>Idolizes "The Hundred Manslayer"
>Knows Guts was in The Band of the Hawk
>Sees him killing hundreds of monsters and people on a regular basis with a giant fucking sword.
>Still has not put two and two together.

Is Ishidoro literally retarded?

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Everyone in the band of the hawk was a total badass in the stories he heard.


Miura altered his artstyle again and the edgelords hate it. So what's new?

You and I both know this is an intern doing it.

He is literally just a fucking joke character, he has no relevance at all and it shouldn't exist.

he is an odd addition to the cast.

i think miura just wanted a shota lover interest for the loli who can never have guts.

I think he exists entirely to have Guts show paternal instincts. Schierke is too grown up for that role.


the moonlight boy already covers that.

im not a fan of isidro at all. i like serpico because hes useful and desu i even like isma because it shows how guts gets more and more connected with the astral world as time goes on, but isidro is just a shitty fighter who throws bombs sometimes.

I think it is because he is young and has this idea in his head about bad ass mercenaries and just thinks Guts was another one of them.

Nah, Guts still acts fatherly to Schierke.

digital was a mistake.

Isidro is literally a character made so puck has another retarded buddy. like that's it, oh yeah and the rock throwing skills, almost forgot about that.


>Not having the sound effect for breathing in instead

tell me wise user, who do i embed sound files on pngs?

>Is Ishidoro literally retarded?

Yes. Haven't you read the manga?

>the edgelords

Seriously? You think only these don't like what happened to the art?

Personally, I like how Guts looked around the 30th volume. Yes, his face elongated a bit and his jaw line was a bit too noticeable, but that's the Guts I liked the most.

Digital can look great, Miura just isn't very good at it.

Not him, but are you serious? Do you think these characters around the guy in the first panel are just scribbles?

first of all, it's a meme you dip. second, i have no idea where to find the characters for breathing. but even if i did, i'd just use *breath in* (not breathe)

Didn't Guts refuse to say what group he was in?

the lines for the eyes and eyebrows are a little to thick, but overall he looks better.
Are there people who seriously liked Jawguts?

A surprisingly high amount of mangas do that where they pick some lively boy rouge-ish boy to be the main character's successor at the end.

Rurouni Kenshin with the thief, One Piece with momo, Fist of the North Star with Raoh's son, DBZ with Uub, Gintama with the prostitute's boy, Naruto with the 3rd's grandson. Had a few more examples but I forgot.

It just gets better and better, as it should.

I think it's dropped off on the last few.

>saving the best girl
Why is he such a bro?

>vol 19 and 24
Miura should have stuck to that model.

>Knows Guts was in The Band of the Hawk
Excuse me, but since when?

well he knows that guts knows the 100 man slayer at the very least

>Are there people who seriously liked Jawguts?
I personally really liked it because it reinforced the idea of how strong Guts is (his masculinity desu) and also how unique he looks compared to all the other male characters drawn. Of course this has to do with Miura's past artstyle where he would spend tons of time drawing background characters distinguishable from each other (pic related). It's too bad that now female characters have more similar facial structure than before and everyone has bigger eyes too. I really liked the artwork from volumes 33-37.

they know he was in the band. how else would he know griffith? it was in vritannis when he didn't say in which he was

This was 2 chapters ago, Guts revealed he was part of the Band of the Hawk and has a past with Griffith, Isidoro still couldn't put 2 and 2 together.

So kawaii~

she was in the way. constantly. if the egg had jumped the other way, skully would have let her crash
since chapter 345 he knows Guts was acquainted with Griffith and probably the band. but seriously, how many people has he seen to be able to kill 100 men on their own?

kawaii you say?

>Is Isidro literally retarded?

Isidro was literally best char, you new?

>gaiz he just throws rocks and are comedy duos with Puck
>saves Casca and wiles people to help him if he can't
>buttmad anons literally fucking forgets that he has a cool fire dagger, pulled his weight better than Farnese before she learned magic, and earned his keep during the Sea God arc, earning himself a waifu and has matured quite a bit
>Miura already hinting Schierke gonna give him her delicious honey secretions, giving him a small harem

Only waifucucks hate Isidro after the Qlipoth arc.

Conviction guts was best guts

>pulled his weight better than Farnese before she learned magic
which doesn't amount to much since pre-magic farnese was fucking worthless

>Is Ishidoro literally retarded?

Sure, just like every other harem protagonist.

>One Piece with momo
That pervert kid is a joke.
>Gintama with the prostitute's boy
He won't become Gin 2.0
>Naruto with the 3rd's grandson
The idiot won't success anyone. It will either be Salada or Bolt.

I like the idea that Isidro is the childhood equivalent of Gambino. Gambino probably went through a lot of shit before becoming a mercenary.

If Guts beat up Isidro for losing Casca in the Tower of Conviction, Isidro would probably end up like Gambino.

>a small harem
I don't think it will be small. Hot blood bratty midgets are always girl magnet.

If Guts has killed thousands then he can't be the hundred manslayer. Duh.

Berserk-chan kawaii desu.

>Hot blood bratty midgets are always girl magnet
tfw you're a cool and composed loner

>tfw calm and non-confrontational 6'6'' permavirgin

Every time I see Guts in the bottom left

>saves Casca
That was fucking forever ago. He has been comedy relief since.

Certainly had the best designed armor.

I hate him and that fairy



He didn't have to pick her up and then talk to her and then save her in the cave. Stop trying to make skully look like a dick.

Volume 34 personally

Am I the only one that thinks the white hair-strip looks stupid?

How'd he get that again?

thank you

yall will suck Rickerts dick, talking bout how awesome hes """going""" to be, but shit all over my boy Isidro? thats wack as fuck, considering Isidro has been by Guts side, and is practically Robin to Guts Batman


Depends on the taste.
People cream themselves over Golden Age but I wouldn't buy a single volume of that arc.

Rickert is the only one that has actually hurt Griffith.

>Zodd(before Femto)
>Nobleman guy who slapped him for touching Charlotte in Golden Age

boi git

when he first put on the berserker armor and went all out against that dragon apostle.

>The nobleman who made his butt sore
Don't forget him.

since his reincarnation, boytoy. griffith wasn't a demigod when those happened
>Nobleman guy who slapped him for touching Charlotte in Golden Age
destroyed him psychologically and physically, took everything from him and tossed him to the side (tamer since he was only a human then)
made him his bitch, has him fly his princesses by starry night. made him a magical unicorn
do i even have to say how much strife he's puts guts through?

shit confused me
>Nobleman guy who slapped him for touching Charlotte in Golden Age
had him killed, caused the death of his child, murdered his lover. pretty sure it was an only child too, so bloodline over
>The nobleman who made his butt sore
destroyed him psychologically and physically, took everything from him and tossed him to the side (tamer since he was only a human then)

i really hope that island artstyle it is only another miura ruse

goddammit this manga is fucking dark, i don't need that fucking sailor moon stylized style

you wont believe me but I was seriously considering him

>since his reincarnation

WHO DIDN'T know that was coming

you didnt state that , so fuck off fag. Griffith was a average to below average fighter in most fights he is depicted in(BEFORE HE LITERALLY TURNED INTO GOD)

It happens after the Berserker armor is first worn. Assuming it's a power trip thing, but it hasn't been stated specifically what it was.


He was literally Proto Serpico regarding how he fought.

you miss the point. skully said that for someone to confront griffith, he would have to be outside the story himself. the point was never griffith's fighting prowess

>not liking big eyed guts
Now all we need is for him to pose like Miura's favorite idol.

No. Griffith just got his dick sucked mercilessly because he was seen as a savior.

He never dealt any real damage to anyone of fame that wasn't an old man, or woman. Guts really did carry that fag, and its no wonder he lost hope when Guts beat him, and left

I didnt miss any point. You are just trying to change the question.

No one has ever hurt Griffith, is wrong.

No one has hurt Griffith since he has been reborn except Rickert, is correct.

What does your original post here say?

that's not my post, fuckface. reminder that griffith beat guts twice

At least he looks more his age now
Miura had him looking like a 34 year old bodybuilder

Dont care lol

Griffith couldn't beat Guts when it mattered, and tell me who got REALLY butthurt? :^)


i remember the first fight when they just met, what about the second time?

Give me a hug.


right after. although i can justify not counting it since guts was kind of injured (but a scratch by today's standards but whatever)
isidro, who still contributes about nothing and his senpai won't notice him :ΛD

>isidro, who still contributes about nothing and his senpai won't notice him :ΛD

uh.. ok

am i supposed to be hurt

>Griffith couldn't beat Guts when it mattered
It really mattered when Femto was about to rape Casca.

>he literally has to reroll into God mode in order to beat a peasant born from the body of a decaying woman

>he was thinking of guts while having sex with Charlotte

*slow clap*

feels like we're gonna see an ending soon, you can tell miura is sick of this shit and rushing things

i just hope for a homo erotic ending with griffith being impaled on the big black sword


Berserk needs one more complete arc after Elf Island.

Prove me wrong.

>that armor detail

I like Vol 9. He still has that vicious look to him

>How'd he get that again?
I don't think it was addressed apart from the joke, but I took it to mean that the stress of his life, both psychological and physical form the armor is making him look older than he is.

Fuck, I didn't realize. Rickert isn't even branded. That's interesting.


I agree, but no way we're gonna see another full arc, you can really tell the guy doesn't wanna do it anymore.

>disliking Jawguts
Is it because your masculinity pales before Guts, cakeboi?

Is guts asian?

It's dumb and forced. Like LOOK AT HOW MANLY GUTS IS HUURRR.
You can make Guts manly without that.

She and Conrad are coming out in May

Would've looked way better as a solid unmovabable figure. The joints look stupid.

The joints sometimes look odd when they release images. The figure itself will probably look better in person.

Vol 19 is the best, if you disagree you have garbage taste

Vol 14 is pretty great too. More vicious

eh, it's be ok if the model had clothes to cover the bigger joints like the wrists. but slan is nekkid.

not that I ever buy these things mind you

She's actually the first naked Figma ever made. This is new territory.

That's not true at all. Isidro represents the boyish fervor and penchant for action that healthy males all possess. He's just another aspect of Guts's maturing personality being reflected in the new group he's with.

Because Guts has been on the path of proper healing since his pep talk with Godo, those purer, and more childish aspects of his personality have finally been able to mature and see the light of day in his character, and they are coming out in all the people who join his group —hence why they are all mostly women and children.

Not really. There's a huge gap between him and anyone in his group. They just don't live in the same world, and when they bond it's always briefly. Guts is still pretty much broken at this point.

guts, like all of us, is a cute loli witch at heart.

What the fuck was Schierke's dream supposed to mean?

she likes isidro >_



One day she will let Ishidro drink her honey pot.

>There's a huge gap between him and anyone in his group.
Is there, though? There's something to be said about his very acceptance of the people he's with in his group. This is Guts we're talking about, someone who, prior to meeting the Band of the Hawk and immediately after the Eclipse, had anti-social personality flaws and personal space issues stemming from his childhood.

To me, him accepting someone into his group = him welcoming that characteristic into his life. There are so many panels where he looks like he is watching over everyone in the group, like a father. They're serving as an extension of him at this point in his life.

>had anti-social personality flaws and personal space issues stemming from his childhood.
That is true. But he bonded with people, to an extent, pic related. He was always kind of a loner and that only got worse after the Eclipse, but he still talked to people around him (Godo, Erica, Rickert, Jill, Puck...). Even just to add a cynical comment or something.

He doesn't talk a lot with the new band. He watches over them, but he's kinda far from them. Don't get me wrong, he enjoys their presence and would go far to protect them, but I think his mind is half-dozing, half-obsessed with Casca.

It's a side-effect of using the Berserker Armor too much. On his case, he abused it for the first time and even allowed the Hellhound to change the form of his armor

Also, he abused it because he fought Grunbeld's dragon form and stopped two attacks of his dragon form, which broke his bones in the process. The armor reinforced them by biting onto his bones. As a result, a few strands of his hair became white, his senses are dulled (vision, taste, and probably a few more), and his hand tends to shake every now and then

This image is always very jawring to look at.

The next chapter will be so hot

Fun Time with Femto!

Her desire for guts' penis and fatherly love.

Eclipse, now with 200% more MOE

The Band of the Hawk era was also a time of healing for him. That's how I see it and what's going on with him right now. But he's a very different person than he was when he was with the Band of the Hawk, he's supposed to be older (canonically his age doesn't match up, but going by how Miura changed his face over time, you're supposed to at least see him as getting much older) so he would naturally express himself differently. It's more fatherly now, looking over women and children, content with being somewhat at a distance but all the more caring about them.

One of Miura's color artworks at the opening of a volume shows Guts resting on a tree branch with the rest of the Band of the Hawk around a campfire below him. That shot always stood out to me because it contrasts his attitude then with what it is now with his new group. In that shot his back is turned to the group and his eyes are closed, but he obviously is listening to them chatter, and seems content — the warmth of their fire is "behind" and "below" him, per se. He is still facing out into the darkness of the forest / not directly looking at the fire. But now, it is the other way around. Everyone in his new group is looking forward, out into the world, and he is standing behind them, looking over them and ahead.

Casca is finally gonna get healed.
We're nearly there.
hold me lads

Digital? He drew this on a tablet?

>Casca is finally gonna get healed.
How do you know?
She might as well die and move the plot that way.

Because the elf king said so, stop trying to crush my dreams.
Also, Miura won't let her be retarded all this time only to kill her off later on in the story without having done anything relevant.

Maybe she died during eclipse and her body was controlled by griffith in order to prank guts.

Everything is kawaii now, obv Miura wants a good ending, come on.

nice meme you edgelord


So, will Casca have a dream about that time Guts tried to rape her?

Everyone knows that a period moe follows a period of edge. Maybe the edge starts in the dream.

I wish Farney chan was my girlfriend

What if guts has healing sex with elf king

>DBZ with Uub
Toriyama's worst error that is mostly forgotten by the nips.

Or Griffith planted a timing bomb inside her, which will explode once Guts sticks it in her.

I just see it as him aging. He's gotta be in his early-mid 30s now, which is boys actually start becoming men.

Anyone have that edit of the one panel of the newest chapter, with the technicolour and Shirke saying "This is pure cancer"?

guts is like 22

Guts is like, 23-24

>16 at the start of Golden Age
>3 year time jump
>about a year passes between time jump and battle of doldrey
>one year of Hawks on the run
>two years between the Eclipse and Conviction arc
>about a year has passed since

He looked about 20 when he met Griffith, and they were together for something like four years, probably a few years hunting down apostles, the whole journey through lego pope's wild ride, and seven years on a boat, so he's probably around thirty.

and he still cant grow a beard
guess he's secretly a she, thats why we've never seen her penis

Nah, he just scrapes his face on the dragonslayer every morning.





>good ending.png

Pippin was too good for this world.

What determines what your apostle form is, and how powerful it is?

I remember her penis clearly going into Casca. Ask pic related.

Pippin alone was better than the 80% of the current party

Well, it seems like its the form of your true self, like how Femto is the form of Griffith's arrogance.
Or you just choose it because its cool, like the snail with legs.

>One dimensional character
>Better than anything

Looks like a perfectly normal baby born of a man and woman, not some hellmonster.

It's about who you are, the random apostles from the eclipse were just some degenerate criminals, while Griffith's warriors like the giant dragon or the hunter are proud warriors with morals and strength.

The un-logic of a mind destroyed by idolm@ster.

Better question is how did those honorable as shit knights become apostles? The hunter guy is way too chill and friendly, and doesn't seem to have any sort of horrible weakness to be exploited by the god hand.

C'mon try to say that Magnifico, Roderick, Isidro, Isma, Azan and Ivarela are better than him.

I've fapped to isma more often than I've done to Pippin, so there.

It's not its fault it was born prematurely you fucking ableist.

Roderick is the broest of bros, don't even get me started.
Manifico, Isma and Ivalera are comic reliefs and are on the same level as Pippin or any of the old Hawks
Azan is a cool character but he's pretty much just background nowadays.
You serious nigger? Isidro has some pretty major character growth throughout the manga and he's DEFINITELY better than fucking "I'm strong and I don't talk much" Pippin

People summons God Hand when they falls into despair. Someone probably killed and roasted his dog.

We don't know their story, maybe they had a good reason, or maybe they were brainwashed into it like Griffith was, unless we see a retrospection we will never know.

Been a while since I read Berserk, but what exactly is the motivation for the apostles? Why would you want to be doomed to go to hell?

One of the biggest differences is also that the old group was centred around Griffith, but the new group is centred around Guts. Guts had to leave the Band of the Hawk because he felt he could never become Griffith's equal when standing in his shadow, but now he's basically reached the same state of pulling people towards him and his destiny.

>Roderick sole purpose was to have a boat
>Magnifico, Isma and Ivarela on the same level as Corkus. Good one.
>Is Azan even a character?

Isidro is literally a retarded kid, wasted potential, as OP said he idolizes the Hundred Manslayer, sees Guts trimming down hordes of demon by himself and can't connect the two things. As I said: literally retarded.

Based Pippin was the first to take Guts on his shoulders and bring him to the BoH party, much like a big brother, he helped him to stop being an edgelord. He was more than silent strong type.

>Manifico, Isma and Ivalera are comic reliefs and are on the same level as Pippin or any of the old Hawks
>You serious nigger? Isidro has some pretty major character growth throughout the manga and he's DEFINITELY better than fucking "I'm strong and I don't talk much" Pippin
Just kill yourself or go back to K-on!. Comic reliefs are actively harming the story. So does Isidro.

I'm a volume 27 man, look at those lips, look at that jaw. That's one masculine motherfucker right there. Are you telling me you wouldn't let that man inside you?

His face was getting longer and longer...
Then it got squashed... look how low his eyes are. Not hansamu at all.

for fun mane, you get to participate in feasts and shit, it's the midland version of YOLO

Im pretty sure hes an elf since he has no facial hair.

What are the odds that the next berserk anime season won't be a total piece of shit?

Im tempted to speculate on the mechanics of becoming an apostle and how the person's mind and soul, the circumstances of the summoning and the sacrifice all factor in, but Im pretty sure not even Miura knows or cares how it actually works, because its not really important to the story.

I give you the four but Azan? He fucking got a backstory. Where is Judeau's backstory, huh?

You're baiting at this point.

I sure hope its going to be pos so we get some hilarious wembs and memes out of it, otherwise it's jsut another kinda shitty show thats going to ignore by most people.

The God Hand show up when you're near death and offer you retarded power and eternal life in exchange for a sacrifice. You inevitably go full evil because you're basically powered by hell. But its not like the God Hand are bad bosses. They let you do whatever most of the time and occasionally invite you to a fucking sweet moonlight buffet.

I wouldn't say near death, just when you're having an emotional crisis. Rosine wasn't near death when she summoned them, maybe a little beat up but she was far from death.

The only hopes you should ever hold for it is memes and Griffith finally getting his own ugly shitty 3D model.

the behelit gets activated by your blood on it you don't need to be near death

That was the moth chick, right? I thought she'd run away to go find the elves, gotten lost, got depressed because she realized they weren't real and just laid down to die before the evil kinder egg activated.

I got a shit memory, but are there any apostles with magical powers similar to Femto's telekinesis or whatever?

Ganishka's didn't, he was poisoned with no blood on his hand.

i just want another mass sacrifice of all the new guts friends

is this too much to ask, Miura?

Fuck, do you remember which chapter was Ganishka's story? I wanted to reread it recently but couldn't find it.

Does anyone know the achieve site of Cred Forums now? I want to find the old threats but can't.

I think it's volume 34,definitely when he's in Shiva mode, but I can't help you further, I'm sorry

Too much, as long as there is still Idolm@ster out there.

Who will sacrifice them? I'd love it if this happened. If he was going to he should have made them more likable though.

She went to find elves, parents found her, dad got mad and laid a beating on her, mother tried to stop it only to get a beating herself and she was horrified that the struggles she had in the real world invaded what was her fantasy zone.

Me too, I want an edgy ending when Guts flips off after Casca is healed but runs away to Griffith and sacrifices her in order to become an apostle killer like Skull knight and them having a fight.

Too bad people will go crazy over something this and we will never get it.

If only ISIS didn't also fucking love Idolm@ster. That studio getting destroyed would send us back to the grimdark days.

That's terrible. Why would Guts flip off Casca? Why would he willingly become an apostle? Why would he care about Griffith enough to fight him (as of now) ? Also, Skull Knight isn't an apostle and he doesn't give a fuck about killing apostles.

Why is Miura so obsessed over lolis??? That nigga like 50 years old

Because all of the madness inside him will take over if Casca runs away to Griffith, I know he's not an apostle, but he somehow got supernatural powers due to the apostle process, it was hinted in the story that he was a king and Void was his prisoner I think. He doesn't give a fuck about killing regular apostles because they're beneath him, but he's a sworn enemy of the God hand, that's his whole character, so think maybe Guts will become something like him.

i heard he love to browse this place, so that's why he hate us and love lolis

That's a terrible story though.

Thank, based user.

Maybe, I just wanna relive the edge days, a sappy good ending will be a letdown for this kind of manga.

>Why would he willingly become an apostle?
Probably because he finally falls for Slan. Seriously, I will also become a god hand if Slan takes a liking to me.

Here's my speculation

Grunbeld was a knight that served a kingdom of old, and was devoted to his duty to the king and his kingdom until the end. Their castle was raided and somewhere along the way, the king was murdered before he could reach him. He felt disappointed in himself as a knight because he failed to protect the king, and when he was in a state of despair, the God Hand appeared before him, and told him that he could regain his honor as knight and only has to choose a sacrifice. He chose to sacrifice the kingdom he swore to protect so that he may have the power to protect his future liege. He was given a dragon apostle form, big and fiery, so that no flames of war may harm him and may continue on to search for a new king to offer his knighthood to.

Irvine was probably some Robin Hood-esque guy, stealing from the monarch and giving his loot to the poor. The king gave orders to hunt him down, but soon gave up because of his proficiency in bow and arrows. Instead, he was summoned by the king and got offered a job as a personal guide. His band of thieves got jealous, and one night, they ambushed the caravan where Irvine was called to guard, and in his dying moments, the God Hand appeared before him, telling him they could extend his life in exchange for a sacrifice. Out of desperation, he chose his band of thieves and became and apostle

Locus may have been a mercenary while he was still human. Can't really think of anything about this guy

I don't get you people always saying you want another tragedy scene like the Eclipse. Or rather, I don't think you get what Berserk is about.

A tragic story doesn't need more than one major tragic event. In fact, it's kind of repetitive to have multiple. Berserk is also more than just a tragedy, it's also an epic like The Odyssey. In fact, it was always like an epic, with the tragic elements playing a smaller role in the overall story.

I mean, come on guys. I love the Black Swordsman arc, Lost Children arc, Conviction arc, the Eclipse scene, etc. too, but I'm not an edgelord about it.

Didn't Femto already went into Casca's depths?

Locus was a famous knight long before he became an Apostle. Everyone who knows about him are shocked that he's still alive.


but then again i bet money the same people who want another eclipse, are the same people shitting on the mans art choices even though he doesnt have to make shit.

entitlement is crazy mane

>Innermost depth
That's the key word, user. Griffith didn't go there, otherwise there would have been no fetus.

>your apostle form is
probably a "spirit animal" short of thing. a manifestation of your true self
>how powerful it is
the pain and suffering of the sacrifices

this guy probably kicked his sacrifice in the nuts and killed them in their sleep or something

Are you retarded m8?

-Little girls like sweets(the honey) it's considered something childish.
-BUT Schierke acts with a stick up her butt(stop imagining it) all the time, like one of those girls that want to be more grown up
-Isidro the other kid in the group makes her act like a kid because that's what she is.

More like old age is catching up to him. Or, his hiatus is probably due to him having to frequent the hospital because of his chronic masturbation to his idolM@ster waifu causing him to suffer from arthritis.

Schierke likes Dilfs

>this guy probably kicked his sacrifice in the nuts and killed them in their sleep or something

Schierke is a little kid that finds grown men more appealing because that's how little girls are. Always wanting to be more mature than they truly are

he has a moral obligation to his fans, berserk is a pretty big deal

if you have a sliver of responsibility you can't just leave it hanging for other people to finish and fuck it up

But isn't that exactly what he's doing?

Both are dictated by your will and emotion.

>Band of the Hawk translation

Where can a man get a download for Ash Crow.

>Plot barely advanced

kinda, but you can tell he's doesn't want to do it, a couple chapters a year is hardly an effort

i honestly don't think it will finish for at least 10 more years, at the current pace

So when will they announce that Miura died and a intern is actually finishing the manga?


wtf is "moral obligation", the man owes you, and me NOTHING.

if he wanted to pick up a 9-5 and play idolmaster all day, would that be preferable to bitching about how HE is making HIS story? Responsibility means shit

>a couple chapters a year is hardly an effort
>>Plot barely advanced

exactly what I'm talking about

the man must have no life outside of Berserk/sarcasm. he knows you nerds will wait on it away

There might be a chance that he steps up his game. If he uses assistants to make the process go faster, that's fine by me, but I'm honestly starting to think the past few chapters have been drawn by someone else while Miuara was off doing something else.

I want them to die already, too many kids, last chapter was more moe than reading K-ON.

Miura switched to digital around chapter 343 or so.

I miss based Pippin.

tsugumomo artist is just a special kind of autist

he was about 15 or 16 when he met griffith. Can't remember his exact age but they all referred to him as a kid during the first flash back chapters. He spent 3 years with BotH before they met Zodd. Can't remember the amount of time that passed into the eclipse, but I'm guessing a year. then he spent two years killing apostles before casca went missing. So he's around 22- 24.

I think Ishidoro might be legit retarded yeah.
I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say it's just because he's young, everyone was retarded when they were around his age. Don't pretend you weren't.

is it me or casca looks more retardo in this image than half the manga

> TFW dream eclipse will replace the moon with a gigantic (@)____

How old was he when he killed Gambino? 10? Because if so, he'd be 15 when he met Griffith.

>you can't just leave it hanging for other people to finish and fuck it up
Except when you're sick, and have no choice, which is clearly the case.

Why is this sick meme being thrown around here, is he literally dying or what?

Its been a joke for ages since all it takes for someone from Japan to die is a cold.
Miuara is getting up in age though.

>apostles are personas

I think Isidro's a slightly more rounded character than the elves, but he's easily the weakest part of the group otherwise.

Wish they'd focus more on Farnese and Serpico's dynamic again.

Seems practical, doesn't it? Miura was always very strict about Berserk and its adaptations. He apparently was disappointed in the '97 anime which is why we didn't see another adaptation until the movies, because he would not approve another studio to do it. He hand selected Hirasawa himself, and did pretty much all of the drawing by himself up until recently.

Around the same time the hiatuses began, we got the movie adaptations. Now it looks like someone else is doing the artwork entirely. If this all isn't an indication that he is sick, and struggling to work on it, and his publishers are doing what they can to push it along and take control away from him, I don't know what is.

It wouldn't be the first time a Japanese writer / mangaka got sick like this.

>Artist style changes over the course of many years.
So Cred Forums what else is new today? But no really, you all think an artist style stays the same forever?

Or he's just gotten bored of the series and is slowly weaning away from it. Nigga started this shit when he was 20.

If he's rather new to digital drawing, i think we'll see the style come into itself after awhile. I agree the lines are thick, but come on its not that different from how he draws by hand.

It's just you.

wasnt Ganishka speared to death as well?
just sayin'

11 iirc
the timeskips where 3, 3, 3 and 2 years which would make him 3, 6, 9 and 11 years old respectively

He can do what he wants, we can shit on it too.

Pippin, Corkus, and Judeau were all great.

Speared and poisoned. The fact that he survived long enough to reach for the Behelit is itself is a miracle.

geesh i don't know, maybe cause he's a jap?

I haven't watched the old anime, but I've seen clips form it and it seems pretty well made, I wonder if he contemplates suicide watching this bizarre frankenstein adaptation.

The story changed a bit, but its pretty alright. Could have been way worse.
And I think he could give less of a shit now. Is the anime making him money? Then he's ok with it.

he was poisoned by his mother when he was in order to put his younger brother in line for the throne. he was speared when his son staged a coup d'etat and he touched his "Fabergé egg" trying to find something to fend him off with

>Berserk 97
The animation has aged a bit, but I think the atmosphere and emotional pacing is still lovely.

>lets go on hiatus tonight

I'd trade the whole current party to get Judeau back honestly. I even like most of the new party too.

Fuck that, i want every single of those fags that follow Griffith (including the loli) to be raped for all eternity, i can't stand them.

Hey now
Mule is alright.

is he dabbing

Honestly if you can't tell that only the last page was drawn by Miura and the rest was done by some intern than you need to get your eyes checked

I'm talking more about the animation quality dawg, everyone agrees 3d is shit no matter how they try to refine it. If Berserk was made by the same studio which made Attack on titan anime, it would have been awesome, sadly Berserk fell out of hype because it's been going for 20 years and it would have been too costly.

If you look at the other anime's that they made before the new Berserk one, you'll know exactly why Miuara chose them.

I agree. The same way Guts learned to let go some fans need to understand that a story progresses


I thought he'd at least have some relevance after he got his free power-ups from Flora, but he can't even use those right.


>hurr just cuz i cannot make masterpieces doesnt mean i cant tell what a masterpiece is

and then he doesnt have to make shit for ungrateful faggots like yourself


that's hogan's pose. dab has you sniff your armpit
try learning a language other than the one your mother spoke

Why are you still arguing?
Miuara is a great artist but he does have a shit fucking schedule and could care less about the manga and fans. It'd be different if he was releasing a new chapter every month and people still complained, but he got 3 new ones this year. 3. It fucking sucks.

But your greentext is true. You don't have to be a mastercook to tell a burned steak is burned. Criticism and feedback is what keeps any kind of art alive. Miura doesn't have to make shit for us, but we don't have to silence our speech either. If we think Berserk has gone downhill since a few years, we'll say it.

I think 3d fails so hard in anime in general because they try to make it look like 2d animation.

Making something look like 2d while using 3d kinda defeats the whole purpose of the 3d.

Why do all you redditors want QUALITY art and full on friendship heart of the cards plot bullshit desu ne? That's like K-On becoming about them dealing with with being whored by the industry while they battle drug addiction whilst animated in the style of Hokuto No Ken.

making anime 3D without trying to make it look like anime defeats the whole purpose of anime.

The tech and resources are just not there yet, I don't mind studios trying with 3D now. I doubt it will replace 2D but eventually it will be enough to lessen the burden on animators with special effects and background characters and some other stuff.

>shit fucking schedule

he has a life. get over yourself. this probably is super boring for him as well since its WORK for him, while pleasure for us to read

the thing is, it hasn't gone "downhill", it just changed. I understand that. Most of you fags don't. Taste is subjective, but if you don't like waiting on such art that has gone "downhill", then fuck off.

No one likes to hear bitching about nothing

A lot of people, me included, loved that "simplicity" of old Berserk.

When Guts was just a man with a hatred so intense he even made monsters beg for mercy.

Now that it's just a full blown fantasy RPG with mermaids and wizards it's become boring

>A manga artist
>Having a life.
He's in the wrong line of work then.

>the thing is, it hasn't gone "downhill", it just changed
And we, or at least, I, think this change is not a good thing. I loved Golden Age, I liked Guts' growth and I've been engulfed by his struggle and his emotional intensity. Pic related. That's what made Berserk so good for me, and I don't think trading it for what it is today was a good idea.

>Get over the fact that someone doesn't want to do the work he's paid for

You sound like one of those redditors that spout about muh "entitled kids".

He's not doing anyone a favor, he's making money out of it. If you work in the entertainment industry then you need to fucking work, simple as that.

>Art is objectively worse, less detail, wonky designs, arr rook same, Naruto has better art and more diversity at this point
>not downhill
kys desu senpai

If you can't reconcile with the fact that Guts changed and stopped being centered around the amount of apostles he removed and decided to focus all effort on curing Caska, after getting a severe reality check and almost losing her because he just stopped giving a fuck, having her saved only thanks to efforts of people he barely knew, then Berserk is not for you anymore.

You mean when it was just copying Devilman and Violence Jack?

Ok we get it, you wanna suck Miuaras dick, but don't get your panties in a bunch when people have th audacity to criticize him.

Call it a copy if you want, that doesn't invalidate how good it was.

>Go Nagai invented everything

When will this meme stop?

shiieeet miura's background game has always been on point

inspiration isn't copying

Didn't get much feedback yesterday, so I'll try again. Making a detailed berserker armor model, finished an attempt at the helmet yesterday. Please, do criticize and shit on anything disproportionate of bad about it.

>then Berserk is not for you anymore.

Honestly it isn't I just read it out of habit, and for SK

The bottom of the barrel fantasy drivel the rest of it is can go die in a ditch


all you fags in epic emotional tirades about the art changing is funny

why bitch when you are still going to watch anyway? if it makes it easier for him to do, then yes, fuck you entitled shit heads. Cuz its still awesome art just not like how (You) are used to.

The stills are fantastic from that anime. Soundtrack was brilliant too of course. A shame they cut out Puck and Skull Knight and slimmed down the Black Swordsman / beginning of Golden Age though, also that pointless filler episode with Adon.

If that anime had been allowed to make more episodes, and go all out on the adult rating, it would have been as perfect as an animated adaptation is going to get.

Although, I do think there's some great things in the third movie too.

He's a character deserving a spinoff of his own. Instead Miura went on to write a retarded manga about wrestling with ant-men and piss fetishism.

Because I wanna see how this fucking story ends. Doesn't stop me from calling Miuara out on his bullshit, it doesn't stop anyone. Don't get so upset because we're talking shit about your favorite author.

What material will you be using?

Or is it just a 3D model and not for cosplay?

Berserk was a combination of several ideas from the beginning. There was a complete peridigm shift from him being an wicked antihero to good guy at heart GAR shonen bishi with a stereotypical JRPG team and that is the problem.

Criticism is good. We've provided arguments to explain how we felt about it. Different people can enjoy different things, or just enjoy the same story differently. Talking about entitlement and the such is always, always a bad thing in those discussions, for the artist and the readers.

Looking pretty sweet my dude


>The fact that he survived long enough to reach for the Behelit is itself is a miracle
It was bound to happen, every behelit will found his owner when the time is right.

Anybody got the webm of Femto raping Casca (with sound)?

looks good. is this your first piece?

then let him do it how he wants. his art changing because he got older/on different tools isn't bullshit.

You could always go make your own Berserk if you are unhappy with the art lol

its not criticism though. it all boils down to, "he not putting the scratchy cross hatching line down anymore", cuz his panels are still awesome even when they are wonky from the digital touch

you say it as if it's not as detail or vivid anymore, which you'd be wrong

Can anyone honestly tell me that running off to an Elf island is not "paradise"?

This is why I don't like modern Berserk it's going back-pedalling from a lot of stuff that was great about old Berserk

>Make your own Berserk
Kill yourself.

Guts' design has been severely downgraded. People look pretty fucking moe and Miura has been copying panels (someone post the pic if you have it). There's an art problem, but what people are afraid of now is the story. Next chapter will show if Miura can still pull off tense shit or if we're in for JRPG shit until the end.

There's criticism to be made about modern Berserk but this is not part of it. At that point Guts didn't know Elfhelm existed and he was referring to following him, Jill thought it'd relieve her pain but in truth it'd be just running away and most likely dying pretty quickly.

I'm not comparing about the art, I'm complaining about the fact that in 9 years, we've gotten maybe 7 or 8 chapters.
And people have different opinions m8. You going off and calling us "entitled" isn't gonna change them.

The edge days were too out of character even for Guts, now he's Cascafag number one.

It goes against the message of the entire Conviction arc, there is no easy way, you have to fight each day to survive.

This wasn't just a lesson Jill learned but also Farnese.

But now it turns out there is an easy way out you just have to go on a boat trip.

My guess it will be kind of tense, but never like it used to due to the tablet's limitations of really fine detail like the pencil can do.

The pic you provided easily shows that, and the fact that Miura is getting old + his lack of passion means we almost definitely won't see scenes and character design like in old times.

Got you my dude.


>all boils down to
>less scratchy, cross hatchy lines

why is the JRPG aspect a problem? Did Miura create those characters, and is this his story? Sounds like you imagined something that wasn't up to you.

saying its "taking too long ;_;" isn't going to stop you from watching it, so why waste your energy complaining about a non issue?

I'll print it in PLA or something like that first, might cast it later in aluminium. Not sure about cosplaying, if I can make it actually functional at the figurine scale, it's a possibility.

Thanks guys!

Yup, it is. I've done modeling before though. Thanks for the feedback. The "eye" was kind of an afterthought, I'll work on it some more. But the wrinkles are a good idea, wouldn't have thought of it.


>Why is an user complaining on Cred Forums?
If you're asking that seriously, you're in the wrong place to talk about Berserk.

Ok now it's confirmed that an intern is tracing panels and Miura did not draw the last few chapters

Guts being 100% Cascafag is too much. He should still be conflicted about the choice between Casca and the revenge, trying to complete both but having hard times dealing with it.

Actually, he still might be. He DID get triggered when Zodd showed up and asked where Griffith was, despite being hurt.

edgelord detected

He might have done backgrounds, but yeah, an intern has been at the helm for a bit.

Yeah, you're going to save Miura's feelings from a bunch if harmless critics on a Singaporean pottery forum. You're really a hero, faggot.

>you can criticize it because you aren't the one making it

Yes, it's very clearly a downgrade. There's not nearly the same amount of details and care in Guts' protoface, as it has been literally copied and paste multiple times . There are instances where it's literally symetric, meaning Miura, or whoever did that, used a trick despised in the artists' world, showing a lack of skill or drive.

>why is the JRPG aspect a problem?
Because it doesn't carry the same amount of emotions and interesting themes that I liked before.
>inb4 YOU
That's my opinion. Some may share it, some may not. I'm sharing it anyway, for the sake of discussion.

Yeah, you just need a ship full of seasoned sailors and kill a sea god. I wonder why nobody does it.

I meant, modern face, not protoface.
Gotta get some sleep.

And also an elf to traverse the traps so you don't get lost forever.

>complaining about edge in a manga whose climax involved the slaughter of more then half of the named cast and the graphic rape of the main heroine


>why are you fighting my point of view with you own??

kys viper my man

>nothing the post

it allows him to continue the story.. it may be despised but guess how many of them do it?

maybe the JRPG arcs weren't supposed to be the same as the Golden Age, or edgier arcs? Maybe its supposed to convey something else?

If you're having it 3d printed in plastic, the red areas are very susceptible to breaking and snapping off, might want to reinforce it from the inside.

Also what's that in the yellow area?

I forgot how weird this page looked.

So the moral stops being "there is no paradise, fight your own battles" and becomes "yeah come with me on this marginally dangerous adventure that even children can survive (Isidro) and we will find paradise"

>an intern
That's above intern level work still. Don't forget just because Miura is an art god that he is not a standard to judge by. In fact the guy responsible for the latest chapters either doesn't give a shit and just wants to get paid, or is sweating his balls off every night hoping he's not completely butchering Miura-sama's series.

I mean, Guts only found out about Elf Island through Puck. Its not really that well known of a place to the general population.

>it allows him to continue the story.. it may be despised but guess how many of them do it?
Not really since he still takes hiatuses and release like 2 chapters a year.

Even if it was true, it'd still be a downgrade. He did release chapters pretty fast and nicely drawn before the infamous boat.

>maybe the JRPG arcs weren't supposed to be the same as the Golden Age, or edgier arcs? Maybe its supposed to convey something else?
Probably, and what I'm saying is that what they convey isn't nearly as satisfying as the rest and should be replaced with something else, by having the story move forward and take another turn.

I have a feeling that he trained a few people during the boat hiatus to emulate his style well enough.

>thinking the climax is the only part that's essential to a work
Berserk is not edgy at its core. That's just one aspect of it.

>That's above intern level work still

Not really if you consider the intern would have months to finish 2-3 chapters, this isn't a weekly release

Yes,stop fighting has become a theme for guts after finding caska. Before he just went nuts with rage and killed everything.

Does that mean Miura is preparing to drop Berserk? I don't want anyone else but him finishing it.

Yeah it's just like 70% of the manga, with the culmination being a demonic-slaughter-orgy

Suffering is integral to the plot, world, characters and everything that is Berserk.

Its ok, user. You'll get used to it.

Dude, go draw. RIGHT NOW. Then try to even trace one of his panels, and you will understand why the man takes hiatuses. It's not easy at all, and everyone "downgrades" as they get older. Doesn't make his art now worthless, compared the art in the beginning

>by having the story move forward and take another turn

it always does.. there is no part of Berserk that is remotely the same as a previous part. He's probably gonna have to choose between the party and Caska desu. SK pretty much foretold it.

the JRPG party doesnt suffer

>suffering is edgy
You don't need deaths to cause suffering, just watch how much Guts suffer because Caska hates him.

the kid's face looks atrocious here

More than suffering, I'd say, struggling has been Guts' whole character. Struggling against enemies, struggling to find a place in the world, struggling against himself. I miss it.

>It's not easy at all, and everyone "downgrades" as they get older. Doesn't make his art now worthless, compared the art in the beginning
It's been only a few years yet we went from fantastic art like Ganishka's mega Apostle form to what we have now. And the problem isn't just age it's also laziness which shows in copy and paste and butchered designs.

>it always does.. there is no part of Berserk that is remotely the same as a previous part. He's probably gonna have to choose between the party and Caska desu. SK pretty much foretold it.
Yeah. I'm hyped for early 2017.

It may sound like bait but I like the party. I like how they made Guts feel a bit more at ease. The guy deserves some happiness and I think he likes the company.

>It may sound like bait but I like the party
To me they are even better than the Band of the Hawk.

That was vol 23.

Despite acting so aloof, she's really a kid at heart. Isidoro's bullying actually does get to her, and it freaks her out.

Except we get a scene like that in every arc.

It's been 10+ years since I watched Berserk and then read Golden Age. I barely remember them.


>It's been only a few years yet we went from fantastic art like Ganishka's mega Apostle form to what we have now

he may be sick, or just busy with life enjoying himself. He is owed that for giving this to us. Hell most of us here are seeing Berserk for free, so I feel for Miura a lot.

the sooner you make peace with that, the less sad it seems when you envision the man dying before Berserk is finished. I'm glad we got what we did though, because it helped me understand aspect of being a man that weren't explained to me. Not because I didn't have a dad, but because they are hidden lessons to learn.

They're overstaying their welcome. Band of the Hawk served their purpose and improved Guts' character, JRPG party is bottlenecking the manga with comical relief scenes and Guts-unrelated stuff.

Casca showing she's afraid from Guts isn't the same as Guts speech in vol23, it's all about substance. But I agree, we had that nice scene in the boat where he tried to grab her. Really good stuff.

I guess these big decisions now rest on Casca's own shoulders, he's not acting like he's going to choose anytime soon.

Hmm, you're right about those parts, I will thicken this part of the helmet. Thanks.

For the yellow area, it's my thickening technique, it looks like the inner surface is poking out, I will redo the whole inner surface, hopefully that'll fix it.

Do you know who has said that he's ready for the baton pass?

>everyone "downgrades" as they get older
Doesn't mean we should just be okay with it. If Miura somehow notices the criticism, perhaps he tries to improve it.

>There are instances where it's literally symetric, meaning Miura, or whoever did that, used a trick despised in the artists' world, showing a lack of skill or drive.

It shows you are going to continue by whatever means necessary and are cutting corners. Most old cartoons reused scenes and the like. Games reuse assets, webcomics never gave a shit, you pic a style that's easy to draw, that sort of thing.

Not that I like this sort of shit but I'm not even a paying customer. You think I know anything about fancy art trends?

How long has it been since this manga was about Guts and not the auxiliary cast?

read>he may be sick, or just busy with life enjoying himself. He is owed that for giving this to us. Hell most of us here are seeing Berserk for free, so I feel for Miura a lot.


Remember to post the final result, I'm looking forward to it.

>They're overstaying their welcome. Band of the Hawk served their purpose and improved Guts' character
That's the thing, the BoW were barely characters. They were only a plot device to make Guts more tragic.
>Guts-unrelated stuff.
Making everything revolve around Guts all the time is tiresome

Thanks. You might see me again a few times, I'm presently redoing the torso-shoulders. I have pretty good drafts for the whole armor... Except the gauntlets *shudders*. So many small parts in those hands...

Cutting corners is acceptable in reasonable contexts, I'm not really willing to give Miura that one. It's about to get really, really important and Miura better get Eclipse2 right.

>That's the thing, the BoW were barely characters. They were only a plot device to make Guts more tragic.
I disagree, they were well-defined enough and had likeable personalities. They made fine secondary/tertiary characters and their tragic deaths didn't just make Guts' character better but also theirs.

>Making everything revolve around Guts all the time is tiresome
It's been at least 10 vols since Guts did anything interesting. He had a nice monologue on the boat, and he was pretty cool with Zodd. The rest of the time, he cuts through fodder while spouting one-liners.

This. Guts didn't know anything other than fighting and revenge back then. Now he gets introduced into a side of the world that he'd only seen the dark side of before. Add to that the roles of being a protector and teacher. He can't be an eternal edgelord. It just doesn't work. I bet if he'd kept the mentality he had back during the conviction arc today we'd all be calling it boring and samey.

his voice is slightly whiny its bugs me

Does anyone remember this scene? Guts will never get Casca back.

>Miura better get Eclipse2 right

or else you'll stop reading, right?

fuck you. I hope it looks like Caskas dreams

Vol 14-19 was the best incarnation of guts, he has much more personality to his face, much more so than the typical gears of war meat slab he "evolved" into.

>they were well-defined
I hate the mc character, I love the mc love interest character and the silent character. They were well defined indeed and not in the good way.

when you the only sober one in the squad

>They made fine secondary/tertiary characters and their tragic deaths didn't just make Guts' character better but also theirs

willing to bet money we see them as Apostles

>Guts didn't know anything other than fighting and revenge back then
I disagree. Lost Children Guts has shown to be a pretty empathetic man. Cynical, but somehow caring. Right now he has no personality because he doesn't even do anything for it to show.

It looking like Casca's dream would be neat though.

Okay because that's fucking retarded.

>I hate the mc character, I love the mc love interest character and the silent character.
You're talking about Serpico, Farnese and Schierke, right?

He'll never get his eye or arm back either. Or his peace of mind because there's an overtly malicious entity obsessed with murder lurking at the back of it. People tend to skim over Guts during downtime like the boats chapter, but his suffering didn't really decrease. It's just not thrown into your face anymore.


>Guts didn't know anything other than fighting and revenge back then.

There was a lot more subtlety to Lost Children Guts


Griffith is practically god

the apostles will look like them, but it's not them

Haha I loved that emotional scene where Jill was saying goodbye to her friend and Guts jumped out of a FUCKING PUDDLE OR SOME SHIT waiting for a good chance to impale her.

That one.

I just want healed Caska to become hellbent on getting revenge on Griffith, no matter what. Something's gotta make Guts and Griffith clash again.

>sword almost kills Jill too

at the very least there are no spirits haunting him. although it might actually do him some good to take a break from all the cute and slice up some ectoplasm

Fuck man, nigga really went through a lot, but no matter what chooses to look forward and still fight on.
I try to use him as motivation and a role model, but sadly I don't think I even posses 1/10 of his willpower.

Being able to sleep peacefully at least for a while is perhaps the greatest boon Guts currently possesses. I imagine he's still haunted by nightmares his psyche produces. We got to see one of the dreams he had and there's no indication of them having stopped. If anything they probably only got worse with the introduction of armor.

he had already wasted one chance to protect jill. bitch was told to stay out

Yeah but then he still takes the time to kick the cocoon and save Jill

This is why old Berserk was great there was always this hidden conflict about saving people vs. doing whatever is necessary to kill Apostles

well he's fictional

I think Guts' willpower is endearing to lots of viewers. It's not escapist shit, it just makes you want to face your everyday without fear.

>there was always this hidden conflict about saving people vs. doing whatever is necessary to kill Apostles

This, although I might dare to argue that it was spun slightly differently. The panel where he talks about "drawing on his urge to kill". Guts kept going on these tangents about weak people and how he hates them for being involved in fights of others, but that is him talking about himself. At no point Guts was a heartless asshole and people he ended up hurting because of his actions did get to him, he just tried his hardest to convince himself that it isn't so and drowning everything out with his hatred for Griffith and apostles in general. The biggest part of his character development was when Caska ran off and he realized that it is not what he is despite living most if not all of his life fighting.

The human vs demons is an important part of Guts revenge quest.

Try bringing up any criticism of the bullshit art direction or the overuse of comic relief in that shitcunt skullknight forum and see how many downvotes you get. FUCK that forum hard man, you have 3 losers running the show there that everyone sucks up to who are "coincidentally" MASSIVE apologists for miura.

I want the fucking manga to return with the edge, I don't care if it's "immature". The stupid gook brought up serious subject matter such as ethnic cleansing, rape, child rape, sociopaths effecting people they interact with and so on. To go from that to this moe cancer - it's just socially irresponsible.

Guts literally saved hundreds of kids

I'm pretty sure that after losing to Guts he was suicidal. Whether he was aware of it or not is the interesting question.
This brilliant tactician failed to understand implications of sleeping with Charlotte? No way in hell.

>Caska ran off and he realized that it is not what he is despite living most if not all of his life fighting.

It's a part of him, the Hound keeps tormenting him saying that the only reason he keeps Casca around is so he can constantly feel the pain of what Griffith did to him.

>Cutting corners is acceptable in reasonable contexts, I'm not really willing to give Miura that one.

I hope you never have kids.

This is all true, even when Guts was on the rampage, he still cared about other people, after he killed the count and his daughter told him that she wished he was dead, he smirked at her, but turned around and cried.

sorry to be that guy, but anyone remember the old stars of these threads?

hawk. noname and tane?

what happened with them?

That sounds like edgy fanfic.

Don't forget him freezing up when the ghost possessed dead girl just walked up to him, carrying the head of that well-meaning old grandpa she killed. Or suffering visibly and drawing onto more of that killing intent when he was killing the ghost children in Black Swordsman. Guts in general feels very shit when it gets to hurting kids, all because of that incident when he had to assassinate the general. It left a permanent mark on his character.

Who's a cute little darkness pupper?

>it's just socially irresponsible.
What does this even mean

They fucked off like every tripfag should.

Who else wishes they had an imaginary hound companion? I'm no furry but this shit is qt.

>give him a heap of raw iron

I want to see that weapon that is too thick and too heavy to be called a sword smash Griffith into pieces with a resounding CLANG.

>wailing on Griffiths corpse with the Dragonslayer until the sword itslef shatters

>fucks Griffith body to death
>in the same position as Casca

i really miss scenes like this

This image always make me smile because of how naive and simplistic it is, but not in a bad way. A straightforward and anticlimactic to a long journey that would still be extremely satisfactory. Then everyone else would have to deal with the collapse of Falconia and Griffith's army of apostles running wild.

Me to user, me to.

This is what I mean, you don't need dumb clown side characters for levity. You can rely on NORMAL FUCKING PEOPLE if you're a good enough writer, I still despise puck even to this day, or maybe just the modern usage of his character. Why haven't we seen puck reacting to emotions anymore since fucking conviction? Nope, he's just clowning with that cunt isidiro. God, so many useless boring characters now it's unreal, aren't most of them adults too? Shouldn't they be doing their own fucking thing instead of being coddled by guts?

People think that those who complain about comic relief and this new moe take on berserk just want pure edge and no substance, yet there was 100x more substance in the MOST edgiest parts of the manga such as in the very first volume. Guts shedding those tears after killing the count was VASTLY more emotional than farnesse having another fucking bitch fit.

True. I've always thought that was just to show that he's not a total sociopath. That he feels something despite being so cynical about weaker people. I'm just getting at his main drive of vengeance over everything and how that had to change. Definitely need to give it a re-read though.

You just want Guts to succeed user me too

That you shouldn't bring up subject matter like that then go "lol, it's all funny and jokes now. If you endured any horrific abuse in your life, all you need is some comic relief friends who do funny faces and go to a forest full of fairies to be happy!".

He should have finished what he started is what I'm saying, don't pull a fucking 180, trying desperately to write another story.
How accurate is this?

I think everyone does. Except for the Griffithfags, but you know what we do with those.

>You will never have a bro like Golden Age Guts

How does your explanation relates to the term "socially responsible"?

Does anyone know the name of the Susumu Hirasawa song that plays at the end of Berserk 2016?

Pretty accurate, except for that one time when he ran into Grunbeld.
This one?

The Dragon Slayer looks really small in this panel.

Time for feels.

im still looking for the battle music with Mozgus angels myself. the song ending with homeboys neck getting gashed away was epic

Nah. It's not Blood & Guts either.

I think Miura has given up on trying to give that sword consistent dimensions. It keeps varying in length and sometime even shape depending on how the scene is drawn.

People reading the manga may be suffering from depression or any of the abuse depicted in the stories (sociopaths, child abuse), yet they will see a character and setting that they could relate to suddenly turn into another beast altogether that alienates them because it's so different from what they personally know.

I know what you're thinking, he's not responsible for other people. But don't play coy in thinking he didn't try to give his manga depth and illicit a response, most of the horrific events shown were inspired by real life scenarios. Even the Kushans coming in to invade could be seen as a parallel to muslim conquests of southern/eastern europe in the middle ages.


I think you're reaching here with bringing "relatability" into the mix. Reaching severely and attempting to push some sort of an agenda. I doubt he was trying to illicit anything. He just wanted to tell a story he'd like telling. He's almost through with telling it and he certainly has lost his way in the process, of that I have no doubt. You can actually thank his readers for that.

Puck used to have an actual role in the story back then you know.

Things change, user. No matter how much you refuse to acknowledge, truth is, unfortunately for you, he is not responsible for other people.

Sorry to break it for you.

I know this post was made 18 hours ago and it's a shitpost anyway but you guys do realize the left panel is significantly larger than the right one, right? There's literally nothing wrong with the right panel, it's just less detailed because it's not meant to be the focus of the page unlike the left panel.

Then what song are you talking about? The one i linked is the one that plays during the end.

>People reading the manga may be suffering from depression or any of the abuse depicted in the stories (sociopaths, child abuse)

check that shit bro, for real. Berserk is not real, and wasn't made for this sort of thing. It highlights it to bring knowledge of the subject, not to heal or put forth answers

but real talk, if you were depressed, and suddenly found yourself being this powerful ass mofucker, with a pretty sizable group of people(friends/family)idolizing you in each of their own way, you wouldn't be depressed at all, so it starts to make sense why the story is looking different

Also, in regards to relation with actual humans, hes the happiest when hes with others. Guts is the most sad when he is by himself. Humans are social animals.

>hes the happiest when hes with others. Guts is the most sad when he is by himself

This. If only Guts didn't hear that high horse nonsense Griffith was spewing to impress the princess, he'd still be with the band and would have been happily settled with Caska, with several kids too most likely. And Griffith would have his stupid castle too.

See, this is pretty damning for the story direction in general. It shows that the author isn't confident in providing a fulfilling conclusion and will just try to hamfist a happy ending, as from his own words. I don't want a bad ending, but I want a contextual one that feels like it ties all the themes and struggles of guts together and resolves several other unanswered questions.

Look how complicated the narrative is now, how can you coherently fit in a happy ending when 80% of the human world has presumably been killed, the god hand are running free and griffith controls one (?) of the last bastions of humanity?

>tfw you remember those dumb interlude chapters with the flower loli

Chii-Chii was a nice little mini arc and you know it.


WHoops, I'm retarded. That is the song. I must have imagined Hai Yo. Apologies.

> 80% of the human world has presumably been killed

That's a dramatic exaggeration. As for authors lack of confidence it is pretty obvious that Miura didn't expect for Berserk to get as big as it did, especially if you consider its contents. He approached a lot of mature themes, the ones you listed, but not limited to it. If you remember, it was based heavily on deterministic narrative of Guts' fate being preordained and yet he kept defying it again and again despite every old/powerful being he ran into clamoring that he can't do shit about anything.

What a sentimental pussy fag

>That's a dramatic exaggeration.

Is it really though? Hasn't it been alluded to that most of the world is now irredeemably fucked through the merging of the astral realm?

Yeah, which member of the band of the hawk only had 1 eye and a robot arm? I think those would have been mentioned at some point.

>Hasn't it been alluded to that most of the world is now irredeemably fucked through the merging of the astral realm?

It was stated that Falconia is the only place where humans are secure from monster attacks

The first pump gives me life.


I just want to see Griffith die, so best bae and best girl can live their life in peace.

I kind of miss Corkus, but also don't at the same time.

Quite the convenience that Griffith has the only safe space for people to live, i sure hope nothing bad happens to all those people in Falconia.

guts misses him a lot

Apostles gotta eat, my man.

He was the first comrade he avenged

I love re-reading the Black Swordsman arc after the Eclipse.
>Guts is outright savage towards the Count because of what he did to Pippin.

>tfw if you pay attention you'll notice that Guts systematically eliminated the apostles that were present due the ceremony

I wonder when or how will he kill Borkoff. The cunt that held him down and bit into his arm, he was featured during the siege of Kushan occupied capital. I'm sure Guts would instantly recognize him.


I'm sure he's gonna go after him the moment they make eye contact.
Borkoff will know true fear then.

You can feel his pain


So corkus secretly liked guts right?

Corkus had a really deep seated respect for Guts secretly, since Guts was the only Hawk strong enough to decide and leave the band behind so he can gain his own dream.

tumblr pls go. Fiction authors aren't your mom/shrink, it's not their job to coddle and cure you, and to care about your speshul snowflake feelings. Also no person with actual depression or abuse history would be that bothered over 'being alienated' by a mere piece of fiction. Only the tumblrinas with no real-world probems who are just looking for reasons to get triggered would nitpick a story like that.

I wanna go on a life changing run man, just figure shit out. Don;t think I can go a full day like Guts though.

The third movie managed to actually be pretty alright. This and the Eclipse are great.

Also Guts represented what Corkus had given up on. I think Corkus felt a strong inferiority complex towards Guts or something and respected him a lot.

That entire Sprint sequence and SK mentoring Guts, it was solid gold.

su = breathe in (compare to fu, breathe out)


>illicit a response
>illicit anything
commit sudoku you illiterate fags


I personally think that the whole thing was the manga's peak.

he was intimidated after he killed his homeboy from the other band.

you must also realize, corkus fucking with guts, is why guts even was able to join the hawks. Griffith was lax

is right. But Corkus also was the one that told him there is nothing wrong with being ordinary, and to always compare yourself to greater people is foolish, and childish

i rewatch that scene in the 97's just because its so real.

Enjoy your shitty ending and continuing downward spiral of storytelling.

I wasn't paying that much attention, sir, I beg your forgiveness. Please, anything but the gas chamber! I beseech thee, grant me the gift of mercy!

I don't think he was suicidal as he was suffering from a compulsive need to feel in control.

No one is saying Berserk needs a sunshine and rainbows ending, but people who think it needs to be edgy because they think the point of Berserk is to be edgy for edginess' sake are just as bad

I wonder where that unicorn horn Guts was using went. Will it ever show up again?

>He uses his left arm as if he's still two-handing his sword.

It's little details like this that make it that much better.

It doesn't need their blood to activate, the Count's activated on its own when it detected his despair. Unless he was injured in the fight and blood splashed on it, and we just didn't see. Or a cultist's blood hit it offscreen and any blood works. Or maybe Miura is a hack and changed how Behelits work halfway through the story.

thanks, but
guess what
im keeping it *breath in*

>tfw you realize the only time The Hawks lost a battle is when Guts killed Bazuso

it can arrange it's face by nearby agony, short of unlocking the door. i don't think you invite the devil in without the blood (in which case the behelit cries blood and the door is wide open)

Post the page where he stabs the count's head, savage af.

No one said it needs to be only edgy, read the earlier posts. People want a return to actual depth instead of obfuscating on the themes with moe garbage and forgetting what's happened to 99% of the world. You can't even continue with this direction because elfheim is supposed to be extremely unique.

What apostle fucked over Judeau?
If I recall Casca didn't manage to finish it off, did she?


It was the one with the whips for arms. He killed it with his last knife.

>No one said it needs to be only edgy, read the earlier posts


if that's not juvenile edginess I don't know what is

You gotta do the double sacrifice to get the non-shit body. Unless you're a special snowflake like Griffith, then you get to skip a step.

Whoa, you just posted the same image twice!

Whip guy.

He does have a striking resemblance to the egg apostle if you ask me

Next page has the godhand summoned without him having hurt himself yet, and the behelit still nowhere near him. Maybe the death of all the cultists was enough for it, who knows.

Okay, this hurts.

At least they're spreading out the tracing so that you don't notice it when casually reading.

Its like a more horrifying version of it.

Actually, I just noticed, but he's holding his sword with bare hands, so he may have been bleeding from that and Miura just didn't draw it?

That apostle was creepy as fuck

>back on hiatus

Someone kill either me or Miura and end this

Shut the fuck up bitch.

>kill miura
>hiatus forever

>tfw no Guts big brother

it seems his face got shortened height wise
will this chart get updated?

Rickert used to be such a cutie.

How did he ever get to be one of the leaders of OG Band of the Hawk?

He comments on this, he just survived long enough to become a veteran

>tfw Pippin cured Gut's Manhandling phobia in 10 seconds

No he didn't, guts still had flashbacks when fucking casca.

Okay what if they JUST get marked but some how make it out of the an eclipse, I think Berserker Guts is powerful enough to at least bail them out now.
Or Based Skullknight can save the day again


well then fuck that

Old Berserk was so damn good

Guts really had a fucked up life. The man he looked up the most to in his entire life sold him as a boywhore to a fucking nigger because he was afraid of the kid. And slashed him across the nose because he couldn't hold back his temper, leaving a scar that is still visible to this day.

Thank god they fixed this in the movies

It felt like a game tutorial
>sword toss to guts

I really can't believe they cut this arc out
I guess I can understand it somewhat but still

Are you implying he was running around doing nothing for about a year and a half and then decided to go fuck maybe kill a whore?

It's something I liked about the manga more than the movies. In movies Guts just grabs his sword from out of the sheath in an act of aggression, without struggling as soon as he identified the "enemy". In the manga, SK lent him his sword. Although after that Guts attempted to jack his ride, like a true member of strug life.

>I'm here to help! Call me Ocelot, get on horse now
>the whole spirit world wants you dead
>you'll need to join up with Godoh and build that little chunk of iron of yours one more time
>first we need to save Casca! She's in the forest
>now GO! Let the hundred manslayer come back to life

Because it and the blackswordsman arc are basicaly useless?

they should have kept that scene in the anime/movies desu

Spoken like a true dumbass. Both those arcs are central to Guts' development and the themes of the story.

I really like all the OC by the artist but never was around when they were posted. Always sprint at the opportunity to post it tho

i cant fucking believe what you just typed you little bitch

Same. I was hoping someone would post the picture since I've lost it a while ago. Thanks, user.

Gambino didn't whore out Guts because he was afraid of him, he did it because he was a greedy jew who really didn't have any sentimental attachment to Guts beyond wanting to use him to make money.

Sure but nothing happens apart from seeing Guts as a total monster going berserk. You can't expect them to animate it. Seriously, there's almost 0 plot progression in those arcs.

Useless but good.

>the arc that brought out the black swordsman at his purest form
I hope this was bait
No problem love

So was all that advice about halfswording and times when Gambino will show rare fatherhood all made up?

>Look how complicated the narrative is now, how can you coherently fit in a happy ending when 80% of the human world has presumably been killed, the god hand are running free and griffith controls one (?) of the last bastions of humanity?

Dude, just cut down the fucking tree.

More than 90% of the current set up with falconia is maintained by that fucking tree.

The best thing is that the tree is so wide Guts and a crew of woodsman/miners can work away on the opposite side of the tree from falconia and griffith will never know until the tree begins to fall.

>character develops, show multiple part of his personality and how the quest for revenge actually goes
>lots of behelit and Apostles stuff
>hell hound appears for the first time
>[HAI YOOO intensifies]
>where's muh plot?????

There's more plot in Lost Children than in the last 10 years of Berserk. And let's not even talk about Black Swordsman and the God Hand meeting

Loli mage is seriously probably the cutest thing to ever come out of Japan.

Yeah, that's all what Black Swordsman and Lost children are, buildup.
Every other arc had a clear goal, beginning and ending.

What's with the ongoing lost children arc circlejerk in these threads? Yeah it established guts' ~punished~ character but we already saw most of that laid out in the black swordsman arc. Got bored my first time reading it desu senpai, very little plot progression and one of the closest things to filler Berserk has put out

>yea better start the anime out of nothing without a buildup
how retarded can you be

Can you rape the peasants in this game?

Overuse of projection.

The 97 started without the buildup, and that was just fine.

It serves to have Guts actually look at himself for once and realize he's going down a dark path that may consume him entirely. He's reminded that there's more out there than his revenge quest.

Anyone saying skipping Lost Children was their optimal choice are pants-on head retarded. Obviously they would have preferred to adapt it, but they also had to be able to fit the whole Conviction arc in the season to have a proper conclusion to the season. It would have been impossible to fit both Lost Children and the rest of the Conviction arc, the anime was already rushed as fuck.

Also, not adapting Lost Children means they might do it later with better means.

Is it even possible to get a jawline like this

There were still massive problems before the tree sprouted. Like can you truly cut ties with the astral realm through the tree? Couldn't ganishka raise "demons" before all this shit with the eclipse even happened?

Because it has edgy guts in it and if there are 5 chapters without edgy guts then everything turns into moeshit according to some faggots in here.

Not with your weak genes you loser.

why you gotta be so rude