Why is this bitch such a stick in the mud

why is this bitch such a stick in the mud

holy shit like just have fun for once, stop acting so stuck up

>g-guys we gotta practice


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Yui go to bed. You're drunk.

she just doesn't know how to express feelings

Why does she put her hair in twin tails?


>Took over Mio role as No fun police
>Mio became the most bland character with no development whatsoever in S2 (half assed serious & half assed fun)
Miofag should hate her.

Kill yourself and don't join a club if you don't wanna do the activity

Their club, their rules. Leave if you don't wanna eat cake and fuck around.

Why is a girl who liked music and join a music club only to find out they sit around all day eating cake and getting fat like Mugi so frustrated?

Mugi is not fat, she is thick.


I wonder who might be behind this post.

Why does OP have to be a faggot?
Holy shit like let a person be themselves for once, stop acting so stuck up

but she's not acting herself. she doesn't know how to express feelings

don't be mean she is precious

bully-free zone ok?

Imagine if you go to Cred Forums.
Except everyone is talking about their lives and are blog posting.
It's fun, but that is not why we are here.

>g-guys we gotta talk about anime


Literally worst girl, she almost ruined the series but I don't mind because she's the most fappable keion.

I cam agree with the second half of this opinion

Why do you have to be a faggot?
Holy shit like let a person like OP be themselves for once, stop acting so stuck up

All bullies post up here please ^

People who think they can be themselves on Cred Forums need to lurk more.
This is an anonymous imageboard. You are supposed to be Anonymous.

Stop with the thick meme, it's not amusing.

user, you have it backwards. People come here and post anonymously so that they CAN be themselves.

If your being yourself means disagreeing with my opinion, then no, you can't be yourself here.

I have been in a band and I can relate to her. Having concerts are fun but fucking horrendous if you haven't had band practice for atleast 6-7h. The fact that airhead, rich girl and drummer doesn't want to practice makes me pretty frustrated.

Don't talk shit about the literal best girl.

You probably like Ritsu

ritsu seems like she'd be fun to hang out with


Fucking phone posters.

do not imply bad things about ritsu she can be sensitive too

I'm gonna guess this is your first time here after reading about alleged "Cred Forums culture" on buzzfeed or somewhere

seriously s1 before azusa was a perfect masterpiece
this video just sums it up

>"Yui telling us not to forget to feed the Ton-chan hahah! so immature, not like those other mature senpais telling us to take care of the new students, Yui is so goofy!! hahah!!"
>they forget to feed the fucking turtle and have to rush back to school to feed it so it doesn't die
Pretty much Azusa in a nutshell

We had a girl like her in my band too. We really clashed some times. Everyone in the band hated her.


Mugi isnt thick, shes a plot device used to solve everything with her immense wealth.

Mio and Azusa's oneechan-imouto relationship wasn't explored enough.


Mugifags on suicide watch

Ritsu IS better


Can we kill this meme in the cradle before it spreads? Taking the main "problem" she solved--her using leverage was funny and wrapped up Yui having to buy an instrument. By that measure, every character is a "plot device".

Azusa is a moe hater trapped in a moe anime and is also a moe girl, her character is genius. Also her boringness is what makes her cute.

Do you think she would have fought on the side of the zentradi?

She's the prequel R2D2 of keion

What makes me laugh nowadays is that I really used to agree with her. I wanted more music in the anime. Then I remembered Yui is 10x better than her with no practice whatsoever.

you don't even know how angry I was when they tried to make tea in the practice studio

Didn't they offer you any?

>there are people who don't love all the keions

>80% off Yui's guitar because her dad own the store
>Got Yui's guitar refitted/cleaned for free for the same reasons
>Provided a mansion for their first training trip
>Provided a mansion even bigger for their second training trip
>Provide expensive fancy teatime everyday served in royal porcelain
>Get a big aquarium for Ton-chan for free because she owned it in one of her 54541514 villas
>Offer the girls a job in a high-end maid café to fight Mio's shyness (because she's rich once again)

Almost all her actions are based on the fact that she's rich. The rest is "rich girl trying to fit in with the commoners" classic things, like when she wanted to work at McDonald, or be hit by Ritsu.
And when you remove the bags of money she's the main girl (out of the 5 HTT members) with the least screentime and fanart.

That meme isn't 100% true, but still not 100% wrong either. Pic related that's me when I think about Mugi's character.

Still has the comfiest eyebrows out of every keion

Do you have something against stinking rich people?

Yes, read my book.

Why did you work on it together with a stinking rich person then?

Azusa is the most boring character in all of anime, almost ruined the show by herself.

So, are you telling me that if you had the same amount of money she has, you wouldn't use it? She just takes advantage of what she has. Convenient? Maybe. But nothing else.

She's nofun, not boring. There's a difference. Boring would be Mio, the quiet tall girl that doesn't do anything. But that's just her character type, they're all great.

Sheldon approves.

>Boring would be Mio
leave my sponge alone

>poorfag hate of Mugi
This. Point is they learn to have fun while also being more real about the club activity. There is no place for either nofun or chronic slacking off.

Oh fuck! Nostalgia just hit hard

How does any of that make her a weak character? Would you rather they spend half the anime organizing the club budget?

Also, she had plenty of subtle development in season 2. Re watch the episode between her and Ritsu.

bushy eyebrows are sexy

Attention please.
I would like you all to know that Ritsu is best girl.
I hope you all understand.
Have a nice day.

I don't trust you.

I agree with satan

Ritsu confirmed for Satan worshipper and worst girl.

which girl is the least satanic???

You're literally a NEET living under someone else's money

There is a time for work and a time for play, I approve of her responsibility
She is very moe too

She's cute and cute is what matters to a man of justice like myself.

Every Keion is cute, she is the least cute

There's no way she's less cute than Mugi. Come on.

you finna catch these hands idiot?


Every Keion is cute, but Azunyan is the cutest!


She has no other traits.
"i have lots of money, like me" doesn't make for an interesting character

Azusa is the most interesting K-On and she has the best episodes.
Both of her solo episodes are the best in the series.

Why do people who haven't watched the show post in those threads?

It's been five years and Mugi really hasn't been very memorable.


Not him.
Old Cred Forums wasn't as one-anime-per thread focused as modern Cred Forums is.
I still get into threads about anime I don't know several times a day just because I find the OP interesting.

>Ui talking to Mugi's companions

Because it's objectively the best hairstyle.

All this showed me is that Ritsu is awesome.

Reminds me of Hibike. The people who wanted to play and work hard did leave, leaving all of the horrible slackers to destroy the band.


Yes, this is exactly the same situation.

Fuck you.

And then she gave in because she was their junior and didn't want to play alone. Of course by sol magic they were able to slack of the majority of the time while still being able to play well. They never went on to do anything with it though.

K-on is fun
Hibike is glory

b-be gentle

Mugi is a fun character. Cred Forums proves time and time again they only care if a character is waving their hands saying "look at me!!" and anything less is too boring.

The Euphonium Juniors weren't raped into submission.

ritsu > yui > mio > azusa > mugi

you cannot argue otherwise

oh look it's that girl who's owned by the BAZINGA man

Azusa was a necessary evil for moments like these.

>only senpais in your club
>graduate and leave you all alone
Could have been avoided if they weren't such a niche group of friends and actually recruited more members. Yes, Jun and Yui joined but the club will be demolished after that. Really they're terrible club members.

Why do we allow this in Cred Forums now?

>but the club will be demolished after that

Actual spoiler Kakifly invented 2 girls that were copies of the previous ones out of his ass to write another volume about Azusa's last year of highschool, so the club actually survive the sempai's graduation

I declare this a junposting AI

Kinda agree, azusa was more a tool for the narrative then an actual character.
Most of the movie is getting shit for her done and she's not even that thankful...

It's not a spoiler because nobody's going to read the manga.

If you look up 'Jun' in the dictionary it reads "girl who should have had more screentime and is wasted potential".

Jun isn't too wasted, I am grateful for what we got of her

But I'd have loved for the floof to have had more screentime

She needs a stiff dick is all. Loosen her right up.


we need a manga about cute commie girls doing cute commie things

You mean like, distributing fliers, trying to rally students and workers, forming unions, going on strike, demonstrating?
Or more of a light-hearted SOL, getting into arguments (like all leftists do), splitting up because they can't agree and considering the others traitors to the cause, getting into arguments with right-wingers, suddenly finding jobs and getting rich and abandoning their old ideals?
Or more intellectual, exploring the various ideas of communism and dissecting them in between cute and funny SOL segments?

It would mostly be five girls sitting in a room with communist insignias and guns chatting about the bourgeois swine while constantly mentioning "we really should start the revolution one of these days"

Post more Jun for the good of the world

so they can be used as handlebars when she gets brutally anal fucked


>more intellectual, exploring the various ideas of communism and dissecting them in between cute and funny SOL segments

All of the above.

Without Azusa they would have failed at everything.

Like Ai Mai Mii without Ai except with actual consequences to their inaction besides Ai doing chuuni things to them.

good post

>there are people who don't love all the keions
This is an important point to emphasize. Although Azusa does start out a stick in the mud, and ALL THE COMPLAINS ABOUT HER ARE TRUE, she does grow as a person, same as Mio calmed her uptight self down and eventually allowed herself to become part of the core group and became the Mio that we all love, so does Azusa as well, and she should always be thought of fondly, as another beloved Kaion

>Mio and Azusa are good now because they bent to the group's will and became slackers
Azusa and Mio should have made their own band.

Komeiji pls go and stay go

>Mio and Asuza not joining the light music club
Mio would've ended up some recluse book worm in the literature club
Azusa would've ended up just another face in the crowd in the Jazz club along with Jun, instead of the Light Music Club President (even Jun left that shit and joined the light music club)
>Mio and Asuza making their own band
All of Mio's inspiration comes from her interactions with the "slackers" you're talking shit about. Her lyrics would be garbage without the rest of the light music club as is
>Mio ever leaving Ritsu
Those two are inseparable, they've been friends since they were babies, they'd be lost without each other

>being this autistic

I kind of do desu

I even had a dream once where Ui, Azunyan and I were just hanging out, and while Ui was really enthusiastic about everything, Azunyan was just a stick in the mud all the time. Kept looking at her phone and whatnot.

Still not as bad as Jun though.

>recluse bookworm
>implying she wouldn't have made meaningful relationships
>implying doing something she wanted to do in the first place is bad

>it's bad to be in a group
>literally what

>her lyrics
Ha, her lyrics are generic anyway.

And Mio finally leaving Ritsu would have been good character development. She might have become her own person. Too bad she's still a pushover.


Great argument sure convinced me

is the joke that the name sounds like osushi?

old post i know but wth were you doing in a band with someone you hated? unless you're literally only doing it for money (lol) it defeats the whole purpose

He's probably talking about a school band.

>anime about music club
>music is shit

>ywn have a cute caring imouto like Ui

dumbest post in the thread


>>anime about music club
no it's not

>light music club is not a music club

point is, the music club is not the main theme. there are several episodes that have nothing to do with it

>the music club is not the main theme
>but K-on is the title and the entire premise is that they are in the music club together

Delusional as fuck

The world was never ready for Jun

mugi really is the best girl! ! !

Shit opinion disregarded.




is Yui retarded?

This is heresy

She's just autistic

Jun is precious and needs more love


yeah, I think so

Her sister basically supplies the additional 70% of her brain power so she can survive

Haha nice one

I just really get the impression she's too stupid to live

Man with no taste can't appreciate Mugi perfectness.

I would pissed at my bandmates if they are slacking like them.

I want to ride Mio

cancer please leave

I would unironically watch all of those. Especially the last one.

why do they even keep Yui around

she's an active detriment

I agree, they should have gone at lest two fingers deep.

The manga is better than the anime.
Cred Forums really is full of plebeian trash.

YUi is a retard, asuza is trash.

How are they holding on to their backs?
Neither legs nor arms seem to be in a position to support them.

Asuza is a lobster

Retards are cute, at least.

there's a limit to how retarded you can be


You tell me right now what's wrong with Jun you motherfucker.
Only problem she has is not enough screentime.

Hhhhnngg. New wallapaper.

No, this is heresy: dynasty-scans.com/chapters/mugi_to_azu_ch01

I ship Mugi with Sawako and that is the objective truth.

Can you defend The Moogs without resorting to spongebob posting?

large eyebrows
large assets
large "assets"
enthusiastic and cheerful
always saves the day
mingles with the commoners
had her father post armed guards all around london so they could have a fun trip and not have to see any muslims

Mugi also proven genius pianist/musician. She won piano competition when she was kid.

It's cute to see the rest of the group follow her enroll into private college.

I love Moogs!


MOOGS indeed best girl

wow this is extremely cute



She made me want to pick up keyboard with those cool sounds in 'dont say you are lazy'.
I heard those sounds before in some game called The Desolate Room before, and hearing it again reminded me how much I loved it and that it came from a keyboard.
Im too poor to buy one though

Gave us a good reaction image too.



What the fuck is cute? Porn isn't cute.

>Porn can't be cute
Not all hentai are mind break, ahegao, public use, corruption, humiliation, and deformation, user-kun.

My wife's eyebrows is so cute.

Everyone be quiet, they're sleeping.

Are you implying a series known for cute girls doing cute things can't be applied to doing cute vanilla porn?