Macross Δ

GG sure is taking long.

So how would you alter Delta's story in a movie adaption?

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If [gg] doesn't finish subbing the episode in like twelve hours I won't be able to watch it for six months.

Stay strong, soldier

For starters I'd remove Mirage entirely.

I'm curious. Why won't you be able to see it for 6 months?

Why even bother? It's shit.

I agree and disagree. Mirage doesn't have to be relevant, she just has to be cool. Max was never really relevant before he fucked Milia, and his relevance in DYRL is nearly nonexistent. Mirage just has to kick some ass like a Jenius should.

ETA for subs?

Watch the RAW for basic understanding then.

Completely remove Mirage from the love triangle, removing that triangle altogether. It's not impossible to improve it in an adaption, but I'd rather it go with a straightforward HayaFre romance.

Trim down most of the second half, obviously. Cut the Freyja varring Hayate angst.

>gg is taking their sweet time

More like they're having a moral conflict on whether they WANT to sub 26 or not, because the show is so damn bad collectively.

Delta is shit
What were the things you liked about Delta?

Before Thursday.

>So how would you alter Delta's story in a movie adaption?
Remove the focus on Delta Squadron and just make it about the Windermere leadership. Frankly they were the only people that ever did anything the whole show.


>Cut the Freyja varring Hayate angst.

You know what? Yes. That little arc put Hayate and Freyja through shit and it didn't go anywhere. I would have rather seen more SOL episodes of Hayate and Freyja hanging out and enjoying each other's company that that shit. We could have gotten a HayaFre dancing episode.

Are they about to have sex?

Yeah. She's got less than 15 years left, they might as well get started.

More like less than 5 years.
What was the point of suddenly reducing her lifespan?

>What was the point of suddenly reducing her lifespan?
Dramatic effect

Accurate. Kind of like Sheryl's space AIDS. Though at least it didn't get cured by some fold magic BS.

I heard flakes aren't even dangerous unless they reach the head.

Either remove Mirage completely as a love triangle or just remove her completely. After that, remove the unnecessary angst they went through during half of the second cour. Focus on the other idols besides Freyja. Show snippets from the prequel manga to actually make us sympathize with the knights. And make Hayate dance again, because seriously, that is such a bait-and-switch from the first episode.

I would remove Freyja instead.

>So how would you alter Delta's story in a movie adaption?
Lets go crazy, put Mikumo in the triangle and she sings proper DYRL in protoculturish in the finale. She doesn't have to be the winner but it would be awesome

Nah. Increase her plotline about being Jenius but struggling to live up to the name.

But there are no snow flakes on sheryl and ranka? I believe other races will not suffer deterioration such as snow flakes

Freyja and Heinz should go back to "normally ageing" or well, as normal as ageing as Windies can do. As long as Freyja and Heinz don't mess with protocolture shit anymore, they'll be fine. The flakes aren't deadly until they reach their faces and by default their brains.

I also have to wonder how the Windermerean lifespan will be affected seeing as the "main piece" (that butthole) was destroyed and we know by now that Windies die because they succumb to fold waves by the protocolture ruins over the years, which is like a disease to them.

I'd like a movie to have some expanded information on the consequences of blowing it up.

holy shit soldier..

Poor Heinz. I was really hoping he and Keith would embrace before or after the final battle.

Updated winners and losers chart.

Not be a literal autistic direction and firmly decide either to focus on Windermerean side of the story or focus on Hayate and co.

Also, no repeated face-to-face meetings between Aerial Knights and Chaos. Them repeated meeting each other yet there being no significant change kept throwing me off.
Cassim meeting with Hayate and Freyja was the only good one.
Keep most of the direct interaction to newtype monologues during aerial battles.

>Windies dying due to protocuckture ruins
>muh heirs

>best girls still winning after all these years
Fucking Kawamori, still delivers.

Christ, Hayate and Freyja were the first couple to have an unambiguous end together since Isamu and Myung. I know Sheryl had the upper hand in Frontier but you're both my wings kept Rankafags hopeful.

Freyja dies, Mirage wins.

remove messer and make mirage the ace

Now that I think about it, Frontier actually had a really good balance of Valkyrie modes, Macross action and fights.

>everyone is in battroid mode 90% of the time
>everyone is in fighter mode 90% of the time

So the next Macross will have everyone in Gerwalk all the time? Shiiit, I'd pay money to watch that.

Well, technically they are the "heirs" in a way, but not how they thought. Windies were created by the protocolture as supersoldiers to defeat the Zents and protect the protocolture. However, since the protocolture learned from its "mistakes" it put a limiter on the Windies (their lifespans) so that they would be more balanced and couldn't rage against them like the Zents had done.

Not if you count EVOL

And Sousei. Touma was better than Silvia.

EVOL gave my perfect waifu Mikono, god bless Kawamori!

>he would remove a main character
Nice meme

fuck awful attempted combination of 2d character art with the 3d fighter, I actually facepalmed when I saw it on stream, jesus fuck

it just looks so BAD, how could a producer in their right mind sign off on this shit? someone looked at that, and said "yes, this is good enough to air"

fucking hell

So how do people generally feel about Kaname's solo from the Walkure flashback episode, 涙目爆発音? Previous threads had a couple guys call it shit but those threads were swarming with Delta shitters.

>swarming with Delta shitters.

Where are the DDF kids? Are they subs only?

>he haven't watched Quadelia Code

Given how the Star Singer is compelled to obey Windfags that utter the command phrase, doesn't that mean that the Windfags had a Protoculture Anima Spiritia slave in the old days? How is that not grounds for their shitty civilization getting bird human'd?

I thought it was good. Kaname isn't the best singer but her singing is definitely pleasant.

Qualidea Code was BAD. Fucking awful animation. So much QUALITY. I had never in my 9 years of anime seen such shit animation.

Its great. Best song on Walküre Trap.

I expected QUALITY from that show from the beginning, but this is macross, and the ultimate resolution moment of the story

they had no excuse

you're forgetting about the show maybe 1 year back(?) where literally half of the last episode's fight scene was just a static background shot with sound effects over it, I'm trying desperately to remember the name but it eludes me

Finish the sub quickly gg.

I think there got to be new song in the middle of the final battle that gg is trying to translate.

Macross TV shows have a history of quality. OVAs and movies are the only exception.

Apparently only humans deserve getting apocalypse'd.
wtf protoculturedudes no chill

I think we should get more OVAs if we want a properly animated and budget series.

So I lost interest with Delta and stopped watching around the halfway mark. What did I miss besides the thumbnail.
Did they ever reveal who Lady M was?
Was Windermere bombed to oblivion?

So about this relationship system in the Delta game, which characters from the shows and OVAs would you ship hard?

Nope and nope. Wait for the movie version.

Whichever gave the best stats

That's not heirs. That's being "experimental weapons".
And worse, rejected "weapons" at that.
They're literally Zentradi 2.0 with more runemagic but less harmful.

Nunshits nuked themselves. It was pretty great and satisfying.

>being anti nuns faggot
Get out.

Whatever happened to WINDNIGGER GENOCIDE SOON guy?

Delta is anti NUNS, you picked the wrong show for NUNSfaggotry.

He dropped it since NUNS got btfo.

>Hayate said no to this

Probably killed himself or something when Windermere won the war and two Windies became the greatest Heroes of Macross and saved the Galaxy.

It's not a no if it's never even acknowledged. Whichever executive told him he had to put a love triangle got BTFO.

Despite that, NUNS is ironically more competent here. Frontier fleets NUNS guys were cowards. Here we had based cat dad and his cat brigade assisting Xaos and killing numerous windniggers. Immeldad was supposedly a good NUNS pilot too.

Local planetary defense are usually depicted as chill dudes, especially if they aren't humans like the kangaroo people from Dynamite 7. Why does Kawamori hate humans and Earth so much.

So we can finally all agree Delta was shit right?

Humans are pretty shity to be honest. We are destroying the planet, abuse other species, kill other humans...

Finally, yes.

Speak for yourself.



Kawamori may hate humans but he hates Zents even more.

Killed off Guld
Mylene got left by both guys in her triangle
Ranka was... Ranka
Mirage got so BTFO she was never even a part of the triangle or did something deserving of MC status


>subs never
>finally gave in and watched the RAW
>it was a shit finale

Glad i didn't wait for the subs.

Vote faggots.


I'm telling you. I think gg may purposefully not sub episode 26, because of the pitiful payoff.

Hell, their site tag line now is: starring a girl that's not-Sheryl.

gg adored Sheryl and Macross Frontier, Delta has unquestionably pissed them off.

Done. Faggot.


I just realized something.

>Alto wears a jacket with 25th Valkyrie symbol on his sleeve
>Macross Frontier was released on the 25th Anniversary of Macross

>Hell, their site tag line now is: starring a girl that's not-Sheryl.

That's been their tagline for ages, you dumb fuck.

>taunt and torment windies for decades thinking themselves smug and superior protoculture species
>discover that actually windies were superior all along and protoculture left them toys to rule the galaxy as if they were vajra queens which would fuck up their hegemony

They were fucking morons. They should have been smarter and played diplomatic colonists who can mutually benefit each other promoting mix marriage to fix lifespan of future windies and give their children the genetic advantages of windies.

Hayate just got smarter than any of those fuckers and bagged a wind singer.

It's also the reason why they made Ranka 25% Zentradi.

>we'll never get a Macross as good as Frontier ever again

>gg gave up and went into dormancy after Tokyo Ravens ended
>in 2014
>Is 2016 now
>implying I would know what happened between March 25, 2014 and near recent gg history
>because there's no fucking point to visiting a group in dormancy


So what's Roid plan? Some kind of instrumentality bullshit?

But we got Frontier. And it's two fantastic movies. The first one expanded Star Date massively. The second had Alto confess to Sheryl explicitly. And we had TONS OF AWESOME fucking mecha fights with Salutes, GER-WALK mode, Battleroid mode and flight combat + dogfighting with excellent songs.

Even if we don't again. We still got Frontier.

NUNSfags was the best BTFO. It was glorious how Delta proved them wrong again and again and again. Every single theory they had, BTFO.

Muhtraditionfags' demise was great too.

>Hayate just got smarter than any of those fuckers and bagged a wind singer.

It was Wright's eugenics plan. He imprinted on Freyja for his son.

I expect more main character deaths then. Or at least some more Kaname/Messer before he gets his heart splattered

Apart from the concerts and the finale, frontier movies were garbage.

Make a Misaka netowork in galaxy scale.

You would know if you visited their site since Delta started, you imbecile.

Yes. From what I understood, it wasn't his plan, it was what Protoculture apparently wished for because he didn't do anything but use what they left. They were Vajrafags and they were getting their ass kicked by the Supervision Army. This was likely their plan for the future.

Mirage was too unlucky, lads.
>part zentraedi
>not main heroine
>not met mc first
>jenius woman
>not an ace
>former NUNS soldier

She was fucked.

Someone should make a collage about it.

Forget about a movie alteration.
Let's think about how we would have reworked the series to get to almost the same end, but with an actual catharsis instead.

First cour focus
Have Hayate already know about what his father did.
Make Heinz a girl.
More idolshit and cultural interaction with the other races in the cluster.
No declaration of war until episode 13. Fighting until then is limited to var outbreaks in urban settings with Zentradi, Destroids, so we can get more of what we had been expecting from episode 1.
Windies are the ones doing the infiltration work on Ragna instead of Walkure and mostly shadowy.
Get rid of one of the idols and two of the pilots and make Messer the squad leader.
Add a sympathetic Windermere spy (Cassim) to Delta squad. The finale of the first half could be him killing Messer and getting away or Hayate shooting him down, like in Wing Commander III. He can be replaced by one of the removed pilots.

Second cour -
Make Windermere mind control far less effective and have less range so it won't be an excuse for why there are no large battles between NUNS fleets and Windy forces.
Reallocate episodes 5, 6, 10, and 13 (and keep Gramia alive) and up the scale of the conflicts of each.
Increase coordination between Xaos and NUNS so there can actually be escalation after Ragna is taken.
Have Walkure perform only one infiltration mission where the main focus would be on the civilian population and culture, not the knights.
Get rid of ISIS.
Abandon the Mikumo is the star singer subplot because that's when Delta went from okay to shit.
Abandon the Aerial Knight team up at the end, or limit it to Keith only.

First girl always wins in Macross.

Misa met Hikaru via radio on episode 1 SDF. Was his superior officer in DYRL before he met Minmay.

Sara met Shin like a minute before Mao.

Sheryl "met" Alto first when she arrived to Frontier for her concert. Taken further in the movies where they met as kids.

Freyja met Hayate first in Delta. Immeldad took it to the extreme and made sure their unmeis were tied by giving her the mp3 player and nuking her planet.

So who the fuck is Lady M???

It feels good to be a messakana and hayafrey anti nunshitsfag


Minmay, supposedly.

And if there IS another Macross in 8 years. Hopefully it will cover what happened to Megaroad-01.

Technically, there's enough story potential in Macross to cover all of the fleets that were launched. Going by Frontier's colonial path of the various fleets. Something like a total of 15-20 different fleets were launched.

We've covered around 4-5 of that number.

>He imprinted on Freyja for his son.

My sides!

>Hayate fuckd Freyja in Messer's grave

>that's how Messer was reborn
>now they have to keep their son from getting molested by aunt Kaname who keeps singing AXIA when she lullabies him

>tfw Roid went from a fun meme to the most cliche anime villian possible

I want my idol otaku back.

Gee, I wonder why nobody is voting in comparison to

I honestly hope they never make another Macross, if Kawamori is going to throw away great characters like Mirage away and just use her as "MUH DELTA IS DIFFERENT" thing then fuck Kawamori.

First Pyrrha, now this.

I hope his next show flops into his own asshole.

which walkure has the best mou hitoribotchi ja nai?

So have we decided on HayaFre's child's name?

Messer Sieggy Immelmann-Wion
Messer Keith Immelmann-Wion
Messer Mirage Immelmann-Wion

Simple, they got BTFO

They will have 6 children. Messer, Mirage, Makina, Keith, Seigfried, and Wright Immelmann-Wion.

It's because your show is objectively shit so no one cares to vote in a shit strawpoll.

>I got BTFO

Keith did the salute. Maybe he was the true MC.

Is Keith the most good looking MC in Macross?


Why couldn't Mirage blow up instead while he escaped princess carrying Kumo?

Did Delta ever have any callbacks or payoffs like this? Callbacks designed to show character growth or development?

Alto-Hime still wins until we see Keith in a dress.

>now they have to keep their son from getting molested by aunt Kaname who keeps singing AXIA when she lullabies him
If the baby calms down by hearing AXIA we'll know he's Messer reborn for sure

Of course not. The writing is completely shit

I liked it desu

I was a Freyjafag who doesn't care strongly about NUNS or Kaname, but that doesn't stop me from becoming completely disgusted with this shitty waste of 6 months of time.

So the Grim Reaper is destined to die. How ironic.

One of the better songs on the album. Love the horns.

MakiMaki's "Onyanoko Girl" is better, though. I could listen to Makina do her adlibs all day. They really have learned how to commercialize weaponize cuteness.

Whatever you say, "freyjafag".

So what is this emblem exactly? A knight? Winged unicorn knight?

It's Exveemon

She's not a wind singer, she just has abnormally strong fold waves. Makes her accomplishments ever greater in hindsight.

Could be Misa, who has actual experience taking charge.

How does this make sense? I dropped it about halfway through but weren't they saying stuff like "Lady M will talk to the higher ups about the reinforcements" and such?

arad x hayate

It's been shit since episode 14. I can't believe the fucking turn around it had from episode 13, if it ended early it would have probably been my spring AOTS, now it's probably one of my least favorite macross.

I still enjoy it very much.

Her boyfriend is a pilot, she probably has connections with the higher ups because of him.

It's okay. People always jump to extremes calling it one of the worst or best. It's deserving of a 6 or 7 in my book.

There aren't any new songs.

>The majority of people still following the delta threads are the ones that hate it

Yes. The final episode sealed it. I've never seen a rivalry as disappointing as Hayate vs Keith. It wasn't even as rage-inducing as how, say, the latest Pokemon anime's rivalry ended up being, Delta's rivalry just disappeared. Also, the Windies were terrible Gary Stu villains.

Is Kawamori attending any future conventions? He deserves to be booed.

Speak for yourself. Majority of us are waiting for subs.

Ikenai Borderline, Love! Thunder Grow! Mikumo Solo and DRYL Delta version are all fantastic songs. But the Delta overall is probably the lowest point for Macross. It's pretty bad.

Just like your very existence on this earth.

Pretty much this. Not to mention. Alto-hime went FULL GOTHIC LOLITA.

Don't hate it. But marathoning Escaflowne over the past 3 days makes me realise that Kawamori could have done so much better with it.

Actually. Alto-hime has been in a dress four times.

First was Sakura-hime.

Then Gothic Lolita dress. And two off-screen shots, one being this one and the other being...

Even Bobby would go straight for Alto

But Zero is the lowest point. Not even based Roy could save it.

I'm here to have a good laugh at NUNSfags , Windhaters and Miragefags. BTFO so hard that they will never recover.

i-is michael blushing or is it just make up?

The Chinese Dress! Alto-hime is literally unstoppable.

He's blushing. Alto's got a feminine look to his face, because he inherited his mother's looks rather than his fathers. It's why he played Sakura-hime for the longest time, before he left theater.

Plus, Michael's nickname for Alto IS hime after all.

Are you suggesting you wouldn't blush when the best girl is lying there completely defenceless?


I am seriously facing a sexuality crisis right now.

>killed by random cannon fodders

Pick one.

I want more.

That's because Escaflowne isn't a Kawamori-only series. is also credited as being the original creator for Escaflowne. Kawamori himself only did the script for the first episode and storyboarding for one of the episodes.

So we still have a new tradition here? Also zents never win.

Wizard Barristers?

I want to sleep on Kaname-san's lap while she sings AXIA.

>Kawamori himself only did the script for the first episode and storyboarding for one of the episodes
Hajime Yatate is just a pseudonym for Sunrise's animation staff, and doesn't really say anything about the level of involvement from other people. Everything I've read from interviews and old articles is that Kawamori came up with the original concept, and he and Takanashi wrote the story outline together. And that Kawamori was involved all throughout the production process, although not as in control of it as say he was with EVOL. Also, keep in mind that Kawamori is not a script writer, so other people being listed as script writers doesn't really mean shit.

But Mylene met Basara first, but that didn't stop Gamlin from winning.

>you're both my wings kept Rankafags hopeful.
This is the reason why I will be mad as fuck if we get sky end. Losers have to get BTFO hard so they can move on, fucking hell even we already got the winner some faggot is still in denial, damage control, celebrating Freyja's future death and vice versa.

>people complained about how Kaname was trying too hard to sound like Mikumo in Hamtesu no Junjou
>Mikumo solo is actually worse

I'm kinda surprised they didn't go through with Arad/Kaname

It's like you guys forgot Minmay was the ambassador to Zents fleets and was the one talking and having everyone following her. She called the shots in the Megaroad 01 too and her last broadcast was her message.

>either of those characters being relevant enough to have a romance plot line
Next you'll say something like "I'm surprised Mirage didn't stand a chance"

>implying Hikaru means shit
>implying Motherfucking Minmay doesn't basically overshadow absolutely everyone else, except Max and Milia who got to shine due to being the first Zent/Human couple, that are also super pilots

It was bait and switch. Bridge bunnies were into that shit, like Makina/Reina, so you know it was going to sink like a rock. Messer and Kaname spent a romantic festival together, if Kaname was indifferent to him, she wouldn't have agreed to spend a romantic moment. If Kaname was actually into Arad that much, she wouldn't have been more worried about Messer's life than Arad's. Kaname never resonated with Arad either. She probably had a crush/hero worship on Arad and didn't realize she actually loved Messer until she lost him.

Kaname couldn't sing Mikumo's parts in Bokura no Senjou as well as she could though.

I'm pretty sure she can easily overshadow Max and Milia too. They are famous people but Minmay is nearly a goddess.

It was typical shoujo lead syndrome of having a crush for the 'wrong guy' while she ignored her true love. In Kaname's case, she had such shit luck that her love died before she figured out that she was just not into Arad that way.

Oh, I might not have phrased it right I meant that they're the only other people who weren't completely overshadowed by her because they did some famous stuff too, but yeah Minmay is THE most memorable person in that whole affair

Maybe she shouldn't have sung a depressing song like Axia then. Did she seriously not have any happier songs?

Have you seen Kaname's face?
Even when she's happy she looks perpetually sad, there's no way someone like that could have a song that's in anyway cheery, triumphant or doesn't imply tragic loss and death

>Delta's story in a movie adaption?
It's not happening.

>Shoji Kawamori first proposed the series after a trip to Nepal, during which he visited the foggy mountain region and pictured a hidden world where an epic focusing on both fate and divination should be set.When he returned, he proposed the series to Bandai Visual and Sunrise. According to Kawamori, his pitch for the series was simple: "if Macross was robotic mecha and love songs, why not a story about robotic mecha and divining powers?"

>He worked with Bandai producer Minoru Takanashi to finish fleshing out the original idea. They researched various mysteries for inspiration, particularly stories centered on the mythical land of Atlantis and the Bermuda Triangle. As the series began taking shape, they changed the lead character from a male, the norm for an action-mecha series, to a high school girl as the lead character. Nobuteru Yuki was hired as the character designer, and tasked with crafting a design for Hitomi and the rest of the cast. He would later state that Hitomi was his favorite character because it was the first one he'd ever designed completely from scratch rather than simply being adapted from an existing medium. Initially, Folken and Dilandau were a single enemy commander, but as the story was fleshed out, the creators felt the series would be more interesting if there were two with very different personalities

>mfw whenever Mikumo sings
Jesus her voice stands out so much.

>leak the old threads and see this
Miragefags are fucking hilarious.

This reaction is still legit.

Hey looks like you're in luck, soldier! With about 4 hours to spare.


I think miragefags already suicide.

Seeing how shit the finale is, I don't even bother anymore.


Dead anime
Dead thread
Dead fanbase

> [gg]_Macross_Delta_-_26_[F43ED182].mkv
At last, I can archive this series.

What is up with that nose?

You mean Macrossfags.

>Mirage didn't stand a chance
She didn't even have a chance to exist as a character. Though that's the case for most of the cast.

The miracle of anime writing.

So, I finally got a chance to watch the episode and although I'm happy about Freyja winning. I'm not exactly that satisfied. I wish the romance scenes were more impactful. It just felt rushed and too romantic as I expected but a win is a win so, I'll accept that. I think I'm starting to understand why everyone hates the ending so much. It really felt rushed to me which is unforunate since it means the romance scenes and confession was rushed.

Yeah even my girl win this I'm still not ok with the rushed ending. I thought I was watching EVOL ending with no kiss.

Well that was okay. Pretty much sums up how I feel about the series as a whole actually; positive but not overly so.

Started strong, second half could've been better but overall it was a fairly decent experience albeit the ending being lackluster and less than satisfying but I did feel the hype at all the right moments so there is that.

We did however get a few good songs and not to mention GENKI

I'll probably miss the threads and the said evolution of shitposting that the delta threads went through.I'll also miss (you)

Logos was better. The Fool certainly ended on a stronger note too. Kawamori needs to retire.

Could someone explain me why NUNSfags were expecting some kind of HUMANITY FUCK YEAHH in the franchise humans are always getting their ass kicked and only survive because the superior and more powerful race decided not to wipe them out because muh songs? Zents, Vajra, Protodeviln, Evil, now Windies.

This time not a single human singer was useful even, but I guess having a windie singer fall for a human D is the same.

I liked it. Maybe it could have been better, but I think a lot of people here are blowing it out of proportion.

This is what they needed for the past dozen episodes, but it's really too little too late. The action was good, but there was nothing great here. Sadly one of the worst Macross series. Episode 1 was a highpoint they never returned too.

I liked the show up until that finale, what the hell man. Felt so rushed.

best song is Do you remember love?
>those individual solos at the end

The cutest tsundere.

Human pilots were useless too. Humans a shit.

I hate to agree with the statement on the part of Logos since I did not see the latter yet. I can only hope for a movie/s to make it better I guess.

Messer was good. Keith agreed. My point was that there was never a HUMANITY WINS ending. It's always about humanity being an underdog and mixing up with the stronger alien race when they can (as they did with Zents and surely will do now with Windies) or hope they'll move to another galaxy to avoid conflict when they can't exchange dna (protodeviln, evils and vajra).

There were shows about no new alien needing understanding like plus and zero, but when it does, it always ends the same way.

>Staff: Oh shit, it seems Messer and Mesakana is really popular, better drop the whole Aradkana thing

This ep was fine, probably well above average. For a finale it was nothing special and the last ten eps have dragged terribly. Overall I don't think I can rate Delta more than a 6/10 and many would call that generous.

fucking agree with you

Missed opportunity if anything desu but in the end thats what happens when you have too many subplots and not enough episodes to explore them. Real take away is best girl winning and the most of the walkure music.

Muh tradition won.

Loli Mirage a CUTE

>Started listening to 2nd album
>Hear Absolute 5

My God am I pissed off that we didn't get to hear much of Absolute 5! I don't even remember then using this song in the TV series. And I'm just at the second song and loving it so far. So much wasted songs not used in the TV series.

It's not a missed opportunity. They clearly had Kaname realize her feelings for Arad were pretty shallow crush when she truly never knew him and noticing how she missed Messer. The sequence of Voldor use about how she grew closer to Messer and how she drifted away from Arad were pretty telling. Her triangle was aborted because Messer died. It was a pretty unusual triangle because it was tragically timed.

I'd say Delta was a 7/10 or 7.5/10 that was carried on having franchise power, good music, the cutest CANON couple, and in general was an entertaining watch. But objectively speaking it was very all over the place towards the second half. Lots of wasted potential in the script made worse by them presenting plot points or drama that really didn't serve the plot on the whole.

Frontier had issues here and there but the pacing and story arcs were at least consistent throughout. I'd say Delta had much higher highs as well as much lower lows as a story which ultimately makes it a weaker narrative.

Why did Kawamori hire this fool?

Fuck I meant to quote not this

It's used when makina got shot you dumbfuck.

The easiest comparison with Frontier is what happens in between the big action segments. The SoL stuff in Frontier was entertaining for the most part. Delta meanwhile has three fucking stupid commando missions and a buttload of jellyfish worship. While not all of Delta was bad, the filler was nearly as bad as Macross 7's early episode in repetition and inanity.

At least in 7 the VFs launched just about every ep and so long as you either enjoy or tune out Planet Dance you're fine. There are just too many long stretches between actual VF fights in Delta, especially in the second cour.

Probably Yoru no Yatterman. The last episode wasn't finished in time back then and they had to reuse a scene from an earlier fight and straight up extend it for a few minutes.

>Wind people still want to do the same they have been doing
>the UN is still shit
>the Walkyrie are still intact
>only Roid's plan got fucked
Could it be that they are planning to make a second season for once?

The jellyfish episodes weren't that bad. I liked the atmosphere they tried to make for Ragna. Freyja's birthday was also a pretty good SoL episode.


Well that's bittersweet as fuck. The guy (who happens to be a pretty decent protagonist at that) gets his girl for once (who is also great) only for her to die in a couple years. We just can't have nice things, can we.

But the movies are just fucking retells.

I want to believe

I was asking to use the song more, although I haven't really been watching the subs so it's much blurry in my memory right now.

>That giant purple dildo thing explodes
>Literally 4 minutes left to conclude things

I liked it, but what the fuck were they thinking?

The two of them were just too perfect together.

Querele is a dorm pet isn't it?

How about we believe it only cut off 5 years from her life span, would be better.

I remember someone said flakes can't do shit if it didn't reach the brain so will she live until 30?

All of the songs, apart from DYRL, are used in the series.

Windies just want to protect their sky in name of Keith and Roid.

The most memorable thing about delta is Mikumo's singer.

>Heinz is still stuck with half his body flaking like a motherfucker, and he never got to really reconcile with his nii-chan either
Is there anyone alive more suffering than him?

Anyone else feel like the last five minutes just kinda flew by? So much happened within that timespan and I don't feel like there was enough conclusion for all of it.

It feels so weird and sudden.

>he never got to really reconcile with his nii-chan

He has to somehow pick up the pieces Roid left too. His best pilot and best advisor are both dead, he doesn't have the protoculture mind control system anymore and he's still at war with NUNS, a war which he can't win anymore. I really don't envy the mess he has to deal with now.

I'm frustrated that Mirage lost and I didn't even watch the show. Should have learned my lesson after EVOL I guess.

Mirage got sidelined the entire series. It wasn't much of a triangle when she was never competing.

>mfw finishing this series and the best girl throughout the whole fucking thing was a 3-year-old moe blob who can secretly control the universe with a voice that is made of pure sex

The 2nd half of this show went downhill fast.

> he never got to really reconcile with his nii-chan either

At the very least he himself won't have to deal with it for long because he sure as hell isn't going to last long

kinky sex in the cockpit doujin when?

1st cour was great, 2nd cour dropped the ball a bit but I still overall enjoyed it.

Best girl won once again, sasuga Kawamori-san

She has no chance and Hayate never notice her even she press her boobs on his back.

The pacing of the last few episodes was really fucking weird, it felt both rushed and sluggish. The ending had a good conclusion, but the pacing still felt off about it simply because of how they handled everything before it.

I still enjoyed Delta, it just suffered way too much from awkward pacing in the second half. Which is a damn shame because it could've been great, better than Frontier and 7 at the rate it started out. I haven't been paying attention to sales either but I can't imagine they're good, so this could also be the final nail in the coffin for the Macross franchise as a whole.

He did. Keith saluted him.

So they fucked right after this, right?

pretty much this

>liked おにゃの子girl when I heard it in the preview
>full song isn't as good

What a shame.

NUNS were defeated. UN government is left.

So at which episode do we say it was clear Freyja won? Episode 1, 16, 20?

Delta killed Macross.

Hopefully it will also kill Kawamori's career.

No doubt. I hope Hayate can handle all that Windermerean stamina.

>he doesn't have the protoculture mind control system anymore
He does, the only thing that blew up was the star shrine which was the Vajrafagging shit the Protoculture left behind.

> implying a salute is better than a hug and a 'welcome back, Keith nii-sama'

I think right from the beginning. Freyja and Hayate's chemistry together was just way too good. The same thing happened with Alto and Sheryl in Frontier. Mirage just never stood a chance.

If EVOL didn't do the job then nothing will.

Well, we still have this to endure.

The moment he touched her hairpenis and she didn't freak out.

They're gonna fuck so hard that it shortens Freyja's lifespan even more.

Reminder that none of this would have ever happened if NUNS weren't faggots
Keith would still be a genki, and loving nii-chan, Roid wouldn't have gone kookoo, and NUNS being a bunch of lying cunts who break their own laws wouldn't be known to literally everyone

Agree to disagree then.

Delta wasn't all bad, but for what a Macross series is supposed to be, what it allows you to do with the budget and assets, I find it a failure.

I liked the Delta music better than F's.

One NUNS fleet. They sent another one earlier remember? They can just print another and another and so on.

They're pretty close for me. I think Delta was better on average, but they never managed to top Lion.

T-that's kinda hot.

The gall of this man.


I loved Mikumo and Freyja's solos and duets, Freyja's Bokura no Senjou is probably my favorite musical number in Delta. But no, they had to stick with the whole idol group thing and if Delta went with just those two it possibly could've been better than Frontier in that regard.

Apart from 2-3 songs, sheryls and rankas solos are kinda forgetable but Sheryl-Ranka duets >>> Walkure.

I wished Messer was alive.;_; I want him to scold them when they fuck in cockpit.

So they essentially dragged Makina out of bed to mirror episode 1. The contrast in art is telling.

Yeah, I couldn't agree more. I liked Walkure, but the duets in Frontier were amazing.

So did Kaname end up winning the Kumobowl?

>Heinz is still stuck with half his body flaking like a motherfucker
So is Freyja, who is a walking corpse and she knows it.

So while Mirage did lose the battle, Freyja can't win the war either.

Sure, keep telling that to yourself.

>implying Hayate would go for it even if his Hoina kicks the bucket

It's his VF too. I bet he'd get made after they got everything in there dirty.

Even in death, Messer holds his monopoly over the Kanamebowl.

The Kumobowl was won by Walkure as a whole.

If there's truth in what that other user was saying in the previous threads about the flakes not being deadly until it reaches the face, Freyja still has until 30. By then, Hayate will be taking care of mini Hoinas.

No one messes with the sovereign galactic police force.

Why don't people get this show is a tragedy dressed as a musical?

If it were up to me, I'd keep Messer alive since he filled out the role as Keith's rival far better. It would have made a lot more sense for Hayate and Bogue to be rivals since they were both the young and brash newbies.

>No one messes with the sovereign galactic police force.

Except the Vajra, the Protodeviln and everyone else that kicked their asses?

>>If there's truth
Nope. I don't remember seeing that sourced anywhere.

>He does, the only thing that blew up was the star shrine which was the Vajrafagging shit the Protoculture left behind.
But that alone is not powerful enough to render the fold jamming system useless. Only the star song is strong enough to do so. Besides, do you still think Heinz is still in good form to sing?

>If there's truth in what that other user was saying in the previous threads about the flakes not being deadly until it reaches the face, Freyja still has until 30. By then, Hayate will be taking care of mini Hoinas.
But then Freyja wouldn't be so afraid of it.

She clearly is terrified and depressed about the flakes even when she should be living the the happiest moment of her life - thus far - on Hayate's lap.

Was this ever finished?

Hermann already has those flakes in his face and he still looks fine and all.

Delta taught me that sexy 3 year olds exist.

>I liked the Delta music better than F's.
I don't think any of delta's song could top sheryl's Diamond Craverse, Northern Cross. If you were to include the movies, Obelisk, Universal bunny. There are actually a lot of good songs from Frontier.

Even without the flakes being accelerated, being together forever isn't actually going to be the rest of their lives. Even if she ends up living the rest of a Windemerean life, that's still well before Hayate kicks the bucket.

How old is Hermann again?

They should have trimmed the cast down and devoted less screentime to Freyja/Hayate romance and Windy backstory. Probably should cut Mirage, Makina, Reina, Hermann, and Chuck and kept Messer alive till the Ragna attack at minimum. Focus more on the Hayate and Freyja actually interacting with their respective groups especially their mentors (Messer and Mikumo) rather than just each other and less Aerial Knights battles and ruins exploration. Have Epsilon come in as the main villain and stab Roid in the back around the point that Mikumo causes the ruins to overload.

>mini Hoinas
We're /Clannad/ now.

Freyja and Hayate's romance was the best part of the show.

post yfw the robotech movie is better than delta

>Except the Vajra, the Protodeviln and everyone else that kicked their asses?
Because non-humanoid species are the supreme of the universe that even the protoculture feared them. Humanoid species on the other hand are basically shit.

The best part to the detriment of the development of the rest of the cast.

Anyone else feel that the mixing on the second album is quite bad?

Its Sony. It will be shit.

Every windie has strong fold powers. Freyja, a random one, proved herself to be one. They can always recruit random singers.

>But that alone is not powerful enough to render the fold jamming system useless.

SV system were never 100% operational in the show, it was always working at 60%, so you don't know what will happen. Berger only got the fuck out because of Roid plan now he can go back to business as usual: Fact is that Windermere has fold quartz which is the most sought out resource in the galaxy and a bizarro fold defense barrier which cockblocks direct attacks.

And someone is gonna need to do some explainin' about those dimensional eaters. Nobody is going to like that shit.

Besides, the second someone threatens her planet, Freyja is going to rune pike doom them. Did you forget Hayate's vow to protect her people?

These are the facts at the end of the show: NUNS were defeated in previous episode, the summary even stated so, Windermere still has control of about half of the cluster, Ragna was liberated and nobody is attacking Windermere from Chaos forces.

I guess nobody gives a shit about Muslims and other random planets.

Do I leave the tags on solo songs as characterΔCV or should I just change it to ワルキューレ?



All Hayate needs to do is collect the Dragon Balls and fix everything.

Thinking about it is too sad, actually. It's a good thing we're not seeing anything beyond the Delta timeline for quite a while because hearing about Hayate in the far future is going to be crushing.

I had fun, but yes.

Roid and Keith felt like lovers, not friends.

That was fucking terrible. It's like they tried to do another ending like 7 but left out all of the ridiuclously hype shit that made it so much fun.

It might have made for a more balanced show, but I don't think the main writer had the ability to write much else.

Look at how trashy the Mikumo plot turned out and how she was ruined. Look at Mr. Berger and his pointless slideshow.

It'd be better than delta, make it something like zero and sold.

The humies were the ones that kicked their asses though. Basara pretty much forced the protodevlin to evolve with his song magic when the best the protoculture could do was temporarily lock them up, even after Gepelnitch started consuming the entire galaxy which he himself was unable to stop.

Windermerians were made by Protoculture to BTFO the Zentraedi as better in every sense. They are the ultimate humanoid lifeforms. Their flight skills (when not nerfed by mind control) is supposed to be unparalleled. Saying that b-but Heinz is dying is like pretending humanity didn't have singers before or after Minmay or pilots after or before Max.
There's also the thing NUNS lost the battle and were irrelevant in the story. They don't know what can Windermere do, they won't simply try to send dimensional weapons again considering they fucked up that shit twice.
If they actually approached Heinz to negotiate, we don't know what could happen because Roid was the one who cut that up. Heinz has never been given a chance to deal with them outside genocide mode from their side. That he was willing to work with Chaos and bid farewell on sort of cordial terms, does make ith approachable to talk. Keith even allowed them to save Mikumo when he could have easily just dived down and blow shit up with her inside. They are aware it was thanks to Keith, she was saved.

That's not ass kicking, that's they felt pity and let them live because they liked pop music.

>NUNS were defeated
It's only the 47th fleet. The NUNS could have have sent more fleets from their disposal. They have plenty of macross and battle class ships, have access to drones. If they were not stupid enough, the could've detonated those dimensional eaters.

By portraying the NUNS as incompetent in this series is just for plot convenience because what else can the writers write about the windies if NUNS actually overpowered them?

The Windies without NUNS is just a barbaric race with no zero knowledge in military expertise and technology

There was no pity user, only gratitude for learning how to anima spiritia on their own.

True. My changes would be reliant on being able to write character interactions beyond the main romance. It's a shame because they laid out the foundations for a perfectly good story, but completely fucked it up and fell back on the same repetitive plot developments until they had to rush the ending

>access to drones
Why did they not just use them from the get go as soon as the singing started?


Kawamori's magnum opus.

The writing in delta sucked too much windie cock because the main heroine can't belong to a race of retards?

>I'd say Delta was a 7/10 or 7.5/10
That was Frontier, which was MILES better than Delturd.

Also >>>/MAL/



I miss him tbqh
He better live to win the kanamebowl in the delta movies if they get made

Their ship is only popular because it ended in tragedy.

>confession scene
>mirage is literally disappearing in the background
>goes for a conciliatory confession

Will there be movies? Delta was so bad, I don't think I ever want to see another Macross again.

Why was Mirage even a character? She contributed literally nothing to the story. What a shit Jenius.

>SDF got a movie
>7 got a movie
>Plus got a movie
>Frontier got two movies
I think it's safe to assume Delta will get at least one as well.

How long do you think Freya has to live?

They still have to reveal who Lady M was and have an epic showdown between Epsilon and Windermere

>it took a day to release
>taking long
spoiled faggots

Zero didn't get a movie.

Mirage just makes me feel bad. I loved Miragefag tears but fuck me it was sad to see her lose so openly. Her confession cut me to shreds just like her tears watching best girl stream through the sky after winning.
The show really wasn't that bad in retrospect and having just finished it. Pacing was a massive issue but the actual content wasn't bad. There just needed to be more in some places and less in others.

And now, for more dropped Delta plot points.

I laughed harder than I really wanted after reading that.

Is it even possible for this will get a ova or something to solve the plot holes? Did it do well enough to even warrant a movie?

It was a MASSIVE let down compared to frontier sales-wise, but still can get an ova or two.


The fuck was Lady M
The fuck was up with Mikumo
The fuck was with death by white skins
The fuck was with Makina ignoring a gut shot bullet wound after struggling to even sit up and sign 5 seconds earlier
The fuck was with Mirage yelling I love you and just being cool

Fuck this show man.

Ending I wanted:

Roid goes GALAXY HITLER and forces unification. Aerial Knights and Delta Shotai go full killer on one another - Chuck dies, Mirage is shot down and wounded badly, the twin purple hairs eat it, Bogue also gets shot down, old man and SHIROI KISHI are the only ones up with Hayate and Arad.

Walkure get brain fucked but Freyja sings her balls off, Mirage yelling at her to stop so she can be with Hayate but she goes nah bro that's all you, and the singing accelerates her aging fiercely and causing her to break the mind spell, but be at death's door in the process.

Hayate and Keith realize what's up, Heinz asks the AKs to kill Roid, old man knight finally succumbs to aging and dies, Bogue comes back in Mirage's VF-31 with her in back seat helping him, Arad fends off entire White Draken assault alone.

Roid and Keith have badass fucking sword fight while Mikumo goes full cosmic space horror and starts melting brains, before Walkure all get there and hug her, Freyja telling her that her singing reminds her of rainbows. Keith kills Roid as they fall off the exploding Star Sanctuary (cause of course the Elysion fucked it sideways) and Hayate catches him just in time.

Roid's last rune thought thing to Keith is AI-DESU.

Everyone bails the fuck out, landing on the beach, crying and shit cause dead people. Hayate sees Freyja, tearful farewell as she dies, tells him to be with Mirage.


>NUNS: 0
>ISIS-san: 0
>Gay glasses: 0
>based shota: 9999999999
True king wins again

How the fuck did Haermann survive all his Death Flags?

It was fun until it got serious and they stopped having Freya faces every 5 seconds. Just like Aquarion EVOL went to shit in the 2nd half.

Well EVOL did get an OVA, but even I think it earned it. Does Delta deserve to be continued?

Mikumo went from a mysterious songstress and charismatic leader to a 3 year-old picky eater moeblob.
Looking at it objectively I feel like I should be upset at that progression but I just don't know since she's still likeable. Did they fuck up hard there or nah?

what a shame

>Roid's last rune thought thing to Keith is AI-DESU.
Your script is a shit, SHIT.

The fact that it sill sold almost 10k per volume is amazing in itself.

>Chaos and the NUNS survivors never lost anyone
>Windermemes get annihilated
>They also lose their chief strategist and their best pilot
>the shota king has his life cut in half if not massively shortened
>they just leave licking their wounds

Windermemes BTFO


some up the entire season in 1 pic

Man, whenever those things showed up shit got real real quick.

[spoilers]That's why I love them.[/spoilers]

I'm disappointed we didn't get more space combat mixed with music. Those two things were severely lacking in Delta.

I am honestly flabbergasted by the reaction to this show. I thought it was actually the most decent Macross since Zero. It wasn't great but it was miles better than Frontier so I'll take it. I'm just glad MC actually had some personality unlike Alto and was more in line with Isamu from Plus.

They fucked up.

What sad pathetic fucks do you have to be to hate on it?

I agree

>destroy entire nuns fleet
>only damage sustained to flagship is breaking the evil plan box that they werent using anyway
>lose like 5 drakens
>bogue now powered by AI-DESU™ to replace keith as ace

Thing was, Frontier had a good beginning, a dragged out middle, and a fucking amazing finale that redeemed most of the series' flaws in viewers' eyes.

Unfortunately, Delta lost momentum in the second half and unlike Frontier, never seemed to get it back in time for the finale. It just felt underwhelming to what we saw in Frontier.

>character development
Being a waifufag doesn't qualify as personality.

Yeah, I enjoyed it too. The second half could have been better, but it was still great.

The idols in delta should have been qt ais in each VF that sung as the battle was going on and got really pouty when their pilots were shit.

I don't entirely disagree. They should have been on board at the very least. A system, so that they didn't have to defend concerts anymore and could take var defence with them. Later to make assaults more dynamic.

There was literally no tension in the entire series. They should have just done away with all the mechs and space wars and instead made a SoL about Walkyrie.
Frontier was immensely better than Delta. They both had decent songs but Frontier's singers were much better because they got characterisation which was something completely absent in Delta for everyone other than Freyja.
The fights were cool because there was tension present and the ending was great because we gote love and understanding. On top of that there were loads of big zents.

Not to mention the finale in Delta was nothing more than a copy of bits of Frontier's last episode and Delta's episode 13. Where was the payoff and what were we the viewers supposed to be invested in? Were we supposed to care about what happened to the Windermere side?

Mikumo sang one line.

Everything after Freya's birthday was a complete pile of shit. The series wasn't good before that point, but I had fun watching it most of the time.

I'm rewatching Frontier and its really shocking how much better it is compared to Delta.


So what did everyone think of Delta? I think it was alright but it was a bit too much idolshit

Frontier was better no doubt

If you look at the thread for two seconds you'll see that the general consensus ranges from "irredeemably bad" to "you people are blowing out out of proportion, it was okay".

The Delta finale started off good (Chaos rushing through the Windy blockade), but that seems to only be because it took a lot of cues from Frontier. After that it just sort of fizzled.

With Frontier's finale I got chills during the majority of it because of the mixture of song and action.I could watch the battle over and over again and still get that same feeling from things like the double Daedalus attack with the Macross Quarter and Frontier. There's just a lot more energy going for it.

With Delta's I enjoyed the episode, but nothing besides the beginning really kept the same energy or excitement. Nothing really "wowed" me or made me want to watch it over again.

Eh, the idolshit wasn't the issue. It's just that the whole plot kind of fell apart after they left Ragna.

First cour is great but second cour is meh, still a good one for me.

Freyja still got this locked down. Hayate's not going to move on when she dies.

T'was my first Macross show and I enjoyed it. Songs were good. Would have liked more robots fighting though.

Mirage is going to hide a protoculture relic in Freyja's room so she gets the windies faster.

What was the point of this? Because nothing came out of it

Who are these cute boys?

Don't make her look like a jealous bitch user, Mirage's a good girl if she want Hayate for herself she would let Freyja reject Hayate in this episode.

Heinz and Freyja should be fine. They'll age "normally" again as long as they don't mess with protocolture shit. Flakes aren't dangerous until they reach the face/brain.

I guess different people different strokes. Personally, I didn't find the Vajra to be particularly interesting nor anyone within the cast of show. We got the perfect pretty boy crossdressing MC with no personality in tandem with the hot perfect waifu Sheryl and the kawaii Ranka. Then you got characters like the shota to the male bachelor glasses dude. All these archetypes and they just didn't sit well me at all. Delta had some archetypes but they were at lest bearable and rather endearing in a way. Sure there was tension but it was more like the Vajra were a scarier threat than the Windemeres. Fortunately the Windemeres had a face and some decent characterization behind them to the point you actually sympathized with a few yet disliked the ohers. Frontier was Vajra are controlled and Grace and evil dude were just...evil.

Windermere is protected by a dimensional fault remember.

First Macross show, so I did not have to compare it with the previous series nor my expectations were destroyed, thus I enjoyed it despite it's very weak writing at the second half and the rushed ending. Maybe If I watch the previous series my opinion will change but for now I am giving it a 7.5.

What part of it you don't understand? It pretty much says that freyja is dying but hayate doesn't give a shit and want to be with her forever.

definitely check out Plus (movie edition) and if you want to go deeper, the original series.

>T'was my first Macross
Damn, I could have been you.
>hear the music on a different board
>ask about the show
>decide to look past idol shit for WOWOWOW
>ask here about series and if I can jump in
>most say yes
>ignore them and watch SDF
>friend has already seen it and called me an idiot for thinking Minmei had music magic
>enjoy the shit out of it; massive Misafag
>then start delta and catch up to release by, like, ep 4-7
I feel nothing but pity for you. Watch SDF. Treat yourself to the good shit.

Watch frontier, or the movies if you cant be arsed with 26 episodes

So if Delta gets a movie, you think they'll have a scene that can top a surfing macross?

Fuck you alright?! Just fuck you

I would have liked Frontier more if it didn't turn the Quarter into an Aquarion.

>I feel nothing but pity for you.
Fucking rude.

In the nicest way

Read your comment again and realise how sad your own life is

I fucking hate bitter sweet ending. Well, at least they didn't fold the fuck out like Shin and Sara did.

For me it's not such a big deal that it was bittersweet. Well I mean it IS a big deal because Hayate still chose to be with her despite everything. What I'm trying to get at is that for me, if a character makes it out alive of the series, they become "immortal" within their own universe. I'm not going to be "oh, so and so will kick the bucket in a few years, now I'm sad" I just take it they live happily ever after and are having the time of their lives spawning little Hoinas and little Hayate's left and right.

But if it makes you feel better, all of this Freyja stuff happens in 2067. We'll all be long dead by then. Freyja will outlive us.

Delta had wave riding Macross which was already better.

No there was no tension in Delta because the aerial knights were mary sues and every fight ended with someone getting their wings clipped and then flying away while smugly grinning because they accomplished what they wanted anway. The fights in Delta were less interesting than the weekly showdowns in 7 reusing the same footage over and over again because at least Basara occasionally did something cool.

I wish I was you user and had 7, plus and Frontier to watch for the first time and wash away the bad taste left by Delta.

What a heartwarming scene. I would cry like a faggot if we didn't get rushed ending.

>Windemeres had a face and some decent characterization behind them to the point you actually sympathized with

It's like we aren't even watching the same show. They may as well be Vajra since most of them aren't developed beyond Muh Windermere and Muh Rage.

I never really cared for the battles in Frontier because it was more like the cgi team putting on a light show and seeing how much they can get away with how ridiculous they were. You can throw tension out the window right there. Like I said before I didn't care for the Vajra and didn't buy into the villains of the story. There were extreme stakes but you can say the same about any Macross series when lives are on the line. The Windemeres weren't great but they at least weren't one dimensional kind of evil like Grace and co. Oh yeah lets also make it turn out Vajra were misunderstood and controlled by some crazy people....

>weren't one dimensional kind of evil like Grace and co
Instead they were the misunderstood race, which is even worse.

Not him, I do get it's your opinion and all but you do realize your argument boils down to: "I don't care for ___ in Frontier, that's why I think it was done a lot better in Delta."

Vajra had more development as a victimized species whose #1 priority is safeguarding and rescuing its own kin even at the cost of their own lives. The vast majority of Windemere are just bored peasants and conscript garrison troops who are just 'there'.

I cried. Guess that makes me a faggot. A happy and emotional faggot.

They're not misunderstood at all. To the contrary, they came across as quite straightforward in that they completely did nothing wrong and deserve only good things to happen to them.

That actually made me chuckle, thanks for that.

>in that they completely did nothing wrong and deserve only good things to happen to them.
Yeah, let's mindrape and kill people, that'll surely show they how victimised we are.

To be frank isn't that how wars normally start? It's a cliche but misunderstanding is a pretty big factor in why conflict ensues. Since this is an anime and all I guess we can just run with the idea the villains are just evil and want power trope I guess...

Those "people" deserved it for taking part in an oppressive galactic tyranny.

SDF > 7 = Plus > DYRL > II > Frontier > Frontier movies > Zero > Delta

That about sums it up for me now, and it's a shame because I started out liking it the most.

If dominating one race of shitty bugs gave you access to galactic domination, most people would go evil.

No, wars typically start with very clear intentions. The intention usually involves some form of mass killing.

At least the medly wasn't that bad and we finally got to see more Battleroid and Macross action. I also liked the small touch of DYRL in mikumo's star singing.

Sorry, it was a poor choice of wording but more so I didn't find the Vajra nor villains in the show to be convincing,,, As in I didn't buy into it.

They weren't shitty bugs at all. To the contrary, they could have smashed the protoculture races at any time throughout history. But they're beyond the concerns of the mortal realm, and give no fucks in general about what happens in the universe as long as they're left alone to chill in peace smoking space weed or whatever the fuck they do in their spare time.

It was a great heartwarming scene. I don't know if I want to smile or cry.

>II > Frontier

I feel like there was so much wasted potential in delta.

I really disliked Frontier, the CGI spess planes, the characters, and the whole idea of the Vajra.

Misunderstanding is one factor that goes hand in hand all other stuff like mass murder. There's a reason why the U.S shouldn't had invaded the middle east but its an underlying cause for American resentment which boils down to how they perceive the west whether it's through drone strikes (meant to strike down a target on the U.S hit list) or propaganda.

>throw in new setting developments which would undoubtedly lead to a galactic arms race of independent planetary states and colonies weaponizing protoculture artifacts, creating new protoculture-enhanced bioweapons and viruses, and raising new protoculture-armed armies powered by the awesome destructive power of archeologically enhanced song
>big bad is defeated the day is saved lets forget all the bad stuff that happened HEY LOOK ITS FREYJA AND HAYATE HOLDING HANDS

Frontier movies are a lot better than the tv show

I'd put Delta above Zero. Zero doesn't have any characters to care for whatsoever.

>going straight into anti-American Cred Forums faggotry

I'm not sure you're aware of this, but wars have existed in recorded human history for at least 6000 years prior to your discovery of this website in 20XXAD

Surprisingly they did keep true to the series theme of live for today in the final episode. Doesn't really fix the series at this point but not bad.

Still no kiss and now I have a theory. I'm guessing the producers or sponsors still had the importance of idol purity in mind so they held off any moment Hayate and Freyja could have hugged or held hands, like in episode 16 where they SHOULD have done that, and saved it for the end as a substitute for an ending kiss that would taint Freyja's purity. That's pretty fucked up.

I'm now halfway through SDF. Misa seems to have a lot of concern towards the Captain.

>let's make world as Niven-y as possible and then throw it in the trashcan
Delta in a nutshell.

It was supposed to be a lighthearted show about two teens having fun.

Maybe in pacing, but everyone not named Sheryl felt incredibly bland compared to the TV series.

Just an example.... You're going too far out of your way to defend Frontier. I already stated my reasons. You have your reasons as well so I guess all you can do is try and rag on me.

No. Making sheryl a marysue in the movies was a bad decision. Sure it fixed her irrelevancy, but it introduces another problem.

Why wouldn't she? She's a military kid. This is a sad as Arad/Kaname if that's what you're implying.

Nigga, we got no kiss but we got Hayate confessing to Freyja in a place where the whole Galaxy witnessed it. And I'm not sure about idol purity (sheryl). I think what the producers went for is that HayaFre was not built on sexual tension or physical attraction. It was more than that. It was the story of two kindred souls meeting each other, inspiring each other, becoming friends and slowly falling in love. Everything about their love screams sweet and innocent, love at its purest form.

I think it's nice, you don't get many love stories like that nowadays.


Were you fully conscious when you were watching the TV series?

Also the movies were just a money milking scheme, if the long ass Sheryl music videos, the Sheryl slice of life, and the Sheryl ending didn't give it away.

This I think was Kawamori's fault only in the sense that he hired Nemoto, a guy who had never worked on anything original, and thought he could make something from the ideas he had for Delta.

Sheryl is not an idol

The majority of Windermerians aren't even there because god forbid we spend the budget on the occasional windie redshirt to keep fights from looking completely one sided.

>tl;dr its a fairy tale romance and I love it

Misa was planned to be Global's love interest but they changed the script.

Fun fact #001

Despite those criticisms about frontier in this thread, frontier is still the most discussed series here.

Judging from all the UNMEI, it was indeed a fairytale romance but HayaFre had great chemistry before all the angst shit started and even then they could still make each other smile. Shippers eat that shit up, me included.

Maybe you should take off your waifu googles. Sheryl is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things in the series. She could be absent in the final battle and nothing of value will be lost. She is that irrelevant to the plot almost miragetier.

He could have throwed some Known Space novels at him, that would have worked i guess. Delta is lazy.

What does it feel like to be swallowed by Mikumo?

To be honest this thing should happen in episode 16.

>Hayate confessing to Freyja in a place where the whole Galaxy witnessed it.
Will Freyja's fan kill him?

Zero at least contributed to the Macross lore. Delta had all the opportunity in the world to expound on protoculture and other in-universe shit, but in the end it didn't really reveal anything substantial.

I ate HayaFre so hard and no one can stop me. That shit was amazing and I loved it. Unmei ships are the best when done right.

>pop idol
>not an idol

Ranka love to sing because of Sheryl.

People are generally afraid to compare it to previous entries because they each have their own glaring issues. SDF has the entire third cour, all Plus has is good animation and Sharon, 7 suffers from pacing like Delta, and Zero has literal whos for the entire cast.

> When you nutted but she still succ'n

I think they only realized he was an idiot until it was too late.

Keith fucking knew Roid was up to something and did nothing why is he so retarded?

Sheryl is the reason why Grace O' Connor was allowed to set foot on Frontier and was the genesis of character development for Alto and Ranka. Her existence also politically sundered the Frontier fleet in a manner that hasn't been seen since Minmay sang during the final battle for Earth. There are other factoids, but those are really the only ones I need to cite.

What i'm trying to say is sheryl is irrelevant to all the vajra related plot in the series. But the movies made her more relevant by making her a spy and knowing aimo.

Popstar nigga

Shes a pop superstar, if her title "galactic songtress" didn't make it obvious enough.

the frontier TV ending is better than the frontier movies ending

she's by definition an idol

>yfw if Kumo was in the triangle instead of Mirage, both girls would've been unmei as fuck

I'm just glad they didn't pull some idiotic cure just for the sake of some cheap happy end.

Who would remember Plastic Memories without the fixed lifespan thing?

>Zero at least contributed to the Macross lore.
Not really. All they did was throw in some flying rocks, flying boats, and a giant mech powered by singing. It was a mess. Not saying Delta's take on protoculture isn't, but Zero is a confusing mess. Doesn't help thaf I didn't like Sara or Shin. I only liked Roy and he was pretty irrelevant. Still I enjoyed both Zero and Delta.

Delta contributed to the lore in that it implies that the power of song will inevitably be weaponized by humanity in good and evil battles against each other for control of whole swathes of the galaxy and inevitably the fate of all life. In fact, revealing that the original Protoculture empire doomed itself by weaponizing song through the Mikumo clones pretty much reveals that the Protoculture races are ultimately doomed to repeating the original downfall.

EVOL got an OVA because Logos was coming up.

Delta will probably get some special when the occasion calls for it.

Too bad Mikumo had virtually no interaction with any of the cast whatsoever

He's touching her chest, that's way too fast bruh.

Nah, Alto shooting down Ranka for real and confessing to Sheryl beats what they tried to pull with YOU ARE BOTH MY WINGS ending.
If he hadn't fucked Sheryl a few episodes before that I'd have raged.

Everyone is retarded in Delta.

Walkure Trap song ratings

Great tier
Onya no ko * Girl
Hear the Universe

Good tier
Absolute 5
Supernova tick
Hametsu no junjo

Mediocre tier
Love thunder glow
Kaze wa yokoku naku

Bad tier
SIlent hacker
God Bless you

Absolute garbage tier
Walkure birthday

Butchered classic tier
Ai oboete imasu ka

>Nah, Alto shooting down Ranka for real and confessing to Sheryl beats what they tried to pull with YOU ARE BOTH MY WINGS ending.

It showed that they are both the most important people in his life and that he can't live without either of them. The TV also strongly implies that their triangle relationship develops into a competitive romcom harem. Only shippers are truly sincerely angry about that ending, which is exactly why Kawamori sold them a movie at a premium.

all i wanted was grandpa and grandma make an appearance and wreck shit up.

it means mirage wins the long term.

Except for the you are both my wings bit, the battle and action leading up to the ending is better in the series.

The two competing singers, one of whom being used by the government in classic Macross style; Do you remember love? being sung and the song medley were better than what I saw in the films, in my opinion.

>their triangle relationship develops into a competitive romcom harem.
No, because he was already with Sheryl by the time the series ends, it's literally giving no resolution for the sake of giving no resolution.

A couple OVA episodes would be okay, though since the war has ended there would be no action. I think a movie would be better. Give us more concerts, fights, and Immelmann dance, ditch the HayaFre VAR angst near the end and we're good.

Cant get over how good onyanoko girl is. Probably my favourite Delta song

so is this the end of macross?

It took forever after Frontier massive success to get this bloated turd. I don't see anything happening anytime soon.


No. Kawamori always comes back.

It means until death do them apart, then it's Mirage time. Didn't you watch Your Lie in April?

Considering he's scamming chinks now, you'll have to wait another 8 years for new Macross.

I just want him to partner up with Watanabe again.

Won't sell. Unless you'll show it in the west, and you can't do that when it come to Macross.

Previous week sales:

it added 775 CD units
119,656 Walküre "Walkure Attack!"

Would be nice too see mirage raising his husbands' children.

Next Macross should have a Messer Sieggy Immelmann-Wion as its MC. It'd be interesting to see what the son of a pilot who can resonate with his Windermerean wife could pull of.

He'd ride the wind like a Windie, use his pilots skills of the Immelmann bloodline and probably boost himself with his own songs.

I need that shit.

Just finished Macross Delta. So glad best girl won!

Freyja's confession scene was so heartwarming.
And after she was was knocked back into her body, she got up and started singing, full of smiles and energy.

I don't think we'll see another idol/music focused Macross.

Maybe something akin to Plus.

Why not call him Basara?

Wild cockpit sex

The sponsors wanted to wait because of the expectations everyone had because of Frontier's success. They weren't wrong if you think about it. The reception would have been even worse.

you are a bloated turd.
This is the most upbeat Macross ever. I don't even remember Frontier. Sheryl's songs were too restrained like her.

Rei-Rei is for looking, not touching.

Hi DDF-kun.

Just move on user. There would be someone who better than Hayate.

He already touched her rune.

Calm your shit taste user, it's over.

How does it feel to know that most people dislike Delta?

What if the next Macross is directed by Tomino?

Warning shots.

It's a good thing that Freyja survived, she deserve to be happy after get shitting hard by space muslim.

Overall, I was highly disappointed. As the show which made me go through Macross from the very beginning, it ended up being entirely disappointing.

That said, it did have some things that I liked a lot.
Hayate was introduced in a way that made him my most favourite Macross MC, in terms of first impression.
Freyja's genki words and expressions were fun.

It was fun in the beginning but yeah, 2nd cour fucked everything. Most disappointing Macross entry.

I really like this show as well. I think haters make the loudest noise.

1. Complains about the plot
> lost momentum
>There was literally no tension in the entire series.
The enemy this time is another humanoid race. We were shown their motives, ideals, and personalities weren't too far off from humans. The knights are also honorable and just people. Even their King is thinking of peace talks.
With that knowledge, what would the haters expect? Every Walkure dead in the final episode, and Windermere massacring the entire galaxy?

2. Complains about Lady M/some other nostalgic character not appearing
Sheryl, Ranka and Alto resolved the situation themselves in Frontier, and I don't expect any deus ex machina to happen now either.

3. Complains about who won the triangle
I guess this is personal preference. Freyja is so genki and cute. She also got more sense than Ranka. She has great sense in changing the mood and atmosphere with her songs. Hayate resonates with her, and their relationship was already hinted at during her birthday. Plotwise, it doesn't make sense for Hayate to confess to Mirage, because Mirage doesn't sing! I guess maybe all this while, the serious female lead have been winning, but Freyja really deserved to win this round.

Is she OTP with Bogue?

HayaFre feels so weird to me because until now that type of relationship so pure and so innocent had never been depicted in Macross.

Blaming only on the second core is not very honest. While the characters itself started strong there was no proper direction to the story and they wasted a lot of time since the very start. It is just that people expect something to pic up in its second half if ever. Instead the anime just continued on mostly the same way.

There're not so many lewd fanarts because HayaFre are too pure, PURE.

I agree. The show started to be a bit directionless before 2nd cour but I expected the pace to be picked up later. It's not like anime don't lose steam at some point in the story.

In the end there wasn't really a love triangle. Mirage was just kind of hanging off the side.

Nah, she's too far deep into Makina's cleavage, but it would have been hilarious.


I wanna see auntie Kaname keep talking with her husband the bracelet.

Most people liked Delta but its haters aren't exactly few in numbers either.

>1. Complains about the plot
>With that knowledge, what would the haters expect? Every Walkure dead in the final episode, and Windermere massacring the entire galaxy?

If the director can't make proper tension, he shouldn't have bothered to even try making "dramatic scenes" like Makina getting shot or Hayate about to bei executed. They could have just gone with what they did in 7 by making it at least fun.
>2. Complains about Lady M/some other nostalgic character not appearing
>Sheryl, Ranka and Alto resolved the situation themselves in Frontier, and I don't expect any deus ex machina to happen now either.

Then don't fucking drag it out for the whole series episodes and then hint in the second to last episode she might be someone from the Megaroad without doing anything about it. What was the point? What did it add?

>3. Complaints about who won the triangle
It's not about who won the triangle. It's about drawing it out and wasting the viewer's time and Mirage's development.

TeddyLoid is legit.

How many songs are there in the last episode?

who da fuck is lady M?


>Dat rune licking

This proves my point exactly. Most people like it but we've still got nearly as much haters. Delta's is a mixed bag but not the worst ever.

>There are people that like it
>and haters.
Why can't they just be people that don't like it?

barely safe work user

Because deltafags are that insecure.

Because it's more popular for people to hate everything about something than to simply dislike it or consider it average.

Pipo Password from Luluco was another sample of TeddyLoid's awesomeness. And of course his songs from P&S.

Me me me and it's awesomeness




So you are upset people express negative opinions. Meanwhile it doesn't matter how much you express your positive ones.

more of a "it couldnt live up to the bar frontier set for it" than "it was completely bullshit and rushed at the end"

I bet if you were to add on votes from /m/, results are haters pretty much outnumbered those who like it

>If the director can't make proper tension, he shouldn't have bothered to even try making "dramatic scenes" like Makina getting shot or Hayate about to bei executed. They could have just gone with what they did in 7 by making it at least fun.
How was Hayate's execution supposed to be dramatic. In fact, I expected him to "fly away using the wind", but his plane auto piloting to his location was more reasonable. It was also fun. Freyja's expressions and bullying were always fun. I watched Macross Delta with a slice of life perspective though.

>Then don't fucking drag it out for the whole series episodes and then hint in the second to last episode she might be someone from the Megaroad without doing anything about it. What was the point? What did it add?
That I'll agree with you. Maybe they should have resolved Lady's M background and added a few cameos.

But she shouldn't appear out of nowhere, especially the last episode. The show which she was from is too long ago, most people would just throw a fit at a random character appearing out of nowhere to save the day.

>It's not about who won the triangle. It's about drawing it out and wasting the viewer's time and Mirage's development.
How is the viewer's time wasted? Mirage's screentime was as short as possible. She just existed to push Freyja into a confession.

Why would I be upset with people expressing negative opinions? I haven't attacked any of them, to each their own. From past threads though, seems like people expressing positive opinions are the ones getting attacked.

>She just existed to push Freyja into a confession.
S-so she's just a plot device?

>Why would I be upset with people expressing negative opinions? I haven't attacked any of them, to each their own.

No negativity, but is this your first day on Cred Forums?

I watched my first """Macross""" as Robotech when I was a kid, watched Frontier and Delta on TV in Japan, the latter with a wife and kid. Watch what you want, fuck haters.



If Hayase did not fail that Daedalus Attack and shot down Hikaru, we could've have a 1v1 between Hikaru and Milia.

>No negativity, but is this your first day on Cred Forums?
I really don't see what implied this about me.

Hikaru wouldn't have stood a chance. He could at least fight evenly with Kamjin though.

Am I the only person who liked Giraffe Blues, particularly the Freyja version?


they all sounded like they were exhausted and in pain

i thought milia shot down hikaru after the failed daedalus attack

I liked Giraffe Blues, particularly the Mikumo Solo.

honestly all i wish is for them to release the kaname version

People often get upset when people disagree with them on Cred Forums, my mistake.

Giraffe Blues is great but it was overused. Giraffe Blues is Delta's Aimo.

if you were thrown around or literally shot out into the air you would be exhausted and in pain too

It's a friendly fire. All the daedalus' missiles were directed towards him at point blank range. He could not evade it hence was shot down afterwards.

Milia called him persistent for constantly following her. But they didn't manage to fight though.