Is Usagi Shit For The Whole Series?

I can't stand this bitch, why is the worst girl the lead? Is Usagi a total fucking retard for the whole Series? She honestly ruins the whole show.
Why are Mars and Neptune the two best girls?

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>Watching sailor moon for usagi
Watch it for Mars and disregard this retarded bimbo

It's all that's getting me through, Rei is a goddess. I put this series off for so long just because I hate the MC.

I liked her character

She was the first believable teenage MC I've seen ever

She's whiny, selfish, useless in a fight until she gets to cop out, lazy, easily bored and mooches off her friends, can't talk to guys, etc.

All the flaws make her fun and funny to watch, I wasn't expecting to not have a boring ass protag when I finally got around to this show

Does she actually have some character development? I guess what I'm looking for is some maturity on her part. I can't imagine her acting like a complete cluck once finding out her past.
Still plan on watching regardless.

She gets better as far as I recall

When it all starts tumbling down.

She grows as the series continues.
When she said "Maybe we shouldn't trust these guys right away." About the Starlights, I nearly fell out of my seat.

>liking Mars
>hating on adorable Usagi
Usagi and Chibiusa (post R, she was horrible in R) are literally the best characters in the show. Other good ones being Uranus, Venus and Jupiter. Mars was annoying as fuck and Mercury has as much personality as a potato.

It wears thin very quickly

She never fully stops being her, but she steps up when things are most dire and, most importantly, obtains the power and the grace of heart to not only not hating her enemies, but go to lengths to save them.

Shit, OP, barely seven episodes in, before any other guardian shows up, Usagi Batmans the case of the sonicwave vampire woman by herself. One of my favourite episodes.

the series is about character development. usage actually becomes a decent leader.

I'm surprised that episode got skipped over during the first run. Easily some of my favorite gags in that episode

Lol her blush in the pictures looks like the sides of her mouth making for a super big mouth

Perhaps because there was no way of concealing the name Yusuke Amade at the time and execs were afraid of yellow names?
I'm not American so I watched this episode in its place when the show aired.

I always heard the official reasons were because of vampirism and the scene where Usagi sneaks into the bar/nightclub

>Usagi and Chibiusa (post R, she was horrible in R) are literally the best characters in the show.
Chibiusa is insufferable in Super S. The only good moment of hers in the season is when they embiggened her for that one episode.


literally ruined the show

Glad to hear that's the case. I expect everyone to go through some growth, and Usagi's got a lot of potential in that department.
Is Super S worse than Crystal?

>Is Super S worse than Crystal?
Animation is much better. I'd still rank it above Crystal, even if it's the worst season storywise. Come of the new characters are fun and the ending his holy shit beautiful.
Plus it sets up the first mini-arc of Stars, which is top-notch.

Meant to put
>Some of the new characters are fun and the ending is holy shit beautiful.
Shit, I need to sleep.

>Why is the bunny so shit? She ruined the entire series

so how was Crystal anyways?

S3 of Crystal is nice

She's the main girl, so that's about it. I appreciate her for being pretty similar to an actual teenager but still worst inner senshi.

Makoto > Rei = Minako > Ami > Usagi

First two arcs are unwatchable.
Third is pretty okay; nothing special but made with enough care and heart and different enough from the equivalent 90s season to make it entertaining to watch.

Agreed, but still not as good as the old show.

Thanks, I'm not expecting much from it but if it ties in somehow then what the hell.

I've always compared Usagi to King Arthur. Arthur was never the best knight, or swordsman, or even the best person of his Round Table. He surrounded himself with people that were greater than him. All he had going for him was the magic power ultimate sword, his kingship, and the want to make right in the world with what he had. And in the end, his mistakes cost him his life and the lives of those around him.

Sure, Arthur wasn't a clutz, easily bored, or flunking tests, but their character journey and development is practically exactly the same.

Watch it for glorious music.

Usually the main characters is the least interesting precisely because you know he's gonna come through in the end. More things can happen for the supporting and since they're not the main focus they can have more endearing traits or flaws.

>Mercury will never be an AI Cyborg girl that dies

>Takeuchi is /m/ as fuck, but they (and her own lack of talent) won't let her make robot manga.

I wonder whatever happened to Toki-Mecha, but considering I never heard from it again, I'm guessing it wasn't very good...

My favorite Chibi Usa moment was when she was flying on Pegasus' back, and there was this whole romantic thing. She finds out his name was Helios (at least in English)
It was just quite beautiful

>My favorite Chibi Usa moment was when she was flying on Pegasus' back, and there was this whole romantic thing.
Go back to /mlp/

But yeah; it's not that she's a bad character. It's that she's a supporting character that was suddenly turned into the main one for the entire season, and stagnated the actual main characters' progress while being super annoying. Her part should've been smaller.


Such a cromulent vocabulary you have

That's a pretty reasonable comparison. I like that the others have a lot of traits to impress on Usagi, all the while having their own shit to go through.
Still is a bit of a circle jerk for her, being the focal point of the show and all, but it's nice having development on all counts.

Is there anything more /fa/ than Sailor Moon?

Nothing really comes to mind except for maybe Bleach. JoJo's comes close, but everyone has static outfits that never change.

[Spoiler]High wasted jeans make me[/spoiler] diamonds.

Minako is Galahad because she's perfect and Rei is Lancelot because she wants to cuck Usagi?



Why is Makoto so tall?
Who has the best legs second to Rei?

muh dick

Bleach in cover art and shit
Shaman King too but that's cheating because of the so many different cultures

Usagi is the heart of the show, the others girls are merely there to serve her.

That's why the 90's anime improved a lot

I love Usagi. She is the best character.

Super S wasn't THAT bad, unless you hated Usagi and Chibiusa. Personally found Super S and the beginning of Stars, that should have been in fucking Super S, to be better than Stars itself.

S3 > S1 > S4 > S2 > S5

>Usagi and Chibiusa (post R, she was horrible in R) are literally the best characters in the show.
I think I was born to meet you, user. Finally, someone who understands.

Usagi has big plans for her life, okay?

I don't understand the Super S hate, even i think it's my least favourite of the five seasons, but isn't THAT bad

Same. I thought it was okay overall and I enjoyed the Amazon Trio a lot.

she has development, likewise they add an even more annoying character that makes her seem less annoying by comparison.

but you watch the series for the other sailor scouts

Do you have more of these?

It's a jap thing. Makoto looks tall compared to the others, but she's only 5 1/2 ft tall