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Has the best imouto ever.


>making a thread when the other one is still up
You're the true cancer, / fag.

She was my first Battleship and helped me a lot early in the game. I like her energetic behavior and her devotion to her onee-san. Her curry is bad, but she keeps working hard to improve and never gives up. Her voice is very cute, too!

>The German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen, ship #36, survived both the Able and Baker tests but was too radioactive to have leaks repaired. In September 1946 she was towed to Kwajalein Atoll, where she capsized in shallow water on December 22, 1946, five months after Baker. >She remains there today, with starboard propeller blades in the air.
Big, tough, lewd Pudding.

I want to buy this battleship a drink.

She could look worse

Loli Haruna a cute

She has nice thighs and is kinda cute in some of her lines.

Hiei is a cutie

Why would you pick Hiei over any of her sisters OP?

He's shitposting.

Surviving nukes is no big deal for a large warship unless they are a carrier with a wooden deck. Plenty of ships did it. That said the ship becomes and radioactive and the crew will be dead making the ship useless anyway.

Iiee, senpai

>She remains there today, with starboard propeller blades in the air.
Delicious starboard propeller in the air.

Her curry makes an excellent weapon.

>The four British ships fired more than 2,800 shells at Bismarck, and scored more than 400 hits, but were unable to sink Bismarck by gunfire.
>Dorsetshire fired a pair of torpedoes into Bismarck's starboard side, one of which hit. Dorsetshire then moved around to her port side and fired another torpedo, which also hit. By the time these torpedo attacks took place, the ship was already listing so badly that the deck was partly awash.
>Ballard noted that he found no evidence of the internal implosions that occur when a hull that is not fully flooded sinks. The surrounding water, which has much greater pressure than the air in the hull, would crush the ship. Instead, Ballard points out that the hull is in relatively good condition; he states simply that "Bismarck did not implode." This suggests that Bismarck's compartments were flooded when the ship sank, supporting the scuttling theory.
Both ships were tough as nails and of this they can be proud.

I don't get why wehraboos keep treating this as some kind of moral victory.

Tape armor turns me on

Because it is, sinking their own ship saves face to sailors as it means the enemy don't have the honor of having sunk the ship, that was denied them as the ship was sunk by it's own crew after the enemy failed to sink her.


I hope they implement Tirpitz as a giant pussy

Many here have suggested we get Tirpitz as a NEET due to her hiding the whole war till she got tallboyed.

Forcing the enemy to scuttle their own ship is no different than sinking it yourself. You don't hear Nips claiming they didn't lose the Battle of Midway because they scuttled their carriers themselves.

I thought scuttling a ship was all about not allowing it to be captured and used against them?

It doesn't count if the ship was fucked anyway. It's nothing like the case of the Graf Spee.

Except that doesn't matter. All that matters is a threat is gone. The real reason you scuttle a ship is to prevent capture.

I would imagine Tirpitz to be kind of distant and doesn't relate to Bismarck. I actually rather see Scharnhorst instead of Tirpitz because the later has a more colorful history to draw from, which may make for more fun personality.

Cute innocent tomboy is always good.

But why would the British have wanted to capture Bismarck anyway? After the pounding she received, the cost of repairing of her would've been too great to justify.

Same reason the Japanese wanted to capture Hornet if possible. War Trophy.

What did he mean by this?

They have implemented ships with worse combat records than Tirpitz. Amagi never sortied, for instance. Plus having others seek her out is amusing at least.


Because even a heavily damaged ship can be studied by the enemy.

Would Hiei accept the ring or would she turn the admiral down?

I just want to believe somewhere the Hiei knows that the Admiral was lying about it not being a marriage proposal and that she feels like shit for breaking his heart. And all the other ship girls who were listening outside could only watch in sadness as the Admiral walked around the shipyard completely and totally devoid of any emotion. I was hoping that would lead to awkwardness because she's his secretary and they try to keep it professional.

Somewhere along the lines, I wanted to hope that she would slowly fall in love with the Admiral while her sisters try to push her to accept her feelings. But she tries to fight against it and says she doesn't love the Admiral because she loves her sister.

This leads to shitty performance by Hiei because she is emotionally conflicted. And then the Admiral dies out in the ocean, sunken when he tries to protect Hiei from a torpedo. Hiei blames herself and never gets over it. She keeps the ring on as a reminder of her own failure and how she had hurt those closest to her.

She actively searches out death on the battlefield for many years to come, serving many Admirals, finally meeting the death she looked for when she sacrifices herself to protect the rest of the fleet. And as she sinks, she sees a hand reach out to her.

"Admiral, would it be okay if I accepted your proposal, to be your wife?"

Too bad no one will ever draw that out.

Anons favorite boat gets scuttled!

What is this shitty fanfiction.

Fuck off

Shit Kongou, not as bad as Kirishima though.

You could have just said Graf or Aquila you know?

Why are Hieifags so cancerous?

When will RJ bullying stop?

It's her own fault for trying to be a decoy and then sinking due to Sara Maru of all people.

>I actually rather see Scharnhorst instead
Most unlucky ship when?

Is this a real Kanmusu or an independent artist?

I wouldn't call her unlucky, seeing as how she survived for four years, way longer than Bismarck.

A shit.

Loos like that cat is enjoy the ride.

Warspite's been in more brushes with death than Scharnhorst. I don't even know if we can call Warspite lucky or just that she's a real die hard figure.

Why would she be unlucky? I mean, she would probably have slightly higher luck than the average Japanese ship.

Enterprise had more close calls than Scharnhorst. Seriously, what up with the skull?

Because she's dark and death. Hence the hair too.
Its just stupid.

Artist trying to be edgy.

>Scharnhorst" and "Gneisenau" were two 35,000 ton battlecruisers Hitler ordered built in answer to similar ships being built by France in the 1930's. The twins were very powerful vessels, with 9x11 inch guns and able to steam 30 knots, However the "Scharnhorst" was known as an unlucky ship. Trouble first started while still under construction. The supports holding the giant vessel gave way and she rolled on her side. Sixty one workers were killed instantly and 110 were wounded and it took 3 months to lift her. Then at the official launch attended by Hitler, Goering, Goebbels and a whole host of dignitaries the only thing missing was the Nazi's newest warship, in the middle of the night the huge cables holding the massive vessel suddenly parted on their own and "Scharnhorst" slid down the ways, crashing into two destroyers, causing a lot of damage.

>The Scharnhorst’s first major battle was at the seizure of Danzig where she bombarded the city. However during this action one of her guns blew up killing nine crewmen. Shortly after this the air system in another gun turret stop functioning and 12 men were suffocated. Neither of these incidents were due to enemy action.
>On April 9, 1940 came an inconclusive gunfire exchange with "HMS Renown" though the Germans received the worst of this short fight. In June 1940 the battle cruisers encountered and sank the aircraft carrier "HMS Glorious" and 2 destroyers. After this, the twins fled back to base, missing a golden opportunity. On board a cruiser and a merchant ship fleeing south had been no other personage than the King of Norway himself, headed to England and exile.


Have an athletic Hiei exercising!

>Morale was terrible on the Scharnhorst. In her first months at sea, she lost many to death and more to desertion. German sailors were saying the ship was cursed and that it was only a matter of time before the jinx struck again. They didn’t have to wait long. During the siege of Oslo, as Nazi battleships poured their fire into the Norwegian port, the Scharnhorst took more hits than the entire fleet combined. She staggered and reeled, belching flame and black smoke from more than thirty wounds before the Gneisenau left the battle to pull her to safety beyond the range of the shore batteries.

>She even encountered disaster on her way home. On the way into port, "Scharnhort's" radar failed and she blundered into merchant ship "Bremen" a badly needed troop transport. She crept into the Elbe River and failed to reveal the world’s largest ocean liner directly in her path in the narrow ship channel. The man on watch sounded the alarm, but he was too late. He died seconds later in the collision with the Bremen. Although the Scharnhorst pulled free and continued upstream, the pride of the German passenger fleet sank on the spot. The Bremen settled into the mud, where British bombers found her the next day and destroyed her. The Scharnhorst curse had claimed another victim.


>>The jinxed ship slipped down the Elbe at night, past the bombed out hulk of the rusting Bremen, and north toward the Allied shipping in the Arctic Sea. Attacking the lightly protected convoys should have been an easy, routine patrol for a dreadnaught with her capabilities, but the same blackness that shielded the Scharnhorst from British patrols also shielded a crippled British boat from the Scharnhorst. She never saw the paralysed smaller craft as she thundered past. It was a fatal mistake. The ship alerted the rest of the Royal Navy and the British fleet was immediately in full pursuit. However the Scharnhorst was too fast and The British lost her in the inky blackness. The British commander spread out his fleet like a fan. In the tense moments that followed, a destroyer spotted her, but lost her in the poor visibility of rough seas. An officer on the "Duke of York" decided to fire a speculative, almost futile chance as the Scharnhorst sailed out of range. Miraculously he scored a direct hit. On fire and with seawater rushing in, she sunk low in the water. More hits quickly followed. In a matter of minutes, the jinx of the German Navy rolled over on her side and sank. The Royal navy picked up only 38 survivors. That wasn’t even the end of the curse. Two sailors managed to reach the coast of Norway in their flimsy rubber raft. As the sailors attempted to warm themselves by lighting a gas stove they had brought from "Scharnhorst". The leaky stove suddenly ignited and exploded, killing both.


Just so you know, that story has been debunked.

Would you carry this misfortune?
It's really heavy.

>The leaky stove suddenly ignited and exploded, killing both
Don't know why, but that really got me

That misfortune looks soft as fuck

If it's this Bremen
Then that is wrong.
> As the sailors attempted to warm themselves by lighting a gas stove they had brought from "Scharnhorst". The leaky stove suddenly ignited and exploded, killing both.
That definitely sounds like a legend.

It really does.

Jesus, Fusou and Yamashiro got nothing on this level of misfortune.

Fusou class had shitty designs, not shitty records.

Much that story is either exaggerated or outright fabricated.

Remember to worship the snail

snail is cool

Its pretty amusing though


Would you marry a Hiei?


I want to storm this castle.

How about a fat Atago attempting exercise?

Happily. I plan to marry her to kick off the fall event. I've got the ring, she's got the level.

She's not fat.

Such a cute princess.


Shigure is disappointed that you chose to bring condoms admiral.

Are the condoms big enough for Shigure's dick?

But I need you ready for battle Shiggy.

cute, adorable and great ship.

I don't like to impregnate girls.

Atago is lovely and I'd motorboat her tummy.

why are Kongou fags cancerous? they can't admit that Kongou is a whore.

Why is Kaga such a lesbo cunt?

I want to lick Prinz's hole

Did Kazagumo ever really have a chance to get her admiral to notice her feelings?

How much fluff, Kuma?

Kongou > Hiei > Haruna > Kirishima


This is the only image of Hiei on my computer.



I think it'd be a lot funnier if her food actually healed Abyssals.

Yes, I fapped to her yesterday. Maybe I'll do it again.

Is that all she's worth to you? Is an easy wank all that you can give her for all the effort she's taken?

I'll say - Scharnhorst's sinking was a lot more dramatic than being hit a few times and then capsizing. She went down fighting, to the extent that the captain of the "Duke of York" (I think) commended her crew after Scharnhorst sank.

Why even bother?

Uh oh

Wow nice yuri post more!

Not him but how about a pat on the head for cooking for me? Headpats are the best reward.


Just a headpat?

She is an adorable try-hard that is saving my fleet

Okay fine, a kiss on the forehead since she seems to get wounds from trying to cook.

Grandma is doing something weird with your phone again admiral.

epic memes now promote your channel elsewhere.

>Cool vblog brah
Too bad it was stupid, now die

She's pretty cute, just stuck in the shadow of Kongou and Haruna.

No grannies there, only the YOUNG and cute Kamikaze.

She really doesn't mind if you spoiled her more either.


Sup, long Hoppou.

No matter how much she tries to hide it, she's not fooling anyone by turning 17 years old yet again.


Post more yuri~!

What are you talking about? This is the first time she's turned 17.


Then explain how she turned 17 the last time.

She looks 14 to me desu.

can i have more Hieis?

And not a day older!

Definitely 17.

What an exceedingly slender Gumo.

That's right, she's definitely 16.

Stop slandering the poor innocent 15 year old.

She's 14, and that's final.

Time to kick back and enjoy some beer.

just don't drink too much

Does she have what it takes to win the TTK though?

I want to fondle your butt, long Hoppou.

She's cute, but there's no shortage of cute girls even among her sisters, who'll also be sure to cunt block her.

I want to make you mine long Hoppu.

Life isn't fair.

Kind of a shame, german wheat beer is quite good.

This faggot still can't draw faces.

Yeah she is more sexy than cute.

Eh, I've seen way worse

How does someone go about breeding with an Abyssal?

Just dominate them with the power of the dick.

The usual way.

You don't. They are the enemy.

Show them who's boss, then make love to them.

Why can't Admirals breed with Abyssals?

>He titles the rape doujin Dearest
What the fuck is wrong with him?

A real admiral can impregnate both shipgirls and abyssals.

What is Hiei doing to that poor potato?

Shipgirls are lesbians.

You need to give it a try first.

Its his way of showing his love to her or his sick sense of humor.

A slightly aggressive game of footsie.

Would Hiei be a kind mother?

I'm going to marry and impregnate this Melon!



She doesn't even love her ttk. Read her marriage line. Her heart belongs to Kongou.

Pretty sure she just means she cares about her sister a lot. I'm fairly certain she loves the Admiral and would be willing to marry him

I want to expand my seaport

What's that admiral, have you taken a notice of Naganami?

Yuubari isn't rotten!

Delicious melon.
She's so elegant and pretty.

Not really. Should I have?

I guess, I've taken noticed of all gumos.

Even this one?

Yep, due to her seasonal which makes her look better than her default CG.

Stop bullying Hiei!

Hiei is for cuddling and loving, telling her that she loves you and rubbing her tummy while she has a baby inside

If I self-insert as Akashi, do I get Ooyodo?

You get a pregnant VA.

No, because Ooyodo is mine.


Most impressive.

Which kanmusu deserve headpats the most?



I guess the ones who work the hardest. But you should just headpat them all to show your appreciation.

Always Zuihou for me.

Since when does Kamikaze have breasts?

>at least one headpat scene in the anime
>just barely show TTK's gloved hand
>"Hehehe~ Teitoku, arigatou"
That alone would go a long way toward justifying the anime.

Why can't maya be girly

Yamato is a cute and pure girl.

Shitmato a shit.

Look at the sprite you posted.

All shipgirls are pure.

>Forcing the enemy to scuttle their own ship is no different than sinking it yourself.
Yes it is, Irishman. The Nazi jumped before you shot so you can't claim the honor of the kill.

So close.

Kamikaze has pretty legs.

this is a fact

I want to put my dick in Prinz and make her pregnant.

I would like to get my Prinz drunk with beer so I could fuck her being drunk.

She looks kinda fat.

What a waste.


Because any admiral who willingly sticks his dick into an abyssal will be summarily executed by the military police.

hot legs

stop reposting this shit faggot

Drunk sex with ships sounds fun.


Can I get a (Yuu)?

I did. I see no mammary tissue.

Kirishima is a honest girl.

Oh really? What if the British just left her alone after they finished whipping her? Her crew certainly couldn't have taken her home for repairs.

No you get a (Ro).


I want to have lovey-dovey sex with her.

Stupid boat.

Will you help Fubuki with her P.E. excercises?


No. I'm busy helping Zuihou.

What do you mean she's not girly?

Suzuya is sleeping.


Army dog

Post Kagerous.

I want to tell Maya that I think she's cute.

The cutest of her class.


What does Nimu's butt smell like?

That seems uncomfortable.

Amatsukaze will give you half of hers

Fuck the military police.


Those are some big abyssal titties

Like shit.

Will she use one of her onahole hair band sleeve things on me?


Good or bad, better be ready for the consequences.


I'll be happy to see where it leads me.

She's probably passed out from railing multiple men.

Super Fast ASW Kick

>you will never be kicked to death by shimakaze

Maya and Choukai are total cuties and Takao-class is best CA class.

I want to feel her step on me.

Would you rape Bismarck even if it meant you'd die?

Why would I do something like that when bullying Prinz is much more entertaining.


you must be doing it wrong because mine is perfectly girly



You do realise, basically a lot of the major American, British and Japanese losses in the Pacific were scuttled by their own crews in the end.

You don't see anyone their claiming it wasn't X's kill.

The primary purpose of scuttling is too deny the enemy the potential of capturing a ship whether for operational or propaganda effects.

Well, at least he has good taste in ships.

Everyone counts Akagi, Kaga, and Hiryuu as Enterprise's kills even though they were scuttled. So Bismarck was indeed the RN's kill.

No, it's different for white people. White people do it out of spite.

No. I'd rather she be willing for cuddles afterward.

>Good taste
>Secondary bait

Thanks for ruining the Pacific war, assholes

Except they don't. Hornet was scuttled because there was no time and way to save her.

Yes, but I would find a way to not die.

That's just accelerated sinking then.

And? She pulled me in and I'm staying for her.

Fuck off.

thats a cute atago

Akizuki, after another day of failed attempts to seduce the Admiral.

Well I meant for the Americans there was no tine to save her. Given enough time and not being under attack she could have been towed by either the Americans or Japanese.

No because she could have been saved. She was scuttled because towing her would have slowed down the Americans and Japanese.

No one cares about your boring taste, also stop posting shit no one cares about from other boards.

Atago is always cute

I hope you're also posting this on the ATAGO U.S.A., Inc. website.

>Not knowing how Google search algorithm work

But the maintenance guy lived.

Bullying my wife is unacceptable.

That's what I do everyday.

All shipgirls are cute, all shipgirls are cute.

Except you're waifu.

I want to fall asleep while she's giving me a lap pillow.

But if he's dead then who is the black haired guy in all the other doujins.

But she is!

i'd rather this one

I-19? More like Slut-19 amirite?

All shipgirls are pure as well.

Kaga is cute

Your wife is cute along with my cute wife.

Mou sugoi Kaga-san!

I want this one.

sexiest and prettiest carrier, my kaga friend.

Being Shouhou is suffering.

Shiggy's feminine penis

That's bullshit.

Why is my wife wearing that hat?

Bob CVL kai ni when? That's his last remaining ship that needs one.




Never. She has neither the historical accomplishments nor the popularity to warrant a second remodel.

A-admiral you know...I won't be able to get any work done if you keep staring at me like that.

Look up Setsubun, she's wearing an oni mask.

>So this is Japan's culture, Setsubun! I throw this bean at Nagato, right? Hyah! Oh?!

She won't be worried about being cold when she's on fucking fire.

I want a Tone calendar.

At least that Poi is hot.

Official fall CG never.

How do I get a Prinz gf?

You must first save her from the enemy. Then you show her love by setting her as your secretary ship. Step 3 ????? Step 4, marriage.

Mention you like pudding.

You don't because she's my wife.

Already done. 155, always my secretary.

what if i become the pudding?

Or just summon biscuits. She loves biscuits more than pudding.

Then you have become my wife. Bend over.

By the way, Freddy's Rei-gou book wasn't on sale when I was in Japan, having just come out at Houraigekisen 4.

To get the pudding you must be the pudding.

Whoops, danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2484760


Mention you like her socks.


This one had a particularly egregious translation before I came to fix it.
>and then people tried to revert it

Recommend me a movie about the Pacific.
Rip americans girls.

Poor Aquila, will she ever be noticed?

I would sniff that shit all day brah.

He quite likes Warspite, clearly.

>Lifting up her skirt
>When it isn't long enough to get in her way in the first place

I'll say.

>Poor Aquila, will she ever be noticed?
Don't talk to my wife like that.

Look on the bright side-you'll never be NTR'd.

I want to yoshi yoshi her pastas.

Zara's not exactly small either.

Would be 100x hotter if the admiral wasn't involved.

Why does Zara's pantyhose look so appealing?

If i were to bang Pola while she was drunk would Zara shun me?

I don't think it's possible to find Zara in a non-drunk state, so I think there are extenuating circumstances.

Because they're pantyhose. But its also because they're very dark. The darker they are, the better they are.
I actually wished her pantyhose had that seam in the back like that image.

It's time.


The seam is my favorite part of the gumo class pantyhose.

Same, I like that little detail. I mean Hamakaze, Mutsuki, Asashio and Nowaki's are nice, but I like that Fujikawa tried to be a little more unique and that a whole class wears them is also pretty neat.

This is hot.

Have another one.

>Once used Abyssals to represent Allies
>Now uses Abyssals to represent Axis

Sakazaki Freddy has come full circle.

You do know she is attacking an Abyssal while Axis ships watch right?

i wish i could get more tone

Girls in bloomers are for fucking.


I wonder what those pantyhose and panties smell like pre and post night battle.


>still no photos of Oki's upskirt
Such a sad world.


I know it sucks, we just have to have faith someone will eventually do it.





Thanks user.


I find it cute when they cry.

That is very nice.



Cute girls in tears makes everything better.


Class with Haruna!

Jesus christ stop posting so many images every thread.

I want to protect this smile.



this needs to update for the ass hime last event
also does she also appear next event? i failed to get her last event.

I doubt it.

I want to make Shiranui dress up in embarrassing clothes.

Is today's lesson sex ed?

There are far too many to pick as cutest.

I want to see more seasonal sprites with the abyssals so bad.

What if the movie turns out to be good?

Will the Soviets land on the moon retroactively.

It won't.


I for one will watch it on the day it comes out.
Who knows maybe it'll be just as bad.

RIP Fubuki

Sexy witch BB hime for Halloween and Oktoberfest Hoppou.

This, Kaga is love, Kaga is life

i wish there were more doujins

You'd think with how lewd their uniforms are, there'd be more.


How many Warspite did he draw?

theyre just being lazy

Which ships follow F1?

The Germans and the Pastas.
Iowa follows turn left.

>hehe good joke about raping me and that. Now, what are we gonna do in the bed?

You lay down there still while I have foursome with your sister, alright?


Kaga is the smuggest carrier

Refrain, mango


Why do you call for the dead

>replying to the lagafag

How does 5-3 compare to event maps? This shit's fucking killing me.

It's piss easy with all subs. Maybe try 4 subs 2 level 1 DD.

Why level 1 DD's? For routing?

Yeah. ~95% chance with 2+ DD in the fleet, ~25% otherwise.


Thanks I'll try it.

I'm going to cum inside Houshou's butt!

You'll still have to make sure they both alive by the time you reach the boss node though. After that however it's fair game.

Wolves > dogs

I see nothing wrong with this.

They made it on the first try but my subs kept attacking the special abyssal instead of the transport. Is there a reason for that besides flagship protection?

>Is there a reason for that besides flagship protection?
No. It's just that flagship protection procs a lot more since the enemy's in ring formation.

I would but with Kaga. The upside she wouldn't kill you because she's so used to getting raped, it would be just another Wednesday night for her.

Thanks for your help. I'll have Zuikaku-chang soon!

>posted flanfly 7 seconds off
>meido deletes it
wew /jp/

Can you keep up with Kisaragi?

Hiei is a cutie. Her personality makes me want to pet her head.


Ruined by the anime.

Anyone have the Kuma version of this please? I think it was by ddjigend.

That's because Houshou's butt is for cumming in.

The battle of North Cape was pretty exciting though, more so that most abortive battleship fights.

no u


Prinz a cute, please Refrain

No, Kaga-san is a pure virgin

me second from the right

More Houshou's butt please.


None of the kanmusu are pure.

Why is Kuma so sexual?

fluffy hair

I wanna kick that butt.

Does she have fluffy hair down there too?

I want to rape your sisters.

no u

Not a single Japanese ship follows the F1?


Kuma has claimed your base.

What do?

What about me?

Lick feet.

Rip Nagato, she should've known that bears are very dangerous.

Shimakaze maybe.

Can't unsee that QUALITY Ooi.

Its time, post the worst pick up line you can think of from certain ship girls.
>Uzuki: Ya'know, rabbit is pretty afraid of being lonely and may die because of it. Maybe you can save one today ?

Kiss her navel.

Kuma's belly, feet, and butt!

This one is cute as fuck.

No, Kaga-san is a lewd mam

I need someone to film our session, so you do it.

I want to kiss her kneepit.

That's not a bad pick up line. I want to daughteru her if she said that


I don't think Uzuki would have time to say a pick up line before I start fucking her.

Who should be season two MC?

Me. I will.


Off yourself, Fubuki.


Not a slut.


I want to be Kuma's seat.

God bless Jiji.

So you want me to lick you?

Such a soft girl.

fapping to boats is wrong.

Built for anal.

You can't stop me.

Excuse me?

She seems so cuddly.

What's the point of Luck on carriers?

It's time to sleep soon. We're almost out of images.

All of the kanmusu are pure.

But Kuma-chan isn't here to sleep with me.

There's not even a decent image to print on dakis. Truly lack of Kai Ni suffering.

Whoever you don't like.

So you hate her?


so who was your 1st ship girl did you guys intentionally/accidentally sink?


Purest daughteru or purest daughteru?

Jintsuu when I was like level 3

this two are the real pure daughter material.


Sendai, on my way to get through the fall event on 2014. I end up marry her latter on.

Perhaps you are interested in me, Kamo?



Your daughterus are a shit.

They are for threesomes.


Kasumin is the purest.


Not for long! I'm going to have XXX with Kasumin!

Me and Kaga-san

Kagerou for season two MC.

She's mine.

You hate her that much?

He got the last image so she's yours


I want to rape Kasumi and then wake up to see her raping me as payback.


There's a hot doujin where she gives TTK a blowjob under his desk while he's talking to someone as payback. I remember fapping together with a couple anons to it a few days ago.

Who did you spend your first wedding ring on?

Kaca is shit

Prinz. First and only.


My starter.

It's going to be Kuma!


>marrying workplace propoganda


night nerds.


Sorry Kagafriend, my bad

>Say something nice about Hiei
She's the Emperor favorite ship.

go to sleep fag

Kaga love.

Laga hate

Kaga-san is love.

Mou sugoi, Kaga-san


You're welcome.

>Emperor favorite ship
the Emperor has great taste

I will take Kisaragi as my wife.

Hope you like seeing her with 10 dicks at the same time.

She's not a slut.


Ooi is a Shibafu character, that's QUALITY enough.
Everyone else just fills in how hot she's supposed to be.

Correct. If she had the patience to sit through it.

Did she rape you on the wedding night?

It was a good attempt

Radioactive waifus are best waifus.

That looks way too good to be Jiji.

Mikazuki, about an hour into playing. I was paranoid about turning the game off if things went bad, and thought I had no choice but to play the fight and sink her.
I've lost one other ship (my first copy of Maya), but that was because I walked out and my cousin decided to play the game on me. I didn't realize it till I went to train her that she was gone.
I've since gotten Mikazuki and Maya again. They're lv50 and 97.

I spent my first paid ring on Choukai. My free ring went to Kongou. Fusou is next now that she's lv99, but I want to wait until the fall event starts to propose.


How to Warspite

I don't know, maybe Satsuki, Ashigara, Haguro or Unryuu.

It's usually Goya.

It was Satsuki, then Fusou was sink in 2-5.