Which major Japanese city has the best school uniforms?

Which major Japanese city has the best school uniforms?

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snow country master race

Osaka is best, miniskirts are overrated.

Okinawans have the right idea, though I'd probably stain my uniform pretty fast

What are some anime that have the Kobe styled uniforms?



Kobe and Osaka are miles better than the other slut uniforms.

Either Fuku. Osaka could be good but the shoes ruin it.

Looks like I'm moving to Tokyo or Fukushima.

>tfw my name has the best uniforms

Osaka cutest, tokyo lewdest.

Niigata sluts for enjo kosai.


Delicious ZR.

Osaka, obviously.

Negroids OUT!

Fukushima got to love those thigh high stockings.

These are administrative divisions, you fucking moron, except for Nagoya because it's speshul.

Me the Hokkaido

Elite opinion: Hokkaido > Osaka > Tokyo > Kobe > Niigata > Okinawa > Nagoya > Fukushima > Fukuoka

You realize all cities have the same uniforms right?
You can't be such a fucking stupid weeab to think the uniforms in the anime are real?



What a weeb.

Kobe too cute.
Fukuoka 2nd.

>You realize all cities have the same uniforms right?
Are you retarded

>You realize all cities have the same uniforms right?

You're retarded.

I posted a link where you can check all the uniforms in every major city in Japan?
Am I retarded? No. Are you? Yes.

Is this anime?

Fukushima-chan is so cute, she's positively glowing.

It's drawn by a japanese.
So by Cred Forumsutist logic it is.

Osaka because I've always preferred girls in long skirts. Yes, Kobe's is longer but there is just something about that one that doesn't click with me.


Your own site contradicts you, also those are terrible drawings

The ones with skirts down to the knees or longer are cute in theory but if I met actual highschool japanese girls or was a japanese highschooler myself I'd prefer number 9 the most

I want to say I'd prefer number 1 the second most but I've never seen chicks actually bother to wear pantyhose except maybe at a formal event so I'm not sure how my penis would react to it being on normal clothes

By the way, I am the one who drew these cuties.
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and subscribe.

Comfykaido > Fukushima > Fukuoka >= Niigata > Kobe > Cutesaka > Okinawa > Nagoya >>>>>>>>>>> Tokyo

>thinking a 3d like you can be 2d

Reddit: the post

>he's not a japanese highschooler

Tokyo more like enkou amirite?

>Can't appriciate a good blazer

>Kobe-chan lacks cow-ears or -tits
For what purpose?

7/9 of those skirts are too short and would have to be fixed at any decent school
source: live in nipland


hokkaido best

Shh, they think they're waifus are pure and not guaru sluts.

I am 3D

If I was a 3D japanese highschooler I'd like what other boys/men like and that would be the girls showing the most skin

If I was 2D I'd be autistic (more so than the average 3D Japanese man) so I'd probably be obsessed with purity and modesty and blush heavily when my friends brought dirty magazines to school because anime takes place in a universe where internet didn't make it easy for highschoolers to jerk off

Top tier:


Shit tier:

The rest

If you are a man of high class and good taste, you'll know that the Kobe uniform is the best.

Japanese boys don't like sluts.
Besides do you really want these to show you skin?

I refuse to believe the magnificent Nippon race can produce women that hideous. They must be Chinese or Korean. Nice try, though.

Hokkaido is the best.

>You're walking down the road
>You forgot your scarf, and your hands are cold
>Suddenly a warm feeling envelops your neck and shoulder
>"Geez, you forgot your scarf? Fine, I'll share mine with you!"
>Have to lean over a bit due to height difference, but it's warm

Fukushima > fukuoka > hokkaido > tokyo > niigata > okinawa > kobe > nagoya > osaka

No I actually have a couple of japanese girls in my class that really look that shitty

Osaka vs Tokyo

Must be halfs, not purebloods.

>not hazmat suits


Is Kansai-ben still Cred Forums's official favorite Japanese dialect group?

>girls in Osaka wear high top converse
That hairstyle is top tier though.

kobe and osaka

fukuoka is the worst

There two type of Japanese
Jomon and Yayoi
One is pretty the other is ugly

I know you're trolling but those girls are definitely japanese ethnics

On the contrary the halfus I've met are pretty agreeable, but I will ask them

Kobe is patrician tier.

I'd still do the one on the right.

>still with the 5 year old memes

It is known.

Hokkaido obviously
and not just because of my pantyhose fetish

I suppose you never had an awkward, gawky, ugly-duckling stage in adolescence?

Nah. He stayed ugly like the fat one.

what a horrible taste

>in adolescence
No. I was mildly popular and athletic (probably a solid 7/10 on looks) through out middle school and high school until my Junior year, when people looked through my phone and found my loli doujins. I quit the football and tennis team after because literally nobody would even look at me or talk to me. Then I got really fat and depressed my Senior year heading into college before my friends convinced me to get back into shape.

Moral of the story:Don't keep your loli doujins on your phone

Hokkaido and Tokyo.

>you will never be a cute anime girl from Hokkaido

Anything with blazers and thigh high socks. Its the best year round uniform. Fukushima/Tokyo/Niigata

Worst one is Fukuoka, look at that ugly jacket.

you guys do realize that every single school has its unique uniform, right?






hokkaido, but only if the cute scarves are mandatory

Niigata because shortest skirt. Saying anything else proves you never went to high school.

This guy sorted through 700,000 pictures to pick out the qt's. That's dedication.


This is why I keep differentiating 3D from 2D

>the qt's
That's one way to look at it.

Tokyo = Niigata > Fukushima > Okinawa > All

I bet Osaka has hairy bush

Many of them are not very qt

Okinawa is the best.

What city has a uniform that looks like this?
>Slightly baggy cardigan
>Short skirt
>Thigh high socks
Literally the GOAT combination


So Fukushima without the blazer?



Virgins confirmed. Sure , some mini skirts are too short, but osaka looks like grandma. Okinawa is the right answer.


Kyoto seifuku a best

Hokaido no doubt.

Close second is Osaka


Wouldn't the Fukushima uniforms be horribly irradiated with nuclear radiation?

Cardigans for life

fukushima all the way

Tokyo is pure slut

Source? As much as I want to believe this I can't see them wearing anime uniforms.


Do you mean to tell me you actually think that the school uniforms are an anime-only thing, and not based on real life?

Fukuoka is best

>Anime uniforms

Japanfag here. I can confirm Kobe and Osaka to be accurate. Kobe and the whole coastal area there loves the long skirt blazer look and even elementary school kids too which is unusual for Japan

This is the best kind of uniform.

>Kobe and the whole coastal area there loves the long skirt blazer look
They have excellent taste.

>Literally wearing meme uniforms
I don't even think girls want to picture themselves in a disgusting piece

I like Osaka, but that's probably because I'm bias towards black and grey/silver. Go Raiders.

That looks like okinawa's uniform



get out

Hokkaido looks comfy

Niigata > Kobe > Tokyo > Fukushima > Osaka > Hokkaido > Nagoya > Okinawa > Fukuoka

You clearly never went to high school if you think girls won't just wear their hemline as high as they want.

Shut your mouth!

>Hokkaido, Okinawa

ayy lmao

Hokkaido is the cutest here, but in reality it is too stiff look like a tube. Niigata's slutfuku and and Tokyo's cardigans work best in reality.


>found out that high schools and even colleges (some of them at least) are banning girls from wearing yoga pants because their considered too "form-fitting" and sexual
What the fuck











Niigata > Tokyo > Fukushima >>>>>> Hokkaido >>>>>> everything else

Because it is. Only sluts wear those.

Fukushima = Niigata > Tokyo > Fukuoka > Hokkaido = Okinawa > Nagoya = Kobe > Osaka


You're a man of culture as well, I see.

What about battle harem uniforms?

I like Kobe's the best.

Sweat pants are a lot sexier so I approve of this

What do you have against yoga pants?

I want to fuck Tohka.

Male: HxH
Female: Absolute Duo

Osaka is without a doubt the cutest of the bunch.

Fukushima is purely lust.

See Sweat pants are nicer


Bonus: Hokkaido

I feel like a bunch of these girls got raped or otherwise lost their virginity to someone who wasn't the MC

Am I correct in thinking this?

Kobe is cute as fuck

Yoga pants are better and sexier so I don't approve of this.

Short shorts are even more revealing so you're a pleb

Sweat pants have a sexy appeal that is all their own

Not even a contest. Make Anti-Magic uniforms real and Japan militarized again.


>Sweet pants have a sexy aappeal that is all their own.
Yes: zero of it.

If you don't get it you'll forever be missing out

Fukushima is CUTE!!

>Zettai Ryoiki

Part of me likes battle harems but another part hates that there's so fucking many.
They all follow the same fucking plot too.

"Only male to learn magic in a world where only females learn magic"
"Weakest one"
"Exiled student who actually has Bullshit Rule breaking power and wins everything"

Same to you, pal.

Female hafus are almost always cute.
Its the male hafus who end up looking weird, like Elliot Rodgers.

as long as they're wearing a winter uniform they're winning in my book.

>Yoga pants are better and sexier so I don't approve of this.
try living in the yoga pants capital of the world and say that with a straight face.

>yoga pants capital of the world
And where is that supposed to be?

without a skirt they look like shit anyway

Vancouver BC.


>capital of anything

maple syrup. who else would use that stuff?

Lulu Lemon HQ baby.

I live in DC and I see shit tons of women wearing yoga pants all the time, in fact they're pretty much replacing sweat pants as the go-to comfy lazy wear for women these days.

they arr rook same, just different hair style and color


Overdesigned and ugly.

yeah, humans and their two puny graspers, two legs and hairy brain cases. it's just silly. can't they individualize their appendages?

>people on Cred Forums still think millions of people wear the exact same outfit depending on their age bracket just because they reside in the same general area

Do you honestly not know what a school uniform is?

>people looked through my phone and found my loli doujins


This. Summer's okay, and I like legs, but winter clothing gives me such a boner.


Silly user, he was talking about how they generally appear to have been assembled from a grab bag of huge lapels, boob windows, tartan, etc.

In fact, a few of them are masterpieces of visual design, giving an instant impression of their parent work's themes and attitude. I won't tell you which ones.

Kill yourself frogposter.

QUALITY Code army uniforms were dope.

Nova China

Osaka as a whole looks like a grandma. The skirt alone has little to do with it.
Literally the most generic uniform.

hxh for detached sleaves

I NEED to nakadashi Niigata RIGHT NOW

I live in Japan.

People in this thread (and the last one a few weeks ago) honestly thought every student in these prefectures wore the same school uniforms. It was remarkably stupid.

>People in this thread (and the last one a few weeks ago) honestly thought every student in these prefectures wore the same school uniforms. It was remarkably stupid.
There we go, that's a bit different from the line in the other post. Thought you were questioning why students would all have the same clothes. My apologies.

Fukuoka, sailor uniforms are best

Eat shit and fucking die, normalfag.

Fukuoka and Fukushima in 2nd.
Kobe in 3rd place.

Kobe, far and away. Is this even a debate?


Sluts are disgusting and yoga pants are the basic slut calling card, like arseless chaps are for gay men.

Thanks /r9k/

Do you realise that this is Cred Forums, not some normalfag shithole?
You lost?

Dank memepost

Fukushima is cute but I like the color scheme of Okinawa as well. Niigata for third maybe.

>this is trash on Cred Forums now

You should stop posting like a /r9k/ crossie first.

Cred Forums has been about purity longer than you've been aware of your balls. Lurk moar you insufferable newfag.


Why does Okinawa have such a wildly different color scheme?

That /r9k/ you are referring to originated on Cred Forums.
You're not in the position to call other anons crossboarders here, user.

Enjoy your ban.


Okinawa one looks like the uniform of some tropical country.

Pic not related.

Osaka is toppest tier.


Osaka and Kobe = God-tier.
Nagoya and Fukuoka = High-tier.
Hokkaido, Niigata, Fukushima, and Tokyo = Mid-tier.
Okinawa = Low-tier.

Do male uniforms get this much variety?


Currently teaching at a number of senior highschools in Fukuoka-ken. I can confirm that every school has a different uniform. Not sure what you're on.

Honest answer, most male uniforms look pretty similar when they're the matching black top black pants. They do usually have a small crest or emblem from their school on their breast pocket.
Lots of schools distinguish between the different years in high school by changing the color of said emblem.

Why do I have to pick just one? All of them are best.

2 and 9

My negro

Tokyo would have been first if it wasn't for that ugly ass tan blazer. So Nigata gets the W.

I wish more anime highschools had decently lengthed skirts. They're always so short.

I agree.

Rollan for Tokyo

I am biased towards Fukushima because I live there.

Also, ZR.

>gook chewing with his mouth open
>man of culture
this is what slanted eyed troglodytes believe


I'm working in a Japanese middle school and there are definitely the full range of appearances.

There are some really cute girls though. Don't worry, I won't commit any crimes.

>osaka is labeled the city that's super down and friendly to foreigners
>the city that every drama pokes fun at for being the crunktaculur, "trill with it while we dab on them niggas" place to be
>has the second most boring uniforms of them all
explain this shit

>best school uniform
This is the only answer. This is some Nancy Reagan type of classy shit that any respectable young lady with any self esteem should be wearing. Anything other than this, and you might as well admit that educating you is a waste of time, because you're going to end up a pole dancer anyway

Hokkaido makes my moe meter go through the fucking roof.

Toko loosk like a slut.

Kobe looks liek a nice little lady, would sen dmy daughter there,

fukuoka is too old fashioned.

Osaka looks too western, so why even bother.

tokyo all the fucking way

Hokkaido is easily the cutest, therefore best.

Because the Internet is a wonderful place I found this site which has rankings for high school uniforms by prefecture on it.
Looks like you can basically just replace the prefecture name to get different prefecture results, which is good, but many of the schools don't have photos of the uniforms.

Am I the only person that went to a school that didn't have a uniform?

(both elementary school and high school)

This looks a bit better.

No, you're not the only American.

Tokyo uniform looks expensive as expected. Id go for niigata. Is this their summer uniform? i remember there is a more detail chart posted on Cred Forums while ago

But it looks kind of elementary schooler.


>Only americans dont have uniforms

Because they don't want foreigners fugging the school girls?

Yeah no you're retarded, the appeal of yoga pants is obvious and easy to understand but the sublime nature of sweat pants clearly goes right over your head

The last time I was called handsome is when I was still wearing my high school uniform.

>form fitting pants
>"go to lazy"


Yeah no you don't get to do that, the appeal is painfully and boringly obvious when it involves yoga pants

Kobe > Nagoya > Osaka > Everything else >>>> Tokyo


While I don't agree with that, there still are plenty of women wearing them.
The worst thing is when a group of little girls go around wearing them, and so tight at that even their panties are easy to make out.
Why do they even make yoga pants in that small size?

>I've been here since 2014
>it's others who are new

"it's just a style user, why are you being such a creep about it?"


Kobe = Fukushima > Hokkaido > Tokyo > The rest

Hokkaido = very cold, Russia invade

Osaka = low intelligence, low morality

Fukushima = earthquake, nuclear disaster

Okinawa = against the US Forces in Okinawa

Fukuoka = yakuza

Nagoya = toyota

Tokyo = many people, stressful

Kobe = beef

Niigata = rice

Kyoto = many gaijin-san

Shizuoka(my hometown) = green tea, Mt. Fuji, no anime on TV

And then they are the most upset if a man eyeball them with a glaring stare. Or the children they let wear those pants.

Hey, don't give Fukushima a bad rep. It's a nice place with only a little contamination in a couple of parts.


Get a load of this faggot.

okinawa is tropical you doofus

>Shizuoka(my hometown)
Have you visited Numazu and Uchiura?

This user gets it. I'd rather have a modest and cute girl than a short skirt slut.

3D japanese women looks nothing like anime.

Pic related is extremely rare and you can only find most of them in different types of nip media.

No. and I didn't watch Sunshine.
I'm from a rural area in Kakegawa city.

Not THAT rare.

Certainly though the average Japanese woman is average.


Fafnir a best.

I like Tokyo, even if she looks like a slut.

It's really hard to judge when they're not all worn by the same girl with the same hair style and legwear. That said, Fukushima followed by Osaka and Kobe.

Nagoya or Fukuoka.

Only my elementary school had uniforms. My junior high was an arts school so uniforms weren't really considered and my high school had started converting to a new uniform system around the time I graduated.

Are they stupid? Are they baiting? Who knows?

This user knows what's best.

Out of those, Niigata.


沖縄 is cutest

I never watch battle harems, are any of these shows actually good? they all look soulless.

I'm a fan of that Bahmut design though. White, black, and blue is a god tier colour scheme.

Fukushima for enjo kosai
Fukuoka for netorare
Nagoya for imouto-zone
Okinawa for bro tier
Hokkaido for bullying
Kobe for corruption
Niigata for hand holding
Tokyo for ganbarimasu
Osaka for SORE ARU

Agree everything else is haram

Hokkaido by along shot. Kobe takes the number 2 spot. The rest are trash.

Kobe had the best jumpshot.


Okinawan summer is still nowhere near as hot and humid to where I live and the winter is still cold as shit.

>implying Okinawa isn't American military

Osaka a cute

>"American" military

but where are the tentacles and shit?


I don't understand.


The best one.

Tokyo > Niigata > Fukushima > Hokkaido > Okinawa > Nagoya > Fukuoka > Osaka


My waifu: sitting on the wall in the grey cardigan, calling dibs now.

Whose the MC? Whose the love interest? Whose the rival? Whose the transfer student? Whose the yandere? Whose the childhood friend? Whose the bro?

hello comrade

3D waifu? Just kill yourself.please

>do I fit in yet?

The Land of Fuuka

Niigata girls are the best

You're the MC, some faggot who shows up for five minutes to get called gross by the girls for having porn on his phone is your bro and he doesn't show up again on screen.


Why do you need a rival in a harem anime?

Why not Kobe then?

>his waifu is the one who looks the most like a white girl from a distance

>he doesn't want an Aryan styled Nip waifu

>Im triggered from your attempt to trigger people.

Kobe's looks weirdly communist, user wants a long skirt but with a nice capitalist vibe


The middle row has the largest proportion of cute girls, with two of the three hair-bun girls being pretty best

Front row has the most sluts/gyarukos

>Kobe's looks weirdly communist
Well yes, that's half the point. Forbidden fruit to a capitalist pig and all that.

Shit this reminds me of those pictures of Korean kinds holding signs saying shit like "all will be fire"

>plz revel with me in despair that 3D women are all sluts


And back row has the best girls.

Is Kobe some hyper-oppressed area? What the fuck is with that grandma dress wearing nigga





Wow Hokkaido and Niigata are basically perfect

Nope. Looking back on it, maybe I'd have liked it a lot more if I actually had to.

I believe I have seen this exact topic sometime before.




They're the only ones wearing chucks, you know they get down.

Niigata does wonders to muh dick.