Koe no Katachi - 893 million after 9 days

Koe no Katachi - 893 million after 9 days
K-On movie - 691 million after 9 days

Really makes you think.

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Disney could still kick their ass.

That's like saying Domino's Pizza could beat your local pizzeria's ass. No shit.

You don't have to keep making threads about this


I'm saying if the film doesn't make 2 billion, it's all Shochiku's fault for being incompetent fucks.

Hopefully it gets screened in more theaters.

How much love live, gup or Madoka rebellion did after 9 days?

i really want to fucking watch this, when is the leak


So it's objectively inferior but still more commercially successful?

What really makes you think? You've just stated profits for 2 movies. Finish what you're trying to say.

We will see if they can keep it up this week.

can anyone stop Godani

Kini no Nawa - shown in 300 cinemas
Koe no Katachi - shown in every japanese school

So it already passed Kizu in 9 days

>"Where dreams come true"
>My dream of Haruhi S3 will never come true.

What about Disappearance? How many?

¥1,900,000,000 K-ON! Movie
-- ¥893,000,000 Koe no Katachi (as of 9/25/2016)
-- ¥850,000,000 Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu
-- ¥680,000,000 HighSpeed!: Free! Starting Days
-- ¥220,000,000 Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!: Takanashi Rikka Kai
-- ¥205,000,000 Tamako Market: Tamako Love Story
-- ¥161,817,100 Kyoukai no Kanata -I'll Be Here- Mirai-hen
---- ¥42,971,350 Hibike! Euphonium ~Kitauji Koukou Suisougaku-bu e Youkoso~
---- ¥93,040,600 Kyoukai no Kanata -I'll Be Here- Kako-hen
----------------------- Munto

How possible is it for Koe to pass K-On's movie?

>there were people doubting godani
>there were people that think knk would flop
>there were people that think that kizumonogatari would BTFO kyoani
All these damage control coming from the haters trying to put knk up with Shinkai your name is fucking hilarious. There is no way that it would ever actually earn that much considering it is only shown in ~100 cinema with pretty much zero publicity compare to your name 300+ cinema and huge marketing.

Kyoani found the way again.

Otaku went to watch K-ON! several times for the theater-specific bonuses and filmstrips.
I don't know if the same strategy will work with Koe no Katachi's audience.

>that file name
The bakos are pure, you baka.

If it had more theaters I swear it would have passed K-on by now. There were a lot of complaints about tickets selling out.

They really fucked up with kizumonogatari. Apparently it flopped hard. Guess the fans didn't care anymore to enjoy a 7 years hand drawn animation movie.

>koe no katachi was 3 months
>kizu was several years, not seven exactly though
I want a 3 year hand drawn KyoAni movie.

having a hard time placing these girls was it shirobako?

But it's a flop though.

If that's what helps you.

>Really makes you think.
No, it doesn't.

Whatever you say, K-On is essentially otakubait.

Koe no Katachi is a story that even the most normal of normalfags can somehow relate to, especially after the media drummed up the initial trouble with manga serialization.
It's much easier to get a normalfag to go watch a movie than get them to read something, even if it's a "picturebook".

I bet the non-otaku part of the campaign focuses on picturing the movie as a politically proper, correct statement of principles that was also discriminated against, and therefore any good normalfag should go pay shekels and watch it to atone for being an unworthy goy.

Well, this thread convinced me that Kyoto Animation's movie is doing fine, so I don't need to go watch it to support them I guess

>K-On is essentially otakubait
Maybe if you didn't watch it.

x axis: weeks in theater
y axis: million yens in revenue

Red: GuP
Blue: Love Live
Green: Madoka
Purple: K-On

Nips cinema fascinate me.
They actually screened movies for like 3months plus? Even the most popular blockbuster movies here get taken down after a month.

What the hell is this post?

Is it out yet?

In theaters in Japan.

All thanks to Shinkai's new film.

Dedicated fans camp there, watching the movie up to 40 times.
All the movies that succeed have that quality to them, and all the ones that fail don't.

>Koe no Katachi - 893 million after 9 days
>K-On movie - 691 million after 9 days
That's kind of misleading because the Monday and Wednesday of Koe no Katachi's first week were holidays.

My boy Nishiya looks young here.

Thursday, I mean.

>finding a way
>when they won't even beat their own best selling movie





It's doing better than both.
It could potentially reach 20 billion yen, but it depends on how re-watchable it is.

Best KyoAni boy and girl right there

>20 billion yen
Stop smoking

*2 billion yen

Where's the SHAFTfags calling it Koe no Floptachi now?

He probably meant 2 billion yen, and just accidentally used google translate, which tends to multiply the Japanese number character by ten.

Flop no Katachi sounds better.

So Shaft is dead after Kizu and inevitable 3gatsu failure? Zaregoto isn't much impressive in pre-orders either.

>Deluded KyoAnus licker

This will stop ranking in 3 days. Mark my words. That trend won't last long.

But I though you guys were comparing this with Shinkai. What's the use of lowering your goal to some lowly K-ON movie?

So how much does kizu gross again?

Nice delusion.

So it's gonna eventually pass K-On?

That's great

>this made that much
terrible movie, it's overrated

>So how much does kizu gross again?
The three parts that make up the movie isnt even fully out yet

>comparing movies that are completely different

I don't get this meme you're trying to push.

>He doesn't understand the overuse of blur and instagram filter that Kyoani uses

Kyoani fags really are dumb.

>Retarded Kyoanitards going rampage to defend this forced drama shitty movie.

Kyoani is nothing but a meme studio with shitty adaptations and mediocre sells these days, eveything made after 2009 was pure trash and Koe no Flopachi is not the exception.

After the first week this trash flopped hard as fuck, not even close to beat Kimi no Na Wa, while retarded kyoanifags keep sperging around thiking this was their supposed "muh kyoanus finds a way!" when it cleary didn't.

kyoani are the michael bay of drama

putrid trash for the masses

They don't do either of those things.

Slow down there with the big words, kid.

>The three parts that make up the movie isnt even fully out yet

So you're one of those retards that think it's logical to combine the gross from all 3 movies but not their expenditures?

I'm one of the anons that thinks it's retarded to make threads like these

What do you expect from one of the most cancerous and retarded fanbase? Kyoanifags are even more aids than Shaftards.

The fact is both Shaft and Kyoanus are shitty studios these days, on one hand you have Kyoanus adapting trash to pander the retarded average otaku and on the other hand you have Shaft milking Nisio's works with shitty animation and terrible quality.

Why did kyoani stop doing keyshit?


GodAni is smart. They abandoned the ship before it sank.

Sadly, it's overshadowed by Kimi no Na ha.

Lol dude

GuP is still in cinemas. It will end in November. A year since it started.

It's shit in terms of sale. If you want to compare quality sales use Monogatari instead.

Why you hate KyoAni so much?

>GodAni is smart.
>Almost everything they made after the shows based on keyshit flopped

Ladies and gentleman here it is, the average delusional Kyoanitard.

It's actually funny that there are people who get this mad at things that never happened.

>Literally every single total sells already posted in this thread
>Trying to deny facts

Do you even have a functional brain Kyoanitard?

Do you?

this is sad

Last KyoAni Key adaptation was Clannad AS (27k), after that they've made flops such as K-On S1 (57k), K-On S2 (48k), Hyouka (20k), Chuu2 (15k), Free (30k), Free ES (20k), and Hibike (12k)


>Vava (Key) wanted kyoAni to animate LB's after Clannad AS
>"Wait until 2 years since we're having schedule up to that point, then we will animate your VN"
>Vava butthurted

There's no way part 3 will make part 2 numbers, so you can use part 2 projected numbers as reference.

Wew, more flops than Shaft

Kizu pt1: 800m
Kizu pt2: 500m
Kizu pt3: 300m (projected)

I think it's safe that they were planning to do the adaptation for Little Busters at some point, but after they broke ties with the big-name producers per Hyouka (because E8) it went down the shitter.

For better or worse Maeda's name is losing power after Key screwed up Angel Beats' VN and how Charlotte turned out to be a trainwreck. And how he got RL Key aids.

Look that autistic anti-KyoAni guy

Koe no Katachi is projected to gross at least 1.2 billion. Hopefully it'll make 1.5+ so it can beat all Kizuflop movies combined.

>award winning manga with a big fanbase
>the anime series will be a classic for ages to come
>fuck you, take this tdlr movie and like it

>According to Dengeki Visual Arts magazine, Baba Takahiro, the President of Visual Arts, said he wanted to ask Kyoto Animation to produce Little Busters! anime, but Kyoto Animation has been quite busy in producing other titles and Visual Arts could not wait for their turn to come.

>Everyone universally agrees that anything past volume 3 is garbage filler material.
>KyoAni removes it

As expected from the masters.

Do you guys even like anime?

Wasn't Hibike around 8k?

It got a re-release that sold 4k.

I wish we can get someone to sub the making-of special video. I think it'd give more insight on not just the movie but Kyoani itself.


Stop lying you fucking retarded sperglord kyoanitard

Why doesnt KyoAni make an idol anime>

not sure if retarded or pretending