These are the panties of a cute anime girl

These are the panties of a cute anime girl.
Their sight is very pleasing and arousing to any healthy heterosexual male.

Smells like gunpowder

Now it's best girl thread

How tall is Megumin?

I liked that anime very much. Only watched it today after neglecting the year 15/16 because of all that edgy shit in the top lists

As tall as an animated 13yr old is :3

Clothes aint sexy m8.

speak for yourself retard

I consider myself pretty perverted, but Ive never understood the appeal of panties/underwear in general. Am I missing something?

Use your imagination. If you seriously can't think of any reason then you may be retarded.

>liking chinese animated underwear
Pick one mate

sex drive maybe

>Their sight is very pleasing and arousing to any healthy heterosexual male.
So why are you posting them on Cred Forums?


Yeah, you're missing your heterosexuality. Fag.

Pantsu smell yummy

I understand that nips are sexually repressed, but isn't their obsession with underwear going to far?
It's literally a piece of clothing that absorbs various bodily fluids.

>It's literally a piece of clothing that absorbs various bodily fluids.
That's precisely why it's sexy. Don't forget it occasionally gets wedged up the butt, too.

I wonder how Megumin's smell. Probably not as nice as she'd hope.

>stealing underwear from 13yo girl

Is there no knight militia in this shitty fantasy world?

if S2 won't show us her parents then fuck it

I imagine it smells like a combination of nitroglycerin and iron oxide.

I'm the same actually. ZR or pantyhose? Got a thing for them. Bra? Turns me on. A wet T-shirt? Awesome. Naked apron? Has its appeal.
But panties I just never got. As far as I'm concerned they exist to be taken off and ignored after that completely.
They just seem boring, kinda.
Sniff them? Take them off? Put them on your head?
I seriously have no idea what else you're supposed to do with them. And neither of those things even looks fun. It seems kinda disgusting, in fact.
Then again, I am virgin, just as everybody else here, so what do I know.


It depends.

I think underwear can be sexy when on the girl, otherwise I don't care for them.

I'm certainly not the type who thinks stealing panties is worthwhile like in Japan.

>any healthy heterosexual male
remind me to ask that fuck anime guy to come in and tell you why that's wrong.

The knights have good taste in that world. I hear they even stick stolen loli pantsu in their closed helmets and get high off the aroma.

>sniffing panties

>fuck anime guy is a healthy heterosexual male
there you have it. those who hate anime aren't healthy heterosexual male, period.

How is there anything arounsing about a panty on it's own?
Really a panty in general, on a girl or off, it's fucking underwear. It's not ike it's a fetish item like a collar or something like that.

Panties are overrated and far too commonplace.

Now I have seen the light

so sad, I never got to see my waifus panties.

This, shit ain't arousing anymore because they whore it out so commonly. That and all they ever show are same old boring panties or shimapan.

Pantsu off the butt aren't that sexual. Pantsu on the butt are top lewd.

For me it's the fact that beyond those panties are the hidden mystery of what might be there. A fobidden place. If I put it in perspetive. It's like the gif from shiro that I can't find

Best I could

what if you stuff them in her mouth?

I prefer if she wore this instead...

Pantsu on the butt are absorbing lewd things, of course they're more sexual.

Depends. You need to make sure the inside of the pantsu are what you're tasting.

In Strike Witches, those are a pair of pants for girls.

I feel this gif doesn't have enough bakuretsu.

Mi negro.

It's a super old Japanese meme that just refuses to die. We in the Western world don't find panties exiting, but the Japanese people have grown up in a society where panties are seen as the essence of their sexual drive or something.

Then again Japanese really didn't care about boobs until the 90s. It's really weird really.

Kazuma is 165 cm / 5'4''
We could use math to get Megumin's height based on that.

darkness is a big girl

Why is he such a midget?

Why are all anime protagonists manlets?

How are Kazuma and Megumin the cutest couple?
It's unfair!

for you

It's almost like he's Japanese or something.

Is this a good girls in shit anime thread?

As for sniffing panties I assume it has to do getting off the the fact that said female is having their panties unknowingly sniffed and or jacked off into. I'm assuming that some female's dirty underwear have a pleasant smell while others are straight up nasty.

No, this is a best girl in AOTS thread.

Probably 148-150ish.
Underheight compared to the average adult woman in Japan, but not much, for example that would be the average height of popular seiyuu.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Megumi is best girl, and it was an alright comedy-harem, but nothing AOTS about it.

It was a pretty shitty season altogether. I guess Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is a strong AOTS contender too. KonoSuba was definitely the funniest show of the winter.

I guess this kind of humor is just not my thing then.
I mean I enjoyed it and all, but the humor felt flat to me, like it usually does with the genre.

>We in the Western world don't find panties exiting
speak for yourself faggot, panties are hot as fuck, even women know that.

Yeah, I don't know where you get all that shit from.
Panties are arousing, especially so if they're of a cute girl and are used, and wasn't washed since they were last worn.

This. I would wear one that was used by a 13 yo over my face if I had the chance.

B-but pre- or early pubescent girls always leak down there.

I know~