pls no shitting on p5

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>pls no shitting on p5


well this is off to a fucking stellar start

I can't believe you've done this

canon explanation of Jotaro's career path:

Post em'


Least favorite doesn't necessarily mean you hate something it's just the thing you like the least

What do the Jap runes say at 00:40?

Can we please have /jojo/ thread without homolust?

Post 'em

JoJo and homolust are a package deal you fucking moron

I honestly couldn't bring myself to do it. It's always interpreted as "hate" here so why bother.
Part 2 is pretty weak in my opinion though.



That's such a ridiculous and stupid explanation. Anne likes Kakyoin.

>Aerosmith and Bad Company on a list other than worst stands

Dumb Trumpposter

Anyone got any good NSFWarancia?


Who the fuck needs a phone? I got a shitload.


>Bad Company in anyway a bad stand.

Holy shit are you really this stupid?

I NEED to FUCK him.

I appreciate the kind words, Anons.

All it does is physical attacks. it doesn't have a single bullshit space/time attack. and they aren't even good physical attacks at that, just tiny bullets and missiles.




It's alright friend. I like Part 5.

So you think The Sun is a good Stand?

Gappy makes me happy


How do we fix part 5?

>Make Giorno more like Dio
And by this I mean more eccentric. I want a cocky Giorno who talks down to to his enemies. I want to see Giorno laughing at his superiority. This was played with a bit at the beginning of the part but was quickly sidelined giving us Jotaro 2.0; a stoic backgrounder who solved problems without emotion. Giorno is stronger and smarter than the rest of his crew, so he deserves a sense of revelry. And I'm not talking about a hothead like Narancia, Giorno should be grandiose and be able to back it up whilst crushing his enemies.

>Fix Bruno's introduction
When he's first introduced he seems to be the first of the mooks Giorno would face. A clown questioning street punks with a lame zipper power doesn't suit the introduction of such a major character in a leadership role. Instead of him commanding respect from subordinates AFTER his fight, move it to BEFORE. Have Giorno brought before Bruno in a powerful setting like a dark room with a throne. This not only establishes him as important and prestigious, it could even serve as a small misdirection where Bruno is confused as the head of the entire gang. This would invoke a more emotional response from Giorno cluing the audience into his intentions.

Its a swarm stand where stand damage doesnt hur the user.

It has pin point accuracy.

Its bullets/missiles are small but pack the same power relative to the size of them, the bullets are smaller holes but go in as deep as a normal bullet would.

Its one of the strongest stands next to Harvest, Star Platinum, and The Sun.

Gappy is not happy

>Fix Giorno's goal
Giorno never really had a good goal throughout the entirety of part 5. Why are you doing this? "Because I want to be a gangster." That's not good enough. Your backstory is fine, but the best it does is desensitize you to the gangster world and makes your life dream slightly more important than Josuke's hair. Why are you doing THIS? Risking your life trying to infiltrate this specific gang to overthrow this specific mob boss? "Because he deals drugs to kids." So what? You're already morally ambiguous, so why the fuck are addict children your line in the sand? That's a half-decent excuse for Bruno but not for our protagonist. Giorno needs emotional motivation and investment. Revenge for a dead friend? Fulfilling a promise to his childhood hero? Commissioned by an outside force to find the source of the stands? Anything's better than what we got.

>Fix the villain's goal
And by this I don't mean Diavolo. His goal of anonymity was just fine. I'm talking about the former Passione members whose goal is literally the same as Giorno and Bruno's: discover the boss' identity. Once again Araki makes them villain's by recycling the same excuse as before to make them evil, "We want revenge for our fallen comrades but also we want to sell drugs to kids." They could almost be tragic if they weren't so blandly villainous. In fact, as long as they're from outside the gang, their goals are still going to align with unveiling and overthrowing Diavolo. Instead, make this a fight within the gang. Maybe a capo found out Bruno's true intentions and they have to kill him before he tips off the boss? Maybe shift the goal from Trish to the arrow Polpo lost? For such a powerful magical artifact, nobody seemed to give two shits that it vanished. Infighting for the power of the arrow would be a great incentive. It's just a shame that with such a large and intricate gang system, we only see 3 other members outside of the original crew.

>this is a universe that's part of Diavolo's infinite deaths
>he shitposts to death on /jojo/

>tfw drump jobbed hard in the debate

Gappy is mad

>Make Giorno continue to rely on developing new abilities on the fly, but make him more arrogant about it
>Shitting on Buccellati or his introduction
>Removing the fucking 'taste of a liar' panel
Fix yourself


I'd like to make a list of theoretical fight/plot rewrites to better allocate characters like Caesar and Kak. Anyone have any ideas?

>Trish's role and powers
For the most part Araki did a great job handing out roles to the crew. Bruno the stern leader, Narancia the hothead kid, Mista the honest bro, Abacchio the jealous rival, Fugo the calm rationale with the short fuse. The only two that need fixing are Giorno and Trish. Trish is easy. Because she's sidelined and kept hidden for the majority of the first half her personality can easily be the replacement for the Fugo, the guy who dips out halfway through. This paints her as a calm backgrounder when not in focus but gives her a short fuse and explosive personality where tension or humor is needed. This could also be used as foreshadowing or a juxtapositional device for Diavolo's own two different personalities. Finally for Trish, I'd give her the healing powers. She's treated as invaluable for so long but with no payoff barring a single plot point. Given that she doesn't generally fight, her position as post-battle healer makes perfect sense and cements her importance while simultaneously bonding her with the crew (something which was severely lacking).

>Giorno's powers
Giorno needs to be weakened somewhat. Consistently having three different abilities on the backburner only raises inconsistencies and lowers a sense of urgency. Drop the time-slowing-down. It was confusing and only used once. Drop the "you get hurt if you attack Giorno's creations". It was barely used and added little to an already diverse power. Lastly, drop the healing. It's more important for Trish to have this ability than to make people superficially rely on Giorno. His role in the crew needed better delivery as well. He's a charismatic, natural-born leader. For the vast majority of the story he plays the new recruit with surprising insight. He's still taking orders in Green Day.

Nope. considering that more or less all the stardust crusaders but Joseph could beat it on their own, its pretty shit.

Crazy Diamond could beat it, The Hand could beat it, Echoes acts 2 and 3 could beat it, KQ could beat it, for shits sake, Mikitiki could probably wreck it. Pellet guns and fire crackers aren't a good power, even with skilled wielders.

He really needs only one fix. Make Doppio less of a plot point and more a character trait. Doppio is interesting, humorous, and unnerving. Make him shift in and out mid-fight. Likewise, don't make him Carne 2.0; a bumbling underling. Give him his own strengths from the get go. Make King Crimson physically weak and give the time skip ability to Doppio, while giving a second, strengthy stand to Diavolo. This could add an interesting layer to a final battle where Giorno not only has to fight against Diavolo's powerful stand but also has to keep track of time skipping, watching for Doppio interfering with the battle to help his other half. Speaking of which...

>Scrap the ending
Part 5 is defined by its long, smart, multiperson stand battles. There's no reason the ending should have been such an anticlimax. Id say remove Polnareff entirely but that's not completely necessary as long as he gets decent buildup instead of being shoehorned in with a vague grudge against Diavolo. The fact that he also just so happened to have solved the mystery too only soured the effort our crew put in. Like I said before, scrap it for a climax. You can even keep requiem stands, as long as Diavolo gets one too to maintain a threat before the final payoff. Personally, I'd do something like force Diavolo to constantly switch between Doppio to activate KC and his personal punch ghost (with a strong ability like punching through time). Eventually Giorno kills KC, killing Doppio, but Diavolo gets stabbed, his new stand can now delete and punch through time simultaneously making him neigh invincible. That's when Giorno gets stabbed and GER gains the ability to transverse between the deleted time and the have a climactic fight through deleted time while teleporting around.

That's all I can think of atm.

Don't ask me, I'm just standing over here bitching at things

you didn't even spell Presidents Trump's alleged real name right, you autistic liberal

Make them official love interests.

his name is memelord drumpf

>Delegate Trish to healing-duties
>Don't allow Giorno to learn a new way of injecting life into things the only time it makes sense
You are terrible.

Shh, Gyro is sleeping




Today is Joseph's birthday, say good things to him!

Wish Dio would suck my life away desu



You did a good job of defeating Santana, Buddy.

Today is Buccellati's birthday you fucking heathen

>jojo characters that you would go gay for

You are worst jojo
But you are funny as hell mi amigo


Same reason I post this every thread: to appease to the God of shitposting
Anyway he makes me HORNY


Its close enough, y'know?

You look... um... NIECU NIECU, VERY NIECU

Part 2 is shit.


Better healing duties than nothing duties. And Giorno didn't need any more powers. GE with turning things into animals/plants was already a lot more versatile than crazy diamond.

you chose wich one



"Gyro is sleeping" is a meme like "Gappy makes me happy" user. Just deal with it


Buccellati shouldn't have to share with anyone.

>Ask Araki for something to your new CD
>He send this
What's your reaction?
Those cats are the members of the group
they're dudes

But why does Gappy make him happy though?

What's the meaning behind this?

Are we getting a new OP this week?

We might never know



Nope, next week

Next week probrably

user please
Araki confirmed for ancient magician ?

Why has no one posted pic related yet?

u single user? mmm

Because we are gays no pedos

this is my only reaction that comes in mind

What a ridiculous question; do you remember how many pieces of bread you've eaten in your lifetime?

You can't fuck 17 year olds in your country?

Any ideas whats its going to be about?
Im guessing we'll get a shot of Yuya on a hospital bed, the guy in the tower just fucking around in it and Mikitaka with some alien shit around him

He looks like a 13/14 years old retarded child.

>tfw will never have donut friend emerald splash me

it's 16+ for us

>20 days of work left til next jojolion chapter

kill me


>September is almost over

I still want that beach ova/Carnival Phantasm shit

>Mikitaka shows up in the last day of september
p o e t r y

We will definitely get a few shots of the Kawajiris, with Hayato being distressed, and Yoshihiro fucking around with the arrow.

I mean this is more or less what's left of part 4 is about

Jolyne is best girl. To compete with her the other girl has to be from Part 8.

>We are only a few months away from the ending of the DiU anime and 2017

Make it stop

just ship the two

>Dios Mio
Wall Triggered

Hato looks like she's going somewhere

That's not Karera

Jolyne has the most the exposure out of any female Jojo character, ofc her character is the best. Such a good design too.
I really like Lisa Lisa too for other girls.
Jonathan is my husbando tho.

First Season: 2012
SC: 2014
DIU: 2016
VA: 2018
SO: 2020
SBR: 2022
Jojolion: 2024



Gay Priest is here.

Yeah after the Damo arc it seems like she actually developed a personality.

>VA: 2018

What are the chances of it actually airing mid to late 2017 instead?


Diu ends in 2016
meaning that VA will air in late 2017

I want to believe that it's starts airing in fall of 2017...

The anime being almost over is sad but
>Only 4 days to see Jojo AyyLmao and Araki's house burning
>You will be alive to see animated Highway Star
>You will be alive to see animated towerman
>You will be alive to see keeping up with the Kawajiris s1ep3: A pet?!?
>You will be alive to see animated paperTeru
>You will be alive to see animated Cheap Trick
>You will be alive to see animated DAI SAN NO BAKUDAN
>You will be alive to see animated Josuke doing that badass pose against Kira in the rain
>You will be alive to see animated Reimi sending Kira to hell
>You will be alive to see Josuke's final pose animated
>You will most likely be alive to see Vento Aureo animated
>You will probably be alive to see Stone Ocean animated

How to fix Part 6's ending
>Emporio ends up in the original universe
>End on this panel without the tacked on alternate universe characters.

>You will be alive to see

Woa don't get ahead of youeledfwsjndas a on

The universe is still the same
Like when you put the "loop" option in a vid, it ends and then restarts.

> Phantom Blood: Oct. 2012
> Steel Ball Run: Oct. 2022
It's actually fitting.

Steel Ball Run will not be animated


>You will most likely be alive to see Vento Aureo animated
>You will probably be alive to see Stone Ocean animated
Wow, wow, take it easy.

Or this, yes.


>You will most likely be alive to see Vento Aureo animated
>You will probably be alive to see Stone Ocean animated
>most likely


>Jojo will be an ever present source of art you look forward to throughout an entire decade of your life.
>this might be something you show your future children

How many breads have you eaten in your life?

She started out as a goofy fun character, but yeah she became a bad ass in the fight with Damo and for the looks of it she will become a reliable character, epecially since her stand is more combat focus

> >this might be something you show your future children
> muh daddy, it's for gays, it's boring, it's look bad, wtf is this monster of the week, no plot, i am not kid to watch lowly battle shounen, it's silly, it's don't make any sense, why is this so long, wtf no diversity.

Face it, that way the truth won't hurt as much
Same goes for Jojolion

They would just fuck it up anyways. Honestly I feel like the part 4 anime has been a disaster and none of it has lived up to the manga. I dont ever want to live to see QUALITY Gyro

Speak for yourself
Minus 5 or 6 shitty/below average looking episodes, the anime has been a blast

>currenlty reading vento aureo
>skipped the B.I.G fight cuz boring
>trying to read further
>no downloads of the further scans
can i just skip part 5 at this point? my computer wont open and i really wanted to get to the diavolo fight

Kill yourself. I bet Part 4 is your favourite part too

>Skipped Biggie
>The fight where Trish becomes a bad ass

Reminder that Giorno is technically Jonathan's son which makes him technically Joseph's great-uncle which makes him technically Jotaro's great-great-great-uncle

considering i just started reading it...yes it is

i did see that though

VA just feels like chore to read

Then I dunno user, it comes down your opinion
VA was very entertaining for me with the high action fights and the colorful crew

I want to confess my sins.
I liked love live
And I liked Jotaro a lot

>mfw there's no actual dialogue between Giorno and Jonathan in EoH beyond "huuurrrrrr I got a feelin that you mean something", even though they have more dialogue between one another than the other JoJos

Part 5 is a more consistent version of Part 3. The only difference is that Part 3 peak at the end after being shit for 3/4 of the time.



>Jotaro-san loves you more than anything in this world
Lies, nothing could stand between him and his Dolphins

I also like Love Live, and Jotaro is one of my favourite jojos, including his Part 3 self

>Why chose a family when you can chose DOLPHINS!

I like Jotaro too. He has way more fun moments than people seem to remember


JoJo is going to get a lot of focus this year since 30th Anniversity and all

>All we get is a pachinko themed machine

I mean next year

>Silent Hill
>Devil May Cry
>The pachinko virus

>sbr is finished
>jojolion is ongoing
>part 5 is getting decent scans
>part 4 anime is running
>30th anniversary is coming up

post yfw you got into Jojo at the absolute best time possible

I am sure it will be more - we got ASB for JoJo's 25th. Plus i find it ironic that VA is on the 30th anniversity because he is the son of the protag and villain thar started it all

>TTGL countdown
>Pachinko machines

You forgot JJCA is finishing Colored SBR soon. They're at High Voltage Part 2. They're doing Colored JJL next too.

This really is the best time to be a JoJo Fan

>MGS 3 pachinko

I don't really give a shit about that. I dont like the colors and I feel like they ruin Araki's god-tier inking and shading

I would much rather they do part 5 colored scans because it actually helps make sense of what the fuck is going on

>A Stand that turns people into Pachinko machines, the design taking after their personality and interests

Giorno's more DIO's than Jonathan's, in looks, personality and role in the story. Jonathan didn't get a say in his conception at all, as far as we know neither of them ever knew the other existed.

And it's more hopeful to think of Gio being a mostly-good kid in spite of having an evil father, instead of being a mediocrely-good kid in spite of having an angel for a father.

Colored SBR looks just as good as BW SBR.

Why can't SBR be animated again?


Loads of horses and it's long

Except the early chapters, but yeah it looks just as good if not better

Post yfw they skip to JJL

Gappy makes me happy


>Implying they'll animate JJL

>Gappy spends half of each episode standing around like a normie
>Implying they won't

JJL it's easy af to animate
It's a lot faster than part 3 (Only the start is slow, the first 5/10 chapters)

>Implying they will since it will probably be just as long as SBR if not longer
>CGI bubbles



Why not CGI? Didn't someone say SBR is expected in like 4-5 years? Surely DP would have the tech by then.


Can't it be Friday already? I want to see sexy Shinobu for fuck's sake.

Poor Lucy, kid was fucking 14


delet this



Seeing how Berserk 2016 looks I dont think japan will get the tech to do propper cg anime for tv any time soon


>Jojo Pachinko Machines
It's funny valentine because that shit can be real, just think for a moment
>Great event the next year
>The new Jojo's Bizarre Adventure!

Lovers of Rule 63, I found an artist who drew most of the male cast as such. Most of the male leads, except JJL (which only had Gappy drawn) was done in such a way. Instead of posting it here over the course of a while, I just made an imgur album for the yuri fans:

>Those boobs

>Annasui is the same but with tits

Titty-Stroheim is the only good thing about this

That's pretty much all of them, honestly. Tits + sometimes miniskirt/shorts.

"I Lied Update" she also drew femJoshu and femDIOg2HEAVEN

What's his official name anyways in terms of shorthand?


That's not Joshu. She is too cute.

Ascended Dio/Heaven Ascended Dio/Purple Dio Feedback

Horses are a pain in the ass to animate correctly, and the cheap CGI that anime studios usually use looks like complete shit. Remember the horses in Battle Tendency?

I don't know how popular SBR is in Japan, but I definitely think David would at least take a long break after Stone Ocean.

How come no-one talks about Abbacchio being a literal drag-queen

It's not that the tech isn't there, it's that it looks like shit.

femJoshu would actually be rather interesting as a companion..

Because looking like a drag-queen is normal in the JoJoverse.

> Asking Araki for something without expecting it to be weird

But... isn't only "Araki" it's weird af even for araki standars

I would have thought that too but with the last three chapters Araki has really got the ball rolling on Joshu's potential as a character and I'm excited to see where he takes him.

>R63 Avdol
>Head uncovered


He's just Sephiroth with a blue star on his hair...

It's clearly an egg you shitter. And he also wears eyeliner and lipstick.



Feels like Abbacchio should get the bottom part of the egg cuz it's flatter.

I think the top part of it works best, as Abbacchio's hat is tiny and only covers the very top of his head. F.F has to wear the thing over her entire skull.

>yfw the entire second trilogy was just Araki's subtle way of explaining how to make an egg

>how to lay an egg

But the top part would work better for FF because its more rounded, whereas the bottom part of the egg is way flatter, if the cut is low on the egg then the bottom part would work much better as a hat.

what's happened to this thread...

Just finished part 7, my favourite now

So lucy locked up the corpse at the end obtaining the fortune, can't say she doesnt deserve it after all the shit she went through

>Small part: top
>Mid part
>The lower part is bigger
That's how it works
we're talking about eggs.

Isn't the top the pointy bit, though? That's the thinnest point of the egg, whereas the bottom bit is the roundest and widest, best for fitting over a head.

She didn't lock it up properly, she hesitates when Steven asks her and she gets a little grin come up before she says yes. She fell for the power meme. Also read Part 8, the story of Johnny and the corpse isn't quite finished yet.



Isn't Part 5 one of the most popular parts in Japan? You'd think they'd rake in more cash than not after that, giving them the budget to animate the horses in SBR that need to be well animated and just doing a passable CGI of the rest. IDK I'm no animation expert, but computer tech improves a lot really fast, so if budget isn't the reason why DP can't do lots of horses, then they're just lazy.

They don't assign their own budget, Warner assigns it to them. So even if they somehow made a billion dollars of of Part 5 then they'd for sure get a budget boost for 6 and 7 but as a large corporation Warner aren't going to invest any more than they need to to make a profit.

give me your pages that define parts


Is that Secco?

why when I am in school /JoJo/ is acting normal but when I come home, they are shitposting ?

Fate is personally kicking you in the balls, user. Stand proud.

so why aren't you gay for gay priest yet?

Besides the artstyle being generic moeshit (+the obligatory oppai that comes with it) and Johnathan not being a proper lady, those are some pretty good designs!
Although to be honest, Kakyoin would kinda fit this style (he's a generic 90's shojo boy, of course he'd be a generic 90's shojo girl if genderflipped)


wanna go on date dio?

>tfw we could've had a decent translation of Vento Aureo if the game came out like planned

How was it, anyway? I know they changed some things


I think you might've just nailed why most 63 sucks, everything in it gets turned to generic moe, typically at odds with the characters. It'd be a lot cooler if the girls were drawn in the typical JoJo style, or at least something more striking than the usual crap.

Isn't Ermes a R63 Polnareff?
Araki said it


Yeah, and there's not a damn thing that's moe about her. She's a damn good character too, easily one of the best of her part.

No he just said she had a similar role to Polnareff in the story.

I don't know about the game

I find it odd that Part 5 would be the last one to be english translated out of all 8 parts

The 'moe' style can't be helped since most artists have their own styles that deviate too far from Araki's style to actually pass for imitation. I personally liked the set a lot because the artist didn't just draw mega melons for each character (though obviously there are still quite a few mega melons drawn), so characters like Wammu or Joshu ended up looking pretty good compared to other 63s.

Well, that's why he said MOST r63 sucks, Dio-sama. I reckon Araki knows how to draw Araki's style well

What jojogirl has the biggest breasts?

And that midget from Shakedown Road

>the artist didn't just draw mega melons for each character
I dunno man, outside of like two characters the smallest cup-size seems to be at least a DD.


What about Hot Pants?

Are you looking at the same album? Wammu/Speedwagon/Narancia/Will Zeppelli to just name a few that I remember off the top of my head to not have mega melons.

Gwess or Mariah

Are there full versions of the Jojonium cover illustrations?



Enyaba if you count sagginess

>Pink hair Dio
Another shiny color scheme in jojo

Yeah, like I said, outside of a handful of characters they've all got pretty huge tits.

Drawn titties tend to go from 0 to 100 I've noticed, even characters that are supposed to have average ones are usually fucking enormous.

What was the point of Sex Pistols? It's like emperor but way worse.

Something wrong, user?


I'm talking this kind of cut


Just counted them, there's 13 small or subdued looking tiddies. Koichi for example is just outright flat. There's also a range to the tiddies with some being irredeemably massive (like Jonathan's) scaling to more normal (but big) sized pairs on Hol Horse and Bruno, to smaller ones like Narancia or Johnny. It's a fair range, as the artist later depicts in this image, IMO.

Boy those are all nuts and bolts


>Abbacchio dies hours after he regains the will to live again


Sounds kinda screwy to me.



>Implying Kars wouldn't overshadow DIO's bust in every aspect

She's the perfect lifeform, not some shitty vampire

>Look at thumbnail
>"Please, if there is a God, play Ocean Man"

Thank you, user

To be quite honestly fair with you user

Those aren't DIO's tits

>Schott Key No.1

Not him but it's quite a cool stand


here is a more detailed version.




Literally go kill yourself. All your changes would just make p5 another boring shouted, the flaws are what made p5 what it is.

Gios was a perfect, flawless protagonist. Sorry that autists like you can't understand that his desire to become a gangster and stop drug trafficking stems from the safety he felt around the unnamed gangster and he wanted everyone living in a pretty rough area to have the same safety net he had.

Also Gio had plenty of personality desu. Remember in the Ciocolatta fight? He was pissy, angry and straight up lied to him because he hated him that much. Gio was expressive and ig you actually have p5 a reread you would realise that.

>Literally "le 2deep4u" argument
Literally, kill yourself.

I think that his changes were bullshit too and posted as much but I think you're getting a little carried away here

Hahahaha oh wow

Giorno was a great character until he drank Abbachio's piss, which killed his braincells

Afterwards he was a boring Mary Sue with moments now and then

did you do this?


what is this meme?

H-here i go






make noseless with this.

Is it some sort of meme for Jotato to have a melon with him?


It's a pretty simple but effective Stand. The battle was short because the user is an idiot, but still. It did a good amount of damage before it was figured out.

>the sun


Go deeper!

I'll go deeper
in your ass

Too bad you won't be able to do that after i break it.
Your dick, that is

>the elder A. Phex Brother can freely manipulate the transferred object. He is also not limited by the object's physical state, as he has transferred solids, liquids, gases, and even human limbs.

Imagine the possibilities.


Would femPolnareff be a complete slut?

Dhu yu rhemmber hwo maeny bennis yu lickle in yer life ?

Which stando has the greatest potential?
That's to say if the user knew how to use all of its capabilities.

any idiot user's stand

Who the fuck said you could use that line?

Requiem For King Crimson

Probably Gold Experience


That's not polnareff, he's supposed to be a turtle.

tusk act 4 is half fat fuck

>Make Giorno more like Dio
What do you mean make Giorno more like Dio, considering he is already supposed to be Dio.Jr and virtually every aspect of his personality is defined by the parallels with Dio (and Jonathan) ?
>I want him to be cocky and laugh at his superiority and be a generic smug edgelord instead of just a booooring Jotaro 2.0

>Fix Bruno's introduction
>as if there was anything wrong with Bruno's introduction and it wasn't a crucial set-up to his character

>A clown questioning street punks with a lame zipper power doesn't suit the introduction of such a major character in a leadership role
>I don't understand how JoJo works: the post

>Why are you doing THIS? Risking your life trying to infiltrate this specific gang to overthrow this specific mob boss?
Because Giorno spent years trying to get the mobsters to notice him and allow him to join a gang so he could fulfill his dream, Passione was the first chance that showed up. He didn't have the luxury to pick and choose what gang he would join.

>You're already morally ambiguous, so why the fuck are addict children your line in the sand
It's not just children and "not selling drugs to children" is an oversimplification of Giorno's goal. It also makes sense considering his backstory.

>wanting Diavolo to die and then be revived with KC Requiem only for Giorno to kill with him GER
>instead of the collective group effort that resulted in sacrifices and Giorno getting the arrow you want "villain powers-up + hero powers-up + villain dies" which is literally the most basic shonen crap you can come up with

This is on the same level as that "Yukako should have died and Rohan should have been driving the ambulance" copypasta.


I'm the owner of Stardust Man™

Cumdump makes me happy

I'd like to see some identification.

Third arcadefag here.
i'm doing jonathan's Specials right now
In this video you can see scarlet overdrive.
What do you think of the concept?

I.. I forgot documents in other jacket.
W-why don't you believe, me user?!

I wouldn't mind seeing Araki redraw all of Jojo from the beginning
With one stipulation: He has to make characters as big as they were in the original style
None of this "ALL JOJOS ARE SLENDER WAIFS" bullshit

We need to post more Stardust Man

You always gotta be on the lookout for fakers, user.
I agree, post more stardust men.


Man, who cares. It'd be a complete waste of time he could be spending on actual new Jojo content instead.

Phantom Man
Battle Man
Stardust Man
Diamond Man
Golden Man
Stone Woman
Steel Ball Man
JoJo Lion (Men)

I was thinking it would be after Jojo ends


Here is my strongest Stardust Man

Must be a stardust fan

I mainly judge on appearance

Quads confirm it.

>t. Pocoloco

Forgot the image.

Not-so-Stardust Man

Holy frick those quads

Jotaro shouldn't have been able to beat DIO

What's up, everyone? Comparison user here! I just finished covering Phantom Blood #01, you can check it out here:


We need rare stardust mans'

I dont have any

How would you want part 3 to end?

>it took us 3 people to bring us one original move not in asb or mugen.


get someone who can do good sprite art please.
that face is  「Kill・ing・me」


Wow user thats a pretty damn good sheet


Pristine taste

Has anyone got the source for this? I've only ever seen it in Jojo /wsg/ threads

Overall, David Production made a good anime.Objectively, a lot of the animation, direction, and music isn't terribly great, but I want to replace it in the context of a minor studio doing this job. It sorta evens out. It could have been better, but it would have been asking too much for DP. I can't say I love the anime though, it's a goodie, it's here to expose more the manga, which everyone should read.

To be frank, if the anime's cancelled, I wouldn't care much. Seeing the derailing that is DiU, I don't really want DP to continue adapting JJBA. JoJolion is scheduled for French publication soon anyway.

Not like it did.


Looks like there's some evidence to those rumours a while back


What's your stand name?

They're planning on doing 4th Another Day after the Part 4 anime which will give David a Break from jojo for a while.

It can't be done. No matter what they do, Jojo would just be stupid in real life. God, what would that even be like?


Why does he have bumps on his head.

That's the hip new hairstyle that all the normal non-rockpeople humans have.

Because he is a dirty rocknigger

>big guy


Who would win in a fight between Bane and Jonathan Joestar? Who's the bigger big guy?

You tell me.

This looks shooped. I can tell from the pixels and from seeing a few shops in my time.

Is part 5's translations done yet? Last I heard it was on KC first introduction

>"Killer Queen",stand name of Kira Yoshikage,the main antagonist of "JoJo's Bizzare adventure:Diamond is Unbreakable" is theorized to be named after the famous hit song "Killer Queen" by the band "The Beatles".

Holy shit,more subtle trivia like this?

Last I checked they were at Doppio vs Metallica?

Could be wrong though, I'm doing a slow re-read of the new translations. Halfway through White Album

>2nd arcadefag doesn't post any gameplay
>People love him
>3rd arcadefag posts gameplay
>People dont care


Shut up 3rd Arcadefag. Go to reddit if you want your dick sucked

fucking numbskull, the point of redrawing it from the beginning would be to do old stuff in the new style. making him do old shit in the old style would be pointless, that already exists

... I am bored so I did this shit

>Afterwards he was a boring Mary Sue with moments now and then
let's end this meme. every single JoJo, from Johnathan all the way to ol' Ballquad, is a Mary Sue. that's because they're shonen/seinen protagonists

Not that other user, but I think he just means drawing in the new style but still keeping Jonathan/Joseph/Jotaro as buff as they were originally.

Arcadfag Act 3 for when ?

>no /JJBAG/
get outta here shit

>No /JJOO!/

>drawing in the new style but still keeping Jonathan/Joseph/Jotaro as buff as they were originally
these are mutually exclusive. Gappy and Jotaro have the same body type, the only difference is "new style" vs "old style." drawing Jotaro big is explicitly the opposite of drawing Jotaro in the new style

Is anyone having this problem? I can't use at all.

Thats not me.
I dont need attention you fuck.

kill me

Bonjour les ami(e)s, vous allez bien ? :)

¿Porqué mejor no te vai a chupar un pico bien negro? :)

>no one posted the best boys

The Hand

We /doppio/ now?

Green day

Isn't Eyes of Heaven supposed to be the 30th anniversary game?

>30th anniversary is in 2017
>EoH came out Dec. 2015

I stand corrected, then. 2017's probably gonna be crazy.

Is this the new Naruto season?

yeah dude Time No Jutsu Suck My Ballzu

>"my favorite character are Doppio and my favorite stand is King Crimson, but Diavolo sucks!"

>>my favorite character IS Doppio
and they are two different charcters you dip

Why did the arrow didn't give Giorno a Requiem stand the first time?

Dude you stole my joke

The beetle arrow is the one that can give requiem stands. Black Sabbath didn't have that arrow.

he was not worthy at the time.
also, the arrows are different.

I bet some of you tried to jerk off on Narancia/Doppio

because the powers of the arrow changed when it fused with Black Sabbath. appearing and vanishing out of thin air, which is something Black Sabbath's arrow could do, is not a trait of any other arrow. arrows which have not been fused with stands should all be capable of creating requiems, including Jolyne and Kira's arrows i'd speculate

how can you jerk off onto something if its not real?

Still, Doppio/Diavolo should be considered the Main villain instead of just Diavolo

Having a dual personality is part of his gimmick

I vote yes

[Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict] ACT 4 DISTORTION REQUIEM

But can it beat [Thirty Thieves and the Thunder Chief] ?

saying Doppio is your favorite character is a stupid meme pick

it's not that weird. "catwalk" is the theme, he drew the members as females with catfaces and while doing poses, as if they were on a catwalk.
Makes sense, it's pretty cool imo.

Why did purple suit guy cut off his own hand to activate the heart attack tank? Is there a need for that, he didn't have to the first time around.

And why didn't jotaro have star platinum catch the syringes the rat shot at him? They could ricochet from the rock behind him so they were not contact sensitive.

Watched a few episodes, thinking of starting on the manga.

>Why did purple suit guy cut off his own hand to activate the heart attack tank? Is there a need for that, he didn't have to the first time around.
Did you miss the whole part where Echoes weighed down his arm? He cut it off so he could get away safely without having to deal with it.
>And why didn't jotaro have star platinum catch the syringes the rat shot at him? They could ricochet from the rock behind him so they were not contact sensitive.
He did, and it still infected him.

You definitely need to read the manga if you're going ask questions this stupid.

>Why did purple suit guy cut off his own hand to activate the heart attack tank? Is there a need for that, he didn't have to the first time around.
It allowed him to get away without getting weighed down by Echoes Act 3 using 3 freeze on SHA

>And why didn't jotaro have star platinum catch the syringes the rat shot at him? They could ricochet from the rock behind him so they were not contact sensitive.
iirc he wanted to see what it would do to him

>Watched a few episodes, thinking of starting on the manga.
definitely should

>Watched a few episodes
>talks about Diamond is Unbreakable
You do realise it's the 4th Part of a series?
unless you're talking about DiU only, then I'm a nog

People are saying you have good taste, but
>Least favorite crew
>Johnny and Gyro
What the fuck?

I think he means Part 7's crew, which still doesn't really make sense since Gyro is his favourite BroJo.

Does Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ever stop using Stands? Stands are fucking gay. Ripples were better.

I bet you can't even enter the world of:
「Ultimate Cuestionables Comandos Conseguidos Con Dinerillo: ACTO 12: Réquiem: Over Meiden Heaven: ReinKarsnate」

No to all three statements

i kek'd

I bet you wish you had a Stand, so you could continue to be a pussy faggot and hide behind your powerful phantom to protect you. Just like your idols, Jotaro and Josuke.

Both of them would actually have a sense of humility if they were allowed to be given ass beating and not have Stands enabling them to be brats.

Read the manga

No to both statements

hopefully not- we need more time for asshattery

"user dies from a (sheer) heart attack"

>you will never fuck Jolyne

Name 1 person you would fuck in each part.

because if David Pro skips VA, Japan will fucking riot

Rate me, friends. Fun fact: least favorite does not equal dislike, unless you're Diavolo.

No. They establish in the first episode of Jotaro's arc that he does nothing and Star Platinum defends him automatically from harm. That is the pussiest shit.

It allowed Josuke to be a fag about "haircut insults," if bullies made fun of his hair, Josuke got angry and didn't have his Stand to protect him, he'd get his ass beat and he'd learn to not be such a baby about what people think of your hair.

They're both absolutely pathetic and "I", personally, would be able to kick both of their asses if they didn't have Stands protecting them


P1: Jonathan
P2: Wamuu
P3: Polnareff
P4: Rohan
P5: Guido
P6: Weather Report
P7: Gyro
Patrician, heterosexual choices

stop it.

Post your favorite relationships in the series.

They can be just friends/acquaintances/lovers/enemies/family/all of these/etc.


>Part 1
Poco's sister

>Part 2
Wired Beck

>Part 3
Mannish Boy

>Part 4
Josuke's mom

>Part 5

>Part 6
Yo-Yo Ma

>Part 7
Ben Boom Boom

>Part 8

Part 1: Tarkus
Part 2: Santana
Part 3: Forever
Part 4: Angelo
Part 5: Cioccolata
Part 6: Westwood
Part 7: Diego (in Raptor form)
Part 8: Damo

Go hard or go home

P5: Narancia :^)
P6:DIOs cameo

>Wired Beck
>Yo-yo ma
>Mannish boy

Jonathan & Dio is pottery

Dio/Pucci, Jolyene/Jotaro, Jolyne/WeatherReport ANASUI A SHIT

It's there not to give the (you), cuz am a cheeky cunt
but here is some to (you)

one of the village women
Lisa Lisa
idk. Hot Pants, I guess?

P1 Dio
P2 Wammu
P3 Pol Pol
P4 Keicho
P5 Bruno
P6 Jolyne
P7 Diego
P8 Kira

2.Lisa Lisa
3.OVA Enya
7.Alternate universe fem Valentine


found the plankton fucker

To this day, Dio and Jonathan are my favorite characters and their relationship is my favorite in the series too.

>They can be just friends/acquaintances/lovers/enemies/family/all of these/etc.

I'm calling the police

secco and ciocolatta

No to all.

I am genuinely sorry user, take this reaction pic instead.

Damn that's cute

What if Jotaro fisted Jolyne's sopping wet pussy?


Dio and Jonathan are like all of those at once and more.

They weren't really friends.

delet this.

Just die

They were during college.

Don't they both say that they barely tolerate eachother after the rugby match?

They had a bit of a friendship in college (not that it was truly genuine since neither could bring themselves to truly like the other) and they say as much in the finale that they had a "bizarre" friendship

How can Jonathan even compete against Pucci's BBC?

I meant to reply to


I feel like Dio would be a cool guy to have as a friend.

their relationship was more of "respect towards the other" rather than a full on friendship I think.

You know how that turned out for Jonathan, don't you ?

He seemed like a bro when he talked to Pucci. If he didn't murder people constantly he'd be a cool guy.

If you want him to set your dog on fire then sure

BoyPucci was his soul mate though.

Whenever I try to copy and paste an image into GIMP the picture looks washed out as fuck, but works fine on Paint


>people that unironically discuss part 5
I thought we all quietly agreed that part 5 is a part only to be used as a meme source since its bad.

>A priest's soulmate is hell incarnate

Sorry 4 Tumblr,but I think this analysis really helps in appreciating PB and Dio more.Worth a read.
"True, Dio doesn’t put JoJo on his own level (at that time), but he doesn’t put him on the level of your average man, either. And despite his reassurances to himself that their friendship is just an act, actions speak louder than words, and by the time the 7 year time skip passes, it’s debatable whether Dio even intended to get rid of Jonathon anymore. If he still intended to be George’s sole heir, it wouldn’t make much sense to poison George without first removing JoJo from the picture. Yet, there’s no hint whatsoever that Dio intends to do anything to Jonathon. That is, not until after he knows his plan was discovered."

>Morioh crew
>Magenta Magenta love
>Yasuho best girl

I like your style, user.

>Said priest believes in his soulmate and brings hell on earth as quick as possible

The heart wants what the heart wants.

Pucci was a special case, though.
But yeah a big part of DIO's character in Part 3 is that he actually has contact with people that doesn't end up with him killing them or worse.

If he can use your Stand for a purpose he lets you live and do as you please with it as long as you promise to obey what he says. He's very chill and casual most of the time (didn't stop him from killing Enya to keep her mouth shut).

Who /FF/ here?

this is what I mean

I always thought how weird it was for Dio's bone to literally be his boner xD

Hi rate my ocs please

name : Neka Joestar
age : 15
Stand : Fairytail
Gender : female but wants to be bigender
Likes : kawaii stuffs, fairy tail, naurto, animes, pizzaaaaaa and bdsm
Dislike : avdol and dio and jolyne
History : her parents were killed by dio during the war. Gyro sacrified himself to save her. she got adopted by joseph joestar and because of that she got the star tatoo on her back. She is a big flirter she dated giono, mista (*w*), rohan, johnny and kakyoin. But she dislikes avdol because he is muslim and polnaref because he did bad things to her. She also hates girl because they bullied her
Stand : Fairy Tail
Fairy tail can changes the color of everything (why didn't she used it on advol lol)
She can also go to the hetalia (PASTAAAA) world. She became friend with Italy and because of that Italy has also a stand.

disgusting subhuman scum

Use Not a website, an application called

>yfw F.F has a male voice in part 6

>using GIMP

Everything about Pucci and DIO's relationship is a beautiful ironic pottery

If Speedwagon was a girl he would be a worst.
>wannabe street thug
>turns into pretentious "I can smell evil" type lecturingly
>yells at/about everything
>gives Zeppeli the most unnecessary fanservice in the entire history
>practically useless in any sense
>like her obnoxiousness is not enough she will become Joestars' piggybank for eternity

I don't think so. Maybe F.F can also change "her" voice.

>yfw Whitesnake has a high pitched voice in part 6

>giorno gets female voice actor

good thing we dont live on a world were a character like that exist

>David skips part 5

>Skipping parts
>Especially skipping the parts nips fucking adore


>david skips part 5 and part 6

>male voices for female characters
Ever since I watched Venture Bros that kind of stuff just turns me on now

>the parts nips fucking adore

fujo trash*

He would fall for Dio too.

>Not wanting gay priest to come faster

Gay priest isnt going anywhere. We can wait. in the mean time we can fuck around in italy.

I want part 5 too.

I want good david animations
We cant have it all user

Mexicanfag exposed

Disgusting Chilean monkey, speak proper Spanish or kill yourself you subhuman

No, I want to see my man Bruno, I want to see Grateful Dead fight, I want to see Metallica vs Doppio, I want to see this scene. I really hope that it's not just memeing and they actually outsourcing almost every third episode of DiU to Dr. Movie just to go straight into VA full on budget, just to spite you faggots.

where do i find good non-gay jojo hentai? preferably something with jolyne.

Dubs of truth
You know, part of the reason why I liked Speedwagon so much the first time I saw the character was because of those corny personality traits, that are usually relegated to obnoxious female characters, put into the body of a muscular English thug.

Those scenes were he bickers with Zeppeli and just falls over him would be horribly annoying on a female character,, but since he's a man and he's just as stylish and muscular as the rest of the cast, those scenes become hilarious (especially because this clearly wasn't Araki's inent when he wrote Speedwagon).

I love Speedy, he's just trying his best.

(I also liked that the dub gave him a super stereotypical Cockney accent that no other character has, it honestly makes Speedwagon a better character).

>Finding non gay jojo
Venture to the tallest mountain on garbage and you will find only Lisa Lisa porn. Its still garbage.

There's so much I want to see.

Is this spain talking?
are you getting angry because of a single word?
what are you, fucking gay?

The lovers can basically do everything and kill every single not-vampire stand user without him even noticing it

I hope the anime gets rid of Giorno's ASB/EOH seiyuu completely and gets someone who can actually emote and nail his speeches.

>inb4 Giorno is boring and doesn't emote

why didn't he use it against DIO then?
maybe it doesnt give UV rays, just heat

Let's be real, those accents in the dub make it so much better

ASB voice actor is a fucking robot. Even the mudamuda's sounded lame. Only thing that sounded remotely alright was the WRYYYY when he does the uppercut.

>gets voiced by romi park

>Hot Pants x Diego porn
>Jolyne x Ermes x Emporio porn
>even Holly x Kakyoin porn

Have a nice day.

>>Jolyne x Ermes x Emporio porn
That was so off putting, like seriously. KISS had breasts.

They are part of the reason why the Battle Tendency dub sucks ass but the accents, along with most of the dialogue rewrites, actually work really well with the Phantom Blood (hell it's probably one of the very few anime dubs I actually ever liked). Especially for Dio.

You know, that actually isn't that bad. Romi Park voice Giorno in the PS2 game and he did a really good job. It's not like he's going to be screaming the whole time like he does with Koichi.

Seriously, look at the MUDAs from the PS2 game and the MUDAs from ASB, they don't even compare.

Bring back Romi Park?

>Romi Park voice Giorno in the PS2 game
Wew, I was half-joking. I didn't even know she voiced him. That's pretty cool.
Here you go.

>DIO's First MUDA on CD
>BUccelati's Arriverdci

Funny thing is, Bruno's VA in the game is now voicing Rohan in the anime. So it's like Koichi and Rohan are speaking to themselves in the game.

But yes, I would appreciate if they brought back Romi Park. He sounds like a child and he doesn't sound perpetually bored, and he still gets Giorno right (and I honestly think Giorno should be voiced by a girl considering the type of character he is).

I think the Vento Aureo PS2 game had plenty of good things going for it, it had a nice cast of seiyuus and a great soundtrack. I would love it if the Part 5 anime was like that.

Yeah, Norio Wakamoto as DIO is a fucking beast, his MUDAs are undoubtly the best of all of them.

Those PS2 sound clips are the same ones from the meme flash that got JoJo popular in the first place

I should've guessed they originated from the PS2 game

Well atleast its adds to the list of existing porn.

user Romi is a she. They tend to get female voice actresses for bishounen, especially ones as young as Giorno

I'm sure people will like him more if he actually had an emotionally ranged seiyuu, though


David are weird with what VAs they change, so I hope they change Giorno's. But if they change Mista's I will fucking riot. His voice in the games is elder-god tier.
what the fuck is his problem?

If they change Buccellati's then hell will be raised.

I know, I just typed it wrong.

But it's true, a female voice actress would work for Giorno, especially if she can get the character right, because the thing about Giorno is that he's not as overly expressive as the other Part 5 characters, but he reacts very hard to tragic situations, hence the speeches and the focus on his facial expressions when he's alone, which is why they need someone who can get the character right).

You're right, they shouldn't change Mista or Bruno or Abbachio, for that matter (I'm fine with the others).
But everytime David Productions has changed a voice actor from the videogames, with the exception of Hol Horse, it has always turned out for the better, so I wouldn't lose my head over it.
I hope they can get Norio Wakamoto to voice Diavolo now that his voice actor is doing Kira

Hey, nice. The only real problem I had with this guy in mugen was that his combo chaining was too damned clunky.


>it has always turned out for the better,
I agree. The Stardust Crusaders VAs in ASB were pretty shitty, apart from Jotaro.

I will also riot if they change Jolyne's VA.

I saw Johnny's dick I feel weird @[email protected]

>Listen to those Arris in ASB

Like music to my ears

Yeah, no joke, I love him more then Koyama.

>meme flash

never heard of it before links?

Pick up the phone, its me The Boss.

please elaborate


It's a classic.

Whats good nigga?

Boss, I missed you so much...

Why was he such fuckbait?

He was raised by a priest, so he was sexually repressed

Every single seiyuu change so far has been a massive improvement.
Polnareff and Avdol were fine in ASB but the anime voices were an improvement.
Old Joseph in ASB was terrible, it was Sugita doing a forced old man impersonation. But then for the anime they added fucking Unshou Ishizuka and he was absolutely perfect. I loved Ishizuka because of Cowboy Bepop and Joseph became one of my favorite characters in Part 3 partially because of his voice.
Kakyoin's voice in the anime was leagues ahead of his voice in the videogames.
Same goes for Vanilla Ice.
I only really miss Hol Horse from ASB because I him better as a sleazy scumbag.

Josuke and Kira's voice changes so far have also been improvements (Josuke especially).
At this point I'll trust DP with any seiyuu changes that happen from now on (they have yet to dissapoint me)

Was that priest Pucci?

I really don't remember if they elaborated on that.

He would be 15 in the 80s which is when young Diavolo also got his hands on the arrows with DIO so probably not

They all had some tea though, I'd like to believe

I don't get why people liked Josuke's old voice so much. His voice was too deep and aggressive.

I also either want a different VA for Diego or for Koyasu to do a different voice than his DIO one (if SBR even gets an anime, mind you). Seeing Diego in ASB is only time I've been disappointed with a Koyasu DIO performance.

>Same goes for Vanilla Ice.
Can't agree with that. Both Vanilla and Pucci were hurt by that change.

Shigeru Chiba's Iggy was better than the anime's one too.

Wasn't the priest killed?

He was still supposed to be tough and brutish, but the wacky sound he has in the anime will probably be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Josuke now since it fits so perfectly

Goddamn am I hyped for this week

>this week is Josuke burning down Rohan's house
>next week is Highway Fucking Star

>I don't get why people liked Josuke's old voice so much. His voice was too deep and aggressive.

Because Josuke does the le DORA thing sometimes and it has to sound angry enough when he does. His stand cry is literally all that matters, character portrayal be damned.
Memes were a mistake. Thanks Jotaro

Truly a time to be alive

What would a female Jotaro be like?

Like Jotaro, but female.

autism doesn't change depending on gender, so not so much.


Really makes you think.


He does a great DORA and that's it.
Being agressive is a part of Josuke as a character and Hatano is great at voicing delinquents but, the thing is, Josuke's not really a delinquent. He's as straight edge as it gets. Even Araki has said that the character was designed to be "old-fashioned". Josuke is a dorky momma's boy until he gets mad where he just flips the fuck out at everything. Yuuki manages to perfectly capture both aspects of Josuke's personality
Look at Yuuki during this scene, he sounds fucking mad as hell. He's just as agressive as Hatano if not more during the moments that matter. And I'm not saying Hatano was really bad, it's just that the new Josuke voice is honestly much better

Soon... But you wont be around to post in it....

I've seen autistic females before

It's quite sad really

Why so many BroJos get donuted?

Just like Jotaro constantly has a dildo in his ass, Femtaro would constantly have a tampon in her vagina.

Araki just really likes his donuts

I'm not so sure that comparison works, user.

>femjotaro dies of TSS instead of getting raped by a gay priest

Tonio's VA is really good, too. He doesn't sound Japanese at all.