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They just transfer in and got all the spot light.


S2 never.


>SoL with male characters

A relic of a purer age.

I prefer French girls myself.


Konobi aired this very season


Sketchbook thread!





Posting Kuga in a canadian thread.

Kate is so damn perfect.
The britbongs from kinmoza can't even be remotely compared to her.


Is Kuga secretly oppai? Asou seemed pretty determined to see her boobs and confirm their size.

She's flat as a board, which does not stop her from being the sexiest Sketchbook

Without a doubt, but it's just a thought.


She wins the Negishibowl, right?

These lowres images remind me of simpler times.

I don't have nearly enough Sketchbook images saved.

S2 with blurays when?

Did that user kill himself?


Truly a miracle of our times.

How can Kuga be the sexiest if Ooba is?


Which of Sora's friends will Ao end up getting pregnant?

Best girl.


Finally a foreign character that speaks decent english and whose japanese sounds weird.



>no appreciation for the real best girl

Yes chicken beat girl


Pretty sure P-chan's a boy.

I miss normal relationships in anime period. Watching older stuff is pretty refreshing. Where did it all go so wrong?

There wasn't enough of her in the anime.
The manga could use more too.



Best girl, of course.

Every girl is best girl.


Except RyoFuu.


Best cats in anime.

Based Gottuuza-sama.

Kill yourself.

Fuck you. The cats are shit, and RyoFuu is WORSE shit.


>The cats are shit

They're fine when they keep their mouths shut, but the moment they try to be funny, it goes to shit. It's always the same "bully Mike" gag. It's not good.

Never forget. youtube.com/watch?v=dCGesgWRroA

Literally the best OST of all time.


what game is that?

Darkest Hour, specifically with the Kaiserreich mod.

Die Canada, die.


>Best cats in anime.
Close but no cigar.

>Manga has been ongoing since 2002

Damn. Dedicating 14 year of your life. Serious shit.

And yeah, I know that's the tip of the iceberg in terms of manga lifespan.

Bug > Chicken

Bugs taste nasty.

So why haven't we killed ourselves yet?

Because my waifu wouldn't approve of it.


confirmed for never having eaten delicious chocolate locusts

Just the existence of that disgusts me.

>What I read: Sketchbook
>What I expected: Hidamari Sketch, but more reserved
>What I got: Encyclopedia of Bugs and Plants

Last time I read the manga it also had tons of japanese puns.



Volume 12's out next week

Waiting on S2. After that there will be nothing left to live for.

There's enough source material for 3 more seasons.

shiiiiiiit, I know what I'm masturbating to tonight

>minimal amount of porn
>none of it is good

I'm not sure mate.

It's resistance training for my p0n0s

Masturbating to Sketchbook characters is not allowed.

Why? It's only natural to desire wild, unprotected sex with Kajiwara-san.

I think you misspelled Kuga.

Oh no, Kuga is for secret, exhibitionist sex in the black curtain during club hours.

What episode does Kate show up in? I watched it looking forward to her, it's not a bad show though.

Just watch. You'll know.

Don't tell me it's just the last few episodes.

Halfway through mate.

I think it's episode 7, but I'm just going by memory

Alright. This show is relaxing as fuck, on episode 5 now.

Though sensei having the parking brake on the entire drive there in episode 4 triggered me on a level only /o/ could understand.

Actually I think most people can understand that.

What province do you think Kate is from, Cred Forums?

One of the french ones.


Definitely not BC since she's actually white.

That thigh is too thick for a sketchbook girl. They're all twigs.

Look user, this girl with issues is trying to be sexy for you

>they're all twigs
Are they user?

Sometimes they're noodles.

Stay healthy, Goto Yuko.

>tfw House will never treat Goto Yuko's lupus

Wasn't it treated already?

Especially Asou.



Those twintails totally don't work on Sora.

Yes but not by House.


Ah, sou?

Don't you fucking pun at me, frenchie.


It's literally physically impossible for Sora to be sexy. She's too autismo-cute for that.

Is autism sexy?

Only an evil man would refuse her advances.

Autism needs protection and I am the one to do it.

Do you mean "protection" in the same way that when user says "I want to protect her smile" about some loli it means "I want to give her the dick"?

No user.

What other way is there to protect something than to make it depend on you.
For everything.

Will you ever visit the school?


How does giving a girl the D make her depend on you for everything forever?

That's what mindbreaking is for.

>Shaft school of checking behind you

Kuga has a beautiful smile.


sauce? it looks familiar

It's probably the first time Canadians fucking finally had some spot light.


>First time knowing about the show
>See user's post to see what he meant about the parking brake
>See a bunch of chickens in the car randomly


Subtle fanservice is the best.

Then they said fuck it at the end

It's from the anime? I had no idea.

Kate was about the only thing I remember from this. Super slow SoL with nothing out of the ordinary isn't really my thing.

That's only what degenerates mean.



>not appreciating sensei's dedication to her chicken
>not wanting a yakitori pillow

Oh! A Sketchbook thread daysoo naaay? An SOL I can actually enjoy and I usually HATE SOLs

Fuck you, the odd combination is best.


But Canada is filled with asians. They'd blend right in.


what does the sketchbook smell like?


Maple syrup

But it's not a sketchbook, it's a notepad.

It's Asou's fault for being so erotic!

I want to impregnate Sora.

The world doesn't need more autists.

Why are you still here then?

9 years later, I still want to date Crazy Bug Lady.

I was planning to visit locations from Sketchbook during my Christmas vacation last year, but ended up having to cancel. Maybe someday.

I was already here. I said we don't need MORE.

She's alright, but Juju is definitely the better of the pair. That voice man.

Sora is so cute and frail, I am overcome by the desire to hug her.

I want to ask her out and see her autism and anxiety spiral out of control.

Cred Forums is the only board I know that will make a fully replied and functional thread from just a reaction image.

Don't you want to tell her everything will be alright and pat her head?

Usually it turns to shitposting, but gets replies nonetheless.

Of course, but there's still the part that wants to bully her.


Do we all know that Kuga is the best, but WHY is she?

"Stoic yet playful" moe


Because this

>booby Kuga

I knew it.

You must live in BC(maybe ON or AB), overall canada is like 95% white. The asians and east indians are pretty tightly packed in a few areas, the rest is white as fuck.

Listen, buddy, I ain't changing my old 2007 folder but I agree she's flat.

Prove it.

Can you keep up with her agility?

That sounds dirty.
I like it.

Is this yuri?

The nonidentical twins probably make out.

It's pretty straight otherwise.

How dare you

No, it's harem.


are you people going to keep necro-bumping until post limit?

shut up and post kuga.

If I wasn't going to sleep now I would.

I'm going to for my favorite art shows, yes.

I'll be counting on you

Post Ooba.

>overall canada is like 95% white

>When half of the population is composed by south italians who still haven't learnt English

One problem with liking Ooba is no one else likes Ooba.

Sketch had Japanese with an accent.
Kinmoza had Engrish with an accent.

It was beautiful