Danganronpa 3

Well, at least he'll do something in Hope arc.

Are you mildly excited for it?

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Yeah he'll be an attack dog

Not really

No. Despair side is so much better written. I thought there would be an episode where HajiIzuru and the other Super High Schools would fight the fleet that was sent by Munakata, but that went down the drain.

I seriously wish.

This is your final boss for the series.


>Whole Hope episode is animeme man talking about his complex motives

I'm starting to think she might actually be dead.

People who hated DR3: Would you be happy if Kyoko and Chiaki came back?

Am I the only one who loved the hell out of this episode?
And this is coming from izurufag that think everything is boring.

There is literally no chance of that happening

And now Chisa and Junko will start some Umineko logic battle shit! That cinema is like the meta world.


>this loser is still trying to convince people
Fuck off.


>his talent easily brainwashed the whole 77th
>his talent easily made plebs nuked "muh school full of talent"
>his talent told the plebs to kill themselves and they actually did
>his talent easily destroyed the whole world
>the whole Future Foundation was founded as a result of his talent
>his talent told them to kill themselves and they actually did
>the Ultimate Programmer, the Ultimate Neurologist, and the Ultimate Therapist, among other talented people created the New World Program just to fight against his talent
>they failed anyway and got 10 people killed in the process
>his talent made Munakata AHHHHHHHH
>his talent brainwashed Chisa and started the FF killing game hence resulted two main waifu's death
>his talent easily brainwashed SHSL Hope even Junko couldn't analyze nor defeat
>his talent so good he outlived the mastermind herself
>his talent easily reverse mindhaccs the whole world unlike the trash NWP
>his talent so convenient it progressed the entire plot of the franchise




>last ep named 'Side Hope'

We're still recovering from this episode. I doubt there will be hope anytime soon.

>he'll do something in Hope arc
HAHAHAHAHAHA no, he will just stand there while naegi finish the final boss

I can't see them writing them back in a satisfying manner with the little time they have left. It'll just feel like an asspull

Connecting anime to the collapse of civilization was a mistake.

No. This episode killed my hype. Like how Despair and Future ended up, Hope will be shit.

>Loving a glorified recap episode
I don't even hate the anime like seem to in these threads but this episode was garbage.

Tengan basically handwaved this whole game with "complex motives" already, we don't need it again

No, don't involve the sdr2 kids even more in this mess.

I feel like this was made by the OG Juzoboy.

I love it for the salt of supposed "fans", so yeah.
Pretty good day.

I feel Kodaka did this to laugh at us.

I wish Junko came back.

Honestly? Yeah, sure, I'll admit it, I would be happier if that happened. Chiaki's death in particular is just a really fucking rotten last memory of her and I'd much rather have something more uplifting than that to close her story out on.

Can't wait for subs so I just watch the raw.




Yep, AOTY for me. No one can convince me otherwise.

Hell no. I'm a lot more bothered by bad writing and shitty plot/characterization than characters dying on a motherfucking killing game.

Pretty please

The only thing that can save this anime now is some supreme LOGIC DIVE segments

As I watch the episode I keep waiting for Kirigiri to show up I can't properly enjoy the whole thing.

Such a fate of those who's still hoping. );

guys, i think i don't want to watch anime anymore

>A parody does something similar to what a parody would do
>An idiot complains about it.

I guess I would be a little less mad, but you need far more than that to save this.

>he's still at it

>tfw the only thing I'm actually excited about is the OST being released and V3

At least Junko isn't the final boss this time...right?

>They still somehow managed to shoehorn dead Junko in the episode

No. They're most likely staying dead and even if they got asspulled back though the anime twist it would be shit.

DR3 was just a mistake as a whole.

Subs where

Because I'm shit with raws, let me just ask this
What was Mitarai's ng code?
and why exactly is Makoto trying to stop Mitarai? Isn't Mitarai trying to save everybody?

Everything involving Mitarai except fleshing out the Impostor a bit was a mistake.

Nope, I loved it too.
I don't understand all the hate to be terribly honest.

where is the [Hope]?


Chisa and Munakata were literally the only good parts of this episode. Prove me wrong.


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>Such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>Saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


I for one, am looking forward to this!

I remember all my expectations when the anime started they sadly all became true

>lol why you mad at my shitty series, it was never supposed to be good in the first place

Stop shitposting.

No because I don't give a fuck about either of them. This anime is and will remain garbage.

>What was Mitarai's ng code?
using his MINDHACC abilities.

And because he wants to use a HOPE MINDHACC anime to make everyone drones who will never feel sad or pain anymore. And that's not right.

Using his talent.
>and why exactly is Makoto trying to stop Mitarai? Isn't Mitarai trying to save everybody?
Trying to brainwash and control people for any reason will end badly, that much is obvious.
Wait one or two more hours.

This. It's just contrarian, just ignore them.

Using his talent

Brainwashing is wrong


Chiaki wasn't killed in a killing game, though. She was just tortured to death.

Do you love cancer as well?

Kodaka: Anime was a mistake.

congratulations! you've grown up

Get real. This episode basically killed any chance of them being alive.
We're gettng another "bad shit happens but we'll have hope for the future" ending yet again.

I don't really care for Kirigiri but the for Chiaki no.
She had no reason to exist in the first place and my only wish would be for her to be an entirely different together altogether.
They add no problem adding Mitarai in Class 77. They could have designed a cute character doomed to be killed to make class 77 fall into despair.
Instead they raped AI chiaki's memory with that poor excuse of a cute plot device

What were you expectations user?

Its not contrarian when everyone agrees its bad.

Who /nolongerseesDR3ascanon/ here?

>why exactly is Makoto trying to stop Mitarai? Isn't Mitarai trying to save everybody?

Is this not a danganronpa thread, with danganronpa appropriate opinions such as yours?
What's the issue?

Erase my DR3 memories. NOW

>I don't like something
>Therefore it's shit
>Stop shitposting
Why are you two so afraid of people liking something you don't? Can you not handle people liking different shit from you because you're afraid of being alone?

Oh man, all the hype this episode brought.
Make me fucking giddy

Well, V3 has nothing to do with the previous games so its fine

If the killing game was automated, how the fuck were NG codes enforced?
If Tengan planned the killing game to motivate Mitarai, then why was the win condition impossible to achieve?
How did Juzo cut his hand off?
Why is Hajime here?
Why did Chisa go to hell when she's not personally responsible for any of her actions?
Why do despairs still answer their cell phones?
How has Monaka not died via asphyxiation yet?
How come the flashback of deaths didn't show Ruruka or Kirigiri?

This show doesn't deserve to kill her.

She deserves a happy ending.

Only if you make Kaede vacate the protagonist position.

>They could have designed a cute character doomed to be killed to make class 77 fall into despair.
Wasn't that Chiaki?

Not him but everyone isn't Cred Forums.


not same user but my only expectations was hajime getting off Jabberwock island.

Zetsubou-hen was on that bin for a long while. Shame Mirai-hen ended up becoming another disappointment.
Still ruined previous installments on the series.

>questioning a series where a 16 year old edgy teenager rules the world

based spanish subs

Also im fucking glad Junkofags got BTFO.
>b-but she has to be the mastermind, she can't be dead!
Get fucked. she was never involved, she never gave a fuck

>This thread
Never understand all the hate. It's pretty good episode, can someone tells me what actually goes wrong instead of spouting random buzzword?

>It is always darkest (just before the dawn)
Are you ready for an asspull ending?

My motives are...

Despair and memes

I might be saving her from terrible writing so yeah

Guys you'll see. Hope will makeup for all of this and make the anime good.

You'll all see.


Only if the whole world ends

This entire show has been one long anal extraction. I would expect nothing more from the ending.

Yep, an incredibly rushed asspull ending that's just the shit cherry on a shit sundae.

I would be happy about them being alive sure, doesn't stop the anime from being shit though.

>How did Juzo cut his hand off?
He had a pocket knife.

That will be welcoming after today's episode.

Who even started that "the episode was bad" meme before we even got the fucking subs?

It's not even that bad, it seemed pretty decent. But it feels like everyone just sees that people think it's bad and jumps on the bandwagon.

I now understand why V3 is a complete reboot.


People who understood it.

Why did Tengan pretend to the Monokuma?

I'm ready for that reset ending now.

Just like how Despair Side showed that Izuru(Hajime) did nothing wrong, and even had the strength to not be brainwashed into doing wrong in the first place.

I've been saying all along that Ryota literally looks like a male Junko. Just look at his hair bangs, they are identical to Junko's. Blond hair and long eyelashes. The only thing he's missing are blue eyes but that would have been too obvious.

People that watched the raw livestream?

I would be happy for Kirigiri, but that wouldn't make it a better show. Chiaki would actively make it worse by further shitting on DR2.

I still don't fully understand Tengan's plan and some of the details

Mfw this episode actually rekindled my hope for DR3.

Because ???????????

Maybe some people actually speak Japanese you fucking eop


is Hope really going to be 1 hour long?
or did I got rused?

Nope, sorry. DR3 may be retarded but it still hasn't introduced an ayy lmao fax machine as a major plot point yet. That alone still makes it superior to ZTD.

just butthurt people.

Episode main flaw was having unneeded flashbacks to fill time.

I mean everyone saw mind hack anime coming since like episode 2.

Ztd was only shit at the end with mind hacc bullshit, before that it was a fun ride. This was a fun ride for half of it and went to shit when mind hacc was introduced

WHY DIDN'T MITARAI BRAINWASH NAEGI? Asahina was pinning him.

>Q. Tell us who is the first person that comes to your mind when you think about 'Autumn’.

>Naegi: “Um…. Kirigiri-san, I guess. She’s cool but also has a really warm and gentle side– I believe that’s very much like her. I-I don’t mean that in a weird way! Y-You know, coincidentally her birthday is in October… O-Of course I would remember when her birthday is. I mean, she’s a really important friend to me… Eh, “When is Hagakure-kun’s birthday?” U-Umm…. A-Ahaha! I might’ve forgotten… I think?”
Reminder to fear the wrath of a manlet in love.

As am I.

Unfortunately I'm not too excited right now but maybe it will change.

>tengan's complex motives
>another mindhack anime
>aoi and munakata staying behind for bullshit and because of bullshit
>chisa theater
>hope anime's runtime is 30 minutes even though despair anime was only like 10 seconds

Let me guess, you read that from Cred Forums?


>I mean everyone was dreading mind hack anime coming since like episode 2.

But atleast he ordered the soldiers to kill anyone inside, for some reason.

>the writing is good!
>stop hating you guys!
>you haven't even seen the subtitles yet and that somehow makes your opinions invalid!

>did nothing wrong
So far it looks like he let Chiaki die. That's easily more wrong than pretty much anyone else did.

Post unpopular opinions, I'll begin

>Danganronpa 3 is actually a decent anime and there's nothing wrong with mind control

Plot twist: Juzo lives, Munakata dies after being shot in last episode
He would probably commit suicide
I hope they won't do this, he suffered enough

no user.

Just no.

Mind Hack Anime doesn't surpass COMPLEX MIND HACKS Fax Machines that are just out of sight in badness.

Both were shit and ruined their series retroactively.

>Reminder to fear the wrath of a manlet in love.
Reminder that he was 1000% ready to rip Animefag's throat out for ragging on him about Kirigiri and his lack of tears.

Stop shitposting.

>Post unpopular opinions
>posts what half the people here are saying

This shot makes Makoto look ripped as fuck.


There's none, it's just Junko being Junko

>tengan's complex motives
Somehow that's a bad thing

>another mindhack anime
See above

>aoi and munakata staying behind for bullshit and because of bullshit
Did you even watch? They have reason for staying behind

>chisa theater
see above

>hope anime's runtime is 30 minutes even though despair anime was only like 10 seconds
see above

YEP haters confirmed just being a contrarian faggot as usual.

>yfw the final confrontation of the DR series will be manlet fisticuffs

>the world is in the aftermath of the Tragedy
>my student can now cure the world with his talent
>hmm how should i convince him to use it
>oh i know! kill off his comrades

Stay mad waifufag.
But you're right, he actually isn't as pitch perfect for you self insert cucks as he could be, so that's... better?

I mean, it's unlikely she could have been saved after sustaining all those wounds.

It's Hajime.

>Hope side is just a normal length episode
How will they resolve everything in that amount of time?

have hope user wait till thursday to say the series is ruined.

No, it's 25 minutes.

And this is coming from izurufag.

Hopefully Hajizuru picks up a few knives from the monitors on the way up to spice things up and just watches them fight to the death.



It's just the routine Cred Forums shitposting.

Literally SHSL Everything. If he decided he wanted her back to life, he could have done it.

I hope he kills him.

>I don't like the writing! Therefore it's shit!

You know, now I sort of understand why Chisa and Juzo were all over Munakata's dick

He was always ripped.

>The SHSL time traveler goes back in time to stop both Junko and Mirati from unleashing the Ultimate Hope and Despair upon the world.

>If he decided he wanted her back to life
Enjoy your zombie.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who mistook him for Naegi. They look way too similar now.

>falseflagger responding seriously to satire

At this point, I wouldn't even be happy if anything that I wanted, including Miaya being relevant, Kirigiri and Chiaki getting meaningful closures regardless of whether they're dead or alive, everyone involved being smart for once etc, happened. It would not take away the disappointment that had built up until this point. One episode cannot fix an entire show's problems.

What was the point of all of this?
What was the point of Monokuma appearing?
What was the point of "breaking" Naegi's spirit?
What was the point of killing innocent FF members like Kizakura, Bandai, Kyoko, Gozu and Seiko?
What was the point of introducing Monaca and the UDG's into the plot if it amounted to nothing?
What was the point of NG Codes?
What was the point of the 76th trio occupying 1/11th of the despair arc if they all died and the most "evil" got no redemption?
What was the point of ending EVERY episode with a cliffhanger that keeps on amounting to nothing except brainwashing?
What was the point of a killing game in the first place? If this was made JUST for Mitarai wasn't there any other way for him to show the hope anime?
What happened to Haiji Towa? Or any other minor character whose fate was left open ended?
Why did 90% of Despair Arc not even matter? It was all just a set up for the brainwashing thing. Why not make Future a 2 cour anime? Despair's main selling point was seeing the DR2 cast, something we barely got enough of, minus Chiaki the walking plot device.

Not even trying to be a contrarian, I actually liked a lot of what this anime has to offer. I like most of the new characters as well. Just disappointed with how this story is wrapping up.

>You're trying to hold it together because the Ultimate Hope can't lose hope when there's still shit to do
>This whiny little cunt can't read the fucking mood and gives you shit for not being a pussy like he is


There is a time machine back at HPA.

Yes, I use the words "back to life". People, in real life, the real world, have outright been dead for several hours before coming back.

See above. She would be fine.

Stop shitposting falseflagger

wasn't that just some obscure video game reference

>that dual wield with the with the white and black swords
Literally embracing both hope and despair.

>hair down Junko is her best look
>Never does it

Truly this is despair.

So , when will be the last chapter aired? Next thursday?

He's also mega salty because Naegi won the Kirigiri and now owns her in every possible way, whereas she won't even give him the time of day.

Stay cucked and insecure, you little shit. Hope he gets shot.

I feel the same way. It's just that, at least if those two are alive I can feel a little less hollow about the ending than it being another "let's look to the future" with even less people.

Kinda late but

Stop shitposting

If only Naegi had followed his primal instincts

>everyone involved being smart for once
Come now, you know that would have never happened no matter what.

Fanart of angel Chisa being beside him when?

>believing Monokuma's lies
Ishimaru pls.

This Thursday.

I and all who agree with me agreed that there is nothing bad about Mind Hack and Mitarai is one of the best Danganronpa Chracters.

Stop shitposting

Ryouta wasn't remotely tragic. Seconds in you find out that his anime isn't Miyazaki-on-steroids good, but uses fucking brainwashing techniques to succeed.

This Thursday, yes

>outlived both Chiakis, Kirigiri, and Chisa
>he'll get away with it
Are you ready for that sweet sweet disappointment?

Understand the episode or not, I don't get what everyone is so butthurt about.

It's a solid finale to the series, building up to a confrontation between multiple different hopes.

It feels like "hurr it's so shit, let's shitpost about how shit it is" is nothing but a trend. A meme.

>it's not even that bad

Please stop fucking shitposting

Thank you both anons.

Reminder that he can't do shit against brainwashing videos. If not for Togami and Hajizuru saving his ass he could do nothing against Mitarai at all.

??? I'm not shitposting?
Sorry if I thought this plot was shit?

Yeah, I feel like they won't have enough time to explain everything.

>I and all who agree with me
You, yourself and no one else?

The first half of the final episode will be like the last fight of Metal Gear 4, just replace the tired old men with manlets.

>It's a solid finale to the series,
Its not even a finale faggot. There's one more episode.

>It's a solid finale to the series,
No, it is not.

>Ryouta literally looks like a male Junko
I've noticed that a since the anime's start. It's more noticeable in Despair arc than in Future arc.
Though, their mentalities and motivations are completely different.

The problem with this is that it's fucking underwhelming. It's supposed to be the conclusion of hope s despair, and the final fight is basically hope v hope. Moreover, the big bad is a newly introduced character who we have no reason to care about, has been suspicious throughout and who we've known for 6 weeks now had a connection to Junko. It doesn't help that he's also impossible to take as a serious threat due to how wimpy he is in general.

It's utter trash. It's the reason people were hoping it would be Junko, Chiaki, Nagito or hell, even Chisa (at least she was a main character and has had focus throughout 3), so the big bad reveal actually has impact. Instead, it's going to be a pointless little obstacle that will be resolved pretty quickly and rushed as hell. Future as a whole has just been too much build up for so little substance. It's been 12 episodes of set up for 1 episode of "payoff" that nobody even wanted. The entire thing feels lazy as hell. Ultimate Fan Material my ass, I hope the nips send Kohacka death threats like usual.

So what happened to the second Junko AI?

Stop shitposting


Yeah, I'll give you that, but after this episode I don't think either of us would feel any more than "a little" less hollow if you got your wish.

See this is why stop shitposting is being spammed
>solid finale
>recap episode

>It's a solid finale to the series
No it's not, stop sucking Kodaka's dick.

DR:AE ending.

> final fight is basically hope v hope
This is because Despair lost twice and do you really need like third Junko humiliation?

Danganronpa 3 is doing the Mass Effect 3 thing of basically introducing an entirely new conflict in the last entry that's based on the prior ones and meant to be a conclusion, but is actually an unrelated one beyond thematic ties. It's also cashing every I.O.U. ever written from the writer to the player in the worst way possible. It's introducing new problems and new solutions while pretending they were there all the time, which doesn't work for the climax of a franchise.

I mean DR3 as a finale to the series you moron

Chilling with 3DPD Chiaki, Kirijunko and Cure W on a notepad in Kodaka's rubbish bin

It's the shitposting evolution after they got told to stop shitposting

Reminder to give your opinion

the anime is shit so why not

Robot Chiaki and Zombie Kyoko

Gone and forgotten, ready to be asspulled at any time in the """"new"""" timeline.

Don't worry user. The ESL self proclaimed Izurufag will gladly join you in sucking Kodaka's dick. Just don't expect most of us to follow suit.

>Cutting a hand with a pocket knife
How painful.

Like I said, I don't expect anything at all from the finale regardless, but at least then there'd be a bit of happiness to it. They really overdid real Chiaki's death if they want it to be permanent, it really does feel like something that will get reversed to me.

>No it's not, stop sucking Kodaka's dick.
Then why did I play the games then?

I mean, Tengan being the mastermind had a certain appeal. The execution +Mitarai's everything was the problem

[HOPE] where?

Naegi was fucking this

There's a humongous gulf in quality between 1&2 and 3.

>It's introducing new problems and new solutions while pretending they were there all the time, which doesn't work for the climax of a franchise.
Finally someone says it. This is the main problem with the anime.

>hope v hope
>initially naegi's hope v munakata's hope
>painfully obvious that munakata was wrong
>now naegi's hope v mitarai's hope
>naegi's opponent still obviously wrong

I can't believe Junko ruined or made my night goddamn.

Yeah Tengan or Chisa would have been preferable over Mitarai.

Not unless they bring back all the other characters that died across the entire series.

So...who was the 16th participant then? Or was there none in the first place

it was only speculation that there were two AIs. the more likely explanation is that Shiro and Kuro's chips were actually two parts of a single AI.

Is Mitarai the anime director's self-insert?

Why didn't he just kiss him directly, Tengan be damned, since they were likely never going to see each other again?

It doesn't really matter anymore.

His NG code was to use his ability (brainwash people).
Because Mitarai wants to broadcast a Hope brainwashing video to finally destroy all the despair in the world. Yeah, he might be trying to save everybody, but by controlling them, which Naegi doesn't seem to approve.

It seems I'm the only one who liked this episode and it's hyped for Hope Side, but oh well, my taste is shit anyway.

> new problems and new solutions
Mind Hack was problem from DR1 and solution in DR2.

Junkofags would be happy their waifu isn't involved with this garbage.

Either the monitor was lying or someone from Killer Killer may be lying on the building.

Holy shit you're right.
I'm retarded.

You got rused

So would you say Chisa,Tengen and Ryouta are all the main antagonist of Side: Future

Say my name.

>anime tropes in games
>anime tropes in anime
Is it the time investment?

Killer killer isn't relevant.

it's looking like there was none, and that Hagakure counted toward the counter for some reason

Mind hack =/= erasing memories

Who is ready for Animeme Man to be shot to death in Side: Hope?


What's with the one apologist/shill who keeps samefagging and trying to claim that the episode was a great send off for the series? 3 is by far the worst entry into the Danganronpa franchise, that's pretty objective at this point.

I think it was Hagakure all along.

>Mitarai, Kodaka's new self insert, is about to get taken down by Hajime, Kodaka's original self insert


Yes. They were all annoyingly telegraphed.

> 3 is by far the worst entry into the Danganronpa franchise
Who would guess that you shouldn't start from fucking part #3.

There was absolutely none, zero (0), nada """""""Mind Hack""""""" in DR1 or DR2, whatsoever.

DR1 had memory erasing. That isn't brainwashing or mind control, it's just memory erasing.

DR2 had the NWP which wasn't brainwashing or mind control either. It was a rehabilitation program that once again, erased memories.

The only brainwashing prior to DR3 was in AE, and it wasn't to this degree of total mind control either.

He really wants the (You) and people keep replying.

I was wondering why he was in the opening as he was, but he didn't really seem to participate in the actual game...I don't even know anymore

Nah it was made ambiguous so that Kodaka could take the plot in whatever shitty direction he wished

Don't worry, people have been cracking jokes about Naegi's hairstyle for a while.

It's the same pair of falseflagging Mitaraifags from the previous threads. Hide their posts.

It's a different use user, though he did word it poorly

>Takumi gets promoted to 13th division branch leader after the events of the Killer Killer Manga
>he went to the meating
>he locked himself in a locker the entire time
>yfw he makes a cameo in the Hope episode for like 5 seconds
>"hey, who is this guy?"

>Only 2 videos of Munakatana doing edgy stuff to Metal gear music
I'm surprised

It tends to happen when you make a CLIMATIC FINAL ENTRY to a series that was never meant to have a climax or an ending. The ending of Danganronpa was when the Killing School Life survivors stepped out into the unknown beyond the school's walls. Everything else is just stuff that happens after. DR2 got away with it because it told a different story rather than a direct continuation.

Wait, so Mikan and Nagito woke up from their coma?

Or is this review I'm reading assuming too much with Hajime walking into the FF building

He's fighting demons with it right now, gotta get Ruruka out of that cinema

Hajizuru will be an attack dog for Naegi to fend off the waves of goons Ryouta will throw at them.

Kodaka's self-insert is Souda (an interview once said that their personalities are very similar) but the director's self-insert is probably Mitarai yes

Huh? Who said anything about starting from 3? Being the worst entry into the franchise (entry, in this context, is interchangeable with instalment) is not the same as saying you should start the series at 3? Are you trying to be pedantic, but your poor English skills cause you to completely miss nuance? Pretty embarrassing, user.

>muh shitty manlet
>muh dead waifu
>muh old man
Stay mad Junkofag

>DR2 had the NWP which wasn't brainwashing
yeah no, fuck you. even Junko said it was brainwashing in the Theater scene.

It just Hajimeme.

Stop shitposting

Assuming way too much. Hajizuru is the only relevant character showing up.

You can't really wrap things up without introducing new characters as FF had been mentioned in the games and the old cast was just a small part of it so it wouldn't make sense to not include new characters from FF.

The later.

Would it have been better?

>Literally everybody called out Mitarai since ep1
Oh fuck off Kodaka, you are not being clever here by making the most suspicious person the final boss, this is just the modern version of " the butler did it", mediocre British writes from last century would have called you a worthless hack for this.


Yeah I'm specifically referring to the director.

> he believes that DR3 is worse than DR1 anime

Junko is a pathological LIAR fuck everything Junko says.

The NWP was explained by the real naegi as being a program where they erased the memories of being ultimate despair and have avatars of themselves gain new memories to show they could be rehabilitated.

We would at least have a non killing mode to look forward after this mess.

Even in death, Juzo is forgotten.

That's fine, but not when everything is the new characters. There is no actual continuity of conflict, DR3 isn't actually a final piece of anything built up previously.

I'm not gonna claim it's super amazing, but I also can't get sold on shitting on it for no apparent reason.

like, what the fuck even is all this backlash. it feels less like a legitimate opinion and more like a trend. "everyone's saying it's shit, so it must be shit, time to adjust my opinion and talk about how shit it is from now on."

Literally a meme, Izuru's definition

>Juzo fucked up again


Naegi's hope is the one true hope, it always was


Kohacka is just copying stuff from the last VN he read
Even the ending will be shitty just like Umineko

But it was it foreshadowed user, so clearly there's nothing wrong with it.

Oh get over yourself, Chisa would've at least been fun. Not this stupid manlet who I and everyone kept shouting at. The exact villainy he was being accused of might have changed over time (mastermind, TRAITOR, final boss, etc) but it was always there. Literally always. He's an incredibly shifty-looking fucker.

Only if there are multiple branches of who killed who. I doubt that DR3 without trials can really work.

Didn't Naegi said something about the sdr2 kids being brainwashed at one point?

>people thought Komaeda would be the mastermind
Out of everything, seeing those few BTFO was atleast good

>She will never be mentioned again
It hurts bros

Please don't remind me. That was literally despair inducing how the quality of the story just absolutely crashed after his best friend/editor died and he essentially started to tell his fans to fuck off in his story

Translate this weebs

Yeah, I think so.

Well we all knew he was important to the story, and him meeting Junko pretty much confirmed it. Him being the final boss wasn't exactly confirmed since he has been rejecting junko, as well as the fact that Tengan still is technically the mastermind.

That's not what he said in japanese, it was a mistranslation.

>There is only one people here that enjoyed the episode


>the most suspicious person the final boss, this is just the modern version of " the butler did it",

He's the final boss, but he didn't do anything until now. That's more akin to the butler blowing up the mansion after the detective solves the case.

Which begs the question why bother challenging it with other stupid kinds of hope? Neither the audience nor Naegi himself gains anything from it.

Better than being involved in this mess.

that was them being turned into UDs. he wasn't explaining the program.

Why waifu a character you literally never saw?

I woudn't say it's quite as bad as Mass Effect, but that's probably at least in part because Danganronpa was never as good as Mass Effect was, so it doesn't feel as disappointing. Good point all the same though, Danganronpa 3 in general has felt unneeded. It's not even "the final Hope vs Despair" conflict, which is what we were told it was, so it's really just an attempt to get one more go out of a tired cast of characters on a story that has gone well out of the realms of simply having to suspend your disbelief. The conflict, the solutions, the problems, they all feel like lazy plot devices that are easy to explain things away.


DR0 had brainwashing

DR2 hinted at it

that's just the e-handbook screen

You mean the waifu whose only screentime was post strangulation

or the robot

Hope Heretics

Whoa. Really? That's pretty sad. What exactly happened?

> started to tell his fans to fuck off
Do you think Kodaka would do the same?

It might not be, but I wasn't counting that as an entry because it's just an adaptation of the original game, not a new entry into the canon.

Yes it is a problem if said parody starts to take itself seriously. That's the point.


If nothing else, I'm thankful for dual katana Munakatana.

The best way should've been making a third game revolved around FF cast. And then an anime to wrap things up. Or just did everything in the game. It's all better than what we got now.

Who killed the security guards on Episode 1?
did Tengan made them watch animu?

Hey, look on the bright side, it means you know exactly what kodaka has in mind for V3.

Yes, but the Kirijunko and Chiakizurufags getting BTFO was much more satisfying.

DR3 is so fucking gay and for faggots, all waifus got killed.
At least we'll see Hajizuru wrecking shit.

To show that his hope was the right one

In DR1 we were presented with only Naegi's hope in DR2 we were presented with Nagito, who has a perversion of Naegi's hope

Inn DR3 we have Naegi and his own brand of hope clashing with the other brands of hope in the FF

>DR2 hinted at it

I'm pretty sure one singular line of translated dialogue doesn't hint at something

Not when the rest of the game foreshadows something completely different, and it hints at something that coincides with what we got in the previous title

He doesn't have to, I've already fucked off.

good he was horrible person


A lot more people believed in Kirijunko/Chiakizuru, that was better.

I may be alone in this, but I'll never believe Umineko could ever be as bad as this considering the circumstances.
Then again, I admit I liked the Ep8 manga for what it did with quite a few characters, and writing anything, nevermind finishing, while losing your best friend is something I couldn't do. So there's my biases.

Kodaka literally said that game wouldn't work. How do you even imagine this shit? FTE Juzo in the middle of murder bullshit?

He's exaggerating. The goat butters became external theories of the readers of the earlier chapters, and some fags took it personally.

He can't really afford to seeing as he is relying on them to make the reboot a success. Although I do think Danganronpa 3 will impair the success of V3, the general reaction does not seem to be a positive one. And that's not just from here either.

If you mean the "Junko manipulated them by exploiting their insecurities and that turned them into UD" headcanon, then this wa never foreshadowed

What happened was a major problem involving misinterpretation and headcanon

I think it was less people believing in it and more that they wanted to believe it

How can he be so cute.


I hope, Kyoko alive and got it.

I'd assume Tengan personally killed them. He organized the FF leader meeting, so guards had to be there. They would've interfered with the killing game so they had to be disposed of.

>Implying it worked as anime.


I'm looking forward to Thursday. Shitty episodes aside, it was a great ride, especially spent with you guys. The end is gonna be one hell of a day, no matter what.

You know something funny?

I STILL think Ryouta will end up being a pawn

Disgusting beta cuck

>Im saving the world by doing the same thing again!
This faggot cant do anything right

Umineko wasn't concluded in anime. Imagine the amounts of anal pains if it was.

Stop shitposting

I'll mourn by posting cute Juzos.

Make it a VN. A full-on VN. No FTEs, no trials, no minigames, all talking all the time.

Not like it'd hurt the sales, some nips are cracking jokes about DR3 being an atomic bomb victim.

yfw Kodaka actually forgot about Komaeda so he won't appear in the finale.


Please do.

He believe of himself as Lelouch, with the I will destroy this world (with hope) and create a new

Psychotherapy from the Neo World Program is essentially brainwashing too.

I want to lick the sweat off his chin.

thank god waking up the losers of the game would ruin the DR2 ending



subs WHEN

i'm getting tired of your bullshit, funimation

also not gonna read the thread, i don't want to spoil anything

>To show that his hope was the right one
That was already apparent.
So apparent that the only challengers they could create were fucking morons, a grown adult shouting about killing despair, a man child that resorts to brainwashing, and don't even get started on HOPEman.
My point is that there's really only one way to look at hope that doesn't sound retarded, and Naegi is already occupying that space. Trying to challenge this just causes you to create dumb characters with retarded motives.

What do you mean "if"? Kyoko WILL come back, you will see. Cure W.

Couldn't he have just sent the guards on a wild goose chase outside the building as the entrances got sealed instead of outright killing them?

>yfw Mitarai is the main villain of V3

He was the real Ultimate Bad Luck, dude can't do anything right
>Removes bangles from survivors when the trick has already been figured out, all survivors except one (who is harmless at this point) are on the same side and rescue teams are already entering the building anyway
>Ooooops turns out the bangles were the only thing preventing aforementioned harmless dude from going full Lelouch, now everyone is in danger again including his beloved Munakata
Jesus Fucking Christ

>red tint underneath him like in the "Death confirmation" scenes
is he gonna die?

Simple. Therapists are good people and Usami was excellent in 2. She also has a great design. As a whole, she has one of the strongest baselines of any character in the series.

>some nips are cracking jokes about DR3 being an atomic bomb victim.
Fucking finally.

Pretty sure it was Junko that tortured Chiaki for half an episode. Thanks for trying though.

That's because they made the shitty script just for anime. So of course there wasn't trials and shit. I mean a different killing game focusing just the FF cast like the previous two.

Causet he author kisses Naegi's ass and wants to tell everyone that he is perfect.

>you'll never be able to give Juzo a happy ending

I can't believe that I actually like Mitarai being the main villain.

One can only hope.

>thinking they want to give that plotline that took up multiple episodes to have any sort of satisfactory conclusion
Oh, how naive.

Oh wow, I watched the episode subbed in spanish and it wasn't as bad as you guys said it was

Why is there uch a huge backlash? I think things were set up quite fine for the finale

I mean c'mon, what did you guys expect? Tengan to still be alive and another body fake out plot point? Same thing with Chisa? A nobody being the 16th person?

She didn't need Chiaki at all, she had perfected his techniques

> Junko manipulated anime man to mind hack everyone and Juzo to hide from da police
> wtf where is Junko mad manipulation skillz Kodaka lied to me?! >_

God, I hope so.


>main villain.

he is not a villain he is a retard

With brain acupuncture.

>I have no arguments left, the post



How? You don't impose any input on a person and its the person themselves who choose to become wat they want to be thanks to the graduation progrsm

Buddy we talked about you like 20 posts ago, stop shitposting

What's the point of killing him?
With all the build-up he had in both Future and Despair parts, he has to redeem himself.

>people died because of anime

Hopeman makes sense, but you have to think about it and read between the lines, consider what we know of his past. That's not good writing for such a major anti-hero/antagonist.

>I mean c'mon, what did you guys expect?
Something good?
I know, I was foolish.

DR3 and ME3 do differ in that ME was always meant to have a final chapter. There was a conflict set up in 1 that was meant to be ended in 3. DR did not do this. Despair still existed, sure, but our story wasn't about eradicating despair. It was unraveling the mystery of Hope's Peak and getting out alive. This is why DR2 and AE told entirely different and self contained stories that built on the setting without really moving a wider plot forward. They all introduce their own little conflict and resolve it, they don't try and push a grand story arc forward. DR3 has tried and failed to retroactively bolt on a grander story to the franchise by literally placing itself at the start and end with Future and Despair. It is also introducing dozens upon dozens of questions about 'why didn't X just Y?' that have no in-universe response, only a shrug and 'because Kodaka hadn't written that in yet'.
I fear that I'm rambling a bit, but I hope the general thrust of what I'm saying is clear.

It could work as a simple VN without trials and with a Future Foundation mode where the FTEs are made outside of the killing game

Better watch out, Asahina got a red tint over her. She might not make it either.

Assblasted memesters and angry Zero Escape fans trying to get people to hate DR as much as ZE is now hated.

>Couldn't he have just convinced Ryouta to use his hope anime some other way instead of making the FF leaders kill each other?

the man is insane, why would he think rationally?

> grown adult shouting about killing despair,
It isn't really retarded. Despair basically just name of terrorist group in this universe. People shout the retarded claims like that like all the time in heated situations i.e. killing reds, blacks, etc.


Fuck off, translation would never come around

Fujos will be buying it for Juzo and Kodaka will pander to waifufags next episode with Kirigiri coming back and Nanami fan pandering


Why did they even have Poison Bracelets? For fun?

Stop shitposting user

Not brown enough

That was pretty fucking funny. Pure confusion on both sides of the language barrier.

Do you have the link to spic subs

>things were set up quite fine for the finale


> Hopeman makes sense
His behavior is, his meme luck is literal magic.

>he has to redeem himself.
Redemption by death is a thing.

Keep them in check and guarantee some of them died

Of the 3 hopeman bothers me the least. At least his twisted view is interesting.


>dual wielding, each sword a memento of those he lost
Fuck ;_;

>his name is literally written as 13
He was doomed from the start

Translation would happen.

As if he'd give anything other than a stupid bleak ending.

All of them had very relevant points, Munakata himself had good point and a good standing until he proved himself unable to actually be able to hold himself true to what he was preaching while Naegi was

Die for what?



> I mean c'mon, what did you guys expect?
Team up of Kirijnko with Chiakizuru

God I want this walking meme to make it out of this shitfest alive

My Prediction
>Aoi gets saved by Kirigiri who explains she used the Cure W to save herself but knocked her into a temporally and she finds it difficult to move her arm/log
>Aoi,Kirigiri meet up with Munakata and the three find Naegi and co. Naegi kisses Kirigiri and Togami makes a sarcastic comment about it
> Suddenly they hear a voice and Hajime reveals himself. Hajime says that while the others are protecting the island he decided to go to the FF Building and the group go to confront Mitari
> They find him and manage to convince him that Brainwashing people is wrong. Mitari reveals that in the building there is a bomb and says that he will stay behind to fix his own mistake and goes to the broadcast location.
>Naegi and co leave and Mitari removes the device decativating the Hope Wave.
> Bomb goes off and Mitari is killed but the rest escape.
> Timeskip - Makoto monologues that the New Future Foundation is restoring hope to the world and it ends with Naegi and the remaining survivors (including the D2 cast who have all woke up) going to a graveyard.He leaves with Kirigiri and it ends on Makoto and co walking away all smiles on their faces

Jesus christ



I can't believe I want this fucker to survive.


>Naegiri but no Hinanami

He is exaggerating.
But yes, Umineko didn't end on an as good of a note as many hoped. Here's a very basic background from someone that more or less kept up with that shit:
-Episode 3 was rewritten completely. Had a lot of great parts in of itself, but it was basically the start of him changing for the sake of fans alone.
-Episode 5 continued on track, having some high moments, but the tone was expressly different, up to a plot twist that essentially turned a character's motivation on it's head.
-The author's best friend who was also an important member of his group died due to illness. This while 6 was being written(or shortly before 5 was released, the exact timing is a bt of a blur, sorry).
-6 came out, and pretty much telegraphed not only the twist many saw coming, it pretty much did only that overall.
-7 piled on the telegraphing, and 8 pretty much capped off you knowing moreso on the meta elements for certain than the island events.
I don't buy into theories some had to rationalize the story changes, but it's clear with some plots elements and especially interviews losing his friend fucked him up something fierce. It really is despair inducing no matter how you see Umineko's ending.

>Kirigiri really died

>There are plebs who don't recognise Danganronpa 3 as a modernist meta-fictional masterpiece
Fuck off philistines - this will be considered the next Ulysses

In theory, challenging Naegi's hope actually makes sense as a conclusion, and is somewhat standard for sequels in a franchise. I say in theory, because in practice it has failed. Firstly, claiming that this is a final battle between hope and despair was a bad move - if it was going to be Hope v Hope, it should have been up front about that. No reason to have people consider it the third and final battle when it simply isn't.

Next, the "challenge Naegi's hope" storyline would have required the audience to seriously consider one of the alternate versions of hope is better, until it is shown to be flawed or Naegi adapts and a new, better version of hope is born. This wasn't how it was done - Munakata's was always presented in a way that made him come across as completely insane, one claimed the way to salvage hope is to kill everyone, and the other claimed the way to spread hope is to literally brainwash them. Both are very clearly not the right ideas, they're unethical and immoral, which means Naegi's was always the right one, and this was a clear fact. Nagito not being included in this is yet another fault, because even though his Hope is also clearly wrong, if you're going to have Hope fight Hope, you may as well bring in all the viewpoints. nagito being an established character would have allowed him to be a better big bad as well.

Instead, what we have is a mess. The conflict was always clear, and although the same was always true with Hope v Despair, the idea of challenging Naegi's hope is to make it so we don't really see Naegi's hope as the clear right one. Hope v Despair is Good vs Evil, Hope v Hope is Goood v Good, and Good v Good only works when you have reason to believe the alternate Good are legit and right in their own sense. At best, it's poorly conceived, and at worst, outright lazy.

I doubt most of you guys have you watched the subs

I see, that makes sense

Laugh isn't a proper reply, user

What were you expecting?

For the glory of Despair, of course.


>pffff Kodaka made a guy who was here from the start and survived until the end the final boss
And that is bad, how? Someone had to do it.

>guy named thirteen
>guy named one two three
>guy named gundam

is it just me or do parents in DR have issues

It's literally the only part of DR3 to have gone as intended.

Meh, I'll take it as an alternate universe like IF.

Can you imagine how fucking confused the survivors would have been had Mitari fallen down that bottemless pit part way through the game.

Thank you, user dumping Juzos. At least he has you and me

Hinanami is not going to happen at this point - With Kirigiri's resurrection they can explain it quickly but Nanami is not coming back

Too disappointingly plain user. I liked the cliche bomb thing though.

Try reading my post

Edgelord Narukami is the only good thing to come out of DR3.

>juzo with both hands

it hurts

This is like the worst parts of Umineko's ending

No one cares that it's an anime about anime Kodaka.

>DR3 starts
>Overwhelming majority loves Chisa, despises Juzo and Munakata
>DR3 ends
>Overwhelming majority despises Chisa, loves Juzo, and wants Munakata to survive

My how things change

>Naegi will never die


Stop shitposting

¿Donde estas mis amigos de habla española?

It's funny because no one is complaining about subs being late.
It just shows how bad the episode was.

Yeah but at this point this is what i suspect we will get. I doubt they will be any big revelations and there will be likely a small epilogue

How do you guys think it will end

I'm holding out for his husbando joining him in heaven, honestly.

Fuck off. They can explain it even more quickly than that if they wanted ot.

Me neither, I suppose Juzo's devotion rubbed off on me.

>Translation would happen.

VN translation is hell and it isn't a proper game so I doubt Spike Chunsoft would bring it here when even DR/0 wasn't brought here

>a stupid bleak ending.

A bleak ending would be stupid, you'll see Kirigiri is alive and playing the long con. Hajime will team up with Naegi and stop Mitarai, they will reform the FF and the world through Nanami/Naegi's brand of hope

Either you have both or you fuck off.

>guy named one two three

¿De donde lo has descargado?

This is what i expect will happen

>third world language translation

Si jajajajajaja xD

Could Naegi keep his waifus alive if he had a wristband on that would kill him if they die? Would that extend his luck to the waifu?

Munakata's hope wouldn't be so retarded if the despairs hadn't been made via brainwashing.




Mmmh, no lo se, ¿de donde crees, amigo?


At least we got the best detective out of this mess.

Literally everyone that is obsessed with hope in this universe is worse then those that are trying to flat out induce despair and aren't even trying to hide it.

Seriously, I'd rather deal with Junko then the fucking autism Munakata, Nagito, or Mitarai bring to the table


That would shield them while he had the band. All the flags would activate upon its removal.


Actually who is rescue Aoi - Munakata maybe

The entire game foreshadows at something completely different and much better than brainwashing, but...brainwashing was hinted and mentioned more than in just one line.
It was mentioned when the NWP was explained, it was mentioned by Junko when asked how she did what she did, and in another couple dialogues which dont directly mention it, but heavily imply how one can be compelled to do anything in easier ways than having to convince them or bring them on your side with logic.
But most importanly, it was the words Junko used "what if i told you it was brainwash, or hypnotism? would you believe that? does it even matter?"...Junko is a half Kodaka selfinsert, he's the one playing with the player's emotions and puppeting the whole series, and it wouldnt be the first case in which a selfinsert charachter's words are used by the writers to tell something directly to the player.

>this was never foreshadowed
>What happened was a major problem involving misinterpretation and headcanon
Except it was?
>Junko sets up a days long killing game using and abusing the character personalities and past issues.
>Junko manipulates her childhood friend,who she previously manipulated multiple times since they were kids, into erasing her memory to further manipulate him into helping her both for her plan and her own despair peak(lost of the loved one), all this lasting for months.
>Showing cast's past issues and insecurities, shoving them into the player's face, finding out that, once again, it was all Junko's plan cause the cast is actually RoD.
And you're telling me this wasn't made to purposedly hint at Junko properly manipulating the DR2 cast, like she did for years?
If you really believe all this is just misinterpretation, you're a retard.

Don't say that brother, Juzo wouldn't want this for him, and you know that.
Moreover he'd probably just get cucked again in heaven

>tfw saving Naegi's life was ironically the only thing Juzo ever did right

>Kills the first person in his chapter
>Second person in the chapter to die
>Murdered in the third chapter

You posted a blank picture

Aqui, cagandome en los muertos de Kodaka por este anime de mierda. Menuda perdida de tiempo.

Hope plows forward, user


Juuzoboys, you have to admit that Chisa's smile was beautiful at the end. Real Chisa really did deserve Munakata's love.

I'm conflicted about him surviving
I want him to live so Juzo's didn't die in vain, but my heart wants him to meet with him and Chisa in the afterlife

Stop with the fucking shitposting user

Estos subs no son ESPERANZA en lo absoluto.

>up to a plot twist that essentially turned a character's motivation on it's head

Been awhile since I read it and frankly I didn't know much other than that BT died. What's the twist you're referring to?

How is/was Killer Killer relevant? Only because Juzo and Munakata appear in it?

aqui estoy, amigo x))

You forgot lewd

All of it was confirmed since forever, people that keep believing Junko can talk 15 people into being bad guys are absolutely retarded.


According to Hope Theory, Hope is defined as the perceived capability to derive pathways to desired goals, and motivate oneself via agency thinking to use those pathways. Basically having a goal, wanting and moving to that goal, all while being positive about the outcomes.

This is pretty much Naegi personified which is why Munakata and Mitarais hopes are so stupid. They were never that to begin with.

Yo detesto este anime. Arruinó la serie.

Yes you got trick

So if you were Animator-kun, why not just immediately HOPE anime the FF meeting and get all the succ you could want from the females present while uploading the video to the world unopposed?

Seems like it.
Blue board user.

I'm talking of Battler solving the game at the end, only to become a Sorceror himself and build a new game. Which let on to Ep8.

I don't know if cutting your hand with a mere knife is fucking badass or fucking stupid.

You need to insist a lot to cut the bone with something less than a machete

>up to a plot twist that essentially turned a character's motivation on it's head.
Who? To be honest I don't remember much of Umineko at this point. However I do remember a distinct change in the tone of the story after ep 5 (which is when his friend died) and it's pretty obvious the plot was negatively affected by it. Reading episodes 6 and 7 honestly felt like a chore for me at many points.

Thursday will be in a way the 13th episode of Future so he'll be back!

>ZTD was shit
>DR3 was shit
>AA6 was fucking amazing
At least the the holy trinity of hyped up sequels isn't complete shit. Ace Attorney for life baby! I actually had the least amount of hype for AA6...

Chisa's in hell because there's no place else Junko could be.

I know he'd feel bad at first, but if Munakata's satisfied with his death, then Juzo would eventually accept it.

Munakata doesn't have anyone left alive, so it'd feel like a good end.


In DR1, Junko had to use mindwipe and even so, that only forced them to kill, not become UD


Matsuda is the same as Mukuro, manipulated by Junko since her childhood, he was made to be reliant on her and to see her as a subtitute for his dead mother


It was never said anywhere in the game that what we saw in their FTEs is what Junko extorted to somehow make them into UD

>And you're telling me this wasn't made to purposedly hint at Junko properly manipulating the DR2 cast, like she did for years?

She did dmanipulate them, just not in the way everyone was expecting. She cheated, as Junko always does

>If you really believe all this is just misinterpretation

It was misinterpretation of one single line in particular that was said by Fake Naegi

>Danganronpa Gaiden
>relevant to the main serie
pick one

He isn't the villain, he's just lost and he'll get hope'd by Naegi and Hinata for the finale.

What the fuck is Hope Theory?


He wasn't convinced of the need to use it at that point. He had to be driven into using it (in the most retarded way) because turning people into mindless zombies is a bit evil.

Chisa's still a despair in death and she doesn't give a fuck about either Munakata or Juzo.
It's better for Munakata to live even if it's just one day longer.

Would the rest of the UDs go to hell once they die

AA6 had some bad stuff though in it though and it's not T&T or AAI2 level of good.

It won't accomplish a thing for his character and the plot.

Despair Decease could as well be mind hack.

> Prepaired to wait him in heaven for a few decades
> He comes in a few hours after you have done all to save him from your point
> Happy but also sad

actually this episode made me think she is actually alive since they didn't show her corpse..

Seeing as she's in hell with Junko, it's obvious the writers don't think so.

Google it. It's a theory used to describe and define hope. Yes, it's a real thing.

You're a wonderful person for providing so much Juzo. It warms the soul.

But think about it! You could have Chisa, Kyouko, and Aoi slurping on your cock at the same time! Why the fuck would you pass up on such a prime opportunity?

The only one awaiting him on the other side is Juzo, user, Chisa is still a despairfag even in death.

>killing the detective of a murder mystery

Shouldn't Mukuro be there as well? What about the rest of UD that was brainwashed too?

Kill this meme opinion.

They also didn't actually show Chiakers death, just the remnants reaction to it. They're just bullying us, lad, steel yourself for the worst.

I wouldn't be so hasty to consider both Kyosuke an Aoi as deceased.

And she didn't appear in the death montage in the recap.Yes, I know they didn't show Ruruka's death, but at least she appeared.


I'm sorry to disappoint you, my friend. I didn't make that one. I could add a few more lines to it, but I feel like that'd ruin the OC the other pastamaker created and I don't want to be that kind of person!

We're different persons, but thanks, user!

>Chisa's still a despair in death and she doesn't give a fuck about either Munakata or Juzo.

that what delusional Fujos actually believe

AA6 brought me despair.
The proper kind of despair though with some of those twists, especially THAT one from Case 5.
And yeah, I barely gave a shit about it because people kept bad mouthing it after its Jap release.


>bringing the detective back to life


Wait AA6 is actually good? I wasn't hyped for it all despite loving AA

> Why the fuck would you pass up on such a prime opportunity?
Why do you think he showed at the meeting in a first place, user? Too bad, that he he was forced into murder game without any mind hacks to rely on when someone hijacked meeting.

I guess she'll just have despair orgies with Junko and other despair fags then

Mukuro wasn't relevant to the scene. the other UDs aren't technically dead, or died during DR3.

I agree. TWO VICTIMS was fucking insane.

See here. Mukuro isn't there, and she definitely deserves it more than most. So I would say no for the rest of them.

>that momentary pause while everyone checks the link

We're not the same person, still, thank you. It warms mine too when people post him so I try to give back.

It would be a little happy, but still think this anime is a pile of shit. Bringing back a heroine or two will save this anime.
Just give me my fucking game already


All of those are wrong.

It's the best mainline game. Go play it, it's better than anyone expected.

Chisa's still despair? Didn't she say something about hope? She seemed sad as fuck.

new thread

Mukuro is in heaven like the angel that she truly is underneath her despair shell

>Chisa's not a despair in death and doesn't want to see Munakata to suffer

I spy a delusional hetshipper

Please tell me Chisafag, how did your deluded ass manage to cope with despair Chisa having a casual conversation with Junko, in death?

anti-sleeping pills

Hope is built on friendship. And homolust.

>It's the best mainline game
>When AA1 and AA3 exist
Honeymoon fase etc.

>Didn't she say something about hope?
Yes. She was more or less contradicting Junko.

AA1 and AA3 aren't really anything special. It's just nostalgiafags hyping them up. They have 1 and 2 outstanding cases, respectively.

>posting the wrong version

I liked it; it was a major improvement over DD, but no fucking way is it the best in the series.

Delayed from late 2016 to January 2017.
And I hope you learned good nip, since NISA will take even longer, and that's WITH the usual errors

3 arrow

Hey, it's better to rule in hell than serve in heaven, right? She sits at the left of Junko, after all.

Mindwipe =/= brainwashing
She erased their school memories, but the way she made them do what they did was manipulation, not brainwashing.
> only forced them to kill, not become UD
I never said anything about DR1 cast becoming UD?

Exactly, so its manipulation.

I never said it was said in the game, i said that the previous installments of the series, DR1 and DR0, showed how Junko can manipulate people into doing what she wants them to, and is able to drive them into despair.

>She did dmanipulate them
Brainwash =/= manipulation.
Manipulation is make believe, lies, build up fake constructs, deception, trust control.
Brainwash is just hacking into one's brain to control them as puppets, nothing to do with manipulation.

Not to mention how, up until brainwash was revealed in Despair arc, Despair was never said to be a trance status in which you do as ordered to spread Despair, but was always hinted at being a mental status one reaches when losing all hope, when mislead into promised goals, and is guided onto the wrong path.
Heck, even UDG did a better job with the concept of manipulation.

Name a better mainline AA. I admit that AAI2 is still better.

You tell me

Thinking the theater crap means anything is just some shit to waste time.

Now you tell me how it feels knowing that Munakata only loves Chisa even after she is dead

She's just saying that "kibou starts here". But considering the way the episode ended, you can hardly call that a good omen. It sounds more like an ironic line a villain would say.

While Aoi only has one wound and unless it's magor artery she shouldn't bleed to death Kyoske was shot from multiple firearms at once and considering almost point blank range it's very unlikely he'd survive

>junko making satan fall into despair with brainwashing anime

AA6 only has 6-5 though. Nothing special either.

It's the retarded waifufags

AA3 was more consistently good.

>Thinking the theater crap means anything is just some shit to waste time
So you'd better reject any semblance of common sense for the sake of clinging to your delusion, holy shit, I suppose I should have expected as much

>if it was going to be Hope v Hope, it should have been up front about that. No reason to have people consider it the third and final battle when it simply isn't.
It was though. In the anime trailer they literally say 'Hope that kills Hope'.

>implying 6-2 and 6-3 aren't really good
3-1, 3-3 and 3-4 aren't anything special. Meanwhile, 4 out of the 5 cases in SoJ are fantastic.

Is side: HOPE gonna be only the standard 24 mins?


My point was that her manipulation didn't cause them to become UD in DR1

In DR0 that manipulation was very long and heavy, happened since childhood. Also, real physical brainwashing was introduced there in DR0 through the actions of the Reserve course


driving them into despair =/= driving them to become UD

As I said the despair arc employed manipulation, just not how everyone wa expecting. Junko manipulated the class into falling into her trap, she manipulated Mitarai and Juzo and made the former fall into despair

everything in aa6 but the last case is shit mate

>implying 6-2 and 6-3 aren't really good
They aren't. 6-2 is garbage and 6-3 is just good, not amazing.

>4 out of the 5 cases in SoJ are fantastic.
6-1 is decent
6-2 is mediocre
6-3 is good
6-4 is great
Only 6-5 is fantastic.

> people butthurt about brainwashing being a thing
> believing that 2,357 people committing suicide on command isn't retarded bullshit without brainwashing put to use
I literally don't know what you expected, but if believed there was any other way a crazy high school student could bring an apocalypse to happen and expected her to achieve it all with "m-muh manipulation", you're kinda retarded

especially since brainwashing was established lore since DR0


Haters gonna hate. And Cred Forums is filled with them.
I for one think at least the brainwashing made sense due to how it was explained as stimulating pleasure brain spots during times of despair, associating both feelings. It didn't feel like shitty brainwashing that is used everywhere else.

In the end, I think it was an OK anime. Can't deny it could have been a lot better and that they overdid it with the use of mindhaccs.

What people like myself are annoyed about user, isn't the masses being brainwashed,as I've known about this since DR0 with the reserve students watching the killing game countless times to the point they go crazy. Its how we've been told in BOTH SDR2 & DR:AE that Junko used sweet words to convert people to her side like SHSL Despair and WoH. Then we get this "watch a video for a few minutes and you're now batshit crazy". Even in DR0 reserve studentsy had been watching the killing game for hours.

>driving them into despair =/= driving them to become UD
My point is that, up until DR3 Despair arc, Despair wasnt shown as a trance status where you're nothing but a puppet, and what RoD were, as in what they did and how they acted, was left to interpretation, with the name UD used just as aname for the group of Junko's followers who she manipulated into despair.
And, again un until DR3 brainwash was unveiled, no where it was hinted that UD(even if read as an actual mental state instea dof just a name) was something different that being driven into despair, especially since the previous installments showed us how being driven into despair and thus taking wrong decisions leading to the worst outcomes was exactly what Junko does and has always done.
Thus, by the end of DR2, we were made to believe that UD and RoD were people who Junko manipualted, either bringing her on her sides, making them lose all hope and trust, or forcing them into action by coeriction or threats.
In short, there was no reason for us players ot think she did something different to the DR2 cast than what she did to any other person she met in all the previous installments(including UDG).

Gotta bend the rules so the plot moves. Suicide in the game was a good 'twist', and we need a method quick. So why not despair anime? Other possibility would be: so they don't kill a friend or something.

Sweet words would make absolutely no sense. At least the brainwashing is explained.
And I don't remember people being told that in SDR2 (didn't play AE), all I remember is she saying that she brought them down to despair, not how. People probably mistook it for something else and had false expectations.

>Tells Naegi she is fine and that he should go even though she is actually injured
Asahina sure likes tripping deathflags.
It's like she is taunting every other character who died with her immortality. She should have asked for Naegi's hand in marriage or asked him out for Donuts after this is all done or said she is retiring the FF after all this is over.

It makes as much sense as the stupid fucking brainwashing anime.

Brainwashing and Junko charisma are both ridiculous, but at least the later makes the villain more terrifying.

No it doesn't. The point is them becoming SHSL Despairs, just like Junko. Getting turned on by despair, getting obsessed with despair. Brainwashing does just that by associating feelings of pleasure with despair (as it was explained), sweet words wouldn't do shit like that.

I'm honestly starting to think that people just didn't pay attention to the anime.

Would have preferred if there was a genuine traitor personally.

No it wouldn't. The brainwashing anime employed techniques that amplified an emotion that was strongly felt by the watcher to the point of tripping them up. All of 77 were watching Nanami die horribly and knew that she had no hope whatsoever, and they all felt hopeless. All that the anime did was amplify that feeling dramatically and make them succumb to mindless despair. The suicide anime only amplified emotions by showing them videos that would drive them to crushing guilt and later amplify those feelings into suicidal depression. The only one that's weird is the Hope anime, which feels bizarre honestly, but rather than literally just nothing, the rest of them have a reason to be. Literal "She convinced them" wouldn't make sense even for the Ultimate Analyst, considering 15 members are all extremely different, but share one common thread, which is their bonds and love for Chisa and Chiaki.

The thing is: Kodaka obviously loves parallels, so each story (Dr1,2,3) have similar elements. We've already done:
>Traitor (Real)
>Traitor (actually a good person)
and now
>There isn't really a traitor
Yes, I kinda want there to be a mystery and a traitor but we knew this WAS NOT going to be a mystery story. They were quite clear on that. Yet, we still had mysteries.

>Convincing people with charisma makes no sense.

Are you living on another plant user? How do you think people join cults, or terrorists groups or joined up to fight for their king and country hundreds of years ago or in modern time joined Hitlers's Nazi Germany who nearly conquered Europe.

Its through Charisma, Propaganda /Manipulation. They didn't have a brainwash video back in the day you know.