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Posted the wrong pic OP

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet


Hope Monaca when?

>fat waifubait trash
>best anything

That's a despairingly nice thread you made there OP.

>Kirigiri not shown among the dead people.

She's dead, right? Why are they bothering to tease people?

Is this the Junko Night?

I want to marry Junko!

Will he be right? Or wrong? Personally, I won't like Hagakure at all if he turns out to be wrong.


This is a nice thread. I like this thread.
O im laffin

Breaking all your theories as we post, hopefags

how you would fix Danganronpa 3?


>juzo's FTEs never

Why is she so perfect?


Kirigiri will be back next episode, its retarded they waited this long to do it but its gonna happen. This whole anime was made as fanservice to show the characters off one last time not to off them

Yeah its not 100% guaranteed but with the montage not showing kirigiri in any way (they showed ruruka alive in it but they still showed her in her own dedicated shot, kirigiri was outright MIA) its pretty easy to tell they are hinting at her survival, the fact that they are really hammering home koichi saving her in the last despair and this one by ending the montage on him is just the icing on the cake.

Kill yourself.

Post Best Smile

Make it a video game with a better plot

Welp, just watched the newest episode. Fucking what?! Tengen wasn't a despair. He did all this to get cuck boy to post his hope video on youtube? Couldn't he just ask him to do that? Also, thus story as gone to shit real quick. So is the last episode NOT a voice actor thing like we thought?


So quite a few times in these threads I've seen people say that Nagito is afraid of riding planes and therefore his characterization has been fucked up in the anime because of how he rode a plane that crashed and was totally fine afterwards mentally.
I went and reread his Island Mode lines in Japanese and he does not say that he is afraid of flying on planes. He thinks fighter planes are scary. There is a difference.

>…考えてみたんだけど、戦闘機って相当悲惨だと思うんだ。だって脱出装置が壊れてたら最後の瞬間まで意識がありそうだし… 万一、脱出できたとしても、無事に地面の上に着地出来るとは限らないだろう? 怖いよ…戦闘機は…

>…Fighter planes are really terrible, I think. I mean, if the escape mechanism fails, you’ll probably be conscious up until the last second… And even if you did manage to escape, there’s no guarantee you'd make it safely to the ground, right? Fighter planes are really scary…

I have no idea how NISA translated that because I haven't played Island Mode in English. But it's clear that he's not afraid of riding generic passenger planes. He just thinks fighter jets in general are scary by design.

I want to protect that grin.

They're fucking with people hard. This is the so-called "ultimate fan item" according to Kodaka, but it's actually the ultimate despairservice for Junkofags. They even gave them an extra burst of that delicious despair they crave so much by confirming her irrelevance for the finale.

I wish satsuki was in danganronpa. Things would have turned out differently.


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


More Juzo, my friend!


Nah shes alive they just waited too long to do it. They really should of just done the stinger for it this episode instead of the recap. They probably did it cause they wanted to end the episode on a note that implies everything is gone to shit and hope has lost and i guess showing her alive and potentially putting a hindrince on mitarai's actions would be too hopeful or some shit.

Finally a Junko thread.

We must spread the Junko goodness.

>She's dead, right?

>i'm bored as fuck here with this cheeky cunt
>i want to go home
>but i don't have something to call home anymore
>because I'm dead

Beign Chiaki is truly despair inducing

They also didn't actually show Chiaki's death, just the remnants reaction to it. Don't get your hopes up.

>It's a Junkoposting episode

It's always been the same thing.

Still hoping that Asahina dies.

It would be beautiful.

>She's lived through way worse deathflags. There's no way she's gonna die


Mastermind rankings
Junko > Monaca > Tengan > Izuru

Izuru last because he did so little


I can't stop listening, thank you to whoever finally fucking found it

Lookin' cute. Feelin' cute!

>Implying its not always

She's just a female Munakata. It would be interesting to have another alpha female bitch at Hopes Peak to combat Junko, tho.

Is there any possible way to stop THREE Ultimate Hopes working together?

>tfw your waifu lifts more than you

Your face when she becomes addicted to Hope and decides to save Naegi by crashing her NEET van directly onto the mastermind

Your face when she becomes Naegi's new imouto

I wish Satsuki was in my life.

I've listened to this for the past 2 hours now.

>you will never regain your hope from before DR3 started

Did Chisa's tits get smaller?
Or is Junko just huge, bigger than she was in Zetsubou?

This has been explained in the last thread, tengan needed a successor since he was dying soon but he needed someone so far gone as him morality wise to carry on in his place, mitarai was the perfect pick because hes already fucked up and wants a hope filled future, so tengan did all this to basically push mitarai so far over the edge he'd be ok essentially enslaving mankind.

its not as simple as asking or stealing the video, he needed a "sane" successor that wasnt brainwashed to watch over humanity with tengan's ideals till despair was fully gone. Remember how junko said a world without despair is despair in and of itself, it was just foreshadowing to this.

the retarded part of this plan isnt his endgame or even the general course of action, its just that tengan could of done so much more to guarantee mitarai was safe.

>Ultimate fan item

You know looking back at it all it really wasn't. Future could have been so much crazier if 80% of the cast wasn't brand new and instead it was DR1/DR2 cast Vs Junko one last time. Ah well.

I wish

>junkofags staying up extra late on a school night
How is this possible?

Let's all forget about how shitty the final episode was,




Choose Cred Forums.
Kill one.
Marry one.
Fuck one.

future-hen was a mistake but at least we can all agree that despair-hen was good or it has some mistakes too?


Such a fitting song for her.

Have Chiaki make at least one pouty face. Why should Junko be the only one when it was a signature trait with Chiaki?

>he thinks he can stop this despair

Marry Hopeman
Fuck Hopeman

Kill the other two.

Because I don't go to school user and its nearly 6am where I am.

Reminder that Komaeda is dead.

You know that one promo card with "Dead or alive" on it with him in the center and Chisa and Junko in the revolver spools?

Junko confirmed that she and Chisa are dead. Therefore...


One last time for the feels

What does chiaki's death have to do with kirigiri though? The reason people are so spotty on kirigiri's death was cause of the bottle that rolled in addiiton to small teases like koichi restating how he'd protect her and even ending the death montage on him without any sight of kirigiri at all.

Shes alive. Chiaki could be if they really want to pull some last minute happiness.

Reminder that Naegi x Junko is the endgame OTP pairing in Danganronpa.

It not only makes sense in literary terms but also symbolically as well.

Hand over all your donuts or the hopeboy gets it.

Chiaki's signature traits as a whole didn't exist in her "real" version for whatever reason.

If the killing game wasn't actually broadcast and Mitarai wasn't actually supposed to be there, how was the killing game supposed to ploy him into MINDHACCs?

Why not just kill everyone there?

Junko has always been stacked.

Junkofriends are always up this late. Many wew lurking. Watching. Waiting.



Kill Monaca and Junko, marry Hopeman and Kirigiri. Fucking Kirigiri is a given because marriage.

Two things I don't remember seeing
>Tengen wanting a successor
>Tengen knew he was dying
Because those seem like holes in your explaination.

Don't worry about that my friend, the last episode is her turn for the meta theater

Marry the alive girl, fuck the dead girl, Kill the dead girl again.

Hail our despair goddess.

>cucked out of the final boss slot by fucking MITARAI of all people.
That's gotta sting for her and her ass lickers here.

Marry and tenderly fuck Junko.
Kill Hopeman.

Because they're both main heroines.

You should probably stop with this meme.

are people trying to act like either of them won that debate? They were both fucking awful and basically just repeated the same shit flinging they always did without much substance.

Summarize for me. Anything kekworthy or significant actually happen?

They're in full force tonight for full damage control. I can only imagine what'll happen when HOPE arc comes around.

Don't despair, user. Soon we will have the technology.


Marry Junko. Fuck Hopeman. Kill Monaka.

So you go to a private school user? 6 am is pretty late go to sleep. Love, mom.

I understand if their personalities were different, but having a pout during pic related wouldn't have hurt the story would it?

If she's dead, she wouldn't be in Hell, though.


He was going to learn about what happened, see for himself later their corpses and watch the video Tengan made for him telling him he was the mastermind.

Scoot Junko to the bottom and that's about right.

>DR3 exclusive character is the final boss
kill me now


>Kill Hopeman.
>implying that's even possible
Not even Hopeman can kill Hopeman, he's probably crawling out of a sleeping pod as we speak.

Tengan specifically states hes at the end of his life, hes dying not of a disease hes just a old as fuck guy in his 80's, he'd die soon no matter what.

as for wanting a successor, thats what naegi specifically stated after realizing tengan's manipulation.

But not that bigger than Chisa
Hell, she wasn't bigger than Chisa to begin with

Trump BTFO'd by wet noodle tier arguments.

Cred Forums getting the full CTR army on them

Wew, what a day.

One of these is a pure virgin. Can you figure out who?

While alive, at least.

Yeah and one was dead going into 3 and the other was still alive, its just gonna return to the status quo with maybe a hint of ai chiaki coming back

Why doesn't Tengan just live until he's like 170 years old? His motives ARE complex enough right?

Trump literally bragged about dodging income taxes. Shillary came out on top purely because Trump wasn't planned at all for the debate and kept trying to sidestep every question he was given, though to be fair a lot of them were targeting specifically him.


Nope Don't go to any school have a job instead but tomorrow is my day off.

>Everyone actually left the Theater early because DR3 was shit,and went to Chiaki's Game Store to buy DRV3

Marry Fuck Kill
You've got it already got it there user from left to right

I think he meant to imply he just woke up

She's (was)a growing girl.

She would have surpassed Chisa.


>would rather have Junko as a final boss

Certainly hope will be born as a result of you becoming a stepping stone for hope

Post dumb shit that happened in DR3

>Chisa gave the videos to Tengan instead of broadcasting the despair brainwash to the world.
>Tengan made a killing game to convince Ryota instead of just taking his phone.
>Junko is somehow able to insert the despair brainwash editing techniques into a live broadcast.
>Junko built a secret dungeon under Hope's Peak without anyone noticing.
>Class 77 goes after Chisa by themselves.
>Chiaki is a mary sue that didn't do anything but die.
>Izayoi has no character.
>Ruruka has absolutely horrendous motivations.
>Class 77 are brainwashed and retroactively absolved of any moral responsibility for their actions as Despairs.
>Tengan includes Ryota in the game and gives him an NG code increasing his chances of dying and the whole killing game being for nothing.
>Twilight Syndrome has absolutely no relevance to Despair side's greater plot.
>Kirigiri arbitrarily decides not to enter the secret room and misses an opportunity to stop the game right there.
>Why did Tengan even make the secret room?
>Monaca literally says fuck it and leaves

Nah, much like everything election related as of late its just the same old bullshit. They basically just said nothing of substance for a couple hours and trump generally was on the defense most the debate. Neither really won but Hillary probably came out of it looking better

No. Work on your grammar, you might be taken more seriously that way. AI Chiaki isn't even the same character and she died with no regrets. Human Chiaki, on the other hand, did. The least she deserves is being in a coma.



Trump got fucked by the debate questions. He fucked himself even more with the answer. Shillary won the debate. He'll probably lose the White House if this keeps up.

I don't vote, btw. So I'm not biased.

Try me.

What was his name again?

I'm enjoying the despair myself
By being a Junkofag you always win

Calling it now, Junko is the antagonist in V3, or her daughter.

I bet you wouldn't even see it coming.


Hopeman faggots should realise that Ultimate Hope can only come forth from Ultimate Despair.

Trump had moments of greatness but overall it seemed Hillary was in control.

>I don't vote, btw. So I'm not biased.
Neither do I. Honestly I don't give a shit, just let me have my free time and my Chinese cartoons.

He's always been awful at attacking his opponents his supporters do a much better job of it then he does. Always tons of great shit he could bring up, but never does.

He said at the start of the video that he didn't have much time left, not to mention he set up the game where he would almost certainly die. He even left his "I entrust the world's hope to you" message and now we know that was his plan from the beginning.

The Original Junkofriend

Kodaka the Ultimate Fan Item

Reminder that Kaede is Junko & Neagi's daughter.

Marry Hopeman.
Ravage the loli.
Kill Zetsubou.

Other girls tits magically shrink whenever Junko is on screen with them. Junko must always be the best, after all.

Evening classes.


You mean protagonist.

>mfw Bondage Junko is literally Junko


>what is stepping stones

But she died
Unless she kept growing in hell
I'd love it if Kibou-hen starts with Junko and Chisa crawling out of hell with a demon army ready to fuck everything up

Former SHSL Hack.

Fuck off Chiaki, you already got killed off twice.

>Ultimate Fan Item
Oh man, you made my eye twitch.

This isn't really that huge of a proclamation. It's just like capeshit. It's always the Joker.

>Future could have been so much crazier if 80% of the cast wasn't brand new and instead it was DR1/DR2 cast Vs Junko one last time
I agree, even if I don't hate Future that much even after this horrible finale.
I am used to horrible finales in anime/manga/games.

So, who was the extra in the killing game?

Always though it was chiaki but at this point they dont have time for more bullshit revelations

So, the "Chisa" watching the future series in a theater" was just a red herring?

Welcome to American politics. You aren't voting for a candidate you want to win, you've voting against the one you won't.

Why the fuck do you think voter turnout is especially shit in any first world country? No one has faith in the system representing them in the slightest, and rightfully so.

>stupid monkey d luffy grin

give me donuts

No, it's her in hell reflecting on everything that's happened.

>They also didn't actually show Chiaki's death, just the remnants reaction to it.
Yes, but that was a different montage.

>Don't have time for more bullshit revelations
Oh how naive you are.

Is marrying Junko marrying Cred Forums's idea of a chuuni Junko housewife? Because if so, I chose her to marry.
Otherwise, kill her with fire.

Hagakure or an incredibly strong invisible person with an incredible amount of analytical abilities who will not have much explanation given to them.

>Did I ever tell you how I got these scars?

Trump did really badly, like worse than youd expect even on his off day badly. He pretty much bragged about committing crimes and not getting caught midway through.

Should looks like a dirty hippy that listens to grunge like Nirvana.

I love these facebook edits.

I saw an user say once that the TPP could fuck us over with anime, that's why he was voting Trump.


One of the few things the anime did right.

You think you can take the protagonist spot from me?

i wouldn't even mind if she were dead at this point, but if they don't show anything more about her death, i'm going to be pissed, she's had the least amount of screentime on what is probably the most tragic death, and it's just kind of being played as "yeah that happened lol" seriously. It's not like she just died, she fucking gave her own life to allow Makoto to survive, and it hasn't even been brought up as a "i'll do this for you, Kirigiri" it almost seems like the cast have just forgotten about her.

>the theatre was actually the purgatory
>Chisa and Junko are being judged by whoever is playing the film

Fucking deep

It's in the same style. Get over yourself, they're both the main heroines and if one comes back, the other should too.

>tits are filled with men's hopes and dreams
>Junko's tits are filled with despair
>Junko destroys hope, and turns into despair
>whenever a woman is close to Junko she will destroy her hope and turn it into despair
>Junko's pretty much takes tits from other women

>all this junko

>someone saved my OC
Thanks, user. I had fun making those.

No need to do anything, she will blush to a halt and let go once she realizes her boobs are pressing on his back

But the main heroine of Side Future was Juzo.

I'm fairly sure that despair grows any heroine's bust several inches alone.

It's a small price to pay.

I'd eat my left foot for a Cure W one.

>you will never be smothered by dis pair
Why even live?

Adding on

>Kaede's breasts just so happen to be very large
>bondage girl just so happen to be very large

Good theory

If Tengan was the Mastermind, does that mean he really wanted to count Weedman (so Weedman would get killed)?

Whatever, he's had the life fade from his eyes twice. He'll probably be okay somehow anyway.

God, i would be more mad if is actually hagakure and not just some other. Shit would be so stupid.

I want to protect this goofy grin

>my senpai's teacher was a drunkard, and a smooth criminal

I would like to remind you DR2's mastermind was revealed 30 minutes from the game's ending.

The voter turnout is so shit cause they dont give people time off work to go vote for the nomination and wind up stuck with shit canidates like what we have here. I'm just amazed people can honestly support either of them unironically cause their both criminals who honestly should be in jail right now. People are just brainwashed by identity politics into thinking they can just ignore all that.


All girls are the best, my dudes! Can we all get along?

Haven't done any for DR3 yet. I should.

Post girls who probably are dead, but continue to live on through asspulling.

>Not because Trump will make anime real

>Hoplet getting mad at hope brainwashing to overcome the LITERAL DESPAIR BRAINWASHING HOLY FUCKING SHIT
Does he think "just hope it gets better and it will" will work for all the weak normalfags? Did he forget that despair was brainwashed with something just as potent as the hope brainwashing? The despair brainwashing isn't going to go away on it's own, you dumb naegger god damn I hate japanese protagonists so damn much.

Even when he gave his best efforts at undoing despair brainwashing he still fucked up and barely saved anyone and that was with talentfags.

Is naegi the dumbest character in canon? I'm pretty sure he qualifies as a gary stu at this point.


Junko shsl housewufe

He probably didn't give a shit about him just like Monokuma said which is why he started the plan while he was still outside.

I, too, sometimes think of a Junko/Chiaki threesome.

He's right, tho. TPP copyright laws are severe af, and japan is one of the signatories. All members will be forced to crackdown on any kind of copyright infringement.

So say goodbye to Nyaa and others. We'll need to buy the BDs or pay funanimation.

Don't get me wrong, the TPP will probably be good for America as a whole. The copyright part(Is a big one) is the only bad thing about it.


This thread is a threadly reminder that you all have shit taste and will dispute this list because you all have nothing better to do than be pathetic blues.

At least you can take Juzo in a fist fight.

No, the 16th participant was a cock ring on his schlong. When you die, you get a boner and blood accumulates in schlong. So it still registered even after death.

She doesn't give a shit about the world. Munakata is her world and she wants him to fall into despair harder than anyone else. It would be out of character for her to broadcast it. Not dumb.

People explained why several times. It makes sense. Not dumb.

When was this?

The people who could have noticed were murdered or under her control. Not dumb.


She brought the class together. Without her there would be no Class 77. Not dumb.

Muh ruruka is his character. It has always been. Not dumb.

Wanting to stay alive by preventing others to leave the building isn't dumb or horrendous. It's understandable. Not dumb.

No one believes that. Naegi wants to cure them and bring them to their side as allies. The rest of the FF wants them dead and gone. Not dumb.

Mitarai being part of the game wasn't planned and he gave him a harmless NG Code. It was out of his control. Not dumb.

I feel like they changed Twilight Syndrome for Chiaki's death to be the main trigger. Makes sense. Not dumb.

She couldn't go inside at the moment. They had to escape, but I agree it was dumb of her to not go back later.


So? She got tired of their shit. Not dumb.

While you're at it, make a "WEED" one for dr3 Hagakure.


I dont think tengan's motives were that bad, he wanted someone to carry on his ideals, its just his ideals were fucked and morally wrong so he needed to basically break the perfect replacement for himself with mitarai, him having knowledge of the brainwashing stuff probably just made him more appealing.

they could of explained this a bit better yes, cause im pretty sure alot of people thought the entire thing was solely to get the video used and not to find someone to rule in said brainwashed world. I mean naegi kind of said it but not directly.

Reply to this post



>All girls are the best
not when they're all fucking dead


Mitarai your going to get blown the fuck out in about 3 days shut up.

>I would like to remind you DR2's mastermind was revealed 30 minutes from the game's ending.

But we already know the mastermind. At this point the extra literally did nothing and tbf i dont think we have a hole to fill with him, or at least not one that the extra person could fix.


Who doesn't want to protect Junko's smile?

They literally just showed Junko hanging with Chisa in Hell's Theater. You think she's still alive?


>kodaka told everyone DR0 was important to read before watching despair arc
>get hyped as fuck for references to it
>get one second cameos from yuto and matsuda instead
>don't even get to see ryoko

was the only important thing in despair related to DR0 the student council killing game?

>Don't get me wrong, the TPP will probably be good for America
Jacking up the prices of medicine and giving large companies a monopoly on medicine is good for America?

No reply to this post.

Oh, I forgot to mention that's going to kill the Doujin market too.

>Ken Akamatsu, creator of Japanese manga series Love Hina and Mahou Sensei Negima!, expressed concern the agreement could decimate the derivative dōjinshi (self-published) works prevalent in Japan. Akamatsu argued that the TPP "would destroy derivative dōjinshi. And as a result, the power of the entire manga industry would also diminish.

Say goodbye to our Hentai.

Now I'll stop talking Cred Forums stuff. It's kind of related, tbqh.

Weedman 'shouldn't' count because he's part of the FF and Monokuma specifically called out members remaining back in episode 4 . They could still do it but honestly, like what said, given the pacing that was in SDR2 and the pacing here, the thought of them pulling a sudden last-minute twist for Kibou-hen is believable. Not something that I'm certain of, but it is believable. A

The motives aren't that complex you guys.

>Asahina shared the screen with Junko for several scenes in DR1
>In fact, her spot on the trial table was right next to Junko's
>Her boobs were still massive
Holy shit, was Donuts the real thorn on Junko's side?
They really were hope-filled!

He should have come back with Sakakura's coat.

It had almost nothing to do with it

The thing is TPP also is alot more open than people think it is, japan already said they werent going to follow through on the copyright stuff like people thought they would for manga and doujins and fanart. They already try to kill nyaa and all it wouldnt be any different.

You might be right about that.

Different question: did he kill Miaya and those guards, then? He would've known Gekkobot existed when he put the bangle on her.


The best thing that DR3 has done to a character

There's nothing to be fixed. The brainwashing should have been toned down (only effective with weak-willed people) and Junko's plans made more solid. But asides from that it's good.

That's not gonna stop me

Junko is pregnant


Make me faggot

Aoi's tits were still smaller
And her tits are over 80% donuts, you can't turn donuts to despair

Why is there an afterlife theater now?

>Inb4 Junko's learned how to become a ghost and invades Mirai-hen


Reporting in, brother!

Danganronpa memes are truly the best, I must admit! I find if funny how much meme magic helped Trump overall.

Politics in my country aren't pretty either brother, but I wish you guys best of luck!

Junko is dead, but she's still having a blast. It feels pretty good.

>the extra literally did nothing
The mysterious case of the missing locker when Gozu died.
How Munakata entered a closed room with no doors shown open.
An explanation for the sometimes bizarre camera angles that seemed to hide the presence of somebody.
If the NG codes are manually activated, they did that too.

Granted, these can be explained by ">lerche" and "it's automagic".

>not even animated
Nice try, but that's not enough to get me to...


Wait, why am I posting this?

The real question is as to why Junko still has her left hand and right eye?

>Junko in that outfit

I want to make sweet love to her wearing that while Mukuro watches and orgasms from despair because I won't give it to her. But then I do, causing more despair.

I think Gekko's death was supposed to imply that Monaca killed the guards as well. It could be Tengan but then that would make their similar deaths just a coincidence which would be pretty fucking retarded.

Monaca killed Gekkougahara. She herself said it. We don't know if Tengan himself did all the heavy lifting. Remember they were all transported underwater from the very top of the building, so he might have nameless underlings helping him. Likely it will never be explained.

It know that's a doujin, but Mukuro should not be that lewd. It should be against the law. Mukuro is pure.

Fix DR3 in one sentence.

>not even death can stop the despairgasming
A better scene would have shown Mukuro sitting next to Junko trying to grab some pop corn while Junko keeps it out of her reach

Man, it's so fucking annoying that every high-profile original mystery anime always has a bunch of people whining about the ending. Why are endings so inherently divisive. People complain the moment it deviates slightly from their master speculation.

>Junko in that outfit.

Its a reference to Yuri Kuma Arashi. In case you were wondering.

Because Chisa's hell is looking what she caused, and Junko's hell is watching the Naegi and Aoi slice of life full of hope that will start next.

Is it good for the economy? Yes. I said America as a whole. The working class, that's the majority of Americans, will be fucked.

>japan already said they werent going to follow through on the copyright

It wasn't Japan, it was a bunch of artists and such that gathered together to protest it. The Prime minister came and said they're going to be protected.

It's a matter of trusting the Japan's PM to follow his word and have enough power to overrule the US. Do I believe Japan is going to protect the Doujinshi industry? I don't know, I'm really just saying all I know about it.

remove Junko as final boss

No mind hacc

>implying she won't come back as a ghost and possess Cumaru

This isn't divisive, everyone hates it

Hillary = Despair
Trump = Hope

because the good part hasn't started yet

inb4 they get mindhacced in the afterlife

>Junko comes back as a ghost

Junko Slice of Life

Not really, the extra reveal would honestly resolve alot of plotpoints that are otherwise plotholes, user here beat me to it though
it'd also fix my only real issue with tengan's motives which is he didnt do enough to guarantee mitarai's survivial to be his successor, but if there were a 16th participant there this whole time watching over him it'd make things less dumb

Are Chiaki and Kirigiri in a different theater?

u think mind hacc is a good plot twist?


must be nice living in that glass house on faulty rocks

One more season.

No brainwash 77th class and Junko as final boss.


I'll be honest, if kirigiri and naegi actually get confirmed cannon next episode ill forgive alot of this show's flaws and just write it off as some extra story that doesnt bring the series down.

>tfw not even Satan could make her suffer without unintentionally making her despairgasm
He probably got tired of trying so he told to just fuck off and go wherever she wanted.

Maybe that's because most mystery anime have shitty endings?

So was Tengan's bracelet a fake? Did he lie?

Surely Nagito woke up from his coma right? I mean his luck would have to make him wake up.

He saved the day even if he didn't show up.

I don't. Granted it could be better but I'm not nearly as pissed as I was about the game's twists. Honestly, just not having Junko as the mastermind this time already gives it a huge boost.

>In the end, they lose to Juzo
best part

This is all a Witches' game.

why the cast of DR2 is much better that DR1?

because it comes after the multiplying but before the addition and subtraction.


Nah, I love everything about DR3. It's been a long time since I've felt so engaged with an anime. Each week I couldn't wait for the next episode.

Name me ONE mystery story where a bunch of entitled fans didn't get BLOWN THE FUCK OUT because their pet theory didn't come true in the end. Umineko had a bunch of people crying like little bitches, this happens over & over again.

>people acting as if DR3 already ended
What, you think the entire franchise just ended with a shot of Hajimeme entering a random room? Wait until Hope Side airs to decide if you're disappointed or not. The last episode could still redeem the entire series.

Both are stepping stones to a greater hope.

>No RoD hijinks

It's like they had no idea what people wanted from this


Guys has Chisa redeemed herself yet?

Dangan Ronpa Oppai's Tier List:
Hi everybody and fellow Dangans!
After years of research and running through copious amounts of tissues, I have developed a Tier List of Ronpas categorized by Oppais:

God Tier:
Shit Tier:
your waifu

Imagine if Chiaki came back, but she had major brain damage from the blunt trauma and blood loss she had to endure during her execution. For instance, she loses her ability to play video games very well. Forget getting the high score in Gala Omega, she struggles to so much as overcome casual mobile games. She's still dimly aware of the talent she once possessed, which makes her repeated failures all the more frustrating for her, but she still has fun playing games. The best part is, she always ends up forgetting what happened except for the most basic of details, so even a single game can always give a fresh experience for her. Her speech pattern is stunted and instead of being able to articulate complex concepts like talent, she simply whines for Hinata-kun to play with her. She gets lonely when he leaves her for too long, probably ptsd from her execution.

Whenever he does, she giggles softly and nuzzles against him, and basically she cuddles more than actually playing the game. Her love for him is the one of the only things her feebled mind can cling to, so whenever he has to get up - even to do things like make lunch for her - she cries and holds onto him. She holds him in a bear hug and begs for him to not leave her. Even though his strength easily outclasses hers, he can't do anything or else she would get hurt. So he has to very gently push her away, letting her fingers grasp the empty air, and seeing her eyes water as she realizes she has to say goodbye to her Hinata-kun yet again.

Then he comes back with the food and she acts like she hasn't seen him in forever, and then they hug and kiss. Of course, this cycle continues on and on.

DR1, DR2

We all know which theater Kirigiri went to.


>Believes Tengen's complex motives is better than Junko returning.

Nobody in the DR2 cast is actually dead you dumb fuck they're in comas.

He never knew who was the attacker because it relied on rng death monitors

ryoko was actually the only nwp patient , and still hasn't woken up,poor girl

We are led to assume Mitarai is a SHSL anime talent but in a twist he's actually some SHSL brainwash who just really likes anime and wants people to enjoy it, and Junko gets almost all of her screentime axed, turning Despair side into mostly fanservice SoL while we are implied things happen in the background.

It's my AOTS

>The last episode could still redeem the entire series.

Isn't that a bit TOO hopeful?

Since you're asking I actually think that is DR3's weakest element. Brainwashing can work but it wasn't used optimally in this case. I was mostly referring to this episode however and the Tengan/Ryota revelations.

Those twists were worse though.

I wouldn't mind a slice of life spin-off with class 77.

We already know what's going to happen.
>Hajimeme and Naegi-kun beat up the final boss
>"Let's look to the future"
No twists or turns. The shifty-looking animator everybody called being a traitor somehow is what we get. That's it.

I don't think there's anything they can do in 24 minutes that would redeem the series to EVERYBODY. No matter what happens on thursday there's going to be a lot of butthurt.


The system is broken.

>Shit episode yesterday
>Foggy as fuck outside this morning
is it a sign?

>kill yourself
It's the little details really

You sure you are not the common denominator? Moron.


There's 24 minutes left and Mitarai is our endgame villain. This is ending in disappointment.

Not until she takes off that apron and undoes her shirt so I can paizuri her in her teaching suit

Oh yeah i agree definitely. Tengan is 2complex4meandyou. Ryota can be predicted since he was introduced as well as the Despair Arc.

That's wrong, though. Chiaki likes him and Akane asked about him without prompting, they shouldn't be there.

I expected Mitarai to be mastermind, but instead he just went full on "FUCK THIS SHIT I'M DONE" and his balls grew three sizes.
That was pretty good. Not great writing, but not hack writing on Kodaka's part for once.

Though how he just flashes his phone at people, he's a lot less SHSL Animator, and more straight up SHSL Hypnotist

Seriously anime, would it have killed you to have put a chibi Ryouta swirling his finger around in the middle of that kaleidoscope bullshit just to remind us he was SHSL Animator?

Just fucking show Class 77 in Future/Hope FUCK YOU literally all I wanted from this was to see what they do after SDR2 and interactions between 77 and 78 survivors

Can you not user.

Dame desu! You guys are being subliminally controlled by her Despair. Escape NOW!

Wait, when did Matsuda show up?

Is it just me or there is Yamada's fatty magical girl in Mitarai's video?

>junkofag meme

god fucking damn it user you got me there

They can at least take it in a different direction than this with a last-minute twist.

>Not liking entertaining villains.

What poor taste you have user.

Do we get Sonia next episode?

See . It's not in our hands anymore. There's nothing we can do for her.

I always thought that naegi/aoi was a great pairing.

>The mysterious case of the missing locker when Gozu died.
>How Munakata entered a closed room with no doors shown open.

I dont really remember those 2. But that wouldnt mean that munakata knows the extra?

Thats true, the problem is that tengan didnt wanted mitarai in the killing game, it was a thing out of his control at that point and he just went with the plan anyway.


A few episodes ago in the Despair arc, literally all he did was look out a window at what was happening outside.

Junko returning a fucking fourth time when they're still asking you to figure out a mastermind is indefensible. There is no mystery if it is always the same person, and it's even worse if that character was shit to begin with.

What the fuck? Is this for real?

DR3 wasn't really a mystery, though. More like a thriller than anything.


After the world went full hope, Izuru will use his ultimate necromancer talent to bring Junko back, and she will make the balance of despair and hope to go back to normal levels.

Memes aside, can we all agree that this anime ruined Danganronpa?

But that wasn't a continuous story. I should have rephrased that. DR1/DR2 are completed stories that you can complete in one go away from community discussions that will analyze every element to death.

Installment stories have fans waiting, creating expectations, discussing everything to death, so the ending will ultimately disappoint no matter what it's like.

That being said DR1 had one of the worst endings in fiction Twins twist? I did it for despair? Fuck off. SDR2 was good however.

Aww fuck, I missed this! Son of a fucking bitch.

I think the real problem is that Nagito himself liked the comment.


Her act got stale after 5 minutes, but your dick won't let you realize this.


I was kind of hoping she'd still be alive for a nice twist. But it's confirmed she now won't be. She's getting redeemed after death though.

No. Fuck off.

I want to titty fuck Chisa while she's wearing her white blouse opened and you cannot stop me.


All in all I wouldn't say it's that much worse than UDG.


No, Kodaka not participating in writing ruined Danganronpa. Ridiculous shit like this was common in DR but it just seems fucking stupid when it's trying to take itself seriously instead of Kodaka's style of having DR be more of a comedy.

It shows that Kodaka can't write an overall story for shit, but he seems to shine at smaller, more contained events with quirky characters

I want to tenderly love Komaeda!

She is but scenes from this anime show up in Ryota's room.
It's possible Kodaka is the 16th character

>Chiakifag tears.jpg

>tfw theres no fanart of that description

Yeah i realize mitarai showing up really fucked up his plan a bit, tengan probably planned for everyone to die but him. But i still think there should of been a better way to fully guarantee mitarai would live.

You just have a poor sense of humor.

The RoD vs the FF should have been its own anime. Danganronpa 1.5 or something.

Nah, Danganronpa was broken before this.

It's a great AA parody though, since it's so over the top that I can laugh at it no matter what form it's in.

We talked about this stuff before, I know who you are, this weird thing you do where you're constantly re-introducing yourself is incredibly disconcerting to me.

Monaka wrote down the NG codes she saw manually, that's why Kyousuke's name is written differently. If she didn't see the 16th person's NG code, she wouldn't be able to do it.

Story-wise UDG wasn't anywhere near as stupid as this. It might actually have the best writing out of everything so far.




>memes aside
>posts the DR3 is bad meme

>Hope v3 is actually about hope being the new despair
I can already see it you hack

I-Is this what Hope looks like? So heavenly.

I do honestly want a 16th participant reveal, i know its late but it'd really resolve alot of plotpoints. It wont happen now and we likley were overanalyizing what was ultimately hagakure.

I dont know as long as kirigiri is alive next episode i guess im ok with this all in the end even if its disappointing.

I'm on no-fap. Please stop.

Oh shiet. Should we assume Cumaru is going to lead our heroes against Hopefags? Normies for the win!

But then again, Cumaru is seen looking at the Hope video by Mitarai. Shit man. No one will be normal now.


Why do people hate UDG so much? I only watched a playthrough online, but I enjoyed it, even if it dragged in some places. Was it just because the gameplay was shit?

>Muh Dick lives each time i see Junko Leopard.

I don't know, I'm feeling pretty hopeful since she's dead and not the mastermind. That's all I really wanted in the end.


>Memes aside
>Posts the DR3 is not bad countermeme

Wow, even Mitarai had enough of Makoto's hope speeches


It was a spin off that no one really wanted while having a different genre on top of it. It's like dirge of cerberus

does anyone have a cap of the last JUZOBOY pasta before it switched over to the final one?

Gameplay is fairly mediocre and overstays its welcome
A lot of the shit the characters do is really, really dumb

>ghost possession

jesus christ this get

off by one, my friend.

>green satan

If you think she's a good character, you're a fucking idiot. Satsuki was a terribly written mary sue with a magic toenail. The second half of KLK was such a fucking trainwreck.

A rare, majestic and beautiful creature!

Toko and Komaru's friendship was great. The WoH's motive actually made sense. Monaca was a much better villian from a narrative perspective than Junko ever was, and we got heavy doses of despair Nagito. What more could you ask for from this franchise?

Is Green Satan supposed to be a negative?


The only bad thing they get with these brainwashing stuff is making it obvious it's a brainwashing with those swirly eyes. I mean, come on, can't the characters have normal eyes while still acting on Despair side like Junko does? Well I know she herself has that swirly eyes as she was about to kill herself. But then again, that's the first case we saw that and Kohacka shouldn't take inspiration from that one-shot scene.

>recapping events in the penultimate episode

After Despair arc Monaca is honestly probably the best villain in the entire franchise.

This is very accurate actually.


>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking reee
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets, but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination, fuck bangles
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, both physically and literally



PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo
Here, my friend!

Kill La Kill was a fucking disaster that makes DR3 look Godlike in comparison.

Somehow even after doing that people somehow still managed to misunderstand tengan's motives so maybe it was more necessary than it looks.

personally it got a laugh out of me especially how junko just ends it with "well who cares were dead anyway"

> Implying Hope side isn't just 30 minutes of hope mindhack anime.

op was skipped. Also it gave closure on why Chisa was in a theater

>We talked about this stuff before, I know who you are, this weird thing you do where you're constantly re-introducing yourself is incredibly disconcerting to me.


>Monaka wrote down the NG codes she saw manually, that's why Kyousuke's name is written differently. If she didn't see the 16th person's NG code, she wouldn't be able to do it.
Oh monaka wrote 16 ng code? need to watch the chapter again then, dont remember a number there. Anyway this means that munakata really knows who the extra is.

>I can't self insert as this beta faggot waaaah is bad
>A manipulative villain that actually does more shit than junko
The only problem it suffered was trying to attract normies with shootan

If Tengan set up the killing game, why did he intentionally fucked Kirigiri up with that forbidden action?

No no, something will happen that will undo Mitarai's action and everyone will have genuine, non-brainwashing Hope and have their individuality retained.

>Any of those being bad

she's fucking possesed by Satan himself

Monaka was fine in DR:AE but she went to shit when she lost to Hopeman's D and became a NEET.

Isn't lost love so despair inducing? Enough to make a little fag brainwash the world?




Because she was a macguffin

If Mitarai can brainwash anyone at will, why didn't he do that with Junko?

Thank you very much, user!

I'm going to miss you

>the "eww female mc" meme

She was the only one smart enough to realize hope and despair are both stupid and remove herself. Shame she still got MINDHACCED

>kirigiri's notebook is only relevant for figuring out the "attacker"
>kirigiri literally died solving only the mystery of the monitors, which juzo would have done either way

I want to see Naegi truly doubtful about his own morals at least once, please kodaka

Perhaps, user, a worldwide broadcasting of Naegi doing his usual Hope speech thus spreading Hope? Maybe he will go SORE WA CHIGAU with a callback to the Hope Bullet.

Kirigiri and Naegi were dangerous to his plan. He needed both or at least 1 of them to die.

sorry i cant follow that rule. its all for the sake of hope

Don't play dumb with me.

>Oh monaka wrote 16 ng code?
Oh, you are that dumb! No, my point is that assuming there really is a 16th participant, she didn't see them so she couldn't write it down, which means it wouldn't be in Gekkobot's internal database.

Just when you thought Mememan was out of memes.

Because he's a cowardly little bitch.

Why didn't he unbrainwash the RoD?

ITT: Post best Cred Forums memerides
>Code Geass, TTGL, DtB, Star Driver, Meduka, Kill la Kill, Aldnoah:Zero, DR3

Because he couldn't then.

Muh Dicksapair belongs to her

He secretly hated Jin and Boozeman.

> They use the despair mindhack video to counteract the hope video.

I wonder if that would fix you, or make you irredeemably broken?

Why did he make Gozu's impossible to activate?

Did Tengan actually want Gozu to make it out by the end?

Let's see if luck strikes twice.

He showed junko his hope video while it was incomplete. After he started working on the despair video for Junko he became too scared to complete work on it, or do anything, because he was such a pitiful sack of shit.

N-Nani, I was already a Hopefag, you fag! How dare you do this to me with your artificial Hope.


He's a faggot

>Someone actually saved all that
>I can even recognize some of mine
Cool. Chuuni housewife Junko is just a great way to go with so many scenarios. Bullying chuuni's is so much fun.
>Junko realizes she put all of her panties on the wash
>Analyzes the possibilities, just puts on a substitute and goes to the store
>In front of the mall, starts speechifying about Despair because she feels like it
>A gust of wind goes by and lifts her skirt up, letting everyone see she is wearing men's briefs with a tag written "Makoto"
>Cuts to her sulking in her depressed persona being cheered up by Naegi and Mukuro while she mumbles things like "this isn't the despair I was searching for..."
>People start talking behind her back about how Naegi and Junko still do something so newlywed-like despite already being married for some time and with a kid


Why was Star Driver so popular back then anyway? I dropped it a few episodes in because it was episodic schlock.

Gozu was his body guard, remember?

>"What's that Jin? You need me to undo a button on my blouse so you can slide your dick in and fuck my tits or I go to the reserve course?"
>"Well it's ok so long as Munakata doesn't find out! I'll clean you up when you're done considering i'm the SHSL Housekeeper!"
>"There's so much!"

SHSL Paizuri

>no SamFlam
Your list a shit.

By the time he finished it, Junko was either locked away or dead. What he had in despair arc wasn't complete, since it didn't work on her.

Oh shit, check the site. Despair characters don't have red eyes anymore.

You forgot Mayoiga.

The entire thing is dumb as fucking hell. Brainwashing everyone into hope? That's not hope! That's false hope. A disgusting hope that only leads to despair.

No I completely forgot that.

Because.... he somehow knew Mitarai would come along and make freinds with her?
He hates Makoto?
I don't know, by all accounts it doesn't make sense.

>Come into the last episode expecting a silly final reveal like usual with a nonsensical motive and a new character as the mastermind, but at least a lot of fanfare
>Get some COMPLEX motives by an existing character that can actually make sense and an actual purpose to the killing game instead of memewords

Kodaka you hack, this isn't what you promised

>Just one more episode until this ride ends
I will miss all the memes and Juzoboys.

No problem, my friend! I've got several versions. I only lost the earliest ones I made, but I'll grab those from the archives one of these days!

No need to miss me, my friend. Even if I'm gone, I'll still be there in memories and with memories about these threads, you should be glad. If these threads went on longer or weren't as comfy as they are then it might've been a bad memory instead of a good one!

I'll be back for v3 and I'll be gladly making new OC for those threads on Cred Forums, my friend!

I like it.
Just because people who dislike it tend to post thier opinion doesn't mean that people who like it don't exist.
I don't bother to say how much I like the show mainly because it's a waste of time to teach user how to enjoy an anime.

Preach brother!

Sorry, i'm retarted. Who the fuck was the 16tht?

Actual OST rip when


She does have the most magnificent pair of breasts in the whole franchise.

>tfw you will never impregnate yukizome's boobpusy

>implying Mayoiga shouldnt be purged from our brains as soon as its over


I thought it ended well. S2 when?

Shits about to go down as the limousine carrying 2 Despair sluts move along the road to HPA.

"I'm sorry you're such a bitch ass pussy, but have you tried... not being a bitch ass pussy?"

Probably. By that logic, he really wanted Bandai and Kizakura to die quick, too. Assuming it was for real Miaya, her NG Code may also be difficult to work around.

>Don't play dumb with me.
No really, i come here from time to time but never post too much, thread is too fast for me so i generally dont try.

>No, my point is that assuming there really is a 16th participant
But user, i never say that wasnt a extra guy in the killing game, my original question was literally about who was the extra.

>no endless eight
>no fma

I did too

But Tengan probably had some measure of control on who would wake up and see the suicide video. If he wanted to shield Gozu, why select him as the "attacker"?

Still doesn't make up for this shitty writing as a whole, but at least it's not 100% pure shit now

Mayoiga was actually pretty fun to watch with Cred Forums and all the memes like Pink Goddess being mastermind.

Notice how he tries to keep Kyoko away from Munakata. She wanted to go meet him but Tengan said he's go. Also note how Kyoko said that Munakata built this facility so he has the advantage. If Kyoko talked to Munakata and he shared that Tengan also has control over the facility she could've easily put 2 + 2 together.


Just watched the episode. Tengan is such a fucking retard holy shit.

>Even Sakura ships it
Now I'm almost going to be disappointed when Kirigiri comes back in Hope Side.

Am I being brain washed by this song? Is that why it's incomplete?

but user, she's dead.

in the end nobody wins the naegibowl...

No. It was stated that whoever was closest to the monitor would be selected. If he had actually skewed the results he would have had to tell Munakata.



Re: zero

To think the day would come when I would agree with you.

Name one character in DR3 who isn't completely retarded, or at the very least doesn't do multiple things that are very very stupid

>How to make friends
Seiko ;_;

She's third place
1st Akane
2nd Junko
3rd Chisa

All I want is one good piece of lewd Monokuma art. Is that so much to ask?!


am i missing something? is the ending finished in the coming game or the final episode of the other series?

because that was fucking terrible

>closest to monitor

it was conjectured. Also that criterium would've risked Ryota being selected, which would ruined the whole plan.

>tfw I already have a headache
This might've brainwashed me if not for the fact that my head feels like it's gonna burst.

he's not retarded, just complex

>Hope Monaca
Sorry, it's just Komaeda ver.0

Junko, Izuru Nagito.

Weedman actually didnt do anything stupid.

FUCK this anime

Isn't that the real despair? The anime's overall plot has been so stupid that you actually agree with a retarded tripfag.

This is real despair.

Kizakura. Gozu. Izayoi.

Naegi confronts Ryota but it's no use as he will not listen. Then Hajime hijacks the broadcast and fires Future bullets to everyone on earth.

Where's Osomatsu?

>I'll be back for v3
I'm looking forward to it.

thursday last episode


gundam, bandai

Nah, sorry, my girlfriend Chisa is number one.

That one is actually an illust by a guy who did some cute comics that are up on pixiv, with information based on dialogue and her FTEs.
There is one about Naegi wanting to see Aoi with her hair down for example. Another about Aoi's birthday and both Naei and Sakura thinking Aoi would rather be together with the other fearing they are the third wheel.

Donuts. I can't fault her for anything she did protecting Naegi.

Someone post the copypasta. That show was the definition of people wanting to force a trainwreck for 'teh epic lulz'

That's literally the point you dumb fuck. Not even once has the show tried to paint the hope anime has anything but a problem, its just another extremity by a nut case.

of the other arc or the future arc? i just figured it ended at 12.


> Izayoi.
>literally commits suicide so that his girlfriend won't lose self-confidence in her candy-making abilities
>not a complete idiot

Hold up Chisa is my wife.

Okay Original Bro. I'll wait for you. Just remember to identify yourself first to us then be gone with namefagging or tripfagging at once after you're done.

How many layers of keikaku was Tengan on!?

Successfully manipulated the entire cast and turned mitarai into a radical hopefag as his perfect successor.

Tengan seemed pretty smart honestly, his only lapse in logic was not kicking mitarai out of the game since he was banking entirely on mitarai outliving him.

It makes you realize that a despair anime wasn't such a retarded idea after all.

They're combining into Hope arc special.

Weirdly enough? Aoi.
She doesn't help much in the investigation, but she isn't a thinker, she only acted aiming to help the hopelet and herself's chances of survival.


Junko, Izuru, Kirigiri, Nagito, AI Chiaki.

>Cred Forums
I dont want to go to that cancerous shithole when V3 comes out.

Both, it is separate to both arc based on title.

This. Last episode was a hack.

So how bad do you think the gunposting is going to be tomorrow when kirigiri shows up alive with izayoi's missing gun pointing at mitarai?

So in this postapocalyptic world where the RoD killed millions of people and destroyed almost everything, how does everyone have a tv and functioning receivers to watch the HOPE broadcast?

user. Tengen's plan wouldn't have been possible without Chisa. She's the true mastermind

But the episode didn't cause me despair.
The anime so far has been a pretty wild ride.
You poeple should stop calling everything GOAT or shit, I mean there are in between.
check my hopeful seven

Everything he did was understandable and followed his train of thought until the very end. He didn't do anything stupid.

He followed her every wish, user. If she told him to die, he'd ask how.

Hope wills it.

Would Saionji's talent as the ultimate traditional dancer be able to give the best sex of all the girls?

>bottom row of 500 teeth

Most artists are shit because they can't pay attention to simple fucking details. This picture is a glaring example.

Hope arc is basically future 13.

ah, thats good. i was a little upset with the idea it just ended like that. thanks user

Sad part is that I'm avoiding all threads until v3 gets localized, so I'll miss all the fresh memes. It's the most despair inducing thing that could've happened to me.

I'm glad I'll be seeing familiar faces and people from here! I'll do that to identify myself and I'm looking forward seeing the two of you there as well, my friends!

It's a sacrifice that has to be made! We can't always have comfy threads and with Cred Forums it'll be tougher, but we'll manage, my friend. Just believe in that!

*things in between

Sadly I will be staying away from all DR threads after V3 comes out, until it's localization. So I truly hope you guys have a wonderful time, brothers!

If anything, start looking forward to V3, brother! I'm sure some new, great memes awaits us!

Let us be glad we were able to share this moments!


what if junko's SHSL analyzer talent allowed her to see the future and know how the future foundation killing game turns out. Or they are just ai. Or it's not real.
I don't know what to expect from komindhacka

Then I'll make you a very happy stepfather. Work hard so you can feed the children Imma pumpa into Chisa Yukizome's womb.

Best girl and best mastermind. Who knew. Curious as to what Chisa saw in the MIND HACC video tho. Probably just Junko telling her to kill herself.

>not junko
She could have analyzed your dick to the point that you will always be on edge 99.99% of the time

Everything has been fucking stupid, dude. The entire point was fucking stupid. The entire thing with Chisa was fucking stupid. Juzo being a fucking faggot was stupid. You know what the worst part?

Kirigiri dying. This anime literally gave us a despairing taste in our mouths. Nothing more, nothing less.

It accomplished it's end goal, huh? Time to riot, right?

It's not a very good image at all, user-kun.

Sad to hear so, my friends. Perhaps we'll meet one day without even knowing it on Cred Forums, perhaps even in a random Cred Forums thread. Who can tell? In times like that there's hope as the chances are still rather high. If anything, I'll be glad if it happens!

HPA would've accelerated the popularity of smartphones by 2010.

So that's it?

Holy shit aren't you Despairful? Time to cleanse you.

Anyone feel kind of shitty how kirigiri is basically a shoe in to come back next episode yet hinata will basically be left alone.

If you can't tell the difference between hope, extreme hope, FUTURE, black hope, white despair, despair, and FRIENDSHIP, then you have failed as a DR fan.


This is not in-between, it's awful. I don't know about it being a wild ride either, compared with the games there haven't been many twists at all.

1 more episode on Thursday my friend.

I would watch the world burn to get 5 minutes fucking her tits through her blouse.

You're so full of Hope, brother.

>implying filthy cellphone streamfags would get their HOPE in high enough quality to be brainwashed

He can make a harem of AI Chiaki and Chiakibots.

You doubt the ability of the SHSL Network Admin?

Please make waifus live again.

Mitarai was edged on by Tengen who was helped by Chisa who was brainwashed by Junko.

In a sense this still leads back to Junko being behind this its just that this time she's observing.

I wonder how many people legit think this was the last episode. There's definitely watchers who never come into the threads after all.

I have to stay strong after all, my friend! No backing out when there's more of this series to face. The ride might end for a few months, but that's nothing but a small step till we're back in top gear!

>UDG introduces black hope and white despair
>Shirokuma was black hope, Kurokuma was just regular black despair
Where the fuck is my white despair?

This. There is probably one guy who excels in that area.


Full speed ahead, we're behind you.

I wouldn't blame them. It was a shit episode.

>16 teeth
How is that inaccurate?

Never watched Panty and Stocking, so one of the main characters is a villain?

Despair Chisa was kind of like white despair.

Well said, brother!

In the end, I shall never be forgetting these past threads nor the Juzoboys. If we happen to meet again, someday, it will be a great pleasure indeed, brother! So remember: stay ever so strong, you all!

I'm still working on my Juzofolder to share it after side:Hope airs, and I truly hope they aren't all dupes!

Hmm, so she accelerated Hope's progression? Is it?


How did tengan get the new monokuma footage?
How did he predict what naegi would say to create a dialog between monokuma and naegi?
Why did monokuma say "this is the end of our story"?


last 30 seconds after the credits Angel Stocking turns to her sister Panty slices her up "I was actually a demon all along" TO BE CONTINUED - 6 years ago. Never continued.

So Spike was trying to make us kill ourselves all along when we played the game.

This bear

Off yourself, tripfag.

Glad to hear so my friend! Then let's make these last few days unforgettable days till we meet again on Cred Forums!

Likewise my friend. These are memories I'll be keeping for a long time and there's nothing that can possibly drag those away from my mind!

I should do the same, I have a lot of images as well, nearing the 1000 even. I hope we won't have too much dupes haha!

Monokuma Theater was always so much garbage. If it was a little better, it might have worked.

Shut up, coma girl.

The was no actual dialogue between Naegi and Monokuma. If you watch it closely, Monokuma's responses to everything except Usami were pretty generic. Plus, it's not like it isn't too hard to predict what Naegi would say.

It definitely doesn't make up for the lackluster anime but it was way above my fairly low expectations for the writing.

>not posting the greatest ride of all

Imagine if they knew the second season was a lie

I need the picture of the thread that just had Guillotine Gorilla's face that had like 900 posts.

And what about FABULOUS MAX aka Penguindrum?

Black Hope=the kids killing/brainwashing for their own paradise.
White Despair=the adults being driven to the point of killing kids for the same reason.

I think we'll all meet again.

I do hope so, my friend. It'd be glorious!

It is extremely likely, indeed. Even if we don't recognize each other, I will be looking forward to it!

As the twitter miner, if you really want to find me, all you have to do is spot which weeb is always in the retweets of any semi-decent juzo art.


this picture is very confusing.

I'll definitely be keeping that in mind, my friend. I'm not too great with twitter, but I'll definitely keep an eye out for it so we meet again!

I don't use twitter much, but for all we know I might have already come across you sometime!

Remember when people thought Komaeda would be the mastermind? Dumb fucks.

I wish he was, instead of this garbage.

Not his fault. His SHSL Luck pretty much validates every action he does into being correct, maybe he genuinely can't see how often people giving others the benefit of the doubt and so on like he does more often than not gets them killed.

Better than DR3

Naegi literally just finished trying to brainwash hope into people when this all started, the entire reason the FF was in one place was dealing with Naegi running off and trying to brainwash the RoD. I think Naegi is less dumb and more of a massive fucking hypocrite.

Still hurts

I think it's pretty good