Vinland Saga

No chapter this month, only this side story








How can Vinland Saga imbue a goddamn dog with more character in a single chapter than some people in 400+ chapters?

>that last panel
Top kek. Truly best girl.

>that hierarchy
cute af i smiled

Ty OP this was fantastic

>An episode about the dog

Vinland Saga just keeps getting more and more wholesome.

I heard it's a good seinen. Why hasn't it been adapted yet?

People hate quality.

It would probably bomb in Japan. Western themed settings don't usually do well over there. Not to mention, Thorfinn isn't a self-insert type character.

But even if it's an OVA, I hope one day we will see based Askeladd animated.

Probably because like Berserk, the start of the manga is a big prologue, and most people who would watch it as anime would be bored when they find out most of the characters they know won't show up or have any plot relevance in the future. Still the prologue would work better than taking on the chapters after where the plot gets more bare (tastefully) for world building or when the post farm chapters kick in and we get a lot of sea traveling that has taken the author many years to follow through once it is: Go to Greece.

>good seinen

Do you really want a anime adaptation in this day and age? Just look at Berserk.

That's the smuggest goat I've ever seen


Best girl.

better side chapter than most manga normal chapters

Vinland Saga always has the best side stories. Why this series is not crazy popular I will never understand, fuck you Japan and your shit taste.

Askeladd best girl.

Do dogs taste good?

>Volumes sell over 100k
It's mainstream big, what are you talking about

>When Thorfinn's dad gets pelted with arrows it's nothing but CLANG sound effects

Maimstream big maybe, but not crazy popular. I know you guys hate adaptations but a well made anime adaptation of Vinland Saga would be the greatest anime ever made.

Hox, where are you? My eyes are bleeding from Mangastream localizations!

>well made
That's the main issue


>What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch?

I could see it getting adapted like Ajin, but a lot of people probably wouldn't be happy with that.

Studio that did Sidonia and Ajin is slowly getting better at this 3d thing. In some 10 years I can actually see them doing something okay.

My biggest problem with Sidonia was simply the framerate. Had they given it a higher framerate it would have looked pretty good.

I agree that Ajin looks better, though. In terms of 3D animation studios in japan I think Polygon's one of the best.

Because protagonist is pretty unlikeable

You mean edgy Thorfin, slave Thorfin or Jesus Thorfin? I didn't like him much at first but after the timeskip he grew on me.

>Why this series is not crazy popular
There never is an easier way to spot a newfag.

All of them. Wish he'd grow up and stop overreacting to everything. Nigger does a 180 every time something happens. Doesn't have much of a personality outside of whatever phase he's currently in.

But Thorfin was likeable in every single arc

Opinions on shoukoku no altair?