"Fighter aircraft don't exist" the anime

"Fighter aircraft don't exist" the anime.

Mediocre series, 6.5/10

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>not watching it for the cute girls doing cute things
What a pleb

I want to sink this boat!

>hurr durr turn off your brain
If they made it just a bit more realistic then it would have been an 8

shitfuri was so garbage

>le mind control hamsters
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That's exactly why I stopped watching mind control hamsters. Chick in the back with red eyes is best girl tho

Haifuri was good while they were a renegade ship with no safe haven, low supplies, and cute girls. It felt like a cuter, less sci-fi Aoki Hagane for the first few episodes, and the stakes were high, but it still managed to feel comfy.

Then they were entirely exonerated and mind-control hamsters came into play. After, we had SoL episode after SoL episode, characters started acting like retards on top of that, all tension that the show had, disappeared.

Disappointment of the season. Seriously, why couldn't they just have gone back to dock, explained their situation while rearming/repairing, and had her mom let them go, against orders because otherwise they'd be arrested (who'd trust a ship of trainees over a seasoned instructor with witnesses anyway? Especially after they fought a bunch of other folks too).

I dunno, it just seemed shitty how cleanly they resolved their issues.

It's an example of a show where the dramatic tension decreased instead of increased every episode, the problems that the characters had to deal with grew smaller and more manageable as time passed, and so you got less invested instead of more. It's the equivalent of a battle shonen fighting from toughest enemy to weakest.

I don't think these people understood what made GuP a fun show to watch.

I drive aircraft carriers for a living and HaiFuri was awesome. Translation was shit because the translators didn't know shit about naval terminology but it was still cool seeing all the Surface Warfare stuff.

Naval Aviation ruined Naval Warfare. Almost as bad as missile technology did.

Im still puzzled how she washed back up. It's like Poseidon gave her the boot.

The virus makes you fart really really hard.

haifuri was shit

Haifuri was a way different show than GuP. GuP was a show about tanks with girls. Haifuri was about girls on ships.

I want to fuck this XO.

You mean submarines ruined naval warfare.

My supply ship skippers can't be this cute!

There is nothing wrong about mind control hamsters.

The same elements that made GuP such a good show still apply.
That show needed more of those salty seamen in submarines. They could have knocked out the Musashi.

But no, the Musashi is invincible.

the captain was honestly legit awful at leading. Did they decide by lottery or something?

That too. Everything after battleships has been a mistake.

>supply qts in summer whites in Pearl Harbor

Dropped when the mind control mice showed up, the fuck man.

They reminded me of the sim cards from The Kingsman.


When I think about it, that's true. It was sort of like a horror movie that becomes less scary over time, until you see the monster is a dog with plastic horns and they spend the rest of the movie chasing down a dog owner with bad hygiene.

It had qt girls and they did fun stuff. Enough for me.

Battleships were a mistake because everyone was too afraid to use their precious capital ships on the front lines especially if they were new.

>the captain was honestly legit awful at leading. Did they decide by lottery or something?

No that's just how Navies decide who gets command at sea.

that just made no sense at all. I thought there was actual intrigue going on. Umbrella inc would look at that shit and think it's retarded.

Came for the story and cute girls.
Gave up on the story because of hamsters.
Stayed for the cute girls.

>why doesn't all the fiction copy reality exactly to the smallest detail

They weren't officers yet. The were students on a training voyage. Still basically High School students. Hence "High School Fleet".

It was still an accurate depiction of Naval Academy grads.

You can't litter the ocean.

Have you watched Tale of Seven Cities?
Half of the OVA explains why they don't have fixed wing aircraft in their WW1 ship setting, involving pole shifts and super satellites.

>there will never be a Yamato vs Missouri seabattle.
Of all the horrors of WWII this has to be one of the greatest.

Honestly, carriers ruined naval combat forever and created entire fleet doctrines revolving around it.

Battleships were okay, but as you said, everyone was stingy with them because they were super expensive. Honestly, nothing bigger than a heavy cruiser should ever be made, with the exception of carriers. The bigger the ship, the more wasteful it is, and the less you get typically get out of the crew.

There's a reason why fast attack craft, the cheapest, smallest shiptype, are the strongest ships in coastal defense in terms of both manpower-for-power and monetary efficiency.

Bah. It's more funny that she sank taking only ten planes with her.

Honestly, why does anyone use battleships and battlecruisers in the modern era? They just seem unwieldy, overly expensive, and inefficient compared to having proportionally more smaller ships.

Like, I'd understand having a few to serve as flagships, but front-line forces?

>Honestly, why does anyone use battleships and battlecruisers in the modern era? They just seem unwieldy, overly expensive, and inefficient compared to having proportionally more smaller ships.
They don't use battleships anymore.

>They don't use battleships anymore.

Can confirm, the US has decommissioned all Battleships.

Source: navy.mil/navydata/ships/battleships/bb-list.asp

No surprise that after WWII proved the superiority of Aircraft Carriers, all Battelships were decommissioned.

No one uses battleships anymore, and the only country with operational battlecruisers is Russia, and they use them because of a specific anti-carrier doctrine.

An entirely mediocre and forgettable show that was content to waddle in "cute girl" shenanigans instead of following up on the plot it itself presented at the beginning.

I felt the fact they tried to have a whole mind control hamster plot hurt the series on a whole.

If it was just students learning to man ships, getting into mock battles and passing their course or something it would be better.

season 2 when?



After the ova.

They didn't really love the project. It's apparent upon closer look. Probably only the character designer did so. Once again a proof not to trust or hype an Aniplex-funded project.

Tl;dr, Haifuri was at its best when it was The Hunt for Red October with cute girls.

It had some QUALITY moments.