Hibike Euphonium

Ep 1: 8d 3h 49m

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She looks like a nerd.

its band so they are all probably nerds

Why is she so completely perfect?

Post the other ones please.

Asuka is so beautiful.

I love Asuka.

Is she the top lesbian of the show?


I'm actually a lolicon, but Asuka is such perfection that if given the choice I'd choose her.

>Kumiko x Reina
>Ribbons x Natsuki
>Asuka x Buchou x Kaori
>Mizori x Nozomi

Why is this show so gay, Cred Forums?

>Asuka x Buchou x Kaori
where is the evidence

I can't wait for the queen of Euphonium to return.

>Asuka x Buchou x Kaori

It's a love triangle. Kaori and Buchou are competing who gets to lick Asuka's V.

Reminder that Asuka tastes like brass.

Yes she wants to strip their bras too.

Yuri or Hetero ?



I don't know what it is about her makes me feel this way, but I want to turn Asuka into my personal buttslut

She looks like Mari.

Ever her attitude is the same.

Fuck off paki scum

The hype is real.

yuri confirmed


Mari doesn't have daddy issues and doesn't retardedly hide her problems

Will we be getting another promo before airdate?


When are we getting the Yuuko one?

Can't wait. It is finally my waifu turn to shine.

Look at these platonic friendships, no romantic feelings whatsoever



I am watching the first season, on ep 7 right now.

Cred Forums promised me cute gay girls being in love with each other but so far there was no yuri. I hope this is gonna change soon. For the sake of Cred Forums, too.

It's coming right up in ep8

Would you hit your waifu if she ignored you?

>Ep 1: 8d 3h 49m
Oh man time sure flies, and we're still in line for KnK and Violet Evergarden (my copy should arrive later this month).

What a time to be a Kyoani fan.

Best lineup

Spambike Spamaphonium is back. Let's go Lantis I guess.

Remember Lantis=Yuri pretty much as a rule.

Sure is MAL as fuck in here

nice MAL post

>retardedly hide her problems
Are you saying you annoy everyone else with your personal problems and can't stop talking about yourself?

Fuck this shit, Kyoto Animation should make an anime about Kamen Riders fighting monsters in Kyoto.


She is an angel descended from heaven to bring joy into our hearts.

True. Kyoto is a shitty place. Better have it take place in Okinawa.

>Kyoto is a shitty place
Nice try.

that lineup has me wet!

Are you ready to become special

>She is an angel descended from heaven to bring joy into our hearts

I hope the S2 is better than the first one.

If it isn't shit, then why isn't it the capital of Japan anymore, huh?

Its going to be worse.

The second novel is better so S2 will be better.


There is a good reason for that, maybe read some Japanese history.

Because they don't have kamen riders.

On the one hand, that looks cute. On the other hand, anime girls only cut their hair when the guy they like dumps them, and I don't want Reina to give up on Taki-sensei.

It's just a ponytail.

All that passive aggressive detachment. What's her problem anyway?

Daddy issues.

Only difference is hair tied back.

Waow. Can anime girls actually tie their hair?

Only with the help of animators drawing them doing it.


>Everyone asks for her approval on certain things.
It's not surprising she gets annoyed, It's not her job because the president is a weakling.

Also apparently this according to the person telling us about the source material when S1 ended.

And no perpetual autist face

She just keeps getting better.

Please delete this post. It's for your own safety.

Jesus nigga it's 8 days you aint gotta make threads already

What would be a bigger shitstorm, massive increase in yuri or sudden turn to het to match the LN?

They're not mutually exclusive, you know.

>sudden turn to het

>implying most of them aren't cock loving sluts already

Where is the Reina's one?

KyoAni-bros, lend your power to your fellow KyoAni-fan.

Somebody on the internet hated Euphonium. This must not be tolerated.

I'd rather embrace her from behind, and whisper into her ear "I love you".

If only KyoAni could make something elric.

We must repost that every day until we all like it.

It might be just a filler until Violet Evergarden, just like Koe no Katachi is, but none less looking forward to Hibike S2.

How on earth could you think Hibike 2 and Koe no Katachi are filler?

KyoAni magnum opus by their best director, adapting their best novel
>Hibike S2
Continuation of filler anime.Filler as good but not Hyouka level good.
>Koe no Katachi
Yamada doing what Yamada does and not too relevant or significant to KyoAni, unlike VEG

The only rival could be a Secret Takemoto Project

>KyoAni magnum opus by their best director
I didn't know Takemoto was directing.

>this entire post

VEG is not even out yet and unclear when it will be, but already looking forward for second novel and S2 - because the story is really interesting, we are left at the end of first novel with info about violet and hook of still not knowing after all the interesting stuff of who she really is.

If anything, the novel is so good, the question is will KyoAni be able to adapt it reasonably? Because KyoAni tends to "mild down" its content, and reducing the tragic or bloody parts of the novel like they did it with KnK TV, might reduce its impact.

Just finished the first season yesterday.
It's like I'm watching CLAMP.

This is their first winner so we can't really guess how they'll adapt it. I assume they'll be reasonable because the judges loved it and it actually won the grand prize.
For example with Chunibyo they had to change the story and add original characters because the LN is meh and lacking content.

you monster

The novel is good. The author is really talented. Plenty of people already read it in japanese, and the first chapter is also translated and available - well worth reading though spoils a bit.

Its episodic, but the stories are well writen, touch differnet topics and aspects of their world lives and succeds making reader feel about the characters other than Violet - who is a constant presence there, but not the focus - however teasing us with questions about her until the final part that is about her past when her current owner found her during war Those characters also have entirely different - the content really changes with stories touchin more mature themes as it goes.

It succeeds at what it tries to do, and really creates interesting plot and anime will just make you wish more of it, because S1 would not answer your questions - it`ll just teach you what questions to ask, and look forward to answers in future.

Really unique material for KyoAni, not comparable to what they done before, nor most other anime. Best comparison in how its written would probabably "Mankind has declined" - not by the style, but how storytelling is done

Yeah, I've read the translation. It's well above most LNs and I don't think it'll be watered down because the staff loved it.

>Because KyoAni tends to "mild down" its content, and reducing the tragic or bloody parts of the novel like they did it with KnK TV, might reduce its impact.
Not exactly. It depends on what kind of series they are willing to sell. If it's mainly a melodrama, the melodrama stuff will be there. Just look at all the Key/Visual Arts adaptations they did, it's almost exactly the same of the VNs with minor exceptions on side characters routes.

>tfw you know what this scene is about

i seriously though she`d kill him following his orders voiced uncouncisly when he went mad there and wished to commit suicide

I brought KnK as example, since original novel is quite gritty and bloody - its a horror story foremost. However KyoAni milded down and rewriten story a lot for TV version turning it into half romantic sol half mild action. They however were true to original mood in OAV and Movie, its only TV was obviously made different.

Not to mention they completel changed Phantom World to pretend volume 2 of LN never happened.

Why did they tone the TV down anyway? It's a late night anime.

This sounds a lot like Shigofumi.

I heard Ishihara had a stroke at how terribad the second novel's premise is

Maybe wanted more mainstream appeal.

The LN reflects the novel more, though as said - oav and movie dare to show and imply stuff TV anime only hints at best.

thank you!

Does anyone have all of them in HQ?

The OVA and movie fixed everything I hated about the TV version. I wonder if they will end up with OVA format for VEG.

Because Vol 2 was removed from canon nearly entirely in Vol 3.
stale bait.

KnK still turned out good in the end story and character wise, but TV anime because of the changes had big logic leaps and overall did not had the impact it could potentially. The story alltogether though oav prequel + anime + movie is really good and has impact once you know what and why happened (also some things, like her Mother being near god like being were still asspulls)

According to latest interview i read, they still undecided wether to adapt VEG as TV anime or Movie. Both are ok, but i`d personally preffer TV show.


What the fuck is this dumb meme anyway?
Did everyone just suddenly forget ironic shitposting still is shitposting?
It's not fun, not clever, not witty, just plain stupid.

>Is it too soon to ask about what your current and upcoming projects are? Tell us a little bit about what you're working on right now!

It has not been determined yet whether we will make it a TV series or theatrical anime, but there is one project that we hope to develop. It's a project by our studio that I'm spearheading. It is based on the novel “Violet Evergarden” already published under KA Esuma Bunko, the label that Kyoto Animation owns.

That was 31`th August Ishidate interview to ANN, so at the moment VEG is only in early production since they dont even know which format they want to use. Spring 2017 the earliest.

The second volume came out like during the first week of airing

She is an angel now.

You mean, 3rd vollume.

I'm pretty sure that interview hinted at it taking place before they put Violet's CM on youtube. So they might know the format now but it's still early so the production part probably hasn't started yet.

I don't know user, that's kinda cheesy. It's embarrassing just thinking about it.

Since we are on topic of KyoAni, place your best on when Yamakan commits suicide


I dislike kViN but that guy's comment isn't exactly good criticism.

Now, for those that speak chink?

His ego woudnt let him go under. In the next post after this he seriously in non meme sense tells he "saved anime".

He`ll cry some while watching WUG, complain about dirty industry and retard 2ch otaku, get drunk, get as much attention from it by posting everything on twitter and blog every 30 minutes and then gets into new anime project

with Mari Okada


Can anime handle this much kino?

I'm sure the guy who wrote that post was one of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes-fags.
I saw that guy's point mentioned here on Cred Forums in one of our nauseatingly ubiquitous studiowar-threads where the KyoAni-fags made their predictable weekly circlejerk-praise thread on Thursday about how KyoAni is Cred Forums's most favorite studio, only to be proven otherwise by having Madhouse win.

So it's definitely just a meme post.

Asuka birthday is December right? Then why this Asuka pic is out already?

>Kumiko, Midori, Haruka, & Kaori special birthday concert art are set on sunny day
>Only Asuka special birthday concert art set on winter with snowy land
What does KyoAni mean by this?

Ice Queen

I never understood why so many anons hated that show.
It's a heartwarming story with a cute MC and actually, for once, J.C.Staff didn't ruin it shoving their archetypes into the story.

>with Mari Okada
The writer we deserve not the one we need.

>Because Vol 2 was removed from canon nearly entirely in Vol 3.
>falling for even worse bait

This was kind of hot. I hope there is more because the show was kind of shit until this scene. Except the OP girl.


Part 3 has completely different protagonists.

maybe if you're retarded and only look at the cover, thats just Haruhiko's cousin



normally I wouldn't do this but you're posting an image I made to misinfo someone

Those are just new characters, Haruhiko is still the MC, the 3rd novel takes place directly after the 2nd novel, I mean why would different girls on a cover mean anything besides that? Date A Alive has a different girl on every cover and people don't run around saying the MC is dead.

Here are cute girls.

I want a season 2 of Phantom World.

I want a season 2 of Amaburi



Cute buns

If they changed the main love interest in pw they can do so too in hibike.


>misinfo someone

for what purpose.

Because trolling KyoAni-fans is fun.

I think the grammar came out wrong in that

the guy I'm responding to is misinfoing someone with a picture I made which I take offense to

Damn you english

I helped my uncle jack off a horse

I helped my uncle jack, off a horse

They will not fuck yet. Just sweet kissing and dating.

Who then is the main love interest? Thought it's a generic haremfest in the original.

What's the power of the girl on the left?

Inori is a dancer except depending on what dance she does, her powers vary
>Summoning (limited to animals of the Zodiac)
>Barrier projection

Kind of like a jack of all trades since shes not a better healer than Riira (other new girl) or a better summoner than Haruhiko.

Asuka was a third year in season 1. Is she even going to be in this season?

Oh god please give me more Asuka.

Did you even watch the pv's?

All the novels take place within the same school year

Not really. I know what I'm in for. You don't need to sell me something I already want.


is this the new k-on?

No, it's the new Haruhi.

Finally a meme that I can approve of




I plan on binge watching the first season this starting Thurday, what am I in store for?

I mean if there's no other way. Please be gentle.

You mean third novel continues the edge shit?

>you're my daddy in that room

The shitpost central of Autumn 2016 season.

I always thought it was pretty amusing how similar Reina and Asuka are
>incredibly talented musicians
>fathers are famous musicians
>have huge daddy complexes/likes older men
>wants to be special/is special
>degrees of autism
>love Kumiko
>huge fat tats

and yet they never ever talk to eachother in the show


He probably meant Reina. She was the closes to winning apparently, and Mai sisterzoned herself.

Finished my rewatch of Hibike ahead of Season 2. I have to say, I obviously see where KyoAni put the yuri pandering, but IMO Kumiko and Shuichi fit better as a pairing. There isn't the magic and passion and all that you get in some of the Kumiko/Reina scenes, but there's a strong sense of casual familiarity, snark, banter--a general sort of humor that you didn't see much with her and Reina that I see a lot in real-life relationship.. Plus Reina is pretty explicitly hot for teacher.

That doesn't mean I disliked the interactions between Kumiko and Reina--quite the contrary, I love the show, love Kumiko as a character, and saw them as a great example of a deep, close friendship. Just not gay.

I want Kumiko to fistbump my dick

I have no idea how you can consider banter and familiarity as clear signs of romance and then dismiss Reina's interactions as simple friendship.

lelouch is paki?

Girls are really physical with each other without being gay.

People of any gender are capable of being on speaking terms without being together.

>a great example of a deep, close friendship
They totally could have had a great friendship but they ruined it with the yuri pandering. These two are just as close as Kumiko and Reina yet are a far more realistic depiction of adolescent friendship (and as a bonus, no thinks they're gay for each other).

A girl might spank another girl's ass for fun, sure, but it's clear that it's just a joke. Girls don't have super serious moments where they slide their finger down another girl's face and touch their lips.

Stop posting this.

You know its true.

My reasons following this S2 are
>1. Ice queen Asuka
>2. I Wanna see /u/ fag getting BTFO

>/u/fag getting BTFO
KyoAni is introducing another lesbian into the mix. Even if Kumiko and Reina explicitly end up with boyfriends, it's not like they walk away empty handed.


I usually don't got for the curvy girl, but I'd do terrible things to Asuka.

where do these pictures get posted originally?



I love this show, but all the daily circlejerk threads for months and months before s2 evens comes out make me feel embarrassed to associated with you guys.

>sleeveless dress with a collar

>to be associated

The problem is that they're being made even when there's absolutely no new content being posted, so all that is left is to shitpost.

except if you look through literally any hibike thread, /u/ has never cared about Natsuki and Yuuko and they damn wont care about Mizore

I have a serious question, is Hibike Euphonium moe?

They're just fueled by horny cuteposters

No, but Midori is

/u/ has never cared about Natsuki and Yuuko because their relationship was just brushed upon. And Yuuko copped a ton of hate. This might or might not change in s2.

You're goddamn right.

I would blow her.


>Reina's feet in sandals cut


who cares?

you lied to me Cred Forums, this really is an anime about lesbians


I just started this show.

Why does it have such a fetish for the back of people's knees


Is there a worse fanbase? Half the shit which gets posted is about /u/fags or hetfags and either one of them being btfo.

Regardless, Shuichi was severely underdeveloped in the adaption (where in the novel he was more clearly the love interest)

>tfw these threads are full of spoilers now
As if the shitflinging between het/yurifags wasn't enough. Literally no reason to browse Hibike threads next season. Sucks, since this is a show I enjoy.

What is this spoilers you speak of?

When Reina dies.

Who cares, she isn't cute. Girls need to be under 165 cm to be considered cute otherwise they are a freak show. I can already see the betas responding "I love to be dominated" kek

Gay girls warm my heart

> movie still has no english subs



Is Kumiko selfish?

I don't know about the yuri bros on this board, but /u/ is always explicitly shunning KumiRei as bait and raising Natsuki and Yuuko to the forefront while showing support for Mizore. It's only the less jaded /u/ fans that still support KumiRei but they get shitposted to oblivion over there. The veterans turned their back on Yamada after they got Midori'd so Hibike! Euphonium has a tendency to be met with some malice. I just don't think this show will get nice threads anywhere so as long as we focus on this particular aspect. These homo vs hetero wars are terrible.

He is not being serious, he is just looking for attention right?


>after they got Midori'd
What does it mean?

/u/ doesnt even have a single Hibike thread for s2

Exactly. Because it will be met with malice.

Tamako Love Story. They were routing for Midori and well, we all know how that turned out.

Kumiko has such a nice voice

What would you do if Kumiko gave you this look?

Also butt


briefly experience heart palpitations

best girls

I'd become an autistic lesbian.


I have never seen someone with better taste for this series.

>This is what /u/ actually believe
Fix it for (You)

It's okay, Midori won the Kannabowl.



Wow I sure do look good in that picture.

>Sapphire and Hazuki are just "classmates" with Kumiko

That feeling you'll never visit Natsuki every day for coffee, building rapport, asking her out to date, successfully court her and fuck her silly during your fruitful relationship.


My wife Kumiko Oumae is so cute

Correct me if I'm wrong but, Natsuki and Ribbon are getting closer and closer after the whole trumpet solo fiasco, aren't they?

Does anyone remember about meme octopus hair?

They're actually mates who lay the maddest banter upon each other.

You can consider them the second year analogues of Kumiko and Reina.

Yuuko becomes Prime Minster of the club and Natsuki her deputy.

They already were close.

I hope the last novel will be S3, not a movie


I hope they don't try to cram it in S2 at least.


Just horsing around like good friends do

What do the lads talk about?

OVA of the lads hanging out when?

Apparently the guy who's fucking drills is mates with Shuuichi. True?

Oh boy

I don't see why anyone would be mad because of Midori. It's a good gay character, even if she didn't win, her feelings were always shown in a positive way.

Because she is me

That's because they are trombros.

Midori is my favorite dyke character


>Midori is my favorite dyke character
We know, Yamada.

How many girlfriends did she used to have?

>come with me!

Hope to see more of background lesbians.

Kanna was always best girl.

1. Kanna.

They adore Midori, that was the problem. It stung. Those early threads were ridiculous. In the end, a lot of them made something positive out of it like said.

They're not mad at Yamada they're just a bit skeptical (especially in this case with the novels to go by). The misunderstood "adolescence" comment only aggravated that for some time. Really, it's just shitposting fuel.


just "friends"

Those kind of "friends" who constantly hug eachother
Those kind of "friends" who run their fingers down their forehead to their lips

Ah, those kind of "friends", I see...

I want to pet her

I want to hold her and say I love her

Back off

Literally normal adolescent behaviour.

I'm OK with sharing

I'm a yurifag and I was completely fine with the situation that was Tamako Love Story.

So how did episode 1 go? It already aired in nipland right? Never seen or mention reviews about it in Cred Forums

It's shit.

>Never seen or mention reviews about it in Cred Forums
There was a thread about it. You should consider lurking more.

How far did it go? Introduced the new tearcher?

Why don't you just wait 7 days?

For a dyke, maybe.

Knowing how far it went doesn't really hurt.

What kanji is that!?

It went as far as the festival.
The PV could have told you that.

Nice. I always thought PVs are composed mostly of tidbits from future episodes.

They broke that curse with Free!

>we get to see shuu get rejected again in the begging of season 2


How much Yuuko and Mizore does the first episode have?

I hope Kyoani make Hibike & K-On cross over. So, Mugi x Asuka & Aoi x Mio will meet on the same scene.


Holy shiiet.
Fuck Taki x Reina, Taki x Sawako is OTP.

Keion's not theirs and they've already moved past it

Man can dream, user.

Looks gay

Will yurifags ever stop being destroyed?

It's the eyes, user.

If the first ep. end at festival, then about two scenes I think.

First is where we see Yuuko talks with Mizore for the first time another is the scene between Yuuko, Mizore, Kumiko and Reina (pic related)

Kyoani might give them more role than in the novel or change some details.

The only real couple worth mentioning.

Why is everyone in this show so gay?

Because they're adolescents


fuck took me a while to find out what was wrong, thought someone had given her a 'bulge"

This is so true. I always had gay thoughts during my adolescence years

is the chick playing the big violin finally going to be relevant?

Anyone not named reina kumiko taki ribbon asuka mizore nozomi are literally who's

This right in:

Fuck you


Post more natsuki pls. Shes a miracle of the universe. Here have some reina and kumiko.


Post more Asuka without glasses, it gives me power.

Kumiko is flat

What kind of power?

Probably about all the mad pussy they get by being 1 of only 7 guys in a club with over 50 girl members.

>No I'm not, see look I have proof!

Mountains of pussy

Don't say that to Kumiko





damn shw is a goddess

Anime is saved.

i'm kumiko

>stop triggering me

What's sad about a moe anime like this is that the entire music gimmick is completely irrelevant.

Because feetfags are cancer, just like you.

You seem to have used "moe" to mean series that features cute characters. Oops!

Don't worry, I've got your back. I suggest that you should learn what it means, by lurking more. Alternatively you could visit a a website more suited to your kind, for example r/anime.

Thanks for reading!

>I never saw this show, I just assumed it was K-On! 2.0

Don't get belligerent in the face of the truth. No one in these threads ever even talks about the music aspects of this series. It's completely irrelevant vehicle for KyoAni's cookie cutter recycle of the same series they've been doing for a decade.


Hibike, Free, Kyoukai no Kanata, Koe no Katachi, Amagi, Phantom World, Violet Evergarden, all K-On clones. The studio has no range. Pretty pathetic really.

I concur.

I suppose this anime is not quite your tempo

We already get a look at the new girls' oppai.

Utter right can compete with Asuka for most curvy body.

>Utter right
Did you mean to say "udder right"?

Natsuki has the best body.

Why are pantyhose girls always so best?

Are euphoniums underrated?

All those vagina bones

Can't blame Mizore for wanting a piece of that.

New girl looks like a SLUT

oh god please make it happen ;_;


I never knew I wanted this.

Mizore is the purest

Explain this.


Hmmmm. He's pretty dashing.


Damn son.

Damn. Those are some drills.

well you're already halfway there, user

nice-a catch-uguu


Does drills ever become relevant? Her design is too good.

Jesus christ my heart


Great post.

>tfw you get a 4min music video like P.A.Works did

Yea, you missed one.

>Mugi and Asuka share the same seiyuu
now it's clear why they are best girls on their respective shows
It would be a bit wierd, but I'd pay for this.

all background characters are inexistent in the novels

midori and hazuki included

>7 days

Missing the line from Sapphire to Shuichi

Shit, just remembered the other two also share seiyuu. KyoAni does it again.

nope, she's just some slut who fucks the Chad of the band


>having an attractive bf means you're a slut

That was so obvious. Yet the yurifags (here) and the SJWs (outside) took the bait. Now I can't wait to see all the tears when het end happen.

what is this abomination subtitle lad


I have over 300 confirmed rare Kumikos and I still didn't know what a Euphonium was until Asuka explained it in episode 2

Still best girls.


I wonder how big the Natsuki fans will grow in s2 since Natsuki is becoming more of a main character.

They exploded after episode 10

I hope she stays relevant. I liked since the start

her and Nozomi are gonna be everywhere together

Natsuki is bestsuki!

Thank god, I'm not up do date with PVs and info so I had no idea



i remember this what the fuck

time flies

>neo-Cred Forums didn't notice this

>neo-Cred Forums

I know. It's paleo-Cred Forums.

>paleo-Cred Forums

It's clearly meso-Cred Forums.

Why is Kumiko so pretty?

Her house was built on an ancient fluff burial ground

She isn't. She is boring and plain.

Because you are desperate.


Not (Me).

Kumiko with messy bang clearly the best.

She's an asshole and a jerk

girl of the decade by fact

>we will never have these edited and cleaned

who /sapphire/ here?

Good to see that he is just as excited as us.

Green is cute

Midori makes my knees weak

Must be sexually frustrating to be him

Literally who?

Their friendship is really nice.


Why is everyone post cuteposting or why is X best girl posting?

Is this the greatest love story ever told?

Looks like a male hand..

Literally nothing to talk about until the show airs in a week, so it's just a way to bump the thread.

is someone.. triggered?!

Ep 1: 6d 15h 8m


>it is a after graduation band reunion episode
Can you image?

Thoughts? Make a short dialogue if you can.

>not DEL this
I am ultra-disappointed, familyseniorbuddy

>that dyke-y Hazuki

Why is this allowed

It isn't. Shitichi will never have this.

I can't wait to post in Hibike threads on Cred Forums with tumblr..

I will marry this clarinet.


Don't forget ANN and yuyucow posting here on Cred Forums as an user.

>Marlins cap
Jose Fernandez didn't die for this shit!

>I love you, Shuuichi
what did she mean by these words?

tumblr will be too busy watching the real yuri show, yuri on ice

She wants Shuichi's big dick inside her juicy vagina.

so we're all in agreement that Ribbons did nothing wrong?

I'm r e a d y

Ribbons is a horrible shit and did absolutely everything wrong.

no kill yourself



no bully pls ;_;

ribbons is my second favorite

She ruined her senior's reputation


Yup. Only fags hate Ribbons

Apparently there are a lot of people who like this flute.


and pat her on the head


What would be Reina's?

how can something THIS CUTE do anything wrong?


There is no more safe haven for the likes of you


she's a cute. CUTE!


I wonder who could be behind this post...

No, that's Reina

If it helps I at found her to be the most aesthetically appealing after Reina

The ribbon is a parasitic fungus which forces her to ruin everything.

I just don't understand why people liked this show so much. I thought it was alright, but the yuri shippers swooped in and took a huge steamy shit over everything. Regardless, it certainly isn't worth the attention it's getting.

Is this yuri?

This is the best one


And yet here you are liteally begging for yuri vesus anti-yuri shitposting.

Epic reply senpai

Perhaps I was asking someone to show me what I was missing? All this attention makes me feel like I missed something but the only thing people talk about is the yuri (which isn't there)

Did her mother paid bribes so this undeveloped midget attended classes that she's too young for?

I don't know how can anyone not find this thing to be absurdly comical.

Literally the 10th post in thread is yuri shippers, so please explain to me the value in this show other than yuri shipping.

Nah dude, it's just waifuposting, yuriposting, and general shitposting.
The usual stuff when threads with no real discussion content are being made.

It's just a reminder thread for all Hibike-fans to gather around.

>Did her mother paid bribes so this *qt attended classes that she's too young for?
Her mom's probably a saint

Most of the time she acted like a little shit but she's so pretty to look at. I blame her skin color.

how many days left now?


Ribbons is the very definition of doing absolutely everything fucking wrong

Around 7 days plus three months until this show is all over and done with and you can sit with the keion or haruhifags in the corner crying about season3never

>yuri (which isn't there)

that's a big violin

is there a Kumiko rope? I only have an Asuka rope

>EP1: 06d 13h 31m 56s

Literally me on the right

>Hibike ends forever
>but by then the Koe no Katachi BD will be out
we'll be fine right?

fuck this show. man theyre lucky it looks so nice. who the fuck wants to watch a bunch of stupid girl drama about blowing horns i mean come on

kViN, reply if you are man

Finish your homework, Anonymous. Your mom told me your grades are slipping.

for your information MOM i submitted THREE job applications today

reminder that the first episode is ONE HOUR LONG (but really 48 minutes)

This is a rare Kumiko wink

>Koe no Katachi

Seems like haruhi, amagi and hibike are the only shows that they haven't conclusively wrapped up, if there's no third season for this.

Literally me.

Don't forget Hyouka

Hang in there man

hyouka was great, it let me vicariously experience the entirety of an anime school festival


we can do it!

Those bodies were built for procreation
What a shame

Technically every body is built for procreation.

This one isn't

>her skin color

But it's the same as everyone else's.

I think he means "especially so," some girls are built better, e.g. more hip fat, slimmer waist.

>Another season of godly reaction images

too bad rolling girls was aoty last year

How rare is this Kumiko?


why are you posting shit from last year that no one liked

This feels like a long time.

uncommon at best, here's a platinum rare Kumiko

Whats with the trend of 2 layered swimsuits with thong like straps coming out?

Because it will be continued next week.
Get ready to shitpost in the Eupho-threads and ask "is it yuri" with every third post and how KyoAni will be dead if you're a fan of KyoAni. Falseflagging is the most important skill.

what are you talking about ?

Super Rare Kumiko for you niggas.

Fill in the following.

First girlfriend:

>tfw shes not even my waifu

First girlfriend: Tenor Saxophone Left
Wife: Hazuki
Mistress: Tenor Saxophone Left

This can't be a coincidence.
Statistically speaking, Asuka may as well be secretly dating one of the trumpets.

>the same
Not for me, despite their skin being generally light colored I just feel that some are more appealing, because they looked more transparent or whiter than the others. I think the term I'm looking for is 'preferred skin tone'.

Pretty hard to explain subjective preference, but I really liked Ai's skin color because she's colored lightly throughout; Mirai and Sakura are a bit yellower.

And here's a ribbon example




Cheap, discarded, streetside-tier kumikos.

Can we all agree that Natsuki is the best senpai?

It was pretty heavily implied that the chip on Kaori's should has a lot to do with Asuka.


shes dating Kaori

Please don't insult Kumiko.

do you fags even care about the band setting? I all see in every thread is lusting over the girls.

I don't think the setting even matters. They could be running the softball club for all that matters

>tfw Natsuki will never treat you to WcDonalds

The show isn't airing, you stupid newfag. Of course posts about the characters are high now, but if you were around when it was airing you'd know that things haven't always been like this.

>things haven't always been like this.

Fucking delusional faggot right here

A++ reply. Would read again.

Were you here when S1 aired? Did you follow the discussion?
I didn't think so.

>do you fags even care about the [__________]? I all see in every thread is lusting over the girls.
You sound rather new.

Who's everyone's favourite Hibike? Mine is that qt Russian crossplayer.


I've literally never cared more about an anime's setting. People know what I play now because of this show. And the girls are cute too.



s2 better have more loli kumiko

She's pretty cool but Asuka is hard to beat

>loli Kumiko learning to spread her lips.jpg

At what age did Kumiko's fluff manifest?

Sorry, Natsuki's a 9.5/10 senpai, but Asuka's an insurmountable 10.

Old enough to puff, old enough to fluff.

'bout six years old

She was born like this.

Pretty sure this is a limited edition Kumiko