why do they keep making her look so sexy

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Takagi is not for sex.
But maybe Nishikata

because you're a pedophile

Not sexy, just pretty

Because you are a pedophile.
No, there is not a meaningful distinction.

Seems like you're just a pedophile, breh.

Fucking pedo, get

Don't worry OP, I think she's sexy too. But then again, I am a pedophile.

Remember when normies from reddit and facebook didn't invade Cred Forums and the board had a clear cut distinction between lolicons and pedos? Good times good times.


Remember when frogposters didn't invade Cred Forums with their shitty word for normalfag? It was still shit.

am I on Cred Forums?

The only difference is that lolicon sounds nicer

She's just naturally sexy

Is it Takagi Tuesday again already?

damnit mangaka, I read this for cute, not these urges takagi keeps provoking

Please end your life
Takagi don't deserve such a shitty thread


because you're projecting the girl you had a crush on at school but were too much of a pussy to approach, even though she liked you too.

Have a (((frog))) on the house

Do you have a foot or forehead fetish? Nothing about this image says sexy, it's too cute

Shit posters can't cuck the series, so they go full Cred Forums on us. Cross boarding scum at it's finest.

not this thread, should make a proper one.

please no
don't remind me anymore

Keep posting OP of your obsession with this girl so you can trigger people more..

don't worry bud, I've been there 3 times and failed every time

everyone makes mistakes at high school

at least we'll always have memes

I want to turn on this girl's water spigot.

Why not just make a loli thread?

Have you ever fapped to a Takagi NTR doujin?

i want to fug takagi

Is there one of Takagi being NTR'd?

takagi is not for fug

There is no NTR doujin though.

There is no NTR doujin though.

How would you know have you seen both Takagi doujin because I have.

Granted it is less NTR and more schoolgirl prostitution, but hey she isn't with MC so I say it still counts.

I can imagine

>I fucked them just to tease you!


>clear cut distinction between lolicons and pedos

A lolicon respects and admires the young female form and is a connoisseur among connoisseurs

A pedophile is an ape that wants to put things into holes.

Well to be 100% I would just say she just likes having sex. No older men just a few other boys from her class.

Cred Forums is more normalfag than Cred Forums, or Cred Forums for that matter.
It's _the_ most casual board now, filled with more kids than anything else.
You can thank SAO/DBS/AoT or the neverending FSN projects, whatever.

>no older men
>boys from class
Nothing makes a lolicon want to rape a little girl more than shit like that.

Cute feet

It is a pretty short book however there is a page to show MC suffering. So yeah all you NTR fags should have a good time

Here you are you sick NTR fucks


the author want to encourage rape doujin but no one bat an eye

but why is she kneeling here

She too pure.


I would love to have a bush fellate me.

To tease us, of course. We all wish we could be in Nishikata's place with this adorable spawn of God and Satan.

help Cred Forums
I never asked for this, I just wanted some cute


>the entire doujin is a tease

This better not get more meta.Needs some fug too.

anyone else triggered by the panel-by-panel tracing?

Because they have to take the chance now that she's a kid and appealing, once she grown up she will just stay as an ugly chink, as we already seen.