ITT: anime for intelligent people only

ITT: anime for intelligent people only

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You first


Kek'd hard.

I know that this is bait but it really is annoying how many normalfags COMPLETELY misunderstand that show. It's not even a matter of intelligence, they just don't pay any fucking attention.

I doubt many people recognize the sarcastic genius of Kill me Baby. Managing to fit in so many political, artistic and historical references while keeping them as non-obtrusive as possible was really a tour de force only rivaled by Dante's Divine Comedy.


inb4 NGE




What is the point of the show? I paid as much attention as possible and just ended up wanting to kill myself from how goddamn boring it was. It was literally like watching paint dry. It felt like it was trying to use a bunch of (really fucking obnoxious) modern art to cover the fact that it had a pretty mediocre sci-fi premise. Was there something actually interesting hidden in all the bullshit, or am I just not the target audience?


Dumb people can't follow the timeline

"Hurrr just a bunch of talking."
- A Stupid Person

I want to fuck Yasuna though

Ok I'll start

Game Lain > anime Lain

It's one of the best comedy anime out there for sure. No retarded drama shit. No random overreaction shit.

>implying anyone ever played the game

People that watch/read something to feel smarter than other people are on the same level as normalfags.


Not really into this kind of "look how smart I am" elitism, but Kare Kano had some fantastic introspective writing and psychological analysis under that high school romance facade.

Ghost in the shell, Cowboy Bebop(?), Ergo Proxy


>this thread


Cartoons are not intelligent.

Neither are you, apparently

Soundtrack reminded me sooo much of cowboy bebop

You're suuuch a fag user ^_^

Spotted the retard

Kek mane :^)


Good post. Also

> Togame didnt really change in the end, gotta have 'muh arc'
> They are terrible people.

I swear some people just ignore whatever themetic elements/settings the show intended/have and instead judge everything they watch with the same criteria.

well I guess that's accurate since you do have to major in Japanese culture and history just to get the jokes.

I couldn't like that show because I can't stand shit that shows mafia or other types of gangs as decent people.

How do they get it wrong it's babbies existentialism with themes of connectivity

I wish there were more shows like lain but we already know the internet just became this. Any interest for some sort of sequel?

The main people who worked on Lain made more than one series they are all very similar.

Oh shit, id better rev up the liquid carbon dioxide


despera ;_:

Nah that's pretty dumb. All these politicians and cops honestly telling "we must save the children" while sending them to die and not giving a shit about the thousands of victims of the fights.

I remember one kid killing thousands just so they could get their revenge on some asshole except they decided to forgive him at the end.

intelligent people watch kino


Fucking this.

Watch Kino everyone.

Time to post it!

Pick one

People used the same excuse for Concrete Revolutio.

Because its real kino