Let's discuss the future of Anime "movies"

Let's discuss the future of Anime "movies".

Will an anime director beside Miyazaki ever win an Oscar?

Hosoda the furryboy
Shinkai the genderbender feet fetish otaku

or will it be someone we haven't heard of yet?

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>inb4 Oscars are shit

We know, just talking about world wide popularity and shit.

Obviously no matter how shit the Oscars are,
if an animation movie wins it it's gonna get somewhere globally.

Going by sales Shinkai will be probably the next to receive some sort of award.

>or will it be someone we haven't heard of yet?
me if i'm not lazy.

Can you imagine how angry Miyazaki is right now for getting compared to a hikikomori otaku film maker?


Feet fetish is fine in Hollywood

Good his a asshole after all

Do you think Miyazaki will come back just to prove that Shinkai ain't nothin?

OP how did you forget about this man's existence?
Obviously it will be him.

No, Masaaki pretentious arthouse wannabe Cartoon Network Yuasa will be the next Miyazaki.

My man Shinichiro Watanabe just needs to do a movie and he will be god again.

Yamada BTFO

Shingo Natsume is the next Miyazaki we need.
But not the one we deserve.

No anime director will ever come close to what Miyazaki has achieved.

it's going to be Anno.
After he eventually finishes Eva he will direct Nauscaä 2 and Miyazaki will eventually talk to John Lasseter to get Anno an Oscar nomination.


I have the dvd

The fuck is it about

Anime having any form of mainstream attention or praise is a bad thing. Look at video games.

Videogames are doing better than anime, there is ultra niche perverted shit and mainstream AAA shit
Anime is just all mediocre shit all around, hentai died and good animation died

i wish tsurumaki would escape from anno and direct his own film

here watch it, it's kino

Miyazaki would have never gotten this far internationally without John Lasseter.




Coming of age


>The fuck is it about

look at this

Why would he be angry unless he's a hypocrite? This is the man that declared Anno, a second generation Otaku populist as his successor.

>a second generation Otaku

KEK Do you think Anno sees himself as an Otaku?

He hates Otaku even more than Miyazaki.

Is Shin Gojira a sekai-kei narrative? Maybe he gets a nomination for that.

fuck I've watched this. It's kinda weird.

Lasseter is really a creepy man when Miyazaki is around him.

the hyprocrisy

You can tell that Lasseter seriously loves Miyazaki, in a passionate obsessive, loving and caring way.

no homo

He's not an Otaku but he's definitely the guy that had the heaviest influence on Otaku and in slightly less way on moe/waifufaggotry cultures.

>unless he's a hypocrite?
both Anno and Miyazaki are a hypocrite.

Beside this being a huge meme documentary,
there is some seriously interesting insight about both Miyazaki, Lasseter and Hollywood in this.

this dvd is a hidden gem.

It's a great documentary about the movie culture in the US and how Miyazaki gets uncomfortable all the time.


The part here at around 5:30 where they force him to a pretentious director pose for the photoshoot is really uncomfortable to watch.

it's a great insight into the film industry of hollywood and how it functions.

Basically it's a bunch of private footage from Miyazaki's road to the Oscars, and Lasseter explains all his master plan of how to get him nominated and how to make Ghibli popular in the west.

It's worth watching imo.

This dvd deserves it's own thread.
I always wonder why nobody ever talks about this.

>Will an anime director beside Miyazaki ever win an Oscar?
First, they'll have to make a deal with the devil in Hollywood, you know, the typical ones, Disney, Warner Bros., etc. so it can catch people's eyes.

You mean the true savior of anime industry, while Miyazaki disregarded the industry as its whole Shinkai made actual anime attractive to normalfaggots.

>Do you think Anno sees himself as an Otaku?
Yeah. Do you not know anything about Anno?

Animation, as a technique, started getting noticed with the beginnings of the internet and rise of the fansubbing.

The people like me, who were there with Crustol on MircX, when DivX made it possible to encode a show into an acceptable-quality file of a size that you could be downloaded in a couple of hours and didn't completely fill out the average 2-3GB hard drive on an average pc - we were the first "mass" generation. Before us, there were garage dwellers exchanging VHS tapes through postal service and BBSes.

The first broader exposure was early 2000s.

Now, we got people who are fast approaching 40s in that generation.

I figure it will be about another decade or two until people who had at least SOME exposure to anime are the norm.

And when that happens, as animated media approaches the mainstream and exits a niche of "animated==disney's mickey==FOR KIDS ONLY", that we're likely to see more and more recognition.

That's one side - the academy members themselves getting out of their own preconceptions.

The other side is down to fate: an award will be granted, when a good story is made into an anime movie. Can happen tomorrow, can happen never.

couldn't care less. Anime is just garbage to kill time

I think Takahata has achieved just as much, though I prefer Miyazaki as a director.

That's not how the Oscars work
Also Hosoda and Shinkai suck ass

You are an idiot
Everyone was exposed to cartoons, they dont care as adults
Anime is the same

Dont worry, China and Korea will save anime. They are already making better anime movies.

>Kimi no na wa and Koe no Katachi will lose to that furry police movie

feels bad man

>Look at video games.

Vidya is really better than it was a decade ago.

You can't lose if you're not submitted to the Oscars, let alone nominated

Anime doesnt work as movies
There is no time in 2 hours to give a shit about the characters.

He's legitimately fallen for the Eva fanboys' meme where they pat themselves on the back because of how above the typical otaku they believe they are and feel superior for watching something the believe was made to just shit on them.

Haha no.

Ironic that Cred Forums of all people don't know the term 'self-deprecation'.

It's not really the same.
Young people today don't think anime and cartoons are the same thing.
And even then, most people in the 20-30 range are hooked on cartoons, like Steven Universe and whatnot.

It's not niche by any means. In 10-20 years every single adult will have grown up for most of their adult life watching cartoons and anime in the same quantity that a nowadays 40 years old man has watched TV and read newspapers in their time.

You are an idiot. I lived in Soviet Union and in the 80th everyone at least watched some Miyazaki movies, as well some older tv show, and Soviets and Japanese animation studies worked togehter even.

In the 90th on TV constantly were likes of Sailor Moon, Robotech, Captain Harlock and other space operas, Princess Mononoke was aired in best time on main TV channel etc.

Aside that everyone watched some anime on VHS (mostly though bloody oavs and hentai heh, but Akira and Gits were given)

Later moved to Germany, and there aired hell lot as well on RTL2, VOX and MTV. Exposure to anime was never an issue, its just with avaibility of torrents - common folks started to DL litterally everything, while before had to limit to what was on TV or buy VHS/CDs (selection of whose wanst bad by the way)

Anime is just a niche (aside the kids shows) - always was, will always remain. All those who put their money in bussinesses hoping anime will become mainstream - failed. Because even given the exposure and avaibility of anime doesnt mean people will become interested in it, care abou tit.

Those young people grow up and stop caring about anime no matter what, for 99% of them is a teenager phase, trust me Im a teacher and see it constantly.
They realize when they hit 20 that anime is really awful and not worth their time.

I'm 23 and every single one of the people I know, tangentially and not, watches copious amounts of cartoons and anime.

You are all a bunch of manchildren then, congratulations.
But you are extremely niche.

Otakus are disgusting

Or we're just normal young adults.

I don't know what expectations you have for adults, but they're much less mature than you give them credit for.
Even CHAD watches SAO and talks about it with STACY while fucking her and eating PIZZA.

yeah, right, if they did the industry wouldnt be in such a slump

Oh right, you actually consider shitty CG like frozen "cartoons and anime"

You cant be normal if you find any value in this garbage, at the very least you are idiots with no taste or education.

No, I mean things like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe
Cartoons whose prime audience is people in their 20s

your friends watching western trash proves what exactly?

>Gravity Falls and Steven Universe
>people in their 20s

People with downs syndrome in their 20s sure

>Let's discuss the future of Anime "movies".

There are going to be more family oriented movies after this.

>future of anime movies
Yamada and Science Saru

>>Or we're just normal young adults.

Nah, you're just geeky.

Just like lots of people, including even a few "normal" people still play D&D after college, but it's still a pretty niche and geek thing.

Just own that shit. There are people I know who also watch anime that I never discuss it with because they're so fucking defensive about it.

Granted I don't watch NEARLY as much as I used to either.

Oscars are worthless.

Anime industry is making shitloads of money as it is.

Those shows aren't aimed at or watcched primarily by 20 year olds any more than Halo and CoD are primarily aimed and dominated by 13 year old kids who claim to have slept with your mom.

They're just a sizable (and vocal) satellite demographic, but you're not going to sacrifice your actuaal demographic for them

.CN focuses pretty squarely focuses on and utterly owns the 5-13 market. It's why their commercials have kids on them and not 20 year olds.

Adult Swim, however, *is* marketed to and primarily watched by people in their late teens and tenties.

3/4 of the people I know watches at least a bit of anime or reads manga. And they are all in their 30's just like me.

Sorry, mate, it sounds like you're too old and still stuck in the mentality of decades ago. Either that you should expand your horizon a bit. Obviously, the sort moe SOLs that Cred Forums likes are still a niche, but things like SAO, OPM an of course aforementioned cartoons like Steven U are a lot more common among the current youths than you think. This is especially true since stuff like Marvel movies hit mainstream and reading cape comics aren't as a super niche geek thing anymore. Granted, they're what Cred Forums would call casuals, but it certainly isn't like what you think anymore. Also, you should learn to realise that 'normal' isn't as absolute as Cred Forums likes to think.

Oh, and if your rebuttal is just manchildren etc, then well, it just adds to my point, grandpa.

>There are people I know who also watch anime that I never discuss it with because they're so fucking defensive about it
In fact, the more you rant about it, the more it sounds like a case of birds of a feather flocking together. You have that mentality because you hang out with that sort of people. Try leaving you nest for a bit.

It won't be Shinkai or Hosoda, I'll tell you that much.

>you're just geeky

Apparently you have no idea how many geeks are there in modern societies.

I'm currently watching Kare Kano, and it really feel like a SHAFT show. Hideaki Anno really perfected making a show just based on stills, repeating animation and photographs, didn't he?

He's the true budget animation director of our time.

Shinkai is getting the academy nomination this year. Watch.


I had hopes for Hosoda but he needs to turn down the fur faggotry

>caring about the Academy Awards marketing scheme

He is a self-admitted otaku and never hated them.
"Anno hates otaku" is just a shitty Cred Forums meme.

once he starts on movies yamakan will save anime

>He's not an Otaku
Lurk more.

I'm not the poster you originally replied to, so I'm not ranting, don't think you're a manchild, etc.

I'm geeky (and all my friends are) too. And yes, I realize that it's become a lot more mainstream lately, but it's become more popular and less marginalized, but that doesn't really make it less of a "geeky" thing.

Yeah I do. I'm just over-hyping it as the new normal because the US (and the world) is much larger than that and I can drive 30 minutes outside the city and be in a much different world.

>Shinkai is getting the academy nomination this year. Watch.
I think Finding Dory is going to win the academy awards. The whole thing is just rigged advertisements and a joke.

Nah most likely that Disney furshit will. Both cases will be joke of course. I haven't seen many Western animation this year. Maybe Europeans made something good this year but I doubt it and Kubo, as good as it is was still lackluster. I hope both KnK and Your Name at least are submitted for Oscars. They need to have a limited screening before year ends.

>All those who put their money in bussinesses hoping anime will become mainstream

Why are you faggots talk as if it isn't mainstream?

Nigga everyone knows Pokemon and Dragonball, even my grandma.

Disney furshit?

Not even going to get in.

His movie is so fucking japanese, it's only made for people that understand the japanese culture perfectly.

your average american can not relate to Shinkai's movie and so do the oscar judges not.



How come Hosoda never didn't make it in?
Why should a Shinkai?

Voting committee is different than selection committee so maybe there's hope.

I saw the first half and thought it was pretty good.

All of the time travel mechanics and body swap mechanics are explained though, so that really shouldn't be a problem.
People watched Spirited Away though, even though it's really Japanese. They did it with some inner monologue from Chihiro afaik, I've only watched the subs so I'm not sure about that.

Did Wolf Children and that other furry movie even get a theatrical screening?

I'm still waiting for our next Satoshi Kon.

And also the awards are superficial when it comes to animation.
Hell, even the animation section of the Oscars makes no goddamn sense, 'animation' is too broad of a concept. Here's a question I've always had in my mind: If an animated movie doesn't have dreamworks level of visuals, but is amazing at its pacing and storytelling why doesn't it get nominated for best writing?
Fuck this otaku shit and let me die with GHIBLI films.

There is no inner monologue shit.

There is nothing japanese about chihiro other than it happens in japan.

It could have been in any place that has a bathing house.

Summer Wars had a theatrical release in L.A in hoped to get nominated.

Furry Children was not approved because she fucked him while he was in beastmode.

>There is nothing japanese about chihiro other than it happens in japan.

Watch it again.

>Mom and Dad go on stupid vacation with their child and the child hates it
what's japanese about that, that's very global theme

>they turn into pigs
that's just magic shit

>she has to work in a bathhouse to save her parents
that's not even country or culture related, it's some fucking story

>there is an ugly witch
that's even more western than japanese

>a dragon
ok, so what? Westerners know what a dragon is

holy shit user where the fuck are the japanese elements?

its in japanese

>next Satoshi Kon
He just needs to do a few movies and some mainstream shit. Without a doubt most talented the industry currently has even though he's not my favorite.

now let's look at Shinkai's movie
and how westerners can relate to it
>gender bender

>Japanese pop rock music videos every 20 minutes
holy shit what is he singing about?

>Grabbing dem titties
that's just fanservice for genderbender fans.

Everything he's done has fantastic source material

I haven't watched mind game though

Yuasa is arthouse. He never did anything close to mainstream and he probably has no plans for that.

I meant the little things.
Like the name thing, the clothing in the bathhouse, some of the spirits(?)creatures(?)frog people(?) that lived there, the architecture. The small stuff.

Yeah you can easily adapt this story with different designs or idk because it is very relatable to anyone, even if they don't live in japan, it's global.
Just don't get mad, user.

Yuasa's characters are always sociopathic. Not sure if anyone can relate to them.

Yuasa is great but he is not mainstream.
My mom will never watch a Yuasa movie.

that stuff is just "magical" to foreigners.

Avatar is the most succesful movie of all time and it's not even based on earth.

Shinkai is hot.

> They did it with some inner monologue from Chihiro afaik, I've only watched the subs so I'm not sure about that.

It was terrible, you have no idea what you've dodged by avoiding the dub. People who've only watched Spirited Away dubbed in English will tend to praise it for being not actually bad like other anime dubs, but it actually destroys the whole plot of the film and results in it making no sense, with the result being that most westerners who've seen it thinking of it mostly of it as weird characters running around almost randomly in an exotic setting.

The dialog that was added was supposed to make things clearer, but it only achieves the exact opposite and makes everything way more confusing and nonsensical. Add to that that most of the subtitles of characterization which the movie is really heavily dependent on end up being lost and it goes from begin a genuinely excellent film to just a decently watchable but ho-hum experience. Just watch the start with Chihiro's family to see what I mean. It isn't actively painful like most dubs, but watching it subbed for the first time was shockingly illuminating when I realized how much was changed and finally understood the actual point.

>Mom and Dad go on stupid vacation with their child and the child hates it

Ok, so you don't understand the film at all? Did you watch it as a kid?

The only reason Spirited Away won was because Disney pushed for it.

Who cares about a corrupy award anyway? People should just ignore it. It has no value whatsoever.

>Who cares about a corrupy award anyway?
Normies do.

>Hosoda the furryboy
stay mad ghiblifag

Fuck off to your shitty board

Kill yourself.

>even CHAD watches SAO
>~16 hours of anime produced over the last five years

>copious amounts of anime


>Will an anime director beside Miyazaki ever win an Oscar?

No, the american animation industry would never allow that to happen again. Plus

>Oscar for animation
It's meaningless

If you read his interviews you know he does want to. He said his dream was to make a children's film/show like the ones and he grew up watching and for mindgame he was very dissapointed that not many people saw it.

Literally half of the world grew up watching anime. Everybody knows what Dragonball, Sailor Moon or Pokemon are. Most people know what anime means. Almost all geeks out there watch anime and read manga.

It already is very mainstream. Especially in Asia.

Top anime franchises like Gundam, Madoka, LL or PreCure make as much money annually as giant international brand names like Batman or Superman.

Those are some of the most well known and profitable franchises on the planet.

For comparison in the same year Gundam made over 750 million $.

How the hell is anime not mainstream again?

>Top anime franchises like Gundam, Madoka
That's kind of a big range there. Madoka at its height only made like a quarter of what Gundam makes.

>For comparison in the same year Gundam made over 750 million $.
To be fair, I assume 90%+ of that was in SE Asia, not the West.

>How the hell is anime not mainstream again?
Go out on the street and ask people to name some IBO characters. Do the same with whatever the most recent Avengers movie is.

>Will an anime director beside Miyazaki ever win an Oscar?
Only if it's distribution in the states is controlled by Disney and the film is released during a dead year (never going to happen again with every other CG studios making a gorillion dollars).

The problem with oscarbaiting is that you have to appear deep before someone would even consider nominating you. Miyazaki, oshii, kon, anno, etc. are the kinds of people who had/have this aura about their work.

I can't think of anyone right now that could gain this kind of prestige, maybe tow if he's lucky. The problem is most people (correctly) assume that anime is a commercial product that panders to sell character goods.

>Will an anime director beside Miyazaki ever win an Oscar?
No. The only people allowed to enter the oscars are members. Which 99% of them are American. The Academy Awards are just a big show about members patting other members on the back. The only reason a Ghibli movie made it in was a loophole where Disney released the Ghibli movies and therefore could nominate one of 'their' movies. In effect, Miyazaki didn't win an Academy Award. Disney did. This is why Miyazaki didn't even bother coming to accept the award.

And with how badly the Oscars are rigged, only Pixar or Disney films will win the animation award from now on. Also the fact that they segregate all animation into one category should be evidence enough of how stupid the Academy Awards are. An animated movie ever winning best film? Yeah, not going to happen.

You mean Ubukata, or someone else? Because Ubukata isn't even a director, and he barely works on movies anyway.

>How the hell is anime not mainstream again?
It wasn't marketed well in the west. Anime was (and still is) plenty popular. However, the vast majority of people get their anime online for free. Because the western anime market was managed horribly.

A handful of companies built up a bubble on the anime fad and tried to milk it. But did not put forward the marketing to develop anime as a medium. The anime bubble popped once people had access to free anime online. And sales completely dried up. Why wait 2 years and pay $100 for an anime series on DVD when you can get the same show the day after it airs in Japan, and for free?

The focus on dubbing, exclusive licensing and poor management killed anime from being profitable for companies. But its more popular than ever.

so thicc

>But its more popular than ever.
As evidence of nearly every American cartoon trying to copy anime. And being animated in Japan or Korea.

>And being animated in Japan or Korea
That one's probably got more to do with economics than anything. Japan and Korea have a fuck ton of animators and their pay standards are very low. That outsourcing's been a regular thing for like fifty years.

Yes, that's what I was alluding to. But when you have multiple generations of western animators who are working directly with Japan and Korea, there's bound to be influences. As well as many of the people who are now working in animation grew up in the 80s and 90s, where stuff from Japan was more interesting than American TV.

Why are the majority of anime movies so fucking mediocre? The only good ones are by Kyoani and like 2 from Ghibli. The rest are just "okay".

This is thicc I can get behind.

So if Kimi no Na wa. made ¥10 Billion 9 days faster than Frozen, what are the odds of it surpassing Frozen's total box office gross of ¥25.48 Billion in the Japanese box office?

Also Titanic is still in 2nd with ¥26.20 Billion with Spirited Away in 1st with ¥30.40 Billion. I doubt it'll beat Spirited Away, but could it possibly also beat Titanic?

Chin chong chinky chink will lose to Zootopia.

So you've only seen 5 anime movies ever?

>How the hell is anime not mainstream again?
It is not even mainstream in Japan, some certain series like Dragon ball are mainstream but as a whole Anime is a niche hobby worldwide and in Japan.

winning an oscar means coming to the attention of the old men that run the academy

they don't particularly care for animation and often don't even watch the nominees, so they vote for things they've heard of, usually disney

so its certainly possible, but you'd have to be huge, record breaking to get their attention

Is this worth watching?

Anime isn't as popular as live action in Japan. But its still pretty embedded into their culture. If you look at it from the standpoint that almost all products feature a cute 'anime style' logo. Wither you're buying a bag of chips, a bag of dried Shiitake or a bag of sex toys, they all have a cute little anime mascot on them.

>a bag of sex toys, they all have a cute little anime mascot on them.

I want to go to Japan now.

>Anime isn't as popular as live action in Japan.

Japanese live action is largely even worse than most anime is.

John Lasseter also has an unhealthy obsession with lamps.

And American live action is worse than animation when compared. But our personal opinions of animation vs live action have nothing to do with the general publics consumption of media.

They're both mediocre stories whose only redeeming feature is the animation and Zootopia is higher budget.