If you could fug Chinatsu, but had to drink a teacup of her pee beforehand, would you do it?

If you could fug Chinatsu, but had to drink a teacup of her pee beforehand, would you do it?

This is your only chance to dick an anime character EVER. You cannot swap her for a different yuru or anything.
Also, the pee is fresh.

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I'd pay to drink her pee. I'd pay to drink any anime girl's pee.

I would not want to fug Chinatsu because she is a middle schooler and I do not possess the mental illness known as pedophilia. Also, she is shit and ruins entire episodes.

so where's the drawback?

This. What the fuck is wrong with OP?
Extra money if they pee on me into my mouth.

>because she is a middle schooler

That's what makes it so hot. I wouldn't drink pee though. That shit is gross.

Reddit might be a nice place for you to visit :)

I want to drink a teacup of Chinatsu's pee.

Reddit has terrible taste in anime. This is the only major English speaking place on the Internet with a large scale preference towards CGDCT anime, which I adore platonically because they are relaxing and heartwarming.


Hol up, you say i get to drink her pee AND to fuck her?

this. OPs thread has backfired.

Do can I confirm: you do NOT want to fug anime middle schoolers?

I do not want to fug anime middle schoolers. Aside from a complete lack of attraction to them, they would be terrible lays as they would have zero experience.

Sounds like a good deal to me

Technically it's not pedophilia at that point anymore - and to begin with it means a primary or exclusive sexual interest. If you're interested in mature women as well, then you're not a pedo.

The more you know~

Can I fug Ayano if I agree to drink her pee?

Pardon me, waiter. I would like a cup of pee with a side of sex. And make it snappy!

>not wanting to make your 2d waifu's first time special and slowly turn her into a lusty beast that craves your attention and body.

Pleb spotted

Would you like it in the glass or shall I bring the girl over sir?

I don't know about you, but when high end cuteness and a frustrating but not annoying personality overlap it awakens in me a primal and destructive lust that cannot be expressed through words.
I'd fuck her for days and then spend my life's savings in the best cook I could possibly hire to prepare her flesh into the finest dishes imaginable.

why is he grabbing his tongue?

Yo...thats gross dude.

And then there is this guy


middle schoolers dont fall under pedophilia

this nigger

Are you this guy

can i have invisichans pee instead

what ep is this even?

Yeah but being the guy that brings it up is sort of like always being that one guy that corrects friends and family on statutory rape law and age of concent whenever the subject for some reason comes up.
While factually correct it won't help your image and they will most likely think the worst of you.

Can I swap fucking China for drinking another Yuru's pee without fucking them?

>the best cook I could possibly hire
You should do it yourself you amateur.

riajuu scum

Now that we're on the topic of yuru pee, which one do you think has the tastiest?

That is one of the few fetishes I still can't into, but I'm always happy to see an user with properly depraved tastes.

Okay, let's try this again.

If you could drink Chinatsu's pee, but had to fuck her beforehand, would you do it?

This is your only chance to drink an anime character's pee EVER. You cannot swap her for a different yuru or anything.

Also, the sex will only be okay.

It's not even sexual, it's just about consumption.

Can it be anal sex?


You should talk to a therapist. Wanting to eat people is fucked up.

Also, apparently people taste like weird pork/chicken. Which is objectively not tastey at all. Beef and fish are way better.

Yes, it is sexual. My penis throbs just at the thought of it.

Actually, It's said that people taste like veal

human meat has a savory element that's a cross between duck and elk. it's pretty distinct.

H.. how did a discussion about the yurus turn into a cannibal discourse?

The magic of Cred Forums.
Now, which yuru do you want to eat the most?

i want to nibble on akari's inner thigh meat

Fucking meme cannibals please leave. This is a peedophila thread!

Different parts of the body have different flavors.

The upper breast taste like chicken breast, the lungs taste kind of like cheese, the thighs and upper arms are reminiscent of pork.

The answer is still yes.

Sure, why not. It'd be a unique experience if nothing else, even if the sex was mediocre and the piss really bitter.

Yes sir, hope she piss on my mouth so I could kiss her when I fuck her on missionary position. After I am done with her I will give a golden shower.

I would do anything to fuck Chinatsu, literally best girl, she makes so much things to my dick.

Good for you. Now please lurk more before posting again.

it's only pee. cheers

Here I thought I was the only one with a watersports fetish.

Might as well kill yourself for being this gay.

hell no

chinatsu is ugly af

So you'd rather fuck an STD-ridden whore? What the fuck?

I'll drink that pee, I don't even care about the sex.


intresting proposal OP, what's the catch?

I'm not into little girls, so no.

>Also, she is shit and ruins entire episodes.

The fucking irony that you would say that shit while posting the cunt that ruined the best episode.


Given what her hair does to ping pong balls and paper wads, do you really want to stick your dick in her? It's not gonna come out again, you realize. It'll be a bloody stump.

Chinatsu is such a lewd girl

>best girl
>ruining anything
Pick one and only one.

damn, I watched the whole thing


I want to nuzzle Chinatsu's soft pink pubes

Hop in user!

Only if we can cuddle.

But I don't want a dick up my urethra!

What is it with yuri girls and their insatiable cocks?

Sure thing user!

I'm in then!

why not

You said to not swap, but you didn't say anything about adding all the yuruyuris for a golden shower no one ever experienced before.

Post more flirty kyouko please.

This is the easiest decision in my life. I've done food challenges and forced myself to eat big platters of spinach before. a little dainty cup of urine aint shit.

Although not my favorite yuru girl, China still a cutie, any anime girl a cutie.

Would she enjoy it or want it? It would be no problem drinking the pee, I could down that cup like it was the cure for cancer... But is she gonna cry or generally not enjoy getting the dick? cause I'm not about that life, you feel me?



Would pay to drink that piss.

I see many gentlemen with good taste, drinking an extremely petite middle schooler girl's pee is amazing, especially if she has the kind of personality as Chinatsu.
And everything that comes from a pink haired girly girl is delicious and arousing.

i would a burd's pee

I would do it even if I couldn't fug her

How can sex with Chinatsu only be "okay"?