Who's ready for the legs or I mean the show? Been reading the manga too ready for it

Who's ready for the legs or I mean the show? Been reading the manga too ready for it.

Meh, the manga is pretty shit

More SOL vomit? No thanks.

>what are proportions

Into the trash.

>being this retarded

>more predictable haremshit

well I like legs so let's see what this is a bout

>Whiny shitty nerd tries to get back at the people who picked on him instead of just growing a pair and getting on with his life


I'll watch it for best girl.

I don't see any best girl, I just see a shit

It only gets worse from here

Tell me who your favorite is so I can call her shit.

But revenge is sweet, really. Let it go.

Stopped reading after no pan girl lost.


>Liking shit

Once again Yukino is best girl.

Of course.

I will pick this up just so that I could say that I dropped it after less than half an episode. That's just how much of a shit I think the manga is.


I'm three chapters in. The maid seems like the best girl. Am I wrong?

I don't care if it's haremshit. Pantyhose makes up for it.

Yeah. She is. Everyone is better than the main girl.

The count of monte cristo was a revenge story

Gun X Sword is a revenge story

WAAAAAAAAH MEAN GIRL CALLED ME NAMES is not a revenge story. It's the author either venting about his own shitty life story and or pandering to author pathetic shit lords who would sooner write a pretend death note than actually work out

Why is it so hard to make the main girl the best girl?

So does she wear glasses regularly or not?
This is a dealbreaker for me.
No megane no life.

Aki is best girl

Not a Harem
There's only 2 girls and one of them gets blown the fuck out

Aki is literally perfection
New chapter when?

>Constantly lies to MC
>Constantly hides things from him
>Steals his photos
>Not shit
She's pretty shit

The manga is great
Stop being an insufferable pretentious hipster for the love of god

>Am I wrong?
Yes you are
You'll find out later why she's the absolute worst

Shut up Nekofag
Aki is best girl

Will this reach Yahari, Saekano, or even Nisekoi levels of popularity?

Well it's better than crap like Yahari and Saekano that's for sure

Not sure it's going to enjoy the same popularity..especially compared to Nisekoi which was a Jump manga

It's at least fun?

Yes it's a pretty fun manga
Don't listen to the niggers saying otherwise

Hair not shiny enough 0/10

You shut your whore mouth

It's pretty shit, but will watch for lolimama and class rep tomboy.

The series should've ended here.

Nothing would have been solved then
I agree tho that Neko being introduced here was cheap and the quality decline a bit since then

No, not regularly.

How about pantyhose?

This may affect my decision to pick this up.

Thumbnail girl looks exactly like Ema from Shirobako. You got me going there bub.

so how far has the manga gotten? I marathoned most of what's available online and I can't see any viable stopping point so far besides probably the culture festival, but that had a lot of loose ends

Yes yes fuck off

Main girl is a chubby chaser