Strike Witches: Brave Witches

With the new season coming out, will we forget our love for the originals?

Also spergouts and blogposts are for /c/, not Cred Forums.

Also, I noticed there was an influx of Perrine fans. Did the movie and OVA really affect people's perception so much?


I love the coloring in that one.

I want Perrine to grind her ass against my cock while she wears that.

Perrine is not for lewd things.

It seems that way. Although most of the anti Miyafuji and Perrine people from before weren't serious it seems, caught up in a meme.

Reminder that nobody likes perrinu

Liking Perrine is an indicator of moderate to severe brain damage.

Liking Perrine is a smart and rational thing to do.

Why have witches if you're not gonna get 501st?

As a group, the 501st isn't particularly compelling. Whether that's due to their entire concept, or just the years of poor execution, though...

Also generals are not for /c/, not Cred Forums.
There was a full thread not even few hours ago in which you were posting, stop spamming the board with a show that hasn't run for six years.
There was a another thread too earlier at the same time even created And two threads few days ago separate Stop spam forcing generals when there's literally no content whatsoever to talk about and learn to wait or use the outlets that this site has like /c/ or helma.

This is not a general.

This is LITERALLY a general, you can't be this delusional.

Fuck off to /c/ or leddit.

Everybody loves Perrine!!

Why another general already? There's nothing to discuss.

Why not merge with the /ak/ thread?

When did "pictures of anime girl" become "avatarfagging"?

>This cancerous anti-general zeal is what shuts down legitimate anime discussion
Is there any in this thread? All I see is one faggot dumping pictures, which belongs in /c/.

There is nothing to discuss which we haven't done to death by now for years you mongoloid.
You're a fucking retard.
Holy shit.

There's a new damned season coming out, what are you autists complaining about?


And there's no one here discussing it. Some tripfaggot just wants to fellate a 8-year-old series not by discussing it, but by dumping art.

Also, it's not another season, it's a spin-off.

Yes, it's coming OUT, but isn't yet, which all of us are waiting for patiently.
Jesus we even had a full thread FEW hours ago lasting over a day despite nearly nothing said in the thread about the upcoming season at all.
Literally no other show does this, Utawarerumono threads get same poster counts as we do but die quickly because the game or new season isn't out yet.
You're the one literal autist wanting generals to be up all the time instead of going to places where you can enjoy that already with the rest of us.

Looks like some discussion was starting before the shitposting janitorbrigade showed up.

>Literally no other show does this

Are you new to Cred Forums or what?


You're not fucking kidding.

Stop posting about anime I don't like.

Fun police are here guys, time to leave.

Being a SW fan is hard sometimes.

This is the sort of shit that ruined /tg/...

One day people won't care about our shitty show and just let us enjoy talking about cute girls and world war 2.

>accusing a tripfag for avatarfagging
Of course I dislike tripfagsas well but you're not making any sense.

No one has cared at all if it's been kept to sensible levels, there's been shitloads of threads just in the past days, few hours even so it doesn't make sense to have new generals, especially when there's no content to speak about at all.

It's a show people like with new content ready to be released. Of course people have been talking about it.

"Sensible" meaning

if i notice it it's too much?

>Of course people have been talking about it.
If by "talking", you mean dumping images like this was /c/.

The last thread ended with like 50-100 images dumped in succession. But no, we need another thread for this "discussion" that is actually just some avatarfag.

>new content to be released.
This really is a hard thing for you to grasp, is it? It isn't out yet. Wait for it, we already had several threads in quick succession, one of them lasting over a day, you were in it even posting and reading the replies.
There's nothing else to do but repeat the same shit over and over again till the new content is out. What people were talking mostly besides were how they want to fuck a witch or what they'd ship them with.
I bet you still won't get it because you're so fixated on the idea of having a general up for your own sake.

You have archives, use them.

>this thread

Perrine is hurt. What to do?

Thank you Eagle

Nothing, it's not new content.

Lick her until she feels good.

Shoot her and nothing of value is lost.

Well, except for the bullet.

You know, it probably is that dude. He was wanting to kill himself when people posted images in the last thread, literally.

Save the Perrine, Save the World

Blitzkrieg her ass

Would you pop her Maginot Line? I sure would.

Will Perrine ever work up the courage to confess to Eila?

>spergouts and blogposts are for /c/, not Cred Forums.

Holy shit, he might actually be respecting this. Well done!

Wich Witch would you strike?

/ak/ doesnt seem to like strike witches that much. I tried to start a discussion there before but it never sticks.

I'd strike the behind of Lucchini in order to discipline her after she ate all the cookies.

You already posted it.

Perrine, Sanya, Yoshika and Lucchini in that order. The other girls can watch if they want.

In a row?

All at the same time for hours on end.


Comfort, pull in for a reassuring hug against my chest and pat head loving while whispering "it'll be okay".

Trude, Lynette,Minna, Perrine, Shirley or Eila. But mostly Trude.

Non 501 then: Marseille, Rudel, Heidi, Luciana, Rall, Nao and Nipa.

Reminder that glasses improve everyone and make them more perfect.

And I just thought of another good crack pairing. What about Mio and Trude? I could see that really working.

Are there any 501 members who have never said a word to one another?

Of course not. They may not talk much, but they do have to talk sometimes. Looking at you, Sanya.

So, when's that adaptation of Witches in Africa and Witches of the Sphinx?

Never, unfortunately, would be awesome though considering I'd love to see more of Marseille.

Yeah, Marseille is quite popular as a non 501 witch.

The second OVA was awesome and I even own the first volume of her spinoff series taking place in Africa. I wish we'd get more Witch related material released in English if Brave Witches is a hit. I'd really love to own The World of Witches in a nice hard cover edition.