Hayate no Gotoku

shit's hitting the fan edition

That joke character on the sleeve is actually relevant.
My hat to Hata.

A-tan will win, r..right?

I really hope so. Nagi's going to get btgo but she'll probably get over it pretty quickly. Hinagiku isn't in contention anymore

She's about to get her artillery back. She's gonna do just fine, my friend.

I'm so far behind on this. I stopped reading during dojin Namek. Did it get any better?

It's starting to get direction

maria best girl

don't know who was polled to have hinagiku 1st place for so long.

I've been staunchly backing a-tan for a long time now, but that recent chapter where Hayate and Maria went out shopping made me fall for her HARD

It did, yeah, about 200 chapters later. Too bad the art went to shit though.

I recently went back and reread the first few chapters, and it's almost distressing how much better the art used to be

So have the series finally moved somewhere yet? Is A-tan relevant again?


Roughly speaking, the story should be in its final arc. Knowing Hata, though, who knows how long he's going to drag this out with one-off filler chapters

But yes, A-tan, King's Jewels, Royal Garden, King Midas are all relevant again.

Oh thank fuck. I'll start reading again. Thanks user.

I've been thinking about it for the last few chapters, but it really does look like the series is close to ending. The last few "filler" chapters gave us a conclusion for a few of the side characters, and now it looks like the last arc just went into full throttle.

I just hope they give Hata enough time to write a half-decent ending.

I have a feeling Maria wins, but maybe just maybe Athena wins. It'll never be Hina's year.

Shit "hits the fan" every other year in this manga but nothing ends up happening. You assholes aren't tricking me again.

Maria sure. Athena though represents Hayate's past. He's not going backwards.

On another more important note though.


I will never get over the friendzoning at the EotW arc's end

If I wanted to get into this, is the anime worth watching?

I will not give up hope until the very last page of the very last chapter. I'll deny the obvious and uphold the inane. Fuck everything else, she deserves him the most.

I think anyone who knew his shit knew Maria was going to win.
Hayate was based on Hata himself, Maria on his wife and Nagi on his daughter.
This is old information.

Hinagiku was just one of those cases in which a side character gets far too popular, with the author never expecting that. Thus, he gave her plenty of attention since that's what the fans wanted (and made his manga profitable), but never planned to make her fully relevant either.

The funny thing is as soon as Hata went back to the story he wanted to write, fans pretty much left and sales tanked. I think HnG saw it's highest level of sales during the Greece arc, and Mangaka Namek pretty much killed it. HnG never really recovered from that blow.

First and second ones maybe, third is anime-original and fourth is awful canon-stomping garbage.

Maybe things would be better off if they adapted it competently instead of shitting around like that.

Also, Ruka best

>open this chapter
>see the number 544
>wonder for a brief moment why I'm still reading this

I just want it to end.

>50 years if your lifespan
Nope. No deal.

you waste your wish on adding 200 extra years to your lifespan and come out ahead
thats three free wishes right there
then you just repeat whenever you running low

>Hayate was based on Hata himself, Maria on his wife and Nagi on his daughter.
This is old information.
Wait what?
This is news to me.
Then again I never followed this series that closely just read it in 50 chapter increments.

It just mean your wish is not worth 50 years of your life.

>Atan no win
This franchise should just burn in fire.
Greece Arc is the nest and forever will be.

Call me when its done.

Hina is gonna win.

So this is ending by December, right?

Shonen Sunday's editors almost all got fired or shuffled. The new heads are trying to end every long-running series so that Shonen Sunday can fill up with new series because the magazine's sales have declined by almost 50% since 2000. So Hata can't drag anything out any more.

Hata really, really wanted to write doujin Namek? Seriously? Because Mikonos was all the plot behind the story, it seems like that was the story he actually wanted to write.

I still want Sakuya to confess to Hayate.

Oh well they will be filled by other clones or funny and interesting things at first that will quickly turn into boring circles like opm and snk

That's explains why Negima was nuked,sadly it ain't happening for op

Negima got nuked ages ago because of office politics. UQH got put on hiatus because someone decided to give it an anime.

>UQH got put on hiatus because someone decided to give it an anime.
>get anime adaptation
>put manga on hiatus to make it catch up faster
Not the most adaptations go on long enough for that to matter nowadays anyway, I suppose.

It's not just on hiatus. It's also shifting to monthly.

must be the very same who are giving op and snk another stupid season despite lack of content,yet FMP and FMP:A are getting the end of the stick.

Wondering wtf happened to Accel World too,they VN is getting slowly translated,kikes shut down FMP.A translation and I'm stuck with runes,once Hayate ends I'll be just reading The Seven Deadly Sins and fapping once in a while to TLR Darkness

Seriously though, Hina is going to win. Screencap this post.

A-Tan will win.

By December next year? Most likely.

>That's explains why Negima was nuked
Namefag in charge of being retarded as always.

UQ is on hiatus because it's switching mag and going monthly though.

Hayate's character has turned to shit as times gone by, seems like the pressure has finally gotten to him.

generic user getting triggered by a namefag as always

Wasn't expecting in the least fucking Nadja coming back from the back covers as an important plot point.

He didn't get triggered by you using a name, but because you said something stupid that's very common in namefags.
Negima got nuked by other reasons that almost everyone that followed that series should already know.

Every fucking thread.

It's a gag manga user, fuck off if you want muh plot.

Kenichi and all that were cancelled because of a stupid editor wanted Matsuena to start a new series, he was fired after that.

Oh my fucking God this

HnG is that series I've been reading for far too long to stop reading given we're nearing the end.

I'll miss the series when it wraps up, but it'll almost be a relief that Hata FINALLY resolves all this shit.

Yeah I feel the same way, HNG reminds me of when I was following Gantz towards its conclusion for 4 years straight monthly releases.

We all know Hina will never get an arc she deserves, or that any arc will beat A-tans, that Hata wasted his time on anime only + movie deals, and tried to continue his character tropes in a new manga before finishing the existing one.

He's milked the franchise, and developed every minor side character without any substantial relationship / interaction building. Just end it already.