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Stepping stone for V3

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>tengan's plan was to convince mitarai to brainwash the world with hope
>to do this he shuts down the overseas branch of hope's peak and builds an underwater base under it for the purpose of setting up a killing game
>causes the murders of his friends and students
>inexplicably puts ryota in the game and gives him an NG code which creates the possibility of Ryota dying and the whole killing game being for nothing
>triggers revengeance munakata and puts ryota in danger again

why didn't he just steal ryota's phone


So, has Kohacka learned his lesson that DR doesn't make for good anime?


Soon friend.


what were they thinking

>Ryota just running up to people and mind hacking them with his phone
This fucking show



Apparently the old fuck wanted Ryota to rule the world for some reason. Yeah let's let the easily manipulated betamax control everything.

I knew the killing game was being used to teach a lesson to somebody. I knew it! It's too bad my guess was a little bit off, but hey, it was fun.


Talentless garbage like you and me will never obtain HOPE. We just have to support the one who does.

>Togami didn't say anything about Kirigiri

That is what Naegi made of his plans.
It's not like Tengan knew of the portable version either, he probably decided to make the guy a hero to make people overlook the fact that the whole damn tragedy is partially his fault

This is retarded even for Danganronpa standards


Will he be right? Or wrong? Personally, I won't like Hagakure at all if he turns out to be wrong.


You are talking about a franchise where a single highschool girl plots to make the world fall into despair and Mondo is turned into butter.

>Asahina "Shot In The Leg But At Least I'm Not Dead" Aoi
>Asahina "Can't Walk, Can Fuck" Aoi
>Asahina "Bullet in my Thigh, Naegi With The Creampie" Aoi
>Asahina "Immobilized But I'm Still Mesmerized" Aoi
>Asahina "Down And Out, He's Going To Knock My Womb About" Aoi
>Asahina "Stuck On My Butt, But At Least Naegi's Filling My Doughnut" Aoi
>Asahina "Hypnotized And Alive For His Prize" Aoi
>Asahina "Heart's Beating, He's Breathing, Kirigiri's No Longer Competing" Aoi
>Asahina "Togami's A Flea, No Fan Of Weedman, But At Least Makoto's Got My Photo" Aoi
>Asahina "I Need Crutches But At Least I'm Getting Touches" Aoi
>Asahina "Naegi's Got Balls The Size of Grapefruit While Kirigiri's Food For The Roots" Aoi
>Asahina "I Bleed, We Succeed, And She Can't Plead" Aoi
>Asahina "Phones Make Me Groan, I Can't Fake My Moans" Aoi
>Asahina "Anime Was A Mistake But He Makes My Leg Shake" Aoi
>Asahina "Gunned Down For Being Brown And Naegi Takes Me Downtown" Aoi
>Asahina "Casualty in the Academy, Not That It Stops His Anatomy" Aoi
>Asahina "Patch Me Up And Smack Me Up, We Still Hooked Up" Aoi
>Asahina "White Walls, Red Blood, Naegi Ain't Small Or A Dud" Aoi
>Asahina "Give Me A Tourniquet, You Don't Have To Be Delicate" Aoi
>Asahina "Injured And Still In The Picture" Aoi
>Asahina "Kodaka's A Hack, But He Can't Keep Me Back" Aoi
>Asahina "Shoot Me In The Other Leg So I Can't Escape Your Third, Naegi" Aoi
>Asahina "Comeback So He Can Come On Mine" Aoi
>Asahina "Togami Has A Micropenis, I'm Naegi's Venus" Aoi
>Asahina "Mitarai Almost Made Me Die, Kirigiri's Food For The Flies" Aoi

It was a BD commercial. People took it seriously because it broadcasted immediately after the episode ended.

Can't wait to see some faggot actually try and defend this.

>expected Mitarai to be the mastermind because he wanted to be a hero
>turns out he was an even bigger spineless bitch than I thought and the killing game was only for him to be motivated enough to take over the world

Wow Mitarai, just when I think you can't sink lower you manage to outdo yourself and find an even deeper crevice to crawl into.

I wasn't complaining, it's great.

What did she see?


He didn't want to put Ryota in the game and he clearly didn't expect to trigger Munakata like that, as evidenced by his surprise

This episode... wasn't that terrible.

Chiaki is alive!

Is the Hope paradise soon here

Left or right?

Is Side:Hope going to be about Mitarai's hope beating Naegi's hope and setting up for V3?

Exactly my thoughts.
Dude is unsalvageable.

Hopefully someone on this thread will gets it.

my wife Ibuki is cute. CUTE!

There's probably more to it, right? There has to be more than "DUDE ANIME LOL"

>Asahina is brainwashed by the video
>but then is totally fine like ten minutes later
man mitarai's video must fucking suck

so what about the videos chisa gave to tengan

so what about the hope broadcast

so why didn't tengan just kick mitari in the balls until he used the video?

tengan got a bunch of people killed and destroyed the hope building because mitari is a pussy?

why are they trying to stop mitari anyways? is hope bad? Naegi brainwashed the Remnants of Despair with hope, isn't he being a hypocrite?

what about the battle ships?

what did Junko mean by "we're already dead"?

So, his banned action was "mindhack people".

He needs to get dicked as punishment.

It's a short term brainwashing, it wasn't the HOPE video

I admit, even I didn't expect him to be this utterly wimpy. I guess his trashtalking was foreshadowing after all.

>BUY OUR GAME ending

Im actually fine with that

They didn't show Kirigiri's death when Junko and Chisa were in the theater and they were showing all the deaths of the FF members,

Well anons, could she still be alive?

Friends. This is how it's going to end.

Naegiteam forms up and we get a little but of fanservice, but Naegiteam doesn't manage to get to animeboy in time and the anime is broadcasted around the world.

Everyone is hopeified, and, in Mitarai's imaginary hope universe, all the dead come back to life (or so that's how our cast imagines it).

The end.

This leads to DR V3 where the world is under Mitarai's iron fist of hope. The protagonists are all thrown into prison because they believe in hope though maybe some of them are despair.

Buy the game to see how it ends.

It's like DR2 where Chiaki is telling Hajime and the player that neither of them are part of the game, so he can decide the future.
We're not part of the anime, so we can decide what to do with our lives.
Like make something that isn't hot garbage.

FUTURE > hope > despair >>>>>>> brainwashing

I'm so confused


>why are they trying to stop mitari anyways? is hope bad? Naegi brainwashed the Remnants of Despair with hope, isn't he being a hypocrite?
This is all heavily debatable stuff here. And I'm sure the show will again fail to fully explore this ideological conflict and Mitarai will just go off the deep end like Munakata because Naegi is always right.



They didn't show Ruruka's corpse either. COULD SHE STILL BE ALIVE?

Please tell me this Hope thing is going to be more than one episode

I thought the trash talk was because he wanted everyone else broken so he could save the day originally.

She and Ruruka or are we still killing Ruruka off?
Because I like that idea

Kodaka should stick to games, with a staff that can veto all his decision when necessary.

Not nearly as dumb. The highschool girl taking over the world thing was just "lore" in the background, and Mondo turning into butter fit into the bizarre, surrealistic((even comedic) nature of the executions in that game.

Mitarai's hopephone is the crux of the entire story here.

Tengan used them to set up the killing game

30 minutes until completion

Tengan wanted Mitarai to grow balls, not lose them

Because the FF was corrupt and they would be a nice stepping stone for Ryota's hope

Mitarai is trying to make everyone lose their negative emotions, Naegi's type of brainwashing was more like a therapy

Most likely will be explained next episode

Umineko tier after life meta theatre

Hope soon..

Let me show you true HOPE

Mitarai should have been female, and all would have been fine.


I can really feel the hope coming guys... it'll be here soon!


Simple, Chisa is stuck in hell with Junko and she hates it because she's reverted to her pre despair self.

Naegi used therapy

While Mitarai is more like brain rewriting


Meta world. We Umineko now.

I claim this get for Aoi!



>why are they trying to stop mitari anyways? is hope bad? Naegi brainwashed the Remnants of Despair with hope, isn't he being a hypocrite?
naegi didn't brainwash them, he erased their memories of being remnants to undo junko's brainwashing. and when they found out the truth, they agreed to go through with it to destroy the A.I. Junko.

mitarai is literally stealing people's free will. the whole point is that hope and despair is a balancing act. what he's doing is despair disguised as hope.

Hope is a lie

>Shutouts to all the Naekuro shippers we accidentally offended by misattributing to Mukuro a desire to kill Naegi. (She still called him a loser tho)

I want to hug this shortcake therapist.

¡QUIERO MI >147777777 !

It was me, it was me all along.

I wanna fuck Asahina but I hate black girls

Let's see

You are like a little baby
Watch this

She is obviously alive

Check my HOPE


Hinanami kissu?



>chisa obtains the brainwashing videos
>the reserve course building has a giant tower that can upload a broadcast to the entire world (not even gonna start on how dumb that is)
>she gives the videos to tengan instead of using them herself

if 7's V3 will be worse than DR3 and Junko is the mastermind again







Kibou happy ending


I'm confused too.

I want Junko to come back and insult that Beta some more

[KIBOU intensifies]


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>Such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>Saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally



The future is as nothing to HOPE


Now THIS is Hope!


>try to get the get
>Failed to send reply
I'm mad as fuck





All Naegi did was give the Remnants a second chance in a different environment to not become terrible people. And it's perfectly justifiable knowing they were literally mind hacked into it.


Grats, man

The madman did it!






Congrats hope is dope.

>there are 20 minutes left to wrap this shit up
>kodaka wasted half of mirai 12 on recapping shit


As expected.


Hope Arc is another 12 episode season right not just one episode r-right?


Fuck all of you Cred Forums faggots


FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!


Thread is over. Time to go home




hope man!!!!!!!


>tfw 2 off
>Danganshitter gets it



include me in the screencap thanks

Why it had to be you all along?
It's not fair

This, I mean for fucks sake she could have had the entire world commit collective suicide.




>check these DUBS XD shitposter infesting every thread

I suppose it's just what this trainwreck of a production deserves.

>seven sevens



Hinanami happy ending!



>Naegi brainwashed the Remnants of Despair with hope, isn't he being a hypocrite?

Undoing brainwashing is not the same thing as brainwashing


>why are they trying to stop mitari anyways? is hope bad? Naegi brainwashed the Remnants of Despair with hope, isn't he being a hypocrite?
The situations are hardly comparable, Naegi was trying to fix the most dangerous people in the world.
His treatment was more like therapy.
Mitarai literally wants to overwrite all the people into HOPE zombies and use exactly the same methods the enemy used.
He is another face of the extremist HOPE people talk about in DR2 and DRAE

the kibou season is all about Naegi and Kirigiri's comfy domestic life

>That Class Trial - Solar Edition when Naegi sums up Tengan's plan



What the fuck was Tengan's goal at all, was he just so shitty he thought rampant GOOD brainwashing of hope drones would be better than despair drones?
Why didn't he just ask Mitarai for his video or take it by force if he had the entire fucking foudation? Why did all the members need to die at all? Couldn't he have used the ultimate Scout to find and help Mitarai?
How did Monaka even know about this shit? Was she the one who told Mitarai to go there? Was she in on it with Tengan? She presumably could've just gotten dragged along while pretending to be Gekkou, then hacked the system for the bracelet info, I guess.

Danganronpa threads are cancer


On my 27th birthday . Hopefully Cirno or KoG obtains the next.

hopeman pls go


>seven sevens

Holy shit

>tfw off by one and lose to a Tumblrronpa post

>3 recap episodes in Mirai

>was going to post right in the sweet spot for 7777777
>verification expired
Is this...despair?



That's why he put it on for 30 minutes.


Nothing to check here



I'm hoping, but mainly because I don't think DR3 deserves to kill her off. She's too good for the show.

One episode



I knew it was going to be hard to wrap shit up in 25 minutes, but.....I just feel empty. If Betamax doesn't die, they killed off every single DR3 character, which makes me wonder why this all even happened.

My... I guess I really am lucky after all!


Cred Forums is lagging from this extreme GET!

I have a feeling hopeman would probably love Mitarai's brainwashing video, right?

Ahhhh, so this is hope?

Even just her being in a coma but alive would make this trainwreck of an ending better. Hinanami must forever live on.

Though, I kinda feel weird about all the Hinanami[AI] art that I've saved now. The real one's gone through too much to not get something in return.

I dont think I could survive watching this trainweck for episodes more.


Deathflags do nothing to Donuts.
She can't be killed. Really, Asahina should just go by herself against the Despair without hopelets weighting her down


is good enough for you

It was a piece cake for you, Komaeda, I knew you could do it.

This is really seeming to go the direction of "BAD END continue to V3"

Holy fuck, all of this
This is worse than ZTD and DR1/2 combined holy FUCK I'm mad

the hope comes from the despair you have to overcome user

Be honest with me, do you really feel that this show deserves respect by anyone, given how little it's shown to its fans?


The hope in this thread is amazing!

I would love to see her die.

>it was all an anime

9 ball doesn't come out. Live and learn.



because when the fuck was the last time anyone in this series ever did something the simple way

>7 7s

The games got respect.

Thats what he said though.

Why must you torture that the rapist.


Too bad that is apparently impossible.
Most you'll get is an injured leg


Can I get a (You)?


I hate this anime so much, it's so shit, and now it's obvious that is Junko again

You know, I don't necessarily disagree with him, but he's still a faggot.


have one you slut

Wait, so Chisa only existed for, nothing I guess?


>Shortcake the rapist
That is the darkest Sonic the hedgehog character imaginable.

The anime is programmed to make the viewer obey Ryota, if he doesn't want the people to be brainwashed then he can just undo it and Tengan loses his position.

Mitarai's only character trait is being a weak willed pussy and Tengan decides to waste an insane amount to resources and personnel to create an elaborate killing game instead of, you know, saying, "Hey bitch-boy, give me your goddamn video!" to him.

This Though I question why he was given the "use your talent" NG code

I want to hold hands with Juzo under the covers

Here you go, user.




I dont know what I hate more. Mitarai or this anime's over reliance on mind hack bullshit.

Why the fuck was Hinata alone and the rest of the class not there with him?

>Naegi can get shot in the leg and be fine
>Asahina can't

can kaedechang save danganronpa?

Now that I think about it, If he didn't want Mitarai in the game, couldn't he just NOT have him in the game? I mean SOMEONE had to put the bracelets on everyone. Even if the game could go on automated and shit, it makes zero sence to keep Mitarai in unless he didn't want everyone instantly suspicious of him since he walked in at the last second.
Seriously, I understood detla's COMPLEX methods more than shit this. Delta was simply trying to create the possibility of a timeline where the world doesn't fucking die. Tengan knew how to fix it but said fuck it, lets gamble a bit.



He didn't want Ryota to end the game with his talent

Probably to make him want to use it even more once the bracelet came off.

>you will never have Hina wrestle you and pin you to the ground with her sweaty tits and slightly musk vagina pressed up against your back

That said, Naegi needs to hit the gym.

So hopeful...

>there are people who honestly thing Asahina will die
She made it this far I doubt Kodhacka will kill the brown tits waifu


It was you!

>montage of people who died during the killing game
>Kirigiri not shown


Fine, geez

let me have one of those 7

it's going to be so fucking sad if we don't see them again



Some of the others will probably end up saving Aoi and Munkata.

Nice septs

>The real one's gone through too much to not get something in return.
I feel the same way. The saddest part is, with Kodaka retconning things so that Izuru is the Sigma to Chiaki's Luna/Diana, it adds another unpleasant dimension to AI Chiaki's character - that Izuru basically created an advanced AI who resembled his girlfriend just to see if she could prove a point, and once she fulfilled the one purpose he gave her, he immediately dumped her.

Basically, DR3 managed to get me to like both Chiakis a lot and also made me feel worse about them just looking at them.

I do hope there's at least a mildly pleasant bittersweet ending, like what you said with real Chiaki being in a coma. She deserves that much for trying her best despite not having any luck to help her.

they're dead, jim

>Izuru clearly coming
>everything set up for the finale

Pretty hyped. The only way if this finale got even better would be if Hinata brought Hopeman with him.

One was by a chuusen, the other was by an actual gun

I'm going to be so fucking disappointed if it was actually just weedman all along

HOW THE FUCK IS HOPE VIDEO REAL Hahahah Asahina just walk away from the screen Like asahina close your eyes

Well to be fair Asahina is a pretty spectacular athlete.

I really want that BGM that played when Junko was talking.

So Tengen wasn't despair, he just wanted to show mitarai despair until he brainwashed the world into hope?
Quick question, since the worlds getting fucked anyway with millions dead, why not just let the people be brainwashed? You know, just until the world unfucks itself? Surely they could just re-brainwash people back normal again

Hinata can handle shit on his own.The others need to keep watch on their comatose friends.

Red herring.

Is Tengan a retard? And the only reason Chisa was created was to ruin everything behind the scenes?

I like to think that Chisa's and Juzo's spirits are now inside Munakata's swords

"brainwashing" has become the single driving force behind literally everything in the DR series. "Hope/despair" don't matter in the slightest.

She was the catalyst for everything. everyone dying ended up being because of her. She became a martyr of Despair.

Man, I've been waiting for years for Donuts to fucking use her so-called talent and I am left wanting.

Candyslut is alive

Nice trips

Okay guys its seriously not funny anymore, bring back Kirigiri.

This is fucking stupid you guys. Who the fuck is the 16th participant?

Seriously, if Komaeda and the rest of the class isn't there with Hineta then Kodaka hates us and the SDR2 cast.

Considering that he stabbed both of them with different swords, yeah that sounds about right.

Really now, not memeing, I want an opinion here.
What did he mean by this? I knew it would mean something but I can't help but feel like brainwashing wasn't supposed to be it.

All of the DR3 cast kind of existed for no reason.

This fucking feeling right now man, it's the phantom pain all over again.

Why would Izuru expose everyone else to danger when he can handle things on his own?

Dammit, and we're not even gonna get a redemption scene with her.

This is some top tier bullshit Kodaka.

Wait so now an umineko tier bullshit meta world exists and is canon in the DR universe?

i'm so disappointed that he is not wearing Juzo's coat



DR3 is not canon.

Yeah it was funny and all but come on, it's time to bring her back


3 FUCKING episodes and kirigiri is basically confirmed dead

I already told you that it wouldn't be torture, user. I wouldn't do it if she didn't consent.

The beast has been released

Understandable, but it still risks him dying in the process, unless someone like Koichi was in on the plan and knew to protect him.

>no reason
Juzo and Candybitch are top tier characters though, one exemplifies basedness and the other utter shitness. It's like two sides of the same coin.

And no redemption with Chisa. Kind of sad really.

>SHSL Brainwasher
As sasuga'd of Danganronpa.
As least Hajizuru is about to fuck some shit up.

Yeah, whatever. Hinanami is the least of this anime's problem and the relationship between these actually has been handled very poorly and I don't see how you could possibly be invested in it unless you're heavily self-inserting as Hinata.

There dozens of actual problems with the show.

Literally nobody thought he was dead.

Junko, she and chisa is alive, I guess she brainwashed him when he was trying to make the killing game with Chisa's help o something like that, after that ending is impossible to say that her and Chisa aren't alive

Why do people think there will be a mastermind reveal? There is no point and not enough time.

Last episode will be Izuru and DR1 meeting up together and having the final confrontation with Mitarai, which will take up most of the episode. Maybe throw in a Kirigiri reveal so she can offer one last push so the good guys win. Then the last quarter will be an epilogue about the rebuilding and shit. The end.

It doesn't appear to have any effect yet, so it's more of a Higurashi meta world

Your waifu has always been shit Chiakifag, it's not anyone's fault that you were the last one to notice.

She is literally the only one missing. Candyslut is even there, just not as a corpse.

This desu.

You bet!

It is, it was symbolism.

He used one sword to end his best friend and one to end his waifu.

He carries two as in the two people he cares for and the swords he gave them their burial with.

No people kept saying he will be naegi's close one to die

I'm pretty sure you devolved into a rapist madman the last time we had this conversation.

Though that might've been someone impersonating you.

Regardless, my judgement stands, you're not allowed near our the rapy shortcake.

Never again.

I'm gonna miss the hair.

>unless you're heavily self-inserting as Hinata.
Is this NOW coming across user?

>These guys

How could you get it so wrong

Candyslut was in the montage

>Naegi was forced to return before seeing the final results
I thought DR2 mentioned that the remnants wanted to stay on Jabberwock? Or at least Hagimeme. You're telling this takes place DURING DR2?! Or was there more experiments done to try and get everyone alive again somehow?
If this somehow takes place during DR2 by some god unknown reason, then Kirigiri confirmed alive.

No, it is very definitely an actual problem.

but they belong to blacksmith REEEEEEEEE

Literally no one had to die, Tengan could've just done it himself. All I'm left with is a bunch of why's.

Thank god v3 is seperating from hope's peak

>they doubled down on the brainwashing

I just feel bad for both of them, especially Chiaki. I have a soft spot for casual sweetness and the real Chiaki delivers that in droves, while Hajime's a troubled but well done character in his own right. I'm not self-inserting as him - hell, even given how understandable the circumstances are, I still want to beat the shit out of him.

>There dozens of actual problems with the show.
I hardly give a shit about the show anymore. It's such a spectacular shitfest that not even an ending that caters perfectly to my preferences would make me feel any better about it. I just want the pairing to get something by the end of all this.

>naegi is allowed to brainwash murderers to go back to there previous selves but animefag isn't allowed to save the entire world by ridding off despair

pfft nice double standards there just because one's an MC


Best boy desu.

Are you going to buy her hoodie though?



I kind of feel bad for people who ship NaegixMukuro. They only ever won in literal fanfiction. At least the other Naegibowl losers at least have their FTEs.

This has to be the most stupidly convoluted plan anyone ever pulled in all of Danganronpa. And Kirigiri died for this shit. Man I'd really like to watch that hope anime of Mitarai's to fill the void in my heart.

>people think kirigiri is dead

>Kibou-hen on thursday

>gun meme
Apply yourself.

Never write again Kodaka

Could they just have not made another Izuru?

Was the 16th really Hagakure?

You fucks give people that actually like her a bad name. Shut the fuck up already.

>They only ever won in literal fanfiction
>didn't read Zero or her FTE
fucking seconadaries

Yeah, that was definitely not me.

Monaca, I don't think tricking her once means you have ownership over her.

therapy =/= brainwashing

He sent the 77th class to a beach to relax and drop the angst act.

Mitarai wants to just rewrite everyone's brains.

The entire series was actually just an elaborate set up by Komaru and Toko to gain the protagonist ahoge and become invincible so they can rule the world.

After this episode I've been asking myself "Why did Chisa, Seiko and Miaya exist in the first place"

This is honestly just bs, and it's not exactly "a gift for the fans"

>this episode
I'm glad it's soon over

>cancer get its again

It's not the same. Naegi was reversing brainwashing that had already been done to revert them to their past selves. Mitarai wants to forcibly remove people's emotions.

Mitarai's hope anime just makes them brainless HOPE zombies for him to order around.

Naegi was trying to revive their old selves and undo the brainwashing. Mitarai is trying to overwrite that brainwashing as well as brainwash the world into losing all negative emotions. Legit It'd just turn the world into Izurus.
...Wait a second...


When I think about the amount of hopes and dreams broken in this series.... fuck, I just can't stop feeling really sadly sick.

This is truly despair inducing m8.

Give up lad t's just LOL ANIME


She wasn't shown in the death montage. There's still hope.

I'm not a girl, so it'd look terrible on me. I was considering getting this earlier, but given how bad DR3 ended up being, I don't know if I want to give them any more of my money.

Cumaru got thicc desu

>vs a tiny needle

>kirigiri didn't have to die
>literally noone did
>didn't even need mitirai to broadcast the anime, could have just made him make the anime then do it himself.

>yfw junko first appeared next to chisa
You thought she was alive, didn't you?

Any execution ideas for an Ultimate Artist I want to kill Alolan Aoi in my head

They also wasted good designs again. Seiko,Gozu,Yoi, awesome designs and they all really didn't do anything.

After this episode I now apologise for ever saying Junko was a shit villain. I want her back.

>Tengan was being manipulated by Nagito

You don't need an ahoge or any talent when you are confirmed to have won the most important trait a human can have: good genes.

Look at those tidz. This is the ultimate message of the series, even a normie can become a good thanks to HI TEST genetic material.

Kirigiri is going to pop back alive on thursday, and it's not going to make anything better. I don't even care if she's alive any more, nothign can save DR3 for me.


Found it

And I keep getting Connection error while posting. [More info]. damn.

> Not boring at all!
> Not boring at all!

That was only a montage of people killed during the game.
Bandai was indirectly killed by Juzo triggering his NG code

she looks cuter wtihout ahoge,

prove me wrong

You're not allowed to have the shortcake anymore, I'm sorry.

You can play with Monaka if you want, she mostly looks the same and is pretty small.

Plus, you can touch her however you want and I don't think she'd be bothered by it.

>forcibly changing someone to a different mindset and personality from their current selves
>not brainwashing

Anime fag doing the same shit but i guess only MC's are only allowed to brainwash for the greater good


Kirigiri is dead.
Chiaki is dead.

>Killed one of the most popular waifu's in the entire brand for ultimately no reason.

I can fully understand the japs being weary about buying v3. I'm trying to lie to myself, but I just can't.

The only DR3 characters who even remotely did something was Chisa and Juzo, and they are dead now.

Like, no seriously, what the fuck was the point of Chisa then?

I swear if everything proves to have been a nagito plot I will lose my sides

Does the W in Cure W stand for writing? As in, people coming up with theories as to how various events would unfold that would eventually be better than what we got?

You guys may call me a fag for this, but Iam with Mitarai and Tengan here. The world is literally burning while they speak, may as will lose your free will instead of living in hell.

No. Because I knew that shit was some meta crap from the very beginning because Chisa was wearing the wrong outfit. She's dead and I'm fucking glad that this confirms that she isn't coming back.


Guys, it cant be hope episode if people die, right?

She actually had a lot of screentime and relevance given her connection to other characters.
It really isn't fair to Seikofags or especially Miayafags to say Chisa got nothing just because she died. Not to mention the Gozufags and that one Koichianon.

I have job all night until morning, will have to watch it tomorrow

I didn't hate it and it's hard to join in the rage party when I can't get angry, so I feel left out.

>I was considering getting this earlier

That's not even real shortcake, that's robot shortcake.


how come komaedas luck did not allow him to wake up from the simulation early thanks to some accident?

It means he has fallen into despair, he can't see a bright future of hope without the use of brainwashing

I bet you are a fucking lawfag in SMT aswell

Been looking for this forever. Whatever the name of the instrument is that plays at 00:59 is so chilling, I love it.

>Monaca literally swears off the earthly life and despair just so she doesn't become like Komaeda
>when she turns on the TV, it tries to brainwash her to be like Komaeda
Should have shot the hopelets while she had the chance. Hell, even one was enough, Munakatana would take care of the second one.

>we gotta fight mindhacc with more mindhacc

How Hopeman would react if he hears about mindhacc hope anime?


Kirigiri's gonna be alive and that's gonna be your "fanservice" in Hope side, guys.
Everyone else is dead and nothing else matters.
Mitarai survives.

Also how the fuck did Tengan get away with saying he's not a RoD?
Bet it turns out he isn't at all and this was all some stupid COMPLEX MOTIVE

Except the fixed Class 77 guys would have free will and the full range of emotions.

Mitarai's mindfuck victims will just be happy zombies incapable of negative thoughts, and those are really important. Life without being able to fear anger, fear, or sadness sounds pretty twisted, senpai.

Yes. "Cure W" should really be looked at in a less literal way - as in the medicine Seiko had - and more in an ephemeral, metaphorical way, like 'Hope' is for Komaeda.

in the first game the conflict of hope vs despair sounded interesting but the way they are using them as synonims of good vs evil bores me. kinda like how if you repeat a word too much it loses its meaning

Fuck off Tengan, your plan is shit.

>Q. Tell us who is the first person that comes to your mind when you think about 'Autumn’.

>Naegi: “Um…. Kirigiri-san, I guess. She’s cool but also has a really warm and gentle side– I believe that’s very much like her. I-I don’t mean that in a weird way! Y-You know, coincidentally her birthday is in October… O-Of course I would remember when her birthday is. I mean, she’s a really important friend to me… Eh, “When is Hagakure-kun’s birthday?” U-Umm…. A-Ahaha! I might’ve forgotten… I think?”

Why despair have the best music?

I don't feel angry, just empty. I feel like I've been abandoned.


What did they mean by this?

How can I grow my own ahoge?

Please don't try to fool people into thinking you're not Monaca, Monaca. You're in space. Even if someone other than Kibouman was insane enough to want to touch you, they couldn't.

And you still don't have ownership over the shortcake.

Sadly we don't even know that much for sure, especially after we saw how hopeful the hopecake's berserk mode was.

[Hope] Danganronpa 3 The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Future Arc - 12 [E288A23C].mkv

-There was a tragedy that killed most of the population
-Monokuma is a funny mascot character.
-Characters learn that there was a timeskip between when they were captured and when the game starts

-There was a tragedy that killed most of the population.
-Zero III is a funny mascot character, but an AI in a computer.
-Bracelets on the participants will kill them with a lethal poison in certain circumstances.
-Protagonist was the mastermind behind the game's events. He didn't know because it was his future self and therefore he has no memory of it.
-Characters learn that there was a timeskip between when they were captured and when the game starts

-Monokuma is an AI.
-The game has an escape room in the style of zero escape.
-Protagonist was the mastermind behind the game's events. He didn't know because it was his future self and therefore he has no memory of it.

-Participants are periodically put to sleep by the bracelets, which also display the time.
-One of the participants, who turns out to be a villain, is in a wheelchair and does not speak. They view everything through camera feeds.
-There is a secret extra participant that is conveniently off screen, a trick allowed by the cinematic nature of the camera angles
-The mastermind's motives and methods are convoluted

-Participants all have bracelets that periodically put them to sleep. The bracelets also display the time.
-Bracelets administer a lethal poison in the circumstance that a rule is broken.
-One of the participants, who turns out to be a villain, is in a wheelchair and does not speak. They view everything through camera feeds.
-There are lots of cinematic camera angles. There is currently one participant unaccounted for...
-The mastermind's methods are convoluted.

You can always make the seven 7s screencap.

She's dead, give it up.

>another scene that proves Izuru is still the main man

kek Hajimefags BTFO thinking he's the main man in the body

at least danganronpa 3 was entertaining i had fun in this threads

Why? Kodaka didn't even write this, and you can just ignore it. The games are still good, and you can look forward to V3.

Anime was a mistake


The world is completely fucked.

Who will make Izuru smile?

blah blah false hope disguised as despair but a stepping stone towards hope

>>Asahina "Heart's Beating, He's Breathing, Kirigiri's No Longer Competing" Aoi

Jesus fucking christ dude.

>Mirai-hen: final episode impression

The threads were way better than the anime except for maybe 3 episodes between both arcs.

Seriously? How is trying to revert the brainwashing done to the most dangerous people of the world comparable to rewriting everyone's mind not to feel negativity anymore?
Did we finally find the one person who had to be taught the message of pixar's "Inside out"?

I'm so disappointed you guys. ;_; I didn't have high expectations, but this still managed to fall way short of them.

Nice numbers.
Honestly though, you can't honestly blame him for not remembering Hagakure's birthday. I sure wouldn't.

Even Junko said that it was brainwash.

Can someone shoop Delta's glasses onto Mitarai?

It's pretty obvious Chisa added Mitarai to the game to fuck with Tengan.

He did greenlight everything that happened in the show though. It's even worse since it shows just how greedy he was by letting both 3 and V3 exist.

>Kodaka didn't even write this,
He still had 200 pages of scenario material, and he greenlit everything else.

Now that things are pretty much figured out, would you rather have retarded ass theories than what we got?


I fucking hate people like you. She was a central character who has been inserted as a major element of DRs story and history. What's the point of her character? Did you even fucking watch the anime?

Yeah she doesn't get a "redemption" story, if every character fucking did then "redemption" stories would be utterly meaningless.

Just saying user, brainwash is still brainwash.

The world is literal garbage hell anyways, let them make mindless happy zombies, rebuild the world, then get anime fag to turn them to normal properly with no despair shit.


>Killed my waifu for no reason
>Killed an entire set of interesting characters for no reason
>All of this, all these characters dead for ultimately for some beta to man up

Is this the ultimate beta uprising anime or something? I'm still going to watch, learn and buy v3, but like I said 3 left an empty feeling.

Chisa was technically the mastermind, fuck you guys for saying I'm wrong.

That scene he had with Junko was actually really cute.
I ship it.

She's gonna show up with a wounded Asahina hanging off her shoulder and a Cure-W bottle in her hand next ep, user. Have HOPE.


D3 was a mistake.

Anime was a mistake.

He didn't knew that they were brainwashed.

I don't think that they become brainless zombies, i think that it works like the despair video that make you like despair and "obey your master" but you can still think in your own.




Well yeah, she fucked absolutely everything up ever since her own mindhacc.

What do the Juzo parts say?

>Brainwash is brainwash

If you're an idiot, sure.

>It'd just turn the world into Izurus

>allowing something as garbage to pass off as the finale of your original games

Kodaka can go fuck himself
>killer killer is important, make sure you read

Just a faggot trying to get greedy


Tengan's real plan was to bring all the hopefags together to get one big hope orgy going and to exclude all waifus from joining in ye olde big hope orgy.

She's dead and even worse, died for absolutely no reason.


i think they did alright, i like how they're trying to make the whole mindhack thing more relevant, but the fact that Mitarai had the brainwashing video the whole time makes this pointless, they could have just used it without his permission, and not have had everyone die.

Yeah, I love'em too.

>That Asahina leglock
Best girl even when brainwashed

Is this on Facebook?


Reminder HOPE subs are out

>[Hope] Danganronpa 3 The End of Hope's Peak Academy - Future Arc - 12

I told myself I'd just give up and accept she was dead if she didn't appear on Monday, but I can't do it. I'm holding out for Thursday. All in.

His motives are very complex

>If you're an idiot, sure.

Learn the definition buddy, what naegi did is by the books brainwash, you could keep denying it all you want but it's what happened.

>Kirigiri still dead
>b-b-b-b-but the bottle!!!

I wanted the place to get flooded with seawater and everyone has to hold onto her.

Was she brainwashed? The video hasn't been uploaded yet and it can be Ryouta's imagination.

She's not dead, but really, who cares. I don't understand why anyone would possibly still care.

I have the perfect image for this episode.

Here you go, friend.

>Q. At the get-together with your friends in the fall, what are you going to be in charge of?

“I’m gonna be the one shopping for stuff. I mean, I have to do it—because once Yukizome gets involved, it’s trouble. She always gets too carried away.

If she goes overboard with the party then sometimes Munakata also has to do stuff he doesn’t want to—and then I get forced into it.

He’s always too easy on her like that—a little too much, I think.”

Can someone shop that link getting leg locked by a zombie pic with naegi getting leg locked by asahina?

I'm with you there.

This thread and the Cred Forums sticky is the sole purpose the website is on fire

If he failed then he failed, I think Tengan just hoped for the best

Is this true HOPE? Can it save us from this trainwreck's DESPAIR?

>That Komaru pantsu
>Confirmed Monaca ZR

Oh my God

And she was done extremely poorly. I don't see the problem. It has nothing to do with "everyone" getting a redemption story or whatever strawman you want to pull out of your ass.

Kohacka is stealing Uchikoshi's ideas again.

they really are just throwing her away at this point, they should have just made the shitty DR2 anime adaption, at least then we'd still have our waifu back with her husbando

I want to know what it says about Togami

post smooth kirigiris

Komaru´s pantsu.

Yeah, it's easy to "win" arguments when you strip yourself of all nuance.
"Brainwashing" the most dangerous people in the world by simply giving them a second chance in a different enviroment == rewriting every single person alive to abandon all negativity
You are a really stupid poster, poster.

Hmm, I wonder who programmed this posting bot

>everyone has to hold onto her

Do you realize how pregnant that would make her?

They probably share personalities

Killer Killer (make sure you read his manga before the episode).

Oh well.

How nice of them

I did not deny that both instances can be described as "brainwashing", but again, one would have to be an idiot to not see the difference between the two. One directly strips away the free will of the person, while the other simply tries to change the way they think by influencing their behavior.

Why are Togami's legs so goddamn long?

Also, here's the Munakata part too since I ran into it.

>Q. What do you like to do during the fall?

“A long time ago, Yukizome, Sakakura and I went to go watch the leaves change together. I honestly had no interest in the scenery, but Yukizome had said “I want us all to make memories.”

…To her, making memories with others was the most important thing of all. But it’s thanks to those memories that I have the resolve to annihilate despair and create a world where people can continue creating beautiful, hopeful memories.

When all of this is over, I want the three of us to go see the autumn leaves again. Together.“




All of those misses were leading up to this!

I initially wrote of Kyoko's as some fag poorly interpreting how cold she is, but that's an invite for sex.


chisa's point was to fuck shit up in her despair state i guess
what about miaya tho???
she was literally created just to confuse the fans not to mention that she was killed off twice
and we never knew shit about her

i cant believe how terrible this was

i would rather tengan was brainwashed because then his actions would make sense in-universe but why would any rational human being set up a game where all his best employees kill each other to prove a point to some kid.

like i cant even fathom how retarded this is


Thanks, user! He reminds me of my dad.

And DR3 shows that he didn't know about brainwashing videos.

The loser comment was like the biggest BTFO moment for any ship in DR tho.


didnt the entire conflict of naegi on trial started because dr2?

She's handled 3 men before.

>. I mean, she’s a really important friend to me


She died for her husbando, which makes her a top tier waifu

Good for him that she is still alive

Imagine a world full of HOPEMEN and HOPEWOMEN

Miaya served as a nod to the UDG fans (if there are any)

Maybe he was, there is still one episode left.
I doubt they will expand on that, but you could have HOPE

Somebody else hiding offscreen who will give Hajizuru a decent challenge so we're not just wondering why he's a mook-mopper.

Who is the despair on the debate

How long were they just standing there?

So technically, Chisa ended up being the mastermind because she fucked up Tengan's original plan?

I'm very confused right now.

>kirigiri dead
>fukawa not there because she's with komaru
Could this actually be canon??

I want her regardless

They were lezzing out for a couple days

Hey, considering all the retarded exposition they keep shoving in, they might spend a chunk of the episode on it.

>Komaeda isn't the mastermind
>Chiaki isn't the mastermind
>Bandai isn't the mastermind
>Kirigiri isn't the mastermind
>Chisa isn't the mastermind
>Junko isn't the mastermind (would be better, trust me)
>Not shown character isn't the mastermind
Holy shit. Why it ended up like this.
The final reveal isn't even that shocking. I mean, when you discover it's all a fucking game in DR2 you're fucking terrorized. When you discover Junko is alive in DR1 you're fucking amazed. When you realize how thick is Cumaru you're fucking horny. No cool music in background. no suspense, nothing. Only a fucking beta virgin shiteater faggot trying to mindhack people with his phone.
Is there any chance to redeem this series? If not, will I be the only one who wont consider this series canon?
Besides all the rant, I still enjoy it, but SO MUCH WASTED POTENTIAL

First part is something along the lines of "The pleasure of" and the second part has got something to do with "being cummed inside".
Not sure though.

Yeah and? He knew something made them become brainwashed

Thanks user


Munakata's never going to be happy again

Read between the lines, brother.

>>Asahina "Shoot Me In The Other Leg So I Can't Escape Your Third, Naegi" Aoi


Has Uchikoshi ever stolen from Kodaka? I see people mention how they are pals and share ideas all the time but I cant remember a time when Kodaka was the first to use one of their "shared ideas".

So what is HOPE side? Is it just a special? Multiple specials? Surely it's not a whole new arc?

Chiakirigiri still lives

Everyone will die and reunited in the fucking meta theater.
That is the happy ending that Hagakure predicted.
Screen cap this.

>anime tries to show that the MC is against forcibly changing people
>yeah let's just forget he did the same thing a while ago huh?

End of the day they did the same action regardless of their end goal but i'm supposed to believe one of them never does it

She was just lacking in hope dickings

H-hey how long will the hope episode be?
I was expecting a lot more explanation this episode... but now it'll have to be all wrapped up in the hope episode.....
This cannot end good. Even if they stop the broadcast, people will still be in despair, unless class 76 are brought back to there pre-despair selves, they will either be brainwashed or braindead, and even if all this succeeds, Naegi will still be left most likely with almost all of his freinds, and as it's looking now, his love interest, dead. Despair will win, there is no hope, why even bother

sure, stay delusional

They do that every day though.

Uchikoshi steals from himself and the other writers on the infinity series.

>When you discover Junko is alive in DR1 you're fucking amazed.
it was stupid, especially after we learn that she destroy the world.

24 minutes as usual.

But Chisa had a large part in bringing about the killing games.

kohacka is actually a genius and wrote an abysmally bad anime on purpose in order to bring us to despair

>They killed off my girl for ultimately no reason

L-Look to le future!

Komaeda IS the master mind, Buu.

Junko was saying some shit about how they caught him in the middle and couldn't see the final results. I mean simply sticking them in the neo world program would be enough to trigger Munakata honestly.

Not even going to address that nuance is important and just going to regurgitate the same point again, eh?
Yeah, we are done here.


What if when Kirigiri was examining Tengan's corpse she saw the video? Maybe she made the connection and faked her own death in order to stop Mitarai.

(also they don't show her dying on the death montage, even though they showed Bandai dying due to his code.)

>mfw Naegi talking about how Tengan totally wasn't Despair

Something that is worrying me: Doesn't all of this retroactively makes Monaca a better Junko than Junko herself? We actually see Monaca in Despair Grills talking people into despair without mindhacks

I expected nothing and I'm still disappointed.
Oh well, at least I got to see best girl one last time.

>killed off

Why do you guys want to see Hajime fighting? He won't

Fuck lawfag

wait and hope for someone to respond :)

Don't worry we have V3

maybe a good end for kyousuke at this point really is death

She's alive and Naegiri will be completely canon!

If Danganronpa has taught me something, is that I should never give up on hope!
And that memes will destroy the world. And anime will fix it.

get fucked.

What has kodaka even done besides danganronpa?

The timeline confirms that this is after DR2.

/r/ing the template of Makoto looking at the monitor


I don't really care about seeing him fighting per-se, I want to not think "why isn't he just beating him up already".

What? Why are you quoting that?

Yes, we already know Monaca is a better villain.

>When all of this is over, I want the three of us to go see the autumn leaves again. Together.

Chisa was the one who spurned Tengan on and gave him what he needed to further his ambition

We've already seen a world ruined by despair, lets have a world ruined by hope.

>implying shes dead

What Junko describes as "Despair" isn't even despair at all. She causes despair on other people by taking away their expectations, dreams and stuff, but someone full of nothing but Despair would end up like Monaka: someone apathetic to everything

>Is there any chance to redeem this series?
The brainwashing video fails, there is still despair, however the class of 76 wake up and now they have to travel the world to bring back hope like how they brought despair.
bring Kirigiri back. that's all i want. Please.

>Kod "despair and hope are different sides of the same coin" hacka

Why do you retards keep saying this? Undoing a brainwashing is not the same as brainwashing.

>kirigiri is the only one missing from the death reel

And people say Munakatana isn't a good character

>When all of this is over, I want the three of us to go see the autumn leaves again. Together.“
Damn it. Munakata had a really hard life. Why did his girlfriend and best friend insist on fighting battles all alone when they could have easily done something about it if they just worked together?

So Chisa swapped the USBs, and then fucked off and killed herself?


I'm just very confused at this point now. It sounds like Tengan wanted to show the FF members Mitarai's hope video. But Chisa essentially hijacked the plan, and then killed herself, I guess.

He should have stopped setting death flags.
Really, the only one seemingly immune to them is Donuts. Girl can just talk about her emotions and fears to the protagonist, the worst that happens to her is a fake-out or being shot on the leg.

>>Asahina "Anime Was A Mistake But He Makes My Leg Shake" Aoi
fucking kek'd

>she's actually in space
>that single van somehow has enough air and supplies for monaka to survive

NWP =/= Mitarai's HOPE anime

>When you discover Junko is alive in DR1 you're fucking amazed

It was extremely poorly written. There was no way to see it coming.

>they foreshadow it with the pictures

All I saw was that Celeste was always wearing her regular clothes unlike the others. The twist could have been Celeste being the mastermind and switching places with Mukuro and NOTHING WOULD HAVE CHANGED.


>seven sevens

As always, Hopeman.

Somebody better get Hopeman his bronze statue

Ruruka too.

What the hell can they accomplish in 20 minutes?

>Only "dead" person not shown in the montage of all the people who died.

Both are brainwashing shit.

>12 episodes
>nothing memorable
>said anime was a mistake from the beginning
>it ended up being a mistake in the verse itself

I don't see how he can't just make a anime that makes people normal or whatever, the guy can just do anything instead of this opposite extreme

Where are the Monokumas? What... What happened to them?

Ruruka was present though, just not her death scene. Kirigiri was omitted entirely.

See .

kirigiri and ruruka also didnt show up

Izuru sends his consciousness back through time and prevents DR from ever being created.

There's one for Kirigiri?

Is nagito the best fiction character in the last decade?

>implying she's alive
she wasn't moving for a reason user

Why is no one posting screencaps from the episode?

Hacking gunned into helping Komaru buy clothes that fit her,

Going to screencap my Seven 7 get later so get your replies in before thread prunes unless someone else is already doing it.

Also New Thread

So has Kodaka ever said what the fuck "Danganronpa"'means? iirc is mot even a word

>Kohacka gets shot by Izuru

There was no swapping.

Tengan didn't give a fuck about the corrupted future foundation. He goal was to drive Mitarai into a corner, so he would be desperate enough to brainwash the world with his hope video. There was no Chisa plan hijacking or anything. Chisa was just the one that caused all this to happen by having Munakata and Tengan oppose each other.

Tengan was a nice old man who believed in people, the war and how FF was like broke him so he gave up on people.Chisa gave him the tools necessary to further his ambitions (the videos and the knowledge about Mitarai)

Chisa worked on the shadows and made Munakata more ruthless which is something that made him side against Tengan more neutral views more and more

It reached a point in which Tengan himself was tired and made the killing game so Mitarai could end everything with his hope anime

Basically, what Junko said is true, Chisa destroyed the FF from the shadows

While everyone struggles to stop Mitarai, Izuru slowly walks up to him and slaps him. He then screams FUTURE so hard it undoes the brainwashing and saves earth. The end.

Asahina made no memorable expressions, Raiden is not as much of a meme anymore and Animelet is a mistake.
Dual-wielding Raiden was still somewhat cool

People were saying that before we lost Kirigiri, though. I don't think anyone actually thought he died when the building collapsed.

>scriptfagging with a shitty 90kb picture instead of trying to spread REAL hope with the 777kb one
>still using the V3 one for multiple threads
I fucking hate you.

Assahina never did anything in DG1 too

>Erasing memories
>Not brainwash

>This happens and Weedman's prediction ends up being true


>A legendary septs septs got wasted on this

Cred Forums is dead.

Hope in your dreams. Hope in your body and your soul.

>It was extremely poorly written. There was no way to see it coming.
Sorry but you can't blame the game on your stupidity if you hadn't figured it out . There were a multitude of hints before the reveal that Junko was the mastermind, including the very beginning of the game.

One is like therapy

Other makes you into a doll

>nothing memorable

Nigga, weren't you here for episode 9, 11, 6 of Mirai? Or episode 8 and 10 of Zetsubou?

Her birthday is October 6 by the way.
It's next Thursday.

Because all you are doing is picking and choosing when you want it to be wrong or right.
How did he undo it retard? He literally forced them to change when they came to him and even removed memories from them all.


I didn't script it in any way; that takes the fun out of getting a get. All I did was make a guess & was lucky.

Well done Hopeman.

It's 30 minutes.

No excuse.

I'm gonna make sure I don't remember this by bashing my head into a wall unless Kirigiri is alive. In which case, I'll be fine.

kill yourself

>the bad ending is canon

Don't worry, she is fine


The commercial afterwords basically spoiled she was alive.

They've been advertising V3 alot when the anime airs, so this wouldn't surprise me at all. Kaede's voice actress singing the ending theme makes it seem very likely as well.

>She’s cool but also has a really warm and gentle side

Naegi is such an otome.


>Because all you are doing is picking and choosing when you want it to be wrong or right.
Yes, user, certain measures are only acceptable in certain situations and not in others, did you just realize this?!
Are you allowed outside on your own? Do you not understand how society works?
Your complete blindness to nuance is staggering.
And, again, what the hopelet and the animelet do aren't even the same thing, Naegi puts them in a different enviroment and lets them develop on their own, Mitarai fucking mindwipes the negativity out of you.
Again, "Inside out" must have been a really revealing experience to you

You do know that's Junko Naegi right?

Did Kodacka say D3 was a love letter to the fans and that it's the kind of thing he'd like as a fan?

>Sorry but you can't blame the game on your stupidity if you hadn't figured it out .
You forgot to post a picture of your fedora

>There were a multitude of hints before the reveal that Junko was the mastermind, including the very beginning of the game.
The only hints was shit like the magazine. And that's not really a hint, since it's a "gravel in the swimsuit" logic leap to go from "the fashion whore looks different on the magazine after photoshop" to "the fashion whore is secretly alive and uses a body double in the game."

The body double could have been a double for anyone.

He did claim it was the ultimate fan item everybody would love to have.

This thread is pure gold



Dear God...

With the red fake nails? Or the same height implicit when Kirigiri says the corpse and Mukuro have the same measurements?
I mean, it wasn't exactly out of nowhere

>Asahina "Naegi's Got Balls The Size of Grapefruit While Kirigiri's Food For The Roots" Aoi
Man what the fuck

I wish I could photoshop weedman's head onto a slowpoke for you, but I'm busy right now.

The Asahina pasta is the most savage of all the fucking pastas.
Some of these are disturbing even


>The only hints was shit like the magazine.
Are you really forgetting about the whole of case 5 in DR1? I don't expect people to figure it out just from the magazine, but by the time you get to the final trail of the game, there's been more than enough hints that Junko is the mastermind.


If Hopeman shows up, his chaotic hope will cause them to fail to stop Mitarai and have the ending be a teaser for V3.

Aren't they planning to announce Kaede's talent on Thursday as well? Seems suspicious if they do.

Posting in a historic thread

That's the issue I'm having. You guys are referring to case 5 as being the only spot where it's actually possible to suspect Junko.

We had the whole DR3 anime to suspect Mitarai for being a faggot who would ruin everything. Junko was basically impossible to predict until the last case.

>insert check em image

Wait, so who watched for the NG codes to turn on the bracelets then?

Crushed by a giant sculpting hammer like she's holding on the cover.




l u c c

Don't bother questioning it. Nothing matters anymore.

1) Automatic
2) 16th participant watching offscreen this entire time.


Anyone have a webbum of Junko eating popcorn? Best part of the episode, honestly.


It's Danganronpa, turn your brain off until Kodaka-sama says to care~

Hope is real.


toasting in epic bread

She's Japanese you fucking retard. Also get over your childhood bullying.


Kodaka abandoned us.

So this is the autist that stole my 7's

Fuck you