Maken-Ki Manga/Anime discussion

I picked up the manga awhile ago and watched the anime recently, it's drastically different but still pretty fun. I can't blame the studio for wanting to go on the harem element for sales really. But it brings me to my point, is anyone here reading this? Or have watched it recently?

It's pretty old now and I just wondered if I'm the only one on Cred Forums reading the manga now.
What do you think about it?

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One of the main things I liked about it was Aki-sensei cause she's cute.


I like the PLOT, also there hadn't been much discussion because there were no manga scans for several months, but it seems that it was picked up again.

Also, the anime is utter shit when compared to the manga

How often is it released in Japan? I've been trying to keep up with the raws, but finding them is a pain. From the recent ones, it looks like the MC is finally about to fight the villain.

Yeah, I noticed that when I picked it up. But the scans also said they were commissioned, so who knows how long new scans will last?

And yes, I prefer the manga to the anime as well but I really enjoyed S2. Certain scenes were amazing. This had me in stitches with how perfect they made the parody
I honestly wouldn't be able to tell you. I'm waiting on scans that may or may not carry on.

I haven't tried the manga yet. However I watched both seasons of the anime and it's not even the best battle harem out there but I found it entertaining enough. Inaho is the best and most perfect girl by the way.

I just couldn't get into the anime because of how badly Xebeq fucked up the character designs and the artstyle.

I haven't dropped the manga, but I'm behind. I mainly read it for delicious Hime, but I kinda lost interest a couple of months ago since the excitement died down after that boss rush arc.

1. Minori
2. Cha-cha
3. Espada
Cause of the author's fetishes I always feel like there's too much NTR bait.
Mindbreak and piss is a really bad combo

At least the author keeps the NTR away from Maken Ki despite NTR and mindbreak being one of the things he's known for in hentai.

Espada is Love.

Espada is Life.

He tries to sneak it in wherever he can

You're wrong. And also don't expect anything close to what happened in the anime. It's not a very good adaptation of the story at all. Season 1 was kind of okay up til the last couple of episodes and S2 was all anime original.

That's what I thought when I first got into it as well. The anime is fairly decent, season 2 is really good in my opinion. It was all anime original but there were some hilarious episodes. Good specials too if you get the blurays.

Yeah I know how you feel, although excitement seems to be on the rise again because of several things happening in the story.

Decent-ish taste I guess. I'm suprised more of Cred Forums hasn't watched it because of Cha-cha to be honest. Because she's brown and I know there are many anons here into that.

He does, but he usually keeps it in those bonus chapters with Usui dreaming about lewd situations with the MC's harem. Though by this point it's not really a harem anymore, and Haruko is pretty much set to win.

>NTR bait
>No couples in the manga
When is the constant complaining about NTR meme gonna die?

I don't know how far you're into it considering you're posting jap scans but I thought that Himegami would end up winning because of all the development she's had with MC. Plus that way it fits more into the NTR stuff that he likes. For Himegami to win and NTR Haruko.

There's a picture of Espada for the word "slut" in the dictionary

Who knows, but the way it's going it looks like Haruko is going to end up winning. Would be great if Sensei somehow ended up winning instead.

Originally I thought my best girls list was complete but then this girl got introduced and holy shit. Just holy shit.

CANON VIRGIN. Takeru probably dreams about taking her virginity. I know I do.


This series has no reason to be as good/fun as it is. It should be just a dumb ecchi manga but it somehow manages to be exciting and hilarious

The scenes she had with the other girls just made me so hard. God damn.

Yeah I felt that way. To be honest there's not as much ecchi as there could be. Sure the content is pretty out there but there's a lot more material in it that could make it a battle manga in a shounen magazine ratgher than an ecchi battle manga. Not that I'd want it to go that way but he could easily tone it down if he wanted to. It's pretty tame for the most part. Then there are scenes that are just completely out there.

At first I couldn't stand Haruko since she was your typical bitchy tsundere childhood friend, but I'm beginning to warm up to her.

I prefer Aki the way she looked in Season 1

Oh sweet Christ I never noticed that hand before

I like her. I think she's my favourite. Either her or Aki-sensei.
If Aki-sensei had inverted nipples I'd die happy.

You were looking elsewhere.

Makes sense.

To be honest I want Takeru to be NTRd by Usui.
Usui is the MVP of this series. And he already stole Kodama.

I like all the different art styles. Fucking fight me.

Yeah, Espada is amazing.

Manga: 7/10
Anime S1: 6/10
Anime S2 OVA: 8/10
Anime S2: 5/10

Fanservice is the only thing separating this from any other generic battle harem series. The art is good, yes, but the plot isn't really up to snuff.

S3 never

>MC is finally about to fight the villain.

I've been seeing pics and gifs of this show for years, and was shock to learn this is a battle shounen.

I personally preferred S2 to S1. It was hilarious.
Tfw you'll never be trapped on an island with Aki-sensei.
muh dick.


It's seinen.

I was wrong apologies. Just googled.

The second season was basically a slice of life. It did have some entertaining episodes though.

Is this from the same artist who did sister breeder?


Island resort with Aji-sensei and Usui becoming principal were the best episodes in S2. Or perhaps when Haruko lost her memory.

The only Takeda Hiromitsu

Its a shame the author changes his mind on Himegami's role every other chapter.

To be fair, it's pretty much shounen, but the amount of tits bumps it into seinen

Yup, same guy.

I used to feel the same way, but the MC is a lot better now. I was completely insufferable in the beginning though and a part of me was hoping that somebody tried to steal Haruko's juicy ass from him so he could man the fuck up.

No you were right, I was wrong, I replied to myself saying I was wrong. Sorry.


>Haruko's juicy ass

MC needs to get on that. Haruko and Sensei are pure breeding material.


So where is it?
I don't seem to find

This isn't a hentai, it's a shounen manga he writes.

That pic is from Maken Ki.

Espada just has the same design as the older sister from Sister Breeder.

If your referring to that particular paneI don't the the exact chapter.

But since you brought up Sister Breeder, I just noticed that Espada is basically the blonde sister.

Did he copy that scene from Phantom World or did this come out before that episode?

and then this happened to her in the latest volume

He might of. I don't know when exactly this bonus chapter came out.

Is that the newest volume? Do you have anymore scans, preferably lewd ones.

So you are telling me this isn't hentai?

this is all the spoiler pic that i have. Too much brain washing in the recent chapter.
luckly the big bad boss doesn't care about her body and only brain washed her in order to get the strongest weapon?

and this is the scene where espada is being brainwashed for the first time

MC was shit in the beginning now he's turning pretty good, that's what I like in a series.

Is Usui going to be the final boss like I think he is?

maybe is volume 17 or 18

This triggers me.

He still is retarded. He only is good at fighting.

Also I don't care about cockblockers/blue ballers like Haruko

But I do care a lot about Aki and Himegami.
I doubt it.

Whatever gave you the idea this was hentai?

But he's a clone, he could get taken over at any point in time, right?

Dunno, now that you point it out I wonder what I was thinking. Still a shame though.

There's still plenty of lewdness, so it's not all for naught if you pick it up.


There are big differences between clones.

All of them have different physiques, height, and weight.

Transferring to Usui would just be a downgrade.

Doesn't Usui have Element Cancelling and the transfer ability though? Plus he could have a bullshit power revealed later. I just don't think there was a big reason to make him a clone or bring it up if he's not going to be important later.

Maybe the only issue is no one gives a fuck about Usui in any way so his betrayal would be whatever.

His entire character is hes a shitty version of MC who is apparently in love with Himegami.

Usui is not the broken Op body they look for.
But Usui makes up for it with improvising and taking risks.

tfw no one gives Usui the respect he deserves.
H-He'll show you!

>introduce genderbent version of the MC
>they're instantly better than their male version
>they get changed back because they have to be the center of the harem

I will never understand the reasoning behind these decisions.

Because genderbending is shit




Is there a link for the raws available as far they got scanned?

She honestly should have been the main heroine.

You mean she's not?

My dick disagrees.

Meant for

She basically is the main heroine at least as the story is going so far. It's Haruko in name only so far.

Himegami-senpai? She's only at most the deuteragonist on the heroine side. Haruko is the main girl even if at times she doesn't act like one.

Too hard to read this knowing the author would rather do NTR AND the MC is exactly like the absolute worst beta losers that get cucked big time in his hentai work.

Well yeah, but so far the storyline is all about Himegami and Takeru. No other girl is as important except perhaps Inaho. And Inaho's relevance is only for a couple chapters at most.

There really isn't any hint of NTR. Hiromitsu seems to be keeping it out of Maken Ki. The closest thing is those omake bonus chapters where Usui occasionally fools around with Haruko like this and pic related. But those are just silly dreams.

Has Haruko wore a thong with her uniform since?

I sure hope so.

Haruko's body is made for NTR. Still I'm glad he isn't putting NTR in this manga, and I doubt he will since it looks like the series is reaching a climax.

I'm confused though, is Hime shipped with MC or Usui? I thought she was pretty much winning the mcbowl last arc.

Bit of both really. More towards the MC, but Usui has been scoring some points with her too. He even scored some points with Chacha recently. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up with a harem of his own by the end.

I might pick it back up then. I actually have had great "enjoyment" out of his NTR stuff, but I guess I'm wierd in that I don't want that in my non-h romances manga.

Why did the author make shonenshit when he is so bad at it?

>Haruko is completely tsundere
>She's probably going to win the Takerubowl

Why does every author think that tsundere is so great?

I watched the first season and it was shit. the mango looks super interesting though.


The manga is much more "interesting". Don't expect a good shonen though. I just read it for the THICC girls.

Himegami's personality is what's made for NTR. It's nothing special when it happens to some virginal schoolgirl like Haruko, but for a proud and noble woman like Kodama, it's more impactful.






is this canon or hentai, i cant tell anymore

38 already posted


The whole reason he is doing mostly NTR doujins now a days is so he can be Vanilla in this.

Tsundere is the easiest to do "development" for.

I want senpai to win. It's unlikely though ;_;

Just because it's the easiest to do, doesn't mean they should do it. Most of the time, authors have no idea what they're doing, making the tsunderes either slightly harsh girls who instantly become the MC's toy or completely vapid cunts.

Tsunderes are easy to write, but hard to actually master.

Hey I agree with you. I'm just saying why Tsundere girls are done often.


didnt the blond loli want to fuck her brother?

Yes. It was mutual.

Ok was just jogging my memory if they were actually siblings or not, also did she start growing a thing for MC cause hes a reincarnation of her brother, or am I remembering that wrong?

So, does the author know people like Espada, Aki and Kodama more than Haruko?
She has a soft spot for MC but not romantic, this is set on stone after her Arc.

Hime does have some dere for the MC. She warmed up to him quite a lot, but she isn't the main love interest so I doubt it will become something real at the end. But the romantic love she has for her brother is definitely placed on a higher, anyways.

At this point she is opening up to Usui.

Only thing I'm in for these days

Is Aki getting mind controlled.

The plot of this shit is a major snorefest with a total dickhead of an MC.

For what purpose? Someone gotta have protect my waifu

MC's not that bad. Sure he's kinda bland but he could be worse. At least he's not like Ichika or something.

>hurr I don't hurt womin

Does this series have good lolis? I've seen some screenshots but all I saw were xebec tittymonsters. And I'll admit xebec makes great tittymonsters, but I just prefer lolis.

Nope, somewhat petite girls at best.

I think about 2, since this series is basically big tiddy central

Oh well. Maybe I'll try reading it anyway. I have nothing better to do with my life.

he changes how he feels about that later though really.

Does it get better? I'm reading it but its not clicking with me
I like the twin tailed blonde girl, and liked the kiss at the beginning, is she an important character?

Yes, she's probably the most important out of the girls so far.

She's child of a god and her current self is only a projection, her real body is being sealed in some mountain due to asshole big bad villain.

Does she get more scenes like the kiss for example? how does the mc feels about her?
She is the only reason I'm reading thia

Well yeah, but seems like she's going to win MC's friend rather than MC.

Avoid the anime if you want to enjoy lolis. Stick to the manga that does them proper. That said, Hime is the blonde loli in the main main cast and she's is awesome. There's other loli in the main antagonist party and she has a fair share of nice focus. There's also a pair of loli twins in one of the side character's party. Their are overpowered as hell, but they don't see that much action, but they get like mascot treatment.

tell me its a joke

She is the second most important girl in the story. So yeah.

>going to win
I doubt that. I would welcome it, but it doesn't seem likely against the first girl rule.

Except first girl is another girl?

Childhood friend Haruko is the first girl.

I was talking about Himegami dumbass

She has the bloodline that the villain(s) want. Takeda being Takeda just makes it obvious pseudo-ntr bait (if you even consider it NTR) and has her being groped/turned into a slut from the villains.

From this months issue. Also surprised vol 17 uncensored wasn't posted here but I'm too lazy to post it.


Read idiot.

YOU learn to read.

One of the things that almost made me drop the series was the mc cockblocking another guy from getting a date with pic related.

Its was okay with the rules, students were allowed to bet anything in a duel, the dude wanted a date with her if he won, but nobody expected him to actually win, but he was winning in the end, with only his power, no cheating involved.

Then the mc came with that "muh womyn cannot be hurt in fights" bullshit and got himself involved in someone else duel and made the other dude lose the fight, not only he was one of those faggots who never fuck anything, he was now going to cockblock guys from getting girls who are not even part of his harem.

Holy shit I was mad as fuck on this scene, either go for the girl yourself or fuck off, cockblock someone else in hell.

>Also surprised vol 17 uncensored wasn't posted here but I'm too lazy to post it.
Is there a difference.

Anyway where can I get them?

With proper time I would dump each volume per thread like Saint Seiya/Gatchbell/Tsubasafags do if that makes you happy

First girl is the black-haired sword girl. She's the de-facto main girl.

>to win MC's friend rather than MC.
My bad, I misread that as MC rather than his friend. MC's bud friend normally don't win the second main girl and that looks to be true in Maken-ki too.

No u.

Bancho guy deserved to win. Fuck.
>MC's bud friend normally don't win the second main girl and that looks to be true in Maken-ki too.
From what I read so far she warmed to Usui she even takes him to go shopping, something she used to do with MC who pretty much got replaced by the other guy. So no, MC's has now chances to end with Kodama.

Uncensored means with tits. And if you can get a holf of them I would like it if you would.

So no site/torrent to get them?

Where can I find the raws for this chapter?

>Dat lack of ass all around

Wasted potential.

I read somewhere that Takeda if forbidden from making Maken ki doujins for as long the series is being sold, after that he can do whatever he likes.

Dont know if its true or not, but I hope he will do some maken stuff later on.

Sorry, I can't help you. (I'm a different user to whom you originally replied to.)

Espada/Haruko doujins when?

You can find it if someone uploads this month's Dragon Age magazine anywhere.

>Breast were too big
>Literally nothing happens in season 2

Is the manga better?

I see what you're getting at, but I still can't see them being a real pairing at the end. Hime has developed considerably after dealing with her past and opening up to many of the others. To that end, the way she treats Usui is that of a senpai looking after her kouhai, albeit with master to servant-like demeanor, which is something she does in general now. Of course, with Usui she doesn't mind his presence and perverted nature. anymore and are bonding over time with the time they spend with each other.

While those two often get paired up now, Hime still have close scenes with Takeru that reflects the rapport and understand that only they have.

I meant the tanks.
Not him but what I see here is she will move on from her brother and unseal her true self by the end. Takeru will be with Haruko and by that time Usui will get a chick. It might be Himegami.

I hope it will be Aki. It's a crime against humanity she still is a virgin cake.

I think Aki likes Akaya though.

She moved on from him. Probably did some dumb shit that ruined any chance between them.

? Is this confirmed? Cause from how she cried when he was doing the dumb shit it seems she has a lot of affection for him.

They're are still friends, just like Okama and Principal.

No, I'm asking how you know she did like him but move on. Does it say something like that in a later, untranslated, chapter? Cause to me it seems she still likes him.

too bad the author ship her with MC best friend
he like NTR shit so much and he do it

Not that guy but didn't he tease her about it and she cooly said she wasn't ubto him no more?
The one ntred would be her brother.

Nah. They would have to be in love or a romantic relationship in the first place to be NTR.

>Onii-chan comes back in the end somehow via clone
I shall pray.

didnt she live with him and kissed him and tried to save him and he looks like her brother

I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet!

He loves/lusts Haruko.

Which nin turn makes all of him.leeching like a pervert be pointless.

He is no harem King material.

I hope Usui becomes one at least, will Espada help him? I hope so.

Posting best manga from Takeda.

Raws where?

I love Espada.

I like this series but I think Omamori Himari was a better story.

Still reading the scanlations even though I have no idea what's going on anymore. At least I remember that pic related and the principal are best girls.

>Sister Breeder

I like where this is going.

She's been getting better lately. Still, Aki is literally a better version of her both body and personality wise.

Could you at least post the bonus chapters if Vol 17 has them? Or was this one the omake from vol 17? I'm always eager to read about Usui's (imaginary) harem adventures with the cast.

>author is the guy who made mana tama plus

My sides, ive fapped quite a few times to that

>Same personality
>Same hair color and style
>Not related in any way

I basically ignore the plot and only skim over the chapters in case it's an ultra lewd one.

Yeah that always seemed weird.

It's almost as if the author wanted to write them as mother and daughter, but editors refused to have a woman in an ecchi manga who wasn't a virgin.

The principal isn't virgin.

Minori a best.

Chacha a second.

Nurse a third.

thank god for Takeda Hiromitsu reusing character designs of Maken-ki for the Sister Breeder h-manga series.

I am happy that Papa Akuma is alive. Also the main villain's clones are too pretty, both girls and boys, I hope they all survive (including the one being possessed).

>It's never explained if Chacha is Okanawan or just black