Kaijuu Girls - 01

Seems nice. I hope it's more comedy-centric though.

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Best scenery people

As expected, Pigmon really is the cutest. It was cute in Ultraman and she's still cute here.


shorts don't get enough love.

They're comfy and easy to watch.

I pick up every short every season.

Shorts are almost always good.

>no ninja baltan

What is this heresy?

best girl

Gomora best girl.

Is there an Ultraman girl?

Ultra Mother, of course.


Pretty sure there is that US cartoon where one of them is a ultra girl.

Mother Ultra. There's also female Ultraman in the Zero movie I think.

I thought those were golliwogs from the thumbnails.

Only showa era kaiju?

I think they meant, Is there an Ultraman girl in this anime?

Why would I want that? That's like asking for the Robot Girl Z appear in a show featuring Doublas and friends.

Ultra Girls better show up and absolutely destroy the Kaijuu Girls. Maybe something like Robot Girls Z and the Ultra Girls just destroy most of the city trying to defeat the peaceful Kaijuu.

You don't enjoy mild bullying?

Aye, they're either from Ultraman or Ultra Seven (Three main girls and Eleking). Metron-chan when.

this short reminds me of Hi-sCoool! SeHa Girls.

Sega Saturn and ex-baseball star-turned fisherman is OTP.

Have you guys watched this one?


how dare you

>no Baltan
Shit show.

Look at her, she may be a good girl but she's still dumb.

>have ultraseven kaijuus
>doesn't even have the drugdealing alien

What were they thinking?

I remember a couple of them from Ultra Q. I guess they recycled costumes.

>drug-dealing alien



There's Baltan in the source material.
>the drugdealing alien
The what now.

Metron and his cigarettes?


Of course, I remembered it wrong. He sells hallucinogenic cigar

Win-chan best girl. So far.

Oh, that. Metron is the coolest, even the female version come with the table.

She's just playing dumb.


Hopefully this series will be successful enough to get another season.

Sure, it's not like her Kaiju counterpart was constantly beaten up and is a bit dumb aswell.

hey it's just begun but I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Too bad they didn't go full Robot Girls Z, can't see this show having anything memorable.

Zetton best girl

Best gril


>Last boss kaijuu of the original Ultra
>Cool sound effects
>One of the most powerful and popular Ultra kaijuu
>Keep fucking appearing in the newer Ultraman series
>Gets a cute as hell personification

You tell me how Zetton is NOT best girl

op lyrics
>さあ大きな声で やりたいことやろう
>手をつないだらもう Best friend!
>夢も希望も 全部ぼくらで 抱きしめちゃえばいい
>怪獣と踊って 最重要なの Mission!
>上々なゴキゲンで いこうぜ! GAO!! GAO!! GAO!!

Her breasts probably emit the yellow light like the crystal on her forehead?

>GAO!! GAO!! GAO!!

10/10 if the SE plays when that happens.

Idolfag Metron when?

AOTS already


Pretty nice so far, thought this one would be a full length from looking at nyaa until I saw those sub 100mb size and this thread.

It's a nice short. Pity I don't know anything about kaijuu.

I hope we get the full song soon.

Where is Godzilla?

The OP leads me to believe there's going to be different style henshin scenes like P&SwG. It didn't manage to get shoehorned into the first episode though.

In that case, the Ultra Girls would probably start acting like what people think Redman is.

Did someone say kaijuu?

she's busy

>Kaiju Girls
B-but do you r-remember us? Robot Girls!

Begone bullies!
This is a Kaiju friendly thread!


That was gruesome.


Now imagine that as a QT girl.

Where can I download Ultraman and Ultraseven? Search results get diluted by the newer series.


ultra nana wills it.

Any good Pigmon should die at least once.
That's her role.

>First monster to actually kill an Ultraman


That's not actually from Ultraman. It's from Space Sheriff Shaider. Where the hero is played by the late son of Tsuburaya, the creator of Ultraman.

Yes, I'm being too detailed about rubber suit monster show on Cred Forums. I'll back down for now.

Old Toku can be pretty brutal. I wonder if the newer Ultramans still have that level of violence and blood.
>Any good Pigmon should die at least once.
It's inevitable, I'm waiting for the episode where it'll happen. I bet she's going to sacrifice herself again like all Pigmon.

no, I think they deserved it

This series needs more support.

I picked this up and know literally nothing about Ultraman. How bad of a time am I in for?

I did the same. Cute girls and it being a short is good enough for me.

I want to hug gomora
That guy was great
Newer stuff has fallen into the same toyetic style as kamen rider, that being said I really am enjoying orb

My goodness!

>King Joe flying in the background
So maybe this mean we'll get to see more other Kaijuu Girls than the main casts.
>same toyetic style as kamen rider
I see, well that's not really surprising.

Red-chan is best girl