He uses reaction images from anime he hasn't seen

>he uses reaction images from anime he hasn't seen
>from manga he hasn't read
>from doujins he can't even find

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>doujins he can't even find
I'll admit most of the time I open doujins just to crop faces/quotes and then never actually read them.

What's the problem with that?

>pic related
I don't even know where she's from

>not knowing touhou
how new are you?

if people knew this itd eliminate stupid questions like "SAUCE"

She's from Touhou.

I have a whole "random" folder of images from series I haven't watched. I just save whatever I find cute really.

you don't know where she's from?

How the fuck did she get out of the folder?

that's the joke

the only star allowed here is platinum






thanks, I looked it up right after posting.
I did never think about where she's from until now, just had her saved as a reaction image.

>not knowing touhou
come on, it's fan art.


>what is touhou
all touhou material is fanart
her design and color scheme are iconic

Give me Kaguya from "no".

>watching anime
No thanks, I'm not a loser

Thankfully, I know where this stupid pieces of shit originated from

Do you remember what this is from?

bkum is great

>mfw old harddrive failed
>lost all my hentai reaction images
>dont remember panda password
>saved in browser
>cant be assed to make another

You can't get much more generic than with a black hair himecut. Also, that reaction image had her with brown hair.

The little pink shoulder you see was the only thing to identify her.

This one time I used a reaction image from an anime I haven't seen and someone replied to my post with a comment about that anime. I was so ashamed I immediately closed my web browser and marathoned it.

Sauce? Google/iqdb/saucenao/tineye give nothing but more cropped faces for profile pictures

>pops up instantly if you search multiple times
you lazy faggots

I don't know anything about anime or manga, I come to Cred Forums to save pictures and reactions so that the cute otakus I talk to online will think I'm one of them.

Watch more anime and lurk for 2 years before posting.

Who is she.


No thanks.

>replying to the most obvious bait
Lurk 500 years



>You can't get much more generic than with a black hair himecut
she's one of the few touhous without a hat
that himecut makes her identifiable
dark hair himecut frilly pink pajama like kimono with bow
this is kaguya 100% of the time

>all retards are just pretending
some people are actually retarded

Some shows are only good for reaction images

Lucky Star
Yuru Yuri

all that shit



What are you going to do? Sue me?

You're clearly legit.

>no reply
Now I'm just going to find the original on my own, crop it and make it into a reaction image, and then repost it more times then yours have been so more people will have my image on their hdd.


>posting crops with nipples from hentai doujins
Isn't it against the rules?

you didn't mean this pic, did you?

you should always spoiler them at least

>hentai doujins

Hi newfag. How's leddit been treating you lately?

>all doujinshi is porn

Which part of those images look like doujinshi?

touhou has nothing to do with anime or manga


>touhou has nothing to do with anime or manga
I want this meme to die

Can someone tell me where this girl is from

>implying anyone cares

Compared to other 2hus, sure.

Nothing in the most commonly posted picture of her tells us she is a 2hu though. I always thought she was some generic loli schoolgirl until I found out she isn't wearing a sailor outfit.

I know but I'm never going to tell you lad

>he uses reaction images

I'm not sure what she's from but whenever I post her people reply with a picture of a toilet seat.

I'll be that old in less than a year, it would be nice to turn into a loli at 30 like what happened in the source to my image.

>not shitposting with /an/ reaction images