Just marathoned the first episode of this. What did I think?

Just marathoned the first episode of this. What did I think?

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You thought that it was okay, OP.

Cred Forums bro detected

You think that it was bo...Zzzzzzz

>first episode
bait harder

You noticed nice animation and character designs, and expect the rest of the show to catch up.
It never does.

You were bored by another unambiguous kyoani

boring af

I'll never get enough of this.

Hyouka is a lacmus test of people intellegence and taste. ADHD fags always stumble on it.

Pity you.

>1 episode
do you have adhd?

Hyouka is a masterpiece. Exceptionally well-written with subtle, convincing character development and fantastic directiozzzzzzzzzz

Is this a meme? Dead serious btw.


Do you fucking understand the definition of 'Marathon'? I swear Cred Forums is filled with autistic fuckbois like you

You though it was good.
We can safely assume that it left a big impression(be it good or bad) on you, since you bothered to open a thread on it after watching.

Now, as to how we can assume that you enjoyed the show:
Only people who 'Marathon' a single episode would think that the show is good.

I honestly can't get myself to finish this series. I've watch up until episode 5 or 6 and just forget about it. Been trying for 2 years now

You just realize the VAs are Tomoya Okazaki (Oreki Houtaru) and Sunohara Youhei (Fukube Satoshi) and continue to watch only for that reason to realize it was ok.

Are you new to anime, OP?

People found it boring, nothing wrong with it.

I like how you can spot the newfags in this thread.

Din't say otherwise. Just confirmed that "Watching Hyozzzzzzzzzz" was a meme.

You realized action shows can never compete with a good slice of life

>slice of life
More like slice of sleep

sleep of my life

>marathoned the first episode
>first episode


Was into it in middle/early high school, dropped it, then got back into it about a year ago (i'm 20), have logged ~100 series in that time.

Feel free to call me a newfag.

Healed my insomnia

Stop responding JUST REPORT


Quality post

Report what? This isnt mal

we passed the era of reporting things like this about 2 years ago my friend

You know "marathoning" isn't just synonym to watching?

have you already figured out that eru is a miracle of the universe and deserves to grow old with oreki solving the simple but meaningful mysteries of life?

You think you are going to hop on gelbooru and stock up on Mayaka and Chitanda porn for your faps for the next few days

You'll save at least 3 times more than you'll ever actually use and sometime during the middle some other fetish image in your stash will catch your eye and you'll lose focus and end up cumming to something completely different than what you set out to.

Ya but its a marathon for this show

I did really like her (haven't seen the other girl yet). Reminds me of a mix of Mugi and a non-bitch Haruhi, to compare two other KyoAni shows.


How does one marathon a single episode.

Did you watch it at machspeed?

It's just a meme, autismo.

>~100 series
you flatter yourself, you're fucking cancer, watch 1,000 and come back, dont post again before you do

>marathoned the first episode

>All these serious replies
Please be pretending.

>this is the current state of Cred Forums

What is there to pretend? Cred Forums in general has been full of underage redditors for a long time now.

m o e b l o b

Heh nice thread, i already know how I'll make mine. I can already see them (you)s

OP1 > OP2
ED2 > ED1

ED2 > All


I have other things to do in my life?