Madoka Magica

Daily reminder

I am Homura.

No, I am Homura

Homu best girl

But she did everything wrong

Daily reminder that Rebellion is not canon.

How so?

You're gonna need a source for that

I want Sayashitters to leave

Sayaka is love.
Sayaka is life.

>long hair sayak

pick one

>started Madoka for Sayaka thinking she would be the cool and collected ane-sama type
>she turns out to be the genki roastie

why is this allowed?

Because tricking the audience is one of Urobuchi's greatest pleasures

Why would you think such a goofy looking bitch would be the cool one?

>implying she isn't cool

Sayaka Mickey

admittedly because of this image I thought she was the sexy older, mature type

>assuming a character's personality based on lewd drawings of her
I'm sorry

Sayaka is so perfect, I love Sayaka !

It's alright. Sayaka is no longer necessary after witnessing Homura.

Years of Cred Forums propaganda led me to think Homura was some evil bitch who did something wrong but that isn't true at all.

She is by far the best girl.

Deep down, we all do. Even the most hateful of us.

>Years of Cred Forums propaganda led me to think Homura was some evil bitch
>Homura's biggest Cred Forums reference is that she "did nothing wrong"
What kind of propaganda were you seeing?

But the meme about characters doing nothing wrong almost always means that they actually did something wrong.

You're not on enough layers of irony.

>you will never rape Madoka in front of Homura, then rape Homura, then rape them both until they are your gf
It works in doujins, no reason it can't work in real life too.

I've only reached six or seven right now, my dude.


Is that a girl or a boy ?
Should i care ?

And no.

But she is sexy and mature.




>the reward for all her hard work was PTSD


At least she isn't homeless on top of that. She did also become a pseudo-god, so there's that

Who's the bitch of the club
That's made for you and me!

Hey, there!
Hi, there!
Ho, there!
Your're as fucked as can be!

forever let us hold your soulgem high
(high! high! high!)

To be fair I didn't try to trick you that she was that kind of a girl. You just drew your own conclusion.

It's like a parallel world where Kyousuke never got hospitalized, so Sallaka turned into moeblob housewife material and Hitomi into a bratty tomboy fucking homeless christian girls.

arguably, if homura hadn't gotten so obsessed over madoka then the timelines wouldn't have gotten tangled and walmart night wouldn't have happened and qb wouldn't have bothered to target madoka

Accurate, Madoka looks pretty distressed there.

Sayuka a best

Just the best.

Dream on.

>Sayaka as Kiva Emperor

The waluigi night happens regardless, doesn't it? Isn't that what kills Madoka in the original timeline?

>homu x sayaka is no longer crack

Weak bumps

>two people standing next to each other
>hur, looks like they're ship teasing



Whatever, Lawnchair.


>Daily reminder

>Daily reminder

What? Do you love me that much? I was sick of the posters in Madoka threads like Kevin-kun.

>only seven

Homura saved Madoka and Madoka saves everyone so Homura saved everyone.

But Kyubey gave power to Homura, so Kyubey saved everyone?

Jesus created Kyubey so Jesus saved everyone.



does homu qualify as a wannabe yandere?