If your waifu got fat would you still love her?

if your waifu got fat would you still love her?

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Yeah, but it's unhealthy to be fat.

Fat as in preggo fat? Yep.

Yes, and that's why I would help her get unfat.

>mfw it happened


>Mutant Jabba The Hut morbid deformity
I'll be a good husbando and be by her side on those difficult last moments but it will be complicated.

i would love her even more desu

Nero would never let herself get fat, for too many reasons.

I prefer Tetsujinex's Futa stuff than this

I'd try to help her get thin, but I'd love her anyways

Chubby? Sure

Fat? Absolutely hell no

The thing is that she wouldn't get fat because she's a responsible, respectable girl.

No. Of course not.

would scrtitch/10

Its my fetish, so I would probably love her more.

I'd love her more.

If anyone left they're waifu for getting fat, then they are faggots who deserve no waifu in the first place for having shallow ties to them. However what you have there is morbid obesity kicked up 10 notches for fat fetishism.

This however is more acceptable.

But your cat is cute, user.

That's not fat, her plugsuit is just inflated with extra air.


How fat? If its just a bit of extra meat on the belly and enhances her curves, I'd be fine with it. Even a little potbelly would be cute to pinch, rub, and grope to her red-faced embarrassment.

>Tetsujinex's fat art
I can't fap to this


Man I have a weight gain fetish but that doujin is much too grotesque in general.

I would but I doubt it would happen since she is too disciplined and would probably be self-conscious about it if she ever put on any weight.

Why would a 2d girl get fat?

Maybe some people like seeing a 2D waifu get chubbier?

Honestly I'd be fine with it, as cliche as it is more "pushing for the cushin" is the ideal to me.

Why wouldn't they?


Fat, yes, morbidly obese, no


Fat fetishists.

Not into it but I'm fine with >HEALTHY girls in 2D.

no, but post more cat


Your waifu's the cat?

My husbando was basically anorexic-like stick thin when he was a kid and now has a six pack so it probably wouldn't happen even if the war was over and he stopped being so active. Which he wouldn't because he has the world to explore.

>get fat

Gtfo with your 3d bullshit

Its 2D, fetishes can be perfect in 2D.

I'm sort of expecting it if I'm honest

I know that feeling.

What if your waifu was always fat and just really, really, really good at tucking it all in?

Her name is Robert Paulson

Just means that there is more of her for me to love


Gross. No.

If you really love your waifu, you don't let her get fat.

She gave me a fat fetish in the first place.

\How fat we talking? Like your picture?

I'd still love her regardless.


That's not fat though.
>skinny/slim still with only a belly to show for it
That's the perfect form to me.
I guess trips can confirm it.

My nigga, if I could draw I'd fatten all the waifus.

i'd love her even more

Depends on how fat. Because getting fat like in your pic is not loving yourself in the first place.

That's a fine cat. Not a cat person but damn.

She Gave a fat fetish to all! all the Waifu should be obese like the Cute Emi ISuzu!

I'll make my Waifu fat like this Idol!

Emi Isuzu is the sexiest Waifu! She can be both slim and morbidly obese, so hot!

>getting fat suddenly makes you 10 feet tall

Sexy body!


How fat is too fat?

not enough lardness!

We should ask for a special chapter of Tenjou Tenge about Emi Isuzu!





I hope to se Emi ISuzu like this, in a possible future chapter of Tenjou Tenge!



ee mochiron

source please

>if your waifu got fat would you still love her?
Depends on how much and where exactly. There aren't nearly enough thin as rails animu girls who carry a sizeable gut around with them out there.

BBW and above for me. Overall plumpness can be ok though if it's more about adding curves than full-body aproning.


3D chubbsters are nasty as fuck though

How many manga/anime actually have weight gain arcs or episodes?

>mfw it canonically happened
What do?

embrace it

no idea

There is a wg in every anime and manga! So please you guys search in old anime and manga episodes!

In every manga and anime!

I would. There would be more of her to cuddle with.

She was cute so fuck it, I would do her, in both forms.

She is so sexy!





Some translations of this Emi Isuzu lard doujinshi will be cool!


I want my waifu to become morbidly obese so that I can pay for her liposuction but keep all her loose skin so I can become draped by my human-skin blanket waifu.

My waifu is dead, so there is no way she'll get fat ;_;

Bellies like are just begging to be poked and toyed with.

She wouldn't be the girl I fell in love with if she was satisfied with being that irresponsible

Having standards for a partner's behavior isn't shallow you mouthbreather

You are a shitty husband, you cock-breathing troglodyte.

And worshiped.

Exactly, letting yourself gain weight to a degree that is life threatening not only shows disregard for your own well being, it shows complete disregard for the people who love you. It's the same as alcoholism or hard drug addiction.

i won't judge, but i will say, i've never seen someone with this fetish before.

That too. Softer hugs, cute round face smiling at you, what's not to like?


That right there is perfect. She has the adorable poochy belly and thicker arms and legs that make cuddling great.

Fuck, is it even possible for Nero to get fat? I know it's not possible for Arturia


i beg to differ. this is perfect

Only because of Excaibur.

Technically the sheath

Same difference, the version of her as a Lancer that uses the lance instead is an adult with big old titties.

Nero is a hedonist, gluttony honestly wouldn't be beyond her.

That extra bit more pudge is delicious as well. She'd be perfect for some light teasing.

Anko right?

Not that user but that never made sense to me either way. These ninja in Naruto run around burning probably more calories as just young preteen then most normal adults in the real world would even if they were active freaks of who regularly run marathons on a daily basis or something.

The justification of it was dumb. She likes eating dango so she got chubby? Just plain dumb to me.

Best anime girl, and Best Waifu!!!!!

there's an episode where my waifu and co, are shown in an alternate future, were they age and get a little fat, it was hilarious as fuck. one of her friend gets old and skinny as fuck. granny anime when?


I find weight gain and obese girls gross but enjoy inflation, I never asked for this autism

This is sexy hot and the best body for a girl, lardness and mega big ass! Emi ISuzu is the best

>This fucking thread
Holy Jesus Christ son of Mary and Joseph

I would still love my waifu though, we would even get fit together and then we would enjoy the hottest sex that lasts longer because of fitness

How can you say you love her if you can't even spelunk her rolls?

that's fine too

I prefer lardness in manga and anime!
Emi ISuzu Action figure work in progress i found on the web!



>ESL "please make a fat of she" Isuzufag is still around
Wow, that brings me back.

Now she needs a daki.


Emi ISuzu is the sexiest waifu!

My waifu's already though


Needs to be more chubby or fat girls in anime that aren't just balloons with super deep voices.

>if your waifu became shit would you still love her/it
Hell no

Girls like this!

She was a step in the right direction

I prefer fatter ladies!

Hope we can see more of her in the tv anime

There are great doujins out there, but I wish there were more...

These are fine.
These are not.

if you stop taking care of yourself its one of the signs to back out

Only if they are fat in the right places

I'm gonna disagree the hell outta you, shithead.

> Tfw no fat or chubby girl tentacle hentai

That is the perfect body type

>Bullying fattened waifu
I like you.

>my waifu is dead she can't become a fatty.

Inflation, disgusting.. you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Fuck off and stop pushing your fat fetishes sharters.

Corpses bloat with gases as they decompose. Isn't that inflation?

she's a ghost user they can't decompose!

If by bullying in the most gentle way possible, then yes!

Oh damn you got him there
She had a body though


>Puppet Princess of the Marl Kingdom 2: Little Princess

Hardly autism. Fat is legitimately gross. Weight gain is adding mass to the body and making someone fatter, while inflation is just stretching out a regular body and not necessarily adding mass.

What? Bullshit. Weight gain done tastefully is fine, inflation is downright fucking creepy shit. You're completely wrong there.

A feline is acceptable as well.

I won't argue that it's a fantasy fetish, but it's kind of like the principal of pregnancy, a girl being able to naturally expand like that, being applied to different parts, or the whole body.

I simply don't like girls to looks like cottage cheese, so weight gain will never be attractive to me.

>thin face
>fat body
yeah right

>girls that look like cottage cheese
As opposed to looking like human blimps? Besides different artists do weight gain fetishism differently, some go for a more realistic look, others don't. There's nuances to it where as there really isn't any to inflation outside of focusing if not on the full body then just the tits and ass or one or the together because 99% of them just want to wank it to hourglass shaped girls.

I like small bits of weight gain, enough that a girl gets pudgy but not that she gets even close to being some fat blob.

No, she's too into her own body, and she's a work of art.

Yes, but she's also an athlete and artist.

Blimps are pretty cool vehicles. Fat people will never be attractive.

No,I would kill myself.

Just looked it up on Google. HOLY SHIT

This is attractive , dare you to post a inflation that can match that.
>blimps are cool vehicles
Yeah if you want to die and win a darwin award, I guess.
Nero is a whore of babylon and a hedonist glutton.

>wanting to inflate a girl till she's the size of a blimp
See this is why that other user is right that inflation is pretty much a super autistic fetish.

That picture isn't even weight gain though.

I never said it wasn't an autistic fetish, I'd be dumb to think otherwise. So is weight gain. All I was originally saying, to the guy I first replied to, was that it wasn't autistic to only like one of those two, since they are fundamentally different.

wait do you seriously fap to seeing that in your fetish? people inflated to ridiculous sizes? always thought that like breast inflation or ass growth was cool in a /d/generate way but that's kind of goofy going that size isn't it?

>fundamentally different
Only superficially. Both are growth related fetises, and both are primarily defined from a psychological standard of the viewer/user having control and domination of their subject in general.

The example I linked was a girl being "thicker", which is perfectly fine. Though I'll admit I just have a thing for foodbaby bellies in general.

Maybe not quite that big, but I'm pretty far gone in my /d/egeneracy. My main fetish is people being malleable or elastic, being able to stretch and compress into virtually any shape. So yeah, things looking a bit goofy is pretty much the norm for me.

If you look at it one way, maybe. Going by what I just said my attraction was, that definitely includes inflation, but excludes weight gain.

>Have a thing for chubby anime girls
>Essentially only jerk it to 2D chub
>Thick meme became populars
>All these faggots spouting "THICC" and "THICKER"

Being a chubby lover is suffering.

You are the only person to post THICC in the whole thread up to this point.
Malleablity/body state changing is known to me, espefcially since it goes well with inflation and weight gain.

>girl is normal
>girl gets crushed and flattened
>girl gets fattened/inflated to huge size

Fair enough, but I personally still don't see weight gain being part of it. As bizarre as it sounds, it's probably because it's too realistic in comparison to everything else. Or maybe it's that my fetish absolutely must obey the law of conservation of mass, since in every other situation, whether it's a compression or an inflation, the actual mass of the person involved doesn't change, whereas in weight gain it does.


That's completely disregarding life experiences, lifestyle, and general outlooks. I spent all of my teens and childhood being fat, and learned to put the fork down. I'm now over 20kg/50lbs lighter. It's hard to respect your partner's decision to get and stay fat after that.

I personally just find it more arousing to make "more" in them with weight gain then some gas just ballooning a person up. Hell if that happened, you'd have other issues like the skin being stretched to the point of it bursting off along side oxygenized blood cells evaporating within a person's blood stream.

Yeah, to each their own really. I was referring to that post in the context of having a malleability/elasticity fetish to begin with. But yeah, I can think of a few reasons why running someone over with a steamroller might not be the best idea in real life.

>implying you don't self insert into your fetish wishing you were the one being transformed or altered as a cute 2D girl

>implying I self insert as a cute girl when I could self insert as a guy being transformed by a cute girl

Then get transformed?

Her species lifestyle prevents her from getting fat

Depends. If I consider her essence as not being fat, then, if she got fat, she wouldn't be her anymore.

Not if she got THAT fat.

preach it

Tomoko is amazingly better as a chubby then a skinny girl.

I'd be more than fine with either of those two figure types.

I would carry her weight.

That's a little too much.
Its cute.