Drawfag Thread 1869

Drawfag Thread 1869

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drawfag thread? more like deadfag thread.

Requesting big sopping wet Nero titties.

Requesting Vignette (top) giving Gabriel a cute, short, and still fluffy haircut.

Requesting a drawing of a cute Eureka, or as an alternative, her face in darker tones (something creepy, maybe). Anything will do, really. There is so little good art with her, not even good - any art.

I'd like to please request Goblin Slayer with his helmet removed, revealing that he's Ryan Gosling from the movie "Drive". If doing something a little more complicated is okay, if Goblin Slayer's party members could be around him and jumping back in surprise like in the second image, that'd be cool too, although not necessary.


Requesting colors of Kobori cooling off with a popsicle.


Requesting Charlotte (wearing her girl uniform) with a short asymmetric haircut based on her own hair. (The pic on the right is just a general example of the style)

Requesting Nero Bride with chocolate milk covered breasts please.
Or with it pouring down her back in a bikini into her butt crack. Running down her toned sexy muscular lines.
Or her in Solaire armor, doing the Praise The Sun pose.
Or her in a bikini with a lion pelt on her like her idol Hercules.

In chocolate milk right?

You really ran with the chocolate milk thing I said last time, did you? But yeah, if someone does chocolate milk, I will be more than okay with it.

I love chocolate milk and it sounds pretty hedonistic.

Requesting Chris, Kirika, and Shirabe in lacy lingerie, licking each other's navels in a threesome daisy chain.

What do colorfags do with all that black hair? Remove it and destroy the integrity of the lineart?

Here you go bastard Post more and better references of her. I like her and might do it.

We here go again.

Could you stop being a cunt, please?

Um, like this?

I don't come to drawthreads a lot, so I'm not sure what I should do for a good ref.

Ah, you want her with that suit? it covers her curves too much.

The fuck?

Super hard request can we get a Logo for Dr/a/wfag threads

You moaning about references again. It is always obviously you because you are so goddamn autistic and annoying about it.

Fuck off newfag.

No I would like the Bride outfit 3rd ascension with it. If you're doing the chocolate milk that is.


Requesting Naka as Neon Katt Costume.

I saw a bikini reference in the other pic, that's why i asked.

>I'm too lazy or retard to post proper references

I'm more than fine if you don't like it but please fuck off.

Posting coloring anchor

In case migi friend didn't see the post from last thread

No you are a fucking retard who never learns to shut his mouth. The very reason you were ran out of Cred Forums and the wwd. You are only tolerable for so long before you get thrown out of here too.

Weren't you yelling about people posting too many references earlier?

Requesting Diego Brando and Funny Valentine in an extreme jousting duel with spears, on motorcycles
(Ignore the knight armors in the ref)

Just ignore him. Attention whores aren't worth it and giving them (you)s just makes them want more.

When you think about Little Red Riding Hood, what do you think when it comes to her?

Long skirt + stockings with boots or short skirt + small socks/no socks with schoolgirl shoes ala REDLIGHT's little red riding hood?

You're the one who's making a fuss here.

LED Mirage mecha musume girl please and thank you?

Airi wearing a sexy bikini such as a sling bikini

Requesting Mob looking embarrassed while showing off his shota body in this outfit

Requesting Keiji pulling Kanetsugu's leash back as she pounds Kanetsugu's ass through her ass window with a strap-on. Loud moans of "Wan, Wan" are escaping Kanetsugu's mouth in the process.

You mean you want more more of her body curves?
Stupid me.

Too many references? you got the wrong guy. The more the better i say. Believe me. Pic related. The reference folder i have for a drawing i'm planning to do later.

>REDLIGHT's little red riding hood
Uh, yeah something like that, and Bulleta

Oh my. Love her and will do it later. Consider it done bastard.

Damn it. Is there a ref for the back part of her head? i might do an ass pose too.

>needs that many references

Jesus fuck are you a different kind of mentally challenged.

Requesting a parody of a skate magazine cover with Killua

Just ignore those fucktards. I couldn't care less honestly. I'm here to draw, that's all.

Don't know if this is more Cred Forums or more Cred Forums, but Requesting Mowgli and Ballo from The Jungle Book: Shonen Mowgli anime recreating a scene from the Disney version where they are floating down the river and Mowgli is siting on Baloo's stomach (and not singing "Bare Necessities"). Make sure Mowgli's is wearing his yellow loincloth, and has his ponytail and sideburns, and Full color please!

>I love chocolate milk and it sounds pretty hedonistic.

That's pretty nice, thanks. That is a one sad face.

>more sign-ups and collages for greedy waifufags

>Implying i need them for one drawing

I say you are the retard.

Request Choji from Naruto Shippuden as a sumo wrestler, wearing a white mawashi. Full color please.

What of?

You are being an asshole who somehow believes that he is a gift to the threads. Tone your big, undeserved ego down and maybe no one would have a problem with you.

Raphtalia wearing a wedding dress please, or some kind of shrine maiden outfit please?

Requesting Homura as an idol

Apparently you do, because that is exactly what you said in that post.

>WWD drama

>drawfags ask for waifus
>they get waifus

Yea because that's greedy

Really? Thanks user! What a Nero filled day.

Not really, but I have these I suppose.

I'd drink it like that running off her umus into my mouth. Or running down between her butt cheeks.

Requesting Ichika Mizuhara some lewd or footjob with her otouo or someone else please

Requesting Law from One Piece cosplaying as Black Jack

Hey, I just heard it from somebody else, that's why I asked.

Its not, this faggot harassing him is from Cred Forums.

Bondagefag being an asshole. Not surprising to say the least.

Requesting Stanley Kubrick transformed into a cute anime girl

>I'm being an asshole
>Most of the people who attacks me are retards that are still waiting for a delivery for months and they are probably a lewd or nude loli shitty request

Yeah, sure, i'll see if i give a shit about some of you faggots having a problem with me, but later papi ok?

NO, fucking kill yourselves. This was the same issue argued about last wwd.

That's fine bastard. Will do it later today.

Hopefully you don't request bump after this


One of many.

uni wearing gothic lolita clothing

>Doesn't like lewd requests
But you draw bondage, ass and bare tits. Draw whater, but to be honest I don't see a difference.

Just like I said, big, undeserved ego. You aren't even an entertaining asshole like BB, just an annoying one.

Well if someone says they'll do it I assume they will.
I may request the other ones, but not for some time. I don't really stalk these threads. I pop in maybe a few times out of the month.

Thanks again. I hope it's grand as befitting an emperor.

Requesting Kanata from AKB0048 in JoJo style posing menacingly, with her Kirara as her stand

Now that's a really bad lie.

This is great. I love it when strong girls get captured like that.

I really don't go to these often. Maybe you mistake me with another Nerofriend. I remember there was one who draws her a long time ago. I never keep up with drama or communities though like that enough to know.

Requesting Attila getting her battle hardened delicious tan skin covered white with cum.

You inspired me

Requesting a 2 panel image. The first one having Aika (left) telling drawfags to stop drawing her in with gags and have them do Neena (right) instead. The second one having Neena lying on a couch in full view with her mouth taped shut with a disinterested/defeated look on her face. Bonus points if a third panel has Aika in the exact same manner with a "not this again" expression on her face.

Oh, even two deliveries. Thanks, guys, really nice.

Requesting Chihaya taking a cute photo of your waifu or dressed as Mahiru Koizumi from Danganronpa

>you inspired me
Those are some of the best words an artist can hear... Not that I'm saying thank you or anything, b-baka!!

Please draw my cute Maihime as Mummy or witch for Halloween!

Supergirl, Wonderwoman, Mgical Girl or Son Gokus battle outfit would be neat as well!

Requesting Sophia dressed as a lewd school girl using Tanukichi's back as a chair.

Uniform ref: i.imgur.com/AuFzkZx.jpg

Backsitting refs: i.imgur.com/zyOGKDX.jpg i.imgur.com/IRVkkdJ.jpg

Anchor for ddd.

Requesting Crusche fucking Ferris' tight boy pussy with a strap-on.

Why is she so cute
Sorry I thought of a slightly lewd-ish request of her.

Nami requester, request again so I can be free.



Requesting Agiri offering Hikage marijuana.

Feel free to request something slightly lewd-ish. I can handle it.

Requesting loli Toua from One Outs

Its just a sexy version of her outfit, or posing nude covered by her sword.

Please draw Weiss riding on a giant icicle. Tao Bai Bai style!

Do want!

Requesting an adult Maihime so that she can properly wear the coat


Requesting Ellen and Hayato eating at a diner countertop while the latter mutters something about recently wanting to kill his boss

Come back after you wake up

In every thread there's a special one like you

Requesting Haruka Gracia in Mario Basketball 3 on 3's White Mage's clothes embarrassed that they barely fit.

Requesting Noire cosplaying as Noir! i.imgur.com/dWOS77w.jpg

I thought this would've been done ages ago.
Best megami

Requesting Nero in the shirt on the right.

I'll probably do this one later tonight. No promises though

>First Tamamofags
>Now Nerofags
Might as well call this place Fate/Extra Drawthread

I already did it, I'm just waiting on them to request.

As in, I already drew this request. So no need to use your drawing energy drawing it unless you really wanna give him a second cake.

Requesting the Extra girls dancing Super Affection

I need to figure out how to make money drawing and fast.


Good morning!

Requesting Jack getting spanked by the female MC.


Oh wow, nice!

Draw what you like of Mira, or just draw an older version of her, like cake or MILF.


Pole-dancing together

Can you think of a better way to advertise for commissions? I'd like to hear it.

Requesting 2 ghosts lifting Teacher Ritsuko's mini skirt exposing her panties with an ashamed face like in the upper left image meanwhile Nube is watching with a crazy face like in the reference.

Very appreciate if both of her butt and crotch are being shown.

Simply be good at drawing and you will get commissions.

I just realized the request was made friday so he's probably not gonna show up ever again either way. Oh well.

Not without some sort of advertising.

super adorable!

Amazing chest ahead.

Requesting Princess Knight going down the stairs with a view like in the reference.

Requesting anything of Luna from Konosuba: lewd, non-lewd, whatever. Maybe even hanging out at the bar with the Succubus lady from the same show.
Or maybe the 2 of them doing lewd stuff together.


Well if you're good you will already have a following. You can advertise all you like but that wont magically get you commissions.
There's only 2 reasons people commission artists, if they like their art or if they like the artist.

Requesting Sako drawn with the Same expression on the right, please.

>Well if you're good you will already have a following.
How did they get the following in the first place dumbass? Come to think of it I don't know why I'm wasting my time on someone who uses lol on Cred Forums.

End your life.

They could also just be desperate.

>How did they get the following in the first place dumbass?

By being good.


counter requesting her being fucked by orcs while making that face!

Requesting Monaca taking it in the butt while making that face at the bottom.

1.) Get a trip or a name
2.) Find your niche.
3.) Keep drawing your niche until people associate you with it. Like, oh, he does "specific fetish of insert franchise here."
4.) Actually be good at drawing. If you have to trace you better have enough skill to hide it because people will give you hell for it. Either that, or outright admit an art is traced to save yourself the trouble.
5.) Expand your portfolio for other things so people won't see you're just a one trick pony
6.) Increase your prestige by taking requests or doing something that the community generally want like memes or shit. Also, talking to people and being approachable. Remember, you want people to come to you for commissions, instead of looking like someone that wants their money. Avoid online drama at all cost.
7.) Advertise anonymously, by talking about yourself in threads, posting your art as "examples" when you're pretending to be a requester. This'll be more effective in general threads.
8.) Eventually, anons will post your art on their own whenever you make a new one,
9.) When you have done all these requirements, have people be able to contact you. Maybe get account from the myriad art websites if you wish.
10.) Post your commission prices, which depends on your skill level. Remember don't sell yourself short; you're trying to make money here. So if something can be done simply, give it a good price.
11.) Do requests from time to time, making people believe that you are "flexible" enough to be asked for requests instead of them having to pay you for commissions.
12.) Do your own art in between commissions as a breather
13.) Watch the money flow...slowly.
14.) If you are popular enough, get yourself a Patreon and have complete strangers pay you money so they can get your "exclusive" content once a month.

>1.) Get a trip or a name
This is advertising. I'm not not going to bother reading the rest of your bait, fuck off idiot.

>mfw i never advertised my work
>I'm just good
>Get tons of commissions request and takes none
>I'm not taking commissions until next year

Just be good. That's it. Commissions request will come.

Bondagefag here.

Requesting Nero unzipping her bride outfit, exposing her big, lactating titties.

Or, you know, you could just get good.

Walk in the waifu thread and say you're offering commissions.
Also ask what they believe how much they should pay you. You'd be jewed, but you'd get business

Hell, ask here. What does your shit look like?

Just by posting your art you're advertising though.

As well as calling himself bondagefag.

Well you're already advertising by calling out to people that you want to take commissions. Problem here is that you have yet to give people an actual reason to give you money

Not him but sharing your art online =/= advertising. I post a lot of crap for the sake of it that would never get me work, but just because I want to.

Requesting Leroute showing off her body or just some lewds.

>As well as calling himself bondagefag.

But that's how people started to call me in here because i mostly draw bondage stuff.

But i see the point.

It still counts, tou're still putting yourself out there. And you can't say for certain that it would never get you any work.

That's because you skipped step 1 and went directly to steps 2 and 3.

I'm not doing it to promote myself, so by definition it's not advertising.

She's very pink. Is she an ant person?

No, just a human prisoner.

A Taihou automaton version please or ditching her bowgun for a Tommy gun also requesting anal

Its still a promotion. You're still putting out something in public that someone may or may not want.

If you have a pixiv or if you post here its the same shit. Eventually you'll get a lot of people that want your stuff, whether you want to do commissions for them or not is irrelevant.

Requesting Nero flashing her big tits with inverted nipples.

Look we get it, just stop

Besides not being Cred Forums-drawthread related, this is spam at this point

"Promoting" and "advertising" require intent, but now we're just arguing semantics.

>oh this looks like a fun request with a cute gi...
>and anal

she looks like she could give some awesome paizuri

I think it would be funny to see my waifu wearing a ballgag, because it would be pointless

No, you can subconsciously promote/advertise something.

Two different requests, two different pictures.

Requesting the "Boss of this gym" scene with ExVeemon as Billy Herrington and Stingmon as Van-sama.

Nah. she is just a tower.

A poll, for science

I know, i know. She's the sexiest one ever.
Besides its clear her and the male commander - forgot his name - fuck a lot.

That's not what the words mean, you can google the definitions if you like. Regardless I don't "subconsciously" post things online, I do it because I want to without the intent of promoting myself. I'm going to stop cause this is getting dumb.

There's no anus option.

>like literally all of this on her
>having to choose one as the number 1

Requesting more lewds of this cute semen demon, Sakura Chiyo.
Naizuri would be nice.

Or maybe just a drawing of Chiyo wearing this:

If you want it fast you can just draw for furries, draw porn, draw furrie porn etc..

Was it not multiple pick option?
Also, I forgot armpits, but I'm seeing what you guys like here.

Requesting Rachel in her swimsuit and Hazama/Terumi having hatesex, while viciously insulting each other's sexual prowess or lack thereof. (Like him calling her a titless whore, and her calling him a premature ejaculator, that sort of thing.)
gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=rachel_alucard swimsuit

The naughty parts could be hidden, if you'd rather make it semi-SFW.

Don't do this, last guy that did this had tons of waifufags jewing him complaining that 40 dollars for a full body drawing was too much while these are the same people that commission regular drawfags with a third the skill the guy had for more than double the price.

Requesting Frenda as a stripper bursting out of a birthday cake

Requesting Medusa as a pizza slut.

Requesting Selvaria Bles wearing a wedding dress. Bonus points if she's blushing while wearing it.

top kek

Who was he? I'll decide if it was worth $40 for myself

Requesting colors of Natsume wearing short robes


That's not me. I just wanted chocolate milk umus, or her dressed like Hercules, or Solaire. I'm waiting patently.

Sure. Okay.

I bet it's just bullies.

Requesting Mato Kuroi(OVA version), Black Rock Shooter and Rock from BRS: Innocent Soul meeting up for lunch at a Fast food restaurant where they all try eating one of those Black Bun Cheeseburgers together!

Thanks if you pick this up!

Rock: imgur.com/a/LCBh9

>pizza slut
How's that works?

I have an idea with the BRS outfit, not related to your request.

Natsume who??

Sex while eating pizza?


Pizza fucking her?

Requesting Rukia doing something cute or cool with a Salamence
A few ideas:
-Them performing a Dragon Dance together, just something silly
-Them both taking a nap
-Her using a TM or some kind of explination to teach it Earthquake
anything else nonlewd/nongore is fine between them

Requesting Ryoka Narusawa from Occultic;Nine, giving a lubed up tittyfuck or getting a rough fucking while her breasts are out.

Holy shit this girl has tits for days!

have a quicky .

Thicc Patchouli in micro bikini please.


Requesting messy Enigma paizuri

Requesting Hanna-Justina Marseille from Strike Witches in the same outfit as 2B from Nier Automata.

>Pizza the Hut.jpg

YCake pls

I wanna smack that booty.

Why stop at paizuri and move to sex as well
She's got a body that'd look great in something skimp and or tight

Requesting Reinhard from Re:Zero going against Komaeda from DanganRonpa. Both are just standing in one spot while shit blows up and flies towards one another while missing them.

Not our fault he can't advertise wisely for himself. I'm trying to help myself.

Requesting Kirara in a bikini showing off her butt.

Rokuro from Sousei no Onmyouji wearing this outfit on the left

Because if I keep it simple it might actually get done

Pls go.

No one is gonna draw your fetish shit. Just give up.

Requesting Chisa naked apron.

The reverse was done about two weeks ago.

And there is no such thing as best in Neptunia, only favorites. They're all too good.

Requesting a girl in a cute gradient dress

Requesting Yoko Littner in the dress on the right

Pretty cute

Ravel wearing a babydoll or a rainbow-striped bikini, or phoenix-inspired armor.

That's her idiot hair, right? Not some sort of hat?

That's adorable!


Hey guys, what do you think of this girl's body. Honest discussion please.

>idiot hair
You mean idiotic hair?

Requesting anime characters doing car surfing

i think user means ahoge

Not a fan. It reminds me that I'll need to work out this winter so I don't end up looking like that.
If she was standing upright, we could at least see if she was nicely proportioned but as of now she just looks blobby.

Well she is actually pretty fat.

Delicious, and to be envied. However, I wouldn't want at larger.

She needs a diet.

Fuck off, ycunt.

Fat and undesirable



There is a limit to thickness and she clearly crossed it. That's not to say I don't prefer girls with a bit of meat in them, but you need to work within a threshold.

How do I become the sharkbro?

Way too chunky for my tastes.

Go start a fucking fat fetish thread you retard.

Samefag thirty amazed replies whenever you draw something.

Does he actually do that? Wooow...


Did he actually believe that? Wooow...

The waters got cold, and he swam to warmer watcer. He'll be back when shark week comes around.

Some artists will actually do it - especially on forums or shit like deviantart - so I'm always curious. He might have had proof.

Requesting someone wrap up HTT like the girl on the right.
Since there's five of them, feel free to do it in SD as well

By never drawing my waifu. Ever.

That jealous, huh?

Requesting Otoha painting her toenails
would pound

Could someone just draw some Homuhomu with some focus on her sexy as legs and stockings. I got nothing else, I want bury my face in between her legs.


Requesting Saori replacing Yuzu (brown hair) and removal of Anzu (red-brown hair) So it's just Momo and Saori doing similar poses to that in the photo.

Momo doesn't have to change at all.

Thank you for considering!

Underrated post.

sat-c should be the one you're looking for.


Not the OR, but holy shit, this is really cute and he looks incredibly handsome. Your art style is really cute. This has made my morning.
This might sound weird, since I'm not the OR, but thank you for choosing to draw him.

OR here, this is perfect, also translation bit made me laugh hard, thanks again.

Well, at the end i went for that butt. Fuck me.

Here you go bastard.

Sorry, here's an easier angle to work with.


No chocolate milk running down her back into her butt crack,but that's still really good. Thanks user!

Hey can you do Zenet shibari? Here's some references: bakugan.wikia.com/wiki/Zenet_Surrow/Image_Gallery

>commission lewds
>It's not private

Maybe he'll stop now after getting a good delivery?

This is a really nice image and lends greatly as an example for your idea.
Admittedly this made me want to see my waifu like this but I don't want to steal your idea, best of luck with this one.


Effie with black sclera and as a full-dom but with a hint of gentleness, like a succubus.

Then you should have asked them beforehand. You only have yourself to blame.

He clearly stated that he won't.

hotline miami is the best anime

His request was any girl, your waifu would fit his request

Wasn't his name Asanagi?

Requesting drawfags draw their waifu as a cheerleader

Even so, I'd feel bad doing that to him. Best to leave it to the OR or an artist to choose, I think.

pretty good ost senpai

Yeah. G.
Just imagining him fucking airi so hard so much that her body adapts and get knocked up makes me rock hard

What is usually the color of her regular robes?


crystals better than hydrogen

I actually don't mind at all. In fact I'll probably draw your waifu if you request it. I just periodically drop requests idea I find cute.

>No chocolate milk running down her back into her butt

I thought about it but i wouldn't look good in grayscale. Besides, it's a really good way to ruin dat ass imo.

Will you draw my waifu's butt? You drew a great shot of her breasts last time.

the best anime opening

>wouldn't look good in grayscale
That makes sense.

>it's a really good way to ruin dat ass imo
I don't know. I would enjoy licking it off her butt. That's just me maybe though.

Some time ago some user wanted Waifu-tan surfing. Sorry for the messy background.

>You drew a great shot of her breasts last time.
Oh. Then refresh my memory motherfucker.

>That pic

Oh my.

Requesting high powerlevel girls out of this thread doing the ginju force pose.

Hot damn

Requesting waifus driving the V8 Interceptor from Mad Max.

That is cute as hell. Loving how smooth the colors are. Good job, user!

my waifu has a great butt. I'm not going to kill the image limit though anons who want requests. That was the last one from me.

more surfing girls are always welcome! Great job drawfriend!

Nice ass


How about drawing Tatenashi in the fortune bikini from Dead or Alive?


Requesting Anzu and Kirari both dressed like Anchira


delicious flat chest.

That's pretty cute.

Her hair is wonderful

Up to coloranon's choice

Really nice and love your style!
Who're you?

Really nice job

Requesting a leather-clad dominatrix Tamamo


Extremely charming but cool style. Very nice badass pose and you making him wear the jacket the same way Kuroo wears it makes this simply great. Thanks a lot drawfriend!

Requesting more source and adaptation versions of girls together

nice work dizzy

You baited me user. You dirty motherfucker.

Here you go.

>not wanting other people to enjoy your waifu


Needs more eye bags, but it's pretty nice. Thank you!

Well, whatever.

Can I bait you into consensual bondage?

What if waifus were like Stands?
Mine would make a pretty good punchghost.

Damn, how do I bait you better!

Requesting Yurika wearing a competition swimsuit.

So delicious, your bikinis are always top tier and Tatenashi looks super sexy in it, thanks!

drizzymirai at it again

Why waifu is a martial artist with super strength and psuedo magical bullshit powers. PErfect for a stand.

Requesting SI's with their waifu as stands or vice versa.

What if they were a Servant, mine already is.

Requesting more girls wearing suits and looking cool as fuck. Any girl you would like!
But if you need someone to draw, how about Clarion from Kōkaku no Pandora (aka Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn), since she's basically a prince for Nene.

Clarion references here:

Very nice

My waifu would make a perfect Servant. Some people jokingly call her one already.

Requesting Fin E Ld Si Laffinty from Rinne no Lagrange as a male, and being taken advantage of by Madoka and Muginami.

Fatefags are truly worse than Hitler.

Requesting Yazawa Nico and her mom wearing bunnysuits.
Both are from Love Live.

I'd make an SI, but I don't want you people knowing what I look like.

And requesting Tamamo wearing this shorts and socks design, rollerskating on the beach while listening to her favorite mixtape (a cassette with random songs on it, NOT a music demo) using a either a sports walkman or an Aiwa TX 476


Tamamo cosplaying as Shiranui Mai from the Fatal Fury/KOF series.

That is a might adorable color job. It is very vibrant and captures her charms. I like it. Thanks coloranon and have a pleasant week.

>he thinks SIs are ment to be an accurate protrayal of yourself

That's why kirinofag and cyanfag's SIs are the only good ones

Is yours not?

But then wouldn't I be essentially requesting another person with my waifu?

I always feel like I've failed her whenever I draw her.


We'd win the war for sure.

Mine's as accurate as I could get kisekae to make it look like me. If there's anyone standing next to my waifu, I want it to be me.

Requesting Yoshika butt

>he's not a white male with dark hair that's of average attractiveness and in a business suit or hoodie

Listen, my job requires the suit, it's not a choice.

You're a riasfag?

>average attractiveness
Aw shucks, don't flatter me like that.

Who wouldn't be? She's pretty much perfect, after all.

I'd like to see Tamamo wearing Scáthach's battle outfit - Scáthach wearing Tamamo's robes will be great as well - please ans thank you.

>every shitty SI ever

You forgot the animesque face, though.

As opposed to the non-animesque face you're supposed to make in what's essentially an anime character creator?

You guys have the weirdest complaints about the most nonsensiccal shit.

I was talking about self-drawn SIs.

Well now I am the silly one here.

Super cute cheerleader there. Good jobu

I'd like Homura wearing a watermelon bikini like Momiji's.

>I always feel like I've failed her whenever I draw her.
Ain't that the truth. I hate how every time i draw my waifu(male) it turns out bad.

who here /fapstotheirowndrawings/

>he draws

I'd fuck mimifag-tan and jadf-tan. I prefer flatties and making drawfags my slaves for free pics. Are there other drawfag or requester SI worth fucking?

To my own mediocre fapfiction, if it counts.

Jesus, dude, how many requests are you going to make?

At least they aren't all Nero.

This sketch was pretty good.

You'll get better.

Thanks! It's pretty gradual but I suppose as long as I slam my head against it enough I'll be good eventually.

do it for her!

Yep, i'll be back. Just woke up but cant help. Different timezone. Looking forward.

Requesting you draw your favorite character smiling at the camera.

Requesting Ezekiel wearing a micro bikini and sexy sandals with painted nails.

Those are some sexy high-heels.

I want to request my waifu like this, but I know I'd be crucified for it if I do.

One shitposter sperging out at you doesn't equal being crucified.

I feel bad for him, he doesn't seem to be enjoying it.

What? It's just a bikini and sandals. Stop being so paranoid when people have requested and gotten delivered far lewder

What if that is the one shitposter just trying to start shit here about it?

It's because of an autistic shitposter who freaks out whenever feet are involved. He wants everyone to think that his opinion is universally accepted.

Not unlikely.

do it anyway, feet are forever.

Your autistic falseflagging sickens me as a footfag.

It's okay he's tsundere

Bullying is okay as long as it's cute.

Requesting a version of the photo on top, but with Karamatsu (bottom-left) instead of Mick Jagger (top-left) and Jyushimatsu (bottom-right) instead of Keith Richards (top-right)

That's true for a lot of things.

Amu Hinamori in the IM@S Sailor swimsuit, but with her Palm Tree Top hairstyle. Flat chested. I only need the front side.

I recently commissioned something vaguely similar, it's worth it.

Requesting Patchouli's tits POV flopping around like this please.


Requesting a 9 month pregnant girl in lewd bikini in public.

were there many Jojo birthday requests today?

somehow I knew it would be that wicke animation

Whoa that's good.

Ai enma.

sitting on a park bench holding a red/orange leaf.

Gumi driving a flamingo pink Cadillac and wearing aviators
SeeU in the passenger seat could be nice

Nfff girl is thicker than a snicker.

I'd love a drawing of Murakami and Kuroha making love outside under a sky full of stars. Alternatively Murakami posing like a boss with his harem (Kuroha, Kana, Kazumi, Kotori)

Draw Maihime please
Use her sword too if you like


Oh god my dick.

>tfw she will never give you motherly, nurturing handjobs.

>tfw not memey enough to have people tag your own art for you

Second all the wicke porn started showing up I knew she had to be dunked

Adlet and Hans spitroasting/DPing Chamot from Rokka no Yuusha after all the shit she put them through, as she's bound up or not if its just spitroast then have Adlet using a dildo on her ass

She is such a THICC gal.

I have a very lewd but worksafe idea I want to request this weekend but I'm not sure if I should.


Requesting these two tripping over each other.

>A Negative Twin Tower request
Holy shit someone else knows about this

Sexy lewd Horn

But she's a demon.

Requesting Bouya Harumichi riding on a giant crow - Tony would be best - with Yasu freaking out behind him.

Request Maya as an embarrassed nude catgirl trying to teach her class. She tried to write the lesson on the board but it all came out as "mrow", "nyaa", paw prints, cat emoji, etc.

Deliver in or another site to be safe.

Elle topless handbra with or without leaking milk

Requesting a she-be

Requesting barefoot tribal hifumi

Requesting Sento slipping off her bath robe to present her body for breeding

A what?

The anime girls with the big heads

Requesting Kajo writing Mara's dialogue and looking slightly aroused while doing so.


Request Maya as an embarrassed nude catgirl trying to teach her class. She tried to write the lesson on the board but it all came out as "mrow", "nyaa", paw prints, cat emoji, etc.

Deliver in or another site to be safe.

A chibi? Of what...?

you're waifu

She is!

This year's been a giant blur.

Stop moving so fast, then.

time moves fast when you shitpost your life away on a pekinese cardgame websight

Heh, gotta go fast!


Requesting futa kogasa

>someone started tagging your art as other artist's, then tagging pics of LL girls as your waifu
>couldn't tell if it was deliberate bully or not

just draw annoying, difficult-to-remove watermarks on all of your images like me, user

You could just edit the tags yourself.

super quick, hope you like it

Unf that's sexy as hell

Simple request here

Can someone draw Washu having the same expression, even saying "Just as planned."

Loving everything but the pattern in the middle.

Even a black ribbon, that's fucking hot, the slight makeup too and the outfit itself
Thanks kswzk! Thanks a lot, and have a good one.


Don't really have one for art, and I rarely lurk these threads (or rather, it's been a long time)
I like drawing girls in lingerie though.

Think you can try Reine in some?

Why do you think I was bothered by having to patrol my tags to correct them? I don't watch the idol shows that were turning up in the wrong places, I shouldn't have been the one giving them full tags. It should be left to people who actually know them, and if they think my waifu has brown eyes they're a royal dipshit that shouldn't have 'helped' because I'm already on top of it.

>I like drawing girls in lingerie though.
Oh yes. How about drawing Anastasia in only some cute panties?


>girls in lingerie
If you can do anything like what you did there, I'd love to see Hana from Captain Earth in some.

Oh, GAWD. The THICC meter is off the chart! Even the line are THICC!

Draw thicc preggos.

You seem to not know what vulturing means

Requesting Vulture-chan

>vulture-chan and also phalanx are dead

What happened to phalanx?

The Crows got him.

She left forever. I guess that was a sign of worse to come. Back when she was around WWD was fun and actually not this "post x of waifu" bullshit.

remember that thicc girls make big splashes

Yeah I remember, Streams were fun too, silly even.

Believe it or not, some drawfags actually get tired of the wwd.

>She left forever.

They were here a few months ago and left to do other shit. Drawfags have personal lives and are not your delivery machines to crank out drawings.

>WWD was fun

Dumb faggot.

>this "post x of waifu" bullshit
What does it matter if it's past the bump limit? Just close the thread if you don't like it.


its coming.

It's going to be great for a leotard/one-piece swimsuit fetishist like me.

can't wait for all the girls knocking each other into water

My body is ready



Sure, I'm not familiar with the character, though.

Can you do girls that are knocked up?

Not sleepy enough


Really gorgeous dress, and really amazing draw overall. Great job user, thank you! lovin the style though, have a name?

I wonder if this has been done before, but Emilia as an Emergency Medical Technician.

Very nice!

Just posting a coloring WIP. What a great excuse to listen to The Offspring and some other bands again...

Requesting "このあと滅茶苦茶セックスした "

The actual image? Or do you want a delivery that implies that?

Anya a cute

thank you, no name, just came here but i think i will start frequenting these threads for practice

pretty pretty


crap, meant for

Sexy as fuck

Cute earrings.

Images like danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2189272 that actually show both, or just an image of a girl doing something cute/sexy and the text box saying it.

Good taste. Think you can do Fabia Sheen wearing only white panties and transparent stockings?

>smash wine

Requesting more one piece girl requests.

Sorry, man, I'm like passing out. I at least did some lines for you.

Good work, rest well.

Those are big eyes.

we need more Perona

sandy feet! requesting more sandy feet.

Thanks man, really beautiful and lewd delivery. Always nice to see cute girls covering themselves with only their hands, and those earrings are a nice touch!

>The THICC meter is off the chart!
Is it a meter or a chart?

THICC ref, THICC delivery.


>That zoro on the back

How much do I have to pay you to draw my waifu?

Very nice. Thank you!

Can I ask you for something on Pixiv?

Nice work, Cake.

WTF I love YCake now!
How can I private some THICC out of you?

I want something from u Ycake, but with a little less thickness.


I guess her mecha pilot career is over.

Just grease the entry plug and she'll probably be able to get in.

>Ycake has gotten better at faces


He's growing too powerful.

You should draw her more often ddd, she's sexy as hell

Ycunny is getting good.

Requesting Freya crawling around in the mud, trying to plant apple seedlings.

Pretty good! Hope you dont me mind adding a bit of shading

Why not color the nude version?

>nude version
Also I can do both... but I'll leave them for later, for now I have to go to sleep, got work tomorrow.

Holy shit an idiot. Every day must be a challenge for you

It's the imgur link.


Haha oh wow! The link was right there! Sorry about that, and I think I better go to sleep.


I need some ideas for cute casual outfits to request.

Jeans and camisole

Who is she?

Not a waifu, it's for something else.

budget twrlare

Requesting Sakurako being petted by her father on the couch while her sisters are pouting in the back.
Sakurako sitting in her father's lap cross-legged with a smile.

I always thought that the sisters of Sakurako tried so hard academically not because they were really smart to begin with but to get praised for their effort, something Sakurako didn't need since she is the all times favourite of her father.

I am still planning on doing this btw, so don't lose hope. I might not have time til later this week though. If someone else wants to get it before then though that is fine too.

You're right. As I become more and more confident in my abilities to do so I will definitely draw her more.

It's hard to ignore those Rias requests I see in the wwd and elsewhere but I feel like she'd miss out on so many of the higher quality deliveries she can get ;_;

Something with jean shorts, anything with jean shorts. And ZR.



>It's hard to ignore those Rias requests
Okay then how about what this guy said Draw her in jean shorts and ZR, and tank top to complete the outfit. Do it for her

Requesting waifus wearing this dress or ones similar to it twitter.com/Souryu_STD/status/772382724128579584

>tank top
I think it'd turn into a sports bra on her.

Even better

Someone please draw painted toenails on her. Thank you.

He's a tsundere

Is this a new meme dress?

Welp. There it is. The lewdest piece of clothing I've ever seen. It's been a long search, but I finally found it. Saved. I need to see my waifu in that


Who is she?

Thank you

New thread?


Not OR but this is really nice

Cute. Absolutely cute.

Flatchouli bestchouli.

Streams were fun before the waifufag newtypes showed up.


We live in a time, there's no denying,
When oldfags are dying and newfags are lying.
All we can do is sit here crying,
Complaing, blaming, asking why and
Always evading the real issues.
So snuggle up and grab the tissues.
Draw some waifus enjoy those rare (you)s.
That's really all that us fags can do.

So ya'll use drawing tablets, right? That's the only reason I can assume how you guys can sketch up stuff so fast.

Here you go, you filthy bastard.

Sorry for the other drawbro, i know he/she was working on it, but this is the reason why i lurk in this shithole. Love this stuff.

I think most people do

Prepare new thread

Well, fuck.

is this a joke?


New thread here m8s

Of course.

There are plenty of analog artists here as well who can do quick sketches.