This Season in Recap

This season in Recap FINAL

God Tier

Very High Tier
91 Days

High Tier
Mob Psycho, Kuromukuro, Amaama to Inazuma

Mid Tier
Macross Delta, ReLife, Re:Zero, JoJo, Shokugeki no Souma

Low Tier
Clang, Active Raid (though enjoyable), Fukigen no Mononokean, Tales of Zest

Shit Garbage Tier,
Taboo Tattoo, HxH



average tier: all other anime

>God tier:

>Very Good tier:
Thunderbolt fantasy
Arslan (too fuckin short)

>Good tier:
91 days

>Acceptable tier:
Active Raid
Tales of Zestiria
Art Club has a problem

>Mediocre but still enjoyable tier:
Re: Zero
Taboo Tatoo

>Bad tier
D,Gray MAn

>Terrible tier
I usually don't watch terrible anime, I drop it. Although sometimes I do exceptions

>Only dead can know peace from this evil tier

Was the worst season of a bad year, but we just had 2-3 good years in a row, so it was kind of expected.

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
Saiki Kusuo no Ψ Nan

91 Days
Amaama to Inazuma
Mob Psycho 100
Tales of Zestiria

Tenkyou no Alderamin

Masou Gakuen HxH
New Game!
Qualidea Code

Fall looks to be pretty shitty as well though with 1 or 2 gems

Winter looks amazing though

>God Tier Bananya
>Very High Tier 91 Days
Shit taste

>Winter looks amazing though

Winter looks terrible. If we look at all the sequels...yes, it looks nice, even good.

But after few seconds when you stop thinking on all the sequels you realize that there is nothing NEW worth watching.

You better not be talking shit about 91 days.

I'm just stoked for Bahamut S2

>God Tier

>Very High Tier
Amaama to Inazuma

>High Tier
Thunderbolt Fantasy

>Good Tier
Mob Psycho
New Game

>Mid Tier
Dragon Ball S

>Okay Tier
Phoenix Wright

wow no
time travel shoju or Hitori no Shita

generic anime shit taste ITT

It was shit

What I was saying, only sequels are worth

AOTC tier

Shit tier
Everything else

I fixed it for ya, OP.

>Very High Tier
>91 Days

wait really?


it's very nice and enjoyable

I still like anime despite you pretentious twats pretending to hate on all anime to be cool.

Remember when Cred Forums loved No Game No Life? It's sad seeing good series get shit on because they get/got popular, but that's the way it goes on Cred Forums.

you probaby dropped it during the boring eps 3-5 right?

gets crazy good later

>No Game No Life
It was enjoyable, but entirely Otaku bait

It's no different from Kono Suba in its self aware, isekai humor.

yes actually, I thought it was going to be a generic revenge story with some plot twists.

Guess I'll go watch it then, thanks for the rec user.

>but entirely Otaku bait
And that's why Cred Forums loved it at first. It knew it wasn't good, but it was down right fun to watch.

Except the gary stu portion, yes Kazuma and co will never get party wiped but they aren't a power trip fantasy where they know everything and can work everything out

mob psycho was a huge disappointment

So we can agree that rakugo is going to be AOTY?


91 Days
Mob Psycho

Amaama to Inazuma
Handa kun

Tales of Zestiria
Hatsukoi Monster (the romance drama was shit but the elementary school antics were genuinely funny)

>Only watched out of obligation and hated most of it

More that were so mediocre I've forgotten them

>Is Rakugo AOTY?
>Can Cred Forums agree on anything?

>but they aren't a power trip fantasy where they know everything and can work everything out

Honestly? I loved how they work something out in No Game No Life. They put everything to an extreme, to the point where watching an actual chest game was just pure fucking fun.

And even the most simple thing like Rock Papers Scissors got part of Cred Forums confused.

Good Tier:
Thunderbolt Fantasy

Watched Tier:
New Game
Love Live Sunshine

Backlog Tier:
Kono Bi

Anyone with taste would agree, yes.

>AotS Tier
91 Days

>AotS runner up
Mob Psycho

>Good Tier
Amaama To Inazuma
Shokugeki S2
Re: Zero
Tales of Zestiria
Kono Bijutsubu

>OK Tier
Active Raid
New Game

>Shit Tier
Taboo Tattoo

>What the fuck is this shit Tier

>active raid under Macross delta
Confirmed for not watching the show.

KonoBi, Amaama to Inazuma

Shokugeki no Souma, JoJo, Tales of Zestiria, New Game

Love Live Sunshine, Re:Zero

Mob Psycho, Amanchu, Rewrite, Berserk

>Not liking short 5 minute episodes of banana cats being cute

>Mob Psycho
>AotS runner up
i'm sorry, but Mob Psycho looks like the animation company decided to cut quality for QUALITY.

I don't care if some scenes look SUPER FUCKING AMAZING OMGGGG!!!! It just looks like shit to me.

I only watched Mob Psycho 100 and continued Jojo. Was anything else worth watching?

>these are the people who think Love Live, Re: Zero, 91 Days, Amanchu and Jojo are well animated

Berserk, Taboo Tattoo, and Orange.

Re:Zero was okay.

Pretty much the same.
I'd say reddit:zero and Shokugeki if you have seen the first season

But user, i never once said that they were well animated either, i just think Mob Psycho looks worst then most of those shows.

>God tier:

>Great tier.
Mob Psycho

>Good tier:
91 Days

>Okay tier:
Amaama to Inazuma

>QUALITY tier:

>Dropped tier:

Nobody has EVER claimed 91 Days is well animated

Active Raid was AOTS

>better than a masterpiece like Bananya
Literal shit taste

But user, Cat Trap is better!

I'm in the same boat as you, I discovered Shokugeki through a friend in July and it's some good shit like said

AOTY Tier: Thunderbolt Fantasy

>Very High Tier
>91 Days

>Terrible writing and animation
>very high tier

Spotted the hipster

Bananya is pure. You can keep your shitty fapbait.


91 Days is the only worth watching show of this season alone with Mob Psycho and Saiki. Stop with your weak shitposting faggot.

>91 Days

More like "Revolving Door of Villains: The Show"

Somebody's been mainlining the good shit I see.

tips fedora

>Active Raid in the low
That's not justice.


>anything above mid tier

Hope pulls through.

Let's be real.

Only Spring and Fall are right, you're wrong with Summer not being Bananya and Winter is supposed to be Konosuba

91 Days = AOTS

>Liking moeshit

There's more Bahamut? Fuck yeah, I haven't really kept up with anime

The good Bahamut too no high school shenanigans

so what was the popular series that Cred Forums shit on this season?

Re:Zero from Spring season was still undisputed shitpost target number 1.

>i'm sorry, but Mob Psycho looks like the animation company decided to cut quality for QUALITY.
did you watch the same show I watched?
Looked like genuine bones through and through with all the animation. The last fight was nothing but sakuga.


>under the dog

was it really that bad or just overestimated?

>new macross
>not a giant steaming pile of shit
OP plz.

That's an odd way to admit that it's not afraid to kill off characters, as you'd expect in a mafia series. Literally all of them are Angelo's enemy just by being in the mob at all.

God tier overlord, jojo
mid tier everything else

High Tier
91days kuromukuro konobi

OK Tier
SomaS2 TOZX ActiveTaid TabooTatoo

Mid Tier
ReLife Amanchu Alderamin

Shit Tier
ReZero Battery DAYS

WTF Tier
NewGame QUALITYcode

Just Nothing Tier

oh I forgot, Macross Delta is WTF Tier.

>God tier overlord, jojo
jojo has been mediocre.

Bananya is one of the worst forced memes in a while.

>Good Tier
Mob Psycho 100
New Game!

>Okay Tier

>No will to finish Tier
Fate/kaleid liner PrismaIllya 3rei!!

It's characters had zero personality. The action was bland. The character animation fell apart. But the american army with english voices was superb. Also notice that it is under LOW tier and not SHIT tier.

>Active Raid in OK Tier
Did that actually get any better in S2? I dropped it a couple of episodes into S1.

best shows this season were Thunderbolt Fantasy and 91 Days

Mob Psycho was also good but maybe the tier below.

91 Days.

Shame about the budget and Japan's usual shit taste.

Do we know it's flopping for sure? It felt like Joker Game just suddenly got popular with fujos and sold well, I even saw a fair bit of merch for it in animate the other week. If we're lucky 91 Days could go the same way, their appeal is somewhat similar except that 91 Days is actually good.

>God tier: Re:Zero

Shit taste desu

D.Gray-man Hollow didn't really feel up to expectation desu.

Saiki Kusuo
Great tier:
Active Raid, Mob Psycho, 91 Days, Re:Zero, Part 4
Good tier:
Time Travel Shoujo, Shokugeki, Magical Faggots, Amaama
Alright tier: Konobi, Fukigen
Acceptable tier: Alderamin, Endride

>Active Raid
>low tier

I don't see Bananya as forced nor a meme, the threads barely have replies and it's free of shitposting and memeing.

>Macross Delta being anywhere but shit garbage tier
>shitting on Mononokean and Zestiria by putting them in low tier


It did get better, but obviously you need to be on board with the whole concept rather than expecting Active Raid to suddenly become the most serious show of the season or anything.

Is it worth going back and finishing?

>People in this thread actually praising and defending 91 Days

Holy crackers. Not only is it sub-pulp quality writing, the animation is atrocious. Of course you'll dismiss my opinion and say that it's amazing but the show is really only mediocre at its best and often not even that. Just because it's different doesn't mean its good.

If absolutely nothing worked for you, probably not. If you liked some stuff but not everything, then maybe. At least watch the giant robot episode (5 or 6 of S1, I forget).

I agree. I'm enjoying it but this show has too many issues to get past a mediocre rating. I don't usually notice QUALITY in a show but it's pretty damn noticeable here. My main gripe, though, is that the episode with Angelo hanging out with Corteo felt forced as hell and threw off the pacing in an attempt to make us care about him before they killed him off. Then, Angelo starts going crazy and sees him everywhere even though their lack of development in the previous episodes made me think that he hardly even cared about the dude.. I like the setting and character designs, but the show really isn't anything special. I'm guessing that everything else airing this season is just so bad that t makes 91 Days look better than it is.

I may have to give it another shot then,.

The animation was to be expected so wait for the disk.

didnt space patrol luluco come out this year

The rest of the season really isn't that bad, which is why it's amazing people put 91 days on a pedestal at all. Even wish-filfillment tripe like Alderamin is better put together and the writing actually feels more competent despite its trashy origins.

what the fuck is wrong with you man. Are you trying to kill him?

Are you going to actually expand on your issues with the writing in 91 Days? The writing has actually held up surprisingly well. Anyone would've expected it to fall to pieces and turn into a nonsensical cliche-fest like 'serious' anime often does, but the plot progression has actually been sensible, not overly predictable, and it doesn't spoonfeed the audience with too much exposition. It's not a masterpiece, but it's not an exaggeration for people to put it in their good to great tier.

91 Days is crap

91days is dogshit

sakamoto was god tier

>implying JoJo is mid tier

Well Jojo is nice but Jesus....

ReLife was practically perfect, until they went into that volleyball bitch arc.

New Game > Mob > Orange > QUALITY Code > Re: Zero
I dropped everything else, even though I was enjoying Amanchu more than Re: Zero's second cour.

hi reddiit

91 Days is the top just because we rarely get original anime with comprehensive writing from the start till the very end

They don't really know the definition of QUALITY, do they?

out of this picture, only these shots stand out to me (the rest are likely distant shots zoomed in). Lack of detail in these isn't uncommon.

>the one the upper right corner
Both the pose, the arms' lengths and the face are wonky.
>the guy with the pompadeur right above the R
It just feels wrong.
>KQ and the KQ logo

Don't call me a jojofag defending his anime; there's just nothing glaringly wrong with the rest.

What's Re:Zero about?

Also is MP100 worth finishing? I stopped at episode 5 then read the entire thing. Is it worth continuing the anime if I already read the entire manga?

How do non jojofags feel about JoJo?Obviously to me it will be AOTM until the next part gets an anime,but I would assume this season was pretty below average to people that aren't obsessed with the series to an autistic degree.

If the robot wasn't made to be disgusting, perhaps it would be up there.

Jesus,learn to form an opinion yourself.Did you like the manga? Do you want to see it in motion? Watch the anime. Is the anime disappointing? Stop watching it. You don't need anonymous strangers to tell you what to do.

I'm a jojofag, but I still feel like I have to voice my opinion. Sorry.

I absolutely dislike what happened to the occasional threads. They were kinda fun, and they did make you appreciate some characters more, too. Yes, there was some brainless repetition of the same old jokes, but that was mostly in the first couple of posts.

In comparison, look at today. The occasional threads have turned into a 24/7 general, which is a hodgepodge of manga readers and secondaries which somehow want to browse the threads but to not get spoiled. I dislike using that word, since it's shitty, but the threads are full of "memetics". In EVERY SINGLE THREAD the same fucking posts are made for 3/5ths of the thread. Do they not get tired of that?

Don't get me started on the spoonfeeding culture and the relative "newness" of the posters there. Why the fuck do they need a pastebin? Why the fuck are there people recommending KissAnime and whatever that other site was? Why are people spoonfed links to nyaa? Are they not aware that RSS feeds exist, and that you can pretty much automate the downloading process?

Hell, there are even actual CR users on there. Low-quality mobile poster (I'm not implying EVERYONE who posts from their phones is a low-quality poster, but in the jojo threads, most of them are).

The general attracts shitposters just like a fart attracts eproctophilists. Honestly, I don't even know why I visit them about once a week. I'm probably hoping things would've become better, but I'm always disappointed.

Fuck /jojo/, for fuck's sake.

>hi reddiit
Where is your god now?

>Arslan (too fuckin short)
Second season was shit. Dropped it 3 eps in

>great tier
mob psycho 100
91 days

good tier:

worth mentioning tier:
macross delta

Everyone is honestly hyping it up way too much. It isn't near as crazy or good as Cred Forums says. It's decent, and there are no real twists you don't already see coming.

Unless the finale is 10/10 it's very average.

>crossboarder reaction image
>tumblr gif
Lurk for 2 years before posting.

Jesus Christ, is nothing sacred anymore/

It wasn't.

Lurk two decades before posting

>defending reddit
stay there, retard.

you lost that fight a long time ago friend

I don't know, was New Game sacred in the first place?

Confusing retards isn't hard

i need to finish 91 days is it worth?

Is this webm supposed to prove your point?

Christ, I haven't been in a Jojo thread for months
good thing I avoided that inevitable shithole

>below average

Every anime this season

I don't know what happened but Ange Verge is my AOTS, it was easily the most fun show this season.

>all this MAL taste in this thread
And you guys wonder why you don't have fun.

>mid tier
>Macross Delta

I'll agree. It was alright but not special in any way ouside of HOINA

>tfw it's all I watched this season

Read berserk

>God tier
Mob Psycho 100

>Good tier
91 Days

>Cute tier

>Shit tier
Everything else

this. it was decent at best but frontier just put the bar too high

>God tier

>Fine tier
Mob, 91 Days, New Game,

>Whatever tier
Konobi, Sunshine, JoJo, Amanchu

>Below whatever tier
No Game No GATE

If you even watched more than 2 episodes of anything else then kill yourself

NGNL is fucking shit and got shit upon like it deserved. I don't care if fuckers over at MAL liked it or not, it was complete garbage and just another example of complete ignorance of dramatic theory.


>Take these money and animate something-tier

>I consider myself a failure-tier

>Turn on the gas please-tier

>Waste of time-tier
Everything else

While you rate your own individual taste, here's a list of how many discs of the first volume of the shows that aired in Summer currently sold in Japan for the purpose of wishing ill upon the Japanese and that 2 nukes weren't enough, or congratulating them for sharing your taste for once, or just feeling bad about your favorite show not doing so well.

>Show By Rock!! Short!
6,758 (episode 1-6 comes with Show By Rock!! Best music album)
>Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE!
>Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu
>Fukigen na Mononokean
>Qualidae Code
>Active Raid 2nd
>Hatsukoi Monster

Where the fuck is Konosuba?

WTF I hate japan now!

>the guy with the pompadour above the R
That's Josuke, the MC of DiU.

Souma, Mob Psycho, New Game, Handa-kun, Relife

Konobi, Amanchu, Love Live, Amaama, Orange, 91 Days, Tales of Zestiria, Illya

Cheer Danshi, Fukigen na Mononokean

>why did I even bother to finish these
Berserk, Rewrite, Planetarian, Battery

> God Tier

> Great tier
Active Raid
New Game
Time Travel Shoujo
Dangan 3

> Good Tier
Love Live Sunshine
New Game
Macross Delta

> Ok Tier
Ange Vierge
91 Days
Cheer Danshi!

> Meh

> Crap Tier
Hatsukoi Monster
Masou Gakuen HxH

> Please Kill me tier

>upyo tier
>nyaa tier
>great tier
Mob Psycho 100, Shokugeki no Souma S2
>better than I expected tier
>binged tier
>waiting for the BDs tier
Ange Vierge
>shit tier
Taboo Tattoo, HxH
>dropped tier
91 Days

>Unironically rating a show that all it shows is teenagers overreacting about food so much that they get naked
>Food shonen
lmaoing at this whole generation

Nice to see Cred Forumsnon quite liked Saiki. Saw in mentioned on another post here a few weeks ago (that Cred Forumsnon was also a KonoSubafag, so if you're here thanks for the rec).

Is there sufficient material for an S2?

I'm really disgusted Soma sold so shit

It was just an ok show but c'mon

It's actually a pretty good show about cooking and the industry as a whole after they get past the 20 chapter run and the authors realize they don't need to sell their series on tits anymore.

But please, continue mindlessly shitposting using images from a series it borrows heavily from especially since Soma is like Joseph Joestar's illegitimate son

What's with the saiki love? I like the manga but the anime is sped up which makes it nearly unwatchable since it's wordy as fuck.


>secondaries which somehow want to browse the threads but to not get spoiled
>Don't get me started on the spoonfeeding culture
It's a 30 year series with 8 parts, 4 anime parts, one shot stories, the Rohan miniseries, 10~ novels, and 4-5 artbooks. Sorry I forgot that when I first got into a series I had to go on an autistic scavenger hunt for all knowledge of Araki's works.

> Why the fuck are there people recommending KissAnime
They aren't