Danganronpa 3

Here you have it, folks, the final boss for the entirety of the Hope's Peak Saga, the person that requires Makoto and Hajime to team up in order to take down.

Are you hyped yet?

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One more episode until our boy becomes relevant

Where are my Ryouta/Lelouch shoops?

Pretty complex anime, if you ask me.

The episode was better than I expected desu

It also helps that delusional theories like Kirijunko and Chakizuru were BTFO


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only wants Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truly is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


Hell yeah, my friend! I'm hype!


Still ____hoping____ that Mitarai won't be the final antagonist and something else will turn everything on its head.

Assuming that Hinata and Naegi will TELL 'EM to stop the madness of the hope anime and he will see the light and either get away with it or die.

Possible that Kirigiri could show up as well but I wouldn't get hopes up if I were a Kirigirifag.

Kirirgiri next episode

We are too busy with hope posting, currently.


What is she thinking about?


Besides delivering the pasta I wish to give you this one in return for your posting of our boy, my friend!

Hajimeme better be relevant in HOPE or there will be a riot.


How to betray him before Mukuro can kill him, or Kyoko ask him to commit suicide for him.

I'm just saying, if you were Ryouta and you had the chance to mindhack a few cuties into your sex slaves, who would you pick? No more than three.

Post tiny Juzos

arriving at the foot of the guillotine, Kodaka looked for a moment at the instruments of his execution and asked the HOPEfag why the drums had stopped beating. He came forward to speak, but there were shouts to the executioners to get on with their work. As he was strapped down, he exclaimed "Danganronpa 3 was for the fans!" Then, turning towards his executioners, Kodaka declared "Gentlemen, I am innocent of everything of which I am accused. I hope that my blood may cement the good fortune of V3." The blade fell. It was 10:43 am. One of the assistants of HOPEfag showed the head of Louis XVI to the people, whereupon a huge cry of "Vive la Kirigiri! Vive la Chiaki!" arose and an artillery salute rang out which reached the ears of the imprisoned producers.



>juzo messed up yet again

How does one man screw up so much in a single series? They wasted that death scene on him and they should have given it to kirigiri who is dead and will never ever come back.

>the head of Louis XVI
You tried

Thanks user, that's a fantastic one. I've only just started looking at pixiv because I've been busy with twitter, there's a lot I haven't seen.

"Danganronpa 3 was a gift for the fandom"

Episode was shit but it was nice seeing Non Despair Chisa one last time.

Reporting in, brother!

Once again, don't let the kuuki get to you, brothers. Don't be dragged down by the hate and negativity, for despite everything the ride was still enjoyable! And as always, stay strong, you all!

Special thanks to the boys who dumped some great Juzos last thread!

> Louis XVI
you missed one

>Blaming Mitarai's actions on Juzo when Juzo ended the game and it would've happened regardless

Well, at least there is one thing I liked about this episode

I will forgive you Kodaka if you pander more to my fetish
Or if your fanbase produces doujins of this scene

You ready?
Dead or Lie, Thursday is gonna be a show.

You want doujins of Ryouta going around hypnotizing and fucking various girls in DR?

Stay mad Cred Forums crossboarder.
Not like DR hasn't played with fag characters in the past.

Please stop pairing pure with gay

>HOPE anime
Who will be our Robespierre?

"Danganronpa 3 is the ultimate fan item"


You don't?

Is it referring to when he cared about Munakata's first-aid and completely ignored his own wound from being impaled through the shoulder?

How many times have you had to edit the date on that?

No one fucking cares about what you think valwinz, go back on tumblr with your shitty review videos.



the 16th branch leader, Killer Killer, will be the one to save the day from emperor Mitarai

Ryouta is too pure to do that, if anything they would be the ones hypnotizing him.

He was fucking disgusted at Mikan trying to fuck him.

>kirigiri absent from the death reel


You mean pure with pure, right?

Only because he wasn't the one who did it to her.


You are so tsundere for our boy, Monaca-fag.

Robespierre is Tengan, Ryota is Marat, Izuru will be our Charlotte Corday, and Munakata will become Napoleon a few years from now.

So whats the issue with this "hope" anime by mitarai?

There are so many sources right now it's becoming nearly impossible to keep track of everything, brother. My Juzofolder is nearing 400 images, and I even avoid saving the /y/ ones!

I might pack them in a zip when everything ends, if anyone is interested!


I saved a version without a date and put that date in just now.

Well... maybe.

It's literally a mobile HOPE mindhacc that causes everybody to obey his orders.

Then have him go around with a corrupted file that Junko or Chisa messed with and then slip him a stupid ball of having him accidentally hypnotizing other girls to fuck him

you're now being brainwashed right now to forget dr3 ever existed


>pure with gay
They're literally the same thing user.
Seiko's the gay one.

maybe there's no point in not knowing who the 13th branch leader is

it was just an excuse to get Aoi in the game

Candyslut was absent too.
Don't take it too seriously.


Thank you Junko.

13th you mean. And there isn't even a 15th branch.

Pls don't. Mikan's too hot to be near that ugliness.

That's most likely it.

What I'd like to know is what class Miaya attended at HPA.


>that spoiler
Please do.

What is with this pairing. They've had like what, one interaction?


If it gives us quality hypnosis doujins I really don't care what the ending is


I am very interested.

She was kinda there. It probably means nothing, but I'm sure they did it to fuck with the people.

She wasn't there too.

I am user, very much so. I might harvest some things myself, but I am far beneath your level.

Seriously, why is Hajimeme going there? Why would he know about the killing game? Why would he know about Mitarai?

It's probably centered around the remorse he showed when he heard she'd died.

Too pure for this world. Even third-wheeling hard in the afterlife right now as we speak.

>hope anime mindhack
>kirigiri and chiaki still dead (cure w still a red herring they put in for LITERALLY no reason)
>aoi might have fucking died too
>setup for another gay "look to the future" ending for the fourth fucking time in a row
It's like Kodaka DOESN'T want his fans buying V3.

He can't be the 13th branch leader though.
Branch leaders joined in descendng order from 1-14. Since Killer Killer is after DR1, he'd be branch leader 15 if he was one since the DR1 survivors became the 14th branch members with the exception of Aoi.

fuck yeah sorry, got the number mixed up with the 16th classmate thing from DR1

>Hope side is actually a behind the scenes of the actors on Mitarai's anime

Most people see it as a cute big brother/little sister relationship

>brown tomboy tsundere who will punch people for you but be all lovey dovey and bros with you

How hard would Chisa lose if Juzo was Juzoko?


They literally have him pointing with Naegi on the cover of Hope Side, why would he not be?

They showed Class 77 reacting to it though.


Lets post tiny Seikos instead


>you can cap my dick and post this to reddit faggot
Gets me everytime

I have made multiple polls over the weeks. This will be my very last one for DR. Tell me what you think the ending will be. Personally, I won't like Hagakure at all if he turns out to be wrong.


So fucking cute.

They talked and Juzo didn't treat her like crap even though she wasn't Munakata. I think it's justified.
It's more of a friendship than a pairing though imo.

I want GREAT GOZU back

>How hard would Chisa lose if Juzo was Juzoko?
It would probably lead to a harem ending.

Fucking Tengan ruining everything.

Why tengan dont say to mitarai "Play the hope video please" before meme masacre of FF?

Only if it means Munakata's wearing a cardigan like in pic

It's all actually a thriller being made by future foundation to boost morale

Ok let me get this straight.
What is Hope Side? 1-hour special? Smaller arc of 2 o 3 episodes?
I need confirmation on what's ahead of us.

If it gives us quality hypnosis doujins I really don't care what the ending is

Or rather why did Tengan want that bitch as ruler of the world?


what a hopeful strawpoll.

>Junko was a ruthless, violent, genius girl
>Ryouta is the opposite

20 minutes, enjoy.

Great Gozu was too pure for this world.

Normal length episode.

Because Mikan is disgusting pig obviously!

But straight people don't wear cardigans don't they?

Hinanami happy ending!

Of course it will have a happy ending, DR always goes max cheese in the finale. Also Weedman is Kodaka's favorite character there's no way he would let him be wrong.

>the french revolution meta meme has deeper lore and is more entertaining than the actual plot of Danganronpa 3
Where did we go so very wrong?

Hi friends, since it seems many other people are posting Juzos due to our boy being completely ignored and overlooked, I, too, will drop some pictures in.

They all make me happy.

Just one episode? To conclude everything?

I admit Kodaka has balls for killing literally all the waifus (Juzo included) in the series. Unless he revives them all with magic in Hope arc. Regardless, I swear he is chuckling sadistically as we speak.

>too pure
>wanted to murder everyone
>horrible person

I forgot he is gay so he is free from crimes

I wish japs remade Carnival Phantasm op with dangan characters, I'm pretty sure we have more than enough for it.

I know it will not happen but I want to see Komaeda one last time in this last episode, is a HOPE espisode he NEEDS to be in it

At this point in the story? Riding his lucky dick.

Will never, EVER happen.

I'm losing hope my man.

We're in the finale right now and we haven't gotten much.

When they introduced Mind Hack anime as a plot point

Your boy got a good ending, what's the problem:

Because mitarai is a fucking faggot coward and dont made any move until reality punch him in the face


One episode is confirmed. I guess there could be a surprise move announcement, which would be hilarious, but I doubt it.

Meh I thought the episode was decent, could have really cut down on the flashbacks though.

Who else optimistic about hope side?

It was pointed out in the sdr2 climax, should've prepared yourself for it instead.

>due to our boy being completely ignored

yea why are they ignoring the horrible asshole ?

>Can read minds.
>Didn't suspect Junko or Mukuro at all.

Very well, I shall do it then, brothers! Will probably be posting it a little after side:Hope airs!

You know what? Juzo's a double talent.

While he may seem to be the SHSL Boxer, he is, in fact, SHSL Luck. Bad luck.


>his name is fucking THIRTEEN
>everything he does fucks up

Due to all this bad luck though... do you think it'll all lead up to something happy for him, in the end?

Also a reminder that he's literally a Komaeda, too.



I need it.

This. This is all I want.


I hope Munakatana survives, they're both literally my favorites.

The FF was rotten and corrupt, Tengan didn't created the killing hand jut to force Mitarai's hand

Junko explains everything by the end of the episode, it was a situation brought forth by Chisa, Tengan and Mitarai

Why did people think it was going to be a 1-hour special? That wouldn't make any sense.

But Naegi is basically SHSL Extreme Bad Luck, why does Juzo get shit on?

His bad luck started when he was born a male

>ignored and overlooked
He appeared in this episode brother. Though it was just a flashback.
Moreover his soul resides in Munakata's black sword now.

Reminder that there is one (1) more episode.

Kibou-Hen will solve everything.

I guess infinite island mode was the real good end
if only dr1 cast could've get out, oh well

>mfw Juzo is Lancer


>Chairman of FF literally hired the people who made it corrupt and rotten
>LMAO burn it all down
Is Tengan a retard?

>Kibou-Hen will solve everything.


>Side: Hope ends
>To be continued in Side: Fin (BD only)

A true fan enjoys despair.

How new are you? The juzoboys were a thing since before he was confirmed gay

I actually really like seeing Juzo get NTR'd, because I'm a terrible person.

Sadly it seems like most other people aren't so into this! There's quite a few with Munakata and Juzo kissing while Chisa looks on, though, which I'm not as into.


>Open ending
>New danganronpa V3 anime
>Ultimate battle with naegi-robot in a future controlled by fucking mitarai


I mean, there's a chance Tengan was corrupted from before. Remember he was the Chairman on HPA, which was already a goddamn mess.

Too little time to solve everything, but I hope it will solve the major plot points.


He's an old man.

Chads may do so.
Then again, they could pull a Terux2 with Munakata, although more likely they won't.

> Makoto
> bad luck
good one

This man is absolutely a Komaeda.

Naegi's luck is closer to Komaeda, although it only seems to activate when he's close to dying.

10/10 smile.

>Bad Luck

>why does Juzo get shit on?

You have to be fucking me ? were not all the bad shit he did not reason to hate him ?

>new beginning with only monokuma as returning character
what we have now needs to end the proper way or we might as well abandon series at all.

I liked him when I thought all of his jealousy was for Chisa, thus in first episodes

>I didn't read Naegi's worst day ever the post

What's a chad?

>I didn't read Naegi's worst day ever the post

But if he know chisa was a remains of despair, why tengan kepts her on FF???

All his waifus are dead.

Is it a surprise that Cred Forums brought along a group that break out into hives when there's anything remotely resembling sjws?


Mitarai was a mistake.
He is neither sympathetic enough to root for, nor menacing enough to root against. He's certainly not a villainous mastermind that perfected brainwashing to control the world. Instead, he's a guilt ridden victim, but his constant spinelessness and whining don't endear you to his struggle in any way.

He's an annoying bug that wont go away because his super power keeps him central of the plot. The fact that this power is bullshit only makes it worse. His brainwashing ability is literally the only thing he brings to the series. Outside of that the only other part to his character is that he loves anime, which honestly feels really on the nose. Like I'm being told to connect with him as an anime loving audience member myself, but then not given any real reason to do so.

>Kodaka hates when franchises kills off characters from previous entries and said he wouldn't do it to the DR1 characters
Why did he lie?

But he's not despair and he is the Mastermind

ITT: Cute things that will never happen

Mitarai's not despair, just retarded

He's doing it for hope. at least he thinks so.

>I make it look like I've read it or, worse, I've read it and I didn't get the point it was trying to make at all

>bottom right

Because he was prepping us for the upcoming asspull happy ending.

So now, my dear Cred Forums, you agree with me that despair is best?

Kodaka believes that everybody likes Junko and in a way if you do this line makes sense.


If anything, he loves fucking with his own fanbase

Because Kirigiri is alive

I think this will actually be confirmed at some point because it adds up too well.

Even if he was a woman I think she'd keep shut about her love.

I love that Juzo so much.

We get it ESL-kun, you don't like Juzo.

Post Ryouta

>did it all for love
>kicked the living shit out of Mitarai
>flung chair at evil chairman
>opened the secret exit no other survivor could have opened
>removed the bracelets
Did absolutely nothing wrong.


Except he's not despair, and is not working with the mastermind?
He's just a real retarded boy who wanted to be someone else

[HOPE] when?



Wrong or right someone's getting BTFO on thursday

>tfw you gave into despair a long time ago

Feels despairful man


>did it all for love

yes user i will murder for love that will make me good

Even if she was alive, she doesn't save this anime from being shit.

He didn't lie, Kirigiri is alive but you people are too dumb to know what a Chekhov gun is, so it's easy for Kodaka the master to fuck you over.

> "I don't understand how luck works in Danganronpa" post
extreme bad luck followed by the extreme good luck of winning the lottery.
still can't call it bad luck at all.

much like with despair and hope, bad luck is simply a stepping stone for good luck that comes afterwards.
or were you dozing off when both Makoto and Nagito demonstrated it to us ALL THE TIME?

Are we even going to see Sonia and them? Why did Hajime bother coming over?

Is this the exact moment this entire anime went to shit?

>red tint underneath him like when they discover a body
Is he gonna die?


Juzo breast boy.

>tfw he won

If there is a Naegiri kissu I will forgive any and all misdeeds Kodaka has perpetrated in the making of the anime.

It's somehow amazing that they managed to make it even worse this way.

And I was in the "hope vs boat" side from day one because of DR2 and because it's more interesting and less dumb this way and allows to show that hope can be destructive, but they made the character so terrible that it ruined this too.

>tfw you correctly called Tengan as the mastermind
>tfw you correctly called the "killing" method
Feels good man

But the episode wasn't even despair-inducing, it was outright boring and disappointing.

We're only going to see Hinata and you know it
Fuck this



Killing a character just to bring them back is worse. Its just cheep emotional manipulation because you don't know how to write.

Izuru love boats though, and i can't imagine Naegi hates them all that much.

So they can shoehorn in a "two protagonists team up" finale when there's no real rhyme or reason to it.

>He thinks slipping on trash, but avoiding getting killed by a flying wrench is bad luck. lol

> Putting character in simplistic good-bad dichtomy

I will hold hope until the last seconds of the last episode.

We'll get a 30 second cut to the RoD's on Jabberwock IF we're lucky.


There won't be, Kodaka brought back Maizono in a couple of episodes just to say "h-hey guys remember Naegi's first waifu?" as if anyone still gave a shit.


>mfw I correctly called that Mitarai's phone has an anti-despair anime that he couldnt use due to NG code and him being a pussy
>but assumed that it would be used for good and that he would sacrifice himself as redemption for creating MIND HACC in the first place

So Kodaka in a nutshell? We know he's a hack writer and bringing back Kirigiri is exactly what he's going to do.

Maybe next time, hopeman

B-But muh seven character slots!

DANGANRONPA 3 is fucking great if you like the videogames, also becomes a factory of meme hopes and juzoboys.

Only edgy underagekids with shit taste hate it.

Yeah, and? It's cheap emotional manipulation to kill them off too.

This episode gave me despair.

I don't think the subs are gonna fix it.
What can even happen on Thursday to fix all this?


>knew DR3 was shit by the third episode
>mfw to those that kept watching

animeonlies proving once again they are the scum of the earth.

There are people who will forgive everything next episode because Hajime and/or Naegi will get back with their love interest

Poor little Hopeman

>They made Mitarai completely unlikable and without a single good trait

I hope to fuck they don't keep him alive for redemption, that would be an insult by this point.

>DANGANRONPA 3 is fucking great if you like the videogames

More like Ultimate Loser


Reminder that the title of this episode basically tells you that you're going to think everything is shit and hopeless so that glorious Side:Hope can shine even brighter.


I wont forgive everything, but I would be slightly less butthurt.

If they were going to make a recap episode why didn't they play this at the very least?


Why wouldn't I keep watching. It's not like paying to watch this shit

>despairful encounter

Hey, at least they warned us, I guess?

Don't give up hope, this is just a stepping stone...

This is the reality, everyone's an actor, and Juzo and Munakata's are dating.

>Talk about DG3 shit
>He likes dandy shit

Oh irony


About the only way they can make Side Hope any good at all is if they resurrect them.

Hell no, that would make it even worse.

I see, I see. Thanks for this documentative piece about our boy, brother.

So, for 2 good games we get this perfection as bad guy and now we have the worthless omega?
I am in despair...

At least I didn't have to shill out 40 bucks to play utter shit


It means that we're getting yet another "look towards the future" ending.
Your hope is utterly worthless. Monaca and Haiji have the right idea; apathy is the only way to go.

Why didn't he just Mind Control the world from the fucking start?

Hinata built a time machine while he was away.

Damn I meant hope vs hope. Although I guess there WAS a hope vs boat in the anime too, just offscreen.

She needs her happy ending!

One day will get it.

Real Chiaki, AI Chiaki and Despair Chiaki.

I highly doubt you even have a single reason why Dandy is shit, kill yourself, cancer.

The games are great, you wouldn't know that I guess since you're an animeonly


I stopped around episode 8 of both arcs. Should I catch up in time for the finale?

Because he's a spineless coward, that's why Tengan set up the killing game


and why is it Seiko?


Not worth it, just drop the show.

Six Junko clone that will be killed of without doing a thing, just becaue Kodaka REALLY wants Junko to be here in some way like during the theater scene

No. Just know that Kirigiri is dead, and Mitarai doesn't stop being awful.


>implying I didn't play the games
Hurr Durr animeonly is your only argument isn't it faglord

You're welcome, my friend

Sure, although most of the fun was theorizing with everyone else.
Sakura was better.

because she's too pure and didn't deserve ruruka's bullying


You should ignore all the fags telling you to drop it and just finish the ride. There's plenty of happenings in both arcs before it's over.

Will any V3 character be able to surpass Hopeman in meme potential?

How lewd.

You're going to watch anyway

So just how complex are his motives?

>Final boss in DR1 and DR2 was the gyaru
>Final boss in DR3 is the shota she was /ss/'ing
It all makes sense

Oh yeah I forgot about that.

She's a cinnamon bun!
And probably a literal beast in bed.

>doesn't like the games
>likes the anime

god, how does it feel living your life knowing you're a bitter faggot with shit taste







I was enjoying theories until Junko showed up and they retconned so much that I realized it was pointless to try and predict anything because information could change whenever Kodaka wanted it to.


None. The only character who can outmeme Hopeman is Hajimeme.
>Come close to
Juzo's on his way.

SHSL Anime
>Mind control

>SHSL Doujin

Is that fat fuck even trying?



I'd (will) be just madder.

I wanna cut my tongue open on Seiko's braces while making out with her

Why? What's the point, even?

When did imply anything from that? You are a special kind of retard

I can hardly wait for the hope that will come after these two despairful arcs...

I need that "The anime to mind hack" image.


Not him but the games are massively overrated. This anime is shit too though apart from Juzo.

Oh, actually about hopeman - he has junko arm now, but is it like... functions?

Nagitofags, how does it feels that yet another different Naegi clone stole the final boss role from him?

>Munakata asking Tengan who is the attacker instead of who is the mastermind
So much time and many lives could have been saved if he decided to not be retarded.

Why is Hajime coming to save the day? Who did he learn Tengan's plot from?


>call the games utter shit
>"urrrr where did I imply anything?"


If you enjoy neither the games nor the anime then why are you here?

>D-do-dont talk bad things about animu of the century

Dandyfags are truly cancer, goodness flop so hard that crap

>opening shows Mitarai being shot by arrows

he's the shsl clairvoyant, he didn't need to be told

According to what Komaeda said on chapter 0, no.




Mitarai is literally a liquid Komaeda


There's not a lot he can't predict.

Not really? He had deduced Tengan was behind it anyway, even without asking, just for the wrong reasons.

Reminder that in interviews Kodaka said he brought Junko back in SDR2 because he couldn't think of a better villain.

Now we know why.

>two cours

Yeah, flop am I right? Am I still pushing that maymay? Kill yourself, still not hearing anything bad about it.

I did enjoy the games, I just don't think they're as incredible as everybody else seems to.



> he couldn't think of a better villain.
It isn't like you could do this shit. Junko is one of the greatest villains in modern fiction.

This despair is...just a stepping stone...for the next hope episode...

Is Sir Komaeda missing a left hand?

Rate Mitarai

Honestly I would have preferred to have edgy Munakata as the final boss then this little wimp.

Shouldn't Celeste be there as well, cause you know, gambling?

>Junko is one of the greatest villains in modern fiction.

If on this pic talk was only about RoD, then who fucked dead Junko in hope of babies?

>9/11 happens
>who attacked us?
>that plane
>no, who carried out that attack?
>the guys on that plane
>fuck it, let's bomb Afghanistan

Celeste couldn't gamble even for her life.


Thanks friend.

Unless he got promoted to that role, while Aoi got demoted.


Chiaki too since she said she's pretty good at every game type except dating sims.

I never assumed the mastermind to be Komaeda so I feel nothing. I just wish they'd have handled him better in Despair arc.

Agreed. Its a shame she won't be the final boss of the end of her story.


Dating sims and dungeon crawlers.

Where's the new Junko grin at?

She cleared it with 1 life, I'd say that's pretty good.

I got you senpai

on the Future Side of Life.

That's AI Chiaki.

>DR1: 3 female survivors
>DR2: 2 female survivors
>DR3: Literally all the survivors are men now



I blame fujoshits

You just have to wait for [HOPE]


They are the same person.

She didn't difused Kaizo trap, so it doesn't count.

Real Chiaki was the Ultimate gamer for a reason.

So, given how many stupid theories from the first episodes got confirmed over time, can we start to look forward to a Weedman ending?
At least it would make the ending good somehow, it's probably better than what we're going to have otherwise.

> Aoi
> man


>implying anyone that isn't Izuru would've done better than her



I'm honestly so disappointed with what Kodaka gave that I want to join the delusional train and consider everything that's happened in the past 11 weeks as non-canon.

and asahina is a macho?

Red tint man, she's a dead girl.

Actually 1 survivor unless you're a fucking idiot and think Aoi is dead. And let's wait for Kirigiri.


This seriously surprised me the fisrt time, I thought an "ultimate gamer" would see it coming, but no

Mitarai's major flaw is that he doesn't know what hope is.

Considering Mitarai is a worthless tool and this will give us a great moment of Makoto shitting on him, I'm not very upset.

How many otome games do you think she cleared waiting for Hinata-kun?

>Red tint
So, Mitarai is dead as well?


>>aoi might have fucking died too
user, Aoi has challenged a fuckton of deathflags with her chest held high without giving a single fuck, an offscreen death from being shot isn't what is going to claim her.
>Had a nervous breakdown about being in a killing game
>Got calmed down by a character saying she would be just fine
>Said she is definitely surviving and catching the attacker
>Invited another character to do something once they are out
>Offered to share someone's burden
>Did the "Go, I trust you" "Wait for me, I'll be back" routine once before doing it again just now
She is taunting the characters who have died in this franchise at this point.
I don't know why she stopped at saying she was fine, she should have blushed while telling him she had something important to say once it's all over, that she is retiring from the FF and that she will live for sure in honor of Sakura or Yuta or anyone else.


Where's Chisa?

>no period
Fuck off.

>yfw this actually killed asahina but kyoko managed to ultimate plot armor her way to survival

for real though she's alive. sure mitarai said to eliminate them but that just means capture her alive and bring them to a location where naegi can save her

Chiaki should have never been real. They could have just brainwashed them with Chisa's video.

I want to see Hajime interact with the other DR2 survivors. God damn it.

all hope is lost

Hopefully yes.

>The final intersections are I DON'T CARE and JUST END ALREADY bullets




>Mitarai being happy
It warms my heart.

>Naegi/Togami/Hajizuru/Munakata will team up to take down some beta loser with animation hacks

Who wrote this shit?

Fuck off. Real Chiaki was great and she didn't deserve her fate.

Completely. They shouldn't even try, just give him shit. Go balls to the walls and just have the hopelet punch him.
Multiple angles at that too. With cool animation effects. Have multiple people scream at him why he is shit too.

>Mitarai is so fucking godly both Naegi and Hajizuru combined are required to deal with him
Junko BTFO forever.

Ideally either Seiko or Miaya should have survived maybe Chisa for a de-brainwashing. But the odds were stacked against them from the beginning, there were only 6 girls to start with rather than 8. Naegi, Hagakure and either Munakata or Mitarai had to survive (though I didn't expect it to be both honestly.

She didn't, she wanted Hinata-kun to be her first Otome clear.

It'll be the 13th Branch Head manipulating fuccboi

He needs an execution. Flat-out. Kill him.

And the last tiny Juzo I have

Je t'aime user

Shut up cuck

Okay, this made me laugh.
Hopefully he'll get some bullying flashbacks.

>Junko bullied this loser so hard he went full retard.

Mitarai BTFO

All she had to do was confess.

True love


Except both were required as well as Chiaki to beat Junko in SDR2.

Random user BTFO.

Kanon needs to make an appearance too.

[HOPE] where are you ?

Your in the future foundation headquarters and this guy, comes up and mindhacc's your waifu in front of you, what do?

Is there anyone who can beat Izuru Kamukura?
And I'm not talking about Reserve Course Hajime Hinata. I'm not talking about Ultimate Hope Izuru Kumukura. I'm not even talking about Remnants of Despair Izuru Kamukura, either. I'm not even talking about Ultimate Future Izuru Kumukura with full control over Hajime Hinata experience (who is a veteran of Improved Hangman's Gambit, Truth Sword Debates, Crime Manga Writing and Mental Surfing), ninety nine hope shards (which grant him Neural Liberation, Envious Influence, Auto Focus Lightning Flash, Cheat Code, Trance, Delusion, Vocabulary, Charisma and Algorithm) capable of being Ultimate Athlete, Ultimate Serial Killer, Ultimate Breeder, Ultimate Mechanic, Ultimate Martial Artist, Ultimate Soldier, Ultimate Analyst and even Ultimate Princess, supported by Komaeda Nagito (in the peak of his luck circle, with fully working Junko Hand and full pack of Dr Hope), control of both the Novoselic Kingdom and the Kuzuryu clan, with Chiaki AI and Alter Ego simulated by his mind, four Dark Devas of Destruction guarding him, control over Jabberwack Island and The New World Program, entered You've Got That Wrong Mode, shooting Future Bullets on everybody and solved Final Death Room so he can use Octagon just from camera angle. I'm Talking about Ultimate Mastermind Izuru Kumukura, survivor of two killing games, with a perfect understanding of FUTURE, who caused The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History, equipped with Gravel Swimsuit and Bone The Meat On while casting Infinity Unlimited Flame with his Golden Makango, controlling the Despair Disease bugs, able to be interested in boats for full five seconds, wearing the three years old school clothes and protagonist ahoge, with desire to avenge his double dead gamer girl waifu, who can perform everything that normal people couldn't even dream of while being an expert in thousands of fields and billion of abilities and bored from all of that even before he started.

Bless this smug cheshire cat

I'd be really mad if it ended up like that for her, she died betrayed by her teacher and feeling failure to save her classmates and husbando.

my sides

but so true

Fuck off
Mitarai deserves to die a painful death

Close my eyes and swing with a solid right hook

He has Izuru's omnitalent.

He should be the SHSL writer. So he knows exactly what kind of shit Kohacka would've written.

Fuck off.

Haven't lost hope yet, but I'm pretty fucking close to doing so.

Depends, if he mind hacked her to leglock me then nothing.

SHSL Gap Moe

Difference is, the Animelet didn't want to be evil.
It's not that he is great at being evil, it's that he is SO BAD at being good that he loops right back and is better at being evil than anyone else.
If there was an alternate universe where he wanted DESPAIR to plague the world, chances are he would have met either HOPEman or the hopelet in that hospital and turned the world to HOPE

Yeah who thought this would be an interesting final showdown. It'd be like Sakura/Nidai/Mondo/Neagi vs Chihiro.

>Let yourself be caught be your waifu, when he orders her to.

He'd probably get fucked in the ass by half of the people here as a result.

I want to mindhack Mitarai with my cock

I hope that you are joking.

Real Chiaki was a mistake.

ffs hope subs where are you

With Chisa as the masterminds there could be some degree of emotional involvement from the remnants and Hajime since they knew her as their teacher. With Tengan you could also have a bit of connection between him and Hajime since he was the one that first advised him to remain who he was. But with Mitarai, what sort of emotional connection are the DR2 cast supposed to have with him? They'll just be extras in the climax that help Naegi fend off the soldiers.

I'd lose all [hope] after witnessing that shitshow too.


Lol this.

Kill him off unceremoniously. Don't give him an inch. Let him be remembered as the guy who was brought up to be the mastermind but crushed to death under some rubble in the first 20 seconds of Hope side. Let them treat Mitarai like Teen Titans Go treated Slade.

Don't stop believing. He will create that future.
check my 0

What would he do without Munakata

Despair Mindhacc
Hope mindhacc
Candy mindhacc

What is kodaka doing? Did uchikoshi help him make up some twists?

It keeps on going.

>Turns out mindhacking is as simple as showing a Magic Eye picture to someone

I know is difficult to boil down the reason to one word, but what do think Mitarai's motives were?

>They'll just be extras in the climax that help Naegi fend off the soldiers.
Not saying that it was right to have Mitarai as the mastermind but the DR2 cast have always been extra's in the story arc.

>implying togami does anything besides crossing his arms
>"b-but muh day-trading..!"

Even when flat she's still the cutest.

>what sort of emotional connection are the DR2 cast supposed to have with him?
He is one of the main reasons why they are evil


If only Mitarai can self-minhack himself some improbable fighting prowess like Chuck or like that Phantom Troupe guy who can put himself on autopilot. Or convince himself he's actually Junko so she can be the final boss too.

It was too mean. Way too mean. It's nothing like the bittersweet ending her AI counterpart got. It was one of those times where it was so incredibly cruel and over the top that I figured they would absolutely have to bring her back because otherwise it'd just leave a really sour note.

It's not looking very likely now at all, but I honestly cannot feel like the usual bleak "look towards the future" ending will work if she stays dead. It'd be a complete contradiction of the usual trend for the series and render Junko right, that she wouldn't get to have a miracle and that she would just die in that cold, terrible place. It'll cement DR3 as awful in my eyes.

But even Hajime will be an extra at this point.

doujins with mitarai's mindhacc give me hope


Flat, you say?

He's shown up in a few second stills during most of the future arc so he may as well be.


Poor cuck
No wonder shitaki is a perfect match for (you).

>What is kodaka doing?
Hack writing

He's a literal nobody to them that never went to classes, hell they might not even be aware of his role in their brainwashing unless Junko or Izuru/Hajime ever told them.

Was there any specific reason for Mitarai to order killing the other survivors other than being a huge cunt and poorly convincing the viewers that he really is evil?


Reminder that Despair arc was always going to be a downer ending unless you're a Junkofag.

It is just an extra, so it's true. Nothing about this goes back in time and makes the games worse.

So will we see the 13th Head when they save Asahina next week?

Why couldn't they have linked Mitarai to any of the survivors? Impostor is comatose so we can't even have a tender moment of them reuniting.

He committing great evil to destroy an even greater evil?

Waifufags are honestly the fucking worst.
The show isn't bad because your precious little waifu suffered

Guilt + being a fucking idiot who didn't learn anything from past incidents with brainwashing.
You could argue that fits thematically speaking.

What would happen if Junko had a Chisa-like hope video forced watching?

She'd certainly try to destroy the world again, but would it be like despair Komaeda, despair for bigger hope?

The only reason was for us to have a final showdown.

I'm Izurufag, and it was pretty boring, in my opinion.

Mitarai won't save anyone anymore, so no.

It would have been smarter to brainwash Naegi while Asahina was holding him and just have them stand still until the soldiers picked them up.

>tfw Mitarai outlives the mastermind
>tfw Mitarai brainwashed Naegi easily when Junko couldn't even analyze him
>tfw Mitarai will get away with it in the end

Mitarai isn't the head of the 13th branch

That's not my point. If Hope is supposed to tie both arcs together, then she deserves a miracle ending.

Next episode, someone is going to kill Mitarai and abort his Hope Video upload and change it to the Despair one.


Mitarai is the 10th head. We STILL don't know who the 13th is.

It would be even better to brainwash him, so he can use his SHSL Luck against those unbrainwashed.

But Donuts needs to taunt death some more before that.

>no period
So close, and yet so far away...

He didn't?
He orders to stop them and shoot them if is necesary that's why the soldiers are just pointing at Naegi in the end of the EP.


Ruruka is the sweetest.

Yeah, as an already dispatched corpse run over during the Hope outbreak.

>she deserves
What has the real Chiaki done to deserve it?

How did Tengan do this? Who was controlling Miayabot?


>Nagito shows up at the building and meets Mitarao
>Gets shown Hope animu
>A meteorite falls on Mitarai

The effect of huge boobs on Naegi's back probably made him un-mindhacc-able

You don't need every character to survive in order to get a happy/satisfactory ending.

She's a sweet girl who suffered a lot and got killed for no reason at all, and Junko gave the evil villain talk about her never getting a miracle.


he never tried to kill them fucking EOP

Just a hunch but the robot may have been on autopilot there and Monaca was locked out until the little spat was over.

It was probably all part of the setup with the real Miaya, Monaca just unbeknownst to her did exactly what she needed too.

It just doesn't work that way with her.

>Don't use your ability
Holy shit, Mitarai is a badass

Yeah that would make sense I guess

I remember liking him a lot because he seemed the most human with his reactions to all the death and violence going on around him.

Oh well. Into the trash he goes.


This is DR its never going to have a happy ending. Only way for DR3 to have one now for example would be to pull the "its all an anime" or "time travel" twist.

He literally dies of brain cancer if he wakes up from the pod

>Nagito stays dead and doesn't show up at all in the finale

Why would Tengan need to make a killing game to push Ryota to make the correct thing? Wasn´t enough the dr1 killing game? or the fact that his Imposter bro is in coma because Mitarai for some reasons didn´t want to help them to recover?


Pick one only.

Doesn't matter. Perfect happy ending is one thing. Half of an episode devoted to torturing and killing a cute girl like that and just leaving it there as-is is another.

If 16 or at least 3 repeating digits, then [hope].

>got killed for no reason at all
I'm sure her going back to the area where she almost die the first place would have no consequences.

He is really, really not.
He is just INSANELY bad at being a good guy.

Put the gun down.

>Impliying he won't show up to see two hopes clash and create an even bigger hope and die shortly after that with a smile on his face muttering something like "As expected of the embodiments of humanity's oe"

He's so much better like this.

So close and yet.

Naegi said that Tengan wanted to bring Hope to Mitarai's life, That why he didn't just take the phone with the video.

0 for Hajimeme

at this point i'd rather despair

here we go again, put your guns down.

Again, that doesn't matter. She was trying to do a good thing and got horribly punished for it.

>Tengan wanted to bring Hope to Mitarai's life,
>By killing off the FF leaders.

Well that certainly is an extremely fucked up way of bringing hope.

Rerolling for sdr2 kids in general.

Put the gun down, raiden.
This seven will bring you hope.


Hopeman is immortal, Lady Luck might love watching him suffer but she'd never fail him.

Dude old man was just bored of life at that point okay

What she was trying to do was a stupid,naive reckless rescue and then punish for making such a bad decision.

>Well that certainly is an extremely fucked up way of bringing hope.
Welcome to Komaeda 2.0


>All those sevens
Praise hope


Oh, do fuck off you edgy ESL scum.

Mitarai is just so fucking omega that it requires Naegi and Hajizuru, two ultimates, one trashtalker with Togami and an highly eloquent FF vice leader to take him out.

777 for [Hope] subs.

All of them were Psychos.
He knew that Chisa was a despair and that Munakata was gonna be a delusional waifufag and protect her, Ruruka tried to make an organisation and Yoi was her Pussy slave.
Tengan didn't care about them as long the Despair is eliminated.


Tengan is an asshole, more at 11.
Jokes aside, that is Naegi's overly simplistic theory, maybe he actually wanted to clear the slate and create an FF that trusted each other fully while getting rid of the bad apples. And Seiko. And Gozu. And Fedora. And Bandai looked like an alright fellow.

Sorry if the truth hurts.

He could have just explained to Munakata. Or better yet, just fire them all. FF is Tengan's turf bitches.

You cannot escape hope.


Bandai, Miaya, Gozu, Koichi, Seiko, Kirigiri.

None of them were psychos.

right here bby

She wasn't a 100% nice leader. She tried to kill Egg and Donut at first and then tried to kill Candyalut and Yoi for a high school drama.

I'm going to sleep, so don't kill yourself yet. You have a future ahead of you.
Rolling 0



>She tried to kill Egg and Donut
You mean when she was more or less offering medicine to Asahina for her arm?

Munakata is very delusional about his Waifu, He will probably just trust her even if everything points that she is lying, like how he trust them about Junko being not evil.
Munakata is one of the leaders of FF,He and Tengan have the same power, Junko said it in the end of the EP

To be fair about that first point she believes in Munakata's "eradicate despair at any cost" philosophy.

Also Naegi was the prime suspect for putting them in this situation in the first place, they believed he was actually working with the despairs considering he hid them from the rest of the FF.

No, When she was chasing them before she tried to kill Candyslut.

Ahead of your time

He's probably talking about ep2, whiich is even more retarded since she just followed her when she saw her running.

No, It happened before she goes against Ruruka.
She's in Munakata's side and if she is was chasing them is because she was gonna kill them.

>[Hope] Danganronpa 3 The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Future Arc - 12
Here ya go, lads. 16s don't lie.

cool headcanon. She's a radical and was ok with a truth serum but she was always about healing people efore anything else and even tries to do it afterward without any reason to change her mind between the two. Not to mention that she didn't heal Juzo, who would have been "her ally" with your reasonning. Just because you're following someone, it doesn't mean that you want to kill them.

Point granted for the slut though, although it's hardly surprising given what they thought of each other.

Then, Why was she chasing them?

Shame you didn't get a 16 then.

To aggressively question them because they were being suspicious.

For the same reason she as looking completely miserable and alone to begin with. Also, they were FIGHTING, She's a PHARMACIST that wants to HEAL PEOPLE. When someone run away, it's usually not because someone wanted to hug them.
Although it IS strange in a ay because she pretty much HAD to stay alone the whole time because of her NG code. But that's just another reason for her not to fight anyone directly without a very good reason, even moreso when she wasn't using a crapload of drugs, because Aoi could have killed her in one step, literally.

That doesn't really makes since when Neaggi explained his reasons she was still going for Asahina until she hear the NG code part and start chasing Ruruka for trying to hide her NG.

Also possible yes. In any case she didn't use her drugs like with Ruruka, which would have been suicide for her if her goal was to fight.


RIP user, you will be missed.
What kind of flowers you would like in your funeral?

Whichever ones are dick-shaped.

Can I get the TIME TO DECIDE template?