Why is japan so lewd and impure?

And why i like it?

It's the will of the Emperor.

Something like 40% of Japs under the age of 30 are virgins though.

Because they are home drawing lewd pictures or masterbating to 2d girls all day. Ain't nobody got time for real girls.

Because Christianity didn't purge the heathens like in holy Europe.

Thank god.

Japan is an accelerated technology society. Because it's so heavy communication based, and so socially repressive, there's a huge emphasis on physical appearance and stimulating behaviors in the private life. That gets projected online.

What you get is a society that has an intuitive knowledge of what turns people on, and the kind of look that people crave.

For that reason, I can't deal with real women, or even watch 3D porn, because hentai has perfect bodies, personalities and situations that surpass western works.

>Thank God.

It's inhabited by humans. You too are human.

Well, when your porn is censored to all hell, you have to try SOMETHING to make it a bit different to try and get off on instead.


No no that's exactly what they didn't do

We witnessing something like precursor of the birth of slaanesh. I for one welcome our chaos overlords.

What do average japanese women think of gaijin chads who see them as the most desirable and have perfect bodies and faces and only want to fuck their brains out?

Are they upset with men who fetishize them?

half the country are virgins so it's not really that surprising

Average Japanese women are not as enamored by chads as American women

Dude, Japanese women who past the age of 29 and don't have BFs or husbands don't care at that point and just hope some chad (It doesn't even need to be a chad) will love them, just even for sex.

Sounds good

I will never spend my days fucking my way through an ocean of delicious christmas cake.
I'll never have a harem of beautiful intelligent women to fuck blind and impregnate.

There is no light left in the world of man.

Fine a pair of twin Christmas cake, and you might be able to do a couple of those things. I hear twins can be one of the kinkiest type of people in the world.

go to nipland then