Patema thread

Looks like someone was watching Patema:

>Inversion (2017)
>The film follows two unlikely heroes, a young Chinese scientist and a street smart American expat,
>on a frenzied journey across the globe to save Earth from an apocalyptic threat - a total reversal of gravity that causes whole cities and civilizations to uproot and plummet into the sky.

so who ripped off who?

I'm betting 5 nothings that the young Chinese scientist is the girl.

Why can't I find any decent hentai of the two of them 69ing all the damn time?

Man, what a total ripoff of Independence Day:Resurgence

Threadly reminder that missionary is the only acceptable position.

upside down's universe made no sense so it doesn't even matter

Didn't the original ONA of Patema come out before that movie?

How do they fuck like that?

When they are in horizontal position, they can either both top the other or both be the bottom, depending on preferences.
The boy is heavier so he'll keep her grounded.

Patema is better. And to begin with Patema is a ripoff of that one movie anyway.

Indoors, reverse cowgirl.


If they're going to have a baby, would their child be in upside-down position or normal?

I don't think their matter is compatible.

Constantly spinning.

It would be whatever the mother's cells are, as she provides the nutrients, the sperm just provides the DNA

You know that scene from Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo with the blond twintail? Like that.

What does it feels like to fall straight up?

It depends on what they're fed i guess.
I'me sure an upside down person would eventually become a rightside up person if they were fed normal "floaty" to them food and water as most of the matter in a human's body is completely replaced in a couple years

Elaborate please

he piledrived his ponos in her vago

Isn't that every sex