Your humble opinion on this, Cred Forums?

Your humble opinion on this, Cred Forums?

It's shit.


it was ok

It's good, and I find it meaningful, but I don't think it's a masterpiece. I hate almost everybody in the cast--this isn't what keeps it from being a masterpiece, it's just part of my personal viewing experience.

It's not my favorite, but I understand why it was so influential.

Haven't watched it

Unironically my favourite anime.

I don't remember it well enough, and don't care to.


What do you consider a masterpiece instead?

I don't think I can say I've ever considered an anime a masterpiece. I've seen some come close, though.

The series per se is pretty good, but End of Evangelion is a masterpiece of mankind and the true successor to the Iliad.

One of my favorite animes.

Has the worst ending than any anime I watched

The series is good though most of it is forgettable.
EoE is the greatest thing mankind has ever achieved.
Rebuilds don't exist.


its a focking masterpeice

Rei > Asuka

it's okay, but it's getting pretentious in the end

trash for autists

Misato was too good for this world.

Babby's first """"""""""""""deep""""""""""""""" anime

It's enjoyable to watch, but it's certainly not good. It's easy to understand why it was so influential, but it is far from being good.

Finished watching this yesterday. It was a fantastic ride although the last 2 episodes were retarded.

Misato is shit.

It's a fucking masterpiece desu

fite me irl fgt

i'm up to episode 9 and so far it's been boring as fuck. Going to watch up to episode 15 and hope it get's better.

Btw, I heard that for the BDs they couldn't find all their original cells or they were damaged or some shit. Is it pic related?

A depressed alcoholic pedophile who has daddy issues and has a thing for a guy who is a womanizer.

Oh ya totally too good for this world.

>caring about Cred Forums's opinion

Yes and no.

They didn't manage to find the masters of one episode. I forgot which one but you immediately notice it looks like an upscaled 480p version.

Also pic related is from a scene where the image of her keeps getting more and more damaged as she continues to talk for artistic reasons.
It's like that on the DVDs too.


Ep16 looked like shit. That was the missing one probably.

>voluntarily takes two children into her home
>is absolutely shit and incompetent at taking care of either of them
>literally loses each of them at different points in time
I have no sympathy for shitty caretakers.
Also she's an alcoholic.

Average to slightly above average.
Overrated by Cred Forums

Both of them are old enough to not need a nanny watching them 24/7.

Both of them only needed a place to stay, and didn't want a new mother.

Arguably one of the most influential shows in anime for a good reason. It was a paradox shift in terms of writing, animation direction and marketing.

Unfortunately, it was the herald of modern moe culture and all the bullshit that it entails which is ironic since one of it's main goals was to criticize moe culture. Unless I'm mistaken, Anno's on record as identifying people who idolize Rei and Asuka as sadists and masochists, respectively. Regardless, it was lost on the otaku fans and the industry was worse for it.

only good thing about it is the OP

They are children and she treated them like receptacles for her own issues. It cannot be excused.

The series is great and EoE is fantastic. It's still one of my favourites.

The best Go Nagai x Ultraman fanfiction ever made.

It's good, with some great animation and music, but it's still a very flawed series that is heavily overrated. Also everything after the original anime, outside maybe the manga, is complete trash that is just Anno buying into the deep meme and processing to shove his own head further up his ass to find some"deeper" meaning in a series that he legitimately doesn't like anymore.

It was confusing at times but I enjoyed the ride.

The manga is better. Also

>paradox shift