Why do Cred Forums hate isekai so much?

why do Cred Forums hate isekai so much?

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>why do
Learn english.

The same problem Cred Forums has with trashy battle harems.
Too many of them are exactly identical. You'd have to have absurdly garbage taste to like them.

Isekai is the new battle harem. And like how the battle harem has completely overtaken techno mahou shoujo, Isekai has completely overtaken fantasy.

because people will never gonna be able to escape from their pathetic fate a.k.a thee basement

It's still much better than battle harems because of the variety in MCs, plot development and settings compared to the IS and Tenjo Tenge styles (which is basically the only two types that Japan keeps rehashing now).

Because we only like homo now, het is old and busted.

>ESL again
Because it attracts more ESL faggots. Kill yourself.

Why is the user who always creates this thread the some guy with the same shitty broken English?

Genre fatigue. Nowdays you can't take two steps without being hit by a truck and being transported into the middle ages with magic.

Isekai usually involves a battle harem though. That's why they are garbage.

Because they're fucking garbage tier web novels. It's literally like wondering why people think fanfiction is shit.

It's shit because it's shit.

There might be one in a million web novels that is actually passable in terms of plot, characterization, and themes, but it's not worth wading through a shit ocean to find a shit covered 500 yen coin.

99% of every isekai is the same retarded plot. Useless neet MC gets transported into fantasy world that operates in a way similar to the last video game the author played. MC is now the chosen one and gets to prove that he's not just a piece of shit neet, but that he's also a piece of shit MC who gets a million power ups, plot armor as stiff as the authors cum sock, and every 1 dimensional cock sucking slut the author can think of. Oh wow I'm so fucking amazed the MC thought ahead to prepare the most convenient and bullshit solution to a problem.

The ones I've read so far mostly don't have a singular 'main heroine' or focus on the girls unless they have a purpose in the story. And while many of the MCs have an advantage power-wise, they are actually faced with unique challenges where brute-forcing isn't a viable option. That's more than I can say for much of the battle harems I've read or watched thus far. Oh, and the whole "I've got this demon power inside of me that goes on a rampage when I'm about to lose" bullshit is something I'm never going to like.

Few bother to have meaningful arcs of tension.

A death/summoning/whatever results in a person being pulled to another world, where they're immediately adept at a majority of skills they're introduced to, proceed to overcome all obstacles with smug ease, all with an impeccable charisma such that everyone likes them. There's no doubt of the protagonist's victory, little variation in the protagonist's means, no change in character dynamics, no compromise.

Better isekai stories - Kumo, Shield (edge aside), Plus Alpha, Mushoku Tensei - have the protagonist failing quite often, struggling to progress even if they have a cheat. You root for the hero because they're lacking in many ways, an underdog who might persevere.

You forgot best phsyco Dantatalion

weak as a goblin, all the kekakuu and the tongue

>why do Cred Forums hate isekai so much?
We don't. We just hate the shitty wish fulfillment Isekai where MC is OP and has raging boner for rice, soy sauce, and baths.

On the other hand, many people here like a good isekai with a good world building such as Digimon, escaflowne, el-hazard, 12 kingdoms, NTHT, Rayearth, etc.

It's the most popular genre right now so of course Cred Forums will hate it.

Isekai battle harem MMORPG.

MC is also genderbent at the beginning of the story.

What do you think of Overlord?

People won't hate it if it's actually good. For example, ore to kawazusan is a good manga. MC is a university student with OP magic and hides himself from normal human society. He have a frog magician as his companion and is literally doing anything he wants. That what I like about him.

Haven't read the LN or manga, so take it with salt, but I'd consider it to be above average but not great.

Momonga's power limit is entirely self-imposed, so the question isn't if he has the ability to overcome, but if he chooses to use it. The other members of Nazarick also outclass almost everyone in the world, holding back only because they're ordered to.

I'm charmed by the straight use of D&D abilities and Momonga's underlying weak character, but I know every encounter will result in the protagonists revealing their "true power" to produce a clean victory. The native NPCs are far more interesting characters, since we know they're allowed to lose.

I don't put a label of good or bad to a work if the MC is or not OP. I think what matters the most is the interactions with the whole cast, and the story itself, including the MC as well.

I enjoy both, heroes who struggle and the OP ones, when the story as a whole is enjoyable.

There are just tonshit of isekai stories that are copycat of others, so why bother to read, or even translate those?

But there are some good ones. In particular I'd rather stories with world building, economy and inventions than those with magic. For magic I'm rather satisfied with mahouka and the technicalities of magic.

Yeah, that's what I was getting at. A lot of people discount Overlord as having no challenges or tension because Momonga is absurdly overpowered, and he is.

However the entertainment comes from the fact that Momonga is just a somewhat antisocial japanese salaryman who has to play the role of the infallible ruler of an organization of all-powerful demigods. In a sense, it's a story about management, the world conquest is secondary. It also has the benefit of making his opponents sympathetic more often than not.

Use fucking English, fag


I heard you like isekai.

I do. I'm a complete sucker for it and I hate like 7/10 I read.

I think that most of the complaints I've read in isekai threads are how such and such isekai is like another isekai. Like you see line for line copys of troupes like 1 currency equals 100 yen, reproducing japanese food in the other world, MC has no danger and pretty much just masturbates all day, etc.

Everyone really loves stories that have a good deal of conflict here. I think the reason why Overlord is special is because it always switches to the perspective thats in conflict, its never static and always has a feeling of pulling together many small details into a larger whole.
That and translations are usually awful or make the story worse by default.
I've never read a single post complaining about Otome game reincarnations. I guess thats because there's enough character drama that they don't get bogged down in harem antics and battles.
My favorite recent read is Chikyuu kara Kita Tenseisha no Koroshikata just because the MC is a massive dick who does whatever he wants and fucks people over.

>Better isekai stories - Kumo, Shield (edge aside), Plus Alpha, Mushoku Tensei

Opinion discarded

This is why Cred Forums as an anime community is a failure of its past self.

>liking edgy shit

>what matters the most is the interactions with the whole cast, and the story itself, including the MC as well
Agreed. But if the protagonist is the strongest from the start, what will develop beyond understanding? Someone like Helck has strength balanced by an unassuming nature and bad history, so that Anne's relationship with him changes as Helck is in different situations. Without a weakness, it's effectively cheap shounen playing the same victory card again and again.

>a somewhat antisocial japanese salaryman who has to play the role of the infallible ruler of an organization of all-powerful demigods
That's where I find the series' strength to be. Yet it's rare for the inner dialogue to be brought out, or for him to make mistakes in planning. If a situation like PlePlePle happened in the main story, where Mononga lost his Ainz filter and had difficulties in management despite his overwhelming cosmic power, I'd find that interesting.

I have to wonder what series you enjoy if you don't like those. I've never seen anyone rank anything beyond everything is shit.
go back to animesuki where they actually care

>I've never read a single post complaining about Otome game reincarnations. I guess thats because there's enough character drama that they don't get bogged down in harem antics and battles.

You didn't read my posts?

>I have to wonder what series you enjoy if you don't like those

Twelve Kingdoms.

>where Mononga lost his Ainz filter and had difficulties in management despite his overwhelming cosmic power, I'd find that interesting.
I thought the same too.
I must have missed it if you did.
and zero no tsukaima right? Its not the 00's anymore, try one thats been around for only a couple of years.

This is one of the few I actually like, good art too.

>and zero no tsukaima right?

Nah, that's shit.

>Its not the 00's anymore, try one thats been around for only a couple of years.

Why should I like terrible shit just because it's newer?

I really like the spider-chan

>zero no tsukaima
interesting settings, ok story, shitty MCs

>where Mononga lost his Ainz filter and had difficulties in management despite his overwhelming cosmic power, I'd find that interesting.

He does have difficulty though. He can't allow himself to fail, because it could literally end the world. Which is why he's constantly practicing how to pretend to be a good ruler. The way he spied on emperor JUSTniv was downright adorable.

Sure, he's still very lucky, but he creates his own luck in a way. He couldn't possibly succeed without a good measure of it anyway, because he isn't a god king.

Kumo is great. Probably the only WN I'm following (though I'll probably try Re:Zero since S2 is nowhere close).

Nice quadtrips though.

its trash

Kumofags pls go

My trips never lie.

>overlordfags think they are the exception

Roxy appreciation post

Isekai is good as long as the MC is obscenely overpowered, boinks his harem to relegate them to the background as eyecandy/fapbait instead of significant characters to avoid the development of retarded harem antics, and isn't a total Japshit "muh humility and modern ideals" faggot. If Isekai merged with Xianxia and had murderous and arrogant MCs who went around doing whatever the hell they wanted instead of trying to wank over how much better and civilized we are in the 21st century you'd have the perfect formula.

>murderous and arrogant MCs

No thanks.

Because newfags noticed that they've become a new trend an have started to hate on them, since all popular things must be hated.

Because I'm not the protagonist

The sole reason I don't like Xianxia is because all the MCs are cruel. Even in I Shall Seal The Heavens where the MC was just power hungry he turned into a massive asshole and then finally a stop at nothing type who kills everything at the drop of a hat.
At least japanese characters are concerned about all the murderin and limit it if they can.

Isekai is fine honestly, I'm not sure why people are always jumping to give them such shit. There's a TON of trash stories, and a number of very decent ones, the same with any fucking genre.

I think it's mostly just people buttmad that it's not about boning as many women as possible, and murdering everyone.

I want an isekai where 99% of the population comes from another world and eventually just turns into japanese highschoolers learning medieval farming techniques. Everyone thinks they are the special snowflake at first but realize they are just as irrelevant in the new world as they were in the old.

Isekai is fine as long as the author actually builds the world up.

Probably why my favorite is Mushoku Tensei.

It's shit because it's power fantasy.

The RPG stuff isn't the problem. It's that isekai as a meme is rooted in beta faggotry. Guy fails in the same real world even losers like us can keep our head afloat in, so he goes to another world and like smallpox proceeds to dominate the shit out of it with our world's common sense.

Think about when you were 13 and wanted to go to the Pokemon world where you would be a battling god and pussy slayer. Isekai are those juvenile fantasies in written form, with the wanking fanbases to financially support them.

Log Horizon?

Power fantasy is actually good, Isekai is usually shit because it isn't power fantasy enough as otaku are faggot losers on such a fundamental level they can't even imagine themselves otherwise.

Then just read Twelve Kingdoms instead.

>Power fantasy is actually good

Correction: Can be

Code Geass was power fantasy, for the most part. I enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than most isekai works, which tend to piss/annoy me off. Many of the same harem and asspull elements were in Geass but were fun and not aneurism inducing.

>juvenile fantasies
isn't that just all anime
I swear I had fantasies like that when I was 14 where I was the coolest guy with crazy powers and there were hot girls around me for no reason
Or was the anime first? Goddamn it japan.
Yeah but thats because no one here could take Geass seriously so it was a comedy to us. I don't think the people making the show thought the same thing, it just looked like they were trying to make it as dramatic as possible every episode. Power fantasy sucks when there's no actual dilemma for the main character to solve and no internal struggle. Its all main character needs to use his amazing powers to win against some generic villain he's way more powerful than because he put some effort into exploring how to use his abilities.

what about one where a hikki comes over but just wants to continue his hikki ways so he becomes the closest thing to that in that world
a bridge troll

>being a sadistic and arrogant edgelord
>chosing worst girl
I don't know why I put myself through this suffering

mushoku tensei and everyone one in it is shit and roxy is no exception

I like them, a favorite genre.

It doesn't seem like Cred Forums hates it that much even when they read mostly machine translations. If people here knew Japanese, then they could read way better stuff than this garbage.

It's shounen and what anime has become, but was in no way what anime was like in previous decades, like the '90s.

For example, pretty much every lead in a mecha is some kind of piloting prodigy. But they're rarely able to just impose their will on the world. It's usually a lot of struggle to change things, even in a super robot universe where you have an unlimited power source.

Worst fanbase on Cred Forums.

mecha's just war fantasy, it doesn't count at all and
iron blood orphans is the same thing. Guys 14, fights on par with the best in the world. Same power fantasy different troupes.

Chinese Isekai is better.

No japanese LN isekai can beat IET's novels. Even shit like Against the Gods has better story line than most Japanese isekai LN. The only good things that came out of Japanese isekai stories are Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear and Toradora.

Because Cred Forums is full of hipsters who hate anything popular

What do they do better?

>Against the gods story better
>than anything

>toradora as isekai
whew lad

>Against the gods story better
>than anything

>than most becomes than anything

Thanks for Correcting the Record©

shameless shilling on anime image boards

LN trash, barely one step above fanfics wanking the writer's OC.

Why do isekai poke at the victim complex so much?

>He just fucks off, doesn't tell off the bitch

I'm mad at this faggot. Toss some water on her head or something before you die like a bitch god.

>God has bestowed upon us japan's legal system

Isn't japan's legal system a fucking mess? Phoenix Wright sure seems to indicate that.

You bet your ass it'll be the american system if this is getting released overseas.

>tell off the bitch

She's right though.

Of course it would be localized that way, but the legal system it's based on is still the japanese system, which from what I hear is a bizarro version of the american system.

>Code Geass was power fantasy, for the most part

All anime are power fantasies, for the most part.

That's why anime is shit.

>I don't think the people making the show thought the same thing, it just looked like they were trying to make it as dramatic as possible every episode

You're thinking really wrong. About both parts of your statement, strictly speaking, but especially regarding this one. Here's one example that dispels such notions:

>The CONTINUE magazine for this month had an interview with the Pizza Hut marketing manager. Supposedly the deal with Pizza Hut happened because Eureka 7 featured a different pizza chain. The person in charge of Pizza Hut marketing saw it and thought "Damn, why didn't I think of that?", and after that approached the Code Geass staff with the idea.

>Originally Pizza Hut was supposed to make only about 3 ~ 4 appearances in the show, but either Taniguchi or the producers must have been really amused by the idea and added all sorts of scenes. The marketing manager was really shocked when the delivery motorcycle actually made an appearance in the show. Neither did he expect to see the Pizza Hut logo all over the place.

>According to him, the limited time-only Code Geass Pizza Hut box is now considered a "rare" item.

That has nothing to do with making the series "dramatic" and everything to do with making it more amusing. Which was always something the creators were aware of.

You're also mistaken about the other part because power fantasies are a matter of degrees. They don't contradict having internal struggles, not necessarily. Just like you had people who went all out on the memes and still enjoyed other parts of the show for different reasons.

They don't change the universe, most of the time, but they do get enough power to defeat a super large enemy such as an alien invasion or whatever.

Doesn't stop people from coming here though.

Also Cred Forums doesn't hate isekai. They never did and never will.

how about the one where everyone int he world goes to the other world and the mc gets left behind to wait for the day the come back?

mc gets trolled during the wait

sounds like Everyone else is a Returnee.
But with no focus on 'everyone else'.
Just one man dicking around with crippling social anxiety, even though it doesn't seem like it at first.

Just because she's right doesn't mean you have to take it like a bitch
wars have been fought for less

Isekai by itself is not bad, and it's always been there (remember Zero no Tsukaima).

The problem is that there are WAY too many Isekai plots going around nowadays. It's like how back in the day the vidya market was oversaturated with military shootan games.

Because they're all shameless katana circlejerks.

>why do Cred Forums hate isekai
People hate the people who spam and shitposters, be it isekai shitposting or any other thing.

Why don't we have more shows/novels where the main character who get transported to another world is actually from a magical land and gets transported to our world in the current year?

We need more Maou-sama-like plots. Make the ultra important guy become unimportant more often instead of the other way around.

Maou Sama was such garbage though. First five episodes were great, nothing after was worth a damn. Should have ended at 5.

>Why don't we have more shows/novels where the main character who get transported to another world is actually from a magical land and gets transported to our world in the current year?
Because it fails to encompass 99% of the reasons why people write isekai to begin with.

So... Re:Monster?

He starts eating people like, right away, and only gives lip service to not wanting to rape.

If only it wasn't written in the most ass-tastic way possible.

>cyborg elves
>kumofangs will defend this

this is true
take sevens where the main character uses two sabres
11 volumes in he gets katanas custom smithed for him. both the smith and the main guy have no fucking idea what a katana is but one of his harem gets it made and we katana now.

>Failing the bar 5 times.
Yeah no, he's less than trash.

>implying cyborg elves aren't fucking hilarious.
Potimas thinking he could beat Sophia in a straight up fight was fucking retarded though.

Surely he has at least an inkling of ludicrously strong she is.

Did he try explaining to the smith that it is made of superior japanese steel, folded over 1000 times?

The best Isekai is Thermae Romae, prove me wrong

Gotta love how the authors simultaneously wank how the Japanese swordsmithing method is the greatest in the world while also having some Dwarven blacksmith replicate it perfectly off of a high schooler's vague description of it he read in a textbook once.

he didnt even want the thing he wanted more saber but his twintailled robot maid waifu wanted him to use a katana and had it made. the second he actually uses it in a fight omg sharpest fucking sword in the world unparalleled slicing power

My problem with isekai is that there is always something that reminds me how pathetic I am. Battle harems are just dumb entertainment, like eating a bag chips, isekai are lower because they seem to pander too much to me.

My problem with isekai is that every time I look at the catalog I see a thread discussing the problems with isekai

My problem with isekai is that every time we start discussing isekai and stay on topic, there's always some retard that comes in and bitches about it.

My problem with isekai is that people actually think meta discussion of it belongs on Cred Forums.

because the offer the same premise every single time.
MC gained super power out of this world with no match. Solved the world's problem. Fuck some pussy. The fucking end.

>Solved the world's problem
Often this doesn't even happen.
More often than not the MC's all like
>eeeeh, you want me to go defeat the Demon Lord? But, that's like, really troublesome you know? I'm the lazy sort of person, so if I can I'd prefer to avoid trouble you know? What I'm saying is, go find someone else and leave me alone

>However the entertainment comes from the fact that Momonga is just a somewhat antisocial japanese salaryman who has to play the role of the infallible ruler of an organization of all-powerful demigods.
Considering there's so much like that out there, relying on that as a sort of justification is not credible enough.

Evil God Average did it better.


I recently caught up to this, are the updates frequent?

As fast as the guy can translate. So decently fast.

>not being fucking retarded
Only a idiot could go out of their way to almost cause the end of the world twice in a row.

They haven't made isekai biker gang wars yet.

I'm just waiting for the inevitable chapter where they finally corner Potimas and he spills out his evil plans.

And Shiro is just in utter disbelief at how wrong he is about everything and how everything he was trying to do wouldn't have even worked in the slightest.

see I liked in Log Horizon for as powerful as the adventurers are compared to the NPCs they're still able to get ruined by the game monsters who where designed to challenge them. And at a certain point the game starts cheating back as hard as they do.

I blame it more the popularity of Light Novels more than anything else.

As an example take El Hazard. Not only is it Isekai it's also harem.

But it tells a full story. There's an actual adventure being told instead of an introduction. Makoto and the other character all have important roles to play in the tale and in the end we get something whole and satisfying.

Light Novel anime though only get so far as the introduction or part way into the full adventure. We get 12 episodes of blue balls and the story ends with nothing accomplished.

I know they're effectively commercials but adaptations really need to tell a proper story

to trigger autists


Does Tenchi Muyo count?

I just came here to say Nanami's power fucking sucks

It proved extremely useful in unmasking the real villains and thwarting their evil plans.

Makoto's the one who got the shit power

Kenshi spin-off counts.

Dual and that one that has like 6 names might.

also El Hazard as mentioned

So if you people were taskes with creating an original and interesting isekai that must also pander to at least a few otaku fetishes, what would be your story idea?

Lizard best girl.

-In a dark high fantasy world, Demons have opened several gates from hell and invaded the land destroying and capturing parts of it in another grand conquest.
>A, Holy Order of Demon Slayers that has been long established since the first demon conquest wage war against the Demons with allied nations and their militiaries.
>The greatest weapon the Holy Order has is that they are capable of summoning the spirits of the greatest Demon Slayers in the history of the continent to be their familiars for their high ranking Paladins, and to undertake missions that are too dangerous. (The spirits summoned are incapable of dying so long as the Paladin that summoned them is alive, and they'll respawn after death)
>Heroine is a Paladin that has been serving for 7 years, and is granted by the council that runs the Order to summon a spirit of one of the greatest Demon Slayers.
>The Mc is in our world was simply watching a fantasy anime, and when he gets up to go take a piss he enters into the fantasy world summoned by the Paladin. Which surprises everyone by how average the Mc is, as they literally have no powers or magical talents.
>Female heroine is mocked by this incident as she tries to do her job to kill demons, and can't get a resummon as the Mc is bound to her and has to do whatever she wants.

This leads to the main plot where she decides to train the Mc to become a Demon Slayer as he tries to figure out a way home. Mc learns to be a man, gets beat left and right by a wooden stick sword, gets /fit/, and learns to kill different type of Demons as they go on holy missions and the fact he can't save everyone.

You also have the plot of the leaders of the Order/Demons attempting to bring forth the throne of God into the world to take it as its vacant. (Note: The throne can only appear when enough souls have perished in the world) This is also why the great demon slayers are being summoned as familiars helps in the bloodshed.

There you go. All made up on the spot.

A shut-in NEET get killed by a truck, gets reincarnated in another world by a goddess as its savior, yadda yadda.

Except, the goddess wasn't strong enough to actually reincarnate him. Instead, he's sent down as a disembodied spirit tethered to the prophesied hero. Who is a cute girl. Because pandering.

Because he's a spirit, who cannot interact with the material realm but cannot be harmed by it either, he excels in observation and information gathering and becomes her mission support of sorts.

The girl hates this arrangement because he's with her 24/7. That includes when she's bathing, changing, you get the idea. Tsundere antics happen including attempts at exorcism until she warms up to him.

They set out on an adventure to save the world and form a party on the way. All of them cute girls, of course. Because pandering.

Who the fuck keeps sending those dimension-transfering trucks after neets? Why not run over someone slightly more capable?

I feel like I can't say anything that I'd really like to see that isn't mostly Grimgar. That show had everything I wanted.

Maybe I'd have more lighthearted adventure across an interesting developed world with characters who aren't terribly special or powerful.

As a counterpoint, I present this entire thread and all the threads we've had exactly like this over the last year or so.

I personally like the mythology/worldbuilding and having the MC go from villager-tier strength to eventually have power to shatter stars or galaxies. The exploration/slowly revealing more of the world/galaxy/realms is what makes it interesting to me and i haven't seen many Jap WNs that do this

>I personally like the mythology/worldbuilding and having the MC go from villager-tier strength to eventually have power to shatter stars or galaxies. The exploration/slowly revealing more of the world/galaxy/realms is what makes it interesting to me and i haven't seen many Jap WNs that do this
Doesn't like every monster reincarnation story do this?

Literally just adapt/steal 1632. Instead transport some small Japanese rural town to the Warring States period. Or I guess a fantasy version, if we're going full isekai. Have a varied cast, include some high school students and some NEET who was a huge history buff. One of the students or the NEET gets trained by some drunken ronin who the town hires to help them with their muscle, ala Seven Samurai. There's your otaku fetishes. Some noble girl falls for the self insert, there you go.

Otherwise have the overarching plot be political and about how the introduction of modern Japanese sensibilities and tech into an unromanticized version of Japanese history (maybe with weird Shinto magic and demons) affects the the country and how the normal japs manage to hold their own with their tenacity and advanced knowledge of modern rural life.

So I guess like Silver Spoon crossed with with Drifters.

You know all those otome reincarnation stories where the protagonist reincarnates as a villainous oujo and has to avoid all the destruction flags that lead to her inevitable downfall?

That, but with an elf rape fantasy eroge instead. Where you're reincarnated as the elf.

I guess Xianxia/Wuxia keep an air of mystery to it. I don't mean like the world itself, more like the legends concerning the world that run parallels with Chinese mythology/Daoism and so forth.

Familiar of zero with a dash of Fate/stay night

Please don't, every time you idiots post anything all I see are things I've already read but worse.

Why can't truck-kun be the mc of a harem isekai? Why no love for the poor fellow?

Cause he'd just run over every possible threat from wolf packs to demon lords/gods

So like your typical isekai mc?

It's overdone

I would actually watch that.

I want 50 more episodes


Not liking Isekai is Reddit as fuck, you're basically telling the world
>I don't like SAO because Youtube anime reviewers told me not to
I tip my fedora to you, Cred Forumsermin.

Name one that has an actually interesting MC


El Hazard

Not that I don't think

isn't being a cunt. SAO sucks because it's shit and isekai is lazy and over done these days. Crying wah wah youtubers is just bullshit.

I just think the shows I listed are neat

Then it has met the criteria of pandering to otaku's if its all that in one.

Get to work making an anime or light novel.

Several Japanese right-wing shitposters are reincarnated into a world that has been taken over by Korean reincarnators.

All the races of the world are at least half-Korean at this point, and the largest empire in the world uses Korean as its official language.

The MCs must establish Japanese dominion over this world and find the last few remaining purebloods from the original races to breed with.

Their cheat ability is that they can access the 2ch of their original world and ask for help on how to wipe out Korean scum. And by ask, I mean shitpost.

i just hate isekai cliches but like everything else.
post your worst isekai cliches.

Female protags, somewhat fundamentally sidestepping one of the major sources of the usual idiocy in isekai.

>El Hazard
Made way before the modern checklist for the genre was solidified and had an ensemble cast. I think it also lacked a harem? Maybe a love triangle at best? Been awhile. (A quick check shows there's something of a small, classic harem of hangers on but the MC only has eyes for one girls. The cast is less gender balanced than I recall, with just the MC, the teacher, and the antagonist being the important males). The MC didn't even get his OP powers until the very end too.

This isn't so much moving the goal posts, they are isekai with interesting MCs, but its telling they were made a little over twenty years ago. They all, coincidentally, came out within roughly 3 years of each other, Rayearth being the oldest at 1993, El-Hazard in 1995, with both of them ending in 1996 when Escaflowne came out.

>Demi-human slave girl
>worth less than a regular slave because reasons
>MC "abhors" slavery because of his modern Japanese mindset
>but buys her anyways and convinces himself he's doing it for altruistic reasons
>but doesn't dissolve the slave contract because reasons
>she turns out to have an incredibly OP hidden ability
>also totally wants to suck the MC's cock but it's totally not coerced or anything

>I think it also lacked a harem? Maybe a love triangle at best?

Nope it was full Harem.

Shayla Shayla
later on we got Qualul added to the mix as well.

Wanderers had Princess Rune as a love interest as well.

But It helps though that at least one girl Miz only had eyes for sensei and the bug queen wanted to get with Jinnai. It sort of helps camouflage things if the other guys get some action too.

>It sort of helps camouflage things if the other guys get some action too.
This, honestly. The worst part of Harem shit tends to be letting the harem dominate the character relationships so much that the MC exists only in a sea of chicks who orbit his dick with not even the vague attempt to include regular friends. If there's some male friends or women who aren't into him, even if they just orbit some other guys dick, it helps makes things significantly less retarded.

Look at Jitsu wa and its gang of male friends. One even got the cake teacher! When's the last time some harem went out of their way to do that?

Vandread did it right too. Both the doctor and the helmsman got their waifus in the end as well the main character getting his

>MC transported from another world
>usual cliche BUT HE IS DIFFERENT FROM YOUR USUAL MC HE'S ________________ (insert your pandering here)
>the his life goes just like usual isekai story BUT THEN INSTEAD OF "THAT" IT'S ACTUALLY GOING LIKE THIS _________________(insert your pandering here)
>in the end HE ACTUALLY _________________ (insert your usual anti cliche of isekai here)

Don't forget the inevitable
>I'd watch that.
>fund it.

Mc was isekai'd to a high fantasy world where he gained magical powers, RPG stats/skills, and what not. When he steps through a portal to go home, he ends up getting isekai'd to another high fantasy world.

This time he is without the RPG stats, his equipment is impractical, the money he has is worthless, language barrier exists, and he is seen as a weird ass foreigner with no skills or talens what so ever who talks about being a Hero in some land in a fairy tale book of the fantasy world he's in.

Join our Mc as he learns the real story behind being isekai'd, as he works the land just to sleep in a barn and eat, and his adventure becomes a ridiculous DnD campaign riddled with bad rolls and critical fails.

I call it, Isekai Isekai'd: My life as an Isekai Protagonist's comes to an End in Another World.

>Female protags, somewhat fundamentally sidestepping one of the major sources of the usual idiocy in isekai
Only because otome harem cliches hadn't become codified yet.

>Some time later, In a mission where they face a horde of demons with overwhelming power and all hopes are gone, the MC clicks a button, then a futurist artillery comes out of nowhere and blast the enemy force to oblivion
>The MC actually isn't an average joe, but a prince of a very advanced galactic alien empire, who is exiled on Earth after his mother was killed and is seeking revenge against his father and his mother nation
>After coming to the fantasy land, he is impressed to the existence of magic and is secretly learning it to combine with the advanced alien technologies he possesses to accumulate enough power so that one day he can return to his motherland and destroy it
>If it's not for demon attack when he is forced to act to protect his own life, he would continue to silently watch people die left and right without remorse
>He also sees everyone as beneath him, since he is an alien with a Lovecraftian true form and considers himself above mortal such as humans and demons

The MC will continue to manipulate the heroine into being the leading figure of her people with him being the man behind the curtain, then take the throne of God for himself and turn her world into his weapon to fight his father.

So if he was exiled from his land, why would he have access to its naval fleet?

Why do beta Japanese MCs want to abolish slavery when de facto slavery still exist in modern time? Don't they read the news?

The fuck did I just read? That's retarded.

>Newfags acting like isekai is a new thing

El Hazard. Fushigj Yuugi, Inuyasha, Now and Then Here and There. Gee the fucking list goes on.

I don't want to bite the Neo Cred Forums meme but you guys fucking make it hard to do so.

The same reason why almost every isekai contains themes of discrimination against the beastkin/(half)elves/demons that the Japanese MC pontificates about while commenting on how small-minded and oppressive these thinly veiled fantasy not-Europeans are to his modern Nipponese morals, completely glossing over the fact that Japan has possibly some of the worst anti-minority laws for a first world country in the world.

You just copied Oblivion game plot with zero no tsukaima

Not too mention Japan and WWII with dominating Asia.

>I'll ignore the spirit of the thread by being an anal retentive, technicality arguing faggot
There's a clear difference between the kind of isekai that spawns threads like these, and older works that also fall into the genre.

Probably from insurgent forces loyal to his mother.

>Copied oblivion game plot
user aside from the gates of hell opening and demons invading, the plot is far from Oblivion's.

Yeah, Cred Forums can't write either. Who knows?

Requesting that one page from the GATE manga.
You know the one.
>might we Japanese one day end up doing the same thing?

pick one

Then how does he press the button if he's a ghost?
>ghost button
And how does the fleet know where he is if he was on Earth, then magically appeared in whatever world/dimension he ended up in?
Its retarded even by Jap standards.

>he's a ghost?
Huh? Since when?
>And how does the fleet know where he is if he was on Earth, then magically appeared in whatever world/dimension he ended up in?
GPS in his body and dimensional portal.

An amusing trend in recent isekai is to give the demons in the fantasy world a pseudo-Japanese culture.

See Ram and Rem in Re:Zero, and the ogres in Mushoku Tensei, among others.

So the oppression of the demon race by the humans (sometimes as the result of a Great War between the races in the past) can be seen as commentary on Japan's victimization at the hands of the west during and after WWII.

Just food for thought.

Nevermind, its 6 in the morning and I mixed the original post up with another one.

I tried.

>Mc is in a bad relationship with girlfriend who is highly possessive and has him nearly completely whipped. He doesn't want to be in the relationship, but is spineless as she walks over him, which stresses him and causes him to be indecisive which kind of messes up his work.
>He's friends with two men, one a womanizer who sleeps with a different woman every day of the week, and a nerdish, otaku trap, virgin who was friends first with the womanizer. Who offer him life advice, the womanizer telling him to do what he wants and the Otaku telling him to play it the safe route.
>After a drink at the bar with them he goes home drunk, and step in front of incoming truck.
>The Mc then awakens to find himself safe and sound, but inside a fantasy world based on Mesopotamia. He was saved by a Christmas cake goddess known as Ishtar who helps him get back on his feet, and show him a different world he never had before.
>Along the way he befriends Gilgamesh and Enkidu, and does things he never could have done before in his previous life while falling in love with Ishtar. Problems arise in the story when another goddess begins to interfere in the Mc's happiness, getting him in things he doesn't want to do (As he can't resist her), threatening Ishtar, and he has to slay different monsters.

Eventually he manages to break free from the other goddess and gets with Ishtar.

The real twist to the story is that Mc never was isekai'd and his entire journey was brought on by stress, and Ishtar was some Christmas cake worker who developed a crush on him, and was his stalker who just happened to save his life from the incoming truck. The monsters he encountered were nothing more than manifestations of his fears and people who antagonized him. Gilgamesh and Enkidu was his two friends from the bar.

>Westerners are literal demons

Seriously, if they really want to do that, do it more accurately.
>The demon are the ones helping humans rebuild their country after losing in a war where they tried to dominate the world
>Most of the humans' advanced developments are from the demons
>The modern lifestyle of humans are the result of being affected by demon cultrure
>The demons also depend human nation from their surrounding enemies and help develop their shitty economy into a modern one

And so on. They should make it like that.

>Westerners are literal demons
m8 I don't think you read that post correctly.

Pulling an all-nighter isn't exactly a healthy lifestyle, user.

I like Death March a lot. It's a fun isekai SOL. Things go so fast it's good for my ADHD.

Insomnia is making me its bitch.

Sleep is for pussies.

Yeah, sorry. Staying awake for too long makes me can't think straight.

Westerners are metaphorical demons oppressing the literal ones, who most likely dindu nuffin' and have been vilified by the travesties of historical revisionism.

nice quads


NEET and nintiesfag prepper both die at the same time, but get sent to eachother's dream worlds.

So a paranoid gun nut gets sent to a fantasy world, while the otaku gets sent to a vaporwave-styled post-apocolypse dystopia.

Isekai has the MC be reborn as an NPC.

Exists already.

>Maou Sama
Which series is that?

The genre is crafted from the ground up to be a vehicle facilitating the laziest writing possible.

By using a generic MMO-style fantasy setting with JRPG mechanics common to so much isekai, the writer doesn't have to bother with actual worldbuilding.

Instead of having to theorize and describe how the fantastical elements of the world work they can all be written off with "You played DQ or RO right? Well this just like that".

Skills get stronger via level up, so you don't need to make effort to write the MC actually gradually improving.

You can take more stab wounds to the gut because you have more HP, so you don't need to make effort to describe the effects of stab wound.

Currency also conveniently comes in decimal denominations with easy equivalence to the yen.

"Adventurer guilds" are also a convenient way to justify monster hunting and dungeon diving without ever getting into the real specifics of how a monster hunting and dungeon diving economy would work.

The fantasy setting can also be exploited to make magic convenient device to gloss over all the details of the world the author doesn't want to think. Laundry and hygiene is taken care of with water magic. Injuries and illnesses are taken care of with healing magic. Slavery is taken care of with contract magic. Dungeons and monsters are formed through magic. Adventurer guild membership cards and stats screens are all magic. Ah, magic sure is convenient isn't it?

And let's not forget that the fantasy worlds that our Japanese protagonists are transported to often speak a language nearly identical to modern Tokyo-dialect Japanese or have convenient translation magic to make linguistic issues trivial.

Everything is just convenient. And the main character will often wittily remark as such to show how genre aware he is. "Aah, kono pattern ka?"

Gameifying the world removes a lot of the explanations immersion would otherwise require.

It's a story element and genre crafted to encourage laziness.

It just updated.

>attribute: No Life King

You forgot that with it being game-like, the MC often has insider knowledge due to playing games and comes up with lots of fairly obvious techniques and combinations that others somehow never thought to do with the system.

>He combined water and fire to make steam!

>"Adventurer guilds" are also a convenient way to justify monster hunting and dungeon diving without ever getting into the real specifics of how a monster hunting and dungeon diving economy would work.
Dungeon Meshi makes pretty every other fantasy themed manga look like shit in this regard, all without appearing to even try most of the time.

>Man, writing a smart MC is so hard
>I know, I'll just make everyone else retarded instead! That way the MC HAS to look smart in comparison!

Still good though.
>Level SSS
>Crazy Mantis
A fucking creature that called a fucking "crazy mantis" is a level SSS monster.
Truly we had reach the peak of the best writing of all time.
All thanks to Sakamoto 666.
Still better than Yusha no shinda

>"Adventurer guilds" are also a convenient way to justify monster hunting and dungeon diving without ever getting into the real specifics of how a monster hunting and dungeon diving economy would work.
Adventurer Guilds are not convenient way to justify monster hunting and dungeon diving u fuck. You can have it be a state ran entity or private company with freelance workers.

Say in most that features them Isekai, Adventurer Guilds are not elaborated on in how they function.

There's nothing wrong with power fantasy, it's just that when you have too many near identical power fantasies it starts getting pathetic.

>Gun Kata is brought up
What the fuck is this shit?

Cred Forums is just tsundere for clichéd genres.

Like, Cred Forums's favorite VNs are clichés which they supposedly hate.

Fate/stay night - urban fantasy battle harem

Steins;Gate - time loops

Muv Luv Alternative - isekai

The twist is fairly amusing, slightly reminds me of We Without Wings with the delusional chuuni personality of the mc althought it wasn't really a twist there.

It promises you every single time that things are going to be different by having a genre-savvy MC that comments on tropes as if deriding them, only to fall down in the same tired and dead scenarios again and again and again and again.

It's more aggravating than normal battle shonen+harem because at least in those cases you know what to expect.
Isekai instead usually lies to your face that they're not going to do that, then proceed to be a bland battle shonen+harem every single time.

Seems these days every Isekai is trying to '''''''deconstruct''''''' the genre. Are we actually getting LESS cliche Isekais and '''''''''deconstructions'''''' are the new blandness?

>start reading death march
>it starts out semi-interesting
>suddenly old-pervert-woman-trapped-in-12yo-body archetype appears
>everything goes to shit afterwards

why did i even bother reading this

It's not like it matters anyway, they're just different flavors of blandness.
If they weren't """"deconstructing"""" they'd still be bland, just in a different way.

>show how everyone is shitty to mc and how hypocritical they are
>MC is basically the same once he powers up but author somehow tries to make it seem like the MC is right and everyone else is wrong

>he hates lolibabas
Is it possible to have such shit taste?

>being a fucking pedophile
>telling yourself its ok since the kid has a 'mature personality'
The worst thing is thats all there is to the character, its not even remotely interesting

Are you shitting on shield hero?

>calling someone a pedo
>on Cred Forums
>a insult
Wew lad.

IIRC MC in shield hero is a fucking autist, i was referring more to MCs like in Arifureta

Tbqh senpai Xianxia is more guilty of this than isekai.

Isekai protagonists tend to be spineless enough to not quite becomes massive scumbags even after going on a power trip.

gb2jail thad

Different kind of shit.

>Xianxia is more guilty of this than isekai
Are they? The ones i've read with arrogant/murderous MCs explicitly say that might makes right, everything that happens is just bickering about 'losing face' in wuxia generally

New ch of Dungeon Defense is out. Prepare for a very lewd ch and some reverse rape.

Wrong page, nigga.

No one cares.

My cultivations>your cultivations.

It's usually a bit more complicated than that.

Usually Xianxia MCs acknowledge that the land they've ended up in is one where might makes right and that mere moral platitudes are useless without strength to enforce, but they also like to think that they're better than the rest when it comes to their code of honor. Kind of in a "everyone is a bigger scumbag than me" way.

Gonna wait till the whole volume is released. Dont' like reading by chapter.

You dare?! You court death with your foolish words!

My father is the head of the sect that controls this nation! He shall kill three generations of your family for your insolence!

>Kind of in a "everyone is a bigger scumbag than me" way.
More like treat the scumbag 100x worse than he treated you previously when you were weaker than him. Which doesn't imply that MC is on some higher moral ground here


>Looking around the web


Only people that hate Isekai are dumb normalfags with normal morals.

>muh harem
normalfag normals showing, you show take it back to >muh "theres too many"
you're not forced to read or watch them, there's million other manga/anime

>muh its not DEEEP
well, thats just like, you're opinion, man

Look around. There are many, be it in eng, jap or chink.

Well yeah, that's why they're a hypocrite, but they point is that they'd LIKE to think that they're better.

Ching chong proceeds to defeat the patriarch of the #1 clan under the heavens that is a whole level of cultivation higher than himself, which is unprecedented and unseen in the whole history of the X continent.

I care not for your father nor your fallen kind!

This body has been honed to beat the gods themselves! A bug like you will need to learn its place in this world!

Oh well that's what I get for going by thumbnail. I don't even have it saved it appears.

>Only people that hate Isekai are dumb normalfags with normal morals.
well, thats just like, you're opinion, man

They kinda are better since MC usually doesn't resort to rape or bullying the weaker like the rest of the scumbags unless they deserve it

I think wuxia is better in this aspect since the author doesn't actively try to portray the MC as justice reincarnate at least.

>They kinda are better since MC usually doesn't resort to rape
The problem is xianxia MC tend to have a very skewed definition of what "not rape" is.

>well, thats just like, you're opinion, man
Well, thats just like, you're opinion, man

But they deserved it

Isekai isn't the problem, the overuse of a very specific subset of isekai (transported to a videogame world) is the problem.

We need more variety in the other world. And we need to add more protagonists who had some attachment to their old world and either want to go home or otherwise worry about friends and family they left behind, to balance out the overabundance of protagonists who give not even a moment's thought to getting back to Japan.

Well raping your wife was perfectly legal pretty much everywhere until the latter half of the 20th century. Hell in my country it was still legal in the 90s.

>We need more variety in the other world
Did we get any story when the protagonist gets transported into a Hokuto no Ken-style post-apocalyptic dystopia?

Where do you live?

>setting isn't a medieval fantasy world

>no JRPG or MMORPG stats and skills

>no demon kings

>MC takes things lightly at first but gets slapped in the face hard with the reality of a world at war

>things get so traumatic for him that he runs away back to his original world when given a chance

>MC has actual multiple stages of character development

>the plot doesn't revolve around MC

Muv Luv Alternative is a pretty decent isekai that shows what you can do when you use the "transported to another world" device without the "Dragon Quest LitRPG" part.


Some people in an alternate world try to summon a hero from Japan. As a result the MC is summoned, but because they suck at magic, the MC's body is destroyed and they instantly die, reincarnating as a level 1 villager.
Not disparaged at all, the people summon a second hero, successfully this time.
It's a story about the MC living a comfy life as an E-rank adventurer while occasionally happening across the hero who is a pervy otaku trying to assemble a harem of princesses and shit.
Also the MC is a girl and the hero tries to romance her unsuccessfully.

Now and Then, Here and There?

Maybe Muv-Luv The Day After although in that case the real apocalypse didn't happen until three years after MC arrived.

Also Saudi Arabia criminalized slavery at the behest of JFK in the early 60s.

Does Drifters count as isekai?

You can call it Isekaiers.


>Did we get any story when the protagonist gets transported into a Hokuto no Ken-style post-apocalyptic dystopia?
Was just answering the question

Mondaiji is great isekai.

>raping your wife
This wasn't a thing, until the feminist movement. You can't rape someone who you're lawfully married to and have sex regularly. The idea of marriage was they were both acting together in bigger picture even though specific things might disagree. Spouses are supposed to solve their domestic issues themselves. However if one spouse isn't up to it, they are free to divorce (in most developed states). Even Islam has clause where women can divorce.

If divorced, then there can be rape. With no legal binding holding two together, act of force can be reasonably seen.

Didn't mean to quote.

>You can't rape someone who you're lawfully married to and have sex regularly.
Wew fucking lad. Your fedora tipped so hard it hit the ground. I will mention Rome had some laws against raping of a spouse.

>The idea of marriage was they were both acting together in bigger picture even though specific things might disagree
Top kek. That's not how it worked a long time ago in some places.

Which episode is that?

But Cred Forums doesn't hate isekai, Cred Forums only hates the last batch of isekai, give them 12 kingdoms, El HAzard, Digimon or any old isekai and they will be fine with it.

Source me that Roman spousal rape law you speak of. Spousal rape being a crime is a very modern, 20th century intrepetation due to the changes in what is considered human, woman, rights, consent, etc.

There is no legal history of spousal rape being a crime prior to that.

Damn, that manga was weird as fuck.

Rape of a spouse was counted under Stuprum (Unlawful sex by force) in Roman times for its citizens you fuck. You can also find more under laws set by Julius Ceaser with the Lex Julia.

Spousal rape being a crime isn't modern.

>shit is better than shit

the fuck is this



>Gary Stu

Stuprum is a sex law that protects free women from shame and dishonor. The husband can't shame you into having sex. This law was never used like that.

Lex Julia is regarding sexual laws speaks about adultery. Husband/wife sex is not adultery.

Did you fail Roman history class or something? Or is this what they're teaching in feminist class today?

>caring about dead, outdated, and backward laws


But what if you get sent back in time one day, user?

If everything Isekai was like Overlord we'd be a okay.



>lets suck some titties and appraise the roof/conjure a breeze endlessly in order to start out with the magic power of a God while still a toddler
>because somehow nobody ever noticed training magic makes you better at it
>nor did anyone else ever notice you don't need to chant/dance/strip/draw penises in the sand while ripping off your fingernails in order to cast magic
>and oh, you can't do it after age x or otherwise someone might be able to compete with the MC and we can't have that
>50 chapters later
>wow, he can walk at such a young age!
>commence schooling adult professionals
>half the text is monologues about how he would totally fix everything everywhere if he didn't want to blow his "cover"
>this goes on for another 50 chapters
>insert some little girl who wants his dick because she was bullied over something trivial but is otherwise perfect in every single way
>discovers he sucks shit at fighting to give future beast slave a role to play
>5-10 year timeskip because good God what the fuck were you doing for 100 chapters
>100 chapters on introducing the same technology they do in every one of these shitty series, water wheels, crop rotation, fertilizer, food because only future people can cook, soap etc
>lets buy a slave!
>see: childhood slut, same scenario but applied to a race. Also they can't use magic because they have fuzzy ears and silly people like that can't be allowed to tresspass on the MC's domain
>magic school harem arc, can be summed up as: he's simply the best and everyone wants his dick, without omitting anything meaningful
>the end, there's no conclusion or actual story, the author just wanted a world where he's good at something and wanted by someone, just like the people who read this shit
I wonder why. I've never seen anything more formulaic. Fucking baby formula is more diverse.

>every isekai is Mushoku Tensei

>mfw 10 episodes



Are there isekai stories from native's POV?

Chihou Kishi Hans no Junan

Consider. Isekai where the MC isn't the isekai'd character. A high fantasy where after 10 episodes some weird ass foreigner comes and starts stirring shit up like some tourist.

The Misfortunes of Local Knight Hans

Closest to that that I can remember is Katahane no Riku, but uh it's pretty edgy. Like sure, Riku is also a reincarnee but she deletes her own memories within 1 chapter and she never did anything with them anyways so she basically counts as a native.

Sort of like Gaijin-kun, but he's comic relief.

Listen you Twelve Kingdom faggot. Literally nobody cares for your mediocre garbage. Literally nobody cared when it was airing and literally nobody will care in the future. It was MEDIOCRE from start to finish. Even Endride was was more entertaining than that shitshow will ever be.

Local knight has to deal with local foreigners who just suddenly appear and has to find them a place in society. The main enemy is immigration laws.

>tfw google and yandex aren't working

What the fuck happened to the image search? It rarely works lately.

>being this mad

GIS is total horseshit nowadays. Some user said that google supposedly made it shit so people would stop using it to look up porn sources.

Shame I really wanted to take a look at this one, I started to use Yandex lately but it isn't reliable.

All you managed to achieve by spamming 12K all over the damn place is make people hate it by association because your annoying ass is incapable of taking a hint.

>all over the damn place
>only in isekai threads where it's relevant

Again, why are you so mad? Did I insult your favorite series or something?

Take a bloody hint already.


>fantasy world that operates in a way similar to the last video game the author played
>plot armor as stiff as the authors cum sock
No homo, but... London?

Something something Barista something something
It's shit, the only good thing about it is the knife ear's design.


Tried to google a bit with the mc's name and I came up with Isekai Houtei -Rebuttal Barrister


>take steel so shitty you have to make the sword thicker than your wrist
>make it shorter than a normal 1-handed sword(even fucking Viking swords were longer and they're broad as fuck) so that it doesn't break from its own weight when you extend it horizontally
>make the dagger/sword hybrid abomination slightly curved so that it sucks shit at thrusting, but isn't any significantly better at slashing
there you go

this is well thought out bait

they're ruining the fantasy genre with there shitting MC's and harems

>wow, he can walk at such a young age!

I remember reading one isekai where the MC thought that if anyone else had been reincarnated as a baby unable to move around for years, they would have gone crazy.

The MC might have even had a bit of trouble learning to walk since they spent their last life as a paraplegic.

>The main enemy is immigration laws.
So a series with Trump being the antagonist?


The Lazy King

Thank, user.

Have fun.

Did you read it? Is it good?

Are you sure about that?

Aye, it's pretty solid, reminds me of Narita's stuff considering it switches viewpoints every chapter.

>it's another "the royalty just wanna help the people but those fat, corrupt moustache-twirling nobles keep getting in the way!" series
Jesus fuck why is this so common in isekai? It's almost inevitable that the protagonist always sides with royalty in a nobility vs. royalty conflict.

Is it because of vestigial god-emperor wank in their culture?

Is that so? Then I will read it.

>Cred Forums
>hating isekai
You're pretty dense huh? Cred Forums is just being tsun tsun. Just look how popular rezero, konosuba and overlord is around here

That reminds me. Is there any isekai where the protagonist starts a revolution to install a republic?

Kingdom Reform Chronicles.

MC is summoned as a hero, gets made King because the royalty are tired of it.

MC's ultimate goal is to install a republic and abdicate, then live a peaceful life in the country.

I think the royalty wank is due to rise of nation states. Nobles are used to represent decentralization and private interests while royalty represents unified centralized state for the common good of all. It's probably some sort of hindsight about how great nation state is in comparison to whatever came before. Thus anything remotely nationalist must be good.

That's giving them too much credit. It's more likely because it's a common trope, might as well use it.

2017 is a good year for Isekai.

They're making a new Isekai called Barangay 143

Also, supporting the royalty is just easier from a writing perspective. It's keeping in line with the status quo so when all is said and done the MC can just fuck off and let things resume their regular schedule instead of having to stick around and help pick up the pieces after a major shift in power.

Is Stargate SG-1 isekai?

It's just them traveling to different planets through worm holes. If you considering Stargate isekai then all of sci-fi space fiction is also isekai.


Fuck, I don't give a shit about rooting for underdog MCs. I prefer my MCs to have half a brain and take advantage of their setting, not struggle through literally everything. The entire point of the genre is having a 21st century human interact with a medieval/magical setting.

Oh hey, it's you again.

It's the first time I'm in these threads though.

Doesn't the MC in that series cooperate with the king instead of starting a rebel to free the people?

Anyway, MCs in isekai series always tries to take the moral high ground and see everything through their modern value lens, but somehow they are totally fine with absolute monarchy and the oppression of the masses.

If a modern person gets transfers to a land where kings dictates the people, it would make more sense for him to rebel against tyrants , destroy the monarchy and establish a modern democracy.

Then he should have zero magical potential as, you know, 21st century human and use his half-mind without other cheats.

Jefferson is my presidentfu~

It's nice to read about MCs working together with the established power, or genuinely trying to change the system from within.

Haven't read that though. I have trouble reading LN translations.

I'm fine with that.

Or give him canon-typical magical potential that he can use to break the setting in a clever way. That could also be nice.

My main issue with Re:Zero was that it's MC had an IQ of like 90 and couldn't think out of the box for shit. That's frustrating as fuck to watch.

In A Hero's War (it's western though) official Hero starts rebellion and hitchhiker tries to reform through technology and new laws.

Same with harem, battle harem, 4 girls doing cute things and some shounen. Its overused and each work is basically a copy following the same formula. Same cast, same character archetype and interactions, same events to progress the plot, and many share even similar desings. It gets worse when you put harem on it too.

I not the genre itself that is bad, is how its used and japan tendency to accept any copycat, of usually the serie that originally popularize the genre.

Is like hearing the same story over and over again.

>same character archetype and interactions
Is it though?
Shiroe is different from Momonga who is different from Subaru
Hitomi is different from Miaka who is different from Youko

>cooperate with the king
He becomes king off the bat. No need to start a rebellion to free the people, he can just do it from the inside.

So who is the true MC? And which way is portrayed as "right" by the author? Rebellion or reforming?

And he didn't get assassinated because?

Assassinated by what?

>asks why people hate Isekai
>posts the biggest wish fulfillment power fantasy ever with the most broken Gary Stuish self-insert MC of all times
I still enjoy it, though.

That sounds boring. The power is handed to him just because, no difference to all other Isekai.
And him being the king won't solve the problem with the corrupted and ineffective nature of monarchy. If he wants a real change, he must abolish the entire system as a whole. History has proved trying to change things from the inside didn't work that well.

But I don't. Currently reading this, it's nothing special but it at least has interesting bit of information regarding diseases mixed in. I'm appreciating it a lot more after playing CKII Reaper's Due.

If time-travel counts as Isekai (and it should), Nobunaga's Chef is one of the best.

MC is a working adult who travels back in time and becomes a very OP cook.

Hitchhiker is MC. The Hero has a typical mussion and harem, starts rebellion after watching slave beating despite harem telling it's stupid and he can do it later. MC is right, but he can't let go of modern mindset, and gets butthurt when his ally noble implements his laws slightly altered to suit environment better. Plus his reform has already caused one peasant rebellion (albeit sponsored) because social reforms lag way behind industrialisation.

>he must abolish the entire system as a whole

That's his endgame. Abolish the monarchy and install a republic. The reason he gets made king off the bat is because the previous Queen can timeloop. Out of all the possible things she's tried, this solution works out best for everyone.

SJW's made it so that it doesn't work well with manga and porn. Sounds like a good avenue to capitalize in imo

What's that?

Considering how isekai threads are just thinly veiled LN/WN threads, what can you all recommend that isn't utter shit? And by shit I mean harems and edge.





Is Konosuba even worth watching?

Argh, fucking Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki.

> Main character wants sexy elf slave.
> Man explains elf slaves are extraordinarily rare, only one becomes available every ~50 years
> Man makes deal with main character that he can give him a sexy elf slave if he does a thing
> Main character does a thing, gets sexy elf slave
> Main character complains in his mind that his super rare sexy elf slave, that he received nearly for free, doesn't have giant boobies and has tattoos
> He complains about the tattoos in his head repeatedly

I can understand being disappointed with the real world. It's a terrible place where you always get back less than you put in.

But fucking entitled phaggy beta whining like this? This guy deserves to be hit by a truck and reincarnated in hell, getting his butt pounded from seven directions by a cenobite.

Something something Pharmacy.
Kenkyo if you don't mind shoujo villain reincarnation.

>Anyway, MCs in isekai series always tries to take the moral high ground and see everything through their modern value lens, but somehow they are totally fine with absolute monarchy and the oppression of the masses.
that's because isekai MCs conveniently always end up being transported to kingdoms where the monarch in charge is a benevolent, just overlord fighting against corruption in the nobility for the sake of the common people.

Of course, there will most likely be an empire located right next door that has had uneasy relations with said kingdom for ages, with a decidedly less benevolent, militaristic tyrant ruling it. And yet MCs will almost always end up in the former and not the latter and have no moral qualms about supporting the benevolent dictator in charge.

And changing it from the outside led to bloodbath of epic proporsions.

It's entertaining and despite being Isekai it doesn't take itself seriously and constantly parodies the genre.
Just give it a try.

>Or give him canon-typical magical potential that he can use to break the setting in a clever way. That could also be nice.
Usually when authors try to "break the setting in a clever way" it's via the MC doing things a fourth grader could think of and being hailed as a genius because he's surrounded by people with the intelligence of first graders.


You fucking missed Shieldvictim or something?

It's more like only the qt princess is good and everyone else is hurrdurr evul.

Twelve Kingdoms.

>when his ally noble implements his laws slightly altered to suit environment better
The noble obviously wouldn't follow him wholeheartedly, since they are noble, their primal interest is at odd with the peasants. MC should learn from the Hero dude.industrialisation.
Probably because

yes, is parody, so it focus more on comedy. The main cast have their own shit going for them, and Kazuma (MC) is a actual character that just a bland nice guy for self inserting.

Have a list, I won't claim that all are good. Try Vending Machine reincarnation if nothing else.

Hero has very little chapters and isn't a focus of story so it's not really reason to drop it. MC has SCIENCE!waifu and they're totally not a thing until everyone possible has told them otherwise and then they autistically sat and discussed if they should date. They're both researchsual.

The only truly evil royal was the bitch though.

He sounds like a ungrateful piece of shit, goddamn.


Noble resigned things are changing, but he damn makes sure his family remains as well off as it has been before.

There is no such thing as a benevolent monarch, since monarchy is oppressive by nature. I can't see how a first-world citizen could accept such system.

I don't exclusively read isekai nonsense.

>"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants"
Just reminder.

By not giving a shit because I'm equally fucked no matter who's in charge.

Eh, if said first-world citialzen ends up in comfortable position, he'll live with that. I know I would.

Morality is a thing, you see.

A thing the majority will never give a flying fuck about as long as they're well off, take your revolutionary nonsense and go rile up some peasants with it.

Your usual otaku that is dissapointed that his waifu is not "pure" or manage to fill his fetish. Please tell me that MC suffers later.

Isekai is a genre which looks very promising on paper but since it's usually the favourite genre of writers who play more video games than they write stuff it's usually bad.
Discovering a new world is a staple of many stories, from the Wolf of Wall Street to Gargantia. And Isekai is probably the most unsubtle way for a main character to enter that new world the story will take place in. It's Alice falling down the hole, without the elegance, and not even one hundreth the literary value.

Basically the isekai version of that manga where guy is gay but is a harem mc.
>Actively saving cute boys but its the girls that were saved on the side that fall in love
>Any guy he has a crush on ends up feeling jealous of his harem and sees him as a rival
>Finally reaches the cute demon king who's just his type but the harem party want to immediately kill him while mc just wants to flirt

Why don't you go fight for freedom in Africa, my moral user.

Would read as long as it doesn't go yuri

Niggers are a thing, you see.

I can fight for freedom here just fine.

Cool, would read.

Oh no no no. Of course not. Other scenarios that play out:

> First people he meets in the other world are a woodsman and his wife. They help get him on his feet
> Woodsman's wife seems waaaay too friendly to main character
> Turns out the "wife" was actually the woodsman's daughter and wants the main character's dick because reasons

> Finds a crappy rusted sword at some weapon shop
> Super heavy and hard to lift for everyone but main character
> Buys the sword and discovers it's magical super powered black kantana! Woooo!

The main character aspires to be a flipper of course. The kind of slimey Casey Serin-esque scum that tries to make a profit off of other people's stuff.

This thing makes stuff like Grimgar look like a masterpiece.

I find it appropriate to post here. There's something smart or funny to say or WN idea to write but meh.

Man, overlord is many things at once
>Psychological Cthulhu-tier monsters from the perspective of humans
>Cute Goblin general doing cute things
>My underlings can't have this much selfish desires
>Follow me through my slow decent to madness as i pretend to be smart when I don't know what is going on.

>Follow me through my slow decent to madness as i pretend to be smart when I don't know what is going on.

I have no emotions and i must feel.

I would have prefered if he retain his emotions, but is forced to act as the overlord. imagine his mindbreak after his first genocide and still having to act all calm and collected infront of his servants.

What would happen if we stuff bunch of isekai plots into one? Would it make an interest plot?

Can you guys create a plot like that?

I want a Isekai (or just a hero vs evil overlord plot) were the hero and overlord are actually attracted to each other but their ideals set them apart. The whole thing is trying to find a way to make it work before they have to kill each other.

Not isekai, but that's sort of the plot of Blood Sign. Though the attraction is mostly one sided from the yandere Great Old One, the backstory implied it was mutual at first.

>Hero x villian romance

I need more of this, is so under used, the best we usually get, is just a creepy one side crush.

There's a chinese webtoon that does that.

MC isekai's into a xianxia world as the senior disciple of a sect.

A native to the setting timeloops after dying back to the beginning, MC's junior disciple.

A girl isekai's into the setting, and recognizes the setting as a novel that she read. She also has access to a game like system.

I have a friend that talking about that. I might pick it up.


Death March has that too.
There are transported Japanese fucking around and reincarnated Japanese too, and each of them comes from a different version of Japan (one claims to come from the Japanese Federation, another one from the Great Japanese Empire, etc). And then there is MC how not only got transported but also has a younger body.
Unfortunately the story barely focuses on that aspect.

I am not remaking that shit every time something updates.

PPP makes fun of that concept

I find funny how on some of the isekais that have something like "more than one person is transported" they always make a point that this people is from japan, even if there is no reason that all of them are from there (like the reason they are transported is because of a dimensional rift LOCATED on japan) but something more ramdom like "a god choose death people from earth" but suddlenly all the reincarnated are from japan when the god should have power on all the souls from the world

Let me warn you, the reason the girl recognizes the setting is because it was a BL novel, much to MC's dismay.

They're all from Japan because this shit is written by Japs for Japs and to them the rest of the world doesn't matter.

I always knew he was faggot.

I was once like you. But then I discovered that usually I forget everything if I don't follow the series for some time. Rereading helps but its kinda boring.

I know, but I cant avoid finding their nationalism funny.

Is like on harems or Idol stuff, if there is a foreing girl, you can bet that she is half japanese, never full foreign.

slime is the only one with non jap reincarnated people but the characterization in slime is shit they are just names not fleshed out

There's one about where the male MC is basically an outcast from his family because he sucked at magic. Basically his only magic was some simple barrier magic. He has creative ways to use it but yeah not good enough. So he ended up training in other things. Someone that read the story compared the MC to being a lot like Hei from Darker than Black. Anyway so kingdom he's in summons heroes but one of the heroes is useless and just has a simple purification power that cleans things so they discard her. She ends up running into MC or they run into each other. Anyway they end up together on adventures and stuff.

Also the girl is a legal loli and they do end up in a relationship together.

>Barbatoss sucking the shit out of Dantalians mouth

That was incredible

I think the only one I remember would be Maoyuu Maou Yuusha.

I hope someday a proper translator picks up Dukes Daughter. Turtle translators need to die out.

>Hey this genre/seiyuu/author/director/trope is kind of popular and easy to turn into a template formula, here let's saturate the absolute crap out of the market with it.

The same reason most Japanese stuff goes from kind interesting or even fresh to annoying and played out as fuck at an accelerated pace unmatched by the rest of the world. As soon as you have something popular with otaku you have about a year and a half before it becomes so present and in your race constantly that it makes you wonder how there was ever a time when it wasn't overbearing.

Those sky high Cred Forums standards at play again.

>reading before chapter is fully translated

Each release feels like a chapter anyway

the concept is rare, is more common that one of the villians ends having a stalker tier crush on the hero/heroine, more common in old magical girl stuff in the case for female heroines, but is never mutual, and if its, is usually from a low level, mistreated girl from the villians side that ends becoming a good guy eventually.

I want more Hero x villian but always keeping the dinamic of adversaries or the in best case, having make it work in secret from each other side but still have to fight each other to keep the secret.

The popularity poll arc but I don't remember the episode number.

Speaking of female heroines, I've been actually invested in series with female protagonists more than male protagonists. I dunno why, must be because I'm just that bored with male protagonists nowadays with all the stereotyping and bullshit with the "go to another world, get instantly OP, get harem from slaves".

and no S2 ever.

There's a trapped in game story where MC's friend is Russian not-Akatsuki, don't remember whether she's a half though.

That sounds so awesome I'm suspicious what's a catch. Source?

You're talking about Vermillion. It's a good thing the WN is getting translated rather than the LN. One of the times where the LN version is inferior to the WN story.

The catch is that it's not being translated.

I don't really hate the isekai genre honestly. It's been around for ages like Narnia for example. I just hate how authors execute it with the entire "the other world is like a video game!" or "I'm reincarnated as a baby and I'll be very humble but then show off everyone and people will suck my dick!" or "I got reincarnated into the most evil bitch in an otome game and I don't wanna get a terrible ending, so I'm gonna be good and somehow manage to get a reverse and normal harem."

>get me interested only to tell me it isn't translated
Literally worst than Hitler.

If you wanna watch someone sent to a post-medieval era and learn about medicine more seriously, WITHOUT all the isekai, wish-fullfilment, waifuing, harematoning BS, go read Jin


If I remember right they pussyfied the russian ninja in the LN.

really, most animes in general would be good if the MC wasnt just a "self insert here" nice guy, Kazuma is one of the reasons Konosuba is soo fun.

If it's not a shoujo and yuri then you have no easy harem to bait readers and author has to try a bit harder to write an interesting story, it may be humor, comfiness, some quirk or whatever. OPness is still a fair deal. I read shoujo as well but they soon blur together after you go though enough of them too.
That's obvious one I get immediately, but there must be somthing else to it.

Yeah they made her weaker/fail more so that the Japanese Archer MC could save her. In the WN she was just as competent as he was.

As an example. In the WN she was pissed that MC wouldn't risk going after a group of bandits to save some people so she went herself and managed to wipe the bandits out. MC finally arrived after it was done but he came with a ton of supplies and it was clear to the girl that he had come to help so she forgave him.

In the LN, same event basically happens but she fucks up and doesn't take out the bandits and MC has to really come save her.

>The Hero has a typical mussion and harem, starts rebellion after watching slave beating despite harem telling it's stupid and he can do it later.
Dude, him ditching his main quest and going against his harem is the best part. Sure that, if you consider abolishing slavery vs finding the Infinity + 1 sword, the latter obviously is a better best-case-scenario result - but when there is no lead whatsoever, and you're doing it just because the whimsical queen wanted you to (all while insultingly baiting you with a battle harem), then what the hell, I say stirring shit up with slavery has no worse chances than turning up a lead for the sword.
Plus, all the "an enslaving humanity is not a humanity worth saving" and whatnot.

>If it's not a shoujo and yuri

I am alo currently looking for females heroines, I just like the idea of a girl being badass, but is hard to find something like that outside of those aftermentioned genres

I like the fact that the Queen is so fixated on legends and stuff. Her husband the general is like, I have a ton better, stronger soldiers we could send looking for that damn sword, let's have the hero use his proven ingenuity and brain to help come up with tactics and things. Of course Queen just overrides his objections.

Kumo and A Girl Who series are great in that regard. I admit though, sometimes they're read as genderless.


Stay in fantasy land a hero


go back home to normal everyday school life

Gotta have my cat girl. Fuck every thing else.

Why would you ever want to go back to such a shitty life?
Even if your waifu came back with you, she won't know shit about the world or ever catch up to the level of education everyone else has. Not to mention that she is practically an illegal immigrant with 0 documentation.

the one about the spider? If the answer is yes, I havent read it, but I am thinking on doing it.

>Why would you ever want to go back to such a shitty life?

I dunno. It just seems to happen so much. Even Escaflowne had Hitomi go back to Japan even though she and Van totally love each other

That's because most MC are retarded cucks.

>Why would you ever want to go back to such a shitty life?

>Marche escapism.jpg

Marche is no doubt going to live with his parents till he's 40

But in this case it's real, not just a dreamworld or some shit.

Marche isekai WN when

plus even in our world kids eventually move out from their parents house to get a job doing whatever and honestly after I became an adventuring hero Im not sure what kind of job Id really look for upon returning

You just described Alderamin on the Sky perfectly.
I knew there was a reason it bothered me.

Shieldbro had a desk job at some company waiting for him after doing college. One of his former guildmates scouted him out for being such a fucking jew back when he was playing MMORPGs and shit. Also all that peddling, managing and other jewery skills he picked up in Raphtalia's world also helped.

I initially liked Alderamin in the Sky because I thought that for once MC's country is kind of flawed while the enemy country had its good points too instead of the usual "MC's kindgom is a place full of good and pure people except for the 4 nobles that fuck everything up while the enemy empire is worse than Mordor and Nazy Germany combined".
Then I realized it wasn't the case and MC's country was supposed to be utterly evil and retarded so he could improve it while the enemy country is perfect in every way so MC can claim his "scientific" views are right.

Go crazy and run into woods.

>astronauts travel to a new inhabitable planet
>no, you have to go back to earth, this is just escapism!

>Get the chance to go overseas
>No it's escapism

>want to go out to eat for dinner
>no can't you see it's just escapism
>you need to stay in bed and never move for the rest of your life

>going out with a girlfriend
>No it's escapism

Trying to get out of a safe sinking in an aquarium full of sharks in front of TV cameras
>no can't you see it's escapism
>Yes and it's my job

That's funny


The fact you has an imaginary girlfriend is escapism.

she's not imaginary she's Canadian

Pretty much applies to anything. We're all fucking babies posting here


>Waaaaaaaah stop disliking what I like

we've made a lot of points and posted plenty of legit reasons.

>we've made a lot of points and posted plenty of legit reasons.
No, no you didn't, you just whined a lot.

>I did not read the thread

Works both ways yeh.
Still though

I did read the thread, and all it was a bunch of babies whining about how random Japs aren't catering to their specific tastes.

Stop posting.

After you.

No, after (You).




It's because the writer wants their self insert to fuck a princess.

>If a modern person gets transfers to a land where kings dictates the people, it would make more sense for him to rebel against tyrants , destroy the monarchy and establish a modern democracy.
Or maybe MC takes one look at the "democracies" that the West has tried to create in Latin America, post-colonial Africa, post-colonial Southeast Asia, Iraq, and just decided to let things continue as they are instead because not every country can be like Japan when it comes to succeeding at implementing a Western style parliamentary democracy.

Antimagic is basically an isekai from Sougetsu's perspective, if you think about it.

Its not even mentioned in most stories because jap isekai MCs usually are busy laser focused on doing a single thing and everything else gets shoved to the side.
Like Katahane no Riku you can basically sum up every character with another charater's name and 'for'. Riku is 'for levine' etc. I'm reading akuyaku reijo ni koi wo shite and after the reincarnated jap merges consciouness with the slum kid they turn into a superknight character that just loyalties so hard he becomes a master of underhanded social xanatos gambits. Because all he does all day apparently is get good at everything.
Why do so many MCs just sit around all day getting good when they aren't onscreen?

Dunno, I like how went 100% PURE MOTHERFUCKING LOYALTY.

This fucking show. I'm so glad I followed you guy's recommendation. I'm only at episode 5 and having a blast.

I'm still waiting for "If I was Reincarnated in a Strange Land as a Level 255 Beastman God-Queen Cum Lovey-Dovey Pet Slave to an Apprentice Hero, I'd Help Him Make the Supply Side Dragonlord of the Labyrinth Kingdom into the Jewel of His Harem".

I don't hate the genre itself but the retarded RPG system they shoehorn in so they don't have to build the world. Fucking lazy.

Thats what happened when you open your heart.
Weakness of Beatrice the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman That Made Being the Strongest Even More Trouble – His Name? Boo Boo is a real name for a story
I keep seeing people say this. I don't think world building is such a big deal if you're going to spend most of the story talking about the MC being awesome, beating monsters, and gathering a harem.
Even death march has those crystal things and the space elfs but skimps on the places where most of the novel takes place.

nah man the thing that makes it suck is they never go into detail
its shit like they met a cockatrice and killed it. since it was a sss class monster he leveled up. then he bought an elf slave with the reward money.
theres no description of what a cockatrice is or what it does or why its dangerous except its sss rank and hes super special awesome for 1 hitting it. you are just supposed to know what it is from outside sources like video games. then you dont get shit about the elf except shes hot but they dont fuck since nobody ever fucks their harem.

Trying to contextualize game mechanics outside of a video game world is almost always stupid.

DanMachi was completely retarded in this regard. Strength isn't something represented by a number in real life. The only reason games do that is because math is the only way they can calculate this shit.

You don't subtrack an attack modifier from a def modifier in real life to determine damage.

>she fell for the teacup pig meme: the jrpg: the novel

except if you want the real world to be like a game to comfort people who hate the real world and would feel more comfortable if it was a game.
Everyone would just think it was obvious that lvl100 Entrepreneur Bill Gates could punch trees in half, instead of the reality where he has a bunch of cameras watching a tree because he loves that tree so fucking much

I think NGNL did an okay job at using 21st century knowledge to break the setting. I wasn't happy with how the scene was directed but the game with Jibril did a great job at him using his 21st century knowledge to completely turn the scene up on its head with deleting the portions of the earth in sequence and using Coulomb's law as the ace.

Is that some revenge Japanese wank since 19th century Japs were fucking retarded with their hygiene?

>an enslaving humanity is not a humanity worth saving

He would be a misanthrope in real life then.

What a shit taste you have.

> DanMachi was completely retarded in this regard. Strength isn't something represented by a number in real life.

Strength is measured in very concrete objective numbers according to many varying metrics depending on what you care about in real life.

Only those uninterested in it would think otherwise.

> You don't subtrack an attack modifier from a def modifier in real life to determine damage.

I vastly prefer settings where the lvl.1 shit goblins can still stab you in the neck and deal damage.

That goes for everything - books, movies, video games. As soon as swarms of anything are reduced to insects, what's even the point of them existing in the first place.

I guess my "Isekai" plot would be a little bit more mundane or close to Grimgar.

Basically a relatively large group (15-30) people who preferably didn't know each other before hand deal with the underground society of a magical world.

This could range from capturing demi-humans for the use of slavery or sex trafficing. Things from elves, to snake women, even centaurs. The fetishes a new world would present, and it would be interesting to have the introductions of these groups. For example having to go inside a giant labrynth under a mountain to find dark elves or dealing with all the dangers of a living forest when trying to find centaurs.

Next could be the assassination side of life in a magical world. The different spells/methods to break into a place, how do you defend against intruders, how are murders solved, etc. Make magic rare and extremely difficult and watch as prodigies slide into literal shadows, or use illusion magic to hide a knife as a pen, but the spell is broken and they're caught.

Next could be illegal animals. Some nobel wants a pet baby griffin. Well holy shit have fun trying to capture a baby griffin from it's nest, and crazy enviroment they might live in, and dangerousness of a griffin. One of the main chars should die here, rather quickly too. They hadn't seen the griffin until the girls head was far removed from her body.

Forbidden magic may be interesting too. Maybe the church has a ban on healing spell leaking out, but your group has a minor heal spell that they're selling to a merchants son. The conflict between the thieves and the church out to get them, the governing body of what can be called the medical industry of a magical world would both be very interesting.


Replace Cred Forums with Cred Forums, Cred Forums might as well be dead nowadays, or make it /r9k/ since it's a frog.

When will the ranks cease?


Everyone was retarded with hygine back then. English gentlemen thought that the guy who introduced washing hands was crazy because gentlemen were supposed to be 'pure' always. I'd like to see an isekai where the MC just got shat on until he died then someone found out he was a genius all along.
Fate/Stay Night is probably the reason they exist in the first place. They'll end when something better comes along. I would like them more if the MC wasn't always practically an SSS from the start and there are only like five SSS's ever and by the time he meets them they usually can one shot him. Kanstoppu! did a good job subverting that one.

>Fantasy world setting, 5 years prior to the current time, for unknown reason void rifts opening up releasing abominations from another dimension.
>All wars ceased and factions united to go and stop this world problem.
>Each country gathered their own heroes and their party.
>Masked knight was one of the members of a specific hero's party, the heroine who specialized in magic, and her other members, a cleric, and adventurer.
>The masked knight never takes off his armor and helmet and only does hand gestures, and sometimes pauses a bit after the party speaks.
>Shenanigans happen while closing up rifts.
>Final rift is huge giving them a hard time closing it, while high class abominations spewing out. The heroes and their parties fight off while the magicians try to close off the portal, but during the last moment, a strong abomination appeared and hindered the portal from closing, killing some heroes and others on it's wake. Feeling despair, morale gone low, the masked knight steps up and jumps on the abomination and pushed it in the rift, then used his last remaining magic power to close off the portal. Turns out he was from another world, though they didn't progress in magic, they did in science, and he discovered mana and tried to use it to travel worlds, but he failed on harnessing it properly, thus creating a crack to the rift while being thrown into the fantasy world. His goal is to right the wrongs he have done, and he succeeded. Heroine's party unable to part with the masked knight, jumped to the rift to help him. The portal closed and the world is now safe.
>Season 2, after the battle with the abomination, they accidentally traversed to the previous world the knight lived in and he introduces himself properly this time and said the truth to the party and how his venture caused all this. The party got mad and spewed angry insults, but after a couple of conversations calmed down and somehow got to accept it.

Do we know what she is yet?

>Current world is now post-apocalyptic since they were the first ones getting hit by the abomination's full force. Turns out the ones coming from out from the fantasy world are just left overs from this world's invasion. Now they venture to find surviving cities and try to stop the abominations. With decent technology, Edward, the masked knight, can now invent more equipments that can harness magic against these abominations. At this part, the story is now scifi fantasy.

amusing, I liked the helmet guy part. I lost the image but an user in another thread had a helmet guy story where he just wants to fight for once but his harem keeps depriving him of fights and various misunderstanding surround him. I want to write a helmet story myself too.
third book is in the hard science genre

But Fate played extremely loose with its rankings, and was more of a tabletop game pastiche. Nowadays it's very precise and numerical and always a MMO ripoff instead.

Might be because MMOs died so they're writing about them since they can't play them anymore.

You know you made me wonder, someone must have done a 'transferred into a mobile game' thing right?
Or are mobile games way too shit for anyone to even attempt that? I think soccer spirits might be a good target for that.

isnt that what death march is

oh fuck you're right

yeh im pretty sure his 3 casts of meteor were iap or something for noobs getting stuck cause the game was too hard

well it did say that in the game he was making you get meteor but Satou can spam that shit because he uses it later against a few troublesome opponents

Well my reason for using a masked person as MC was due to the reason that he has a different complexion than the races living there, and also the fact that he can only understand their language a bit but have a hard time speaking it.

>Even in I Shall Seal The Heavens where the MC was just power hungry he turned into a massive asshole and then finally a stop at nothing type who kills everything at the drop of a hat.

someone dropped ISSTH in the southern desert arc (the 2nd most brutal arc in the series).

The funny Ming Hao comes back. He just had to die first. then work out his anger issues as the blood prince. After his waifu dies and he slaughters everyone responsible, he "severs" his devilishness, and returns to the loveable conman he always was.

Power hungry? No ming hao was never power hungry. He's GREEDY for the bling. Ming Hao just wants to be Money Hao bro. there is a huge difference.

it was something like he had 3 casts at the start but learned the spell after casting the first one

You need to pick up Ze Tian Ji. Best MC.

You're just drunk on his character. I dropped it during the poison swamp arc right after he found some coffin underground and had to escape from some random OP ghost chasing after him. By the time he got out of there some people that messed with him were groveling and he just incernated the guy and the author does this 'yeah but ming was just covering his bases!' thing and I just gave up in disgust. To think it got even worse. I guess chinese heroes just aren't for me, I need more beta politeness.

Yeah thanks for that one, it seems like its decent. I tried World of Cultivation and had to drop that after he got the trap character chilling in his head being a dick. I thought it was kind of cool but I just liked the farming part so much more.

It's the Chinese

What did you expect?

It's great. It's depressing that it gets so many low scores on NU because it isn't timeskip after timeskip, countless free powerups and wholesale slaughter.

I don't know chinese food is pretty good, why wouldn't their other shit be good?

I can guarantee you if Japan had won the Pacific theater of WW2 and never been influenced by the USA and become pacifist, Japanese WN protagonists today would be just as cruel and honor obsessed as xianxia protagonists.

Good thing they lost then?
plus sushi

When does he go 100% loyal?