ITT : things in anime you could do without

ITT : things in anime you could do without

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Reactive characters.


>I want to save everyone

Fantasy world harem

But those are some of my favorite. I want the shy girl must have glasses and huge tits to be less rampant

Fighting, powerlevels, superpowers, form changes, females that exist only to call out the MC's name, training arcs, and male leads

>It's a "love interest spontaneously dies after the final boss" episode


Great girls loving clear beta MCs for no reason other than kindness

did you even watch the show?


>implying Nova died
Did you even watch the last episode?


> >harem
did you even watch the show?


>hating breast envy

Stereotypes, archetypes and tropes. I like progression; thank you.

Fuck off.

Females. I feel animes are more enjoyable to follow when they don't have to stop every 2 minutes to show you a 1 frame ass shot or boob jiggle or tell you how the girl feeeeeeels. Also female voice actors are just obnoxious and I'm tired of protagonist dealing with dead weight.

In regards to fighting, I think battle fatigue is a thing and should be taken into consideration when writing. Sure plenty of manga want physical action but when it just never has a lul it all bleeds together and you feel like you spent an hour reading the same 4 pages over and over.

I think powerlevels done well can be fun in regards to keeping lively discussion. Powercreep over long running manga is an issue.

Form changes, useless female characters I agree with without complaint. I'd also like to see more female leads that aren't a glorified walking pair of tits. Or made for women where they go maximum tropes (here's looking at you, mahoutsukai)

As for training arcs, I'm baised as fuck. I can see they're bad, trivial and drawn out when it is just a cheap writing powercreep mechanism. But I love myself some long drawn out training arcs.

As with anything, its the skill of the author that dictates how bad a trope is.


We could do without your shit opinions.

this, based user-kun

>not liking anime tiddies

>I want to save everyone

I liked shirou because it was painfully obvious that this would never work out. I wished nasu pushed it even further and set him up in harsher situations.

I can't think of anything else that really took that trope and drove it into the dirt. Teaching someone that not everyone can be saved / is worth saving without it being the shows entire shtick

Autists with Shit opinions such as OP.



>It's a "flashback that tries to make the viewers to sympathize with the antagonist in a ham-fisted manner" episode

Maybe you fuck off back to ANN, Neogaf, Crunchy Roll, whatever den of faggotry you come from

underrated post

What is "that"?

melodramatic doushite
Consider dropping every time I see it.

Something that should never be used.

>the villain is so ridiculously over the top invincible that there's not actually any tension as you just wait for the situation to change
>there's like 3+ hopeless fights with the same villain to hammer that point home in the mean time

Personality deficient insert MC or Mary Sue waifu bait.

inflation fetish pandering scenes
there was one in fate stay night and also grimgar

Trying to build up suspense by talking about something directly but instead of sayig it what it is everyone just says "that."

>there was one in fate stay night
Enlighten me, I forget/don't believe you.

Letting the villain live so he can try to murder you and your loved ones another 10 times
Looking at you Kenshin

fuck me, didn't mean to quote that

Neither did I mean to quote op.

we suck mane

>>I want to save everyone
Should only be said when the stakes are high.

The rest are great, but I really could do without "I want to save everyone". Just do it already, don't tell us how you're going to do it. Or if you really must tell us do it in your head.


>Harem where everything can be solved by giving the evil super villianess a good hard violent dicking
>Invincible badguys
>The power of friendship
>Homosex as anything more then an out of the way background thing added for color.
>When a series devolves into hardcore military bullshit.
>Yuri and Yaoi shit out of nowhere
>Not enough virgin or virginal and innocent christmas cakes getting ravaged and corrupted by random evil men.
>Chick beats up guy LOLOLOLOLOLOL
>ULTIMATE TECHNIQUES WITH TERRIBLE COSTS that really have no costs at all. Actually thought that goku's heart virus was his ticker giving up because of the kaioken but it was just a heart virus.
>Status quo at the cost of any real interesting developments, IE ash not winning the championship, Anime creators downplaying rem instead of subtly pushing the idea that she won and subaru was only honoring his promise to be there for emelia.

He's going to use.... THAT?!?!?

>ITT : things in anime you could do without

>tfw no anime with british humor completely unrelated

Why does she do things to me? I don't even like petite girls. Also,
>Talking in the middle of a fight.
>Barely any anime ever uses show don't tell
>Seriously, why do the bad guys just sit there and LET them talk?

>Harem where everything can be solved by giving the evil super villianess a good hard violent dicking

But those are the best kinds. If you are taking harems seriously you're doing it wrong, in my opinion.

>OP makes shit thread
>gets called out for being shit thread
>people posting unironically
>will insist they're not newfags

shit thread full of faggots who belong back on the website that brought them here. Trust me, none of you are fitting in and shouldn't try to be part of 'the Cred Forums community' because there isn't one and only redditors act like there is.

fag op

I agree OP, they should remove old hags from anime.

I actually meant where the biggest problems of the harem can be solved by the mc or the mcs friend a jap chad plowing the evil villaness.

Oh. Well that's understandable. Nobody likes a shitty story.

>[Protagonist] was an ordinary high school boy until...

I could have done without KLK, I agree.

Female on Male abuse where the guy takes it like a scared little puppy. Fucking ruined Amanchu for me.

I wanna touch her boobs

Every lead characters pandered autism the coexists with their "badassness"

By saying that you're the only who looks like he's trying way too hard to fit in desu senpai.

Must be tough for you. Being a fag and all...


>MC wins anyway by spamming his normal attacks but this time with more spirit

>I wish we could understand each other
>How can I get through to them?


The entirety of Saint Seiya

It's a women complain about anime episode

Not liking "ironically" bad anime makes me gay?

>what is it?
>It's nothing

Fiction in general: "They lived happily ever after".

You know, characters were like, super awesome onscreen.
And then BAM!
They suddenly became boring, lived uneventful lives and died.
I think that somehow forces of evil managed to win this one.

>I think we better get over there quickly or something terrible will happen
>yes you are right this is no time to be standing around posing
>[posing intensifies]

>Oh no it has begun already, we've got to rescue them
>let us make haste, we can't afford to waste another second
>[posing intensifies]

>Emilia, Rem and Felix craving for Subaru's dick.
>not harem

I wish people on Cred Forums were able to come up with real criticisms. People can't even call a show out on what is really wrong with it. They just slap buzzwords on it.

>Rem is dead
>Roswaal is fucking Ram
>Crusch is practically bound to Fourier or at least Ferris
>Felt is getting her pussy smashed by Reinhardt
>Priscilla has a shota
>Anastasia is a jew

Harem where?

>More than a single girl in a show makes it a harem

kill yourself maybe?

I think you might be autistic if happily ever after unironically pisses you off.

>ITT all anime are harem confirmed.

second this

I'm sure there's a good amount of anime that don't have more than a single girl.

I was going to say Bananya but that had the fancy british girl

Having anime girls and not having all of them get naked at some point. Must be uncensored too, no pussying out with that light shit.

>some villain is kicking everyone's ass
>just about to deliver the final blow to the unconscious hero and abort the story right there
>some other character appears and he freezes in mid-swing
>"hey Demonio, the boss wants to see you, also dinner is ready"
>"It can't be helped, we will have to settle this another time. Remember this, Hero!"


>people act evil for the sole purpose of giving the centre of universe something to fight so people can see how good he is
>pg13 hardcore sex scenes where hairs are glued over every womans nipples and are impossible to remove
>trope characters, tropes in general

shit eater detected, opinion disregarded

k now back to your moeshit

>all the clothes ended up dead anyway

The STUPID, uninteresting archetypes, especially for female characters.

>all women in every anime are basically three characters
>yet all of them are stupid and infantile, only difference is the temperament: angry, happy or retarded

>men are basically the same dude in every story. Either an introvert or an extrovert, but the same guy.

The very rare exceptions are Panty and Stocking (especially eng dub), Black Lagoon and maybe Cowboy Bebop and couple of others where characters break these tropes.

>misunderstandings for """""""""""comedic""""""""""""" purposes
>council president is treated like a super star, best in everything

but my absolute pet peeve
>explains every. single. fucking. joke.
>characters gets introduced like someone points a poké-dex at them


look, i know this is an anime board but how are you this autistic

do you even know what a fucking harem is or does your autism kick in so hard any time you see a girl that your brain shuts off completely?

Japan loves their archetypes, though.

>>explains every. single. fucking. joke.
That's literally just Manzai humor, though.


Boring main characters with zero personality and no real talent other than the chosen one plot device.

>but my absolute pet peeve
kill yourself

Your wafu

>ULTIMATE TECHNIQUES WITH TERRIBLE COSTS that really have no costs at all

Have you read rave master? There's an "ultimate form" given to dragoons by the dragon god that one of the main characters gets by sacrificing his life.

Except it's solved by a simple potion. And he uses it like 5 times. And he uses an even more ultimate ultimate form where he uses his ultimate form and turns into a dragon, both of which are supposed to sacrifice him. Doesn't even bother explaining how he survived that one either.

I refuse to ever pick up Fairy Tail just because I know that's the bullshit the author pulls.


Congratulations. You've killed anime.
8 years to late faggot.

I should have written shitty ass exposition then.

>can clearly see the character trip because of obvious reason
>"Ahhh! character-kun tripped because [insert obvious reason here]!!"

>important character walks through hallway
>"woah look! its important-san! she the most super duper of all students. she's got top grades, great figure, pretty hair, 5'8'' tall, type AB-blood. It's said that.."
no, stop.
how can anyone think this is good in any way?

Nah, Rave Master's bullshit levels are nothing compared to Fairy Tail's. At least RM was enjoyable at the time. FT is just fapbait with a story written by a nine year-old boy at this point.

that's the definition, yeah

This, except for male leads.

I've never really gotten why this bothers people so much. Same with a lot of these "but it's not realistic" things - it isn't real, it's a show and things are done with a viewer in mind, get over it. You've seen enough anime that it shouldn't break your immersion the eight millionth time you see it.

male protagonists

character talking in their heads non-stop

>characters that are obviously in the wrong anime
>slice of life
>bishojo and bishonen

It's annoying and tends to destroy otherwise cool series.
Think about kill la kill would have been without fan service.

It has a lot to do with show, don't tell. I feel like much of the comedic timing suffers a lot when you have a character explaining the joke when the visuals did more than enough of a job to get that point through.
In character introductions, a lot of what background characters mention can simply be explained by letting the story go as it is. The viewer learns who they are by seeing what they do.
The MC can give a bit of this kind of exposition if he/she were to tell it in like they were writing a diary or something.

It's not so much about realism as it is about wasting time. Now I'm not the one to argue anime and manga is the place to find award winning fiction, but it can use a lot of cleaning up and not treat the viewers like idiots.

>Think about kill la kill would have been without fan service
seems like somebody completely missed the point of the show

The MC "accidentally" groping/seeing any female's tits/panties. The situations that cause it to happen are annoying and unbelievable. Just stop.

tsunderes and yanderes

>The MC can give a bit of this kind of exposition if he/she were to tell it in like they were writing a diary or something.
This is where we differ, I guess. My opinion on stuff like that, where they frame something in-universe even though it's transparently there for external reasons, is that it can be disposed of once the thing has become convention, since the viewer can then be reasonably expected to understand and there's no need for the whole farce of the diary device (or whatever it may be in the case at hand) anymore. Just giving an explanation for the sake of an explanation, when everyone already gets it, seems redundant to me.

So this boils down to "if it doesn't really matter why should they?" and "if it doesn't really matter why can't they?".
I'm just annoyed by it. Something I can do without.

Disappearing/sent back to their home planet also falls under that cliche, death is meaningless in Luluco since you can just leave ayway.

You could have saved time and just typed "everything that's fun".

>letting a villain live for any reason
>especially if the reason is that they're female


What else would he be talking about? GATTAI DA!!!

>character recognizes another character from their past/some missing family member/a character that they know
>"Wait, is that..."
>"What is it, character?"
>"Nah, probably nothing"


Bonus "Fuck you" points if the character that recognized the person dies and we don't learn who mystery person is.

>misunderstandings for """""""""""comedic""""""""""""" purposes

Worse is misunderstandings for actual plot purposes. It feels stupid to have a plot hinge on the fact two people can't talk to each other.

Breast envy and other relationships are great but it's shitty and boring when that's the whole character.
I've been playing Conception 2 and the main girl is always talking about boobs and it's always annoying and akward because it gets as much screen time as the plot of the game. The actual breast envy girl drops a hint here and there and then goes about her business.

>best friend always loved OP cliche

>Ah it was just my imagnation

>girls groping other girls
>even fingering
>no problem
>but if the MC even sees a bit of skin he gets his shit wrecked

This shit needs to be stop

to be fair, the kaioken did fuck goku over in the first fight against vegeta.

>Think about kill la kill would have been without fan service.
that would completely break the entire show. it's basic premise is fundamentally about fanservice.

It's about a girl and a talking shirt fighting clothing aliens and FATE. The fan service and nudity was used to great effect, I don't think it would be better off without service, but you still make if work.

>MC holds door open for girl
>she instantly falls in love with him

Literally the only good things about KLK were the fanservice and the fact that it's a mecha homage show, down to the plot.

>Senketsu is love interest.

>anime that isn't yuri.

Mc like tatsuya, arata, yuuji, ikki, izayoi , kirito, issei, sora (ngnl), sora(yns), makoto
Delete all them

Go kill yourself you fat feminist trash

No need to be so triggered.

Wow who put sand in your vagina.

>yet all of them are stupid and infantile,
>this isn't how women really act like

Power negating abilities or invincibility. Out of all the low-effort power fantasies that belong to the realm of 5-year-olds, this is the worst. And I keep seeing it all the god damn time; even if it isn't needed.

Personally, the world would be a better place if every time an anime producer or mangaka thought of introducing a new villain/big bad that is basically immune to all of the attacks of the MCs that their heads fucking exploded like that scene from Scanners.

I wasn't expecting much (and didn't get it) when I started watching Twin Star Exorcist. Oh, look, another run-of-the-mill shounen battle series. At least it was sometimes funny. Then they introduce some cunt in the netherworld who is just immune to all attacks, invincible, and is supposed to be an edgy badass. Nopeity nope, nope. Fuck off. Dropped it right there. Should've done it far sooner.

>legendary fighting ability becomes more than commonplace
fucking haki in one piece

School fucking setting.

Have some originality for once.

Even worse when they keep talking to themselves out loud.

>I don't like one part of a person, so they must be just a fucking retard
You're what's wrong with the world, go jump in a fire.


Only 1 kind of haki was ever noted to be legendary.

Hair cutting fetishists.

>things I could do without
Come on

I'm talking to you

I remember I got the impression that hardening haki could only be used by the strong few, but no, a shot ton of cannon fodder marines could use it too.
I might be wrong about using haki as an example, but my original point still stands.

>vice admiral and higher
>cannon fodder


you're telling me all of these litteral who's are vice admirals?

No, Oda is.

>My boy, this peace is what all true warriors strive for!

that's funny, cause I can't seem to find any of them under the list of know vice admirals.

only k-on would remain

MC-kun MC-kun

>unless every single member of this massive organization with tens of thousands of members has a name I REFUSE to believe they are a certain rank within that organization, which I'm also only angry about in the first place because my incorrect impression of something from early in the story didn't fit with what it actually was

I don't get why you're even upset, you clearly have the ability to just deny the reality of anything you don't like and rewrite it in your head. Why be angry over anything in any story if you can just do that?


>Girl goes into bitch mode.
>Even threatens people and is super serious.
>Mc "Lets forgive her everybody." or "That's just her way of expressing herself."

When will this stop? This shit needs to end bitches need to be slapped.

sure I'm grumpy, but now I wanna know why we got three and only three admirals, but a fuck ton of vice admirals where the title seems to be handed out all willy nilly.

but I've derailed myself. I'm done.

Because admiral is a way more important and powerful rank obviously.

You should really try learning to accept that things work the way the author says they work, and your opinions don't really matter.

What do you mean by "what is that" it's petty officier louis marshmallow.


the second half of this thread gives me fucking brain cancer. where do you apes come from?

the main contributor to why anime is shunned in western society at large

cute girls doing cute things


My thoughts exactly. Mako waas the worst thing about KLK.

Is this from dansai bunri no crime edge?

Reaction stills and characters explaining every detail

>especially if the reason is that they're female

Or if it's an edgelord faggot. Oh, how I wonder how Naruto would be if Kishimoto had the balls to kill Sasuke after redeeming him.

I think it's pretty telling that we now refer to the main character of shows as "MC" instead of their names


On th manzai thing- sometimes its okay but I feel like some jokes REALLY don't need it. At times this is what made Osomatsu-san feel more like a down-to-earth show (like friends hanging out and calling each others' ideas stupid), and other times it made it feel forced (in a faster-paced scene with more wackiness it broke up the flow).

Actual exposition is a matter of how its implimented. A lot of manga have it easier with using boxes on the panels for character intros, so it's up to the anime to interpret that. But then a lot of manga do both boxes AND have someone explain.

With comedic misunderstandings I think it really depends on what it is and how long it goes for. It can either be pretty funny or just plain torture. But I agree with you, the serious dramatic ones where the characters run away from each other over one little rumour they heard when they could just goddamn talk are the worst.

I hate the "girls groping other girls at the bath thing period. It's always played off as comedy/fanservice and I don't think it's either. And there's always the same exact fucking boob comparison conversation. It's so stupid.

Seriously Fairy Tale, stop having the girls be half naked and crying.

>it's a "the magical friend/love interest has to leave or dies" episode

I've been reading the comments and, from what I can gather, the problem seems to be that most of the things anime does are just things that have been done time and time again to the point where it becomes hated. Also, I think that most creators just don't have the time or money to come up with a decent plot and characters.

The thing about fanservice however, is that, as much as many people claim that it's ruining anime, it's what's keeping the industry alive at the moment, and if not for that, it could be downplayed and more enjoyable every now and then.

It's even worse when the plot practically stops to give each girl or guy a "fanservice shot," because more often than not I don't even find the designs attractive at all so it feels even more unnecessary.

>Do you like me?
>I don't hate you

Stop this

You're gonna have to explain that one user.

It'd be nice if there were less crybaby MC's. We get it, your whole village was destroyed and your mom was raped, but you don't have to spill your spaghetti over it.

Also, less teenagers in high school settings. School sucks ass unless you play sports.

Fuck off newfag

Felix is straight and has a crush on Crusche.

Your comment reminded me of another one.

I wish moe anime with a gimmick/theme would focus more on those elements than just "generically cute girls hanging out" that you could find in any other anime. I guess I'm saying that they should be less moe, but still. K-On let me down when Yui could play guitar almost immediately - it would've been funny and interesting if they had to deal with the new band member being kind of shit for a longer period of time (than just three episodes).


yeah it's so fucking annoying.

In other thing, I think I could actually enjoy Shokugeki no Soma without unnecessary fanservice.

Full-retard Japanese humor.
Every series focused around comedy is shit.

Fuck this. Literally the easiest, most hackneyed symbolism one can think of and that's all the failures of writers/directors manage to come up with.

Have you ever watched anything besides K-On and shitty generic shounen?

>this is the start of a new me
>character is still exactly the same apart from the hair

I hate when the entire episodes are just the straight guy shouting what ever the idiot character is doing. It's like having someone explain every single joke.

nah its gotta be at least 3. Otherwise it's just a love triangle.

>school settings
>harem shows
>characters explaining jokes
>that exaggerated "PAAAAA" when they finish a drink

any anime that tries to be serious and deep
any anime without cliches
any anime where the badguy has goodguy morals (without plottwist)
any anime without fan service

>>that exaggerated "PAAAAA" when they finish a drink
Loathe this.

Honestly I just have too many to list. The amount of tropes has gotten so ridiculous you could potentially make an entire series comprised of nothing but tropes. Not even just tropes either but the dialogue itself often is just the same repetitive phrases over and over. I don't know if that's a limitation of the language or they're legitimately doing it. Everything just feels more and more manufactured as time goes on. Like it's just on an assembly line at this point and no one is behind the helm anymore.

shouting out the name of the move before using that said move it's fucking autistic

Everything about KLK and Trigger in general I could do without

>>that exaggerated "PAAAAA" when they finish a drink

under-fucking-rated, nothing is more infuriating than this

Whatever the opposite of fujoshit is. Where it's ambiguous lesbians instead of ambiguous homos.

>any anime without cliches
How is this bad?

Tokyo Ghoul has had this problem. Literally fucking everybody is a half ghoul at this point. I remember when it was supposed to be something rare or special

>MC-kun characters (you know the type they are all over the place)
>the show OP posted
>fanservice (no I do not find breasts in chinese cartoons funny or sexually arousing and I don't hold anything agaisnt those who do)
>the idiot sidekick who is powerless and exists solely to punctuate how awesome the MC is (and falls flat in his face everytime he tries to help in "comedy")
>anti-heroes who smoke, use guns/swords, have cool catchphrases and turn out to have tragic backstories (I have a few exceptions but you know hundreds of these and they are all stale by this point)
>most attempts at comedy in anime
>most attempts at drama in anime
>all attempts at horror in anime (seriously it never fucking works it's like it's impossible for anime to understand the basics of horror)
>most anime action scenes
>anime shows that pass themselves as "deep" and the fanbases of said shows who defend their taste as if it were a religion (looking at you EVAfags)

Basically I hate anime in general, I don't know why I even come here

Maybe you should just not watch shounen

>ghouls try to pretend they're 'barely surviving' by just eating natural death/suicide corpses
>so many ghouls in Tokyo that this is impossible

the Inquisition is doing NOTHING wrong trying to purge those murderous human-eaters.

>Basically I hate anime in general, I don't know why I even come here
Cred Forums in a nutshell

B-but user, ghouls have feelings too! They even have moms just like us!


Fuck off, cancer

>lack of a second season with lovey dovey married life and raising children in romance animes

>teenage characters that act too mature
>teenage characters that act too immature
>romantic relationships that never fuck until the very end of the series
>dead parents
>one unwavering goal on which all decision-making lies
>obvious fan-service/unrealistic/impractical wardrobe
>naming attacks
>sole character focus is that of the black-haired protagonist with inconceivable powers and interchangeable design
>resurrection of dead characters

The ultimate weapon/gimmick/power that shouldn't be used because of the consequences.

Recent examples that had THAT which i remember are mob ("don't use your powers on them mob!") and Kabaneri (the black blood that would give Ikoma superpowers at the cost of taking his life).

I don't watch anime. They are that bad?

Yes user, stick to posting in Cred Forums please.

>explain every single joke

This is the worst thing. I wish Japanese had more subtlety to their jokes.

But could we even handle Toradora: Afterstory?

But I play video games sometimes.

>The ultra self harmful hissatsu waza that fucks you up gets used without fucking you up
Fuck you Kenshin, not being able to wield a sword anymore put only happening in the epilogue doesn't count. You don't need a sword once the stories over. Fuck you.

>gives you a second season with lovey dovey married life
>rips it away from you just to fuck your shit up every chance it gets

>hating Imaishi's style
Well, I sure can't wait for his new mecha anime.


>Basically I hate anime in general, I don't know why I even come here
This should be on the banner for the contest.

>that exaggerated "PAAAAA" when they finish a drink
I don't mind it all too much, especially id the seiyuu voicing the character have an aesthetically pleasing voice.

>Wait a minute... that card!

>when the jiggle physics lag 2 seconds behind the body's movements

Jealous childhood friends. I just hate them with all my heart and not even sure why.

Characters being unable to take any sort of compliment or praise.

>Hey, Character-kun, you're pretty good at this

That isn't really an anime thing though. There are people like that in real life, and yes, they are the fucking worst.

I think so, it could focus on the remaining girls at the start as they find their own Ryuuji and later go to the happy married couple and their triplets.

I hate these authors, why do something like that? I just want that sweet diabetus and that is it, no need for tears of sadness.

>Want a drink?
>But I"m a minor!
I swear the Japanese FCC must be making them put this shitty line in everything.

>ENDLESS cocktease
>Pussy MC's
>School. I am not 15, I am closer to 30.

It's a "it's style not QUALITY" anime

every anime character in existence being some form of a shitty stereotyoe

But that literally is a style/call back to ONE's original web manga

I don't even get why people gave you butthurt replies. OP played so much into that one.

>non-Cred Forums image
>can't greentext properly
You may be 30, but you're still a fucking cancerous newfag. Kill yourself and don't come back.

>ranking systems

It's like when you say something silly, or something deadpan jokingly irl and someone always reacts with "That's so weird!"/"Woah, isn't that a bit harsh?!"

For the first one it's like guess what genius, I know I'm being weird because that's the IDEA

This, except I normally dislike it. But Sakurai's voice warms my heart every time (he's the first brother in this, for those of you who don't watch Osomatsu-san)

I'm more annoyed by when characters open their mouth really wide and go "AAA~" EVERY time they take the first bite of food. And it's often used at the start of a scene which makes it feel even more predictable. Why the pause, just eat your fuckin food jesus christ it's so unnecessary.

>you're still a fucking cancerous newfag
I've been here longer than you, boy.


>cute girls doing cute things
>cute girls becoming cute objects, monsters, etc.,etc.
>generic teenage male protagonists
>transfer students
>the first day of school
>the high school setting
>magical girls

>character is not 100% Japanese
>they can be as little as 1/4th western
>blond hair and blue eyes, every time

It's as annoying to me as when cartoons make every Scottish or Irish person have ginger hair and green eyes, every time (it's still rare up here and many gingers and redheads here dye their hair because they're ashamed/bullied)

Do you actually watch animu? Or, rather, do you watch a filthy, unloved Jewess' commentary on animu? You strike me as the latter.

>bondage (You) feeding
sadpanda tags when?

>Character needs help learning math
>Teach character by saying "Then you use this equation like this

Fuck you, explain this shit properly, I want to learn math as well.

Shinoa is so cute.

That ending was really unsatisfying

but mathematics as this level is just plug and chug, because you lack the mindset to get this explained to you

Just search math equations on fucking google
Why would want to learn math on a korean animated comic?

But if you really want to learn with anime just search Manga guide to X
I-It's not like i want to help or anything, BAKA!!

This is done in tons of things because the writer/author doesn't actually know the math themselves, user. The same thing goes for when a "genius" character just says gobbledeegook.

every other mc being an average black haired highschooler

>Villain is a little kid that's pure evil and enjoys killing people for no reason
>Spend 5 minutes showing off the girls in swimsuits when they show up during a beach episode
>Mystery is solved using clues the viewer had no way of knowing

Anything liked by people who unironically use the words "moeshit" and/or "Manime"

>Student has top grades, is good at every subject and sport. But it doesn't affect the character and it's hardly relevant the plot or anything ever.
>"let's all worship the ground MC-kun walks on, after all, the audience self inserts into him"
>haha look at this often used anime trope that always happens, isn't funny that we're also using it and that we're acknowledging that it always happens.

Yeah, that's kinda how things go the further you get into the grandline: stronger people.

>"if you kill him, you'll be just like him."
>by the power of friendship

veerrrryyy nauuuuuuuughtyyyy

mah nigga

Estás baneado Cagón

>Hear Sabagebu is good
>Start watching and don't mind the narrator at the start thinking he will eventually stop
>4th episode
>It's still the same narrator "joke"
Before you tell me that the narrator is supposed to be a joke and not just exposition, yes I fucking know, it's still not funny and I don't know how people find that funny after the 10th time.
Manzai is apparently the name for this shit? I don't know if it has a term for it in western entertainment, but it's horrible and nips should feel bad for having created such a shitty form of comedy.

>Fighting animes centered around fucking school.
>Delinquents that brake logic and win against more skilled fighters.
>All fighting cliches are centered around power boosts especially the main leads.
>Women are waifu machines in different flavors and are two stupid to have a life outside the lead hero.
>Women are retarded and can't process men or how to breath right when being able to stand near one.
>Women literally waste their lives and panel time being involved in mens activites and cheerleading, or they share a role with their men as the force of reason in tandem being a dick despenser for heroes and other leading roles.
>Sidekicks and animal buddies, they are all fucking torture fuel for people withproblems with self esteem or merchandise because fuckers can't believe in anyone(especially themselves) to save the day but hero.
> I wish rivals that are fucking bishonen aren't all ficking loners and fujoshi asexuals in personality. Act just as normal as the fucking female lead even goof around like the main hero, and most of all don't imply their gay for only the hero.
> Invincible types that exist as op running gags and laugh at the most serious villians killing all tension and mystery. Plus i hate they have this limiter/silly indifference non sense and they hold back 80% of their power against big bads to enjoy the fight, it is such a bad attempt to make characters lesser than a guy that makes the hero useless. These are aurthor darlings that fucking ruin the fun of build up and anticipation of watching things change and develop.
>All goofy mentors that are perverts, lazy, acts like a kid and previously mentioned invincible. These include the characters that can beat anyone easier than the hero can and even end up marginally strong or stronger than the hero at the end of the show. And they happy to be more talented but are lazy as shit and can incidentally be the lead role of their own side plot and accomplish more than the hero they play a support role to.

The main problem with Manzai is that the foil doesn't add anything to the joke. A good comedic foil should bait out new comedy, not just reiterate the joke. It's kinda similar to the "Yes And" rule of improv.

Senketsu ain't a goddamn love interest.

Loli shit of any kind

The narrator stops doing it at the start after that episode, or at the very least the episode after that can't really remember. Also sabagebu is great and momoko is one of the better mcs in the medium.

Satire that uses gratuitous amounts of the things they're criticizing as filler instead of poking fun at them and moving on. Happening a lot lately. It's like when a character turns toward the camera and cheekily advertises a product right in the middle of the action, but it ends up being worse then that because the use of 'undesirable' content never actually ends and takes up vast portions of an already shallow series.

is this becoming a mainstream view, or is it just a few loud people? I never felt like fan service was bad, nor distracted from any of the story. it's just a bonus.

also, you post a kill la kill image. thats like complaining about fan service in high school dxd

>use guns/sword

As opposed to?

>protagonist plot armor

female mcs

>Any main female character called the heroine for the hell of it, they don't do anything that warrants the term correctly since they can't exist independent of the main hero story and be useful outside the hero narrative or actually develop apart from the hero with their own plot and cast.
>Girls who act like the ones who have common sense and knowledge to be the realistic about dangerous shit but then they fucking stop being a burden and turn action aficionados and hidden badass girl genius all of a sudden when the plot established a main leads respect for her and her love for him.
>Too many times people act like idiots when they see something weird about the hero and call him a loser only for him to blow there minds in a particular scene and forget again when so called genius show up and gets hyped up by everyone else.
>Panty shots when shit gets serious and dramatic.
>Intropective essays of the heroes mind about anything. Even backstories by people who tries to kill them.
>Fights always gotta make the hero figure shit out when his opponents stand still and talk.

Have there been any cool battles since the first Edo one?

>tfw Arc V got boring as fuck
What happened?


Not especially. Kaito basically raped some random chick and Shun rescued Ruri in a duel, but outside of that its been nothing but EGAO. Oh, and Dennis, Asuka and Crow all got carded

Long story short, its all been down hill since the synchro arc, outside of a couple bright spots like the Tyler Sisters. Animation has been QUALITY, poor writing and rushed plot have all but ruined it all. Not to mention everyone fucking jobs to Yuya or so Yuya can get the spotlight. On the brightside, at least we're getting mind-controlled ruris

>not answering "male characters"


>camera pans to the sky

>has the upper hand in a fight
>enemy is down from previous attack
>character proceeds to explain his powers/attacks instead of finishing off his enemy
>enemy now knows how powers work
>proceeds to take down character
>"How could this happen!?"
>rinse & repeat while going back and forth between the two

blatant fanservice

let the triggering commence :^))))))))))))))))))))))

I actually agree desu

True men fight with their balls

Here's your (You) OP, also pic related

>did you even watch the show?
You obviously didn't

Fuck off landwhale

The girl with the pony tails only has one leg and her other leg is fucked up


Too many problems plague modern anime these days.
There's fuck all that can be done about it as long the the majority of consumers eat that shit up, enabling the status quo.

>Women are retarded
>Women waste their lives being involved in mens activites and cheerleading, or they share a role with their men as the force of reason in tandem being a dick despenser

So, women in general ?

You gotta admit JJBA is almost always this but with a twist. And then they get owned by the invincible villain in Part 6, AND THEN the villain gets screwed by something incredibly simple, by an secondary character.

I like how Hellsing just ended with the feud between the church and the organization still going but both of them licking their wounds. Seras is still a cool ass vampire with a freaky arm, and Heinkel becomes a regenerator paladin like Anderson.

male gaze everywhere

As opposed to female gaze
I know what you look at.
Entire series would just be pecs abs dick bulges and ass shots with the occasional focus on arms and thighs with something athletic or violent happens.

>I just want to be normal
>I do not want to have the powers

What is bait?

It's called marketing. Sex sells

do you even know what fucking sarcasm is or does your autism kick in so hard any time you see a post that your brain shuts off completely?

What is a joke?

Oshii commented on that. Drama that materializes because no one says anything or a character is immature ain't serious drama. Even calls it 'unnecessary drama'.