Anime has girl

>anime has girl
>she is cute and/or dumb
>her presence improves the anime with every scene
what is it about cute and dumb girls that make them so best

you feel unthreatened by them

Haruna a shit.

retard moe a shit

Non cunty and adorable females make everything better.

Bakas are naturally adorable because they are bakas. Haruna silliness and idiocy are contrast by her actually being a genius where it all works out in the end.

Is that you, Ume-sensei?

Well, most retards have a case of autism. That's moe to the power of 2.

cute and dumb is just the perfect combination

as long as their voice isn't as bad in the manga

Innocence and easy to bully

>anime has girls
>They are all dumb

Best kind of show

Jitsu Wa has best bakas

prove me wrong

In my experience, it's a combination of genki+smug+baka+innocence that makes them very cute. It's hard to take them seriously and not crack a smile at the antics and trouble they find and/or create for themselves.

Are there any shows where the boys and girls are both complete dumbasses? I enjoyed Baka Test, but I wish we had gotten a stupid girl in Class F.

Big dummies are best dummies.

Not anime, but check out Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai. Two geniuses who play a game of trying to get the other to confess that usually results in baka-like shenanigans and outcomes. There are small wins and losses, but the real victory is getting the other to completely surrender via fessing up.

A lot of people would disagree with you, but I don't.

Haruna is a miracle of the universe.

Haruna a cute.

Haruna a shi

A thread for the cutest Kore Zombie? I haven't seen that in a long while.

Season 3 never.

Galaxy Angel is so damn good

>Season 3 never
Don't remind me ;_;

>Season 3 never
Good, Season 2 messed up a load of stuff.

Kiss one.

The cute baka.

Eu, depending on the voice.

Haruna then. But I would wanr both Haruna and Eu if I could have my way.

he said dumb not retarded

post more haruna in oversized tee

Lolis in oversized shirts should be a thing more often.

>as their voice isn't as bad in the manga

Simpleton! Lady Haruna is far more learned than thou art.

Who won the Ayumubowl?

Another baka thread?



Yuki. Always Yuki.

The best.

Mael is the cutest

ecchi sketchy one touchy


pic related

>Being violent to MC for no reason
And then the best turned to worst.