alpha worldlines?

Remember user, there are no girls in Cred Forums

Why do you guys want her to get raped?

>He doesn't want to rape Chris

I definitely want to pull down her skimpy shorts and mating press her, but not through rape.

>pull down her skimpy shorts and mating press her


Assistant is the kind of girl who spouts insincere insults towards the object of her affections!

That's just the shitposter in her leaking out..