What disabilities does Cred Forums have?

What disabilities does Cred Forums have?

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we're little girls

Premature Ejaculation


I'm really sorry to hear user...

too soon



A job.

100% this

I have some weird breathing problem. I constantly feel like I need to take a deep sigh or yawn, but most of the times I won't be able to get it.

Yeah I've been to a doctor about it, but they pretty much say it's "anxiety". I have had it 24/7 for a couple months. Some days are better than other though.

>Social anxiety (that counts right?)

Nothing too severe desu

Old injuries mostly. Right arm and wrist are fucked up and my left hand pinky finger is a complete fucking mess that can't bend properly.

Shit I can live with but nonetheless is annoying from time to time.


Schizophrenia and OCD

Meds help but not much


Social anxiety
Constant depression
Porn addict

Crippling Depression

IBS, Bergers(not aspergers, it's a kidney thing) disease, constant insomnia, high blood pressure and possibly a few other things. I've basically got a massive combination of shit that doesn't sound that bad, but makes my life a complete and utter hell if I don't walk a ridiculous tight rope that involves giving up on having a normal life 99 percent of the time. But I don't have cancer, so nobody gives a shit except to throw out dumb advice like "Have you tried cutting out sodium?"

I can't stop thinking about Cred Forums for 13 hours.

what if it is anxiety user?

used to be pretty strong in me, i was constantly sighing, couldn't sit still, when i realized i was lightly rocking back and forth

try to stop and think about stuff for a while, where you are, where you want to be and how to get there

take it easy


Unfortunately I don't have a disability to blame for my stagnant personality, and childish hobbies.

A biology degree.

I think it's anxiety or GERD. I am going to ask my doctor to refer me to someone who can diagnose me for GERD. If it's not GERD than it's probably anxiety.

Did you also have the problem where you would try to sigh but you couldn't get it so It would drive you into panic mode?

Mainly autism and schizo but I don't let it get me down.

Have you tried cutting out gluten?

My left testicle have been hurting lately, i can't even put my leg up. Its really annoying while i try to put pants

i would often be out of breath yea, never got into panic mode i think, a couple of times i'd cry nonstop without knowing why, but i always blamed depression for that


Ah I've been having panic attacks ever since this stupid thing started happening to me. Actually I woke up with one a last night.

Asparagus syndrome

ADD and epilepsy

Kidney cancer, rip in piece bro

It's anxiety. Really common somatic symptom.

ADD, Depression, and severe Anxiety

maybe you are going through a lot atm or something, you mentioned 24/7 for a couple of months, so i'd say to look back and try to realize if something changed back then that could make you anxious, study, work, relationships a combination of all of them, or maybe the lack of them

I'm also a manlet

I had to go back to school, which is extremely stressful for me, so if it is anxiety it's probably related to that.

I plan on trying meditation.

Me too thanks.

i dunno if any of these count as disabilities but i have a lot of pins in my right leg and i cant shit right cause of a stab wound to the gut


None, I'm just a lazy asshole.

I don't have a leg

take it easy my man

Ironically I probably would be able to take it a lot easier if it wasn't for this breathing thing. My body is its own worst enemy.

I got a hangnail

The back of my right nut has been hurting for some time. Went to the doctor, got some exams but he didn't found anything weird. It's been months since.

Also nice anime thread faggot

not that great of a story to be honest. the pins in my leg are from breaking it going down a stair case and getting my foot caught like shitty drawn pic related cause im an idiot

the stab wound is from my last job. i was a security guard for an undisclosed drilling company. normally i just sat in a trailer checked people at the gate to the oil rig and watched youtube/anime/played my 3DS for 12 hours a day. a couple of years ago there were some people who had been seen in the area looking around at the rig from the treeline (the sites i was on were usually in the woods) so they had me patrolling around the site for a while to chase people off who were in the area since it was private land according to the lease from the state. one day i found a person messing with the valves on a couple of the water tanks they use for flushing out the hole as they drill down the hole. it was just some half drunk middle aged redneck so i didnt think much of it and told him to scram. the guy started getting in my face and screaming at me for violating his rights (fucking seriously) so i reached for my belt for my tazer. he thought i was going for my gun i assume since he pulled out a small folding knife and stabbed me in the stomach just a bit to the right of my belly button. ended up having to have about 2 feet added up worth of my intestines removed and the rest patched together. I dont shit right anymore and im told that i cant eat anything with a lot of seeds in it like strawberries and sesame seed buns popcorn and stuff like that. feels bad man


>no sesame seed buns or popcorn


A pain in the ass but i always lived with it so i dont really notice it.

>i cant eat anything with a lot of seeds in it like strawberries and sesame seed buns popcorn and stuff like that.

My condolences.

well, i can eat them but it doesnt turn out very well for me. if you think corn shits hurt normally....

ADHD. I still take pills for it even though I'm 21.
>Inb4 it's not real
If I do t take them there is a drastic change in my personality, I get way more moody and indecisive.

anemia, depression, suicidal, anxiety, dirty spic, tiny Cred Forums user

we couldve been shota masterrace

OCD, Allergies, and, Asthma. Also a small penis.

mild autism

Seborrhoeic dermatitis
Just makes me uglier

Jacking off while listening to subbed anime feels like I'm extracting a poisoned substance from my body

underrated post

Not a disability.

I'm a baka who is self aware enough to realize how much more intelligent everyone around me is.
I wish the carefree idiot trope was true.

Do you have a wicked sense of humour too?

well fapping does help the prostate clear toxins, so you're not entirely wrong.

It's not like ADHD magically disappears when you grow up. You just learn to manage it.. or you don't.

I know that feeling. I just wanted to be a pilot :(

Kidney stones
Don't drink soda boys and girls

When I finish school I'll work on it. For now I'm just doing what works.

OCD, depression. not really any "real" conditions

oh, and eosinophilic esophagitus (not even sure how to spell it). it can be pretty shitty but not that bad

If that was a reference I didn't get it.
Forgive me.

Whatever. I don't have any "disabilities", but after half a year of subsisting almost entirely on Taco Bell my digestive system is pretty much torn up. Had the shits for almost 6 months straight, still feeling the effects somewhat.

Moral: take fucking care of your body and it'll take care of you.

my other eye is slowly going blind. i can barely see my screen from a meter using my left, and i have to get much closer to see shit using my right. it's been a year, and im still too scared to tell anyone. whatever man i'll probably die before i hit 30 anyway /blogshit

I was coming off of heavy medications for psychosis and depression, so I couldn't eat anything except very light foods and drink water. I still can't drink coffee or liquor. Everything else is balancing itself out though.

Terrible eyesight that if I don't wear my glasses, everyone become faceless being.

Is being a lolicon a disability?

Im 25 years old and im addicted to fap

Social Anxiety Disorder
Dermatillomania, if that counts
Probably some other shit that hasn't even been diagnosed yet too

4 broken fingers that healed wrong, a fucked up ankle I have to wear a brace for everytime I run or lift, and obnoxious allergies.

I can't look people into the eyes, which is getting kinda problematic, especially with women. When I talk with a man my eyes go to their chests, which is nothing troublesome I believe, but now imagine the same scene with a girl, they think i'm some kind of perv, it feels awful.

Have you tried focusing on their nose instead?


Asperger's, extreme reactions to marijuana, and this strange cyclic and varying condition that has me suffering from depression, anxiety, racing thoughts, stomache aches, headaches, and all sorts of different stuff that goes away once I've been up for about 10 hours.

Must be hard Watch more chinese cartoons to combat that shit.

Intelligent, Nihilistic and with a Wicked Sense of Humor.

gallbladder problems
extreme laziness

Can't, my eyes go crazy and I start to transpire, and I just mentioned one of many problems, I can't even recognize people in the street, and people think that I ignore them, but is not like that, I just don't notice them! Man, is just awful, everyone must think i'm a jerk.

The typical severe depression/anxiety.
I also feel exhausted constantly. I want to draw but I always end up drawing for an hour then feeling too tired to continue. I haven't left my house at all in over a year so that might something to do with it. On top of all this I have a pathological need to blog on anonymous cartoon imageboards about my boring problems.

Is being a lolicon a disease?

Please respond.


It's a disorder.

looking to the floor would be better

Gender dysphoria.