When will the industry learn from KyoAni's non-pandery tendencies and have the decency to make normal school uniforms?

When will the industry learn from KyoAni's non-pandery tendencies and have the decency to make normal school uniforms?

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Have you watched Phantom World?


To be honest, Phantom World is the most pandering Kyo-Ani work as of late. I loved it, but it was borderline generic.

Phantom World is a very intelligent show. It deconstructs the harem/fanservice genre and constructs it back again before showing it on screen. Truly a masterpiece of our time.

Ishihara is the only true otaku at the studio, that's why the show has more typical otaku pandering features.

>it's the daily kyoani circlejerk thread


Welcome, glad you could join us today.

Watched the new k-on movie, it was great like always

Mugi looked a bit different though

Kumiko is a decent lady.

>let's have the rest of the industry be generic as KyoAni

Wearing your skirt super long in Japan is a delinquent trait.

Sure thing.

It goes to around her knees, it's not that long.

Has KyoAni ever done pantyshots? Aside from that 1 frame shot in Chuunibyou and Haruhi's home made movie.

Think there were a bit in FMP.

>KyoAni's non-pandery tendencies

Excuse me, am i reading this right?


Tamako is such a sweetheart gee whiz

KyoAni doesn't usually (cough~antom worl~chogh) do fanservice in the actual show.
They save that for the promo art.


Such an underrated anime, episode 2 was one of the cutest and heartwarming single episodes I've ever seen. And the subtle 'It's ok to be a fag' message didn't come out forced unlike some pro-homo western cartoons that try to push a progressive agenda.



Best girl!

>When will the industry learn from KyoAni's non-pandery tendencies and have the decency to make normal school uniforms?

1. Who fucking cares?

2. Retarded SJWs will still scream about them being pandering, even if they were much more realistic clothing that Japanese girls wear.


These bodies aren't sexualizeable at all why did KyoAni even try?

I guess even they couldn't bring themselves to do it.

>Band-aid on her cunt
For what purpose.

She cut herself while shaving

I don't know why, but i find it really cute/sexy, so i assume for that effect.

Though, the only other time i've seen them used is in the one anime with the blond fox girl and white haired wolf girl.

Indeed if the other studios just follow kyoani lead , anime will be saved

Of course, KyoAni's non pandering uniforms

so the cummies don't leak

This isn't sexualizing at all



was too hard to tell if this was really a kyoani image so I used their technique and kyoani'd it for you

This sounded more smarmy than pretentious.

Munto is finely aged kyoani

>Mfw my best girl Kanna is Midori's bounce back girlfriend

So in the ending, did it turn into a harem when the girls transformed?

"Since the day we met, I fell in love at first sight. I'll stay in the closet, in this little space; in the blink of an eye, I fly to the sky for a taste of blue sugar."

(Note, Tamako's eyes are blue.)

Midori was so fucking gay.

Kanna will always be the best girl.

>Midori was so fucking gay.
Midori is Yamada self insert afterall.


KyoAni thighs are so meaty and plump compared to the average anime girl.

>1 frame shot in Chuunibyou
I don't remember that

I think it wasn't supposed to be shown since the TV version was like this, they fixed it in the BDs by adding black panties, but I don't know why didn't they just lower her in the frame.

I like them too.

I wasn't actually expecting a reply

Adding pantsu in only makes it more lewd.

Here's the BD

>KyoAni thighs are so meaty and plump compared to the average anime girl.
>He forget Xebec exist

Yeah Xebec takes the cake with healthy girls but the average female character has thin legs. I believe the thing with KyoAni is that they draw very subtle musculature outlines, which makes them look fuller.


Good post

Rarely you see a studio who reconstructs, most of them just deconstructs. Destroying things is truly easier than rebuilding them. Laziness is a deadly sin, they should learn to clean up after themselves.

KyoAni sols are the best in the industry.

not really

yys, aria, and aiura top kyoani sol

Not really.

>skirt above knee
>any leg showing at all

Don't worry, you wouldn't understand.

Who is the woman that captivated Yamada?

This looks damn beautiful



>hair is still spiky after submerged underwater

can't afford panties

So tell me, does the bunny hat have two holes specifically for her hair, or what?

They've never topped THAT hot spring scene.

fuck that duck

Xebec is dead

They're making Keijo which is entirely ass-centric.

Upotte was a mistake.

Its because KyoAni bases their thighs off of actual Japanese school girls.

Instead of pandering to boners they're just pandering to nutbladders

>KyoAni's non-pandery tendencies
>That's what Kyoanishitters believe

>very subtle musculature outlines
This is exactly why their legs are so delicious.


very confident

good taste my friend

Does Tamako have winter / summer uniforms?

Except Yamada said clearly in interview that Midori, in fact, wasnt gay.


What she meant by adolescense in the Tamako love story interview was that Midori's feelings were all over the place, she doesn't deny that she has actual romantic feelings for Tamako like in Hibike's case. She equates adolescense with blunt, innocent and dramatic emotions.

I think this is summer.

Wait, where's middle left from?

Alive enough to make AOTY last year.

I see you're a man of culture as well.jpg

Ice Cream

Should've really guessed it from the art.
The inn story, right?

The fighting lolis, yes

>read this comment
>Maybe i should pic it up after all
do you recommend commie or CBM?

>tfw going through the list of available fansubs
>tfw basically all of them have closed up shop years ago
was not ready for these feels

Commie for the show, Coalgirls for movie.

thanks mate

>Coalgirls for movie
Unless you can watch it raw, don't get the Coalgirls release or any other based on the JnMBS translation.

The translation is wrong in many places (presumably none of which CGi fixed) and TLS deserves to be watched with good subs.

>TLS will never have good subs
God damn.


Was it autism?

Mochi needs to end up with Manko chan

She first needs to convince Tamako to share him.

But there is no good subs.


This NEEDS to happen.

kill thyself

Who Midori here?

They're pretending Phantom World never existed.

What's Phantom World?


It's a jiggle fest

I'd rather they pretend Ren never existed.



What did he mean by these?

Kyoani is a fucking crap studio, where al charakter look exacly the same.

It even got lampshaded in Haruhi that sailor uniforms aren't common anymore and the girls using those has made the school's principal a suspicious person.

Except, you know, she clearly stated that it was NOT yuri. What she describes as Adolescence is up for discussion, but least we established what its NOT.