How has anime changed in the last ten years?

How has anime changed in the last ten years?

>Gone from mostly visual novel adaptions to light novel adaptions
>Almost no original work anime
>Isekais took the throne from battle harems

Amount of show per year increases and anime gets even more popular than ever.
That's it I guess, everything else pretty much stay the same.

>Pinnacle of VN adaptations came with KyoAni's Keyshit shows
>KyoAni popularized LN adaptations

What's next in their career?

It got more gay.

Light novels have done more to destroy the quality of anime than America's done to destroy terrorism.


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It hasn't changed at all
It's the same shit disguised as something else
You're an idiot if you think it's dying or is worse than it used to be. Anime has always been bad, read more manga.

>Native 1080p?
>More shader-type filters
>1-cour is now the norm
>Even less original albeit sexier female character designs
>NEETs and 2Donly-fags are now acceptable MCs
>The economy seems to be fucked as 90% of all characters (in a realistic-type setting) has a part-time job
>Less crime
>Even slower romance
>Less seinen/josei
>Homoeroticism is acceptable
>Slapstick humor has somewhat fallen out of grace

It doesn't look very promising for the next 10 years.

It has gotten worse and worse.

>Slapstick humor has somewhat fallen out of grace

which is a damn shame, I want my characters to fall over when someone says something stupid

LN adaptations are killing anime.

It got better
>But anime is dying! Moeshit and adaptation will end it!
One thing will save us all: kyoani

>allowing studios to regularly pump out profitable shows
>killing anime

LNs may be awful but at least they provide a shitton of easy to adapt stories with all sorts of settings/themes/characters/etc. The last thing you want is for anime to become stale.

A lot more shows seem to be blatant wish fulfilment for otakus/neets. Think the *loads* of new harem shows and how harem elements are shoehorned into things now

Also as another user gas said how neets/2D fags are now acceptable Mrs, also grills are straight up panders now (most egregious example being some garbage like Hagenai where the girls all play eroge games and shit).

Also a lot more loli shit now, I get its popular but it makes me mildly uncomfortable. I guess it's there because it is so popular though.

>less edgy garbage like FMA, Berserk, etc
>almost no DEEPshit like Psycho Pass or Eva
>CGDCT-style moe (i.e. "moeshit") peaked with Kiniro Mosaic and has been in decline ever since
>more isekai battle harems
>more otaku pandering (but less moe for some reason)
>less sex and nudity
>less (good) ecchi

I am honestly very conflicted about all of this. I used to hate moeshit but now I kind of want to go back.

>>Slapstick humor has somewhat fallen out of grace
This hit the hardest

Things have been good ever since Kyoani invented moe

Episode count is getting shorter

>peaked with Kiniro Mosiac
implying Kiniro Mosiac was the peak of anything

It peaked with K-On

It was 90% cute girls doing cute things with almost no actual overarching plot. K-On actually had a story.


A lot of anime have been ruined by poor pacing that makes them seem rushed.
They either have to squeeze too much content into too few episodes and ruin the pacing. Taboo Tattoo nearly gave me a seizure.
Or they have to cut a fuck ton of content and ruin the adaptation altogether.

Some anime need two cours or more!

>K-On! was 10 years ago

This. Kiniro mosaic was more moe by far and that's why it's my favorite. Lucky star being a strong follow up.

I think K-On compares better against shows like love live.

Does Christmas Cake status start at 25 or after 25?
Because is it starts at 25, Mugi and Ritsu are already there.

It hasn't
Same shit, different wrapper

>The last thing you want is for anime to become stale.
You mean literally what LN adaptations are doing to it?

Are movies a bigger trend, or am I just more aware of them now?

>Light novels have done more to destroy the quality of anime than America's done to destroy terrorism.
so nothing?

Anime has always been about fads user. That's why manga is so much better. Just learn to ignore the meme shows.

its when you start getting away from the 25th that it becomes sad

So, 26?

A lot of bad directing. Some directors try to push their own vision and stray too far from the original material.

Very rarely it works, like K-On!, but more often it fails like with Kuma Miko.

You weren't around when CLAMP was successful it seems.

Agreed. 12 episode format ruined a lot of shows with potential. 24-26 ep format was perfect.

No. You are not imagining it. Movies are a big trend. For sequels they are more attractive. Less risk and more rewards than a tv season. Also less headaches trying to match a production schedule.

>Also a lot more loli shit now, I get its popular but it makes me mildly uncomfortable. I guess it's there because it is so popular though.
You mean the opposite now, I guess.
Yeah, loli boom ended with 00's, and we now have none of them, or only as side character, and once a year we get a protag, but you can forget real ecchi with lolis anymore.

And that's the exact thing that changed the most: real lewd lolicon has disappeared from an industry (even Illya anime is tamed to hell) that is getting more and more lewd with its ecchi series.

There are still plenty of original anime but it's more risky. Sure when you hit big it makes tons of cash. Look at Code Geass and Madoka. Even Eva was an original. Gundam Seed is technically an original. Isekai themed anime have been around forever. You are just noticing them now cause it's easier to watch them. Adaptations of LN and manga and games have also always been around and will continue. The only big thing that has changed is the amount of anime. There is like a glut of it. And art has evolved of course and cgi.

Generally higher production values too. I do wonder if we'll see more original or directly adapted stuff instead of sequels. I wouldn't mind if they become something like what OVAs used to be.

Design changed after death note. Then we got more weird stories later.

>higher production values

I agree with this, if nothing else a lot of anime *looks* better than it used to.

Being pretty isn't the same as being good, of course.